Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 24, 1952 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1952
Page 15
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^ ^ -^, HOP I IT At, MOFt, ARKANSAS Friday, October 24, - — .-".-^^-^— ^.. - ' ^Wf^fp^ m By Chlek Young OZARK IKI feteta* October 24/ HOPt STAR, HOPi, A t K ANS AS S? Ray Gott« 'S fiOT P*',P ) A 'wOMf.ft TO Co THAT /* f/AM r *' ^T*> f " /--,/ HUNH, COACH?,,, VOY REQUEST OP'-j ' ') I YUM SAX. THIS IS A TH' CLUB OWNER, ' AW.tOTIN TH' \ •* ,,,BUT THATS MY \ .,-V / AW. TOTl N TH FATE UNLESS YOU / -\&\- 1 BAWL AIHT NO V A YD'FAREWELL y V WO,,,AND I ' V--~<-. Vl_ GAME? .A / SURE HATE < r -BUT " PICKIN THESE BIG, FAT SHOES W AN'LAYIH'W LESS THAN A MINUTE TO PLAY, WHAT A BUST/,, ,j! d OZARK IKE'S BEEM PS? BEEN RIGHT. TH' H TH' FINAL '" STOPPED COLO, fy\ WILDCATS COULD IL. GUN/ S ALL DAY LONG/ ^A. HAVE WON IN ^^ AN UPSET/ By J. R. Williams By Michoel O'Mollev onH Ralph OUT OUR WAY I TAK.6C7 TM£ THR66 CCWSJ . DOWN YE'?. V/l ; - I'll'' s -' vrft, CAR-", APF FA^-TAM' f r^MO'TP-A-nOf I/ 'MPT AMI If ,1". I < AM t-O'-'V IT--HUT COl & ) M!.: •'• P.i.-FJM'tk:/- Af I''iMAP iMii. ' • HUMDf-71" P TOM ( '.S?/ -Mi '.-.."• >, IM' TO r'VIRiL' AM- TKK. Mfrw 11 ''".if'W" '' All I !' f -A 1 ...T AND I'l ,'X-JMTO il. >Mf _" MiM'-'-iv.l F i'57£V/7...CELTIC Antwtr to Pravlou* Ptmlo SOT POH EV:C7£.VICE7 the Numb«n LARY PEAT: ALL CARS' if TM5 CP PERICLES THEATEf?... v'.'l il-t "ito 1 CAVAuRv H.I-'I f i .»u •"• ) f :-->-v rtt' MAI f.; rv 11 HAS PIS F6ET Af>!t7 A GAL WEAK& Ml.' U : <;)OT m *- n 'M *tlf I" YOU i>'.r vjiit- v ""'/•• AU-*~-' x ~ v "~""" 1 $ 4Crotut water 3m\ vou> •!*eov:.i) 't11AI (. AM \ w ™K I / „ - *££. I IT r-YJr-JC/J "7 " '"""' ~"~ tofelttwr ^ t . Hfwtaiilx SO Mo number If Lack* 91 Moral* 44 Biblical weed 38 Wirnhmiie 4flOoei Mirny 34,Ih «hlo p!ec« IB DfliHeon 4? Hindu 25" Malt.;-v« 40Cl»mblr»i (snnent 48 Pour out 4.1 firaup of elJhlBO Public Work* «ail<lrun'« . Administration <«b.) C»pt. US? by HEA S»'?«-^:^, l.te. T. M^Tm;. U. S. p WASH TUBES By Leslie 1 «. THW PLOW OW THE HE\D &TUMWED WE FOR. /^ MIWUTE. TH'THUeS HE SURE WENT THRU EVERYTHING-,., BUT i NOTH1MG $EEfA$ TO 5 BE HOLY 5MOKE, IAV WALLfT! GONE WITH MV IDEMTIFIC^ION P^PERS, EXPEM5& MOD THNT NOTE OF REQUESTING THE MWIQKTOR. TO GWB •"" THEDK^ I NEED TO LOCATE With Major Hooplc OUR BOARDING HOUSE MA3OR.X SMADOvOSD J/i'f £(3AD, JA5ONJ/ BULLY *& OOVMM MI5TAW OAKC/ — MB "~4i FOR YOU/ MOW We -2 OvOM Osi '( MY COMMWIMG AV.ED ME- VOU -H- VJWIL6T VOO B COURSE /-~TMfiRE-;\ |tvJ h\t'3 LAlR-< I BCUMG VOO TH' ,/ MB C^si'T < BOvTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edaor Martin PL GAS6 MOTE J ' 5SA.T, VMHICM / \ \ \TKOOSeRS-- . j V. HCH-HtM/ :eM,' x / i? r-y " CVO<? ,Rf\V> Of??"CM-W. •y Dick Turnai =^KaG^^| BUGS BUNNY GiVACiOUS.' ^\ HOW COULP WHAT A SMART ) ME C7OG-, SUC'5/n. V I TRAINEP HIM MYSELF.' FUNNY BUSINESS By HerJdbcrger CAUTION Bv V. T. Hamlin ALLEY OOP MENJ^ flOT^y* WORKING IF VAOk MEJHUY'P VE3..-IOU C/\N BEE TVIEIR THAT'S VVH\T \ NEED OF A. STRONG I'M klNC-J OK-', > LKADBR BECAUSE OT THOC-C njNWN / T HE TENDENCY THEY J-OK LO&ING •VHEIK HEADS. BE liF.TTl-R OI-F IF THEN' PID . I-OSE'EM! •ttl Y'Know, In tho lltra par mint" ly GolbroUh M l know what I'm doing—I looked!" AND HIS FRIENDS By Blos**r By Russ Winterboiham CHRIS WELKIN, Planetee, WHO INVIT80 Mff It) TMtS SOCK STO».\WNQ ^ AT VVEUI-i'N., bVT. Pl'vHEPIN MP PKOPPEP THE By Corl Anderson Iwevke PUVWQ CLASSIFIED Ad» Mutt Be to Office Day Before Publication RATES ^.i. Aorx MJ» Art PoyObO tn Advance 6m Ad» Will 8e Accepted Over The T»l«phon» Arid Aceorno- dunun Accounts Allowed With The Understanding The Account I* Pay able WtHun Srof»m*nt U Renderea Numue> Of Word f Up lu 15 16 lo 20 21 lo 26 26 to 3U Si to 3S> 36.to 40 1 to 43 to 50 4A <j||l . fl« One Thrtt Six On« Day Day* Days Month 48 .80 1.50 4.SO 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 Home Study Course COMPLETE your high school at; n ',' ( Y e home in spare time. Diploma, i Good Time Ties Record in Farewell i | YONKERS. N. Y.. 1*1 — Good , i'fitne, king of the nation's pneers. jsnid farewell to competitive racinR j like a true champion as he ) matched his own Yonkers Race- Sway record last night with a 2:01 Bill 75 .00 1.05 1.20 1.3S 1.50 2.00 2.50 8.00 8.50 4.00 4.50" 5.00 6,00 7.50 0.00 s.oo CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 10.50 12.00 13.60 15.00 ... 79c per Inch 60c per Inch SOc per Inob above <jr« foi consecutive insertion* lrt«c One Timt 3. Times «at« . IrHgulor or tklp- •lu'e ads will take the one-day rote. Aii Juiiy classified advertising copy «>l, un or.cepted until S p.m. for pub.* atiori the following day. Ti-e publisher* reserve the right to rev--,- ,i ed.i all advertisement! of. fern.', lor publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted. M.I a,i. ot on« 01 more letters, jrr,.,ps 01 'igurei such as houMi i- telephone numberi count a* on* School, 2905 Smith, Ark. Alabama Fort ' Tigers to Play Homecoming Game Tonight The Yerpor Hish Tigers will . 4t » . } — . * i f*». * *».-,.. * .^v. . ..• -,-- mor «' appearance but the stopl tl ,nsle with the Washington Lions For Sola i.ll-lm |Vvatch wi!1 bc hls only rival - Noxti "f Toxarkima in a conference con Thursday he'll attempt to break, test here Friday night starting at the world pacing record of 1:59 3-5 IB o'clock. Tonight's contest will be .vlUST sell quickly. Piano, refrigerator, man's Bulova watch. Bargain for cash. 815 W. Ave. E. 4-tf for a half-mile track set by Sam-j ployed in Hnmmons stadium, pson Hanover at Dealware Ohio, u year ago. But from a competitive standpoint the six-year old son of Hal Dale closed out his career wit'i a 30,000 to See Porkers and Ole Miss By CARL BELL. LITTLR ROCK ij SPORTS ROUNDUP •y AAVUR TALBOT, Ole Miss , Rebels, who'll constitute the oppo- 1 sition for the Arkansas Razorbacks' final 1952 appearance In \V;.r Memorial Stadium here tomorrow afternoon, ore heralded fur a searing offense which has chewed up 389 yards a game. It will, be homecoming for the j But they can support their at- Tigers and festivities have been j tnck with an adequate defense underway for (he past two days t ), nt hns been virtually airtight on raid will be elimaxed by the game! j),,. B ,.(iund. If a litt'le leaky mi tonight. Tliis afterribon a bit;!:., .i. 0 nil . NEW Pump Shot Gun, 2 Boxes of three-quarter length victory ov'or, llomn-omin^ parade will b? shells. $90 value. Make us an of- 1Jrir >ce Adios Inst niglit. Frank F.r- by students and supporters in clow f ev ! vin brought the little side who ;>Vr- town Hope. , ;from off the pace to win the purse Washington Hijjh nnd Verger are : 5 USED 700 x 15 Tires. Good con- j of $6,7:iO nnd ••••••- dition. 4 used 760 x 15 Tires. Good ; for the year condition, make us an olter. j i coord of harness , „ _ . . _. , , I Good Time 1-3 Compartment Sink, complete, ih c Castleton with trap and connections. Make; w uh to t' al w i nn [ n gV us an offer. We want to sell. 1 ^ fnr , he i argt , s [ amount evtrj Kccumuluted by n or trotter. 1 In prc-Kamo I'erimonios the home lit the air. i)\Vri-i Whlo they have one of i Smith's finest passers in Quarter- Jimmy I.oiiry nnd nearly NKW YOHK (^) — Having Rlvenj llu- matter long and serious' lluuiflht, the only conclusion wo have been able to arrive at con- ccrninn tonight's heavyweight fight! nt Madison Square Onrden Is that;'"* 08 lo Ict ««yo«e e'«* "ant- iMphons" Welil, the manager of) "Tnk-lng on •« guy like thftt,' 1 er, lo u»e one of U^c trade's mdftf (U'llcntc terrrts. this means, bro«d> ly spcnltlng, a specimen who can't much, himself nnd who ro< Hoeky Mnrcinno, still does n little matrhmaking on the side for tho Ii.tornationul Boxing Club. well-known manager once told us, "is like trying to fight n (wither- bed, A manager has any bNdns, 1'rrhaps It woilM be better to lll> doesn't fool with thorn."' b.-.ck up niul start aKnln. The' Th<? ti l| e*tion which nrlma, thott. fiK-ht, n 10-rounder, will be between '* wh - v lho mc jp who P |lnt Charlcd E/./nrd Chrti-les, one of many llvlnn l ' V( ' 1 ' lct th " Clnclhnfttl Negro Ret ox-heavywelsht champions, and l ' r «wn Into such a mntch, nnd Cesar Urlon a bl H , muscle-bound n ' orL> especially when It is to bl' character from the Argentine who, televised nationally tnp has been kicking around this coun-j One l " pnl 'y- perhaps the md»t -era, years without The reason we feel the bout me-' «rr.,> aft* e noc« Stai will not M 'etporv tor errorv in Want Ad* unlew are called to our attention FIRbT insertion of ad and rot ONLY the ONE Incorrerl ion.' Phone 7-343> R. D. FRANKLIN COMPANY, A. P. Delony Manager. 21-3t CASH registers and adding machines, new and used, sold at reasonable prices for cash or on rental plan. Bryant's Office Supply, 123 South Walnut St. 23-01 PIECE bedroom suite with springs' and iiine'rilprlng- mattress. Mrs. G. 'A. McMurrjv Dial 75821. '23-31 HOPE STAR Star of Hepe U99) Prew 1*27 Consolidated January It, ' Published every weekday afternoon bv STAR PUBLISHING CO. . , falmer, PresUeirt «n.« H. Wathburn, Secy-Tre» n i the Star Building /•/ 2)1 South Walnut Street ,_ Hope, Arkon*o« vfl „___—————————— '•^ A , .. ..-.nburn, tdilor & PublUhef l ju- n Jonoj, Managing Editor Ho>m..T, Meeh. Supt. . .,-. Aiivcrtismg Monegei • j ..lo^t motter et i Arkonset, under the Act ot March I. 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau el Circulation* Subscription Rate* (payable In od «unce) By carrier in Hope and neighbor- ;ng towns — Pel Week £> Pet v ea , 13.00 By mail in riempstead, Nevada, •.oi&.etie. Howard, and Miller courv 85 1.60 2.60 4.50 Many Hitters Like to Play Night Baseball By SHEllDON SAKOWITZ t comiiia tnieen will be escorted to a reserved section and the Verger b;.nd will perform at halftimc. this season. Top Radio Programs NEW YORK l.l't — Listening tonight: The starting bnckfield has done even belter than that. Halfbacks Wilson Dillard and Dick Westeri\.an have averaged 5.7 and 5 yards, respectively: Fullback liar- olci Soften has a mean of 3.4 yards, and Lenr. rated as the niftiest A'EW YOKK tAV-From a batting, sit> b V Mantovani; il Best Plays. „_. .... •• •. viewpoint Boston's Sid Gordon 1 CB S — 7 Mr. Keen's Tenth An- ROUQH, air dried oak, gum and ( wouldiv't mind if the Braves played niversary; 7::«1 Gun Smoke; 3:45 running tjiiarterback In the South- oastern Conference, has averaged , 4 yards. . NBC T. 7 Hil Pt »'««i', 7:30 Mu- 1 With all the Revel brill messen cypress. Alsp S-2-S Oak and Gum, all thei ,. gn , nes at .hight. suitable for Farm use. Oak Fence The llusky outf i elduri who post nnd Bridge timbers. Hope Basket Company. Jimmy Carroll. 'S doing so well, It's obvious thai Olo Miss' big and speedy lino is ripping apart the opposing forwards -- a fact that promises sr.iiI'd's stock Is al a low ebb jljtoo he dropped successive rtlsputed.de clKlons to Jersey Jod Wnlcott «ttt "_ Hex l.nyne. If ho U to Huh! his w,»y buck and ever get n shot ft Mavclnno, he must do somcthlnR I'onlly spi-ctncutnr. A knockout of Brlon would ill liie bill admirably.. Nobody hn knovkcrl out the lumbering v««[ue ro, and Joe Louis had two trtoS II dui'lnu hlS so-enllcd comobnc likely to be a great deal of pu/.7.1e- iriunt when the home audience sees Brlon spring into action. The South American Is, by common consent, one of the most un- -^.tnimo HIO «wu««, B «««»«»«,„». «, ¥ entertaining fighters yot. He ls| c.impalR.v DuHng rnlnlnfl, E?,B(»rd ybl)ow j hcl , et|) BRUght tne l^p, what the trade-knows as a spoil- h:is snld quite sovlougly* tl\at .Ji6 jjh p< ot ( balnriac nnd upset them By 4 ;i:t.r-nrtu lo stop Ce,Sn.r abl'U$tiy,|^, { n iir.hrln«fA. '" ' •"" "" i*M; < * Follow Bobcal , foV^ We cohtes\ Jil nt taihville wrteWf tho fib*jj " rf nrd Co\wtyt><ti«Stl for nn anhunljtiU fr6rn way back W The ancient foes will bc ...—,.,K,, ln« tho book &t each other ftOffi, start to finish In a football contest' that hns- «lwny«-been--ln as I'lvnlry Is perhnus kcertcfc with'W ' otKel- U tcaW\off c schedule, And the series is ovep j^n Jtt " 3d grtmos ' with erien tti tho holding II victories and one ending ln,n tie. The Boborts^n anccd 1he peHes last yea^ 1 With rousing 92 Vo'fl victory. ,.,,- Tonight'a contest lit rated a ut> with the' Bobcats holdlhg slight pn0or edge that U..«¥ by the fact that tho Scrappers playtnR at home.' Dope went tttvtch anyway In. IJfte. While the Bobcats bent Stnmpa hili ABC — 0:30 I..(iiu> Ranger; 7:30| Ol , sy j,ft,. rm) ,,,, for an Arkansas pluve Arkansas \\ wln'\ tjvor Okln- lipmu.,, A!- &;'-M., 'would ,'rc'pinvc Jferry 'Board, at' led end. Also, availability ol Mcllan nl Fullback 'will u'ermlt luindy maiv Lewis Carpenter, the'-team's No; 1 receiver, to go to right end, where he'll be in botttr position to work into the clear. " only .289 during the entire National This Is FBI; 8 O/zie and Harriot. 1-eligue season, .' managed to belli MBS — 7 Adventures of Malslu: Real Estate for Sale HOME WITH INCOME 24-31 n u , ball at .331 clip, "at .night to I 7:30 Oracle pace his league in arc' light baiting. D;>.y Show. Statistits compiled by the Associated Press show that Gordon collected EG hits' in 169 trips in 4fl DUPLEX 5th and Pine, 7'rooms, 2 ; after-dark contests, approximately baths, 2 car garage, .Side walks I one-third of his total games. •Jne \\onth " r«u Vvontris -;ix Months One Yeof All other moll — Jnc Month Three Months .,« Monttn 1.10 3.25 6.50 13.00 paved street, at u price you can pay. . UP TOWN home, 5 rooms and bath, Venetian blinds, ready to-move- in. You can own this for less than rent. 40 ACRES near Hope, all fenced, running water, large barn, modern 6 room house, Butane and eltictrieiy. You ca,n buy f9r less than cost of house. 4 ACRES, 3 room house. City water and lights, make us an offer. . If you want to Buy or Sell Real Estate, See R. D. FRANKLIN COMPANY A. P. Delony, Manager. 21-31 games. It didn't matter whether Ferris Fain of the Philadelphia A's did hi.s playing at night or during the day. The fiery first sacker, who topped the American League in batting with a .327 mark, also wos his circuit's leading night une hitler wilh a .369 average. Fain, appearing in 48 arc light frays, connected for 05 safeties in J76 times at bat. A, pair of Philadelphia Phillies, Richie Ashburn and Eddie Waitkus, <NOI'I Advertising Representatives;. Arkansas Dallies, Inc.; 1602 Sterick r 8ldg., Memphis 2, Term., 505 Tewn Bank Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. 42nd St., New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.: Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma Crty 2, Okla. Fields; (i:t(l Gj.-eal Saturday Schedulings: NBS — 7:I'D a. m. Howdy Dondy. CBS line that gave up Mil yards lasl week's Texas garni;. in Conch Johnny Vaught of the fit vtwed • Mlsslsslpplans says "Ar , threat ha» brqu(iht W tluo-Uy imfpha from Brltm, M Ws ,.* -a large who art- wise aboiU the r«o» hold We win art- wuc rtuoui tnc 'ing. * HB »,>-' an i,-k »«„ v lntr , inner .to not bell e v P Mhat CMM* - '£»«*' f»«' fl" Desjute the fact 'thai they have Kansas'' personnel may be the best four attacking formations to ' con- we'll face'all ; yc-ar." . • • fuse the defense, the Razorbacksj pougla.s said the PorRors "will ;i],parenUy will have to use the really have to play football" to airplanes frequently to move again- 11:30 a. m. Stars over Holly- s t Ole Miss' defensive platoon. i od ABC- School Todav. I! a. m. No MF1S — 10 a. m. Coast Guard Cadets ed the 1 in rosular -season's pressed Gordon for National Member of the Associated Prwsr. r he Associated Press is entitled ex- :iusively to the use tor republlcatlon u all the kxol news printed in thh •*».v^'Mii:-er. 01 well as all AP For Rent 3 ROOMS and bath, Furnished apartment. Private entrance. 3 blocks Depot. See A. P. Delony, at R. D. FRANKLIN COMPANY. 21-3t NOTICE TO WORLD WAR'II AND KOREAN YKTjERANS WHO HAVE NOT USED ANY j PART OF THEIR G.I. LOAN 1 FOR only $200 cash down we can sell you this new five room homu at 1405 South Pine.Street: Let us show you this property now and explain the loan requirements and payments., Other veterans are. . . TO the many prospects who called) on homes at' 718 West 6th Street, 600 .North Elm and 1412 South Pine, these homes have been sold. FOSTER—ELLIS REALTY CO. 108 East 2nd Street, Hope ',.-•'. 24-3t Lei'gue nigh( game batting supre j macy. As)iburn hit .324, 42 points better than his overall average, wnile Waitkus. battod .320. Enos Slaughter of the Cards finished fourth with .314. followed by Brooklyn's Jackie Robinson in filth at .308. Robinson's night .game mark was the same as his season's average. St. Louis' Stan Musial, who topp- uiay with a .330 finim>. could hit «nly .307 under the ;HTS. This /;ave hi.n sixth phici.' ;imon;i tho night ^iiino b;itsnu'n. YoutD! Mickey M:intlo of the- New York Yankees was ruimurup to F-iin in the American Lcntfuo i\ftor- durk sliindinKS with a .3"i3 murk, ;\ -12-point imprcivomeiH over his fitml average. Walt Dropo, who divided the season between Uoston and Detroit is r.notber advocate of night ball. Dropn. in third place, hit .340 un- citr the liyhts as compared to his final season average of .270. Cleveland's Bob Avila held down fourth place wilh .332 and Sam Mete, who played with both Wastv Mompnis Slate, Auburn, Ken- lucky, Vnnderhilt and Tulnnc could averafjc only 110 yards rushing ;n;-'iinst (lie Robs. On the other hand, forward p;is:;es have penetrated the Mississippi shield for 144 yards per ;.'.:'me. And Arkansas will have all three of its passers in there tomorrow. Li.mar Mellan, sidelined with a Knee injury when the Porkers were trounced by Texas, returns to alternate between quarterback in the ,'Jnht and split T alignments and fullback — or tailback — in the cloop and spread T's. When Mcllan is at full or o'Jt of the jjame, Bob St. Pierre or Halph Troillett will be pitching ficm quarterback. There was an indication that the Rnxorbacks plan to make full use of their ari{;uns when >Conc!i Oti? Doi-RlaH announced that ROM The n.ime will bn the first muot- Ink between the neighbor stale rivals since 1947. Arkansas has won 10 of t|ie 15 pasl tilts, There hasn't been a tie In tho scries. A crowd of about 30,000 — Ar- kansiis' iHt'Kest" of; the year — is expeeled. The klckoff will be tit 2 p. in. Fair and warm weather is 1'orocqst. Probable offensive starters:: Ole Miss Slay 'LE Trauth LT Gary LG Beatty C . .Caldwell RG . . Gilbert RT llowell RE . . Lcur QB Dillurd LH Westorman RH ,ofton FB iVn ds a chnncoor Vcor A« a W r \S L S«VTtair*llh Smir^6t» ^ Evo,i « clean «ut docU; ^ J«"ffl^ b ^jj ffi.?^^ s:,,. would no enhance h s p^l- ' prottft ^ y k ^p Him put ot tho, &« !!;£«r^ cDcouraaes, ,wouli\ bp dlsngtvous, rjiu^y'"pruotlcnUy all season. •And Unit brings us buclt to, wel<jj<ifHn' ja^rntfcd 'tt "tttp" '8St! orivjnnl,-or Weill theory,'Al hno ' m hn 'HD^ 'Pie <> l tnc " had -two ne\v phones, Installed '-InIDUSS snugMevs. his ( -- - iille, remnln champions for h lohgl Nu"sKvjIle"school system." "' '^ le, and it would not be a hool-J 'NusltVllIc Is' proprirln«" '(or*'pc^> Miy slUintlon for such un unprcdlc- hnpg , ltg la ,. KMl t , row d ot tnblo fi'llow as Chnrlcs to ViccQrn.eJ g,,/j n0 (j n — - • 'ie No. 1 challen«er, Loove us orj jinnd to i«e If he can bury Connr. • , f ;1 two new pnonei, insianoa an pass sn«g((evs. * , s oftk'c since Marclnno won the . jp ov th'trfh'8ttlm^thl»#?Af i ,1i t Bpt)-«.it le, and tho money H, being chr- . cn ^ g nn ,o\vlll not be nlrqS'fcs MBltf^ id In tubs. Al would llkp KOpky brondcnsls, arc barred by thofe fi>mllln nlutmnlons for 0 lotlK M>,uti»llla <inVinr<t avafnm >• ' "^ ^ the tho DbbchTftJ.',. ' it in^ton and .Chicni;o, fifth ;it .U17. i foi-reslcr, whose pass BEDROOM with private bath and private entrance. Garage. Phone 7-3391. 22-31 Help Wonted WAITRESS. Top-salary' and good CODY RIVER Copyright, 1VS2, by Al C*dy. Dlilribulid by King F»olur«l Syndlcol*.. CHAPTER SIXTEEN ""AN INDIAN'S promise, once given; could be counted on. But a renegade's wortf was a leaky sieve, the balancing equation of honor Ijft out. A lot depended on councils which would have been held since that .talk with McQuestion at'the wood 'lot. They might well ba,ve decided that it would be foolish £9 have only a taste of whiskey ttfan two boats, when the loot of and deep undertows, the hurtling I tain's big^lmnds closed, twisting, tips. Holidays Cafe; 3 miles East! all three was there for the taking. r* J " • nn *' i *•!„.• ' _ 1 1 ' ; <tT««_ ' *V.\>_. _t *•«.». ^nn ti«^l«i At I- Vi/i ^BEDROOM. Close in. Call 7-5572 after 5 p.m. 23.-?t FIVE acres, four room house, large back porch. Electricity, electric pump, two miles from Hope. Leonard Ellis, at Foster-Ellis Insurance Agency. Phone 7-4801; 24-3t Hope on 67. Apply-in person. .flere the river ran ugly. At the 24-611 fur. headwaters of a score of feeder —, ~^——^—,—^—— ,- ! etreams the -deep drifts of winter COMMERCIAL, teacher with de-l were : ln the last stages of dlsinte- gree. Salary open. Contact Super- gration, their dissolution being intendent of Schools, Stamps, Ar- hastened by heavy fains. Conse- Kansas. ' . . 24-3t quently, the Missouri was high, r-—••'-•'• : - ,—:—^_'__^._-,._. *ndi channeled between rising I OSt ; rocky banks, • giant In fetters, • ' ' Wanted to Rent 1 YELLOW go)d Ladies, Plgin wrist watch in downtown Hope, Monday, .Call-Roy Fry's .restdeiice. BEDROOM furnished apartment, | Collect. or .% bedroom furnished house. I Cohfact Bob Carroll, Diamond Cafe. 22-3t Services Offered REMEMBER If you can't find It In Texarkana or Dallas "Come to see me," I have your size. TOM WARDLAWS Main Street Tailor Shop FOR Plumbing & Repairs Phone 7-4337 Fixtures and floor furnace*, Shallow & Deep Well Pumpt. F.H.A. Title 1 U»n», ROY WARREN PLUMBING YEARS qt «xptr|ence in flo*r ers, 912 yf. 7lh. Phone rlv^r '.roared tn % frenzy and 4d.like an untamed cayuse. Already . the churning paddle and the throb of the en- Were "smothered In the angrier,pulse of the torrent. Sound woul'd: give no warning of their coining. The shores seemed to push towftrd them on either side, like the closing hand. It O-21-lm! observed on other occasions, but _________^ ,, twice aa realistic and fearsome tn LOCAL and long distance Hauling.! «»e uncertain light. Now the en- glne« on all three boats were Also local moving. See Dannie Hamilton or call 7-3611. O-23-lm Female Help Wonted MASSINGILL REST HOME 803 E. Division Phone 7 4320 For convalescent aged, men and women. State and city approved. Reg. Vocational nurse. Jewell Massing!)! Haul and Spread SANP or CUY $1.25 Pel Gravel. CUy, Gr«veI and Fertiliser Available. RALPH SAUNDIRS Ph«ne 7-4683 or 7-9174 <«*•**« THK demand (or Avon's beautiful Christmas Gift Sets is the greatest in history. Capitalize on this demand by becoming -an Avon Representative in your own neigh- borhoood. Write LaVeroe Gilbert P. O. Box 330, Hot Springs, Arkansas. 22-61 Fights Last Night By The Associated Preu Fall River, Mass. — Tippy Lar- kui, 144, Gdrtield, N. J. outpoint- ed Maurice Jenkins 148 Newark N. J. 10. New York (Sunjayside Garden)— Johnny PiGiHo, 130. Bayoone, N. J. outpointed Sam Anderson, 130% Pittsburgh 8. •training to deliver full power, the progress of the fleet slowed to a crawl. There could be no burst of speed to sweep them past the danger point, Earnshaw came up, ready to tend a hand tn case of need. He shouted into Rawls' ear: "Something's amiss. The Pride U second ti> line, the Astrld behind her." "Nothing we can do now," Rawls retorted, which was the literal truth. He was calling on Instinct to aid ills faculties, since naif a good riverman's sHiii ts so derived. Normally a pilot could depend on bis ears, th* nuances <rf •ound •ssuring de«p smooth waters or warning of hidden shoals or rock. BDUKS gieaningiMS to untrained ws. fiut in the frothing turbulence of the channel they were *ntering. all sound was poured together into solid deafening tflun<6r. Now tfeey were entering tae DevU's Spin, one of tne most dreaded rtretchw ot waur on tbe I entire riwj. 8i4 ftnouj* by the Wgh* st 4«y, tt ww * churn,_i» PfHf, tf liHtH til* * power of tricky currents, even a river boat could be twisted and slammed against the rocky walls before the thrashing paddle wheel could get a grip and steady them. The Varina was edging past the worst, but now they were coming to that stretch under the nose of the cannon. The river was widening again, the banks not quite so high. Scanning the west shore, Rawls picked out the spot where the cannon was likely to be hidden. That was where he'd place It if he was in charge, the best location available. This time he had to play a hunch, for if he was mistaken, it was the last error he'd ever make. There would be no chance to rectify it. Twisting "he wheel, he swung the Varina sharply closer to the shore. This was tricky business, coming in so close. A slight miscalculation could smash them on the rocky cliff. "Take the wheel," he ordered Earnshaw. "Hold steady!" Before Earnshaw understood what he had In mind, Rawls raced to the edge ot the deck, poised, and leaped. For that one moment deck and shore were almost on a level. A gap of a dozen feet Intervened, seemed to widen as the farina suddenly started to sheer away. Then he was tailing, claw- Ing at the bank, legs and body dangling while his fingers grasped a scraggly bush and clung. Drawing himself up, he started to run. Here was sharply broken terrain where the elements had Arkansas Forrester LE Roth LT MurshuH.LG Watkins C Pumas 'RG Grave's RT Purry RE, MqHprj.QB . Troxell.LH Sutton RH , Carpenter F,B> Rizzuto, Ford Going on Diet, NKW YORK (UP) -- Phil Rlr.UltO nnd Whltey • Ford of .the Yimke'es faced EI winter of loan r.aljons: to* day nftor the plnt-sl/iid Hlwtslbp wa's found to b« ,sufferln|{ from ;n duodena) ulcer »ml the sou|hj30W nllcher from an oversized waistline, : , " Yankee officials, who revealed .RiMuto's nllmunt, Bald he w,01 'uwe lo remain at Lenox l^lll hd»« inl'al for (ibout 10 more d»yn while i I'cclvlriK treatment froni Dr. Jaft- • K-f Flschl. When he Is rulooscd frorn , the liospllnl, the 34-yenr-old shortstop v;lll be placed on a rigid diet, and ijc compelled to "cut down greatly on his . outside activities" for the coming winter. Ford.,- nwalting his from the Army, was found Ho be II pounds overweight and llkewilo,wiU be placed on a diet, although,his 'f? Junior, B .„., TedmiBoys Dfop Pair 1"wo Hope football tcnrns had uMi miserable time Inst night with 1V "- V « 'B" boys taklngjn <vriO.JU«Jjjn{ ;hc 'harids of Camden and tho.i r .,,.._ getting swnmped at ToXa¥$ tnna. The BobMUcns dropped n wj^a gnnrie to the bnby Porkors whi>p s [he Ciimden floconcls downed "" L 2)''to'7. • * ''TO \Vil\ not be as rigid as , 4 'fHo Vqnkccs also snnoundod' Outfielder Oenc WoodHng, h pored, during thg world Seflea ^ l gj-oln "mllmont, ^wlll repQrtfat|' ! t hospital ghortly t or-addltlon^M)?el «».„-» . ? *^ ''•*'« **V(\M the impcMis of his rush In the grasp. It;twisted tho brave\ afidc, hurled him over the brink of a twenty-foot declivity. But, as he went, < Rawls' grasp on hla arm shook the tomahawk loose, Half a dozen men were huddled about the cannon, a gun cf^w outlandish by any army standards but trained for the job. At least four of them were Indians. The other* might be whites or breeds; In their dress-there was a scant difference which to the experienced eyes of Uawls branded them as renegades. Their attention had been caught by the brlet turbulence of the struggle, but they were not sure what was happening. He landed among them in a long jump, the tomahawk swinging. Rawls had a momentary glimpse ot a painted face that had gone palo beneath the daub, and then the face was gone, almost decapitated by the swing of the axe. The others were falling back, not certain that this was a creature ot flesh that had appeared 10 suddenly among them, momentary unreasoning terror driving. That was the chance for which Rawls had hoped. The cannon was big, heavy, but it was set almost at the edge of the sharp declivity at the side. He bent and lifted, straining, and though Ma munoles cracked with the effort, something had lo give, Abruptly It was toppl CHAPTER SEVENTEEN | WITH the path cleared of hie last enemy and .the river ahead, Bawls poised -for. the leap, new strength surging into htm at an unlooked-for stroke of luck. Like the the /'ride Ol Kunaoa had swung. In /close to, slinre, accepting what lie, as pilot, hat} chosen for'th$ nest Channel. By no\y,lt. was past, but the, Asirld, third in line Arid close at the hcc|s of the others, was following the name course,. -',"•', , . . , Rawls landed on the dock of the AslrW ajid teetered wildly, while g .tomahawk thudded Into the planking .taes)de him, amid a rain of arrowV ;v and a tew rifle shbta, Guns, rtplled sharply from bqtb' the 'A««rM ; 'y»nd the Pi-|rf« «/ first to take off, Dudley and promising to fee them at Fort Benton. There was for the other boat».ln;gett|n» way—for a reason 0t r wKloflV T Knew nothing at the moment. Astrld, following a ^uwpm I when she was first able ,14 nd continued vh-tu»ll crruptlon slnoej was r's cabin'<ay r cr indulgent "I want. Denny roard the Astrid, for the he Journey!" she «ald, j gardcd Mark VVhlriei tfioj, nade a bad mistake, back Louis, listening to formed her father. But it's not too late -, •'»«, i d,oh't tlilnk i obnreased,."Ho's a man—which jtln 'Elatedly dlsopverlng," Tft ' "" rriparlson Brought $ ...^.cftif'% 1 oh'eck, but W t him, tho '»wurtg baclt I played rough games across the ages. But just above, not far back from the shore, he caught the sheen of firelight on a long strip of metal—the cannon. What ne could do, or how, was not clear in his mind, but on one thing he was determined. He had to put the big gun out of action before the Astrid came along. Tonight, McQuestion and Whlrter shouldn't pay the proper price for their treachery. They must be given a trgab lease on life because ol the others aboard the 4«(rid. A tangle ot brush was in his way, and he scrambled around it. Ahead waa the cannon. And ahead also, crouching and alert, nqt quite sure what was going on but with suspicions aroused, was an Indian, tomahawk clutched in bis hand. scarcely slowed. Speed was eaaentisj t»ere, speed and surprise. Apparently the Indian hadn't actually seen him lump trow to «bore. or it had been a bta doubting ing, crashing down upon the rocks below. That had taken only seconds, but it was long enough for the others to recover from their daab of panic, to start back with yowl* of rage and vengeance. Rawls ran, and, now his old limp had returned to hinder him. A, gun discharged, the crack Ol it muted by the other noise, a* was the wild yelling of a full score ot painted warriors who had crouched and watched and waited for their moment, Realization that Uwy bad been cheated did nothing to iw- prove their tempers. All «f them were determined to take out their , and with tho lessening pull of'jfle. current all three boats were picking up -tpitA,* • <-' , Every 6n« was; crowding around Rawls, exclaiming M they begar] to understand ,wM .' H» had cfone. ' T — -"FTT,- FV-— -^r--7,r- -r •.'-•;' . • • -. - - • •- - hahd'-and/round, .htf Wn P»lrti crimson, but l -|Te' /dlsrejji^ed ihst and |hu^p^,.hlnt pr.,'--—' •-"• a hea.rtlneB« "-"" — y compUment«( Whtrter ----- . him on hi* exploit. "It wa» foolhardy— but wonder tul" Kathleen said. Astrld McQuestion wa» more etofluent. "»ou »%ved the live* of every one of us." *hf declared. their spleen on biro, He twisted and »pun numbers Ipr* agaiMt getting in eaeB otbert way, haw perlng themselves. Two wen were ahead, but twice M many were clone behind. He threw the tomahawk, and now only ow> wa* in the way. There was a aUok of renegade about him, aod be bad » revolver, ao early model PoJt'f the long-barreled look of % be or not W* trick* m,lor both V# , but to his « objection, reed. "What do, you m take?" Whlrter t You're not puttin ihg Yankee ahead ' . "My uiidcrttandlft* . Yankees came from', which «• what «o "1 thought I wai ••--thing when » helped you do now dpesn't the least. But ,J'v« made « mistake, {t'« love, and th»t'» ali me Her forthright great had seen ulgna ol c«r«d (or OOP* or In |»W», (or II r time «h» m««nt it- 0ut *ome didn't fr«*t»y care, or anyone el«t deatlns' Jojr nfttlQW up«tm«. ftaJrcwBfir to** f Earpjy at Rvrit a general mMttef «w naxt morn- And I'm as grateful-Hat deeply gratefiU, Dowy—as I've been com« pletely « fool!" It waa almost W uncomfortable a moment M when th? Indians bad seemed to h»Y« (Mm surrounded. Reading the loeK in Astrld's eyes, ne Knew that h* had cttOy^a sa> the wort to *o on from where they had'been befpre—wid that where lit the runMnc of the river al) Ute aavw bad been washed from tb« •f,

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