Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 24, 1952 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1952
Page 11
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HOPI ITAH, MOM, ARKANSAS Friday, October 24, 1931 , October 24, 1952 HOPE STAR, H0f»e, ARKANSAS rtr Hlt« il Art at Iff OtVLlH BTSEffHOWKR 8PK- ' Bi»«ibowcr Sunday School LESSON (or of , on- to mean. I ly ftiif.it nr,f--»ili'l oi n.i wiftinBlj It can flt (Past bo snid that • tal 1 'hi i•) U>f flay 1 ! "f Puritan "'It! 11 - were spiritually Intcnur-d, and weri-| >-r>i! ••'•h'-n II 8 f >t i' s nnrno lr<im not wilh reference lo power-mov- V«' i,:,.' .,-,.. t !,.„."" *Mi'fi »Ji'i- ing machinery. Did tti'-y refer to i-i •iiic'ri f. 'in! ii! f*:i. iri.il'-trtl mountains? Wore thc*y in' ' . i I h .-••• mn-ii I' iidi-il !»> be inurpiett'J with cold t\ . i . . i i f . (' I ' .-i : L ' i •' •- i " ' * ' . M ' M ... cltloi of _IUr, hUtlnji «t what hn lltton ulandef and toll h* would dftnlfoy n cheering crowd in, ', homo ot a bid CJot). :rk plant, (hut hi* op- w*r« maKlnii inch t wanted to M*«l IMI* <*» » M«* *•**' Wh«t J«iu» About r*lth . « eoromwii (or OM. Sfi) " «"•»•" "' '" „, WILUAW B. oiunov, o. D, ^4."'^ y ^,, r pj",,,'!"', UROJJ thiil »J^Ruft ftv^r *alfl ttbout * ' f<,ilh la In hi* words wordi-d in Then*- w «n'l» ;2f): "If ye hftvr fiilth «» "•' "' '"' "' I'-"-." •••• . , , ,, .,.,.. „. . . .. ,,,,,'h thiiia* iiriiinlly i'..in« .ICM.M, 'u ;.v .... '• •- *'•'•'!. , nK " In m fr<»tn their nwn m.wd fe'-fXIft-i-ii'- il'M.-'l »"i"-'"i H.li, m !•<• i-i- "f V .M< li I '' !! '.,.','. ,',i -, P . ii.. lr i • <• •> "Ion;,! the I h.vily think so. J«-(iis spokf ;f 'fir,i' v i Ho-''.n '" Q'niiey ran (mie in xtronis, vivid, "astern fiR- l'i!- r'.'i'ult " ri ' : - "' s r'«ech, such as the ref•! lh,T ,-, 'ii, li>i« riii'-laumi 'if u.e <.i-«-nr<- I" the cnrm-l Koing thron«h: I ,.< .1.. . f li..'. ->•<• ">"!'' '-:i!iily the <•>•• "f a noodle. I doubt wheth- ,': '.',',|,v '.,i incii'er '.M,(|' i Unit ir !>)'• ilHolplpn wnul'l ml.Minder-' " - •• ' .i|,rd I'.m I stmid or Intcrprnt the words with , i pi'-union the lit.-i'iillsm lhal we prosaic ,,-n wi.ii'lfi- \V<.-;!c •-.M'r'i •'"'" '"" w«int lo liriu/", ..'iir to the to Ihi- i'-adinK "' the Bible. vi.'.. fipnk- ,h". i' w' 1 * iiboul to give to the:ie •,id'-»l (h-:ii «li<eipa •'' sofi.iinKly Impossible News of the CHURCHES ' uAHHtt I Norif' Feryuson btrert Elbert O'bteen. f'anui 'Koch ui H(i''s Uioit'UM. i-i<urcii .lutu'.tii nun ;/ to !) auuuu> ; i ii'jin Hi u.iii t./iirl>' Hiiu..ii;.., :iuj;t. 11 iv1nniii,t> Auinlup Ct.'M p.m. Iiih i i;i:, i:s tut Trims Pin li'. . Pii-s.uYnt. '/::(0 Kvcmnji V^nr.-hip i. MAHK'8 EPISCOPAL The Rev. Charles Chamber* Jr., Priest -In -Charge '.i. Ifi fi.ivi. Sunday School 7:30 KvertuiK Prayer and Sermon H::t(.' p.m. Meeting of the Execu- ;i)l ujjes l 7 ucsd.iy 7:I)ii a.m Holy Communion. Cumii. union. (AH lu:, Church i'uyu I, H.ihiished We-,- //•'•, i People Will (j«. " Lin.n h * *»•* ,,#v,jy$v i»' I* t' -li ^ N 1949, 1,763,390 people landed in the penitentiary t 719,515 mental patients in Uftllj 386,000 tn divorce court*; 16,354 committed suicide. All these peop/e to b» happy but tlwy took tlte wronii w*y. They thumbed their nose nt the I faithful guard trying to »top them and never saw the warning sign, "BRIDGE OUT1" Qyron mild, "Tho thorn* I reap are of tho tree 1 planted; they hnve torn me. and 1 |'blo«d." The wny that neemoth right is the way of death. God's highway is tnnrked by \ brothvrho&t, rev0rer»c«, virtu* and so//-coniro/. Time in precious. Better follow that hand.., Jesus said "1 am the way, follow me." See you in church. Sponsored By Local Business Firm* Who Believe We Should Attend Religious Services Regularly » , If Hope Basket Co. Soonger & Riolto Theatres William M, Ouckett , Brunor-lvory Handle Co. Citizens National Bank W, Shonhouse Sons, Inc. The Greening Insurance Agency v i .- end Realty Co, Young Chevrolet Co. * GUI «-•— Norman Moor* J, C. Penney Co. Gunter Lumber Co. Owen's Dept. Stores •W« Cloth* the Family (or Lett" Groydon Anthony Lumber Co. The First Notional Bank Crescent Drug Store i. J. Whitman OUtrlOutar Quit Refining Co. Product* J. C. Atchley & Co. Hope Sign & Neon Service K^T I-L , i.-*t. i * * ", .'M ii.rn. Holy iaiiils' [Jayi. ivlonudy . ! The .sermon this Sunday will he i. i/.iii. hr. Aaxili.iry mtieliiig utlim- third iincl lln: lust, in a scries the cnurch, Mrs. 'i'ca i'urtlu, i'rcs-loi sermons on the ways find teach itlrlit. (ill 11' AlIM Ifd i'urUe ( il,: .ill nme C' in charge nod ineetin l J n.SKlent ciiiuluct'cl > mei.'tniH, MIS.S •.it lit. to worship with FIRST PEN TtCOb' AL CHURCH Fourth ana Ferij.ison Street Rev. H. C. Huctepeth Pastor II: I. > Sunday School C. J. Howe. .Supl. II Moriim;; Umi'hip Sei mon by i'astm li:M p.m. \uinu; Peoples Church M.'s. ,lor L..I-.J Hi cl'iarnt. 1 . I'hiirch !>•'> in Charge. int;s of Church. the Protestant Kpiscepal uy Ju I nufbU.iy i: .il) Jr. Aux Vcrlii Allen, I' sVe v.'cli. oine r-MST BAPTIST CHURCH .s. A. Whitlow, Pajito* .1.1)0 Sunday School i'eny Moses, Supl. 1'ii.oU a.m. .Vtuiiri'.y Worship ,.,<ssa,;c by the Pastor (.>..>.» llai)li.sl Teaming Union J. 1'. Bowdeii, Director. i: ,,ii i'.,vemn,'-; \vorship wilh mcs- .aye hy pastor. Monday Jr. Girls Auxiliaries 4 p.m. •1 p.m. ftUllLK.'cilll.S •I Intermediate GA's 7 p.m. Men's Brotherhood Sup- iJtr Meeting. Tuesday 4 p.m. i^aVora Muffin Inlcrmcdi le GA's will mc-jt at the cnurch. vvcdnesiuay ',' p.r.i. .'3iiiuia\ School Officers ,.ini Teciciiers Meeting i.jn p.m. iVlio-ueeh worship. a* Mr. Truman wanted it, because it provided some protection against extravagance and socialism. "Mr. Truman says that the Rei publicans have a long record of I voting ti> obstruct and cripple the ! social security program. As a mailer of fact. Sen. Millikin K-Colo and 1 were the ones Who i.i'dered the complete study. . .and then took the most active part',' in expanding the program. In his atlnck on the Truman ndministratin. Taft said probably 20 per cent of the personnel of any department could be eliminated .'•nd the result would be "a more efficient government operation." President Truman, he said, "has always claimed that the c\ittinR ol 1 cent from his budget would mean the- destruction of the entire project and the very existence of the country. "Yet. every expert investigation finds liuit government programs are wasteful." Further referring to portions of Truman's speeches, Taft commented on what he said was the President's claiming of crcdil for creating the Central Inlelligence Agency, strengthening the FBI, and stopping Communist aggression in Greece and Turkey. Of these claims, Taft said: The CIA "was set up in the unification bill passed by the 80th Republican Congress." 2. "It's no secret in Washington lii.'il New Deal advisers have wanled to get rid of the FBI at every favorable opportunity." 3. The halting of Communist aggression in Greece and Turkey "\vas about the only real piece of bi-partisun foreign policy that I luive seen, and it was as much a project of the 80th Republican Congress as it was of Mr. Truman." Legal Notice 0 veiopir.ent of public parks and con duct of recreation programs. i v7> Wilh the consent of the Hope. Arkansas, School District 1-A. lo .n..anizr- nnd conduct play and recreation activities on grounds and i;i j'ii;-.'liil'i> unc'.er Ihe control of tiv. School Board. 18.' Tn develop parks and conducl iinil maintain recreation activiues ind faciliti'.-s on or in private prop- ernes with Ihe consent of the own- |ei:: or those entrusted wish Ir.eii ni.inaisement. (9> l'(i ernpK^y a ttuaiilievi superintendent ol parks and recreauon a:ul such other employees as may In m lime '.o lime be needed in th" control, operation, and r,iaintenar. (,i parks and recreation programs, properties, and facilities, and pre- public parks and recreation n-i ibe and i ix their duties, autlmri- service in Ihe Cny ol Hope. Ar,x..n- j lies, compensation, and qualifica- sas, this department to be known w< as Ihe Department of. Parks and ' Reucation" and also that there i^ hereby created an administrative body to be known as "The Connnis- (t.Ston of Parks and Hecreation." *£• SECTION 2: Said Commission " shall be under the control of tho City Council. The Department of PM'KS and Kecreation shail be un- the control ol Ihe Commissions 'arks and Hecreation of Hope, Arkansas. The Hope, Arkansas, AN ORDINANCE, NO. 697 1O ESTABLISH AND CREATE A DEPARTMENT OF PAKKS AND KECKKATION AND A COMM1S- ^ON OF I'AHKS AND KECHKA- PON TO ADM1N1SH-,K iHfc; UP- EKATION AND MAINTENANCE OF PAHKS AiND KKCKEAT1ON SERVIuK. D E F I N 1 N G THE DUTIES AND POWEUS OF SAID DEPARTMENT AND COMMIS- SiON. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE ' CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF huPK, ARKANSAS. SECTION I. That there is hereby Created a department to admims- operate, control, and supervise !);.')() Cimdn Mr: 1 . I.awrt iiv V::iu Kveni.n Wcdnssclny 7::.(I p.m. I! mei't.ni;. Thurscl.iy L p.in. L.nl The pulill.' ail >ervic, ;. iljl' 1 Study and •:, Prayer Meclin;; : is invited lu attend: l this church. ! I HOHt CiUol' "i-ii'tii Mali, Street O. M. Montg.-ii-nery. Pastoi 9:4.i Sunday ..eliuul iu.j i 1 .. i,.i-.>e, hupl. ill Kailiu ' Mont- Sermon and Senior Service, Bill idi'iu. 1 . ,. .„'. . i,! Sol Y ice. 6ei • mini by i;ev. Bills Mclntush Kev. II 1.. .laii.-.en ot Nashville, IV [in.. mus.Lal liii'ector. Moncl.iy Ttnou(jh Friday !l:;,,I a.in. Ali'imii!; Prayer Service. V;lill p.m. liivival Services with tvaiueii.sl Billy McliHush of Nasii- \'iile. 'lenn. as \\\v I'A'Hii^eli.st. .A \\i'icome awails you at all services. f-IKSF CHHlbTIAN CHURCH .'r. L. II. West, AI.mster. ;i.;iil Sinid ly .schtioi I'o;' all ayc.s, I'mihia.s l-\',i..'.CK. Supl. .. AI.I...I... v>oish,p. Sermon by Hr. L. H. \\'e:.l. Special music by l.uUier llolloman. oryan- isl and Jo Beth Uelli.^. pianist. 2 p.m. C\ !•' Area Meet li Christian Ynlilll l''elln\vslup iii.i^' t\m ue no evening service Tuesday 7:;itl A pie ^llpper for the lamilics 01 Ihe caurch in t'elltnvship Hall Wednesday i. t .... . !iosi' Pi acIK r. i Please Nule ClK'ill.'je 1:1 dale' CHURCH OF CHRIST Fifth And Grady Hobert O. Cook, tvangelist. ...-).i a.m. Bible Sludy u:-!,) a.m. Sermon 11 :-IO a.M. Load's Supper o:.'io p.m. Young peoples clabs. 7: :i(l Kvenina Worship .. -i.uiit.duay ..-no p.,11. I.iidies Bible Class V :.,i.) Midweek Services. A special service will be Tues- ay. October 2K, for the preachers ucacons and all others who lu'crested in the work of tl'.e Alt>-i noon sossion 4 lo G. sup- ur all li to 7. evening session lo il t.iis is the Urd year ot meel.n;, ui ibis part of Arkansas and in North-Louisiana. Five spe;ik ers will bring to us lessons of vital inleii'St to the church. Come study the Bible with us. You are alwavs welcome bore. The Negro Community By Helen Turnei Phone 7-4474 'Ji Drmg items to Miss Turner it Hicks Funeral Home CHURCH or OOD IN CHRIST Eld. L. C. Washington, Minister 1U. la Sunday School 12 Morning Worship (i p.m. Y. P. W. W. 8 p.m. livening worship. i i. IMiTY CAP l i3T CHURCH •-'O'.tt'i Elm S.i cot tlcLr Howard White, Pastor i. i..iy .• v ii--.,..i I liuui ii. _.i-S: in a. 1.1 .,nl White Ki a.m. Mi.ida.N School. A cmpt. II Mommy \Vorslup ;i:.(il p.m. H. T. S. FIRST PHtSBYTERIAN t.ist Second Street Rev. L. T. Lawrence, Pastor lue Men's Li.uiL- Cia.-,s will jneel I, i,.e Parian House at U:30 tor niLn. and doughnuts. Teacher of >-:,son \vmch will begin at 10 o'clock taught by Judge Pilkinton. in auiiu.o atnuui. James ri. MU- i-r, Su|,l l(>:Xi Morning Worship, Sermon "The Acts. According to You." j ., p.m. Vespei Service Sermon "Disunctive Beliefs." 0 p.m. Pii-'. Meet in Parish jioa.se. supper will ue served. Monday: 7 p.m. Choir Practice Vvcdnesday 7:30 p.m. Evening Service j The women ot ttie church will ! observe tne week ot self denial and j prayer for home missions by ser- j vices at the church each morning at Id Monday through Friday, except on Thursday, when they will I meet at the home of Mrs. L. T. Lawrences lor a book review of "!• lontiers of Hope," and will have a pol lueii luncheon at noon. CHURCH OF GOD Rev. L. C. Crojsley, Pastor 9:4;i a.m. Sunday School If:00 a.m. Morning Worship ti.UC p.m. Y. P. W. W. a p.m. Evening Worship. CHURCH OF GOD In CHRIST Eld. O. N. Bennis, Pastor !):45 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Morning Worsaip. 0 p.m. V. P. W. W. 8 p.m. Evening Worship BEEBEE MEMORIAL C. M. Rev. T. J. Rhone, Pastor U-4S a.m. Sunday scnool. 11 a.m. morning worship. 6:00 p. m Epworth League 8 p.m. Evening Worship MT. ZION CME CHURCH Rev. I. M. Manningi Pastor 9:45 a.m. Sunday School 11 a v m.'Morning Worship 6 p.m. Epworth League. 8 p.m. Evening Worship 1' I Mond.iy i - P.H.. UcgiiUu Ladies Aux. i Mrs. .lohii B. .loraiiii. presanni; I 7 \\ilhni; Workers Auxiliary. j .\I;-.-. L. v. . Keniu'dy i'u-s. " ] Wednesday 7 p.m. Teachers and officers; meelin.i;. 8 p.m. i'rayer Service. Thursday 0:30 Girls Missionary Auxiluuy. Mrs. S.im \Villiams in Charge. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH West ?nd at Pine V, D. Keelev. Pastor i: t.< .1 m ChtU'i'h School nil Jr will teach the Cen.;,- Class .111. .\ioiuitig \Viirslnp. 'Open Our Kves" "Old Truths That Need To OF CHRIST Aalnui Sti eet A. T. Oliver, Minister :i.4.i Bible Study In: .11 PrcacniH^ ll:;tn Communion 6 p.m. Young Peoples Bible i.i, a.) 7 p.m. Evening Worship Tuesday !):M> a.m. Ladies Bible Study. Wednesday V:.(U Bible Study A welcome awaits you at all ser- i c e s. RISING STAR BAPTIST Rev. W. M. Erby, Pastor 9 45 a.m. Sunday school. 11 a.m. morning worship. 0:00 p. m. B. T. U. » p.m. Evening Worship LONOKE BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. F. K. Powell, Pastor 9:45 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Mommy Worship. BTU vening Worship p.m. p.m. Taft Blasts Truman as a Waster CHAPEL BAHTISl h^v. F. R. Williams, Pastor i/.-ij a. 111. Sunday school 11 a. m. Moriitiig worship G p.m. BTU b p.m. Evening Worship bETHEL Rev. G y:4o 41. li u.m 0 p.m. 8 p.m. A. M. t. CHURCH Paschal, Pastor m. Sunauy school. Morning Worship A. C. K. L. Evening Worship Tho Union Harmonctls of Tex- Ziou CMi. L-iiurch Sunday the public is invited. .', V X turv lii tu:.>;> Antiu-in Soniuin Ho Km ui. h^iiior MVF :\i. liuoriiifaiato Kvonina U'oi'jjh MVF 7 u.iii Monday 7: SO p MI. C'li-clo .ho homo of Mrs. >yvollo Qvirko anrt l-'d Ashn. Mrs. Mrs. l.yle Mc- ask. Hi was Sii : -eael- tho Gosp '.uie, to make Ui'iis. '.Vhat la.-ii" ti'.il iim.-: them out ;o l to every erea- d^eiples o: all na- \ast. niiuuita-inous must have sc-vtr.eii tu !ii-*e ..'W unkiMw.i men as they, accd t v .o immcuse Konun Eiv.pire. j ** v;th its materialism, ils power, and! 1 ' 1 t cii/vii! in'- Ooiiivcr n fins which havo ASUURY PARK N. Y. i.P—Sen. iiubert A. Tail fired verbal blasts i.isi night against President Tru-j ; man who. he said, defends "every i : \, astefui expenditure of his admin-. i isiiauon." j At a .ally here that wound up, .... . . il-.i* day-U.nK tour of New Jersey,'. P ubl »«-' ls Ilu '' lod i^he Ohio senator described ihe ad-j | ministration as extravagant. j ! Tat't. campaigning for Republican i I lesidontial nominee Dwight D. i i t,:senii'>wer. devoted most of In.- speech to comments on Presi- 'c,-. nt 'Iruman's lalks in the state Tuesday. ' t ". . .Xoihins he says in these wrist'.e-slop tours can be relied upon until the facts are carefully u'.tckcd." said Taft. Tho President's speeches in Jer- si.. City i.nii Philadelphia, Taft .niect. 'contain the usual demago night, The King* of Harmony will stage u program at oi-o Memorial CiVIE enuren cMiaaay main. Oct. it). The There will be u family style pew rally at Bethel AME church Sun• day. Ocl. 2ti at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. 1 Every family is urged to be pre-lf%" I sent. Wli Mr. and Mrs. General Phillips announce the marriage of their daughter. Mattie Ella, to Leo Jackson. The couple will make their home in Milwaukee, Wis. Mrs. Exie Vaughn is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Luiza Hodge in Dal- i-ery in \v nieh Mr. Truman indulg- las, Texas. s. They misrepresent the position the Republican party and claim accomplish- never been ac- Miss Etta Douglas of Milwaukee,-' Wis.. is visiting her aunt. Mrs. Luc 1 \\i>itdiT whether it was not '•u-se very words ot Jesus that Ulov} conplisr-ed." nu;st have recalled as they faced I '* ! "-n, choosing excerpts from ,,iit moiinUin-iv.cving tasfe. And| Tru:uan's speeches. Taft continu- xvith \vhisn ainazii.^ resu-ts the power of faith was vindicated, both the Roman Ewpirv auet have kuovvn. th*t s«r| of Uxe whole tt>ai we "Mr. Truman says we (Republicans .' have been against low-cost tuu'smg, But 1 was the fellow who pat the public housing bill through Daniels. Mr and Mrs. A. G. Freeman announce the arrival of a son, Freddie. Ocl 18. 1952. Mrs. Fannie Lee, aged 80 .died at her home in Taylor. Wednesday Oct. 22. Funeral arrangement %g$ the twice, ft #as Huns. (..lUi To require adequate bonds Horn any or ah employees except laborers fur the tailhlul periorm- ui-.ee ol Ihcir duties in -sucli amounts as may be fixed by them. UI) To make recommendations Ic. the City Council lor capital de- \i-lopment and improvements on park. «nd recreation giounds and . facilities owned or controlled by Ihe. Ciiy. ; U2i To promote close cooperation a \v o 111 i.i I ciiOMjn t,pi Cial Ccniniission shall consist of five menibors, cilizoris of Hope, Arkansas, known lo be inleicsled in puu- lie parks and recreation. The members of Uie Commission snail be appointed by the Mayor, subject Ui confirmation by the Ciiy Council 01 tho City of Hope. Arkansas, i.pc-cilieu in this section, on or bc- ;:rc 15 January each year com-j dicing with tne year 19.J3. One member of the Commission shall oe n. Une memucr snail ue in leierence to his or her. interest in the public xcrools. The members of said Com- iiiissiou snail serve without compensation. Of the first appointees under ti:is ordinance. Iwo shall be i.ppoinUd for one year, three for two years, and thereafter Iwo members bhail be appointed each even cambered year and three members "hall be appointed each odd numbered year and all appointments' siuill be for the period of two years, except in cases of vacancies, in which event, Uie appointment shall bi_ for such unexpired term. The members of said Commission may be removed for cause by the Ciiy Council after notice and hearing. SECTION ;!. Thai said Commission shall organize immediately after the appointment of the original i^.iiember.-' as provided above, and in each year succeeding 1953, by 15 January, by electing one of its members Chairman, one of its .neinbers Vice-Chairman, and one of its members Stcniary, or appointing a non-member as Secro- laiy, each of whom shall serve in between and within the City of Hope and all citizens' institutions, agencies, and organizations interested or involved in parks development dad recreation activities lo tho end that all parks and recreation resources within the City may be co- urdinatcd to secure the greatest public welfare and support. ll.i) To manage anu control all funds regularly appropriated or ceived from any source for the velopmcnt and maintenance ipaiks and the sop^orl of ph'O- 1 grounds, recreation centers, and other parks and recreation facili- iies and activities. (14) To receive for and in bohu.l of the City of Hope, Arkansas, donations, legacies, or bequests for the development of its parKS system, recreation facilities or the im- Yoshida Again Appears in TOKYO i.T> Prime Minister Shitioru Yoshu'.a. 71-yeai-olil friend of .'lineiica : - .nd tho Western world, ;oii.i.v appeared assured of ngain lit-iiilinii the Jaiianeso Kovommrnt. This canu- atioul \vlu-n his arch rivitl, Icnno Had vama, onco i.l'ri-'.ed for pro-Kiiscist writinRS, "topped down in tho contest for u .'t'li'isrr.p ul tho dominant Liberal f..a!.v. Tho Japanoso Oir-l. sprinkled with furiner war criminals and many new Socialist faces but no Communists, will meet tomorrow. It is .-cnciiulcil lo ohooso a Prime Mtn-stor. Vushula's party triumph Mioiio lus l'iot ehoieo tomorrow al- must a foregone lonelusion slnco lus p.'iriy holds •H'ni si .ils in liie Yc^hula and their ilil'lerelici ...ec.uu; today. of tlu> Settled ill .1 C. E. Palmer Comes Out tor fcisenhower Tl'iXAliKANA (,Vi The C.'. K. ; ipers in Arkansas Lien. Dwiilht IJ. j me presidency the i Have yiven such) .-•uppoi i. in any candidate. P.ilmcr came out lor Ihe Republican presides! litl nominee in siHiieu iMiu'rai.. ui luo lexarkaiui. Lif/etu. r.i uorado Daily and Hot opiums Sentinel-Record j mis iiii'i'iiin. 1 . and tile Majinoliu I L.anni'1 • .\cu.-. uns afternoon. j .1 ne etinori.ilh .said: i "\Vitn Kisi-iiiiowcr as president, i \\e \\ id be assni'i'ti I and hniicsi' eliurl to All-New Dodge Car for '53 Is Shown in Hope The most dramatic chaujjes In the 38-year history ot the Dodge passenger car were unveiled here Thursday. October 23, when Dodge Division' of Chrysler Corporation 1 introduced its sensational 11153 "action car." The now. completely restyled Dodne with a powerful 140-horsepower lU-d Ham V-KI«ht engine went on display In the showroom of 11. H, llamm Motor Co. Sweepinu changes In both stylini: and chassis features plus the unprecedented efflconcy of the new engine were announced by U. H. llamm. New beauty and a smooth flow- ini; effect were achieved, Mr. \ Hamm revealed, by flavoring the ' lower, soiter lines and increased • glass area with a touch of continental design.' These attractive styling chanties are being ottered in' the entire 1053 Dodge line which consists ot 10 different models, Mr, llamm said. The HMO-horsepower Hed Ham V- Kighl engine is featured in the Coronet series, while the popular and dependable six cylinder engine Is retained in the Meadowbrook and Meadowbrook Special scries. The Wayfarer Is not Included in the I 11153 Dodge lineup. The highly-touted new Dodge- Red Ham V-Uighl engine Is compact in si/.e and light in weight. II produces more horsepower pel- cubic inch of displacement than lower, longer nnd more smoothly fto\vlna lines thnn nny pravloo* model. The lonR, low fender line Is continuous from front to rcnr nnd Is nccentcd by B softly-blended "kick-up" on the rear fender. Driver nnd pnssenRor visibility Is ricw style control styling on all models J^hJ by new * *~'" pi»ttorn« ,..,.,„ pnnel trim has a new, touch, Doth •hlprftomv «nd room hnve bcfin further considerably improved by the use of a one-piece curved windshield and a larger wrap-around rear window thai achieves an effect of "watch tower" visibility. The 1053 Dodge windshield has a more uni» form curvature, climlni\tln« much of the distortion normally associated with curved windshields, Total glass area has been Increased by 7.7 per cent to 23.7 square feet. ' Ornamentation on the IDS3 Dodge has been completely changed, The hood Is one-piece without a center- stripe. In order lo retain some continuity of Dodge Identification, Ihe grille styling, wulle entirely different from HlSU, still Incorporates a touch of the previous model, To promote greater engine efficiency on V-Klght models, the hood medallion combines Identification with the functional feature of an air scoop to supply cooler air for Ihe carburetor. The rear-end styling ot the 1953 Dodge has a low. sleek continental appearance. Unusual features Include a stern-side gasoline tiller pipe cap, mounted directly below the left-hand corner of the trunk lid. Counter-balanced trunk lid hinges are further apart to avoid sr|uec?.lni( baggage. For ease of operation and greater convenience, n push-button lock Is part of the deck lid. The lid can be closed without locking. In keeping with the trend toward sports cars, Dodge will offer wire wheels and a continental-type rear tire mounting on the Dlplbmat Vent-wing latches lire' for easier operation*- - r .,' .. A wide rnnge of bright, new cok ofs nnd twii-tonc'cttrnbliyitlt)^ rf^o avnllitbte to 'e6miilerr\eriV mp l ly of the 1959 bodge, Climbing of Ml. Fuji, sacred Japanese Mountain, has been Klftri- ly fnrmnllxcd, somo climbers oif- rylng heavy nxes or I 9ober»-'t0 l«sa ve at shrines arid others Speaking ot the mountain" In a secret coda, i;nys tho National' Geographic 1 Society. . /t! "^ SAVE m uiiaiii tins 31 Tiklett»(, IN l»r 4tt News' any other automobile engine in volume production today. DodRc's efficient new power plant principles hardtop at extra cost. New onsy-to-opcralo poll-typo door handles retain rotor-type lalehos. On tho Inside of a sincere clean up the provement of its recreation pro- ram upon the approval of the Ciiy Council. (15) To formulate and adopt rules aiid regulations for Ihe government; cf parks, playgrounds, recreation centers, and other public recreation places and activities, not inconsistent with ihe Ordinance of the City of Hope, Arkansas, or the Laws of the Stale of Arkansas. ' H Uf;> To set and collect a standard cl arge for such regislration fees as are necessary for Ihe conducl ('t '•' league, tournament, contest, and ^ ^' special activilies. "' U7> To sel prices of admission u " lor tpecUiloi-s at activilies depen- xl dent upon Ihis compensation for ex- J lEience, or in olher instances m. where, in the judgment of the Com- nu ac- lib. —Shipley Studio Photo A httle liov wi'.h a big calf — Ter.rell Martin of 821 Foster Ave Hope, sold his Third District Livestock Show exhibit to Jewell Moore Jr. operator of Moore's Market. The calf weighed o^5 pounds, bouyhi 29'i cents, a total of $154.38. COTT NEWS mess in \\ asiiinj-.ion and lo restore honvsly, elluieiicy and 1,1 ,tit' ..diiiiiiLuraiion. "In our opinion General liower is a belli r Democrat Uov. is based on dec..,,.. , . in hlRh-output aircraft eiiKlnos. Us desired Instrument ht.rsepowor Is HO ul -I.'IOO r.p.m. |,—- " r','":'. Displacement Is 241.1 cubic Inches. U develops this hltih power out- i put on regular Ki'»dcs ot fuel de- there la n re pnnel with FOR SALE My homo located at 302 East Mth, Cornelius Heights addition. 5 room house, lot 100x175 and priced to sell, $1500 down and balance $40 per month. See , . . JOE BRITT Phone 7-6693 ot economy i Kisen spite its high-compression ratio 7.1 to 1. Outstanding features of the Hetl Hum V-l'Ughl enulnc are ils hiiih- Uum| ly efficient homispherlcnl combus- Adiai Sievenson. Kisenhoweri |j, m ehambcr wilh cenlrally-lociited l.nnseil is nut a machine Hepub-' S p ;u -|; pUi|4, tin IngenuloiiH liilonil iicnn and his decision lo public- valve arrangement, nnd n "square" all'ihaie wilh ihe Republican i tlesiun with exceptionally short I YOU'LL LOOK BETTER, FEEL BETTER- BECAUSE IT FITS BETTER Woman':; Association H.TG Monthly Meet Cake and coffee were during the social hour. tne capacity indicated for one year'. mission, such self-supporting ana until his or her successor is livities may be deemed to serve p.. elected or appointed and qualified, the best interests of the Depart- a! •ting of the Wo-1 ot ihe Prcsby--! held on Monday I home of Mrs. I l-'enibeiion \\itb U mem- • onl. ,-: .de.nl. Mi-; Carl Dalry- L -e.-;di'':l and opened Iho wilh l." is er. Alter a short se>Mon Mrs. Dalrymplo 'Nation- moiuhly mi.' .v.- :.IK :alion Cimrch was .H'li in tl'.e I 1 SECTION 4: "The Hope Parks j^ir.d Recreation Commission" shall *iave tin: following duties and authorities: (1) To hold a regular meeting oi'.ce each calendar month after the first meeting as iiereinabove provided. (.2> To adopt by-laws for the rcg- ulaiion ol the business affairs of said Commission and Ihe control and management of all programs, facilities and property.; under the clireclion and supervision of said • *.Coin!Tiksion. *" To cooperate with such locu'., county, state, or national organi- /alion.-, as, in ils opinion, may be tif service or assistance in tne conduct of a complete parks and recreation system in the City of Hope, Arkansas. i-!) To administer the operation, maintenance; and development oi all municipal playgrounds, recreation centers, plaj fields, gymnasia swimming pooh, and other park fcar.ci reci cation facilities and equip jnont now i-.whed or controlled by U.e Ciiy of Hope, Arkansas, or that maj hereafter be acquired or established by said City, whether within or without Uie corporate iir-iits of,said City. ' 1.5) To equip, operate, supervise, and mainUiin all such park and rccrealion areas, garden areas, olbletic fields, swimming and bath-' ing facilities on or in public 1 ^;,iounds or buildings wilhin or be"yond Ihe City's corporate Limits, wl.ich Ihe City Council may from time to tijue provide, acquire, offer, autborixe. designate, or set apart for such use. iC) To rent siiil'ible' grounds, buildings, and facilities for the de- ment and the citizens; or,, the Commission' may rent facilities in leeguer. or org.ini/.alions for the conduct of games, tournaments or special activities provided this method is recognized by the Commission as the most expedient in the conducl of certain activities. (!!!) On or before 30 days in advance ol each City fiscal year prepare and submit to the City Council for approval an itemi/.ed and detailed budget which shall provide an overall sum for the salaries of employees, for the pin-chase of equipment, for the operation and main 1 .-, cnanco expense of the combined parks and recreation program:-, properties, nnd facilities, and for such other expense as, in tho judgment of the Commission, slutl! be expedient and proper for the ensuing year. SECTION 5: Tho Parks and Uee- ivation Department Fund shall be <U aside a5 such by The Cit." 'Pleasure!- nnd shall be di?bur.-;.. d only upon the approval of ''The Hf.pc Parks and Recreation Commission". AH monies obtained through donations, legacies, and l.i- (juesls and from all revenue producing activilies of the Dt'ptirtmei'.t of Parks and Recioiilion shall, u,:- lesi- otherwise provided hy tin terms of such donations, leuacie.;. bequests, or revenues, be dcpu-n. |l il-. a special account in soirr ban': or trust company to be known .'.. ; "The Hope Parks and Recreation Commission Fund" which shall be i ccvipts and disliur^i-meiits Ix; subject to au<'il by the Anc City' iy parly came alter a careful consideration uf whal is the best in, U'lesl ol the United States." edj m reterring In Sleveuson, the; I Uemocralic nominee for presidcnl, | ; 1'anner f.aiil. "\Ve have had seven j Amelia Harrell Hosless jyo.rs n, a product of the Peiider-| To Music Club '.fciisl maciiine in Kansas City. Do, Amelia Harrell was hostess to we want anolher president whose | the Tschaikovsky Merry Co Rouiwt/,iu.iiiinai.nn is largely Junior Music Club at her home oiiij Arvey Monday afternoon. , i Haven During the business meeting con-, chine duced by the president, Hila War-; ciansV ren Gencvieve King was eluded The IVndergas \^\.on-m .i'"c.-' was to President Truman, P-ilsy Lynch had charge oi the'who received a judguslup appoinl- •lur'am on Tschaikovsky. Ava l.ou' iv enl through I'endergast early in •- .,....:....' i, lt . president's political career. Arvey i:. the leader of the Democratic orgmii/alion in Cook Conn- line to .lake! s machine in Chicago'.' I we had enongn of nui- polilics and machine polili- machine refci'- I pro i Garrelt played :i piano selection 1 from the Gth Symphony. Concert No. 1 B Flat Minor was played by isrs ;it any lime, and a report j uc iy" Gilbert. ' : l - iChiciigoi, III. le reci-ijjts and uisbursements, jvlrs. Tommy 1 Grayson conducted I Ix: made annually by "The lw() mus i c al quizs and a junior music pin was won by Judy Gilbert and a box of emblem note paper by Nancy Lewis. \ Refreshments were served to the twenty one present. The next meeting will be in the home of Hilii Warren on November 17th. stroke and large bore. More than a dozen oilier major! changes were Ihilccl by Mr. llamm.! "Body boauliflcatlon and Ihe lied 1 Ram engine are definitely high-, lights of the all-new 10!>:i Dodge, ' he declared. "But there arc many other significant features such as the wide choice ol transmissions. And there is a new slc6ring ease and maneuverability achieved by a more compact chassis design, a new suspension system and an Improved steering mechanism," Mr. llamm staled four different \ types ot drive were being offered. They arc the new Gyro-Tor<|ue drive, which is teamed with the Hcd Ram V-Elghl engine to provide lightning response wUhoull shifting; Gyro-Matle drive, which offers smooth and -easy no-shUl driving; automatic overdrive, appropriated by the City Council r. the Department of Parks and llec- i-t-ition and shall be disbursi-'i by: 1 The Hope Parks and Recn Ci'inmissions" upon approval Citv Council. The records i Just Unloaded from Transports at Our Back Door TAKE YOUR CHOICE . While They Lost SID ROGERS BUICK CO. (Formerly Roger Clinton Pwick Co.) t Third Street •The lupi i'arks and Kecreation Coin- n.;.-.:,ioiis" lo the Ciiy Council. SLCilON li: I".ial Ihe rales of rentals i-n facililie-. shall be deter- 1 i,iiiit-.-| by "The hope I'arks and j.t en.nlion Conniiissiuii" and ap- pr-^'ed ny II'.>'..- City Council. The n...t.- M t by "The Hope I'arks and [lecrention CommissiBii" shall not be altered unless alteration is reco-1 mmendod by "The Hope Parks and; 1'i.crc-aiion C mission" and ap-j proved by the Ciiy Council. | SKCT1ON 7: That all bonds re-! quhxvl of t employees shall be ap-i :iroved by the City Council _ and 1'ili'd in the offices of ti:e City Clerk. , :-.l'ICT!ON ii: That Ihe Department oi I'aiks and liecreation shall, 1 t,::der u.e a(lmini>lralive direction of "The Hope Purks and liecrea- i. n Ci.mmission". maintain and .'.•Yi.li'D all pni.'lic park areas and ci MI.II.I-I u city-wide yeiir-arounti • i . eai uri |jrogram. 1-KCTH.iN i): That the Cortimis- -.ii u ol i j ;i:''.s and Hecreation shall ki'..|,. a lull account of all property, i;.rn.'.v reci-ii.'ls and expenditure's fri.v. .-ueh receipts and a record of ;,!! |:r,,i.< cdings of the Commission. "The Hope Parks and Recreation Co:,.1111:;: ion" shall at the end of .'•i'li fiscal year file wilh the City Council a complete record of the laiances. properties, devtlopn aci:vilit.-'. and operations Di parlmenl of Parks and lion for Uie year then ending, make such recommendation lo Cny Council ;is it or Us mljers may deem ndorsement number of brings lo Arkansas Palmer's seven the newspapers actively supporting .1 pr,.:sulei'tial candidate. The I'aragould Big Picture alsc is supporting Elsenhower. Both Little Rock dailies, the morning Kansas Ga/.ette. and the evening Aikansas Democrat, are ' Ciuv. Stevenson. backing nd the individual advisable, to the improvement of the operation and recreation of the Department. Christian Fellowship ; Entertained by Mrs. Glenn Orr ! Ton members ot the Chtistian' Fellowship of the Christian Church were entertained on Monday afternoon by Mrs. Glenn Orr in her home. The devotional was given by Mrs. Henry Thompson followed wilh each member giving their favorite Bible verse. Mrs. Thompson led in prayer and gave a report on torcign churches. During the business, conducted by the president, Mrs. J. W. Brail- ley, a report on the rummage saie was given. Plans were discussed for u Thanksgiving market lu be held ihe day before Thanksgiving : and a bazaar to be held December ' 4-5-and-lilh. The next meeting, will be in the home of Mrs. Dennis Led- butter with Mrs. Harry Moore as leader. After Ihe benediction refresh- •nts.iments were served. of The i — Reciva-i WMU Has Royal Methodist Missionary Plans Tour which provides a fourth "cruising" gear for greater gasoline economy; nnd standard drive, for those preferring to do their own shifting. "For greater cose In handling, especially to meet increased Irnl- Al .itic mid parking problems, the: ' chassis has been redesigned -with , a new compactness and still manages to Increase further the i amount of passenger headroom nnd liproom," he pointed out. "Thl 11)53 Dodge also Is improved in riding and bundling qualities due to innovations In suspension and steering," he stated. An Improved control- arm arrangement on the front suspension system causes the 10S3 Dodge to resist tilling on turns. And new, softer two-lnch-widc rear springs with fewer leaves contribute to u more comfortable ride. A modified frame design Is responsible for increasing the resistance of the car to Iwisling strains of the road..- Al- 1-1 OT SPRINGS (Special) — D' W. Ferrell Pledger, Methodisl Mis Mdiary lo India for 13 years, will to<* the Liule Hock Conference of I K(J leveling Ihe riding qualilies arc the Methodist church Oct. 23 to tnf . time-tested Orlflow shock ab Nov. 23 in the interest of mission- sor b ers . education. On Coronet models, another in- His ilinery has been arranged by novation is center-balance steer ' in«, resulting'in less wheel effort greater steering accuracy and LiUh' C. Ray Conference Dr. Pledger, tin. Hoard of Missions of confer- nice of which Rev. Arlhur Terry, _ Rock, is chairman. Rev. | greater absorption of road shocks. Texas \V. T. Service Program ' The WMU of the First Baptist Church met Monday afternoon at the church at 2:30 for the Royal Service program. The meeting was opened with the I song "America." Prayer was of- ECT1ON' 10: That the Depart-1 jered by Mrs. Wesley Linduty. The Parks find Recreation, its dt-votional thoughl was given by Hozendorf Hoi Springs is I Cenlerbalance steering Is achieved "Missionary chairman, by equal-length Ue rods and a of Tyler symmetrical idler arm which centers the linkage between front wheels. Mr. Hamm pointed to the "action appearance" mid benuly of the 11153 Dodge which is marked by fiicc-rs and employees, farther powers shall have and perform other duties as may be grant- impoKed by ordinance or res- of the Ci'ty Council. is?e-l on this 21st day of Oclob- e., 1952. JOHN L. W11.SON Mayor At'.est: I'.Jiv. Chas. F. Reynerson City Clerk Oct. 2 Mrs. Jack Cooper. Mrs. Ed Hasley in native and son of Mr. and Mrs. Pledger, will speak of his w.n-Us in Ihe Guijifat Conference uf India and c^olryy articles from •J.at country. .Or. Pledger's itinery during the :•,() days he is lo be in the Confer eiice is us follows. Grand Avenue Methodist church, llol Springs, October 23. Glenwood Methodist church, Oct. First Methodist 'church, Malvern, Ocl. 20 at 11 a. in. Otiklawn Methodist church, Hot Prescott, church, Texar presented the program topic "Choosing the More Excellent Springs, Oct. 26 at 7 p. m. Way", intc-iesting thoughts were; First Methodist church, developed oy those taking part on! Oct. 27. Chiistian Citizenship, wnich was First Methodist dealing with our political situation j kt.r.a, Oct. 2'J. , T ,.., jii, America today and the r«pon-| A^ M^Uyh^ch WU. ^ sibihty of the Christian citizens and HOLK. NOV. / av o.ou a. u , t» v ' Pullman Heights Methoajgt Hot Springs, Nov. 2, at 7 Nov. 0 at 7:30 p.m. und 2 p.m, Nov. 10. First Methodist Church, Dumas Nov. 10 at 7:30 p. m. The Methodist church, Thornton, Nov. 12. First Methodist church, McGe- hec, Nov. 13. First Methodist church, Arkadelphia, Nov. 'IB. Vantrcase Methodist church, bl Dorado, Nov. 19 (tentative)' Pine BluK District conference, Nov. 20 at 11 a. m. In the Pine BluM district for Arrow Gabanaro in Your Exact Collar Size and Sleeve It fits like a drew ihlrt and'/ee/i like the most comfort, able iports ihlrt you've ever worn! You |utt can't beat Arrow Gabangro for year-round »portl »hlrt comfort. The remarkable Arafold collar looks smart open-or closed and worn with a He, WASHABLE rayon gabardine In your favorite solid colors. * $6.50 Sixes 14 to 17 — 32 to 35 Sleevei >*«i ro> A mow IMIITI Legal Notice . .. . given by Mrs. W. L. Brill.' Mrs. Clifford Ferguson, Mrs. J. W.I cnurch, Grimes,. Mrs. S. F. Ridgell and: P- in Mrs. Roy Loornis. Mrs. Leroy Piii!- lipa ltd the closing prayer. TKere were nineteen present. In the Chancery Court of Hi-mpsU-ad County, Ark. i- Whiunore Walker Plaintiff ker Defendant WARNING ORDER The defei.dant. Alvin Walker is •v.'arned to appear in this court within thirl-.- days and answer the the Plaintiff, Verna M;,e Whitmure Walker Witness iny hand and the seal of said court, this 2 day of October 1952. ! Omera Evans Clerk. ,, (SEAU) I Boyd Tac^ett, Att'y. for «?. Y. WWSB- Jr- Att'y. Ad I4tem, Jjl Mrs. D. S. Jordan and Mrs. John A. Davis were Monday visitors ui Hope. Tommy Grayson attended a recent Republican stffc-ring committee in Little Rock. Parker's Chapel Methodist) church, Kl Dorado, Nov. 3. Jackson Street Methodist church, Magnolia, Nov. 5. The Methodist church Mt. Ida, | Nov. 6. . . The Methodist church, Amity, | Nov. 7. . First Methodist church, Fordyce,) | Nov U. at 11 a. m. \ First Methodist church. Warren, See the GAS RANGE •f tht PAY If* DETROIT Mrs. B. C. Stivers has had as Spenser of Blloxi, Miss., have re-j her guests Mrs. Sid Cooper of Little turned to their homes after a Rock and W. A. Newth of Popular; witli relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Ariiee Kelly, who Mr. and Mrs. Skippy White of have been the guests of relatives, Arkadelphia were week end guests [.have returned to their home ini of relative* here. I Port Arthur, Texas. On Display at Your Fr •.» ™ " . [ -r and Mr*. Dave H-le and Mr and Mis. Allen , Janet, nod Idrs. Tiluc ; JJonday aftei««.o in G»«

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