Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 22, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 22, 1894
Page 5
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DUNLAP'S Celebrated Hats. Stiff, Soft and Silk. SPRING STYLES! DEWENT THE HATTER. OBSERVE! The announcement of Tucker & Young I THE PEARL ST. TAILORS, g £ Their New Spring 67 Goods are ready for in- g spection. Special attention is called to g their $20.00 suits made to order. Yours Truly, "PUCK." ^w. CLIMAX PUREST AND BEST, • AT LESS THAN= HALF~= THE PRIG EOF OTHER BRAN PS. pOUNDS20*HALVES,|n-tQUARTERSfrP SOLD IN CANS ONLY. DAILY JOURNAL. THURSDAY MORNING. MARCH 22. Soe tho new style and shape of kid glovos at the Bee Hivo. Mrs. Susanna Troutfcan died at Ihe hospital for tho Insane yesterday o( erysipelas, aged 6.0 years. Sho will bo taken tod»y to hor former homo at Royal Center whore interment will be made. Miss Eva 3. Harness died at the home of hor brother OD Burlington avenue yesterday morning at 10 o'clock of consumption, aged 14 years. Tho funeral will behold at C4alveston tomorrow. GUB Williams appears nt the opera home tomorrow night in his new p'.ny. ••Aprill'ool" which is said to bean original departure from tho conventional farce comedies, with stale jokes and tho traditional horse play. In their place are'found fresh, spontaneous, legitimate comedy situations and a host of new songs, unique dances and pleaoinir specialties. Besides Mr. Williams, tho company includes among its members Sajjer and Fanny Midgley, a well known character specialty team of fun creators; Miss Emma De Berber, the distinguished oporatlc vocalist for a Dumber of seasons connected with Gilmoro Band concerts; Mr. Fred Wiles, the sensational basso; Miss Georglo Burt, the more than pleasing little dancer, and others. There is plenty of music and lota of fun, and no burdensome plot to tax the brain in "April Fool." A FOLICEMiJi SHOT AT. Patrolman Baker Ha* au Exciting Experience with u Couple af Trump* 1/ant Might. Last night about 10 o'clock Policemen Baker collared at tho Wabash station a couple of tramps whom ho had followed down Toledo street from Fifteenth street and whom he suspected of felonious designs. He started with his prisoners but they broke from him and after getting about twenty feet from him opened flrn upon him with revolvers shooting 1 three times each. They were evidently very bad marksmen for the policeman remained unscathed through the rapid flre. Baker pulled hli gun when the firing opened and began returning lead for lead and a startling fussilade was kept up for an instant. When tho tramps found that tbfttr fire was being returned by the doughty policeman they broke and ran and dli appeared among the lumber piles down on Erie avenue, nor could they be found. Baker returned to Fifteenth street and found a partner of the pair at Jake Tusslng's saloon. Ho took him in charge and brought him down to jail. No. 3 says that ho fell in with ono of the tramps at Kankakoo and that the pair fell in with the other one at Danville, and the trio proceeded to Logangport arriving here yonerdfty. On tholr way down Toledo street the pair with which Baker had the passage at arms and whom ho shadowed down that street, tried tho door of the Oil Company's oHico and gave other indications that burglary was not beyond them. There an* a groat many tramps In town now. From ono freight train which arrived last evening seventeen of the weary wayfarers alighted, More 1'ontolllre Changcx. Carrier Wm. W. Wilson was yesterday let out by Postmaster Hanawalt. Ho will bo succeeded today by J. D. Turley, a clork at McCaffrey's grocery. Mr. Wilson was the secretary of the local civil service board Ho and Carrier Morgan who was lot out a few days ago, will appeal their caens to the Civil Service Commission. Tlic modern War Commends itself to the well-informed, to do plna&Hntly and effectually what was formerly done in tbocrudest man. nor and disagreeably as well. To cleanse thes 1 stem and break up colds, headaches and fevers without unpleasant after effects, uso .the delightful liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. My Chicago trimmer has ariived. Ladles, if I did not suit you last sea son in trimming, I can now, as I have changed trimmers—Mrs. Bruggeman. Goo. Wagner of the Pan Handle erecting shop is suffering from a felon on his right thumb. Pan Handle engine 331 is being turned in to a switch engine and will bs sent to Gas City. The Pan Handle has just completed a new siding at Hebron which is :J 800 feet long and will hold 92 cars. EH Fink hse resigned his position,as conductor on tho Pan Handle and purchased a half interest in the moat business with Chas, L. Maurice. John Hawkins of the Pan Handle round house ofiice, U in Indianapolis. a delegate of one of the local 0. C. F. odges to the grand lodge of the State. George B. Roberta was Tuesday elocttd president of the Pennsylvania Unas for the fourteenth consecutive time. Ho controls 8,800 hn^e of railway that gives employment to nearly ,000 people, according to the last annual report. But few people have any idea to what extent expenses have been reduced on some of tho larger linos. I'ho report of the Poncsylvaala lines for February ehowa the reduction of operating expenses to have buon $(>60000, truly an enormous sum. Pan Handle engines 1569 of Brighton Park, and 613 of tho Louisville division have changed numbers and places, Tho latter is a heavy freight wheel connected engine while the former is an ordinary mogul not heavy enough for tho work at Brighton Park, but will do very well on tho Louisville division. Commencing April 1 tho engineers and firemen of the Chicago division of the Pan Handle will receive a certain amount of pay for coal saved. A certain amount of coal will be allowed to each crow and If the amount is not consumed the remainder will be credited to them and the money turned over to them on pay day. A bad accldeot occurred about ten o'clock yesterday morning at Wood- viilo about sixty miles east of here An axle of a oar of tho first section of Pan Handle freight train No. 71 broke, ditching seven oars scattering merchandise and tearing up the track fcr a distance. Passenger train No. 21 was run over the G. R. & I. and Big Four to Ridgevllle. The Indfana tax oaies have been set for argument before the supreme court of the United States next Monday. The attorneys in the cases will leave Indianapolis for Washington on Friday or Saturday of this week. It is not expected that tho argument will consume more than two days and attorneys in the case say the supreme court may limit the time for argument to two hours on eaoh side. The rule of the court Is to allow two hours for each side, but it la thought that on account »f the great amount of money involved In the case the rule may be suspended. Pan Handle engine 346 has been equipped with an outside exhaust apparatus for tho steam used in operating the air pump. Since the Invention of the air brake the steam used to run the pump has been exhausted through the stack mainly .in order to utilize the steam to make a draft. During the many years of this practice It has been learned that it It a drawback on somo things as for instance when the locomotive la not in motion an amount of coal Is consumed unnecessarily on account of the artificial draught produced by tho exhaust through the stack. Tho Wabash has used the outside device for about a year and the managers are highly gratified with tho results. Very Latest Styles. SPRING HATS Sl.OO Wo will save you Stf.OO on your purchase, as c-tberetorei a-;k ^'i.''" for identically tho same styles and qualities. RememDer, >:.-. tr>. .latest Spring Styles. Engineer's Plaid Waists 25 cents. Engineer's Bib Overalls 35 cents. Engineers Overalls, without bib, 25 cents. $1 50 Percale Shirts 5O cents. $1.50 Undershirts and Drawers 50 cents. Red fleece-lined and natural wool Yacht Caps, blue and [ichecks, 40 cents. For men, boys and girls. $2.00 Fedora Hats and Derbys $1.00, $1.00 Neckwear, ALL DAY, for 25 cents. Come Today. A. G. JENKINES, Assignee The Otto Kraus Stores. NO NEW TRIAL. J ml IIP Wiley DOCK Not Miiitnln the Artumcut for B Slew Trial In the Hcenan OHIO and IHr*. Hoenuii Coe* to the Reformatory. When court convened yoaterday morning quite a crowd had gathered to hoar Judge Wiley's ruling on the argument for a now trial for Mrs. Heonan who buncoed poor old Miss Remley out of her email store of worldly goods In so remarkable a manner, Tho Judge overruled tho motion and then passed sentence On Mrs. Heenan, that Bho be coniinod In tho Woman's Reformatory for the period of two years. When asked If.phe bad anything to say against sentonce hsinpr passed upon her she shook her bead negatively. She fol- lowod Sheriff Homburgfrom the court room, and yesterday afternoon the Sheriff started with his prisoner for the Reformatory. Tho two hearings of this celebrated case has cost the county more than $1,600. _ M Wonderful is the ;dresB goods and silk trade at tbo Trade Palace. People appreciate fine awortment and low prices. The Water Turned. OH.; The water supply was shut oil last evening and was not turned on until early this morning. Those who receive tWo'lr paper late will understand that It-is not the fault of the Journal. _ A Disturbance on Pearl Street. For the past night or two the lives of residents in Pearl street Hats have been made miserable and all on account of a new band in town. This new band lt> tho one which has been created to blow for tho coming Elk's minstrels. While at present the strains.of music (?) proceeding from the Elk's hall would not sooth either savage or civilized breasts, it le expected after a few nights practice the sounds will prove 10 ravishing that rents on Pearl street will greatly advance. The personal of! the Elk's band IB as follows: Leader and director—Mart Miller. E ilat cornet—O. P. J. Romich. B flat cornet—H. J. McSheohy. Piccolo—V. E. Seller. First alto—\Vm. Steinhart. Second alto—J. K. McMillen. Tenor—M, Fornoff, jr. Baritone—Wm Reed. Tuba—Oscar Michaels. Snare drum—Chas. W. Worgtell. Bass drum—A. B. Walter. Cymbals—Clarence McKeever. Drum major—Peter Schwerlng. Tlio ADDIT1OXAL LOCALS. pai Columbian Brnvlnic Company Orcnulzi'il. At a meeting of tbo directors of the recently formed Co'umblan Browing Company which purchased the plant of the Logansport Brewing Company from Receiver Osmor tho new company was organised by the election of tho following oflicers: President—Eugene Pragor. Secretary—Ferdinand Krobs. Treasurer— Robt. Boergor Gen'l Manager—Henry Brook. meyer, jr. Supt.— Geo Bias?. Tho plans of the company have not yet been definitely determined upon, but it Is intimated that tho brewing plant will be enlarged to the full extent of the plans adopted by the Logansport Brewing Company which were not followed out owing to an un expected lack of moans. There is an unlimited financial backing behind the present company and It is thought that extensive improvements will be made and the plant otherwise put In a condition to successfully compete with other breweries In this region. The Sons of Veterans had a rousing meeting last night. The recently or./ ganluod camp has now gotten into excellent rucning order and I* grow- lag and giving promise of attaining a large membership. A pretty souvenir with every of kid gloves, at the Bee Hive. Miss Lettle Wolford left yesterday 'or Topelra, Kansas to visit friend: and relatives. Misses Dunn, Swadener and Denbo, three West Side teachorss, visited the Peru school yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Ceorge B. Forgy and Mrs. Ruth Forrest returned yesterday from their Cuban trip. It is needless to say that the present glorious weather continues to be a constant source of surprise and an inexhaustible topic of conversation. It is indeed a record breaker. Earl Stewart's new residence on Railroad street is now enclosed. When finished this will be a hand, some and comfortable residence, a greet improvement over the old which it supplants Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Dream City Art Portfolio are in stock at this office for delivery to those who failed to get tho first numbers. Don't miss a single part as the Bet is not complete without all the parts. P. J. Farrell has sold his saloon, the "Senate" to Walter Mooro who yes- torday took charge as owner of the place over which ho has presided as manager since Mr, Farrell's appointment su chief of tbo fire department. Yesterday In the circuit court by his attorneys, Kistler it Kistler, Frank G-rafton, a Pulaski county school teachwr, entered suit against one ft, W. Hoffman, to net aside a deed. The compUlnt sets forth that Gratton traded to Hoffman a lot in Kennedy's West Side addition in consideration of the right to sell in five counties a LOOK HERE! If you want to buy or sell ft house an<2 lot, If you want to buy or sell a farm, If you want to buy or sell a stare, If you want to trade city property tor a farm, If you have any cheap houses for sale. Call on M.M.GORDON. Boom No. 1 and 2 Spry Block, Logansport, Ind. patent wind mill attachment and found after the confidence man was far away that he had been made the victim of a fraudulent transaction. Mr. Chas. Knight, of Ft. Wayne is shaking bands with old home friend* the city. He sat last evening in the halls of the city legislature in. which he formerly held a seal of right of representative from the Third ward. Ira Patterson, the head attendant of theconvalescnnt ward, died at khe lospital at 7 o'clock Tuesday evening- of pneumonia, aged 23 years. His home was in Michigan whither the remains will be taken for interment, lis mother and brother were av hi^ Bedside at the time of his death. Mrs \V. T. Giffe will entertain to morrow from 3 to S o'clock lor the teneflt of the Home o r the Kriendletr o which every friend of the homeless invited. An interesting program IBS been prepared both for afternoon ind evecinjr. Come, bo entertained, ave a cup of coffee and leave a in a jrood cause. NOW THIS IS A FACT Carl W. Keller & Co., the Merchant Tailors, lead them all in the Spring Trade. LOOK AT THEIR PATTERNS. A sk any man in the city the way their clothes are made to fit and then know the truth. CARL W. KELLER & CO. 311 Market St.

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