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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, October 24, 1952
Page 3
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wT^fW ,^ - (T i HO ST AM, HO PI, ARKANSAS Friday, October 24, 19S2 Friddy, October 24, 1952 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Fair , Wni Faitum lyndla«U. .„. which tew or n» I tuipocl (h*t 4oe» not fully Civil Rights progrflm know tltit il wa» y^ K^iip O t Marlon and thrust upon v» «t lh« ctmvcnlfflti In Phil the BoBlnlJpt «rtMil*« AHMrfowti tot Demo- iftlton, Will fo^wlhftt Harry „._ flftt fefuiod 10 accept '1 «M»«»«>d Civil R«tht» , weKttrt pnrty wn« him, ftppnwiUy A ecr« ' he Wit I Htuck with Truman »»w, in ,, .,™. r ™JV« I tot- to tale?" |to< flOOOflUid tho fraud and »d #»r 4t, To his own «Ur* f S*bn, but 'hat on tho j>rp«T»m, Which *l» ixt no 'Intercut in u« think Uiin Innoonnt will fffft* th»l thin l» t rntxt \hn r*m«rHI nt c»np»l(tn or«tom, »nclurtln« Oennrnl Klwnhower, I *u»pct th«t tt.wy have not rsnlly iiludM thw report. Of crwr»e, Trurrmn »n4 fitcventon have ro«d II, but (hi* fttiff l» thirfr ps)Ullc»l lino nrwi ihoy Ho not ««« fit « tow )!»». Know ing wfmt wmcontrnilnn It ink* 1 * to Wtdorslnnd tho document «nrt r«>- Ifeinbfrlnjf h<»w runny iPtte-r* fltvl \t.'.,H dldlsncw ertli* K rfl«|ulr«d tin irf to 'uncover the «**ret di»«)« behind the jnehem*-, J nm rnntonn Wy mir« 'thai Oenoffll Kldenhowwr hftit not been uMa to mnkc «n In- study, Hfl had bnun Ininy With many thing* abroad nnd (lom«»ti«i plot* nr« new bti*lnc*i to hltn nnd very tricky. Thl« pron'rnrn would pettrilt tho feaorul jjovernrrmnt to movn Into iny law-abiding town nnd Inflict pimltlvo flnrii nnrt pprnonnl dam- on nil the cUlwis for foiling to prevent n lynchlttK, It would In- filet humtllntlon. It |» a hnteful law W hiimblo the prltU- ut by Tnnt i* not tho p.u<» ilitr pose in to d<furrow of tiio r Oonilltotlon. It would, ex- thortty of the. big {W- WMhirmtort -rlnhv into , it 'would throw locnl f««lernl fluthorlty ,over' And It wouM fompcl sn • 6U empioyo»s to hlr« « <ter "vldtttl 'no mflitw -how b«d w'i'i»putBtion might which that the preiont Supremo pwB(!lt«d With poUttrftl ctvurt wottum't, .0 fului u Or nt OpUft would be more likely f * t i j * - i j 'rttcott, Ark tlir smnH town Smitlx-m It would punlih nny town which Ik the t»e»n» of « rripfl'lynchlnK but U would tnM nn nutlet of the iiuilt ol ft town which win th« team of a terrible* miiuwncrf, »uch AN Her- rlii, J1U where JMI men were shot «iid lit'iili'ti to dwfllh by union ter- nf»«tr thwy hurt mirrendnrrd n white. fln«. Much n horror would not tap » lynching under thin Civil Might* proKrnm, It specif lo» Ihnt nn kilting which in Inddonta tc n "Inbur dlnturbnnce" I* n lynching within tb« mcHnlnfi of tho law, many victim* <>f ulnst" rope- have town Inmltttokflbly of o terrible crime, But not Arm victim of uny union inob ever wit* (icousptl or «v«n xunpocicti of Any vlolntUm of nny public law. the victims of i ape-lynching w«ro denied the right to n fair trial but tho fltvul cltlrfim who linvo bttiri hi I U'il by union rnub* were not PVWI trlnblu bp«tuiit<t they were At innocent UH nny person who Ix i'P«dlh(j th IN column nt thin moment. III n flpflt'ttltt hnmtal latit year the CIO inoti to pwiwndc (ho local wftfHorn In ti (cxtlU plant to join Iw tmUm They declined, Strnnfit'r« thon drifted Into town and oriw dny a snn« of thorn up- let n cor In which un Innocent, law- ftbldlnu woman wiin driving to her job, Her Merit won bioktn iiiut ohc died, tint ln»r Month wann'l n lynching, As far ns the Civil Btftgrgm w»i concerned, thai pour wonmn tltpnml on the »onp '" hm 1 bathtub nnd bcoho her ni*cl«. you might tiny, A few months Inter, » Negro do- tP'vUve for tho Notional AHsurluUon fol' Ihf Advancement of Colorful People In Florida wn» killed by n bfrtnb that Wow up hi* house. HIM ^Ifo wts killed too. They woro nnfotiofed, Thti crlmo wnit no less hettlotia for the tact that two chief (rsecutfv** of NAACI» In wont huvo had flagrant records of lotion with Communist fronts. tfAACPihnu no maritime from . £ < fwloW ciUttori* and mnny ill NegrocD reputllato and .JjrNAACP \vn* Implicated In the .los^phlno Baker hoax at tho Stork Chlb, which recently ex- plwl»ul Into an expos* 1 when thin 8lobe>tFoUln8 kwrteh-tiuneer up- •tl i<8 tho darling ot the Pernn« In Buormw Aires, Tho NAACP willing to raise «>' racial row 'ADA THEATRE ARK. • MON. t TUES. and WED AdulH 75e l IACH DAY William Penn Credited by Pennsylvania By 0»CAR FRALEY NEW YORK (UPi — William Penn, It can be revealed today, dirt inoie for college football than Amos Alnnzo Stand, tho forward past-, Pop Warner, the crying towel <uul Knutc Rocknv combined. Pi-nn contributed Pennsylvania. And K "Whirling Willie" hadn^ (cored his financial touchdown against Kln« Charles II and run his double-reverse against the Tur- KcywinK Redskins, Pennsylvania wouldn't be the nation's number out football foundry. Which it is. Of course, the coal mlnics, steel :nill.i and farmlands of Penn's province polished the product. But college coaches across the land should kneel beside their trundle icds every nUhl and give thanks ,c the founding father. Bi'cnu.ii' there are 14 major col ipgcs undefeated on the gridiron ;hls fall — with 44 Pennsylvanians on their combined squads. Almost uny couch among the K Department Store Soles Increase ST. LOUIS, tfV-Department store «hlo» for the week ending Oct. IB were up elshl per cent over the same week a year ago in the Eighth Federal Reserve District. The smaller shopping areas led Weather Is Almost Too Good By United Presi —Shipley Studio Photo Billy Halrr of 901 Pnrk Drive? told his prize calf to Ralph Monlgonury'i Market. The BOO pounder brought 34 cents a pound or $170. The calf was shown at the annual Third District Livestock Show. with undefeated and untied — cent for the week. Little Rock was ,ip 13 per cent and Memphis 11. Louisville reported on eight per cent gain and St. Louts 5. Cool weather combined with sen- Notive Dancer Is Retired BALTIMORE. Md.. iUP>— Native Dancer has been rewarded with a well-deserved vacation after completing one of the greatest two- year-old campaigns in turf history.^ The undefeated son of Polynesian* was retired for the year yesterday The weather was almost too good j,y his owner, Alfred G. Vandtr- l-ilt, and will be given a long rest SOCIETY Pnont 7^411 ••twtan I A. M. ir.d 4 P. M. Calendar June Wilson, bride-elect of Karl today. A weather forecaster called It lonal promotions produced volume which topped year the ago i.ilee for the third straight week. Sales for the four weeks ending Oct. 18 were 9 per cent larger than a year ago for the district. OVT OF DOORS with Pnrnrtlie Up North By AL MeCUANE Editor If you'n 1 looking purmllJie where you rid. i' u (nick lum:e, your I'nrs In niosi fur u fi.shiint don't have 'o >.tanil up In iiioH, und your own cotiklnn, put the Northern Consolidated Ciimpn at (lu- head of your list. Mont folks, fspoeliiliy the old- Strrs who rend this spiieo. will be illucl to Know that ihoy won't need thu Hj(tlUy of « bullet dancer and the rmwdes of u decathlon nlhk>u> to jjo out luul catch all the big ttnlrnou nnd trout thut anglers' ilreamii ore nnide of, At 15 rook M Hlvcv you eun stand Oil u Ht'«8s> bunk, or ir pebbly beueh and pul> tho buttoitH otf n wild-eyed rainbow, find if Ihe old pump cnn Dtnntl the excitementi you can wnlk u fow feet further nnd tangle with n xockeye salmon. The jjruvel'Hhored l«k<; nearby (if- ford cuoy wnlkinu mid plt-niy ot ftshliiK *- ju«t hy ciistlnji from the beach, layoutH In u ;',W>7,500 lu-re tract ot runted mountain Innd -• our lBr«e»t nutlonitl pnrk -- nnd if you povk behind tlut nourest ridge you Ct'.r» see Al««ktin brown iwnr. nxiosv wolves. Gt.<yUnn, rulubovv trout, dully vordon, rnackinuw trout, and suck- wy« stilmun arc there in vusl popu- hitions, and. evun K you luiw only a nodding ucquniiitum'u with fish- Ing tuoklo, un ovtiruiiu cotch would letivt! laauo Wulton mtiinblint: In his beard, The jump off point for Brooks Catnp Is AnchoruKt*. thenco Ktii« Siilimm nnd ihon into Kutmnt NutUiiml Monunu'iit, A hutch of liiuwn mayflies cume out on uur fU'»t ufteruoou tit Drook.4 ttnct for throe hours 1 had the kind t»f /Uhins touriiit folders telli about, Thon the weather turiuHt! cold iuul blowy, ami while till hands! l«flll«(joU to yet their share ot' talnion und rtUnbow trout, tho miivflles under. I spent the siflernoon castinR March Brown in these quiet places and the net result was about thirty tennis will tell you that Penn got a rare bargain when he did his Branch Rickey jm the Indians There fire 03 gridiron garnboleers those clubs, with an udditiona til on the four teams which have one lit" marring their record. It's u case of the big ones Rolling iiway most of the time, but the University of Pennsylvania to retain 45. A powerful lot hit the trail for foreign parts but Penn State has 35 home staters and you'd think that Villanovo, being in Pennsylvania, would be third. Not so. Villanovn has only 19 — while Maryland has 21.. Michigan State is a collegiate advertisement for the keystone state with 13 Pennsylvanians on its suod. The South deals heavily, Duke having fi.ur, Georgia Tech and Virginia each two and Mississippi one. Up at Holy Cross they snared a good one and way out at UCLA one of 'whirling Willie's" boys is making i.ood with u sun tan. Only California und Southern Cal. of the perfect record teams, and Yoshido Is Re-elected by Japanese TOKYO, (UP—Shigeru Yoshlda, 74-year-old Japanese statesman who led Japan through most of the Allied occupation, was tonight reelected prime minister by the first "free" Japanese parliament since the war. Yoshida was elected on the first ballot in the House of Representa lives. He pooled 247 of 453 votes co«t.. Former Foreign Minister moru Shigemitsu was second with 38 votes. Immediately after the lower house voted, the house of council- lors followed suit by giving Yoshida 126 of 205 votes. The upper house vote was routine since the lower house can override any decision of the house of councillors. Observers said It was the greatest victory of Yoshida's .career.It v>as a test of his popularity and political strength in a Japan no longer ruled by the occupation. The election was delayed seven hours by a clash between liberal party factions supporting Yoshida and Ichiro Hatoyama over selection of house speaker and the reinstatement to the liberal party of two Hatoyamu supporters. The Hatoyama faction yielded and allowed pro-Yoshida candi- "wonderful" and said that the current warm and sunny spell would continue for an indefinite period of days. Temperatures almost everywhere were expected to hover around seasonal normals or shoot os many ns 15 degrees above. One exception was Southern California where an expected high reading of 73 is a liitle IMP than normal. Former's didn't like the second Indian summer, though, and many upland game and waterfowl hunters would be happy with a cold ipcll. The farmers need rain to replenish fields parched last summer by a wide-spread drought. Winter wheat growers could use a blanket of r.now, or n good rain, on their crops. Bishop Thomas K. Gorman of the Dallas (Tex.) Diocese of the Catholic Church asked Texas Catholics to pray for rain Sunday. A. three-year drought has caused millions of dollars of damage nnd left Dallas critically short of water. Baptists have already scheduled prayer meetings Sunday and have asked other churches to join them. The temperature climbed to 8G in Presidio, Tex., yesterday, but the stale could expect lower readings — .somewhere in the 70's — today. The forecast for Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and the rest of the Southwest was about ihe some. A man-sized hurricane, packing winds up to 115-miles-an-heur, made the most exciting weather news us it swept toward Havana, Cuba, threatening some 1,300,000 before being pointed for next spring'.? Kentucky Derby. Vanderbilt. who had hoped to run "The Dancer" in the Pilmlico Fu- tjrity on Nov. 1, decided fie gray colt earned a rest after his smash-• ing victory in the east view stakes at Jamaica Wednesday, when he . established a new money-winningA { record for a two-year-old. ™j According to present plans, Native Dancer will be shipped to Santa Anita with several other Vanderbilt horses next month, but will not race at the California track. Sunday, October 26 There will be an area meeting of the CMF of the First Christian Church Sunday afternoon. October 20, at 2 o'clock. All women of thfl church are urged to attend as the following CMF's have been invited: Prescott, Nashville, Ashdown, DeQueen. Gurdon and Lewisvillc. Monday, October 27 WSCS Circle 5 of the First Meth- cdist Church will meet Monday. October 27. at 7:30 p. in. in the home of Mrs. Ed. Aslin, Oakhaven, with Mrs. Syvelle Burke and. Mrs. Fulton, Jess Davis. Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Edgar O. Laf- t'erty and son. Larry Kent. Palmos Mrs. Gordon Irvln and soli, Michael! Goidon. Hope. A, J. Mhoon. Hope. Miss Helen Atkins, Hope. Branch Admitted: Clarence Jester. Patmos. Mrs Frank King. Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Frank King (if . Davis Downs, with a bridal showei ' ' Hope, announce the arrival at the home of Mrs. J. E. Morrison. Sue was presented a gift of fi'ista ] :hina and two pieces of kitchen! .'.tonsils. j A salad plate was served to the] members of Un>okwood faculty. Miss Estella C'aldwell and Miss: Kay Camp. of bab\ October 24, 19.VJ. Lyle The McMahcn program as co-hostesses. Ambassadors for will not have * Acid Indigestion Today Why?Becausethey always keep Turns handy —for record-fast relief of m, gas, heartburn,™ sour stomach. Almost instantly, Turns neutralize excess acid. Yet contain no soda to over-alkalize or cause acid rebound. One or two Turns, eaten like candv, stops stomach distress almost before it starts. Do as millions do—carry Turns always. Remember to get ft handy roll today Rod Christ" will be in charge of Mrs. Viigil Keeley and assisting her will be Mrs. George Murphy, Mrs. Clifford Ellis, Mrs. Brack Schenck. Mrs. Jack Gardner, and Mrs. Sy- velle Burke. Mrs. John Wilson. Jr. will bring the devotional. A full attendance is urged and if you neeci transportation call 7-5841. Clubs Jo Ann Hartsfield Hostess | to Girl Scout Troop No. 8 ' Girl Scout Troop t! met at the! liome of Jo Ann Hartsfield nn Oct. I 21 for their first meeting of the new year. j Officers elected were: President. Bennie Edmiaston, vice- president. Barbara 1'olK, secretary, Judy May treasurer. Carolyn Huett. reporter. Lurlcnc White, program chairman. Janelle Yocom, and parliamentar-! ian, Sylvia Arnold. j yc The next meeting will be held at Centervllle The CYntiTville Home Demon- stiation club met October !' in the Iiotm- of Mrs. W. C. Reek.The president. Mrs. Sid Skinner, presided o\er the mcetiivj. Tho home demon- Mraliun woman's creed wns repented, anil "Count Your Blessings" u.i- sung by the group. Tile devotional given hv the hos- U s>- w;,s taken from Matthew 2V 14-li and followed with a prayer by The roll call was aifswered with "How I have been blessed the past the hom November of 4. Gloria Rothwell on Major Lee I. Dance, assistant to the pastor of the Beech St. Baptis Church, Texarkana, and in charge of visitation, will be guest speaker at the Brotherhood meeting of the First Baptist Church Monday night Oct. 27, at 7 o'clock. Hope Music Club Meets Thursday Night Hope Music Club met in the I residents. Throughout most of the nation high temperatures in the 60's and 70's were a virtual certainty. Oklahoma, among those once-tied, i dotes, Banboku Ono and Nobuvuklj Iwamoto, to be chosen speaker and vice-speaker respectively. The issue of deciding whether to reinstate Tanzan Ishibashi and Ichiro Kono was deferred. Yoshida hud expelled them from the Liberal Party Oct. 1 on the eve of the general elections. After tonight's election, Yoshida >:;:vt-n't u single Pennsylvania!! aboard. Proving either thut the crop runs out sometime or the buys can't get that far from home before they are snugged. Pennsylvania's State motto is 'Virtue, Liberty and Independence." The last two were guaranteed — in Philadelphia, too — a long time ago. As for the first, on the gridiron these kids have got It. Consider the big gome this week between Michigan State and once lied Penn State, two top passers, i them, nrc from the province wise 1 William set up in 1081 in can- celling out an I.O.U. from King Charles. Maryland's 21 include All-America candidate Dick Modzelewski and Georgia Tech, with its pair of Each team has and all four of weight. All the fish were released Brooks HlvcrCnmp Is one of five oxl . t ; pt- om , ( „ 30 iuch rainbow, which was really an unearned dividend in asmuch as 1 was fishing trout took his Charley Blue's flapjacks the next morning. iDlsti ibuted by NKA Service) for grayling. The plnce with Cook Yellville to Hold Turkey Call Contest Pennsylvanians, undoubtedly is a favorite over Vanderbilt this weekend because the Commodores only have one. immediately began organizing Sis fourth cabinet. His third cabinet, installed in February, 1949, resigned en bloc this morning. Political observers predicted Yo- shlda'e Liberal Party may have hard times ahead. Holding 239 of 463 seats in the lower house, it will probably seek the support of the similarly Conservative Progressive party headed by Shigemitsu. The progressives have 87 members. By NORBERT OLSHEFSKI YKl.LVlLLl-:. MV-The .seventh annual National Turkey calling eonte.il began here today. Incliult'il in the two days of the c'MiU-sl, besides the mrkey calling, are * turkey "trot" and a turkey "loss." About 5,01)0 people are ex- peeled for the festival. The actiurl turkey calling will be ttk> concluding event tomorrow mtil't ai\d ubuut 15 entries from 6 stales are expected to compete. They will try their hands ut imi- ttitmt; the call of the turkey hvn lurinR n Robbler U> what he thinks is it female but is really a hunter ;H thit business end of « nun. , Hob Whitener, a Little Rock po- „ , . ?"°' M lieeman, is the defending champ* •U practical purposes it is now; ^ whlteuer explained that Tur- the winds made fly tlsljins nearly impossible. Must cuU-hcs fell to spoons «ml assorted spinning lures. Toward vveninu <>>* blow and the Kraylinii started. The grayling Is «>» exotic cold \v»ler »ume (mb, probably- the most beautiful fish in the world. This spvcUis was tkbiuutani in Amer utrotmis a wcllnct, Brookst U a crystal clear stream bordered by Brassy bunks, The rest neor tht> when feeding.' «ud if you watch carefully you «an see U»m curve swlttlv from Ihe pebbl«<t Attorn to slurp to muktt publicity Us chief Waller Whue. mad key calling is accomplished either with an instrument or orally. The instrument he uses i$ u boxlike affair with a cedar peg stuck into tho lop ot the box. He holds the instrument in hi* right hand Efd rubs the peg against a piece -f slate held in his left. This pro- <mcf>» a soft cluck-cluck, not unlike the sound a turkey hen makes Group Seeking Race Track Incorporates LITTLE ROCK. (Special) — A now K r °i'P apparently seeking another horse race track for Arkansas, filed articles of incorporation here today. An unofficial report was that a track was planned in the northeastern section of St. Francis County, near Blackfish Luke. The fact that the new company has headquarters at Forrest City would not prevent it applying for a track locution in some county other than St. Francis. Arkansas' only present track is Oaklawn Park, Hot Springs. FORMER JUDGE DIES MEMPHIS (UP) — William Parker, 86. retired Arkansas judge and state legislator, died here. Parker, formerly 61 Mena, moved here seven years ago after serving as u member of the Arkansas House of Representatives and as judge in Polk County, Ark. NOTICE I have opened a GLASS SHOP in my Garage at 118 E. Candy Ave. J. C. (BUSTER) ROTHWELL will install your glass either wholesale or retail T. O. PORTER Garage and Glass Shop Tuesday, October 28 "Chapter AE of PEO will meet Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 28. at 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Henry Haynes, 518 South Pine. Wednesday, October 29 "Harvest Time" the eighth annual flower show sponsored by the Hope Federation of Garden Clubs will be. held October 29, at the VI- W Hut from '2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Anyone having dahlias, chrysanthemums, or roses please call Mrs. Henry Fcnwick. 7-2212, or Mrs. C. C. Lewis, 7-3Gr>4. They will pick them up for the flower show. November 7 World Community Day will be observed by the Council of Unite.d Church Women on November 7'in the Episcopal Church at 3 p.m. Women'are asked to bring warn: clothing fo rinfants and child run under six years of age. These "Baskets for Peace" will be sen to the children in Korea. Little Miss Lynda Louise 1 Willbanks Entertained Honoring little Miss Lynda Louise Willbanks on her third birthday Miss Marie Purkins entertainei the Nursery Group in the Kinder f,;garten Room with a Halloween |» party Friday morning October 24 *{,! A birthday cake topped' wit >.three- candles and Halloween de : corations centered the large table '' Favors of caps and whistles mark' ed the places of the smalf guests. ' Baskets of candy and ice cream were served with the cake. Mrs. BecU.food preservation leader, was in churee of the program. .She gave a discussion on canned 1 fruit and vegetables. TOie canned I products were judged and left to be j MMH tu the Crippled Children's I II.-me in Little Rock. Game;-, were enjoyed during the ! recreation period, with the pri/.c ! s.-(-iim to Mrs. G. A. Linaker. Mrs. president. ; n . n . i(1 W acidle received the sur- ivise paeka-io. The hostess served ivfreshnH'nts to n members. Mrs. Lorraine- Rlaekwood, home demon- •.Ir.ition agent, and three rtuests. Mrs. Marshall Beck. Mrs. Denver Coynes, and Mrs. Leo Collier. j The next meeting will he in the! Army Plans to Retire 26 Generals By ELTON C. FAY WASHINGTON, itf — Twentysix Arn >• genernls will be duo for mnihitoiy retirement next Junu- FAut the Army probably will use a provision In nn Officer Personnel Act to retain on duly nt lenatone Long to Head Rally at Texarkana TEXARKANA i* — DembcfntS from four states Rnther here this r.iornlnt! for n dny-lonR party rnlty featuring two speeches hy Sen, Rii«sell R. Lonn ot Loulslnnn, l.onR, substituting for the Deino-j crntlc vice presidential nominee, Sen. John Spnrkman — nillitK with ftlchard NlJeort, wtlt <mtfti I nr.ontlitic srptieih port, . ., , „, When typhoons twJoe i i MottRolN frofn- fnVatiinr' JflpWi Iht 13th Century, the J,apafi hnv«? coiled them "dlvlnr* wind." Act to retain on duty at lenst one ] larynKitis — will nddrcss n noon i.f them, Lt. Oen. Mnnton S. Eddy, j iunclu-ou niul spenk nt n rally be- cnmtuwnder • In • chief I). .S. Army, | nitmlnu nt 0 p. m. tonight. Three OoiiRressmen from TeXnw^ end Arkunsns will shnro the pint- form with LOUR nt the night moet-j Inn to answer MiiesUonss from the! Ki>rope, U wns learned today. The net provides that officers of the permanent rank i.f brigadier or major >(''ni % ral they may bi« holdinK hlfiher ranks temporarily, I nuiilence, They' nre ns in the Instance of Kddy shall n v es Wri«ht t'ntman of Texas and b,> retired upon completing flvt>I rji-cn Harris and Floyd Tackott of \f.-irs in that Rrade and 3S years Arkansas of comn-issloncd service. Putmnn, dlrnctar ot the rally, In answer to questions, nn Army sni(| D enu>cratlc leaders and party 5pe ; k«.smnn told a reporter this pro-] nu , mblM . s from Al .| <ansns , Texas, homo or Mrs. J. V. Moore, Jr Oct. 23. Mrs. Jack Gardner, opened thu meeting with the reading of the club collect. During the discussion of business, Mrs. B. C. Hyatt was elected official delegate- to the District Music Club meeting o be held at Texarkana Oct. li. r >. Vacancies in club offices were ^ illc.d as follows: 1st vice-president' Imnie of Mrs. J. G."Allen November VIrs. Thomas Cannon, 2nd vice-ii;,. iresident, Mrs. Talbot Feilcl, Jr..! . . rd vice-president. Mrs. James Mc- -.artj'. Jr. Mrs. Jim McKen/.ie gave an in- eresting study on primitive music, aken irom the year's study book 'A Short History of Music"-by At- on red Einstein. The meeting was then adjourned. Mario Lanza, as a bio-tlmc opera star drafted Into the army, ilircovtrs that James Whitmore, his tough scrgennt with n voice to match, has singing ambitions of his own. The action takes pl?.cc in a comedy scene of M-G-M's new Technicolor musical, "Be cause You're Mine," playing Sunday nnd Monday as the Snenger. C.omma and Going Green Lasetcr Tlic Green Laseter Home Dem- ("I'.traliori club met Fridny. Octob-' IM in, in the new home of Mrs. Olaf Luck. After the devotional was giv-' by Mrs. Luclc anrl all business i taken cniv of an interesting demon- i siiT.tion rm fond preservation was! : '.'ivr-n by Mrs. Fred Hunt and Mrs. | j I.oi rain? Blackwood, home demon-1 - ! strMtion ai:ent. I John Morton left Wednesday \ A ( i ( ,ii ( . iol , s sa i 1K j p |;,te and cook-; night for the Veterans Hospital in i j^,. w , ( ,.,, st ,,. V ed to 11 members, one Liltlc Rock. m . Vi . m ,,, r , bl .;., M,-S. Harold Walker, i i ,,nii i.ne visitor, Mrs. Ed.car Erwin. j Mrs. Syd Willbanks. Jr.. and little j vne club presented a Rift of crystal j daughter, Lynda Louise, are spend-' u , Mrs;. Dalton Dragoo who is le.av-1 ing- this week end with Mrs. Glen' , n ,, ,.„„„ to make her home in Okla- , \\illiams and Misses Marie and: l;, in in. Tho remainder of the afternoon \vu.-. spent in making pictures. . The next meeting will be November 14 :it the home of Mrs. Virgil would affect 14 permanent nvijor pcncrals and 12 permanent btipaditr generals, about half of whom arc temporary major Hener- iiis. Thl.s will be the largest number of I'eneral officers to leave active duly at one time since the end of World War II. However, the Army currently has about 490 generals.. They Include one five-star officer Clen. Omar Bradley, chairman of the, Joint ChiOfs of 'Stuff, 'fight four-star generals, .mare than r score of three-slur lieutenant son- irr.ls nnd about 140 two-staimajor' generals. Many of the'se are holding temporary rank called for by their current assignments, The Officer Retirement Act permits the Army, during tin emergency, to retain u;« to 10 gem-rul officers who otherwise would be retired until they reaqh -the ago of 04. It is under 'this provision that the Army is expected to keep Gen. I-.'ridy lit his Important European nsslgnment. Among officers who apparently will come within the scope of the mandatory retirement law Maj. Gen. Robert W- Grow, who was convicted by n, court martial of improperly putting rhllitary sec- rots into n personal diary which was copied by n Soviet spy. The same la\y will bring the retirement of about 200 'permanent colonels, part of them next July 1 and the remainder on July 1, 1054. mu , Oklahoma nre ex- pi-cteil to attend. The .Republicans will have their Inning Monday, however, when the OOP's vice presidential candidate, HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE S. Mlln 4jSqunjry Club N LAST DAY . x "RHUBAftB" i: Saturday — Double F***ur«"j "LOVE NEST" .Plus "BOWERY '.= BATtlLIQ.hr : • STARTS SUNDAY »\i "MEET ME AFTER THE SHOW' 1 Nannie Purkins. Mrs. Thomas L. Darby, (Wilma Atkins) of Arcadia, Calif'., arrived Huckabee. Tuesday for a visit with her par-: ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Atkins. I Mclrose ! Mrs. Doyle Ro»prs wns hostess Mrs. J. Cameron Lowe of Little; to Ihe Melrose Homo Demonstra- Rock is visiting her parents, Mr.; lion club for the October meeting, and Mi:s. W; S. Atkins. The sons "Count Your Blessings" was sung by the group. Mrs. Rog- Mrs. Henry F'onwick, Mrs. Lah-j crs gave the devotional, using .Mat- ro'y Spates, Mrs. E. O. Wingfiekl,! thews 25:14-27. Mrs. Othn Roberts and Mrs. Leonard Ellis motored 1 led in prayer. The roll call was wc.'i'cd by "Flesh and Fury," playing at tht' Rialto Theatre Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, cleverly combines the stark background of the prize fight game. Tony Curtis Is cast as a struggling boxer, and Jan Sterling portrays a night club sinQer who helps herself to his winnings. Mcna Freeman plays the 1 part of a younn magazine writer who sympathetically falls In love with the young fighter. Miss June Wilson Honored With Shower Brookwood teachers honored Miss to Nashville yesterday where they were judges at the Fall Flower Show presented by the Terra Firma Garden Club at the Legion Hut. Bottling Up G* i John L. Lewis Is Impossible By JAMES MARLOW Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Etirl Lalshaw of How 1 have been blessed during the past year." During Ihe business session the, (Jub voted to pay Si) into the conn- j o hn L. Lewis is like rimniiui houd- of the miners. This was a simple statement of his views about tbelr intentions. '"'' lie also had some views on them, personally, which he expressed in f\\t h terms us "timid dilettantes" and "ruffians." After all, though!, the Group Named to Study PSC Future LITTLE ROCK Iff) — Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Francis Cherry has named a committee,of four lawyers nnd two engineers to study the future of the state Public Service Commission. Lcffel Gentry, campaign miula Her for Cherry and chairman ot helper...SEAR BOOKIS members may have looked like small fry to Lewis. Me quickly the Democratic State Committee, announced the appointments last board night. Ho said the pntlre Commls- cil treasury. Mrs. Bob-rts gave a demonstra-i tlon on judging canned products. • li;,ch member brought a jar of i iooc! to be judged and left it as a ; WASHINGTON 1/11 - Thwarting snifted from tinkering with their reputations to an analysis of the iiiiicr-life of Roger L. Putnam, the LITTLE HOCK, MV- A new group seeking another horse race track for Arkansas fltod articles of incorporation hero today. The principal stockholder was luted as Robert J. Boileau of West Memphis, who has been repulsed so far in efforts to construct and operate a track near that city. The newly-Incorporated group Is the St. Francis Valley Turf Association, Inc. of Forrest City. U obtained a charter from the office of Secretary of State C. G. Hall. The Incorporation petition said; purpose of the associu-r . # th* Ctctical «r»w ot bxwsUng las* while sii« is feeding. Most ol the contestants us* homemade instrument!! but Miss Ruth KroBmei of Harrison, the only woman who has so far entered the contest, uses her vocal cords. ,„•, "Bui "theVrrat N«gro population > Prtte for winning th* contest is of our country never ha* rvcon-! 0 "* >' car ownership of n hu«* ma year that he, personally, was w»e who iwedled Truman into appointing tho President's Committee Civil tUjifeU which vUaftwt the progi-tun now in tho NAACP or WKlt» tts their huj-noy und trophy, a gold me- and $250 in savings bonds. Roosevelt and the The turkey "irat" began tod»y raised a great row over! a "d consists of mostly (ree enter* tfc* Flowd» dynamiting and hol-paiumeut on the Y«UviU» public lw«l tw the FBI. which came 1 »«u»re. Bands, singing groups, dan tors and nmrksmanship contests Bui ttocy said not a word about (with gun and bow are some ol th* U»t 9<WM"lJ» woman. The FBI took i events. JW ipV«'e*t. "' j Th* turkey "toss" is the last ol This CtleuUtfd aearU*ssness f*j *<•' feature* durw« the "irat". This • ' \ wild scramble lor free turkeys not cotvsUUtut with the character u( our Nejtro fvllow ciUteus, A a to out ot a low flym* airplane There ar<» lour "losses';, one «*ck (uc won\en. men, chUdnsn a«d fr«« lor all. QtW lion was the "promotion and foster- of the raising, training, racing &nd exhibiting of other than draft worses." Arkansas Revenue Commissioner C^rl F. Parker said he had received no application for a horse racing permit from the association. Parker U ex-officio secretary of the Arkansas*Racing Commission, which passes on proposed racing permits, Parker said he hadn't heard ihe new group before. Boileau was listed as owner of 5,000 shares of non-par value stock. K. U Graves and W. F. Peterson, both of Hughes, St. Francis County, j listed as owners of 10 shares of Announcing FORMFIT WEEK at Lewis - McLarty October 27 to Nov. 1 st A consultation with our fitters can bring you the allure of A Sweetheart of a Figure New-figure'beauty, new confidence that heightens your glamor. These are the rewards of a Formfit Week consultation with our skillful fitters. So drop in. Be "Triple Fitted 1 ! to perfection in a Life Bra proportioned to (1) your bust size, (2) your cup size, (3) your sepamtion —wide, medium or narrow. Treat yourself to the fabulous flattery and action«free comfort of a Life Girdle or Foundation from our wide array. You'll look your loveliest and know it... in Life by Fonniit! Life Bros from $1.25 to $4.00 Life Girdles from $3.95 to $6.50 each. up in contests ot this sort in tha modern aye U "just how *ff£c- ttv? »re the calls when used under hunting coodiltous?" Whit*aer h«s th* answer to th»$ MA- H* ia 99 mr* old to* tow be** fewttof *wfc*jr» sine* to ««* 13 Vre w* cwMWftlaj) lityt w JMI1 1PiMM9l|$ v » *SAENGER ••« DOUBLE FEATURE Hgnley Stafford *^ \ Myrtia Dell CO TODAY AND TOMORROW WILL BILL ELLIOTT "GABBY" HAYES f *Thc Man From Thunder River" * RIALTO • TODAY & SATURDAY • • Plenty of Action • first into the window of u literary delicatessen. You come up covered with smoit-i ed adjectives, highly-seasoned; nouns, tart verbs, and some figures' of speech, spicy, like ham. j The government's Wage Stabili-: /ation Board is just picking itself economic stabili/cr. JUSJ ARRIVED AT YOUR SEARS CATALOG SALSiS OFFICE! 3ion set-up would be studied, including whether the PSC should, be continued as now constituted! or separated into smaller groups. Named to the Committee were Little Rock attorneys P. A. Lasley, But he brushed off Putnam with, Edward L, Wright, U. A. Gentry a fast tattoo. Putnam, he said, has und Cooper Jaco\vay, and cngi- one "sadistic train," which is ant for robbing miners' life-giving milk." If all this was not exactly a nuw up after running headlong intoj Lewlsiun approach to a problem, ROD CAMERON "THE OLD TEXAS TRAIL" RANDOLPH SCOTT ALAN CURTIS "GUNE HO" The Bottle Cry of the U. S. Marine Raiders! Lewis' window. ! » least his severest critics would The WSB refused to let his min-'have to, acknowledge ho had almost crs have the $1.90-a day raise work- acquired a copyright on the tech- of the 1 niquo of conjuring up ghouls, Uig- a-d:iy, i;i!iK the heart-strings, and sue- 1 (.',( sting the ranks of those who dis- :i( j i'ec with him are infested with • maronic footpads us unpleasant as] L-:l out hy Lewis and some te;i.I industry, saying $1.50 \,';is ;ill il could allow without dam age to the stabili/alion program. After several days of ominous silence. Lewis delivered his com-i-'"' abscess. n.tuts —not to the board, which he; So, while all this was familiar has .steadfastly refused to admit, tu Lewis.' constant readers, there exists at all — but to Harry M. T was sorr.L'thjng in his statement Moses, president of the Bitumin-1 \viiich caused them concern, almost or..s Coal Operators Assocation. : panic. They wondered if they were Historians a hundred years from delecting u growing mellowness In now, and il may take them a bundled years to get a proper per-' him. But in his choice of words, to spective on big John, may feel thai i be sure. But in their abundance. neers Max A. Mehlburger and Em 11 Pouzar, both of Little Rock, Wright Is special counsel for the Southwestern Bell Telephone Co., wnlch 'has a $2.3 million, annual rate Increase request ponding • be« fore the PSC, Lasley was one. of the authors of the act svhlch sot up the old Utilities Commission, now a part of the PSC. , The PSC regulates : public carriers and ul«o fixes tax ' usKessments Bgulnat 'all corporations which own property In more than one county, much more frugal in distributing For instance, there is nothing In hit; most recent "statement'to compare with tho economy arid mus- .cularity of a he described employe's this was not his best effort in his jounger and more vigorous Jr. Hits • Donald Duck Color Cartoon Chapter 3 of Serial "The Black Hawk SUNDAY & MONDAY AND ON THE SAME PROQtAM MEL ALLEN'S "Football Review" An exciting review of the possibilities of this year Showing o* SERIAL & CARTOON SUN. - MON. - TUES. i career distinguished, among other; di.ys he had been far sterner and i things, for a prose as purple us* j a grape, although not nt-cessar- 1 : ily a sour one. : The WSB is made up of 12 mem- 1 j bers, four representing industry.' four thv public and four labor. To' li.c labor members, it seems. Lewi.-' $1.90-a-day raise appeared rea-j sonablc enough. The eight others | thought otherwise. As a starter Lewis accused those eight of would-be thievery for "fil-• thing" 40 cents from the purses SEARS CATALOG Yei ilr, Sean Catalogs hav* b««n helping'Santa choose gl ^ for every member of the family for many years"! This year| Sears Christmas book is better .than ever before ««.. packed|; with toys, gifts for the home, wearing apparel, candy and-£: other holiday treats. Com* irUoday and see this wonderful/ ' new, bright catalog; You'll find the-right gift for everyone}bn ' your Christmas list. . And remember at Sears everything you buy is guaranteed;;! to satisfy or your money* back, Come in today... do "your/" 'Christmas shopping early and avoid the crowd. If you wish.fj use our telephone order service .,. just call 0000 and of our sales people will be gldd to take your order. few yeors ago when employes of the State; '/« Department as a pack of "pusll-j **«** m**ty fat" 1 '.kttlnisiiic r\lin« " ' I t * * SfflRS 2161 Soutr^Mqln Phoi»« 7-3493 r &t contribution to the Arkansas Crippled Children's Home. Mrs. Roberts also gave a dem- .onstration on making plaques. The siu prise package was won by Mrs. T. G. McBay. Cakt and coffee were served to | 13 members and three visitors.Mr*, j Miiry Putman. Mrs. L. C. Hlnton, and Mrs. Wilfred Wood by the hos- j J less, Mrs. Rogers, and co-hostess, i ! Mrs. Earl Ross. The next meeting j ' will be held at the home of Mrs. W. | A. Brown. ! BROS. presents "Cross Patch" Pajamas by Munsingwear Wt Liberty Hill i Tuesday afternoon. October 14, j Mrs.Huron Light was hostess in herj nome to the Liberty Hill Home j Demonstration club members. i The vice-president, Mrs. Light, J pit-sided during the general routine; ol the meeting. Points to be re-. rr.embered, about the selecting and j canning of fruits, vegetables andi meats were discussed by the group! with Mrs. E. H. Byers as leader.' The club voted to donate $5 to the Hcmpstead County Council of JJorn* i Demonstration clubs. Wias Ella Beard, Miss Dorothy WUliamf, MJS. Clyde Huckabee.j Mrs. Irvin Bettg. and Mrs. Ivan Williams osceived birthday gifts their m:ajre»t **cre* pals. Re- Trim and tailored vyith three bright, contrast-color patches for pockets on the light tone- blouse. The nicely squared, ribbed front neckline is nylon reinforced-keeps its shape forever. One expert underarm dart at each side °f the blouse gives 'important shaping. The long, roomy sleeves hove sngg, rib-knit wristlets. Streamline/ ski-t'ypfi trousers are in a deep contrast tone and have an all-elastic woisttxjnd- snug, ribbed ankle bonds. Colors: Beige Green, Chartreuse / Plum. Corp! Sunset-'Navv, Yellow Sunshine/Qronge. Sizes: 14, 16, 18, 20. /Sw\timH m $4.95 W-i'i

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