Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 24, 1952 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, October 24, 1952
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, October 23, 1952 16 • K r • V PW Jf' ,*' fe K tf |;<rti I* 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 10 *»M Another Great Saving Event All Southwest Arkansas Awaits at Owen's 3 BIG DAYS- AT.-MON. Ladies Gabardine COATS Values to $24.95 SPECIAL Hurricane Hits Cuba, Moving Toward Florida Special Purchase CHILDRENS' UNION Dollar Days at Owen's Are Sensational Money Saving Days, We have gone al! out to bring you the BIGGEST DOLLAR DAYS EVER, This Friday, Saturday, and Monday, October 24, 25 and 27. DON'T 'MISS IT. BOYS' $1.59 HEAVY SWEAT SHIRTS 51 and 60 Gauge First Quality NYLON 36 Inch Heavy OUTING 3 yds. for... 1 SWEAT SHIRTS "Man's heavy flooco lined $1.95 valuo $1.50 r> KHAKI PANTS (eavv JVi tailor Day Special Mjjavy ,Ty|m 4, for mem,, $3.95 value. 'iu, D $3.00 to match obovo RftHH , . . $3.00 (Ladies Jackets Cordurpyj -95 sellers $7.00 HdWV' BLEACHING i Snow Whit*,, 36 in^os wide 11,00 •*>t, Bedspreads *«Hers. OoubJ* bed size 5% Wool Blankets! Oils $5,95 value. Double Bed Size * $4.50 BRASSIERES Cotton Broadcloth by Bcstform $1.00 Combed Gingham and Chambryas. 36" to 42" inches wide. Regular 98c yard 2yds. Ladies Panties 98c value. XXX 2 pr. $1.00 Mattress Covers Quilted — $6,95 value $4.00 Cannon Towels Thick — 79c value 2 for $1.00 Fieldcrest Sheets ' $3.95 Colored $3.00 Here Is a Sensational Value Buy! SUITI Special Purchase, beautiful Burlington Mills, Suiting, 45 to 54 inches wide. 15 patterns to select from, oil first quality. Made to sell as high as $2.95 yard. During Dollar Days per yard . . . Ladies Gabardine SUITS Regular $22.50 Suits. Dollar Day Special BEDSPREADS $24.95 Minuet. Slightly irregular YARD Union Suits Men's heavy winter $2.00 9. ' *' - i< »'M. f't- ' K •» , |"<4*1«!*5—1*1) sM One Group of Ladies New Fall DRESSES '.Valued to $10.95 for m i i ml* st t ~ Sheet Blankets Double bed size. $1.50 Men's Fancy Shorts 69c grippei front, elastic side 2 pr. $1.00 Outing Gowns Ladies $2.59 fancy $2.00 Baby Blankets $2.69 value. 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Washburn It's Up to Cities to fay the Major Part of Own School Costs One of the items which I put b>' last month against the lime thisj column would be resumed was a > 'report in the Arkansas Democrat vl 3cptember 19 of a speech on school i finances which Stale Senator Max, Howcll had made before the Little j Rock Civitan club the day bolorc. ( The senator recalled that he had] been criticized for supporting the. Autry bill I which reduces stale) MIAMI, Fla. W- The violent aid unless local school districts, winds of tho Caribbean hurricane maintain an adequate assessing! battered the south Cuban coast to- level; adding "but at the time day as the storm began lo cross • school leaders in Little'Hock and: the island on a course that would l Pulaski county thought it was a | take it close to Miami. nrt thintr " i Tnc center of the storm willi goou »»»t,- r, ,„-,„,.,..,«• winds of 115 miles an hour or more "Now, however the Demount hammcrccl h;u . dcst , n lho Brca o£ report continues U has, been dJ*P. cjcnf a soulh Cuban coast covered that under the Aulry luW| Hope Star WBAtHt* ARKANSAS -v Fair, « ltttt* warmer this afternoon, cold tfr night. Mild Friday, Saturday. tW* cat temperatures 38 to 88 tWtil scattered frott tonight. Temperature High 74 Low 31 itor o» Hop* 1899. Pmsi \911 ContolldaMd Jon. II, 1»1» HOPE, ARKANSAS,,FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1952 M*mb*n Th« AustlatW fmt •> Audit ttnMii »l Clr«ul«*l*M A». N.» P.ld Clrtl. t Me.. Indlnfl Mtrcti II, 1t» — M4l Mtoi'; PRICE 5c COP? the bigger school districts are receiving less and less of stale school aid. Liltlc flock schools have drop-j pcd from $650,000 lo $421,000 and, next year (slalc aid) is due to go to $150,000. "Senator Howcll said: 'The Au- I try bill was the alternative to an port 10 miles east of the capital. Havana. Its north-northwestward course pointed it across Cuba toward the Florida straits where it was ex- early tonight. Storm warnings were hoisted along the southeast Florida coast "But it will be a close shave, and it will bear a lot of watching. Preliminary preparations should be made for the possibility of strong —. along inc souuicabi, r iui iuu *-u*> additional sales lax, which ot |Xrom Vero Beach to Key West. course would be paid by Litlle | »i'h c present course will place Ilock and the larger cities. I ^- ls a ,. t . a ; n t| 1P western edge of •• -So 1 think it is better for Little the storm," said Grady Norton, Hock and Pulaski county to provide chief storm forecaster- in the its own school financing and get Miami weather bureau, less state aid than lo provide the honeymoon fur all the other school dislricls.' "Howcll pointed out that Pulaski is one of 75 counties; has 10 per, <$i cent of the state's people, and pays 25 per cent of all the taxes." wca thcr Vhere, "and airplanes from I agree with the mam theme OL n , uu , u . y bascs in Kcy Wos t and Senator Howcll's speech — » lat i Mia mi were flown out of the hurri- 1 soil-help on the assessing fronV c;mc , u . oa must be the main remedy for local school district problems — but his reference to- Little Rock's providing a "honeymoon for all the other; school districts" was slrickly political hokum. You may iccall during the newsH '&, paper debate over the attempt to put a sales tax increase through the> last legislature — at both the regular and exlradordinary ses- Telephoto. 2O Nations Join U.S. in Calling for China t Agree to Truce in Kore AchesonMay Get to Make Address Today i,; \i Korean War Has n IWIVUM ifui nuj Derailed on Frisco sions — this editor poinled out Kimes Taken After Escape in Missouri KANS AS CITY Wl — Two con biuua — nno *-«^— • i j\/\riD/\k that the diversion of much ° J lne | v j c t s w h o W cre captured 12 clays sales tax lunds to the city schooL aftei . tney esca p e d from the fed i •. i • _ i — .. .u:-. u K -I r\ i"iT»ni"\pi*t.v ULIL . • « A... ;«j; j-.f n/ districts, which had property but didn't assess it adequately, was the prime reason why many of the rural districts, which had little property to assess, were' in trouble. Specifically, we charged during ' era! prison farm were indictc'. Thursday by a federal grand jurj on charges of intcrslale transporta lion of a slolen motor car. They are Roy Kimes, 41, dies ter, Ark., and James Tomlinson f otJUi;u-n-«iij i i»>- «- - •„':•' • ''those legislative sessions that Bigrju Waynesville Mo. Kimes Little Rock was gobbling up the| cous j n of the notorious badmc state sales tax instead of stiffening] Mall and George Kimes, was serv ' '" "" ing an eight-year sentence for pos office robbery, and Tomlinson wa serving a five-y'car term for vio lation of the Dyer act. Both escaped from the priso farm in Platte Counly, Mo., la June 27. In another indictment Ga Moore, 34, Hatfield, Mo., wa charged wilh embezzling more tha $2,000 while serving as poslmaslc in Ihe Harrison Counly town the property assessing rale in Arkansas' largest and wealthiest town. And, to be honest about it, here in Hope 9111- school district, which paid its own way when I was a director years ago, at one time reached the point where 75 percent of its budget depended on stale aid. All the city districts had grown lax with their assessments under the illusion that they could depend on the 2 per cent sales tax —.and it took the threat of a 3 per cent sales lax to make them realize where we were headed. Senator Howell's theory that the j sales tax collections in Little Rock or any other city afford a "honeymoon" for rural districts is twice wrong. In the first place, there is plenty of evidence that the cities got back a good share of what they gave; and in the second place, cities are the sole source of sales tax collections because cities are where you find stores — you certainly don't find any important stores in the country. And so the tax collections credited to Litlle Rock or any olher town have been • contributed by all the people, not . just the !' town. As one of the original promoters j were caused of the Hall 2 per cent sales tax law flat tire. Top Billing With Candidates By DON WHITEHEAD KN HOUTK WITH STEVENSON THROUGH NEW YO.UK STATE Vi — Adlni Slovenson, carrying his ire.sldentml cumpiilKn across New York stale lodny, defended Unilec Stntes entry Into the Korean Win .is n stand for collective security "U is not Mr. Truman's wnr,' he asserted. "H Is mankind' war." The Democratic enndidiile culled for support of the United Nation us the best hope for world peact In n follow-up of his Impnsslone ••piH-eh last nlKht accusing his IU publicim opponent, DwlRhl D. E .cnhowr, of clollhurnlcly condonin a "sly and ugly" campaign. Speaking lo an estimated 5,000 people at Rochester, N. Y., Ihls mornini;, Stevenson assailed Eisun- hnwor's proposal to let South Koreans do the fighting in Koren. It would "risk a Munich in Ihe Kr.r East wilh n third world war not far behind," the Illinois govcr- said. Earlier ul Niagara Falls, an nfler-brcakfnst crowd of about I.- 000 greeted Stevenson and he told tl.em Ihe Republicans were nol dis- ciutsinR the Issues in the campaign — "they're talking nonsense." Near Guernsey Some 14 curs of a Frisco freight train derailed about seven miles west of Hope in the Gutirnaey nren loday but all trn)nmen escaped In- ury, It was reported by Ihe roll- vay officials here loday. The train was cnroulo from Hugo Oklahoma, lo Hope, end of tho Brunch Frisco llrio, Cause ot tho lerailment could not be Immediately determined, railway officials said. Municipal Group Warits Tax Ceiling LITTLE ROCK (/I 1 )— Tho Arkan sus Municipal League today ctillcc for a ceiling on thu amount of la uullago which muy be voled fo school purposes. Tho League also recommended revision of Ihe tax assessment sy: tern lo provide for more cqul ,ibk! assessments. It suggested a constitution)! nmendmenl to cffcctuutu lho ru ommcnduUons which were contained In a Finance Committee re- porl, ndoplcd by the' full League. Formerly there was a maximum on millugc— which mcuns HO many mills tax for each dollar of assessed property valutldn— which UNITED NATIONS, N, Y, — Some 20 countries Joined ,„,, United Slates today in spontfowj United Nations resolution Call-' 1 '"' pon Communist China and N(i- Korca lo agree to n Korean -tru irovldlng tor non-forcible ion of prisoners, Britain, Canada and most -Allies in the Korean War allg. nemselvcs with the Arnorlci "ho list was expected to grow i.. :urther by tho time Secretary-" State Dean Acho.ion goes be* ,hc general assembly's main ?,,-„ cnl committee this ottowc-bn'/*\ "open tho whole book" on the-K' roan conflict. v ." Achoson was expected to „ cr a review of U, S, prosoctrtti of tho war and peace efforts.'^.,,, &pooch was expected to last ''..at least two hours, ' f ^ He hod bcon scheduled to speall yesterday, but tho 60-nallon cor 1 '' tvJUce's entire session was t up i with a wrangling, -"••' "- •"' ™ t sessoa property vumiion— wmcn He said he was convinced I'leI C0 uld bo voted for school purposes, people would know tho difference j^ ^mi removed by a constitution- •"•»•"•» »»M»*IW»OI«»J «* <*••*> between sense and nonsense in the ul nmondment. Such ceilings still when tho charter became efjt] nnmnnion sneeches. I m-« In «flV.«l tnr 'nthnr tviinn of I \!\' 1015 WltlV thft dQnpalt.,01 debate on whether to invite''baj the South and North Korean rji gimos to attend tho discustUi without voting rights, rjs Tho committee approved ThaU land's proposal for an invltattc to South Korea by a H-5 *vo| but killed an invitation to-N? Korea — proposed by Russia;, 7 a 3D-11 vote, 5 ;• Today was ."U, N. day»"' ; seventh anniversary ot * h * campaign speeches. By MERR1MAN SMITH KNHOUTE WITH E1SENHOW er, <UP) — Dwliiht D. Elsenhower are In effect for other types, of property .taxation. REPORT — Prime Minister Winston Churchill has given the world the first official .Won' thVS^OTb.m|^P'-ion^the M onte BellcM.Und pr-v n. jjr.-ndj, off ( he^coast, of S a ! i n% C hS^ t °^^^ oCe d r S SfoSf Copland, "pho^ .^"."'A.^p^iS ^'"".n e^y sta.e. - NEA Radlophct) people who live in the Driver Halts Traffic, Truck Explodes Those Little Family Spats Must Be Important Because There Are So Many of Them TEXARKTNA UPl — A jumped from his flaming ammunition truck near here yesterday, after failing to extinguish the fire, barricaded Highway 67 for a mile in both directions to prolect olhci motorists. A subseuent explosion shook the surrounding countryside, but no body was injured. G. A. Hcflin of Texarkana. the driver, said ,the fire and explosions by friction from a years ago this writer eppreciatcs there are final limits on how far a stale may go with this kind of levy. Florida, for instance, has a 3 per cent sales tax, with groceries exempt I believe; but Florida has The ammunition was en route from the Lone Star Ordnance plan near here to Camp Stanley, San Antonio, Tex. Heflin said he pulled to the sid of Ihe road aflor discovering th By SAUL PETT (For Hal Boyle) NEW YORK (.11 salad, dear?" she 1 No thanks," he "Want more "How d-css" "Fine. "Fine. "Sure. do you asked, said, like my Annual Flower Show Set for October 29 The Eighth annual flower show, •Haryest Time" will be held at the LITTLE HOCK Ml — Mayor Taper, iufi — uwiii 1 " "• """-•"•••••-• I p(,n Hornor of Helena was schod- fought the Democrats In Michigan ulot i lo be elected president ol the today on tho Issue of admlnistrnllon Arkansas Municipal League hero responsibility for the Korea War, to d ay< describing foreign policy under n o ' rnur W ould succeed Mayor President Truman as "a record OM Harold Fulls of Wynne. failure to lead us toward peace,"| Eisenhower spoke in the morning to rear platform crowds at Pontiac and Royal Oak. He scheduled a major bpcech on Korea from Do troll tonight at 0 p.m. (EST). He told his truckslde audience at Pontiac that his address lonlght iVKW Hut, from 2 lo f! p. in.. Wednesday, Oo 20. ice and isn't it scintillating? While- you're having lunch out, different places, different people." They were both screaming now. ' io » " f C'-arden Clubs. * . . i A . 11..'i 11 •) i; I \i i r i n i u i on Highway 07, The show is an annual of the Hope Federa- fine. Wonderful." Pause. "What happened at the office lodny" j.lie asked. "Nothing much. Usual routine. "Now lell me frankly, Why don'l you like Ihe dress" "Bui I said I liked it." "You said fnc." "Well" "Fine isn't your word. It's like grand. It's perfunctory. Swell, terrific, snazzy, maybe. Cut nol 'What is it you women new anyway' 1 " he asked. "We want nothing special. Just to be happy. Well, to feel fulfilled. Jur,t. to be a part of the world. ;empi i ueuevu, uuv J.-IUHUM "»- — — . , a winter tourist crop to help carrl blaze. He set up barricades on the the freight, and Florida is so siti« highway after attempts to e>.tin- atcd geographically lhal mosl of 1 »»'« h » h " flames hafl fallcd - He£ ' r _^ (2ll~U. £^V.l-l£ji t*f »**WM*«,» »..— , ,..„—, <9 her population can't beal Ihe 3 per cent rap — unless they drive hundreds of miles to one of the states adjoining her on the north; elsewhere she is bounded by some very wet water. But Arkansas has sales- tax-free Texas as her immediate neighbor. 1 The No. 1 tax-producer for thei schools is Ihe real and personal property within each local district, •fhat's what everyone overlooked when sales tax revenues were in their heyday. Now even Litlle Rock is seeing the Iruth of the mallei guish the flames had failed, Heflin said. Arkansas Weather CENTRAL: Fair this after- roon tonight and Saturday. Somewhai warmer this afternoon and tonight. Highest this afternoon 76. Low tonight near 40. NORTHEASTERN: Fair this afternoon, tonight and Saturday. Rising temperatures this afternoon. Highest this afternoon 65 to 70. Lowest tonight 36 to 38. SOUTHEASTERN: Fair this afternoon, tonight and Saturday. Warmer this afternoon. Highest this -afternoon upper 70s. Lowest tonight 40. NORTHWESTERN: Fair this afternoon, tonight and Saturday. Rising temperature this afternoon. Highest this afternoon 75. Lowest tonight 36 to SOUTHWESTERN: Fair this afternoon, tonight and Saturday. Warmer this afternoon. Highest this afternoon 7$. Lowest tonight lower 40s. it's snazzy. It is, you - Ponder Quads Have a Nephew MURFREESBORO. Ark. UP) —The Ponder quadruplets now have a . nephew. Mrs. Dora Mae Lockeby, sister Cil the quads, gave birth Wednesday to a seven-pound son. Mrs. Lockeby and the quadruplets, born nine months ago, are children of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Ponder. The quadruplets, one girl and. • three boys, now range in weight At one time there were about from 15 pounds 8 ounces to n' 13,000 men named Jobn Smito on powds. The girl, Donna F.->>£, is me U. S. Veteraa'f MmlnMratiw " MM* " i — fine.' "Okay, Know." Pause. "I suppose you think I'm silly, ^ sho said. "But I always say like your new suits." «• "It's been a year and a half since I had a new suit." "Why do you say that" "Oh, let's cut this nonsense, ust said it, that's all." "You're trying to make me feel uilty." "Now, look, I'm not trying to uke you feel anything. I'm just rying to eat." ,' "Eat. sleep, office, eat, sleep." he said "that's all 1 hear. I'm ust " "Now you sound like .someone ii a bad soap opera." "I don't care how I sound. So I's trite. Well I feel trite. I'm ocked up in this house all day you're at the office doing leaven knows what " "What do you mean, 'Heaven knows what' I work at Iht- office. You make il sound like something else — like wild parties." "All day, cleaning m this house. Do you know how frustrating '.< is to clean a house. You dust the blinds. Next day they need dusting again. Oh. it's s>o rewarding. It's all so incredibly dull while you, you have lunch " "Don't you have lunch?" I have lunch. 1 have gr I feave isjnch with 9 netebfepr and we talk about a And you, you begrudge me a new diess." "I didn't begrudge you anything. You women are all alike. Before you're married, you lalk about nothing but making a home arid having children. Arid then you get married and you act like your husband put you in jail." "Let me tell you that — —" "No, let me tell you. You women make your own jails and pretty soon you make your husband feel A plea has been issued for dah- jlias. chrysanthemums and roses to bo u^i'd in lho show. Please con- tac-l Mrs. C. C. Lewis ul 7-U054 or Mrs. Henry Fcnwick al 7-2212 if you have any of the above flow- Membership Drive Plans Mapped By Legionnaires Membership campaign plans wi>y u uutuiiiiu mm YY..V.W ..v. —I were stressed ut lust night's itioot- now." The Pontiac audience was Jng o£ Leslie Huddleston Pout No. estimated ut 4,000 persons. About 12 of the American Legion. An In- li.OOO greeted him at Hoyal Oak. tensive campaign drive for now and Mr. Truman in recent days has rencwa l membership)) will get un- demanded repeatedly lhal it Els- dcrwuy Monday, October 27. uiliower knows how lo slop the Three membership teams head- fighting in Korea, he should make o d by Past Post Commander Joe .. i i : _ I ,.-]!».«,. 1.. 1 Tr.ri.-iii rmrl TO it at 1/l/tri /"*ftr¥l m fl f\ rfflfB would be devoted solely to what he called "tho Korean incident, the way it occurred and where we are it public immediately. Jones, and Post Vice Commanders Postmaster Held, $13,000 Missing jlUlJllU II I III IUU1U VVJ J i I wwi*\io t MUM * WMV • »«*w ww»«»»»»"»r •»•»»• f The GOP presidential nominee Tom Wardlaw and Joe Keosey will renewed his charge ut Pontiac that swing Into action. A meeting at the Democrats were trying to sell workers Is scheduled to be hold the country "a bevy of fears." next Monday afternoon. . "But America doesn't- buy fear J. T. Bowden Jr., Post Adjutant e- iiiy " he suld Br >d key figure In the membership ' He made a strong plea for the drive, stressed tho fact that the election of the state Republican American Legion is the largest ticket. On the rear platform with veterans' organization in tho, Ma- Fires Believe( Under Contn in Arkansas LITTLE ROCK Iff — T?hftl| quieted today, and lorroiters I they had brought under contru costly series ot timber firCa South Arkansas. After an all-night !)„,„, fighters of tho State Forest vision reported that only fotL^. continued to burn this mornlnij the El Dorado, Stephens, $t and Waldo triangle. A lifti) was going near Paron, 13 west ot Liltlc Rock. An estimated 1,000 to l,C of timber wore burning South Arkansas section thisj like busting oul. You " j "Well, busl oul. Go on, bust out." She ran up to her room, crying, and he ran out to the nearest b&r. But she didn't go home to mother and he didn't stay away. Instead, they had lunch together in town the very next day, which lit thoughl was snazzy, and he which she JONESBORO The 63-year- boughl y new suit, thought was terrific, and didn't have anolhc-r fight u hole month. they that Staff Yoeman Job Held by Hope Airman Serving as yeoman with the Staff Commander, Fleel Air Wing 6 in the Far East is Kenneth Guthrie, seaman, USN. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil F. Guthrie of 312 East 15th street, Hope, Ark., Guthrie entered the Naval service in January and is a graduate of Yellville High School. old postmaster at Success, Ark., :• being hold in the Craighead County jail on charges of allegedly misappropriating more than $13,OW) in postal savings bonds, U. S Commissioner Mrs. Clara Browder saiii today. Miss Browder said Bland F. Eryunt was arraigned before her hire last night arid was being held after failing to post $5,000 bond. HL will be held to action of the Federal Grand Jury, the commissioner added. At St. Louis, Postal Inspector State confirmed that Bryant was arrested and charged, but Stark did nol disclose dulails of the case. him were Fred Algcr Jr. the gubernatorial candidate; Rep. Charles Potter who is running for the Senate, and Hep. George A. Dondoro (K-Mich.) who is up for reelection. Members of the Republican presidential candidate's staff predicted Eisenhower's address in the Motor City tonight would be his most forceful since he accepted the tory of the has enjoyed party's nomination. They said he not only would place the responsibility for the Corean War on the Truman ad- ninistratlon but would criticize' it ehemently for failing to bring the ghting to an end. For days Eisenhower has arming up on the subject of the tation's responsibility in tha Korean conflict, charging the J. S. became involved because f a "miserable failure" of Amerlan diplomacy conducted on orders rom the President. Loco I Airman 1$ Completing Basic LACKLAND AIR FORCE BASE. Texas — \Vmfred C. Butler 21, son of Mrs. Roy Butler, Route 1, Hope, is completing his AF ' " Spring Hill PTA Plans Carnival Mrs. Frink Smith, president ol the Spring Hill PTA announces that the PTA met October 21. A mem beiihip drive was started, and plans were made for the Halloween Carnival which will consist of a tfcltnt show, grand march of tht children. The Halloween Carniva will be held on Friday night, Oc bcr 31, in the Spring Hill gym j&ritttjiftap ** tuwjuMrvuijt u*o *** w«*» - — — ic airmen wtoctriMt&a course atjtural gw. peat Pas*, the copper . graphUe The PTA meetings were change* to the second Monday of eac' month. Among Pennsylvania mineral pr ducts are gold, lime, iron ore, na Ate Force Aif that distinction since the Legion was originally chartered by Con« gress on September 16, 1910. Current membership exceeds 3,000,000. Post Commander Teddy Jones urged all veterans to assist in tho membership drive and to renew their cards before the November 11, Armistice Day deadline, set by State Department Headquarters. Jones pointed out that all tic. orably discharged veterans ol WW I and WW II and all veteraW who have served, In our armed forces since June 23, 1950 and have an honorable discharge are eligible for membership, In discussing the Legion mem, bershlp drive Fred Robertson, pl»- trlct Commander, pointed out the valuable service rendered by, U»e American Legion in sponsoring the QI Bill of Rights following wfy II Cherry to Discuss Ammendment No. LITTLE BOOK Iff ah4 radip reporters „-_ Democratic Gubernatorl,, Francis Chorry in connec his endorsement of prop* stitutional Amendment No,'; 3xt Wednesday night • % The news conference; i broadcast. Leffel Hope Soldier Is Army Specialist FORT LEONARD WOQQ,, Mo- Army Pvt. Jew £. Anderson of Route 4, Hope, Ark., recently graduated from . the automotive mechanics course of the 8th Armored Division's Specialist School at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo,, During the 10-week training period, he learned to perform organizational maintenance and repair on wheel and amphibious Army vehicles. He was also taught to recognize mechanical defects and to ad- u* aw ot tvigiHB louvwuig n«y **, and called attention to the fact that the Legion sponsored the G, I. BUI ot Hights, Public Law 550, tof vet* erans who have served in the &«• rean conflict. Congress passed and the President signed the Korean Benefits Bill on July. ,19, 105& " is similar la most respects t» """«Act, • Fulbriaht't Talk to Be Aired LITTLE RQCK (D •*• Chairman &?ffei a talk by Sen, »t - • T "-will b# carri*d just or replace minor parts, Private Andertan, who entered the Army last May, is a m*»bfjr #i^ Company B oj the $y& AtmMvtf'# Be is a" " w Kansas radio sjalons. *•&

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