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Standard-Speaker from Hazleton, Pennsylvania • Page 1

Standard-Speaker from Hazleton, Pennsylvania • Page 1

Hazleton, Pennsylvania
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TANDA AP News AP Features AP Wire Photos NTINEI The Weather Rain, snow. (Weather news page 13) 93, NO. 25,688 Established 1866 HAZLETON, TUESDAY MORNING, MARCH 25, 1958 18 PAGES SEVEN CENTS A COPY In Florida urvive KB SE 12 12 Crash Of lilleo, Plane US FOREIGN EULOGIES AT AID CUT WOULD. GRAVESIDE FOR Panama Bound Airliner Plunges, Burns Shortly After Leaving Miami EMPLOYMENT PRODUCER TODD CHICAGO GR The nearness of Passover, a Jewish joyous period, WASHINGTON (A-Secretary of State Dulles contended Monday that foreign aid is a mighty bulwark against hard times at home. will bar graveside eulogies Tuesday for Mike Todd, acclaimed to 'during his lifetime as a genius of In presenting this argument the Senate Foreign Relations show business. committee, wnich gave mm The ceremonies will be private Mishap Occurs 4y2 Miles Frora Takeoff Point; Explosion Rocks Miami Springs 1 friendly hearing, Dulles said: single. The hndv of th flam Probers Propose Laws To End Misdeeds By Unions, Employers CUt these funds WOUld be tO CUt; hnvant showman urill ho lairi employment here at home as well as to endanger our security." Dulles had ready replies to com plaints against giving American aid to Communist Yugoslavia, Red satellite Poland, and neutral WASHINGTON UB-The Senate Rackets Committee reported Monday its hearings have uncovered "much that is shameful and unsavory about certain elements in both labor and management." The eight-man group said its year-long hearings so far have ist India. He said Yugoslavia is still inde pendent of Moscow, and Poland some 10 million dollars in union funds have been either stolen, embezzled or misused in 15 years by top union officers. It said this averaged about $5 for each member of the five unions the Teamsters, Bakery Workers, United Textile Workers, Operating Engineers and Allied Industrial Workers. The report recommended that Congress quickly legislate safe showed "incredibly loose" handl rest beside that of His father, Rabbi Chaim Goldbogen, in Waldheim Cemetery in suburban Forest Park. Todd, 50, and three others were killed in an airplane crash Saturday. Todd was flying East to accept an honor from the Friars Club of New York. No monument will be raised until a year after Todd's death. This is in the Jewish tradition. Todd's body will arrive aboard a Santa Fe Railway train Tuesday morning and will be taken to a mortuary on Chicago's North Side. A few hours later Todd's widow, actress Elizabeth Taylor, and friends, relatives, and personal physician are due by airliner at Midway Airport. The producer's son by the first (Continued on Page 3, Column 6) has a measure of independence. He said India is aa influential force and if she were unable to maintain her independence it would be a blow to freedom everywhere. On the home front, Dulles took note of the current demand for federal spending on more roads, (Continued On Page 4, Column 6) MIAMI, Fla. A Braniff Airlines plane bound for Panama crashed and burned shortly after takeoff early Tuesday. A report from the air traffic control center at Miami International Airport said 12 were killed and 12 survived. The crash occurred 4Vi miles north of the airport in such dense brushland that the first witness could not reach the wreckage though he was only a few hundred yards away. Police and firemen forced their way to the scene with difficulty. Fire trucks had to remain some distance away. Helicopters were used to speed the injured to a hospital. A tremendous explosion which shook the nearby town of Miami Springs followed the crash. The big DC7C "fell like a a witness said. One engine was reported on fire as the airliner plummeted to the ground. guards over union funds and in ternal procedures, the latter step to insure members of a voice in running their organizations. It recommended legislation, too, to prevent employer interference in union organizing and contract ne I CHURCHILL IS ing and misuse of union funds as well as dictatorship and terrorism over union members. It said employers have used middlemen to dodge their legal responsibilities and avoid union relations and have bribed union leaders to obtain "sweetheart" contracts, containing few if any benefits for the workers. It found prosecutors lax in enforcing the laws and said other attorneys in the labor-management field have engaged in "unethical practices debasing to the standards of their profession." The committee headed by Sen. McClellan (D-Ark) said an investigation of only five unions showed gotiation. One committee member. Sen OUT OF DANGER McNamara (D-Mich) agreed with TJplfl Tn PVlffll llftntind David Smith, 10, and brother, Robert, 12, read magazines 11C1U 111 1 aim UiHMUlllg in Woodward, Oklahoma, county jail where they are held in fatal shooting of 49-year-old grocer Floyd Blair. County Attorney H. B. King said no charges as vet have been filed in the Sunday shooting spree. (JP) many of the findings but filed a separate report which said they CITES EXPANSION NEEDS SCRANTON, Pa. UV-The president of Penn State University said Monday that colleges and universities in Pennsylvania will have to expand to accomodate a pre were marked with anti-labor bias ROQUEBRUNE, France GR-Sir McNamara said the 10-million-dol- Winston Churchill was reported Monday to be past all immediate dicted increase of from 60,000 to IFFER ON $1 190,000 full time students by 1970. Dr. Eric A. Walker spoke before YOUTHS NEGRO U.S. Says Russia Wants To Turn Summit Talks Into Propaganda Circus a general membership meeting of MINIUM WAGE II lar estimate of union fund misuse in five unions was a "phony" estimate. AFL-CIO President George Meany called the committee report a "disgraceful example of the use of sensationalism in an attempt to smear the trade union movement." Meany's statement said the report exceeded evidence produced in hearings. "The net effect of this report," the Scranton Chamber of Com' merce. He said also that the in' creased pressure upon higher in' TEACHER ATTACK danger after a slight setback in his recovery from a recent pneumonia attack. Reassurances came from all sides that he is progressing normally. But it was admitted that the 83-year-old former prime minister's recovery from the original attack had not been so quick as his physicians had hoped. In his still weakened state, his physicians were keeping a close check on his condiaion. stitutions of learning must lead HARRIS BURG (A divided invariably to formation of courses which will turn out needed techni opinion was registered Monday with the state Labor and Industry Department on its proposed order cians required by the nation's NEW YORK W-A small group of Jegro youths invaded an outdoor class of private school pupils Monday and began terrorizing WASHINGTON LT) Officials present technology economy in he said, "is to indict the entire to fix a $1 minimum wage for re HUMAN HAIR TEST two years, instead of four. eaid Monday night that Russia's tail store employes, effective May newest diplomatic note shows the them. A teacher who intervened was beaten with his own baseball Kremlin wants to turn a summit 26. Harry Block, secretary-treasurer of the Pennsylvania CIO Coun cil, testified at a public hearing PRESLEY ELVIS USED IN TREATING II bat and his pockets rifled. Police said the five or six Ne AIDS MISSILES PROGRAM PITTSBURGH, America's guided missiles program has moved forward faster because of competition among the armed services, the head of the Army's new ordnance missile command said Monday. labor movement for the sins of the few and to ignore the great strides labor has made to clean its own house." He said the AFL-CIO has been urging for years many of the leg-j islative recommendations now advanced by the committee. But he said the report raises "grave doubts as to the impartiality, objectivity and integrity of the future operations of this groes fled with $16 after attacking the teacher, Arthur Santos, 36, a that 185,000 of the 250,000 women who work in Pennsylvania stores ENTERS All CANCER PATIENTS viet note until the full text has been received from the American Embassy in Moscow. Officials were obviously annoyed, however, that Radio Moscow began broadcasting the note to the world, before it had been received by the department. They said this speedy publication demonstrates Moscow was viewing its reply to a March 16 U.S. memo as a propaganda weapon rather than a serious attempt to negotiate on the widely divergent views on conditions for a summit meeting. 1 The Soviet reply was broadcast ministerial student who teaches at a Seventh Day Adventist school in the Bronx. MEMPHIS, Tenn. UPi Amer Eight stitches were required to ica's rock 'n' roll idol held up his rieht hand today and took the close a scalp wound and five stitches for a torn lip suffered by TEAMWORK PLEDGE BETHESDA, Md. A human hair test is helping doctors treat some cancer patients here. Hair roots are affected by a drug, amethopterin, used in treating leukemia. By pulling out some oath that made him Pvt. Presley, Santos. conference into a "propaganda instead. of seeking meaningful agreements. This was their initial reaction after studying a partial text of the message Radio Moscow broadcast tonight. They scoffed at the Soviet accusation the United States was "actually trying to take the entire problem of the summit conference back to the starting point." As far as the American government is concerned, they said, the conditions for a summit meeting never have left the starting point. They said the United States has insisted and will continue to insist that any heads-of-government meeting must be preceded by lower level negotiations on specific problems which would show Santos told police he saw the Elvis serial No. U.S. 53310761. Presley, 23, goes to Ft. Chaffee, ENDORSE ST ASSEN PITTSBURGH, five Re MADE BY M'GONIGLE gang lining up some of his pupils at a far end of Crotona Park in located in northwest Arkansas and shops now get less than $1 an hour. "The organized labor movement protests the low starvation wages that are being paid to the people who sell the products we produce," he said. Michael L. Peduto, secretary of the Carbondale Merchants Bureau, described the proposed order as "unrealistic" and said it constituted what he termed "a discriminatory attack on free Sen. Charles R. Mallery (R Blair) said the $1 minimum wage would force many small merchants out of business. With him appeared William Lasser, a Hoi- publican members of the Penn only three hours after President There he and other draftees and volunteers sworn in at the same the Bronx, while the class was Eisenhower called a special meet taking outdoor recreation. The Ne ing of the National Security Coun time will have eight weeks of ba sic infantry training. groes were going tnrougn me cil, to consider a matter which the Hills Twp. Board of Commissioners have endorsed Harold E. Stas-sen for the GOP gubernatorial nomination in a resolution to be placed, before the 56 -member township Republican committee meeting Tuesday night. Chester pockets of the pupils. White House refused to identify. The 14 draftees and 7 volun "I went over to them and told teers left for Chaffee, riding in a The meeting lasted 70 minutes. hairs and looking at the roots under a microscope, doctors can see signs of how jvell the drug is working and whether more can safely be given. The drug causes changes in hair roots like those from exposure to radiation. The same kind of hair test might be helpful in learning how much radiation a person had been exposed to in an atomic accident. The hair studies were described them to leave my kids alone and chartered bus. Presley was ap It touched off speculation the President and his top strategy ad go away or I'd call the police," Santos said. "One of the group Keith, chairman of the board of commissioners, made the an said. 'You're going to call the visers were considering new American disarmament proposals including a further spelling out of nouncement Monday night. cops?" And another took out a knife. pointed "private in charge." The nation's celebrated draftee, whose voice hit a rock 'n roll jackpot of more than 22 million records in less than three years, turned up half an hour early to begin his Army career. The draft term is for two years. BUTLER, Pa. Arthur T. McGonigle, candidate for the Republican nomination for governor, has promised effective teamwork in his administration should he be elected governor. He said his running-mate for lieutenant governor, John M. Walker, Pittsburgh, would become "a full-fledged working member of our team." McGonigle spoke Monday at a GOP rally in Butler attended by some 200 party leaders and workers. Walker lauded the record of McGonigle as a businessman and said he will make a good gover- "I started to run. They chased the White House plan for devoting outer space to peaceful purposes. TEMPORARY HALT OTTAWA UFi The Canadian me and caught me. They jumped me and took my bat and beat lidaysburg shoe store owner, who asserted: "This action will reduce the number of persons now employed in retail stores. I pay 75 cents an hour to boys who work for me after school and on Saturday. If this order becomes effective I will wash the windows and sweep out the store myself, because I will be unable to meet the requirements of the proposed order." me. CnnlA. tkflti ftil. Transport Department Monday gave notice to shippers using the St. Lawrence route that all navigation will be halted for four or The salary cut is tremendous. As Monday by Drs. E. J. Van Scott and R. P. Reinertson of the National Cancer Institute at the beginning of an American Cancer Society tour for science writers of cancer research centers across the country. AMI BUREAUCRACY BILL WASHINGTON (JP) A bill to curb what they called "stifling bureaucracy" in the Pentagon was a-qI oauiua oaiu mc jvuuia uicii vuvit tVm ic kis a private Presley will draw a month. five days when the International whether a top level meeting oi world leaders would be worthwhile. These officials said it was "laughable" that the Soviet note professed surprise the United States sees the prospect that an unprepared conference would be a "kind of theatrical performance." This is precisely what the Soviets are seeking to achieve, they said, with their demand that lower level talks be limited only to drawing up an agenda for the heads of governments who would do the actual negotiating. The State Department declined officially to. comment on the So-i Last year. Presley gross in ius ctiuijt nauct aiiu uiu pxu 111 ma pockets. Santos and his pupils, ranging in age from 9 to 15 years, are white. Rapids section of the river will be introduced in the Senate Monday hv Sens. Mansfield D-Mont. and come was nearly a million, ins Hair is one of the fastest grow flooded about July 1. manager. Col. Tom Parker of Bridges R-NH. ing tissues of your body, Dr. Van nor Speaking earlier to a group of Nashville, estimated the take this It is designed to reorganize the Republicans at the Beaver Coun year would have been about the Scott explained. It is affected by fever, some drugs, some illnesses, by rays and other radiation. (Continued on Page 6, Column 6) ty Courthouse, McGonigle said he 'same Defense Department, strengthen the Joint Chiefs of Staff, bar any move toward a single unformed Thus, it will cost the govern ment a considerable sum of mon commander of all the assistant defense secretaries. ey to make Presley a soldier. Considerable of his income went King Saud Transfers His Power In Saudi Arabia To Pro -Egyptian Brother was amazed at reports state highways workers in Fayette County where being forced to contribute to a Democratic campaign fund there and demanded a statewide' probe of the alleged macing, a charge made over the weekend by Aud. Gen. Charles Smith, to income taxes. HEYBURX IMPROVED WEST CHESTER, Pa. L4WWel-don B. Heyburn, independent candidate for the Republican nomination for U. S. Senator, today was reported in improved condition it Chester County Hospital. "It's only right that the draft apply to everybody alike," shrugged Presley. "Rich or poor, there should be no exceptions." Two Independents Withdraw From Pa. Governor Contest King Saud has CAIRO CHANGE MAY HIT HEAR CASTRO TO over to his brother, the turned Crown Prince Feis- pro-Egyptian WEST FORTUNES LAUNCH ATTACK IN IIARR1SBURG LF! Coroner Wil-jocratic primary, said in a state- ORIENTE PROVINCE IN MIDDLE EAST liam D. McClelland, of Allegheny ment his decision to withdraw was "a hard one to make" and that he al, full control over the oil-rich Saudi Arabian kingdom's foreign, financial and internal affairs. Cairo's press, reporting this Monday, said Feisal presented his elder brother, Saud, with a list of strong demands which, if authentic, might indicate Feisal is emerging as the kingdom's strong man. HAVANA LT)-Rebel Leader Fid Countv, withdrew Monday as a candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor at the May 20 primary election. McClelland, who lost out to Gov. Leader four years ago in the Dem- By WILLIAM L. RYAN AP Foreign News Analyst Transfer of power to the Emir el Castro Monday night was reported preparing an offensive in Feisal in Saudi Arabia can prove eventually to be a heavy blow at Oriente Province to back up his declaration of total war against the Batista government. The Saudi Arabian delegation at the United Nations confirmed the Residents around Sagua de Ta- Where To Find It- ''V. 1 CM if ivdl -it --s- w0, i 1 if ii i0 i ii transfer of internal and domestic mamo on the northern coast said about 600 rebels had encamped at power to Feisal. Arab sources at the foot of Sierra Cristal under command of Raul Castro, brother the U. N. said Feisal now will have complete authority over the Saudi Arabian armed forces, but that Saud intended to remain head of the rebel chief. already sagging Western fortunes in the Middle East. There is reliable information from the area that King Saud not only was forced to transfer this power, but that he also was obliged to recognize that" his brother's sons not his own would henceforth enjoy the right of accession to the Saudi throne. The power of Egyptian President Nasser's Arab nationalism played a part in the Saudi developments. Exclusion of Saud's royal advisers henceforth from Cab- A smaller column headed by of the state. Maj. Juan Almeida was moving in the eastern part of the did not discuss it with any other candidate. Charles J. Schmitt, Girard, Erie County, also withdrew his nominating petitions for the same nomination. This narrowed the field for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination to Mayor David L. Lawrence, Pittsburgh, Lt. Gov. Roy E. Fur-man, and Edward P. Lavelle, Scranton, former state capitol policeman. There were no other withdrawals for statewide office on the last day for candidates to pull out of the May primary. As the primary ballot was closed, there were left two slates of statewide candidates in both Republican and Democratic parties. For the Democrats, the organization ticket headed by Lawrence and Gov. Leader for U.S. Senator was opposed by a slate headed by Furman, for governor and Clarence P. Bowers, Reading, for the Senate. On the GOP side, the organization ticket headed by Arthur T. (Continued on Page 3, Column 1) Page Deaths 10 Funerals 10 Hospital Admissions 18 Births 8 Personals 3 Comics, Crossword 12 Women's Page 8 Sports Pages 5 Editorial Page 4 Classified Page 16 Markets 17 Theatres 13 Television 2 Apparently both columns were While some sources cautioned against reading too much into the Saudi decree, there were indications that Cairo was expecting Feisal to work for a reconciliation awaiting Castro's orders to attack army posts and possibly some towns. Castro has declared big armed attacks would be started after midnight April 5 unless President Batista quits by then. between Saudi Arabia and Egypt. tends even6tually to kick out The two nations have been feud- Saud's palace euard Thereafter, lead Saudi Mine Work Schedule 5 ing over tgypuan-synan cnarges.he may even try to mat lung saua piouea 10 nave Arabia into Nasser's United Arab Freeland News McAdoo News Beaver Meadows News Sheppton News Nuremberg News Ringtown News Pvt. Elvis Presley- 'n' roll idol Elvis Presley, 23, (front row, left) and other draftees and volunteers hold up their right hands to be sworn President Nasser assassinated and to break up Nasser's new United Arab Republic of Egypt and Syria. Feisal long has held the titles of premier and foreign minister, (Continued on Page 6, Column 1) PA. DRAFT QUOTA HARRISGURG (P) State Selective Service headquarters Monday fixed Pennsylvania's May draft call at 919 men. All must be at least 22 years of age. Republic on the same basis federation as Yemen is joining it and retaining its sovereignty. There also are indications of a Nasser urge to get his hands on (Continued on Page 6, Column 3) into Army service by Maj. Elbert P. Turner, of Birmingham. Elvis, whose records have sold more than 22 million copies, will be in two years. They left Memphis, yesterday for Ft. Chaffee, Ark. Tjresckow News 13

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