Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 23, 1952 · Page 22
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 22

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1952
Page 22
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HOPI STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS By Chick Young O7ARK IKE .~..^ -• v.-xi CAM. 5 ~ ( r,f t ijf HC.W, I " ' "> t/p fV. ( i'C'> ',•• TMf ii ! ! I i CAM | - ;v^' f< OCPKNO V C ON THAT^ '4 avKicpnTAb VERTICAL .luiVOreik } MouhUIn %tfW»I Or«k SI Kln« Arthur'l to Pr«v!ou« Punl* ( jr ita • tutir jui juf rjurj ULuint icjwiwrjparau «»"Mi Mt-irJMMK.ir.ja •«»• iWi4vx. Hifo ,,, i ,»l»^ «« « "*A«rtfim fu»l -| ' punf»r «Solar C~IPIU • Prattle* SOPiuic 37Mcoiuroo( . , 30 Men 'i 10 Property it«m 81 Manipulated 4 1 Whoyii of milk "radio 42r—Scott friend, Tiny —— 47 Derivative beU*fti«TSa,C*lft lek b«tl« .,„ 4« Trying IW K CJfH^ ivftK V^ 1 **- Ino m«oh btttor ' •yOalbrolth *I3^ ^;x-yi OUT OUR WAY By t. R. William* "Ikfe'*"'*" /'I'M!':-' f^i MAY BI..1 \ f A»JP._A. ..."y \ . \ : / i.'n- /,!-•' i Pt-'r-kr, WITH \ •-•,,. -—"'A » ; 'KK A V' ! '. WITH -r'•"' BC.IORE1 / iVnHi'"-Bt-:t:' i L *S"^-' f " •.Tj»r |l i — ~.\-.'-i i. L !i" f E*""".-<jr->~ ""N "> v '" 1Z~IZ~ THt" SOLJKJP CITIZEM ,„, ,„,.,„.,..„. h ., , , OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hooplo , M,>, tJtMM 1 OM Ax lOP OECI^ETi Si fOSUIC ISV DAV- \ CS&TTIM' 'fl-llSl VJMIERCs X . : .{ -rms V ...-/f VCKP<^ V C OPPORTUNi- V rry (*..*. S'POtJfc Vc3U COOLD ;M\TCrA/, Jv'U^t: hi - : ., ^'- TO ^ir^ - -,'tWE M/X'-Si.'3P,'i> 'i'—-\ I PAREMT// L viOAAt ~**"-~-V «;;-fc.M.-k / .iv nsl'fKE- \ ^- •—-• / (S-MrAi^ OM tKE- UIV^E A FO&./ ("FUMCTlOMG/ | HAM JACK HORNER GOT HlsJ PLUM» FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger "Sandwich**! Coffe«!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ' By Blosm AB6 IMUITCD X) A HOP 'TDHAOB.ROW ftV* •' PIACC! V4tGH SCHOOL. OYM. PARK -it)UJt SMOC> AT TUB POOR' Dowr ox^roi ANYTV^OuRt^ .e».p x»ii iTvurs V^HEM A «AL SHOP AROUND AND SEC WHATlHSt Thurtday, October 23, 1952 Bv Rny GottC Thursday, October 23, 19S2 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS C (GULP) NAILCD BCFO' -'" AH HAflDLY GOT ,. 02ARK, YCO LOOK j (GUESS AH AIN'T \ •: SLUGGlSM, r _^/WARMED UP YGT, I f- M ,^ [ GO*(.V(J- fDON? J ' —' V WANTA G'VZftO \ EXCUSES, BUT TH I / SHOES AH 637 ON KftTME LIKE f^—t^' * \ l7\^s''f^W^ \ M/ z*z$f*kT ^^£^ CLASSIFIED Adi Must Be In Office Day Before Publication VIC FLINT WANT AD RATES •MI WQIV <vu» Ar» PoyobM m Advance Bui Adi Will B* Accept*) Ov«t The Telephone And Accomo- dotion Accounts Allowed With Th» Understanding The Account Is Poy- abl* When Statement U Rendered dumber One Three Six One Day Days Days Month 48 .90 1.50 4.50 60 120 2.00 6.00 .75 1.50 2.50 7.50 .90 1.80 3.00 8.00 Home Study Course «v Mfchoel O'Mollev and Rolori Lane 5WBU.EV, TAV<£ CA^B Cf T>4fc PCUL f- ESJO 1 FCtLOWIMfii US TME. MNLTTE, HE KOUMP5 THE CCWNJEK. 5ANJPKA i WILL REPAIR; TO YON POOS- WAV. Cafir, 19r<2 by NEA S*r*>.'». Inc. T. M. Reg. u. 3. Pat. Olf.v, PONE, SiC? MOW TO WOfZK at Wordt tip to 18 16 to 20 21 to 25 46 to 30 tl to 35 t6 to 40 41 xo 45 46 to 50 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 6.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 COMPLETE your high school at home in spare time. Diploma. No classes. Texts furnished Write for free booklet. American School, 2905 Alabama, For Smith, Ark. O-ll-lm For Sole CLASSIFIED DISPLAY One Time 3 Times « Times 75c per Inch 60c per inch SOc per inch .MUST sell quickJy. Piano, refrigerator, man's Bulova watch. Bargain for cash. 815 W. Ave. E. 4-U Scribes Pick Hope to Down Nashville LITTLE ROCK l.fl — Arkansas In; upset Ole Miss. . . Southern State tr> remain undefeated and untivl nt the expense of State Teacher* Little Rock to whip El Dorado . Toxarkana to down Ft Smith. . . Pine Bluff to beat Camden. That's the way this week's headline football games in Arkansas j ri;'ht. 51 wrong and five ties. 1 broadcasters les this way: The scribes and i predict the other s;iv over Toxas A. & M.. Tex- F •" VW /v ^ i-!, to-23. WASH TUBBS By Leslie 1 urn_.W N BLOW OK) 's HE^ STL' Hl/v\ FOR A> WOMEWT. HEM E^SV RETURNS TO HOTEL BOv/lS AND HER BUDDIES hy Edgar Martin BUGS BUNNY ALLEY OOP Bv V. T. Hamlin 7 YUR. DANG 1OO1 IN' DE'jTKOVINii TVIE RUl.ERV I WOULU...1I- ONV-Y Or A PEOPLE,NOU'fJ CiO\ I COULD HNOTH 1 HOMi: AND Li. r AVK THEM J 1 . UAY 'ID GO) WITHOUT A HEAD:-* ^ ^ \' THW MIGHT TAKE TIMG...COULDN'T NOU B1I k; UMT1L THEN ? WEl.L.YEH, r } A,H,GOOD! (3UEOG MEBBE/COME...I'LL r COULP.' ,^ INTRODUCE YOU TO YOUR SUBJECTS. 1 '- CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer By Russ "Winrerbothom HENRY By Carl Anderson nL? Rates quoted abov* or* tot con- 5tcut|ve insertions. Irregular or tklp- <lot« ad> will take the one-day rate. Ail daily classified advertising copy will be aixepted until 5 p.m. for publication the following day. The publishers reserve the right to revi-e or edit all advertisements of. fermg for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising sub- Till ted. -nmoii ot one or more letters, gn-ups or flgurei such at houses in telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Star will not o» responsible for errors In Want Ads unless •rrori are called to our attention after FIRST Insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE incorrect 'nsertion. Phone 7-3431 NEW .Pump Shot Gun, 2 Boxes ot shells. $90 value. Make us an or for. 5 USED 700 x 15 Tires. Good con dilion. 4 used 760 x 15 Tires. Good condition, make us an offer. 1-3 Compartment Sink, •complete with trap and connections. Make us an offer. We want to sell. R. D. FRANKLIN COMPANY, A. P. Delony Manager. 21-31 Tin- f.ict tluit Arkansas sports \\uuis pii-kril Hopi' to take NiishvilU'. Coach Joe KnsmingiM' fijaiiva tln-.v ju^t don't know nbou! his troubles. In puictici' yostoriiay Qitnrter- bacii Sonny Griffin suffered a l;ncc injury and probably won't sot 1 action Friday night. That loaves Knsmiiifior with only one quarterback. Tom Kd Hays as the thud man for the spot has quit com ins out. Besides being a dependable second string si.a- nal caller Ciriffin is a good pass receiver and a top defensive man. Fnyette\llle over Springfield, Mo.J nijtheville over Memphis Southside KiisseUville over Forrest City, Newport over I'niMklould, Henton over Ark.'nlelphia, Con way over S^-iirey. Hope over Nnshvllle. Siloam Springs over Alma, Wynne over Ktirle West Memphis over 2,419 New Polio Cases in U. S. WASHINGTON tUrM —The t'nh I'' 1 Health Service said today 2,410 lu \\ polio cases were reported ln*tl week In the United States, a dc i line of 15 per cent from the 2,87SJ Wilson. IVWitt over Mariana,;" 1 "«• previous week, i Suitt.uart over Helena, DeQiieen 1 These raised to 46,41)3 the na-i ovn- Hierks. Luke Village over' Uonal total of eases for the "dls-j ease year", which begun In April.! The fisnre eompnred with 32,Q54J| ; in the worst previous year, 1841),' | 00 miles <UTO;;S and 22.554 In 1051. Tynhoons etui \i loofc to the sports writers and ;ls ,, vf ,,. Hi , v Kansas over ,SMt'J sportseasters who made forecasts • Hendersen over College of the for The Associated Press. ' O/.arks. Southwestern of Memphis Like the Arkansas Razorbacks,; ovcl . Hi>ndrix. Tyler i.TC) over Lit-; howevoi. the grid pickers are try-: tlt Hoi , k JC Arkansas A. & M. i ins to pull themselves toother ; UVI ,,. Northeast Center of Louisiana, ;>nd make up for lost time. Last.'| A , Kimsa!1 .state over Lewis College. v. eek thev were rijjht on ; Southeastern (.1 k 1 u h o in a Dailies, wrong on 10 and had three, Ouachita. tier, for an accuracy rating of: only 62.9 per cent. | High School Their butting mark for the sea-! .lonesboro over Little Rock Cflth- son tu date dropped to .GSO-111 ; oiie. Malvern over Hot Springs, OASH registers and adding machines, new and used, sold at reasonable prices for cash or. on rental plan. Bryant's Office Supply, 123 South Walnut St. 23-61 4 PIECE -'bedroom suite with springs and innerspring mattress. Mrs. G. A. McMurry. Dial 75821. 23-3t HOPE STAR Star of Mepe W9; Press Consolidated January II, 1MJ »u»isned every weekday afternoon bv STAB PUBLISHING CO. C. t. Palmer, President AIM H. Woshburn, S«ey-Tre» A i The Star building 1I2.2H South Walnut Street Hape, Arkansas Real Estate for Sale Alei H Wathbutn, Editor & Publlih»r Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor u.--ra« -V. Husmer, Mech. Supt. ,, ,.« uavi*. Advertising Manager .id I.IQSS matter at jv.>, Arkansas, under the Att of March 1, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau el Circulations Subscription Rate* ^payable In advance) By carrier In Hope and neighboring towns — Pt< Week •« Pel Year l3 -°° By mail in Hempstead, Nevada, -.atayetTe, Howard, and Miller coun- One Momn fj •nrpn Months '•"O ',ix Months 2.60 One Year <-50 All other mall — . One Month '-JO Three Months 3-25 six Months o.SO Cn« Year 13-00 HOME WITH INCOME DUPLEX 5th and Pine, 7 rooms, 2 baths, 2 car garage. Side walks paved street, at a price you can I pay. | UP TOWN home, 5 rooms and bath,! Venetian blinds, ready to move in. You can own this for less than rent. 40 ACRES near Hope, all fenced, running water, large barn, modern 6 room house, Butane and electricity. You can buy for less than cost of house. 4 ACRES, 3 room house, City water and lights, make us an offer. , - ' If you want to Buy or Sell Real Estate, See R. D. FRANKLIN COMPANY A. P. Delony, Manager. 21-3t A STYLE-MART BLUE SUIT is always in style You'll always bo well dressed when you wear a blue suit with the Style-Mart label. Blue is right for dress—riglif for business. And Style-Mart's luxury fabrics and expert tailoring are always right! Choose your Style-Mart blue suit today from our fine selection in both flannel and worsteds... solids and patterns. $ 55 Nafi Advertising Representative): Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; 1602 Sterick Bldg., Memphis 2, Tenn., 505 Texa» Bank Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. 42nd St., New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich..\ Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma Citv; 2,* Okla. For Rent 3 ROOMS and bath', Furnished a partment. Private entrance. 3 blocks Depot. See A., P. Delony, at R. D. FRANKLIN 'COMPANY. Member of the Associated' Prea: The Associated Press is entitled ex- •.lusiyely to the use for republicatlon •u all the local news printed in thto •cwMM^er ->< wbll as all AP new* BEDROOM with private bath and private entrance. Garage. Phont. 7-3391. 22-3J BEDROOM. Close after 5 p.m. Call 7-5572 23-3 Wonted to Rent Lost YELLOW gold Ladies Elgin wrist watch in downtown Hope, Monday. Call Roy Fry's residence. Collect. 21-3t Services Offered 2 BEDROOM furnished apartment or 2 bedroom furnished house Contact Bob Carroll, Diamon Cafe. 22-3 Jf.\s the cream in Crcamo Itrand Margarine that makes it beat of all. .i£>5<ss ( 45 The Best C/ofhmg Value in America Today Compare the Dollar Value! Big Rally Planned by Republicans • WASHINGTON 1*1 — Republican '.national headquarters today an- jrounced its radio-TV schedule for i the rest of the campaign, which will be climaxed by a national rally YEARS o£ experience in floor . . sanding and finishing. Dale Rog- °" election eve. crs, 912 W. 7th. Phone 7-2234. O-21-lm LOCAL and long distance Hauling. Also local moving. See Dannio Hamilton or call 7-3611. Legal Notice Female Help Wanted THE demand for Avon's beautiful Christmas Gift Sets is the great- No. 7441 In the Chencery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. I Mary Lee Bradley .Plaintiff 1 Benjamin Lee Bradley .. Pefendont WARNINO ORDER The Defendant; ^erijamin Lee Bradley is warne.4 to appear, in this court within thirty (leys and answer the complaint of the Plgintif, " , Lee Bradley. est in history. Capitalize on this witness my hand and the seal of demand by becoming an Avon] sa [cj- court this 1 day of October Represenative in your own neigh- 1952. borhoood. Write LaVerne Gilbert ' Omera Evans, Clerk P. O. Box 330.. Hot Springs, Ar- (SEAL) kansas. 22-8t'Oct. 2, 9, 16, 23' MORE NEW CARS Just Unloaded from Transports ot Our Back Door ANY COLOR ANY BODY STYLE ANY PRICE TAKE YOUR CHOICE While They Lot* SID ROGERS BUICK CO. Feel as as you look Tlie "SAN ANTONIO" $10 THE BIO DIFFERENCE for «*iy fitting comfort i* in th« cxcluiiv* construction of tht leither. NO OTHER' HAT HAS IT! RESISTOL the ''Self>Conforming*' hut Use your head when you buy a hat—get the hat that sets to the shape of your head — instantly! A new experience in hat comfort awaits your first try-on of a Resistol — the "Self-Conforming" Hat. OTHER RESISTOL HATS $7.50 end $12.50 HERBERT BU&NS fAU. HARVEST "m DESSERTS To Make With BITTY CROCKIR PARTYCAKE MIX 1 BITTY CROCKIR CHOCOIATI DEVILS fOOD MIX GODCHAUX SUGAR Bag Mrs. Tucker O L b •J Carton Cereal 5c Bubble Gum with Each Box Kix You Buy KIX OR CHEERIOS 2 ^ 35c COFFEE Maxwell House and Folgers Lb. Can 85c TUNA FISH Chicken Sea Bite Size 6i Oz. Can 29c AUNT JEMIMA MEAL Bag 46C Lb. OC Bag O3C Karo Syrup Blue and Red Label 19c 24 Oz. Bottle •^ A "|-rr DROMEDARY Pitted 1 Lb. QC- UA 1 tj Fresh Shipment Pkg. OJC HERSHEYS "SSSiS 6 2 * P £ 43c SCOTTISSUE Te-s 2 Ro,,s23C Pr.Dkl MAYFIELD O N °' 303 97r L^L/KM YELLOW • Im Cans -»t/ C | kill I/ PET and fYllLlX CARNATION 7 o2S 98c II WORLD OVER | PORK & BEANS 3 ^ 25c FROZEN FOODS STRAWBERRIES 2 10 ^ 55c MINUTE MAID ORANGE JUICE 2 & 31c i PEAS ?™ CORN SPINACH ; ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•••^••^•^IHi PRODUCE DEPT. Washington Delicious APPLES Pound 1 DC * CLEYS - HONOR BRAND box 19c BBHBI^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ MEAT DEPJ. TALL KORN BACON Pound ^fVC GOLDEN YELLOW BANANAS 2 us 25c Home Grown SWIFT POTATOES 3 ub. 27c REU TOKAY GRAPES 2 Lbs 19c CALIFORNIA CARROTS 2 HOME GROWN FRYERS Pound D DC SUN VALLY OLEO 4k FRANKS 49c 1 Pound Package Picnic Horns Sjf* 39c BBH Super Morket DOOR BUSTERS at the WHITE ELEPHANT Close Out 1 Group of "' CHILDREN S SHOES Valued at $4.95 y ^^^•J* S^^ ^^^1 «," i 1 * * " ' ' One Group of LADIES SHOES Voluedot$5.95. $3.00 6 Only Men's 100% All Wool SPORT (DATS Original Price $12.95 ' $2.00 Men's $3.95 Type 4 ARMY PANTS 36 Inch HEAVY ^ * DarkCbtor ' ;,. . 3 yds. il.00 3 Only, 100% AM Wool BETTY "' Valued ot $4.'95 ;m

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