Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 23, 1952 · Page 17
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 17

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1952
Page 17
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B?V MOM STAR, HOM, Thurtday, October 23, 19S2 US SMARTEST STYLES JUST ARRIVED PRESCOTT NEWS Mrs. U;iiii<! Atkins. to Uttto Ri.ck after n visit with her r.utht-r. Mrs. Bob Stewart. Jane, and Mrs. Mae Garland spent 1198 Rich BI»cK Nu»u«d» $2.98 fV^~>; J ,, f . : ^£W*! 0l*ok Nuiu«d« £t f mHP -vy.itH afsy th* O'-ltii Kappa O»rnm» m ( 't at noon with Mis* Frnru.-i-i Thiashor nnd Mm. IX-IB ll»yc< »» houlfS»OK. lumn ,„,, „ ,r,.i-d h'Hn- b\ Ml "* AcK- ;,,', .li.hi.ny arirt N;irn y I'.ii/:-'" 1 • ''hr.'- >)• en visltinn n> thi- MI- part of last week in Little Rock i where Mrs. Kitchen attended a , Mrs. L:,v,r<-!..e Ha.-.n;,- «f \V,-in-pn ~-"- h rf mental health workshop. :.nd Cuc.-tl .Johnson <.f Henton '.vero! C'. I). !>ir!uinon of I.att." UOCK | »»-»• « J the v.-t-1'k cud cue-it., of their sister, l visited I.K n.otni-r, Mrs. Sam Dick-' ,-i . i Mr«. llfsM Cordon. inson. over th,' week end. Friends of Dallis Atkins will re- i _ ; I gret that he is a patient In Veterans Mis:, Loyt-i, SU-wnrt has rttmncd Mrs. Max Kitchen and diuiKhl.cr: Hospital, Little Rock. . Thursday, October 23, 1952 Motions of the penguin's "wings"! Church membership increased byi TVo Tmmber of still-b when swimtnini? under water aro ! £2 million durinR the HMOs in the; overweight women . quite similar to those of birds in! United States but the increase dur ; . - .nn- -»s amoni, wo.i fi!ght. j ,'n- the 1930s was only five million., not nvervvciRht. HOP! STAR, HOJE, ARKANSAS ' r * h * » »fid flu-A'M Thonin* pi <• udrri Pd «t th<- ini-ctiliK with Blnck kid with blAck c*lf noocnt. $4.98 Id Dltick Nunuedit «, , wtlh OliioH ' • I,«|ith9f n trim, $3.98 $2 m T*7 .*v ' T-> Ju*t o few of the many »mort itylos you'll find In our ihoo department, Got youri now for fall. REPHAN'S YOUR FRUNDLY DIPARTMINT STORI FRID ROBERTSON, Mgr. W liversary SALE *4 ftw of th. many Yfllun, yw'U find dwrinfl thU 9 rwt ™«»)' w *' l ; Como In »na ih»> W *««tt it«rt. TwiMI ««vt on mony » t q B "WS Flannel Shirts jackets Mens Blue Jeans 1.62 8«nforl»»d btut d;nl«>. pti* nvIU on front, twlnn pock»U. Two i*ek iwehtU double b«r <1 « . M to 8». BOY8 81X68 « to 1ft Plaid Blankets COTTON J| ^ •• P^^^^ Yard Wide Outing .^••L mm^m tif* 25 tor »xtra w«w*» AJN S Mr*, pi i-Tiid- ti•>• nnd •'• Mr*, l.fln lltiyf-s i>i»l chiirH" "f the niudlc Mix* Mlldi-'d r.oomi.1 ^ hurl the pinurillii on ' Curi <>ril I,i-j<- > Iftllitlim. Htntc and Kcilrrnl." j A dcliclonn Biiliid pliili' nnd <•<>(••• fee v, ;irt »>•! ved by the hostesses. • Mr. und Mr*. Horace Hale \ ' Honored on Annlvenary 1 I Mr. und Mr* lloiuce Iliile wen-.; i honored with n dlnnrr Htindny In. : I the home of their diniKhle.r. Mri*' • Thomiid I;csvnod.v, In celebi ution ! <.f their ."litlh weddint! imnivci siiry. , I The luce coveied ncrvkni! table 'WHS i.-cnti-red with nn in lUiiKcineiit i nf pink mid white minus nnd yellow j ttliididlbi. A while ciike lopped with ; r iiiiiMiiluie In ide .ind Hi'oom wii;( i placed on one i nd of the table. e. KUCI.U v.e.e M Sut. and Mr/.. • Hale und Janet of Uiloxi, ., MIH Tiliie .Speiu-er of Uiloxi, mid Mm. Joe Hiissell nnd Lynelle ol Llllle Hock. Mr. und Mrs. i.t.n Archi'i and Sume ol Kl Doiu- di.. Ml.tit Opiil Dinuel of Hope, M.i/.el i«lillioC*n, AH. illld Mrs. bewuody Mr and Mrs. iJe- woody. Siiiiron nnd Bionda and ihe honoi K"cHlK were Healed ul small IIIDII•!> ci MI.-red with pink und while mums. Mi'«. (toy Loom Is Victory rHD Club Prealdont 'I'm.- home nf Mrs. John Stewart was tni 1 scene lor the monthly ,.,i el.nj! ol me Victory Home [Je- nionslr.iilon Club I' iidiiy iiili-rnucn in.ti. Hurry He;ton and Mrs. Uout; i-.iL.n I'uiiK "''i veil asi associale lios- ua.hias in lovely iiiTiiiiKcme.nts iu-».oi aled tin- l iioius. me i/u-hiui-Mi, mi.>. N. N, Darnel ntiU ilUiiH^' ol me liusmc-s.s, Mi'.-. , ... ii i'.iv;..i. chairman ol thi' nominating iiiinimucc. preai'iiieii Ine nun.Will); ,-ilaie 01 officers which >vi re M-ii-eUii by vole, presioenl. iVii.-.. Hoy l.uomis, \ice-pre.sidc-iil, an.-,. iS.u \ioo.tiey, M-cn-utry linti j in a-iUiei, IWis, jack Cooper, re- Ipo.ler, ,uis. 1'iied Ilimmng am! I,, ere iii;>L.incd uy iviri,. M.iu^e bin- ' t\itt>. HUIKC.SS introduced Miss I i.i./.uui'lii I'eiut in ine Arnansas ii'uxi'i' mid liinnl C'o., who showed I si.'Vi I'nl luins on "I orrect Ligntinti I in UK Home.' , Dei.c,ous i lureshments were ser! vi.ii to iwonly live members and a i4ie November meeting will be in the holm.' '. ; Mi's. \\. b. Ijurnam Wiin Mrs. Vt'rnon l''ore and Air.-.. ; \t, I 1 , dimming.- co-iiostesses. E8A Hn« Luncheon { Atomburs of Alpna Dmicron I'hap : ter ol 1CSA enjoyed a luncheon Fn- . Uuy in the home of Mrs. K. F. i 'urbrough. | Yeliow mums flanked by yellow j jptrs in bronze candlesticks were j juimi on the desk in the living | oom. - i The ditiliiR tuble WHS overlaid. vlh»«ii cut work cloth with a center )i«co of yellow munis lied with )lvu? ribbon currying out the sor- ronty colors. The small tables were . also ewUcrort with ttrranKemenls j of yellow mums. j Those present included Mrs Mil-1 ford Darnel, Mrs. C. U. Ui ay. Mrs. | J, V. MoMuhen. Mrs. Bob Reynolds 1 Mrs. Curl Uiilrymplc. Mrs, Joe P. • Crime, Mrs. J. B. Kranks. Mrs. Uene llule, Mrs Frank TnbcrviUe. Mrs. J. T. WorlhltiKton and Mrs. FranU Haliom Jr. ;., ll.irnby Ji . of Tr-xai k,.:. . ;|i<. -.vi'i-k '-nd v. ith M:\ p»n-nt ; , ,\ Mi H. 'A <-il.', H:imby. ,,h'l Mi •.. C" 'I' 1 ll'il' 1 '.|.".-nt ,y .!. M'lI'lM-e ,bl.l'O, ;,i,'! Mi • Dunean Mit'-ln-ll r'. ..iiiinieland of Little If'i'.-k (I,, .'.eel. <-nd K'lf-ils of Mr. You're Crazy , ., , ,. Ol'.•' 'n-.nM-.-lll.ll (in- [H-pl.y lit ,-j..-;.!.ii :' U|i" vvl'h O'.lri.-x. (.'..n. ,,',,, '- (!.[ v.i-.IK. fiiniln.vn f».i?liiii: (in'-' ,,, l,.,.|-, i lack "f l»i'i v.'lilch many ,,,,1 ' wni:i-n I'M "nlit " Try (.i«tr«-< cry thiy. r>^rf iutfotiuctnfy «ixe 43< ,!i :|. •:•.• tin «'S evei-v.vhei 1 j,. Hope, "I <'ox iJi'UK Mrs. H. n, Nolcn of North l.illlt 1 Hock WHS the week end guesl o( j Mr. mid Mrs. Uuss McCaskiH. Mr. Herman Aekerman of Little jl Rock was the week end guest of|J Mrs. Thorne llesterly. He was ac- J Be Holsum Flannel Gowns 1.63 Look Holsnm See the GAS RANGE of the DAY It's DETROIT JEWEL On Display at Your Friendly IKANSAS LQUIS1NK CAS Cft 79 OUSTOn sums UP Fri. & Sat. October 24th & 25th GOLD MEDAL FLOUR 25 Lb5 2.05 ^M FLOUR 10 u, 79c COMC IN KHnoSfa. HBR 8)ELia®US PAMCAKES! FREE! COMSTOCK OCEAN SPRAY SATURDAY, NOVEMBER FIRST C FULL CREAM COFFEE 3 Lb. Bag . . $2.29 Lb - 77f BAG / / C No. 2 Can C 5 i LIKTONS LIPTONS VEGETABLE SOUP t c DOLES 46 Oz. Can NEAPPLE JUICE c WATERMA1D 2 Lbs. . . . 29c l Lb. 3 Lbs. . . . 44c C GOOCHS STRAINED or COMB WOODBURY $1.00 Size GAKDEN CHOICE MEATS CRISP — FKtS HEAD LETTUCE c U. S. No. 1 RED RED DELICIOUS Lbs. Lb. FRESH — TENDER Lb. ARMOUR STAR — SMOKED 4 to 6 Lb. Average Lb. HOME MADE — PURE PORK Lb. C Armours Dexter Lb. Trapak "WATCH FOR OUR AD NEXT WEEK UNDER NEW NAME MARKET FREE Delivery FRESH DRESSED DIAL 7-4431 Serving You SinceJ896^ HBJHiCVJ^IMIMhM ' ^•••••••••i^*"*^^ FRESH DRESSED FRYERS «> WILSON'S CORN KING Try Holsum bread, new , and tempting on your table! See how good it is with other foods, with its fresh pleasing flavor. So right for your appetite. HALF or WHOLE DRY SALT FRESH PORK SHOULDER C: FRESH COUNTRY EGGS 45cd()Z. Large 21 Size can PEACHES . .27c C3H 25 Ib. SHAWNEE BEST FLOUR U9S3Ck 10 Ibs. No. 1 POTATOES . SSc S8Ck 10 ibs, PURE CANE SUGAR .. -93cbag can 3 Ib. can Crisco-Snowdrift . . . . 7 Ige. PET MILK 3 Ib. crt. Crustene - Mrs. Tn > MEN OF UCTION SHORT MEN OF PRODUCTION DICKIES TYPE 1 Q O .PANTS O.^ SHIRTS to Match 2.98 or 3.95 « -^•^•^^-"- YOt/fo Dickies FIT-PERFECTED The Negro Community By Helen Turnti Phone 7-4474 • u.iny uem» to Ml»» TUI-IIBI <l Hick* Kunsral Honir Alice Nelson. $22.17. lum- to slop In the mornlnR to] Nnpoleon gflvp n meJftl to 10-H Mrs. K'. SvM-iirman. sponsor, .-u-v.ipc them off. It's nRainst the jr.mln Dellessert wrint\ he- obxUlned Juanita Booker, $35. i l..w. you know." ' St'ffnr from beets In tfill. 11-A Miss M. Yeruer. sponsor, I -• - - - j Mae Katheryn Mulilrew, $1B.75. ; TI (I . fi,- S | sugar mill on the North! I 11-U Mrs. N, It. Ver.ner. Louise ] An.rrli'iin continent is believed toj 'Ward. $110.50. i have been established by Cortes In 12 Mr. H. N. Cilover, sponsor, i jp,^^ ! Joan H.N.m. $55.01. i : Contriliulio!\ Ircin Vei'i;ei' l-'lemeiv i lary School. Mrs I-'.. S. t'ooper. ; principal ?20. j Total collected in drive $l.i;l.!lli. i Appreciation service is in pru- RI-CSS at BicHeo Memorial church eaen niKlu this week. The public is invited. Mrs. Irene Field of Albany, N. Y. is visiting Her mother, Mrs. Antic Hostic and friends. Mrs. Nancy L. Palmer is visiting her husband, Henry Palmer who is stationed in l-'orl Leonnrdwood, Missouri. STOP ACID INDIGESTION! Vtwur^rwor TnMM'nf loj. ^v*« IMP\RTIAL •SAN I'l-'.l! NANDO. Calif. l;P me No"iniiri"no nniils have been a little late Ihis n ' • week, and I'oMnia.-ter T. H. Wilson complained yesterday, "somebody's JJj^j,^ been piaM' i in 'I r';e 1'se' slieiver* A lot all over our trucks. The drivers TUMI rO« TIN TUMMT FOR SALE My home located at 302 East Uth, Corneliu? Heights addition. 5 room house, lot 100x175 and priced to sell. $1500 down and balance $40 per month. See . . , , JOE BRITT Phone 7-6693 Happy Is The Day When Backache Goes Away.. .1 NnKBlnt hnelmehe.IoMof p«t>«nrt«ft«r^ hexdneltn »nd dltilncm may be due to »l< down of klrinry function. Dnetof* *»y r kidney function la very Important.W I henlth. When tamo everyday condition,* R» ntffM nnd strain, curnM thi* ItMWfl function to Mow tluwfi.lniihy folks •ulwrt glng lidoKnrhe-frol mlnerehle. Minor DIM* • dcr Irrltntlnn* due Ui told or wrong dl«t HW...-'r rnineKi.ttlnitupnl|ihUnr(n!qu(intp*ltMMt.; lion t ncitVeot your kldneyi tf theii* eonnl* lion* blither, you. Try D«*n'« PlibHft KhJM '• diiij-ptitj. IHert »u6<sfii«f(iiiy by miillaniw over 50 y wrVU'li *mmlnnt how m«ny tlmtf,, ' Dnnn'n Blvvhonpy rullrf (mm the«« dlROITI- . tlp the 1 IS mlUwnf kidney tubM »mjni. , h out WMto. Got Doan 1 * Pllta totfiijt , ...... ten fluth out WMto The Ilcv. T. J. Rhone, Mrs. Lucy Lewis of Seclaline, Mo., iincl Mrs. Sarah Hamilton were the dinner guests 01 Mrs. Mattie Sanders Sunday. «.-• - Mrs. Rachel Cooper of DeAnn was Hie dinner uursi of Mrs. Matlie Cooper on hunday. Charles F. Smith is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Henry White. Miss Adele White is visiting Ii-lends in Little Rock and altciulinK the Baptist Association in Hot,, Springs. M-Sgt. and Mrs. Oliver L. Hickles of New Orleans, are visiting Mr. und Mrs. Osie Hickleb and Mr. ana Mrs. Neal Garland. Yerger Selects Queen of Homecoming The YCI-RIM- Homecoming Queen drive ended Wednesday afternoon ai 1 O'CIOCK in the Yerycr Auditor-; nun xvit.i the contesting classes rcy. pulling. Louise Waid a member ot'j the junior class, B division, Mrs. N. H. Yerger, sponsors, won the coveted title of "Queen of Homecoming" out of a total of twelve conlcstants. She will be crowned Thursday afternoon in a colorful cornorauon ceremony in the high, school auditorium .beginning at 12:45. The public is invited to attend. The faculty and student body ol Yerger would like to express* their appreciation to all patrons who contributed to the drive. Kepori ol contest by classes: 7-A Mrs. L. J. Verger, sponsor, obcrt Laverne Parkmun, $22. 7-B Mrs. A. S. Walker, sponsor, faster Wcston, $32. T-C Mr. T. A. Hamilton, sponsor, Karline Courtney $10.35. 8-A Mr. B. Carter, sponsor, Joan Villiams, $15.1«. 8-B Miss H. Dunnings, sponsor, Ollie Nell Stuart, $25.60. 9-A Mrs. G. W. Miller, sponsor, Joan Wright, $42. 9-B Mrs. G. N. Davis, sponsor, Mary Ueloney $45.30. 10-A Miss E. Mitchell, sponsor, I Tender golden corn off the cob. BEANS 2 16 Ox. Cans Kroger Brand Plain Olives ^ 59c Embassy Brand, Quec'ns. Salad Dressing pt 29c Kroger Brnncl. Fruit Cocktail 2 S'ne 1 45c Kroger Brand. Clorox Qt 18c Househole bleach, '.i gal. 32c. Layer Cake en 79c Decorated Wliitehouse Layer. Cinnamon Rolls Pka 21 c Fresh baked by Kroger. . Pie Apples Nc °- n2 20c Comstock Brand. Society Continued from Pago Three Clyde Hill of Hope. S«t. and Mrs. John L. Mills of Hope, announce the arrival of n baby girl on October 23, 19r)2. Mrs. Mills will be remembered us tin; former Miss Billie Ramsey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ramsey, of this city. Julia Chester Hospital Admitted: Kathie Barr, HI. 4, Hope. R. L. Levins, Washington Helen Bobo, Rt. 1, Hope, Discharged: Ben Hacker, Hop 1 . 1 . Branch Hospital Admitted: Mrs. John L. Mills, Hope. CUTR'.GHT Waxed 125 ft. Paper. Roll CRISCO _etable Shortening Vegetable O Ib. QQ r Ivory Soap 2 Bars Large Size WORK CLOTHES WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER AT 100 St. Joseph •» ^M «« • BP^ • Bk. • ^ ASPIRIN SAVE MORE-BUY 100 TABIETS.490 SPOTLIGHT u, 77 c Hot-dated Coffee. PEACHES Avondale Brand, Slices or halves in medium syrup. PEAS Lo '9e, tender TUNA FISH North Bay Brand, Good qttality grated tuna. Ginger Cake Mix 14P ° 0Z ; Betty Crocker's, Cake Flour Soft'A-Sllk. Bisquick Betty Crocker, " * Crust Quick 9P ^; 19c; Betty Crocker's. , ' ''j Cake Mix 20P ^: Butty Crockar, Devils Food. Party Cake Mix 20P ° 0Z : Betty CrocHer'e, Sauerkraut 2 r3 i 3 .25c- Kroger Brand. Camay Soap i^ i« Regular Size. Large Pkg. 28c Ivory Soap Kfyl Vacuum Packed ton 8- Kr"oger Coffee REMEMBER If you can't find It In Texarkana or Dallas "Come to see me," I have your size. TQM WARDLAW'S Main Street Tailor Shop FOR Plumbing & Repairs Phone 7-4337 Fixtures and floor furnaces! Shallow A Deep Well Pumps. F.H.A. Title 1 Loans. ROY WARREN PLUMBING PICNICS MASSINGILL REST HOME 803 E. Division Phone 7 4320 For convalescent aeeidi men and women. State and city approved. Reg. Vocational nurse. Jewell Massing!!! Large, tender carrots, Grown in California. Bunch 0 Armour Star, 4 to 6 Ib. ovg, Tender-smoked. C HOISUM UNIFIES IAXU& New plastic wrapper flavor tight WEST BROS HOME OF GOODV£Ui Haul and Spread SAND or CLAY $145 Y 9 rd P*i Qr»v«l. Clay, Qravel and Fertiliser Available. RALPH 5AUNDIRS 74689 or 7417* HEAD LETTUCE 2^ 29c 2u to 39c Large 48 size, firm, crisp, APPLES Crisp, juicy Jonathans. GOLDEN CORN 6 to 8 inch eqrs. California. GRAPES Top quality deep red Emperors. 3 Ears 29C 2 Lbs. 25c GroundBeef Ground FrwK, FRANKS Arkania. Maid. S.UI00. 2 £ Ark. BeffUver Tend t r, ROAST .. u- ' .... »->'"'j% ; - ^ * «^~- , A - *" Hit tf. *

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