Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 23, 1952 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1952
Page 9
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, October 23, 1952 Thursday, October 23, 1952 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARK ANS AS >MI>lUVi-IN l jjffj )AV lfii'>, Mil LAND i"« SHRUNK Plus IU ANC THI HAWK" — eoufelt For Your Ittiiironet Neadi SM John T. McRae AflBnt for Lite, Sick ond Accldsnt, •Hofpitolizolion, Polio and Farm Insurance Our roles tip not Increase after first purchase. Preseott, Ark. i.rn'LR W.K:K 't;r i » I u.-.r linti'hfric" mid dcnlTS plwccd fl(i< ' al VKi'i (*0fl brollor rhl'kt *ilh prfrftuc- , <TM In Ihe northwest ttrco during ,.' iP!! . tlir- v/»<ck "M<1('<t InKt Kiitiifday. lh« ff-i r <fi;p f('|t(ullni( Mi'.'vlrc antiDiiiicfd v.i < It, Phon'i W« P. 0. Box 112 Broiler Chicks Show Decline f'l-iny. Cin« w.'i* ft tlpcrcrtao of 19 f.fni '.tutn It:r pifvl'iun week. Ofi ' Ihi- (..-I'll i.H.iciMrn'iits, AHtt.OQQ chicks' Arkott- v.-rrr h.i'-i.fl in Ihc nrt/a imtl 3fH,- .id fr> from other utateil. ,,! It'.'.i.mt) chicks wan , ' of the Hti'n, •' ' -li.sliiK ll.f wenk v/prr ' i-nt l.c!ow Ihi 'f iStf '^30®* Wt^ *!?al, 'A^it-VS'SSi ,< ^ i '?f?fr3rt?Sw" v ^«f I A.I IfeSaffeP-^Sr-^JV); .lusl "THI liaOtST IITTI.I STOKI IN TOWN" h«lf-hl f h S«d, ttf«*o smart new stylo* by yv, W6STPORT, Just the Hght shoes I);, for your fall ond winter clplhes. As shown In Bone- dlctlne leather, black leather, and brown suede with Benedictine trim. AAAA to B Sizes 5 to 9. 7.95 E STORE FltUd CorrteHy" 7-6700 Which one ' has that MONTHLY LOOK? CYCS SNOW CRAMPS, "NERVES", MISERY t'nr,M f n I. ,!«> h»l|<i buil.1 .tr.nirth YO... l..o. m»y nr.t h, »Mf t<» I.I.I" ^,,Mh "n ""»MIM?»M nnd KKrin/lwll thM tlr,,l, « e rvu,,», j,«i r y.>«k ,,, h S,,"!?;. K m,,r. «.lttr«l--Vwl !,t" mttftUl im m»M0r How tmiH. »mi.kf i.), 1 , k . , i.,;.,,,,,.. Allk youf dt ,,,| ar •,'„,. you «•• K«1> jour ..-rrrl enl,- .Inr.iiir ,„,.;,„!, , ; . ( , |V . -,.„,.,,'„„„.,„,.•',. "IhtiiMt 1 diiyn-flunt ti" lim nrie iriil in ... „,.„,,„ .».„. i .__. ' lhr«* win. .li(.(«» the «lruln from^.ll. ,;;;,75,.,*'„';,"' (i ';^ ,';' n 'I ""„', ^ ,"\ r '^ \ (nil! rmrvtm mul lm» "that T*k« Cnrtlul, w «pt»rlnl nifilii -lim liy tlimuttmlfl of wdnicn. K»)n to h n I p I n * u m 11 if il i in I if i ii rn |> > . "•»rye«" mill uioiiUily nilnt-ry, A lmli> t!• t't lti<rt>mt"H. D u i MONTHLY CRAMPS • CHANQE OF Llf! fr-'- Suess whatthe saying . Contest Closes Thursday October 23, Midnight See Full Page Ad in Friday's Paper! / for Answer / NEW SYRUP BIG HIT! !tW r«f tibbon Cano Flavor! «# 4i# " s{ •***•* . /... ' ^ ' the new Brer H»bblt ft»w flftwr your f»m- Uy wUI limply <iote on! H«ro'» Cane grower enthusiastic! twU finer Its flavor .,„ i WIMTZ, An«»nd«ae Plantation, White C»*Ue, La shown with Mrs. NViuU «»d their thrtM »ttmviivo littlo daughtent. Th» Wtntt fumily h«» lived in Louisianu for many y«ara. They know sugar eniwl Thoy know syrup 1 They Uuuk tho now Bror Rabbit Syrup t» the best fit syrup iV$ Hover that counts "Everybody in thU »ug»r o««* the fight riW»o« Mr. u«w B»Nr Rabbit Syrup r*wiud* jH9 of At* »vxg*r null days when I v»* « boor. And in «yr«p, it's the ^r th*t counu!" The« aw m»uy syrup* oil the market hut there^i only ««« w»y to Jvidf* thorn—und th»t^ oa flavor. You'll find some have « Ktron? lasio, others an over* swev't Usta. But Br«r Rabhit— well, t4»er»;'a a syrup that taste* just right. And Brer Rabbit luukes psuicskes. waffles, hot biscuits and com bread better toau ItV Mil lAltfT AM» Mi fOt SHORTENING SWIFT'S JEWEL... SOCIETY Pnon* 74411 ielw«n I A. M. end 4 P. M. j! followi'i« CMF's hnve been Invltd: Proscolt. Nnshvillo. Aslulown, vijurrn. Ourdrm and LcwisvlHo. clothing fo vinfnnts and child- ,'dpv six yi-nrs of age. These lift-ember •» 'n UtUo Hock nm! Mrs. D. M, Collier of tfopo. "Baskets for Pence" will be sent; Viiteenfs School ol Nit.-sins ami Miss Wright is » Krndiuito of St. | mid Mr. nnd Mrs. J. IX Hamttlon to thi- children in Korrt«. Calendar .23. Visitors ore invited especially I the Garden Club members of Hope. Thursday, October 23 ! u will be opon to lhe pub i ic horn The Hope Munic Club will meet .. until 8 p n\ Thursday night. October 23, at 7:30, *' in the home of Mrs. J. V. .Moore! Jr., with Mrs. Jim McKenzie as' The Catholi leader of the program. I sponsor | day. October I in the Paris Stng night will be held Mhursd".»y cordially invited to attend. ! Mr. Ambrose attended tiv> University of Arkansas. Monday, October 27 WSCS Circle of the First Moth-' Christian Women's Fellowship |. Jlmlor CE . S iodist Church will meet Monday.; Meets ak Church Monday ! Installation Service October 27. nt '7:30 p. ««••"««: Tlu- Christian Women's Fellow- ; T hc 1 ,n, Hemu- .lu.uor O. A's „! homo of Mrs. Kd. Asl.n Onkhnxen. shi|1 of Uu , Fi ,. sl Christian Chui-ch „„, ,, u . sl „ tlst Clul , ( . h „„,, „„ with Mrs. Syvolle Burke and Mrs. nil , t Mimday af,,.,.,,,,,,,,. October 20. : Mon ,,. lv ..f,,,,!,,,,,,,, fol . i»,stallaUon Lyle MrMnh^.."!,. 0 . 0 .*™^"^'!!!! the church parlor. .. _ ; ,, r ( ,,,,,,,,,,. -,,,„. fol ,owinn were ,„. The prosram f.n i of Kmmet. Mrs. Jnmes Henry Moore nnd baby son. Steven, of llenton. Ark., are visitlr.v; In the home of Mrs. Thehra Moore. Mrs. J. P. Oorrn, Mrs, J. \V. Strickland, Mrs. J. .T. Unttle of Kul- ton nttcndcd the UDC convention nnd the DAR Tpn In l\\c home of Miss Annie Clnlr Atkinson In TeX- nrkann Wednosdny, Persona! Mention Fnyo E. Bruce. dnuRhtor of Mr. iiml Mrs. M, C. Bruce, 121 West inth, is completing her AF bnslc h indoctrination course nt Lnoklnnd Air force Stt« to* (he Alf Mrs CUtu , V ranks. president, Births Mr, nnd Mrs, John ClyoV 1. Little Rock nnnounce the btrtli son, Oo(obor 41, -Thet x rtft m-ftndpnfcnt* Krd'Mr. »*« ,. Lynn WnsseU ,pf Little Kocft, the paternal grandmother l»n Continued on Pnite . sll(l( n ., ,,„„,,, n Sl<1 . vl , 0 Christ" will be m charge of Mrs ,, pllu , t , ,, u , mtH , tinK wU U prayer. k , (| bv M ch ,, i 5l>vtu .,. sim lim , , 3?H,65< BAKED BEANS night, October 23. at 7:30. Dr. F. B. Henry. Mr. Syd McMath. nnd Dr. H. M. Brents will be hosts. vn.un K^k-yand nsslsting hLu-vvill A{u , r lho „,„,,,„„ (1 f the mtnutos iis <, stt , u bv Mi , s .,.„. . Wl ilimi,s: •""" " " bo Mrs. George MiiM>n>. Mis. tlif- tin- In-asuriM-'s ri-piu-t. nnd old nnd j p, vsilll . nt i'.,,,,| t , Coop vice-i : ford Kills. Mrs. _Brack Schcnek. m . vv business was disposed of. Mrs. j ,„{,^j^ i» e ««y Hohins...': s.-.-n-. ntholic Altar Society \vlll' AIrs - •'•' ck Gardner, and Mrs. Sy- i Xrnest C,r;ihmn reviewed the 2nd , ,, S|HMTY° ilunkins. Forward ! a .pBghettl supper TnursJ -lU- Burke Mr. John W.lson. J, h , ^ ,, „ ,,„« of the; ^ i , u ,,. m; , n ^ .,„„ ,„„ , . ober 2:*. from (i to 8 o clock! " . ,,,.„„,! ...,j if „.,.. m ...<l »».» "i »"- "' . nuinitv missi.ms chairman, \ intin-' 'arish Hall. The public is | j't'ondan.e . u B«l ,"d if you m,d , K , nllini , .„ Jmlst ,, em .» ln nn Intoi-, ,„ A|m „„,.„.„, v ;m(1 Ii|nrtil Thl .. lsh • invited to nttcnd. Uansprrtat.on < all r-.,841. ; „ ,„, n ,, llmel , .,„„.„.„. librarian, -huh i:,-,h Davis. Mu-i»l ! , ' J'V'VT " T mb " r ? . "r i-hinrnii.il. Dorolliv Smith »nd IMlsv I „ «„,«.,., 9R November 7 ; <-"'^ No. 1 had tin- most P''M'«t. „,. ..„.„,,., ,,.,,,.„,., Ann S; ,H,m i Sunday, October 26 November 7 There will u'e an nroa meeting Wurld Comnuinity Day will bf> of the CMP of the First Christian i observed by the Council of United . •• . . , ( librarian, .hulv llcth Davis. >oi-ial i In the roun o members 1» ^ • , h ;nnnan. Doi-'olliv Smith and IMI SV ' "Iis• rlo"e°d wllh lno," lil| -°"« hs - «'';'iism,.r. Ann Sutlnn. Mellon. ! l:i!!^''s'u','i! Jn^riMiSh's!'Slu Terra Firma Garden Club of, Church Sunday afternoon. October; Church \\omen on No- Nashville is sponsoring a flower | 26. at 2 o'clock. All women of thn the Episcopal Church show at the Legion Hut October i church are urged to attend as the \ \\omon 7 -.»; e ..sktcl to SUMHYFIELD PANCAKE FLOUR (2 oo Z R kg , ANN PAGE MAPLE FLAVORED SYRUP (24- oz .«,., GOLD MEDAL or PILLSBURY FLOUR CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP 5-!b. Bag JL No. 1 leans AMERICAN SOUR OR DILL PICKLES AMERICAN SWEET PICKLES HELENA RUBINSTEIN announces 3-WAY PERMANENT First Home Permanent with Take-It or Leave-It Neutralize!- Levlnia Nell WrlOht to jlifilv, Bobby t'.iston. standard of Wed Hsrry Edward Ambrose 'excellence. Nancy Andrews, nnd Mr. and Mrs. S. S. WrljjM of this , l.'h:n i lana Sr.naHi. chorlsli-r, Sharon city announce the eiii>anement and Ku Idiii;'. scrap book. Mary Alice approaching marriiiKO of their ; Mnsley. daughter, I.evinia Nell, to Marry! Kdward Aniljrose. son of Mrs. Mar- , |\lntirr> vin Phillips of Little Rock and the 1 '>uuu<_ kayser hosiery late Harry K. Ambrose. ,,,, , u „ „ * SAENGER • LAST TIMES TODAY • DOLE OR DEL MONTE PINEAPPLE DENNISON'S TOMATO KETCHUP No. 2 CRUSHEDCan 25 2 sr 35* DOLE OR DEL MONTE PINEAPPLE 22-oz. Jar SLICED No. 2 Can A&P NUTLEY COLORED MARGARINE 1-lb. Ctn. GRAPE JUICE TOILET TISSUE WALDORF 24-oz. Btl. Rolls > r Anniversary Values - Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Cello Pk fl . For Normal Hair For Probltm, Bliached or Dy»d Hair Three Waves In One, for Every Type of Hair gs — Famous - 4 Doz. Size 2 2 CARROTS APPLES ""•"""' 2 LEUUCE GRAPEFRUIT BEANS POTATOES APPLES PEANUTS PEANUTS POTATOES KENTUCKY WONDER Idaho Russets DELICIOUS VIRGINIA REGALO SPANISH REGALO Lbs. Heads Lbs. Lb. 15c 25c 25c 15c 19c 5 - 37c 19c 25c 19c 33c Lb. 80i. Pkg. 80i. Pkg. Super-Right" Meats U.S. Choke Heavy Calf iriili CHUCK BLADE ROAST RIB STEAK SHORT RIBS ,>39o One-ttep stlf-neutralizing permanent for normal hair and children's hair. No check curls! No neutralizing! J" 31 s« l and apply "Miracle Lotion!" An *asy pin wave p«rman*nt for any hair that wantt a softer curl. Waves, sets, JOHN P. (OX DRUG (0. WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 News • Musical • Cartoon • FRIDAY & SATURDAY • LEO 60RCEY t lit BOWERY BOYS Com i no and Going Mrs. C. O, Clark of Dyersburff, j Ti.'iin.. arrived Wednesday tor a i visit with Mrs. O. C. Sutlon inul Mr. anil Mrs. Kelly IJryant. 1 Mr. and Mrs. I .eon Collier nnd boys. Ihvayne and Alhm, of Carls- 'bad. New Mexico, are spendlnj; two weeks with their parents, Mr. styles hair all at the same time. A neutralizer permanent for dyed, bleached or problem hair. Gives a tighter, longer-lasting professional-type permanent. 3-WAY PERMANENT, 1.50 plu* Ux BILL ELLIOTT "GABBY" HAYES "MAN FROM THUNDER RIVER" ARMOUR'S STAR SMOKED Ib. GROUND BEEF . . 5 BACON PORK CHOPS SMOKED SLAB BACON CODFISH FILLETS DRY SALT JOWLS Ib. Ib. 29c 19c» SWIFT'S HAMBURGERS lO-oi, Can 47< RINSO Larg« Pkg. FOR SALADS AND ALL FINE COOKING JEWEL OIL SURF Lorgt Pkg. AU-PURPOSE SHORTENING SWIFT'HIHG 3 81< BREEZE Large Pkg. IUNCHION MEAT SWIFTS PREM 12-or. Con 49< SWAN SOAP Med. Bars ANN PAOE SALAD DRESSING Jar 45' SWAN SOAP SWIFT'S MEAT for BANES 3'A-oi. Can LUX SOAP Reg Bars BIFRESHING, MHO UFIBUOY 2u*15< LUX SOAP 2 21< STOW B. O., NEW FRAGRANCE UHHOV SPRY ALL-PURPOSE SHOBTININ6 3 85c 11*11 FACE CVOW Ml PKO« SftVft MIST • Mlf LUAFiAICiS lovely collection gowns—pajamas—bedjackets by *&& $$&• High fashion values! 4|p" There's beauty and charm that lasts in this lovely collection of Lorraine lingerie. Made of beautiful super-suave runproof acetate jersey. Keeps its shape and freshness through wear and washings. In lovely petal colors,.. very unusual values. Gown, charming color matching nylon lace trim, elasticized bock. Pink, blue, buttercup, whitd. lilac, and mint. Small, medium, large Gown, tailored with elasticized back. Pink, coral, buttercup. blue, lilac, and mint. t \ Extra sizes $9.ff Paiama. swing back, smocking, ribbon, and button trim. Blue, buttercup, coral lilac, end mint. Small, medium, large $a.t* 8«di«cket, lavishly lece trimmed, V 4 sleeves. Pink, blue, buttercup, coral, lilac, white, and mint. Small, medium, largo $3.93 ^ * RIALTO e LAST TIMES TODAY • Bugs Bunny Cartoon • FRIDAY & SATURDAY • ROD CAMERON "THE OLD TEXAS TRAIL' RANDOLPH SCOTT ALAN CURTIS "GUNE HO" The Battle Cry of the U. S. Marine Raiders! Beautiful new Fall colors—for every costume and every mood —in Kayser's proportioned hosiery. All with Strait-On* Heels to keep seams straight and a new dull finish for snag resist-- ance.\Our.salesgirls will help you select the right shade for 'your^wardrobe. For real economy/plan to buy^pairsjor pairing off purposes. Debs ... Mids. ,", Longs. ,'.,;' .' ' '/ •",;, $1.35 UP 2nd and Main EARS ^ are not AMATEUR BUSINESS . . . HANDS OFF! If you've any cnr annoyanat. however slight, kt'fp tuuulit oft—liiivi' your |)t>:lnr iiivcHtigiilc HP rvtn rx|H'rily cxdinuiL' the hoiihiiK inrirhiinihin without ilnnncr to Ihc delicate earflnim, i'ou iui|;ht <io damiiKt-' At the /tr«/ siun of enr -(rouble j;<' 1° V'ur Doi-tnr Whi-n vou'vu .1 pri'wriiiiion to W filled, rely on Our Phoimaciai. Dependable Servke JOHN P. COX DRUG (0. DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS ON SALE THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURpAY DRUG STORE A'lf -Aw. Blnck or Brown 1Oc Box Blnck or Blundi; SHOE LACES HAIR ASPIRIN FOR CHILDREN Be Sure To VOTE NOV. 4 HIII.P- •-•mi JO-oz. Slit JUSTRITE CLEANER 29 C leavo Gray's Dry Skin Mixture ^ f2.25 JP' ••' ' ^———•»iii^»^* p ^^**' •i i»«n^^^" • , i fui,L < ^ni < ''!3fc' WITCH HAZEt^» 1-01. Silt Oil of |Wintergr«en| 6ynlh«llo VICK8 VATRONOL 40c * »'* i ELECTRIC HEATER Heavy wilt guard; IAND.AII PlMUMtfifi 3f White f ctroltum Jelly 25 C twu-inai RAZOR .Me

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