Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 22, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 22, 1894
Page 3
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Augusta Schmidt for tbe killing of Oscar Walton at the Schmidt farm near Walton, opened at Kokomo yesterday. This case was taken from this county to the Howard circuit court on a change of venue. Mrs. Schmidt's money has secured her able defense. Besides a legal firm at Kokomo she has retained Dykeman, Wilson & Tabor and WinQeld & Taber of this city to defend her. Prosecutor Klatler la conducting tho prosecution, assisted by the Prosecutor of Howard county, Judge Dyke« man. Judge Winfleld and Prosecutor Kistlor went to Kokomo yesterday morning to appear In the case. From the attention which had been paid the case and the notoriety it had achieved a spacial vonire had been ordered from which to select a jury and it was ox pooled to be a full day's work to secure djury from this venire. But it will tako moro than a day as court adjourned la=t evening- without a jury. THE DAVIS BRIDGE- IT IS THREE FEET SHORT ACCORD- INS TO THE FIGURES. The con- situation specifica- the homo t >otlce. Vet not Wanted. iV few days ago tho county commis- o[ Cass county advertised for bids for tho abutments of a bridge in Jackdon township referring to spoclfU cations on filo in the Auditor's cflloe, Throo contractors in tho city bid on tho same, namely: John E,Barnes,Leonard Woif and A. fjleity., all bids in accordance with specifications. At the last hour it bobbed up that the specifications would cut no figure, tractors then sized up the and bid with or without tlons. With specifications men wore tho beat bidders by two dollars per yard. Without specifications the homo mon were equal to any namely; fO.TJ. But said commissioners had an outside man with a piece of stone tho size of a llmburgor cheese and-a warded him the contract at the same Gpruro bid by the home contractors. This is tho way home people are treated. Pharos please copy. AUGUST GI.KITX. Child LOMI. Yesterday afternoon the two and a half year old son of Mr. and Mrs. liarney Wise residing on Smead street near Eighteenth, strayed away and could not bo found. After an hour's fruitless search the lire department was notified and tbo bells rang. A posso of searchers started out and after a brief hunt tho missing one was found with a relative a fow blocks away and was restored to ils parents. Of tbe Bridge Company WliH'h Erected It-Engineer Fr.uk C. Oiboru, of Cleveland, Find* tl>« Patchwork UtelrN*, tbe Bridge • ao Pound Bridge luitead of in 80 Ponnd Bridge aud Tuat It Should at Once be Condemned nm Vumnfe— Uetwll Ueport of the Engineers. Thoao who were compelled to use the new Davla bridge noticed He unstable character and commented on it. When the Commissioners came to accept ittheir attention was called to this unstablenoss and an engineer, Mr. Harry Coleman, was employed to examine the bridge. Mr. Coleman m»de a report which waa at once suppressed andM". Bort Dodd and County Engineer Bock \veri; cullod in to make another report so worded as to appear to excuse tho bridge company. Mr. Coleman has not been engaged ia discrepancy found ID this comparlso la In the length of the structure, eaoi »pan being V 6" shorter than th length called for by the btrose sheet 1 enclose you with this the repor made to me by my assistant, Mr Hyde, which explains Itself and whlol requires very little further explana tlon. On account of the dntsh of the low er end of the Inclined end posts yoi can readily see that as the brldge.de Hects, the posts will be Inclined stil more to the horizontal and will therefore, tend to throw the load upon them on the Inner edge of the bear Ings. This defect is usually bad enough but In this case It is particularly disastrous on account o' thi short length of epan, as It tends no only to crack the stone work but i baa considerable l^vjrage to do 1 with. When it was discovered tha' the bridge was too short to come on the masonry proper steps should have boon taken to reconstruct the structure and make it tho proper length. I can see no excuse for ac copting a bridge too short to properly come on tho masonry. In respect to the joists which are only <>" deep, I will say that this do foot is a very serioua ono on account o! tho vibration which they will tend to bridge work Tor live years and made j st t up in tho bridge. On account o hla first and only bid on bridges since tb<;ir extreme shallownets tbe deflec- THE HA VIS BKIWIK. to $100 Upward, .fl»0. Thrt rwulHt of tb!s paper will bo plmiswl Ipfirn thiii tl)i<rel.i ill Itinst ono droacled iHsreisos thut science has Iwen nbl« to cur* In all Its nt;if!"H and that Is Catarrh. Hall's Ciitarrli Curo Is the only positive cure known to tho medical fraternity. Catarrh balnc ;i con.itltntli>n<il disease, requires 11 constltulloniil treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cnre Is taken Internally, Minis directly on the blood arid mucim surfaces of the nysteiu, thereby uestroflni; the foundation of the disease, and ulvinft tlio pii- tlent strength by building up the constitution and iMMlstlnii nature In dolnR Its work.' The proprltv tors have so iimeh fiilth lu Its curative powers, that they ofTnr One Hundred Dollars (or nny case tbat it falls to cure, Send for list of testimonials. Address. K. J. CUENEK it CO., Toledo, 0. EB^oold by druffilsts. CAXDI1IATK*. FOlt TUK rwlll be ii ciimlldate for Treasurer of £li« city ol Loiiaiisport. subject to the will of the Republican city Nominating Convention, 0. B. SAHOKNT. LoiKinsport. Intl., Vebruary 13, isi-t. 1 will be ft cimdldatA for Treasurer of the city of Liwansport, subjejt 10 the will or tho Itupnblt- can City Nomlmuint: Convention. A. LUNU. Lo^anaport, Intl., February 10, IS'J-I. I will bo n candidate for nnmlimUon for the ofllco or City Trmsurer subject to the will of the Republican Convention. ,7. D. ALLISON. LonftnspoH, Ind., February 1'J, IH'J-I. I will be a candidate for Treasurer of the city ol LoKansjiort, subject to the will of tho Republican City Nominating Convention. J. U. (CY) .I'OWKI.l.. Ind., March 5, ISiH. Receiver* Notice. LOG ANSI-OUT, Ind., March 91, '94. To Whom it Mai/ Concern: All claims or demaids, notei Or accounts formerly held by the Logans, port Brewing Co., or by Walter A. Osmer, Receiver of said Company, have been sold under the order of the Cass Circuit Court to and are held by the Columbia Brewing Co., which is authorized to collect the same. WALTKH A. OSMEK, Receiver of Logansport Brewing Co. NELSON & MYERS, Attorneys f*r Receiver. Handle Vaetorr Wood for Male. Handle factory wood delivered to any part of the city. Mail orders to Hillock & Plttman, Handle Factory, on Toledo 3t., or P. J. Klmmer. — i CI;T THIS OUT. 1889 last Tuesday when ho made u, bid oa tho J ickson township bridge. Mr. Coloman's well known reputation as a bridge engineer caused the public to look with surprise on tho action of the County Commissioners and ;is u result of their action the Journal procured tho services ol ono 'o! tho most dis tioguiabed engineers of the United States, Mr. Frank C. Oabwn of Cleveland, 0., a member of tho loading Engineer A5sociation9 in tho United States and Groat Uritain. Mr. Oiborno procured tho measurements and yesterday submitted his report. That report confirms Mr. Coloman'B figures. Jt8how6 that tbe bridgo is throe foot lion will be considerable, as indicated in Mr. Hydu's report to me. iu proportioning such members an tho joista of tho bridge it is not enough that they should havo the necessary strength, but they should also bo of the proper form to give tho required stillness, and there is quite a (iilToronco in the moaning- of theso two terms. The capacity of these two beams may figure all ripht hut they should have boon considerably deeper in order to have proper stiffness to resist defection. The depth of these beams ie only 1 -;'0 of the span which is croatly (n excess of ordinary pood practice in this particular. In regard to the posts of tho bridge. Tho intermediate vertical ones, as well as tho inclined end posts are all good practice to build highway bridges with a lass factor of safety than ^ and the building of a bridge of this character in such a location with such a small factor of safety Is in my opinion inexcusable. I have not made as complete an «i- amlnation of the details of the structure as I would have done had I not found such weakness in the inclined end posts. The small capacity of these posts together with the defects above mentioned and as outlined in detail In Mr. Hyde's report to mo was enough to justify me in reporting as 1 have. The bridge company accord- Ing to their own stress sheet agreed to construct an 80 lb bridge, Tbe end posts prove capable of sustaining only 2Clb by the usnal rules of computation. I trust that these remarks together with the detailed report of Mr. Hyde will give you all the information you desire and I trust will satisfy you that tbo structure is no great credit to tbe bridge company or to tho commissioners who accepted it. Respectfully submitted. FRANK C. Osiioitx, MH. HYDE'S UKPORT. Mr. Frank C. Osborn, Civil Engineer, Cleveland, — —, :-,-r-^ " A. "End of short spun mstlnno* sine. ' f " r sllort "I"" . - - tr3C.«PlM, with shoe over-liiiiiKlni!. TZj , „ • C3BBCrackl« plw dliowlu^ the effect of Hliort. span, pier cranialiii g- nareu «*. 18»4. STAGE CELEBRITIES, This Coupun with two others of different antes, and Ten Cents, Is good [or one purt, containing twenty portraits, of Hie Mnrlc Burrougli's Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities, THE JOURNAL. CI'T Tlllt* OUT. shert. It shows that the shoo pat on to patch out really weakened the bridge by the additional weight. It shows tbat the bridge is only a 20 pound bridge, not an 80 pound bridge as called for nor a 100 pound bridge as reported and as usually considered the lowest safety limit. It shows that the bridge is unsafe and tkat it should at cnce be con. demned. The report Is as follows: MH. eSBOKN'S KEl'OllT. Logansport Journil, Lognnsport, Ind. DEAR SIB:—On receipt of request to make an examination and report on the m«tal bridge recently constructed In your city by the Wrought Iron Bridge Co., Of Canton, Ohio, I sent my assistant to Logansport to make the necessary measurements and examination of the structure Itself. I also wrote the Wrought Iron Bridge Co., asking them to furnish me with the stress sheet and plans, If they were willing to do so. They furnished the Information asked for and the measurements given . on the plans have been compared with the actual measurement of the structure. The principal too long In proportion to their least width. A posts to resist vibration and to have proper stiffness should not be greater in length than 40 times its least width. This is a rule laid down by tbe best specifications and is recognized as good doctrine among all bridge engineers. Some new specifications permit a post to be in length 46 times its least width. Thisprao. lice is, however, exceptional and I ICDOW of no specifications or any authority that will permit a post to be built 60 times as long as it Is wide The center posts in this bridge have this latter ratio. The inclined end poets and also the top lateral struts are all SO times the width in length. The shallow joists and these narrow posts all conduce to excessive vibration which Is not only disagreeable to the people who have to use the bridge, but extremely injuri. ous as wall, to the structure Itself. An examination of the stress sheet of the Wrought Iron Bridge Co., Indicates that the iron tie bars are proportioned for a stress of 15,000 lb per square Inch. This means a factor of 3J if the best grade of wrought Iron has been used or a factor of only a trifle over 8 if ordinary Iron was put In the bridge. It is not considered | Duar Sir:—1 have visltod the site of the Davis Bridge at Logansporl. Ind., and measured up the structure according' to your instructions. On comparing my measurements with the dimensions given on tho stress sheet furn'shed by the Wrought Iron Bridge Co., of Canton, Ohio, 1 find tho long-th of span center to center of end pins to bo \!>T 0" instead of 159' 0" as given on tho stress sheet; a difference of 1' (V' for each span, or a shortage of ;5' 0" in tbe total length of bridge. The si/.es of tbe various members check very closely witl thoso given on the stress sheet. Tbo counters of eF & ?f are 1.16" suunt and the counter 6K u omitted entirely. The mistake in .he length of spaa has been corrected (?) by plufiinsr a bolster under each bhoo. This boisleris made up of one 2T'x l.j" plute and two 6" x 8" xj" ingles U' 0" long OD the abutments and s anchored la the masonry. On the pier tbo bolsters extend clear across. •\s the end posts are provided with iv^ted sboes. tbe load is thrown upon he outer edge when tho bridge de- fljcts and iho tendency is to bring the olo load upon tbe edge of the pier abutment aud to crush the bridge oats. The craok under the northeast hoe of tho south span is good evidence hat such bus been the case at this loint, and that tho provision made is ly no means sufllcienl. If rocker boos and largo stone bridge seats not ess than £' thick bad been used in ad- ition to tho bolsters provided, a much etter result would bavo been ob. ained. But tho bridge should have ieen made tho right length. On examination of the members of ho bridge I (lad the roadn-ay joists to 50 six inch I-beams, which are far too hallow for tho pannel length of 16' They should bo at least 9" deep. t is not sufficient tbat a joist carry a oad; it must do ils work without loo reat a deflection, as this dellection ausca a vibration that is transmitted ^o main members and throughout whole structure. The deflection f tho joists as arranged on Ihe bridge bo 9-10 of an inch under a load of 00 Ibs. per 6(juare foot and 7-16 of an inch under a load of 80 Ibs per square inch. The lloor beams are all right. Taking up the end post Kl, wo have a section made up of ono plate H"x ]" and two channels T"—9.2 Jbs with a total area of 9.2 square inch. The moment of inertia of this section is 78.87; the square of the radius of gyration is 7.975; the oncetricity is 1.46". The length of member being 29.51 feet, the total allowable stress per square inch with a factor of 4 is 7255 Ili-i., considering the member as having- one pin and ono square end. Of this amount 2680 Ibs. per square inch is required for the bending due to eccentric loading, leaving 4575 ths. for tho direct stress. This member is good for a moving load of only 20 ths per square foot of bridge. The depth of the member ia 7" or only 1-50 of its length. The best practice does not permit tho least diameter of a member in compression to be less than 1-40 of Ita length. This member is not only extremely weak, therefore, but faulty in design as well. The ratio of the depth to the length ot the Intermediate poets Dd, Ee, Gg and Hh, is 1-50, and of Ff, 1-60. I understand the Commissioners bought a 100 ib. bridge. The stress sheet calls for but 80 Ibs, while the end post Is good for but 20 Ibs. It is hardly necessary to carry the examination further. A casual glance, however, at the stress sheet shows a stress of about 15,000 Ibs. per square Inch on various iron eye-bars or practically a factor of three for an 80 ib. bridge. A /actor of three may be permissible on building work in some localities or for foot bridges which are not liable to be loaded over all very f re. quently. But such a factor for an important highway bridge subjected to a heavy traffic ae this one is would soarcely be countenanced by any bridge engineer. To sum up: The bridge is too short and the attempt to correct this error ia from a standpoint of safety unsuccessful. An 80 ft. bridge with a factor of three has been provided Instead of a 100 ft. bridge with a factor of -1. oven if it were not weak In detail. The joists are too shallow. The least diameter of all compression members, excepting the first intermediate post, is too small. The end post is weak and faulty in ' .- PILLS j (Tasteless-Effectual.) iBILIOUS'anV'NERVOdS J DISORDERS. ; Such M Sick Headache. Wind c-d Pain in the; Stomich, Giddineu, Fullnett. Swelling aller Mult. Diizinett, Drowiinesi, Chills. Flusl;. ;! ings of Heit, Lost of Appetite. Shortness of < Breath, Cottiveneii, Scurvy. Blotches on (he 3 SW», Diilurbed Sleep. Frishllul Dreams. All i Nervous »nd Trembling Sensilions, a-J Ir',': regulariliet IncldenUlto Ladies. < | Covered with a Tasteless and Soluble Coating, Price 23 cents n Bo 1 !, pot, ^9 ('ana! St. *%* n Of all druptjisls. Price 23 c New York De-put. ^ (-.1 deatgo, m&king the bridge practically a 20 It, with a factor of 4. Tho bridge ie weak, poorly designed aod should bo condemned. Respectfully submitted, A. LTSCOJ.N HVDK, Ass't Engineer. Special Notice. As I am desirous of relieving W»d curing suffering humanity of catarrh, liver complaint, rheumatism, dyspepsia, and all diseases of a nervous and debilitated nature in either sex, until March 25th, I will treat &11 artlicted with tho above diseases free of charge with the exception of a very small fee in certain cases for medicine. I do this for the benefit of many poor sufferers who are in need of treatment and are not able to pay my former prices. J. W. MEKKOLI,. M. D., L>. M. & Asi't, 411 Broadway. Logansport, Ind. For the relief and cure of a cold in the head there is more potency in Ely's Cream Balm than in anything else it is possible to prescribe. This preparation has for years past been making a brilliant success as a remedy for cold in the head, catarrh and hay fever. 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Wftbash R. R. Co. The Value of a Package. The contents of a 2.5-cent package of Simmons Liver Regulator will cure many a eick headache. It's tbe woman's Mend. It cured mo permanently of sick headache.—C. S. Morris, Brownsville, W. Va, Take it dry on the tongue or mako a tea. Ooofffclnc !•«•*• «• CaatnuaiVtt ••, Kemp'i Baliam will ttop the oouf h at onoe Karl's Clover Root, (he new blood purifier, gives freshness and clearneti to the complexion and cures constipation; 25c., 50o. and $x Sold by B. F.Keesllng. Quaker beadacha capsuls give re» li«f in ten minutes. WONDERFUL! The Remarkable Cure of »» Arkansas City Street ;Com- mlssioner. I bad an attack of La Grtpp* the mb »f »»• eember, c«mpll<»t«d with tonsllltli: mi ctntan* to mr b«d one week. Tti« physicians gsre M* or Mr breaming was very labored; ba4 a «DM*k»Md stnsstlon at times; mr chest and longs weM nit sore. Phelp's "Four C" remedy belpet at Mi* tat dose: the »oren«ss left mr chest tlnta* In- gtantlr.-waawell ID turee days. Tie abore U due Mr. Phelps In simple Jostle* to tbU woidor- ml medicine. P. H. FEiHIT, (Street ConmlMttier Arkaosas City. December 80tu, 189J. Four "C" has cured A.stliraa, Bronchlttt, Pneumonia, and Ulcerated Tonillltls. ID composition It Is DIFFERENT, Is «ORB POWERFUL an< AOnra' In fact Is as D1FFKRRENT from anr other tu« remedy as molMses Is dlttereot from rl»e»ar. It la a EKf ELATION. BKST OF ALL TOD »AII W> BISK. TUe ESSKNCK of tbe contract Is, Four "C" MUST GITE SATISFACTION or moner refund** BEN FISHER.

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