Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 22, 1952 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1952
Page 14
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HOM ITAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Wednesday, October 22,1952 lioni Glvtn on satlonNfidi ttt of Kducition >»*t n««ht «ltf»d «ftl!!Bi»i Whit 909 tr) the Wof r>t school fncllltlM, And it lwi «i ft huwy, * m«>«iitt«i which in tMM of til* P»f«nl A»itor|Btl«m arid 0»d'» vsot PRESCOTT NEWS Hevull-Murry Vow* PM*tfe*d (ktnd*y AfUrrieon Minn T»ntiB Murry t*r«m» <h« bride nf Jnttie* l^ewl* HOWP II In It tvrtmvny perforrowl SHinrtHy In this Flr»t MethodUl Chun h Hh.(I the tlfltiglHur nt Mr end M(». Tanno Morry. Th* jrroom'n parent* art- Mtn Howoll end th« late Mr, Howell ot four* one Hoard official cstim«i'''l would eanl $in million. North l-lttle R<*fc. R" v - W. A. Linddcy officiated. Yellow ehrym>ntri*mumt and nu tumn folla«« d«cor»lod the altar for th« ceremony. Lighted y«ll«w taper* in c»nd«l«br« formed an ereh which w<i» twln#d with »u- turtin lenvw* and ar«en«?ry. Music w«» presfnted by Mr*, txtrn John •on, ornanlKt. «md Miss Carlvln Lilly of Umoko, »<il«jl»t, Mr, Murry «»v* hli daughter In Hi-r magnolia i«ttn gown wt-rn for »rnr»* of WUB fimbloned with a fitted bodice ' and <ii!p|> nyl'iri Illunlon yoke out liiK-d with penrllwd sequin and ppurl embroidery, Tho drcs» Junior »)#m«ntnry <!l»#«ro(i(i)i«, four H»g}j 8chooU, two »cl,oolfl, »nd H rc Ihttl two oW itruclun 1 * Iw dlim/in tlfi<j and r«plnc<.'rt by now nchool*. SovernJ hundretl cltlxwi pxprttds ed IlielC conenrn for InerenKcd en- r(J]tBieiit.ii, tiVBrorowik'tl biill'llnK«, OVorlondliiK of Inriclirr*, nod cla»* tit (wslng hi'ld In r.tn'h urironvcn tk/IIAl pl(iC"« HR t'iift!t«rluii, mull Quess what the by is saying! ^correct answer fcagular 39,95 "GE" ELECTRIC MIXER lindyour BOX "A" *ln Core of , HOPE STAR accented by petal sleovei rid n bouffant nklrt of unprcMcd which »w«-pt to « cathedra 1 mill. H«r (IriKRi'tlp veil was efUign i ft Chiinlllly Into honddroM trim u'd with t»e«rll7.cd orange blon om* mid *ho curried a »nlln wed in« ring of butterfly orchid* an tuphanlols entwined with nylot ,ilU« isnii ««?cd tieorln, «nd shower d with lliuKlun bow knot*. H« nly ornament wus M strand o enrlB, » «lft ol th« Kroom. Mr*, JUieker W. Muiry, »Uter-ln ,HW of Iho brldo, won matron o lolwr. She wore fl full length drcn ( t'li'" 1 ' 1 green net uver tiiitln will i fan «ri«in;d b<ullee antl rnntchlm loin, Hfi huln WH* of net rosfflte mid »i?uuini». Sho carried « crcucen luuauvt ot bnmwj chryiBiitlu-murru i«d with t«ll*man ribbon, Ml*» Vlr«inl« Hawaii, the bride- tinier WH* bridesmaid and tnymond Caylr, Thurmnn McDon- tl. j«>x»rk8n». Miii Mym Cothcr, Oiorl» Cothcr, Mr. and Mm. Bill »«rn, 'led Hpence, Don Coth«r, Mi*ft VlfKinla tlowll, Mr. and Mm il. Flnnncior Bnruch sskl hf <}(,•-, ; b.v lh«- President and other admin sabotage those provisions. . .which) not agrw v/lth Tturnan, Cardinal! istration leacterg. <-.,fllrr,an, about the firr.p thi» row! N( w Introduce) tho general at York dinner. Mxirriis, Mr, and Mrs. Uilli Both Klu^nhov-fr and Stevenson Mr». Duncan Mltchpl, Ut.'h:ivc callwl for modification of tt Pat McCarrari (DNov), I arc designed to protect this counj try from subversive penetraitoii."; and Mm. Jam«« II. SU»phen»un, ami ftamrt Ann, Mf. and Mrs. Ivey '(. Westmoreland, Mr», A. K. Ash- trull, Mri. J. W. llnrdln, Llttl« HOCK. Murry -.- Howell Party Olvcn Rehe*ri*l Dinner Mr. and Mm. Hucker Wilson! Murry WBI-W ho»t» lor the rnh(?Hi'»al dinner In the Hrondway Motel b«n- room .Snturdny, Oct. 18, fm whnm the Presid»-nt hn« described " j i.s "not my kui'l of Democrat".; H is estimated that if all the • tu'u\ yesterday both candidatoft • ipcovcrable coal reserves of Ken-: ; misled about provisions! lucky were converted into gaso-j CHILDREN net, which nmcmg othor'of thr i,iw which carries his namo.iliiit, there would be enough motor; thing* retnln the quota system --j Thc attack nn thf law, McCar I fuel to last the entire United States j attacked most severely • fpn paid, "is ;i calculated effort to'fcr 100 years. ' Pure orange flavor makes this specialized aspirin so easy to take. Tablets are >/« adult dose. 390 ST.JOSIPH A8PIHIN f OR CHIlDMjL Vtiss I'hnla Nell Drill, cousin of thc britlw, wu« Junior bridesmaid, They «ud In gowns Identical to thnt worn by the matron of 101101', Don Cothcr of North Little Hock wtt» b«»*t mnn. Groomsmen were Ituckor W. Murry. thc bride'* bro- Jerry Clurk of Dallas und Conrad White. A rvcuption In tho Murry homo allowed, this curmnony. Yellow i:inyH«iHhiMiium8 nnd greenery In decoration. The table Wiiti cfiltei'tid with u three -tiered wwdilln« eiilte encircled with clem- iitls ami t't'in nnd flanked by cun (U'liiimt. AKmslintl were Mrs. ('. U. 1.,'Vi'nnt of Hot'*'. Mrs. 1. T. West tiinieliind of Little Hock, Mr*. J. H t-Jrltl, Mrs. H. H. McKen/.lu, Mrs, C. W. Buchanan, Mrs. Al willlum*. Mrs. 4. T. McRue, Mrs. Hrynon, Mr*. J. V. Fore, Duncan Mitchell, MUs Loyco nnd Minn Marjorle Ander- noil ot Little Rock. For travel tho brldo chose u burgundy red velvet suit with block velvet n«coK80riON tind nn orchid Mud Tanna Murry. hl» Bister, find •/nine* L. Mowell whose wedding nuptmln were *»lftmni/.ed Sunday, Oct. 1U, In the First Methodist' Church. J»nmi mums In white and yellow witn iiure ixjws oi yellow malinc iiittrnpiti *ed made the central liiwie urmnrtcmeril flnnkocl on eiicli aide by burning tuner* in xilver .mulei -.. i'mct'H were marked with a mini- iiture biiuc und giooin and wore lor tin: himoioeii, Mr. anil Mr;:, i. ivuirry, parents ol tne uncle, MIHS Virijinia llowell, Con- rart while, Jerry Clark, Pholn Nell Unit, MOV. und Mrs. W. A. Lintl- ftey, MIH. John A, Logan, Mrs. livru Jonniion, Don Cother, Mr. aim MIH. KucKer Vs. Murry. Mr. nnd Mrs. Wullucc I'cmbei- ton uiul W. T. Hurt were the Sunday uncut)) of Mr. und Mm. Ilugli Hurt in Curiuten. Warren Cummlnss, Rdmond Logan, Kloyd Hubbard, S. O. Logan, Chnrllr Dews, Jim Tom Hltt attended a Nelson, and rully for thu Proxbytcrlrin Men In Camdun. MlHD Dorthy Wilson and Smith of Little Rock were end ijueHtn of her mother, Hobble Wilson. Scott wuuk Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Brozle Ilnyriie of Montlcello sptrnt the week end at their home here and had as then Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ituynlu and sontt of Smackover. Mr.--, n trip throtidh Florida Mr. tind Mm, llowoll will reside at 141(1 Cl nines Struct. Out ot town guests were Miss Ann Bunion, Mis* Ctirolyti Lilly, l..«noke, Mrs. S. M, RIchardRon, Mi, nutl .Mrs. Pulley und Bobble •fosio. MlntliMi, IM,, Mr, and Mrs. Vliiyrt Un'erelt, Hope. Mm. John McGIU, Chui'Uo Provtiu', Arkadet- chin, Juiry Clark, Little Rock, Mr. nnU Mrs, Bill Furr, Camdon, Mrs, U, 0, Wvxltnorolund, Mrs. Miss Norma 1'lanle of Tcxarkanu WIIH tho week end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Eagle. Mitts Marjurlc Anderson has returned to her homo In Little Hock after u visit with her purents, Mr. urul Mm, Fred Anderson. Facts Tangled Purposely, Says Truman By JACK RUTLEDGE WASHINGTON Wl President Right down to the smallest model ': • 'V.-v ""'^^ M " ^ji^'jjm jgi*^ jj ^jj • f Only GMC builds em v Big-Tnick"rugged ! 9^1 . • , ^^ ^^ ? «i»^ manulaoturor to en- Uun till (ho way to tho piston pint. jpr It« il&t**t»wofcht models with There's the some "extiV' enito««rtojt S>t,ini*nutttemV«r8 roscrvo jok» only." » llihtest CMC pickup I sturdy truck-built Taeco- ttue-typo -ittfllftd «atm?Qt' iNwttHV ' P^F service iu the chassis, too— « deep, rigid frame riding on long "pillow- notion springs," and real "truck-size" brakes that respond to a nudge ot tho ptidnl. Why not come in and drive one? ivven the steering mechanism— which operates in a bed of recirculat* ing ball bearings-is the belt in the business. Whatever siso truck you need, jw «•» 't A*i* « '«* I; i 4 'Hill MOTOR CO i- V »1P '•.•'•I* ' . t ' ^m mi Ph«nt417 At WAY if i i$ to u At IT Y: r \]i yi' I // \ tf •^^•i^^^ *^E _ ^B M* ^B •^^•M^H i^^B* ^^^**^^.-.-^» - i * _ • _ • •_ _- _^ » ....... ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ' ^^^_ UP! Get ready NOW! Shop Penney's! ..-*.. Truimin says ho did not call Gen, Dwltiht O. Elsenhower "antiCathu lie nnd null-Jewish." Some Krpu hcnn leaders, he says, are "delib erately distorting' his words. ''I said no such thing," the Presi dent Raid in a statement issued yesterday on the even of his de pnrturo on his next-to-lnst Campaign tour for the man hu wants to succeed him, Cov, Adlal Steven son of Illinois. At tht same time, Truman nclrt Ort, he stands by his stntemcnt that tho GOP presidential nominee "cannot escape responsibility" for his endorsement of Republican sen alora who pushed through what the President culls discriminatory i:« migration taws. Ho repeated the words in lust Friday's speech read beforo lh Juwish Welfare Board — a speech which is swelling into a major con tnwersy with election two weeks awiiy; "The Republican candidate. . nirtnot escape responsibility for his endorsements. He has made an at tuck of moral blindness, for totiaj lie Is willing to accept the verj practices that identified the si called 'master race' although h took a leading part in liberating Kin ope from their domination,' 1 Elsenhower himself took note o Ihc growing controversy yes>U i rda> wiien h« told whistlestup crowds at Providence, R, I,, nnd AUli boro, Masts. That the udiuinistru lion hud accused him ot being at ti-Semitlc und unti-CaUiulic. "How long c«n they get to tr> to soil that sort ot thing?" h tuked. "1 said no such thing." Trunui deelnrect In his statement yestc duy, "and indeed meant no sue thing,' ami any (air persons wh vetds what in fact I did say, n be as shocked as I am by the u suvditles in the press of tho last tvw days." But, the President added, he did "'r.ol withdraw a word" of his Fri day statement crittcuin^ the sen ei «1 (or endorsing OOP s e nutors \vho vpted (or the McCarrun im migration law ~ passed by Con gross over his veto. "The practices o( those senators — the practices of the blft lie and of character ussasslnatlon — are identified with the so called "mas- T race' theory and no amount of istortwn c»n change that tact," 'rumsn went oax. "I know that the Republican can kltte for president is neither anti ewish nor anti-Catholic but why does he «ivc his endorsement to uch men?" :UeniH>wv-i\ whistle stopping hrough s:\ow flurries yesterday, aid >n « speech at Providence iiat the opposition, "finding no \y»y to defend Us despicable rec I. has h«d no recourse except lu launch attacks that are as false i as they are terrible in nature." 'Thank nooilness I have got such fueuds as Curdinwl SpeUmau, Rab IM Silver, and Bernard Bsruch to o»$w«r those lies in « hurry," £» HOlei &***» Extra Special Rayon Crepe BLOUSES • While and Pastels! • Amazing Value! • Sizes 32 to 38! 1.00 Special Buy! BRASSIERES • Rayon Satin! C/%—, • B Cup OnlylDUC Men's Tailored 14 Ounce Fabric Gabardine SLACKS o Holds Create! • Pleated Fronts! • New Fall Colors! • Sizes 28 to 42! Free Alterations! QUILT LINING! Gabardine Jackets Balance-blended of Rayon-Acetaie-Nylon! 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M, Small/ Dark Dress-up Hats 2.98 tittle rayon velvets with a special air to them . lots of fashion for a little Penney price! Worn beguilingly off-face, they're yours in black, brown, navy or red. dur Doily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor Alex. H. Waihburn.. _ Interesting Excerpt Page Mr. Boyle The Road Home Maybe this is propaganda, but en the other hand you can look it up yourself, and discover whether it's true or false. It's a letter from a fellow down in Texas: | Editor The Star: Every day, several times a day, I hear It is impossible to vote Republican and still claim to be a Democrat. Maybe so, but if you will go to your lending library, open a book called il-The Man From Independence" 'by Joscphus Daniels, at page 117 you will find whore Harry Truman voted Republican and so did his mother. Hope Star WEATHER ARKANSAS — Fair, n uttf* Warmer this atternoon, cold f»> v night. Mild Friday, Saturday. Lotf* eat temperatures 28 to 36 with scattered (rost tonight. Tamjwratufd* ' Hlflh 68 Low 29 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 9 Star el Mep« !••». f'"« \V Coniollddttd Jan. II, 1*2* HOPE, ARKANSASrTHURSDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1952 M.mh.n Th» Ar. N*» Cold Clf«l. > 3 Moi. Indlnt March II, HM — PRICE 5c Chinese Get Close But Can't Oust Koreans By ROBERT UDICK SEOUL, Korea, CUP) — Two nmdrcd Chinese C o m munists ashed to within hand grenade range of South Korean infantrymen on Sniper Riclse today, but the burn fcir.r He made no bones about it -]ROK defenders stalled the Rod as- said th^ man ho voted for had IhcjaauU with machincgun, rifle and right stufl and if he voted otherwise he would have been untrue to his country — and he had no apology to make for his vote artillery fire. The savage battle for the central front height was continuing at last reports, with the Reds tac- Nobody questions Mr. Truman's ing stubborn resistance from the AHJ^WV.^ *• . . . _ .__i C,-.«t4Vt T^j-ivnnnc Hempsteod Women to Attend Nat 7 / Home Club Meet Mrs. Monroe Stuart, Route 1, Ozan, and Lorraine Blackwood. Home Demonstration Agent, loft today for Little Rock where they will 'join 51 other delegates from Arkansas who arc to attend the National Home Demonstration Council meeting in Raleigh. North Carolina, October 2G-31. A tour which will include Duke University, Morchcad Planetarium and the University of North Carolina has been planned tor the group Sunday afternoon. Points of interest will be visited cm-out e. Following tho council meeting the Arkansas delegation will make a 2-day side trip to tho Atlantic coast before returning home. fc-ight to bo called a Democrat, so why should I bo denied the same privilege? I am going to vote for General Eisenhower because would be untrue to my country if I voted otherwise. I am not apologizing and I am still a Democrat. NEVILLE G. PENROSE Oct. 17, 1952 Fair Building Fort Worth, Texas. » Editor Thc Star: I am exceedingly glad to get a piece of your Daily Bread. The other writers were good, but it was not as fresh. Keep the good work going. It is the first thing I read r - -" R. Oct. 21, 1952 Columbus, Ark. Thanks. And I won't say a word about it to Hal Boyle. Here are some more notes from •^last month's Florida trip: Far down the summer-deserted road to Key West, 100 miles from anywhere, there's a hamburger stand with a million-dollar name: The Hidey Hole. And on the homeward side of your journey there's a pair of signboards worth mentioning. When coming down off the Vicksburg bridge into Louisiana, on U. S. 80, your eye meets a proclamation by akthe Louisiana Department of High- ways: " ; 'KoIti your, .speed to 40 miles per hour — this road is beaten up." And right behind it is a second billboard, erected by some wit who owns a restaurant in Monroe; it reads: "Better listen to what the man say's — tie aint kiddin'." And it was sadly true. Fantastic as my report sounds Arkansas has never had a paved ' road as badly beaten up as Louisiana's section of U. S. 80 between <$the Mississippi river and Monroe And they're doing just what we did between here and Fulton on U. s. 67 — they're turning the old concrete into a three-lane asphalt road. But they've got a year's work ahead of them, for sure. South Koreans. A rifle fight was in progress a 10 p. m. (8 a. m. EST). but Rod artillery had dropped to occasional rounds. The Red attack was not directed against main South Korean defenses atop Pinpoint Hill, but was aimed at an outpost knob on the northeast corner ot the height. A Rod platoon was first spotted moving in on the position and was placed under a heavy artillery ban-ago. The Communists rein- an-ao. toiccd to company strength and drove on to a hand grenade battle with the South Koreans. All through Florida you see convicts working on the highway, a couple of guards standing by with guns. I don't know who had the , worst job, the prisoner with a shovel or the guard having to stand idly by under a summer sun. Some of the Negro prisoners were singing. One of them spotted me and my freshly-lighted cigar, raised his voice higher than the rest and chanted: "Yassuh yassuh ... a seegar . . . what I crave." Even thc guards grinned. Departments Spend Funds Not Allotted LITTLE ROCK Wl — State agencies and institutions spent more than $10 million in cash funds — money not controled by legislative appropriation — in the 1951-52 fiscal vear. State Comptroller Lee Roy Beas ley told the Arkansas Legislative Council yesterday that a*n audit o the expenditures places the tola amount at $10,937,347. The Council ordered its chair man, Rep. L. H. Autry of Missis sippi County to study the situation with a view of bringing cash fund under legislative control. Cash funds are collected by th various state agencies from fees or charges and placed in their own accounts rather than in the state treasury. . Beasley said the 'University of ArKansas led the list, adding it spent $3,419,885 on its main operation in Fayettetvillc; $453,885 at the Medical School here; $75287 on thc Agricultural Extension Service, &nd $39,424 on the Pharmacy School. The university has asked for an appropriation of $9.6 million to operate during the next two fiscal years. Democrats in Virginia Face Split RICHMOND Va. Iff)—With two of its "Bin Three" silting out the presidential campaign because they don't feel they can endorse the Slovc'nson-Sparkman ticket, thn Virginia Democratic organization today faced one of the biggest splits in its ranks in recent years. Former Gov. William M. Tuck Editors See Stevenson Taking State LITTLE ROCK (M — Arkansas' newspaper editors still think the *latc will be safely in the Democratic column next month despite reported Republican Rains in 31 rural counties. An Associated Tress survey of editors in 71 of tho 75 counties F'UOW shifts in sentiment in 42 counties but a net change of. only one per cent during the past 45 days in the expected total vote for each parly. In a mid-September survey the editors' combined opinion was that the Democrats would poll 05 per cent of the popular vote — the Republicans 35. The latest check, with four counties not recorded, shows a consensus that tho Democrats will receive 04 per cent, the Republicans Bulletin By The Associated Press The Philippine Red Cross reports 370 known dead and 200 missing in the wake of the season's worst typhoon. The tropical storm ripped ncrocs the Islands Wednesday, causing untold damage and crop destruction. It now Is threatening the coast of Indochina, where It expected to hit tomorrow. Grunewold Is Indicted on 32 Counts 1.7 Million Spent on Last Two Campaigns UTTI.K ROCK Iff! --• More than 11 $1.7 million was spent in the lasi tv.o eampalgns to eloct Arkansas sjnvornnr, says the Pulaskl County Oranrl ,l>iry invi'stlRntinn allegoc iiT('Kularilit\s In slnto Hlgiuvoy Di'pnrlmenl operations. ! Thf jury, which Issued an In- torlni report "" ' ls probe yeslcrdoy and then ivressed subject to cnll, said pandlflntes In the in, r )0 and HIM DomocTalio primaries —spent WASHINGTON I* - A fo«l,-ral. tl'at murli money In their cttortB grand jury today indiclcvl Henry |l° « 1 ' 1 t''''i't< <tl VV. (Tin- 'Uutchmaiu Cirunewnld. I And, Iho Jury added, there were One Person Is Injured in Highway Wreck One person was Injured Into yos tcrday In a collision of n Jeep and nn nuto on Highway 07, about miles west ot Itope, A Jeep driven by Mrs. Flnlcy of Fulton lit. 1. collided with an auto driven by Benjamin Fornuin of Ucllmont, Mnss, According to Investigating Stole Patrolman Guy Downing the Incident occurred when Mr.s. Finloy made n left turn on tho Highway. A Negro woman, Lou Emma Chcathnm, Kulton IU. 1, was thrown about 10 feet In the iilr nnd landed on tho pnvement. She Is In n local hospital where attendants said today her condition was not considered serious. Mrs. Finloy und Iho Bellmont last niKht joined Sen. Harry Byrdl Rcpub i ican activity is the grea in calling Gov. Adlai Stevenson a j (n thc nistory of llis county, candidate of "Trumanism." contrast a number of tho nows The third member of thc "Big Three," Gov. John S. Bailie, has come out for Stevenson and ha? nade a speech in the Democralic presidential nominee's behalf. Tuck, like Byrd.^did not come out directly for Ihc Rcpubii- can candidate, Gen. Dwighl D. Eisenhower, he did mention him in a slalc-widc radio address-something 1 Byrd did nol do. Tuck said: "Candor compels me to say that thc Eisenhower platform in many vital particulars as well as the Eisenhower candidacy more nearly conforms to Ihe tradilional principles of the Democratic party lhan does Ihe Truman platform or the Truman candidate." Tuck, who resigned Aug. 18 as Virginia Democratic chairman be cause he was unwilling to commi himself on the presidential race said he had hoped to remain silent "But now that Stevenson ha embraced Trumanism," he addcc "I cannot be true to myself an those near to mo. . .without speaking out'firmly, particularly in the lighl of Ihe dangerous situation 36. The four missing counties casl approximately three per cent of thc tola I vole in 19-18. Intensified efforts of thc victory hungry GOP to put across thcii candidate through his personal pop ularity and by attracting Truman hating Democrats to his banne were evident throughout the slale Editor after editor reported thn greates I newsmc . . , hadowy i\ian-aboul-\Vashinnton, on I "numerous Instances" In cnndl- 2 chai-j-es of contempt of Con- 1 dittos cnmpnlRn fund records I "where the size of the conlrlbu- flitted In and' Hon and the known business affil- imlly escaped with minor cuts ml bruises. Both vehicles wero jadly damaged, ;ress. Crunew.ild's name out of llu 1 sensation-packed hoar- ugs last year by a House commit- ,ec investigating tax frauds. Gurnevvald finally was called us wilmvs last January, but declined In answer any questions. About all the investigators got out of him in five HCMSIOIIS was the stnlomes-.t: "I was born in 1HB2." He declined on advice of counsel to say where he was born in; talk I about anything involving him since that date. said thc campaign was attracting) little allenlion in their home bali- All surface indications poinl lo a Rcpubiican victory, according to he editors. Straw polls concluded by a number of dailies and weeklies have without exception shown a thump' ng majority for the retired 5-star general. Conversalions along main slreet and in barber shops and other centers follow Ihe same genera Iherr.e of anli-admlnislration talk But the editors discount much o this as conversation only. Woman Dies in Accident NearGurdon ARKADELPH1A (UP) — Mrs Lucille Logan, 48, Shreveport, La iatlon of the donor (jrcnle some question of whether tho contribution wns made In the Interests of jjoiifl Kovornmenl." The jury, mentioned no names li Iho report. Shortly after It openec UK probe—Iho second by n Ornnr Jury into findings ot the Tllghwny Audit Commission — the jury sub pocnnod the financial records o all cnndldnles In the Inst two cnm pa i Kits. The idea, snid Iho jury nt th time, WMS to determine tho rclntlo f cmnpaiKn expenditures nnd th 'wnsti', dishonesty and exlrnvn K.-UICO" oiU'il by the Audit Crimmi Finn in Highway Department oper lions. "Our inquiry has progressed inr cnnuKh to Indicate that drnstic changes In <>ur laws nnd political customs -must bo brought about before the stale Highway Department will operate with top efficiency and economy," said the was killed in an autonuiliik mill's Nixon Goes to Minnesota, Jabs Truman SIOUX CITY, la., (/PI — Son. Ulchard Nixon, Republican vice presidential nominee carried his Some Forests Set Afire, Says State Ranger LITTLE UOCK Iff) — C fl r' hunters nnd maliciousness Wofff,! cited today na tho main rettfonj fur tho tlnmiiiR forests Unit ft ciiKting n pall of smoko over Sou Arkansas. )' "Ranger Jim" Mnrtln, nssigtOT stiilo forester, said that U or," fires covering a total ot netti 3,000 acres woro reported still Ing today. Mo snid roportn from state ta,rvi era In tho Cnmdon, El Dorfcf and Stamps nrons 'say that srn6' Is hanging thickly over,tho Jir.i and visibility from towers has " out to three or four miles. W said Civil Air Patrol pianos being usod to spot tho fires. "Ranger Jim" said thnt b bor of thc fires arc started by . pie who have root or ImaainarJ arlpos against tho state or tho p~ voto lumbering and paper comj mes, However, most of them, ,t paused by careless hunters, t|J| forester said. Volunteers und atalo tire „ ors put out 07 fires yesterday m* which l.UUO acres wore burndd vi ?4, Martin said that this is the <" wreck »on Highway G7 three south of Gurdon lasl night. The ear she was driving let'. HIL highway and overlurned several es, according to Chirk County eritf Howard Arnold who Investigated. He said Bill Irvin, 20 times 'Sheri They feel that party loyalty - vcstigaler . He said u.u ''" • "«- r-minnd in Arkansans since the Iso of Shreveport, was alseep in he car and was not hurl. The couple was en roule to Hoi springs, Arnold said. that's VanFleefr Disagrees With Eisenhower SEOUL, Korea, (UP) — Gen. The Florida beaches cherish their * porpoises as much as any sailor does. At Sarasota's Lido Beach, where I spent most of three weeks, I learned that porpoises around a beach are a guarantee against sharks. I, knowing that the porpoise, a friendly warm-blooded animal like the whale, has no teeth, asked just how a porpoise could handle a shark, who has more teeth than a lion. It's teamwork that does the M trick, I vyas told. Porpoises have the herd inslinct When one spots a shark he sound the alarm and a whole crowd o porpoises go after the varmint They butt the shark with thei heads — and the shark leaves. The shark is a lone wolf, co operating neither with man nor fellow shark. Ona of them seeing a herd of porpoises beating up another shark wouldn't lift a fin. It's sort of like a picture of the United Nations beating up Russia with words. But that's only a picture. My story about the porpoises and the shark is true. James A. Van Fleet, taking issue with Republican Presidential Can- didale Dwight D. Eisenhower, said today thc South Korean Army never will be strong enough to man Ihc entire Korean battle line. The 8th Army commander was commenting on Eisenhower's proposal in a recent campaign speech .hat Republic of Korea forces re- lace all U. S. and foreign troops >n the Allied front line. which confronts us." The disagreement over the presidential campaign has caused a bigger rift among Virginia Demo crats than opponenls of Ihe Byre organization have been able to bring about in thc last 15 years Many lower echelon members of the Byrd organization came out fo Stevenson before Byrd made hi speech, and most of them have reiterated their support of the na lional lickel despile Ihe slands o Byrd and Tuck. Others, including two member of the State Senate and several i the House of Delegates, have bee campaigning actively for thc p.iblican ticket within a statc-wid organization of "Democrats for E senhower.' ingrained in Arkansans since end of the Civil War and intensified during Ihe Depression — will prove Ihe deciding faclor irrespective of issues or personalilies. "They'll get the grumbling off their chest before election day and then go into Ihe booth and scratch straight ticket," reported one ditor who did not wish to be quoted by name Oddly enough, Eisenhower's in creased slrenglh was reporlcd i he farm counlies where newsmen said Ihe Korean War and Prcsiden Truman's allacks on .the genera arc losing ground for the Demo crats. The hubbub over Sen. Nixon Negro Held in Theft of 90 Bales of Hay Clemmic Lee Choalham, 3, r )-.vcn old Negro of the Macedonia are! is being held by Hempstead Shcri Cliiud Button in connection with th Ihefl of some 90 bales of buy froi A. W. Biorselh of the Provin fund and thc resulting furore ovt all candidates' income has goi almost unnoticed in these countic the editors said. Those issues have attracted lhei rc . s ted Chealhom yesterday arid Jury. "When it has apparently become necessary for n successful candidate for. governor to expend $150,0 In his election, and when more him $1,700,000 is expended in thc i.ort space of two years In.guber- ritorlnl campaigns it Should bo pparent to the .most casual ob- n-ver thiil the state and ultlmatc- y the individual citizens will pay vi price." The Jury repealed an Audll Commission slalcment thnt $18 mil- on in Highway Department funds hut could have been used for oiid construction and maintenance vcro lost because of "Inefficient methods" over ti 4-yeor period. Passage ot tho Mack-Blackwell Amendment to the state Constitution in I he Nov. 4 election was irficd by the jurors as a start toward the "reform so badly needed." The amendment would reduce Ihe size of tho Highway Commission and stagger terms of thc com- cumpuiRn Into Minnesota, today utter Jabbing sharply nt President Truman nnd tho Democratic parly in live Iowa Whistle-stop speeches yesterday. In Sioux City last nlffhl ho told a packed auditorium crowd that tlir Democrats arc using "a form of political blackmail" In farm program activities. Ho related: "Some of these political PMA (Production nnd Marketing Administration) ottlclols acting under orders from Washington, are lolling farmers In effect: 'Wo nro coming around early to sign tho farmers up for next year, because you know If tho Republicans got in, there isn't «olng to bo any farm program.' October for fires on record. Thifi have boon 1,084 flros since Ocl.j4^| covering 21,000 acres. TW Lie Seeks Ai d on Status of UN Help By RICHARD WITKIr^ M>s UNITED NATIONS, N. Y, (XJE| — United Nations Socyetory-Oen/f nl Tjpygvo Llo called on V Ingal talent today to help' status ot 12 American ployea who wore Hired, or > I charge thnt Is n form of'feo- od last night tor refus&g; ..... -' lltlcul blackmail In --• The auditorium crowd wns estimated at 7,000 by W. L. McMoekln, building manager. ! In Ft. Dodge, thc California senator nccuscd President Trumnn ot "raising tho ugly spectre of roco hatred." Nixon said,the President recently raised Catholic and Jewish issues. At Cedar Rapids Nixon made a reference to Democratic claims ol Republican untruths, then commented: "President Truman i3 the last man who should talk about anybody lying. He has hud plenty of practice." Cpt; el of eminent Jurists fror% nations^ including the •* States, to help him formMlftl permanent U. Wf. policy in, cases. The question revolves T j how a U. N. Btatf member's ; cnl relations with his nativoj ornmcnt affect his standing,-all international civil servant, ^ Lie fired onu official, suspet another and pliced 10 on CQ spry leave with pay. All JZ witnesses before tho Senate,-4 nal Security subconuiUtted ;.? recent hearing on possible Qofi missiones. Ground. Deputy Sheriff Allen Shipp ar- most atlenlion in the larger coun- lies wilh Arkansas' main cilies. II is the Democratic gains reported in these larger counlies — cvfffel Eisenhower's slowly increasing strength in thc country.' Here is how the editors think the state would vote — by county — if the election were held today: Angry Judge Discharges Jury HUNTSVILLE (UP) — An angry Circuit judge has dismissed one grand jury here and said he would empanel another to investigate alleged marriage rackets and election irregularities. . . Judge Maupin Cummings criticized grand jurors for failing to take action on charges that Huntsville has become a center for juvenile marriages. I'U remember Friday, September | Cheer Leaders at Spring Hill The Student Council of Spring Hill High School, Donny Smith president held an election for cheer leaders, and the following were " a Unda Butler, Molly Hatfield, Nell | Raschke. Curtis Burns, Gilbert Lafferty, Gayle Mitchell, (alternate). Youth City's Best Asset, Says Cherry By LEON HATCH LITTLE ROCK Iff) — An ailing Francis Cherry today told the Ar kansas Municipal League —by proxy — that a town's greatest as set is its youth. The Democratic gubernatoria nominee, ill at his Jonesboro home, was unable to address the League, composed of Arkansas' mayors and other city officials. But he mailed a prepared speech to his former campaign manager and present Democratic State Chairman, Leffel Gentry, with the request that Gentry read it to the I League, which opened its annual said thc Negro admitted getting thc hay and selling it for $02.20 He also admitted to breaking into a warehouse used by Mr. Diorscth and taking some nails, furniture and other items, Deputy Shipp iaicl. The hay was stolen Tuesday, Mr. Shipp said. Many Obscure Little Men Feel Like Shooting Their TV Sets But Few of Them Do Small Hurricane Forms in Caribbean MIAMI, Fla. Iff) — A small but potentially dangerous hurricane moved northward in tho Caribbean Sea today on a course that could bring it over Cuba and Florida. The hurricane, sixth of tho season, was about 350 miles south of Invana and 5SO miles south-southwest of'Miami, the Weather Bureau said in an advisory at 5 a.m. (EST). it packed winds tip to 85 miles per hour over a smal area and. extended out-word SO miles in all In Waterloo, Nixon said. "Prosl- n lst activity among U f S, e, dent Truman has reached a new i n tho United Nations; ;*. low and that's pretty low for him. Lie acted attor BtudylnKT He has taken tho presidency and 1 • • 5 ~ uaed it in political attacks unprecedented in this country." script ot the hearings <jo Sen. Herbert O'Cpnor (D-: , , ing as chairman ot tho subco: tec in tho abBimce of " "~~ Car ran (D-Nev.V convention today. 5, 1952. Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Hamm 1 it is ^throuwn to the oceaii floor. of Hope had driven down from At-j Wh*en thc crewman nods to the ., to Sarasota, the day be- bridge Captain Sage cuts the 300- horsepower engine and they heave out the anchor. You've located coral, and are tod to start fishing. and so at 6 a.m. Friday my brother-in-law. Frank Gibson, and I took them deep-sea fishing. ft We went out from Bradenton Beach on Captain Jim Sage's 65- ioot diesel Clipper, along with about 15 others. You go out about 15 miles. The west coast of Florida is shallow. Even so far at sea you hsve only 30 to 45 feet ol water Under you. :• One of Captain Sage's crew U th$ ocean bottom with "Our cities and towns are concerned with their pressing material problems," the Cherry speech said By SAUL PETT (For Hal Boyle) HEMPSTEAD, N. Y. (fft— Every now and then an obscure little man rises up in wrath and smites the sounds and sights ot a world that is too much 'with him. In doing so, he becomes a hero to many of us who share his convictions but not his courage. Such a man is Frank P. Walsh. Unable to submit any longer as a captive audience, he rebelled. He shot his television set. He shot it dead, right through its l2'/2-mch eyt. But Walsh paid the price of martyrdom. He lost his job. "And I'm still in my wife's doghouse," he said. "It's very cold." Mrs. Walsh, mother of five chil dren ranging in age from 5 to 15 can't explain her husband's precip "Yet a municipality's greatest) jtous action. "The set may have potential of all is its boys and 1 , been on a little too loud," hp girls. I cannot overemphasize this. "The municipality must provide playgrounds, parks and wholesome conceded. "But always before when he complained of the noise I turned it down and that wa , I caught seven, most of them grouper. But Barney Hamm caught the biggest fish of the cruise and won the $9 jackpot. Not without an argument, however. There was a stockey, stoney-lacedl gentleman recreation for its boys and girls, j that." I would rather see boys and girls Mrs. Walsh looked forlornly a aboard from Bradenton, ajwi on the weighing Barney topped him playing on a nice playground than to gaze upon your most gilded mansion." Cherry wrote that "in order for a municipality to render expanded ami better servke, it is necessary to hav* revenue," and ad4ed that could be raise* only by directions. Thc hurricane probably will the fights and the detective stories He had nothing "against television except when it disturbed his sleep Several times before the fata icident, he said, he had felt like looting the set when the soum hook his early evening naps. "B'inally," he said, "it happened, unday night I awoke hearing omebody scream. 'Hey, Abbott!' t was Abbott and Costello, and I ot nothing against them. But I vas mad not being able to sleep, figured the easiest way was the quickest. "I got my .38 Smith and Weson. I walked out of the bedroom and leaned over the rail overlook- r.K the sunken living room. My wife and all the kids were there. "I told them to move over and then I fire from an angle about 15 feet away. Caught the tube in iie upper right corner. It exploded into a thousand little pieces but the glass didn't fly far. Nobody vas hurt, but the T V set was ruined. build up slowly, with a northerly movement of about five miles per hour through tine morning and a buildup in forward speed thereafter, forecasters said. Bridge Approach Hearing Scheduled MEMPHIS W> — Army engineers announced today that a public hesring would be held at Caruthersville, Mo., Nov. 28 on a proposed two-lane highway bridge across the Mississippi River near Csruthersville. The multi-million dollar span — linking state route 84 in Missouri with state route 89 in Tennessee — is sponsored by the Tennesnee" Missouri Bridge Com«nisiJon. The two states and $« federal govern' ' W Urged to Help in Yule Party Plans for tho pre Christmas season employer-cmployee party being made by the Retail Division of the Hope Chamber of Commerce, are progressing very well according to Harrell Hall, over all plans chairman, and Syvelle Burke, chairman of the Retail Division. The chairmen urge a large attendance at the Monday morning Merchants Breakfast so that more details can bo worked crut with the entire group. The various committees are reporting that, interest among employers-employees is running high and predictions are lor a very successful occasion. Entertainment committee chairman, Eldon Coffman assures all of a very enjoyable evening with a we talk, a good meal, game* an4 (Up? ing. Lyle JBrown J»a» accepted the toast-master's role fp* the eve&teg, and as always, he wlU keep the - Students Spring Hill Pte$ Annual Officers Superintendent: John H, Jr. announces that ihe foUflwt; fleers have been '«)' Spring HiU Jtohools' *i Bear'B Track"] JeML Editor to Chief; ;O»be,rt4 Assistant BI"" •—— party moving at rgtwd. clip. Chairman Beryl Henry ol w oration* and property COJIM fitting decorations are made the occasion. The date U still tatty* M will I*'won as possible, L. and employees are u*ged to.ftl and Join in ft big evening ol «Q< tainrrjent- e ee. wm $$m Misi ment would sham to Us yet only roughly estimated. the empty corner ol her Hvin joom so recently occupied by he television set. "I feel so lost without it," sh said. "It cost $258 and I don kr.ow when we cai? get another one. We. had It two year* and only m?,de tbe last payment this Au- twr ta«, *». Walsh Yergcr Porodr 2:30 p. m,f r The . 1 guess my wife' got scared- She took the kids outside an«i cfelled the cops. They came and saw I was sober. They took my pistol apd pistol permit away- Without them, I couldn't work and knew it. So after the cops left, I changed my clothes and went down to a neighborhood bar and really got loaded." saW her » ^mnr^tf "^' •»•- '- ^_ ba4 become part ol did Jose Cold Penetrates All Arkanws By The A*Mfl*|«4 Rre'f Penetrating «oM still clung to most of Arkansas yesterday wi$ Gilbert reporting a shivering VI- „ , Other low* jumpti the state »* out Lj«r*l *8 ^fiUfpl reported by tb*. V, 8. Weatbsf Bureau at Ltttte Bocfc Fayetteville, Jg; Batef

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