Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 22, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1952
Page 13
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EMS HOfI IT At, HOM, ARKANSAS * 1 --rt-T -•••:•, „.. ••,,,--• ....-*..*.. .. * • > October 1ft, JUfiCJISTEnjCD PolM Hereford ^ Bull and JUIf«r cnivo* fl to II irionlh* 014, $900 up Fred Me- Junkifll, Snrstogn, ArMnnf«>, P*»STIE^I; ' '.', WWJIpfllFi ' vSr^'iSXSSi Art *l r t CfmMtlMW *!p»loo JWt* (poyobl* Ifl t Hop* M ,,,«u«'Jl"'("V'' »*a Sludy €•««• MPUBf» four high ichool at NO 6t«m, fflxt» ' furnUhfd'. Writ* ttt n«t booklet, American ... MM Alabama, Fort th, Art, O'li-lm I4VUT dill fl«lcklr. PlsfK). refrlt«r •tor, mhn'l flulHva wntrh, Bar ' |aln lot c«h, 81ft W. Avo, K. _______________ f ROI8TJSRBD ft ynif old flol*l«n JHtll. Will Mil or tr«elc for rnllrl. W, A. Alford, Rt. 3. Hope, IVOt NKW 1'ump Bhol Otm, 3 Uoxes or ihelln, fw value. Moke UK nn of- ft U8KD TOO X 10 Tired, Good con- M), ,4^4 700 x 13 tlrw. CJonrt tUlWrt, Wnkn u« nn offer. !oittp»rtirienl Sink, complete trijp and connection*, Moko i offer. We wont to itell, ,„.,. COMPANY, Colony Manager, ai-3t titoto for Solt .._. WITH INCOME J>LEX 8th nod Plt>«, 7 rooms, a ithn, 2 q«r garago, 8ldo walk* livbd Ktrset, ot « price you con Dl «", 8 room* and b»lh, V«n«ti*n bllnda, ready to move Ifl, You 'can own thlH for ICHN thpm rent. v« 40 ACKB3 near Hopo, oil fenced, nirtnln« wnlor. lortie born, mod- arh 0 room hoin«, Butuno mid elceiHcty. Vou cnn buy for loan thah cunt of hcvui«, 4 ACfllfflS, 3 room lunmp, City und ll«hl», mnk« tm nn of. The Negro Community •y H«lfrt Turn«f >»K«n» 74474 Or Dfinf tl*mi to Mitt Tnr •I Hick* fon«r«l Horn* Thft Sf'filor iholi of morlfil CMK duirfh will rehPiuiw- Thursday night, O./1. 2-'i- All mow Mantle Is Rejected by the Army MIAMI. Okln. Ml — New York! Y>uik*?e nonhnmore Mlckpy ManUoj i.» sink-el tfi l«»ve hfrrr todny with i-~,t'vct\ other 4-F Ottawa County! yr;'.inf(!iters for Oklahoma .City andj hi? third nr;ny draft in loss thnn two y*';ti n proiirnnt itl CMK chtirtli Sunday public Is it Memorial' night. Thfl | i i U, ll w.m doubtful whether tho: Ai'iny would tokit him ev«n If he; his phyHli-nl be.e.-nise of the .. . ... ..fii i . .. . II. A. Ilkhr. (.'. W, Micks ami I). IH , mbl , r ,, r ,,„,.,„„, ,.u,, wl ,|, m t upon! I.,, Alexander find Iltmitlu Junes of ToxarhartM itltimdcd tho «sm« between Oinmtilln will Wilny Collage* In 8hrf'V< % i>"rt, I.H, ] niul and Mr. nnd Mr», Mr, Atut Mrs, Eddie Roy Hi ulk,wii;<t il.c All Slur bn»(,»l)nll an me In Liu le Hock Oklohoma Center Lineman of Week the the- tho hl« If y«Hi went to Buy or Roll Heal COMPANY 21.31 By THD MEIER NKW YOHK Ml - Tom Cnllln, 30-yi'iir<i)l(J rutiiloi' ci'iiU'i' for ih<? Unlveriliy of Oklnhomii lit tin- line- itmn nf Hit. 1 wuttk, The cn-cfipUiin of the Sooner* today WHS nitmt'd the winner of tint AuM)i;ltttf;d ('rani! poll bvcnum! ofj his piny thnt proved thv lurnlmij point in thir Oklnhomn " yumtt liint Saturday. Oklahoma won, -12.30, but 8< nnw It'ii by only 21-20 In second hiilf with Kantian on Sooner five when Cntlin rnndt: kt-y ploy, On third down. 3 to «o. Cutlln IhmiiKh lo throw Jerry . Kunmm ((Uflrtcrbnck, fur tl five-yard UtslH, KIHIMIIH lost thc bnll on ddwiiR nn tho next piny. An Bub Wilkinson Okluhoaui «o(ii;h, Haiti htti-r "That shook Kan))<»»' confldi'nco nnd we woro iiblo to win," Cnllln, a powerful (1:01 Ifts-pouml- ir from 1'onrn City, Okln,, olso throw Ibc key blui'li on the |j|,iy thill bronchi Oklnhoinii its flrstt touchdown. OlhiT llni'iiicn from vlrliiiilly 'i>ry siH-tlon of tin; country rt- culwd hlfih prlulHv, ninonK tlu-in, l)jni. Sificp hm fnthfr'» recent doiilh Mickey hnft l)f(>n th(- sole- support! of hl» iiiolhttr, two brother* . u »Utt!r. n<' Him Is mnrrlud ! noon will \iir u father. ' Hrmi'ii VVtttklris, | j|ls k<«i nllnit-nl IK tln> result of IIUHhey nnd; ,4 footlmll Injury, received In n liltjh school Kiiine. ! Oi-ltflnnlly, th^ Cominorcp, Okln,,! i'iiti - dsttr WHS clnvHifled 4-F by hls> clrnft lionrd here Nov. 28 1050. In TuUn. Ajjril II, I US I, mi'dieiil i-x-i iii;.ilni-is Jitfiiln found him unacccp'- iiiili-, U.".-l'.is ,it Ft. Sill. Ati«. 20i HI5I liiKrfi-d him 4-K nftt-r (.'hock-; ii u Ins U<K. A i-ci'i-nt tliccctlvo from Gen, i / iiwlit H. Mcrahi-y. nullonnl draft' ciri.-clor, Is roitpunMlhle for the re-j cxiinilnliiK of cr-rlnln nroup« foi-| r.iorly cntnloKiicd us non-draftablc. j The order Mtiilc.s tin; urmy does noli want fli-U'L-tecM who suffer "active! oKlooniyclltl.'i or » verified history| of dironlc ustt'oitiyolitls unlusB suc'-i eossfully treutcd for two or more: yenra prt'vlously." ! Dr. S. S. Guynor, New York! Yankee phytdt-lnn, last FLOATING MINING PLANT TAKES A TRIP—One of the most remarkable accomplishments in tho history of U. S. Industry took place recently with the building and dramatic moving of the world s cnly floating sulphur mining plant 05 miles from Grande Ecallle, La., to Bay Ste. Elaine. The unique, 82,000,000 plnnt, built by tho Frceport Sulphur Company to extract sulphur from n deposit hundreds of feet beneath Bay Ste, Elaine, will pour nearly 2.000,000 gallons of superheated water (329 degrees F.) into the deposit every 24 hours to melt the sulphur. At full operation, the plant Is expected to produce 100.000 long tons of sulphur a year. Photo shows the plant, "i""nted on a huge steel barge, being towed through a narrow canal In the Louisiana marshland. Most difficult part of the trip was negotiating a 00-degree turn Into Bayou Lafourche to get the unwieldy plant through a swing bridge at Leeville. Boscom, Bivins Matched Tonight ST. I.OU1S, I*t—Wcs Bnscom. a homi.'tuwn boy who hits shown promise, nnd Jimmy Hivins, a rins Vflcran from Cleveland tanfiln in I IK- Arenu toni«ht In a scheduled 10-rnuiul henvywulisht match that for St. iflors ;i un!(|un situation r,,uils M^'ht fans. , Tho bout, to bo telecast and AuKiist ; | )roa( | cnst (CDS-TV, CBS) nation . , - vvrott- Mlckey'.s dri.ft board he had ju |, y llt n p . m . (CSTl wll , b(; thc . f Of R.nt . uhfurnl«h(!d houio at 900 tanillton Street. Apply ol 003 * ' Id-lit bnth, furnUhcd n- A. P, Dolony, RANKLIN COMPANY. 21-at „. „ _„ . ... bath and • ?Hy«t« ^nUgic*. Claj-a«e. Phone ?4M7^ jr™ -U.9t . «ct ;a«Jb Carrol), Diamond UlpWant.d S Avw^banutllul 1ft S«U U the treaty, Cnpltilli« on thin l*ct»mln| «n Avon ivo lh your own ' Hoi Sprlngi. Av United thu outfielder during ttu- pns>t two Kprlnu training sf-iisoiu; iilmo.it daily. Dr. (inynor explain- en Miuitlc had to wear a Kuan! on his leg while pluylnK to east: f.wdllnK nnd tenderiii'ss. Dr. II. W. Wendi Iken, Minmi m."(ft board iidvl.-.or, eoncurred In llarlt'y Sew ell. In the Southwest. The T«-xns Rucm.l plnycil tu-llllnni-. ly both offensively ami defensively Arkanaiis. He hit Ai-kunsiis Hog Cross Country Team Victorious FAYK'ITKVILI.K 1,11 — Tin- Uiii- \etsll.v of Arkansas' criiek cro.«s country rnnnlnK team won its first i-nisaiu-mr'nl i>l' the ilowulhK Okliihomi yeiir yesterditv A&M 'i\ to l"i ii the St. Louis nrua. Whether future b'nits hero will be carried on local TV outlets apparently will rest with the night's ".air receipts. Bnscom, an East .SI. Louis. 111., NoKro, has been climbing slowly i tint steadily in both the beavy and I lifiht—hi>avy division?. IUt<ht now i liu's thiid amoiiR the outstanding boxers In thu liHht-beavy class. Uivins on the other band, is a I12-year-u!(l campaigner who has nhvuys carried respect in the lioavywoiKht division. He. too, Molds a No. ;i ratinf! nmont; the (jiiistandiniL! boxers in bis weight class. Neither, however, is ranked as a contender to .either tin: heavy Mtirrny Kltnn no luird on one playj krrs ns Unit tho hull W«8 Jnrrod from Kl- Mu,> victory ostublished the for- 01 ' lUht-ht-avy title. ton's Sewcll foil on tlu< ball on thu ArHnnmtH 15 to set un Tex.' flt-Ht >T. D. U }» csthnntwl thnt nbout 70 million pounds of HU(s4r »re u&etl an- *m in tf^^fH^^,: M«-!ilRhl favorites to Southwest win a third Conferenre cross country championship. Kai'l- lor this year, the team from Still- WHlor t-iislly defeated Texas A. & M., the Hazurbiieks' Icmliiis 1'ivitl for I'onferenri! honors. .Yesterday's winning time was 54-28 over a I mile course. Under Missouri ring rules, to- nij'.hl's bout will be jud.ued on a point basis, with judges splitting 10-polnts a round between the two. I'jastern Kentucky and Southern Wi ; st Virginia produce ubout one- SPORTS ROUNDUP . By GAYLE TALBOT NEW YORK. WI—The professional women golfters of this country now are wnacking up more prize money each year than their male contcrparts did in 1916. Six of them will average better than $10,000 apiece this year and will pick up additional thousands from sportlnj; goods firms whose tools they use on the fairways. Before rushing out to buy the daughter a set of clubs, however, it might be well to listen briefly to Freddie Corcoran, who invented ^laving Kolf for money. "Thc competition among the five or six top girls h;is become fierce lately," marvels thc tournmanet. ninnafier both for the men and] women f!' ani01 ' players. "A few I Voters Are Having Tough Time Also By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON, M — When ho opened his TV fireside talk last night Gov. Stevenson mentioned ho\ v tiring the long presidential campaign can be on the candidates. He might have added: on thc voters, too. ^ ,-....,- -.. Steadily since early September yi'ar7''ng(rBabc''lDidrik'son"zali:ir-i Vl ' 1t? ' vc bcon listenin « to - ° 1- reading, herself. | w "'it he and Gen. Eisenhower have Hope Journeys to Nashville for Annual Tilt Friday night the Bobcats journey to Nashville to change their ancient foe, the Scrappers. The series is even up since 1928. Since 1028 the two teams hav^ met 25 times, each winning 12 games and one ending in a tie. ing the 1945 season the teams twice. The series probably starte prior to 1928, but that's as fd back as most of the local football 1 fans can remember anyway. This year the two squads are rated ubout even, with the Howard 1 county boys having a weight advantage. However, Hope's record is a little mere impressive. While Nash- villo was running over DeQueen 37-D, a team Hope beat earlier by 41-0, last week the Bobcats were playing their worst game of the season in winning over Fairview^ 20-13. Both teams have beaten HoW Springs—Nashville by a 33-13 tally, Hope by 28-7; Nashville downed Prescott 28-13, while Hope outscored the same opponent 19-6. But the game that gives Hope a slight edge, on paper, is the Stamp contest, in which Nashville was beaten 14-7 while Hope downed the Yellowjackets 28-13. Past performances mean little when Hope and Nashville collide. Last year Hope evened the curre series with a booming 32-6 —mainly on the running of Kenneth Stone. But it was a clean, hard-fought game every minute. Last week the Bobcats played their worst game in two seasons— nothing went right and the coaches are putting the boys through the paces, knowing they will have to be at their best to beat a better-than- average Nashville crew. ias was in a class by She won most of the monev and the others took what was left. It's tichtened up now to where the Bribe is just one of the girls. "They've done, away entirely v,'ith women's par. Louise Suggs flint 284 to win this year's open- tin average of 71 strokes to the round. Patty Berg shot a 04 on one course to break the men's record by a stroke. One 54-holc tournament was won \vith a score of 211. Betsy Rawls. who had to say. And there's no rest in sight for us for the next two weeks. Vet. they can hardly say anything on them as in campaign issues, unless they reverse themselves, which we haven't heard be- foie. It's been enough for most of us to Inive made up our minds about them. But the candidates and their political advisers don't seem to think thiril of the soft coal produced the United States. in CODY IYER Cgpyrtghl, 1997, l>y Al Cody. Dltlrlbuled ty King Ftatuici Syndicate.. OlfAPTER 8INCHJ THKRIS wnu no choice about hia attending the dinner an tho AatrKi, Rawls attired htniiivlt In ht» host unttorni, nnd was presently Joined by Kathleen and Nnr- QlMtiii, A touch or excited color had but co»ca in Kathleen's cheeka, and her «ycs were spai-KlinK, VThlfl; ahottJd b? interest ins, «t luaat," aho broathctl. Ho.wl» understood Her perfectly, »n<l fioddcd, "I'm not worried about It," ho Mild,, "Not with you along." , A dlinpl* whose proucnce he'd never nuupecioil pooped nt him twin her Chech. "That," she confided, "l* the nicest thlnff you've over 8»IU lo me!" "If IhO opportunity «vcr arises, I'll not bo comiss that vv^ty," he promtaecl, «na felt tho slight tremor of her finger** M they rented lightly on his arm. But ho WM ttUda wttn a hcaily sense of oxhil»»'«Uw». It Asti-Ul ttiuinputi-u * Ww»»h» or MarH Whin or Uioufht to waton l\tm,»(ivilrm, they *er« in lor * They w«ro weloometl with ooiiaideraWtt ocreraony, though A«rtd'» race showed pate tlfinpito th« excitement. Sh« mur- murod a greeting, *ntl thnt wa* all. Captftln DmJUey arrived. tn| « wtuuan from lUa own boat— tb« only 6Ui«r whtte woman on any of th» three. Sh« B«nt<m, husbwvd, Tfe* m«a WM f»«aen««r r« to John and thu »tm«»j>hor« jray. with Wt L ««c*«lona» tftUo not*. No owe couw legtumfttely know what Ut« bring, or how the lut tha blockadt But it w»a Kept tn unui Ui» flow of ,, . . oavt «v«rythlng con_._,__ _ thin* « might ba watt if tht *!&** would remain m bo*Kt b«jt tonight—lo perhaps out another, and tor such «i way ba poaalble. One* |p», HO) 9«* mum to ova AWftMV* tl feutt&ri r»aaonahj«, tha way ttt #it it. Rawte **«rd Uw sugges- ajb«8 wife th* ready ;lon on MuQucatkm'a part, to hnva thlnga under tighter control for ho night, LUtt It was decidedly U|>3cttih8 lo Rttwla ami his own plan. Though McQuestlon didn't tho Astrld was slated to go In line lonlghi, to be the boat which would feel thc impact of renegade cannon. pondered uneasily as lio returned to fhe Variiia. The dinner imd drBRK«l long past the time which might reasonably havo been required, as though the plotters ivere deliberately sopping up every moment until the time for action. It tie was to carry out his own plan, It must be done without delay, And despite these new complications, still it must bo done. There were a doaen innocent people on board Use I'rlda o/ Kinu-tia for every one aboard the Tho ViTiwi and tho />r!(fo nad ;led up to trees along the shore, with lookouts posted to guard against possible surprise. But the Astrtii litui dropped anchor in the sluggish backwater, though she too lay close to shore. Securing a coil of rope, RawU kicked off his uoots, divested himself ot shirt and pants, then let himself over the side and down into the water as smoothly as a seal, It was cold, nvlnO, Keeping in but the he didn't deeper shadows of the shore, he reached the. H -it i'i((, where the anchor rope plunged tautly into the water. Tying his own rope to U was simple. The next part was tricky, lo (live and swim under the Astrid. coining up on the far side, near th* ahare. There WM always the nak ol ttnding u pile of debris on the bottom, any\vher* in this river, the chance of becoming entangled in such a clustefn ttut b« rvAoh^i Uie far aide with- Astriit will be delayed in following, when 1 Icnil out with Hie I'arina. Be on wutcli and awing In, right behind inc. vye'll let thc Astrid go third tonight." Dudley hesitated, perplexed.* This was not according to agreement, and something was afoot. "Could you tell me why?" lie naked. "1 could, but I'd prefer not to. I'm hoping you'll take my word that it's tor your own good, and that of your ship." He could almost see the workings of Dudley's mind. Tho Aatrid carried Loninx McQuestion, and hia reputation on the river wag scarcely savory. Thought ot thc trickery associated with it ran in Dudley's mind. After a moment, ho nodded. "If you say so, all right," ho agreed. They gripped hands, then Rawls let hhiiself bad; ever the side. He reached tho fiu uia and donned his clothes, with no one the wiser. It was still minutes early, but ho gave the order to get under way. For the present he was In command, and men's lives hung on his decision. Worse stUl, women's lives were involved, and that was a sharp thQrn of worry in his mind. It the Astiiti and those on board should tall prey to the grim horde who waited on shore . . . But U waa too late for a change of plan. Steam had been kept at the ready in .the hollers, and the VurtNa, moving without a light, glided softly out of the backwater, the paddle wheel churning a* they headed Into the current. As Rawls swung out and past, the J»r(da of fell in behind like one duck led the! so. Otherwise, they wouldn't be money winners with a total embarking on tbe well-known of over $14,000, is a good bet to whirlwind finish before election equal men's -pir any time she goes j cla.y. •• ;• out." . \W observed that Freddie was sucking to the well known names and asked what the chances wero for some new girls to break into tho picture in the near future. Almost every season produces some bright new fiuure in thc men's division, we pointed out. Corcoran was dubious. "It's a different situation with Hit girls," he said. "We havo seven former women's amateur champions in our group, and they've been playing one another in hard competition for several years now. They've improved their i tiamos tremendously in that time. When they're not playing they're practicing, they don't call it practicing any more, but say they're going out to work on their game for a while. "No matter how good a girl misht be ns an amateur, she simply can't get this kind of competition. After she joins our group it will tnke her some time to bring her game up to thc tournament Filch of' the original bunch anti begin -.jetting her share of the money." out Incident, dhab«4 the bank and ti«4 the attar tnd of hia rop« to a tr««, pulling It «fht- When the moni»nt cam* to rtii* the HsiriJ's anchor, they would) have trouble. causing a to«g-enough delay to alter the plan. Out o>taU rtunained. He avam across to tha J»rW« «/ KQIUO*, and cllmbad on board without incident, then moved »oundi*s»ly with ban feet He tuUt»a at sight of a shadowy figure. Th« outline was faiulUar, au<l he whispered Dudley's name. Dudley spun about, but he WM » man of cool nerves. His reply, though wmued, was guarded: "Hawla! What are you doing _ out how good a wat<* l» kept," R»v\U aajd Uffatly, "« I'd own an Indian, i following Th*re Fights Last Night By The Associated Press LOS ANGELES — Freddie Beshore, 196 1 *, Los Angeles, outpoint- ed Abel Fernandez, 192, Los An- i;eles 1. NEWARK N. J. — Marcelino Armenteros, 153, Havana, knocked out Leonard Ingram, 145, Philadelphia 3. LONDON — Randolph Turpin I5il, London, outpointed George Angelo. 157*4. South Africa, 15 (for British Empire middleweight title). Terry Allen HlVi, London stopped Eric Marsden, llCHi, Lancashire, 6. tfor British flyweight title). Yet, even if the voters already know nil they need to know about (hr position of the candidates on the issues, between now and election day other developments might swing the election. For instance, if a major scandal exploded before voting day. And there is the infltience-or effect-of other people who have been, or will be, crowding into the picture There's President Truman, trying to rock and sock the general into a defensive position to take him off the backs of the Democrats whom he had been merrily clubbing. The President, who had been an issue in the campaign anyway, iecms to have made himself a brand new issue by his attacks on Ei'-enhower. They may have won votes for Stevenson or cost him yor.ie. In most of those who have jumped into the campaign in one way or another, the element of s-nrprise was missing. They said v.'hat they were expected to say. For instance, pines for thc Democrats by Vice President Bark- Ity and pluas for the Republicans by ex-Presidpnt Hoover. Some eyebrows went up when Sen. Harry F. Byrd, Virginia Democrat, said last week he couldn't vote for Stevenson but for weeks it had been suspected he might say just that. And when Sen. Wayne Morse, Or-.-gon Republican, finally came out for Stevenson, there was no sense of shock anywhere. He had Ozarks, Henderson ^ Game Saturday ARKADELPHIA Wl — There'll bo Roddies on both sides when The College of the Ozarks and Henderson tangle in an Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference football gr.me here Saturday. The rival coaches, Duke Wells of Henderson's Roddies and Frank Koon of thc Ozarks Mountaineers, both played their college football at Henderson. «^ In 1912 Koon was the Roddies' senior center and Wells was a Freshman sensation at halfback. Both rank among Henderson's all- time grid greats, and Wells also was a basketball and baseball star. Koon really will be on the spot ao a Henderson alumnus ^and coach ot the rival team Saturday. It will be Henderson's homecoming, and two former Reddie teams will ba honored at the celebration. One SB thc 1912 eleven thc other is tl* 1922 team. HOLLAND GROWN BULBS MONTS * SEED STORE 304 East Second been edging weeks. in that direction for For Your Insurance Needs See John T. McRae Agent for Life, Sick and Accident^ Hospitalization, Polio and Farm Insurance. Our rates do not increase • after first purchase. Prescott, Ark. Phone 608 P. O. Box 182 tht lead of another. - — -—--—— confusion abo«rd the, where frantic U silent being made to clew When typhoons occur north of thc equator the spin always is counterclockwise, but it is clockwise south of the equator. efforu the otelrucUon and raise the anchor. So far, all,was going well. Tbe Aajrfci wouldn't be long delayed, but wow imposition ot the three packets could not be changed ts running tht gauntlet The thin moon was gone, but the sky WM Clear ol clouds. U>e stars giving sufljctent light to outline the dark shores. A boat on U»e water was onJy a darker shadow, but it was hopeless to expect that the hawk- eyed watchers on u»e bank would (ail to see them, particularly as they came under Uw muwle of tbt cannon. of IN no awt WM a run with * myri»4 not the IBM! being wtuy: do. R»wl* hwl was of tbt«« wi*«r. ttut of knowing, bMt lit -- — •• to b* whlU wl« by • BUY-SELL or /TRADE WITH HOPE STAR WANT ADS PHONE 7-3431 MORE NEW CARS Just Unloaded from Transports at Our Bock Door ANY COLOR ANY BODY STYLE ANY PRICE TAKE YOUR CHOICE Whil. They lost SID ROGERS BUICK CO, -«.»'*' "Vf «*«« .•-*•" *yj~v \y«rfmtrf«» MOM STA*,,HO*I, ARKANSAS ly Chick Yo«*i OZAKK IKt POPULAR tHl IS flOOVOU \WRONQYIT OOCSNT MATTER 'His. 'MffRE ALL SIULS , I 1 C AMD M3U KNOW WHO MAIL IS AIL AOOPgSStO no LOT Of WAIL f&> NCU THIS *nsw*r *o Previous Purtfrl OUT OUK WAY By j. R. Wllllami Bag of Bones ANJ7 A WBAWN6 A AMN< I DON'T*" HAO AMAIP"»UNI- . HORIZONTAL 4 Beneath IChtftbone 5 Body part 4 Arm bone near hip bone 8 Leg bone 6 On « who . 12 Consumed makes a nest 13 Negative votes 14 Dove's home THAM A TJEAP BOUQUET I C&M'T THINK OF IT.' I TOM'T SEE HOvV YOU CAM BEAR ID LOOK AT THEM PAY AFTER DAV.' COVERED /i WITH A \\'\ NEWSPAPER, YOU NOTICE.' 16.Scatterf 18 Gift 20 Appears 21 Dung beetle « 2? Comfort 17 Heb f«w »4 Couple ascctic 26 Sea eagle 26 Lamprey- 42 Sore bones fisherman 27 Drivers 43 Space 28 Singing voice 44 Kaffir warrior 19 More painful 29 Employs band ' 27 GreekleUer 23 Foot joint 31 Testify 46- Minor 30 Agree 24 He may roll 33 Minced oaths and Major 32 Bends a lee the bones on 38 Revoke 47 Great Lake bone his night out 40 Outcast « Fury- m. 34 Stormy sea 25 High playing 41 Genus of 50 Musical 9 bird cards 8eese syllable 35 Emissary WASH TUBES BEEN INSTRUCTED TO THKT IMFORUKTION THREW THE 1 BUT THE PLANE NNHeMO* MIGHT! rCixSfc OUT NVR- WILLOW, I MIGHT 37 French father' 39 Man's name 42 Sign of the 7odiac V. '"ri- - WHY MOTHERS G.ET GRAY e- „ „. fcl- ,.' M , „. ,„ „.. „.. M 45 One who plays on words 49 Those who contend 51 Age 52 Wish 53 Level 54 Equip 55 Persian prince 56 Wing-shaped 67 Observe VERTICAL 1 Grate OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople HERe'6 ATENl, JASON/ \MILL YOU FETCH ME A DIME/; PACK ALFALFA? AN X KEEP1H SINCE x DIRTY f?lCB X? 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