Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 22, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 22, 1894
Page 2
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\ ...i nv. i-t: nion: <.-co- h Milk Cans, ^.,'i;;..:; used fur milk, ovrn dov,:- : baby's bottle—thi:s«j nrc i}*\: which you iu:ed Pearline. Pearline, they're; cleanse., easily, more quickly, nomically, and more thorou than with anything cist: known, people who know most about milk say just that. We can't afford to print all the testimonials \ve hold. They're free expressions of opinion —in conventions, in papers, every- whi:rt: where milk folks have a voice. Their enthusiasm about Pearline is genuine. And it's natural. For all kinds of washinir and cleaning, nothing equals Pearline. unscrupulous gro ' or " the same n never peddled, if your procc-r sends „ JAMES '1'YI.E. Nrw York. FALSE—Pearline : u:v imitation, V- honest— send it loft. Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers will tell yap. this is as Rood ns" or " the same n-. Pearlinc." 1 ™S ALL PROMISES KEPT. When The but ion (f Journal began the now great distri- WORLD'S FAIR ART PORTFOLIOS A promise was made to the public that the Portfolios would contain the finest series of views ever offered to the public by a newspaper. In point of mechanical and artistic excellence the DREAM CITY views HAVE SURPASSED EVERYTHING. •which has yet been offered and it may safely be stated that their like will not be seen again. When the scries is completed it svill include the following subjects: Architecture and Buildings 9-1 Photographs. Landscape and Water Scenes 23 Fountains, Sculpture and Statuary 36 ExlbltPOf All Nations ." 66 Famous Paintings of the World 37 Types of Various Nations 2 * MUoellaneouB Views .' 25 This will constitute a complete pictorial and de- acriptive history of the great WORLD'S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION. Don't fail to secure ALL of these superb Portfolios. See coupon on 1st page PART 6 NOW READY Portfolio No. 7 will contain 1 Details or the Golden Doorway, 2 Moonlight on tho Grand Basin, 1 3 Water View of Manufactures Bldg. 4 Sweedn and Norway Bldgs. 5 French and Spanish Bldgs. 6 Grand Logla, Machinery Hall. 7 View from of Woman's BIdff. 8 Proctor's Statue—Tho Cowboy. 9 proctor's Statue—The Indian Scout, 10 Village of Alaakan Indians, 11 Ponobacot Indian Village, 12 Boat Parade on Transportation Day, 13 The Cliff Dwellers'Exhibit, 14 The Statue of Germania, \i> State Bldg-s. of Colorado and Maino, 10 The Silver Queen. NEW STYLES FOR EASTER. WfU-KER 6c RflUGtt. IF IN NEED Get your Letter Heads, Bill Heads, Statements, Envelopes and everything you need in the printing line at the JOURNAL OFFICE. K088UTH IS DEAD. The Famous Hungarian Patriot Dies in Extreme l j ain, A Brief Account of His Life, Whic'i W.is Devoted to tho Cause of Freedom for His People. TURIN, Miin:h "1. - Louis Kossur.n died at 10:5". o'clock Tuesday evening: His end v«s cxtronu'ly piiinful. lie Dhoweil Kignso. 1 ccmscioushuss until the last. Jh 1 expired in tlie urmt of liis son anil died pressing the hand of the Hungarian Deputy Kiu-olyi. The members of his family and a few of Ills in- tiniato friends st,ood around the bedside of the expiring patriot. JNot.'iing- has yet been settled in regard to the de-tails of the funeral. Tim municipal au- THE MARKETS. Grain, 1'roviilonn, Etc. CHICAGO, March 31, Fr.ouu-Quiut, witli it iittlc doing on local account. PdCM steady. QucuitiOKS arc us follows): Winter— PnU.T.'.s.w.wxjM 15; strulgbw, ijiOOiiiOOi clours, »iiuai30: HouondH, il.SOffl 1.1)0: low grades, fl.iOQi.ro. .S|irlnz~l'ftton is, jaatifa.M; mnviKiita. !i:ioa-.i) ; KiUioiv, ii'i ©i-O; low KruUes, Jl.4oei.oo; Jti-il DOL-, 41. Kit 1,60: ttyc, sa.looiM. WIIICAT— Moiifcruuily uciivo ami hi^iicr. Cuah. Mii'A'iC; May, OSttlSVic; July, oB-yap •y KOSSL'TH. thorities of this city have offered the family to allcw the remains to be buried In tho 1'antheon lici'e. Huda-Pestli is draped in mournifiV. riiifjs are Ininif at luilf-mast and all the newspapers of. tin- city have been issued with black borders. Grief over the patriot's death is universally felt To Ho Hurled ill Ituil»-I'e«(ll. The municipal authorities have placed themselves entirely at tlie disposal of the Kossuth family in regard to the arrangements bi-inff made for the funeral of the distinguished patriot. The authorities expressed the desire that the remains should be buried in the Pantheon, but tho family has decided to remove tho txxly to Hungary, and, together with the remains of his wife and daughter, which arc interred ill the English cemetery at Genoa, they will be escorted to Huda-Pesth, where it is expected they will be given a public funeral. The remains will be kept hero until the bodies of bis wife and daughter are exhumed and all the preparations for the funeral in Hungary have been completed. His Career. Ninety-two yoara ago Louta KoBsuth, the Hungarian patriot, vr«« born or an ancient but Impoverished family in Monok, In Zemplin, ona of the northern counties ut Hungary. The ex- aot data of his birth is somewhut obscured by conflicting memoirs, »omo Woirrapber» giving April IT, IWK, and eomo September 16 or 18 aa thedftto, nnd all nava bcrn a I various tlme» celebrated u« the anniversary by bli admtrera. AJtor reaching manhood Kossuth became identified with the liberal faction In Sis native land. From tho beginning of hlu political career Xouutti determined to throw off the yoke of Atutrla and Bantu and establish Hun- ftMry among the Independent nations of Europe, •ad he beoams In the course of time, advocate, Journalist, minister of finance, president of tha commutes of defense and WTernor of the Hun- g»r(an repubUa . BrlllUknt •nd narlni;. JU » lawjer he wss brilliant In debate and H » newspaper man he iros daring. He pub- ll»n«d »ccoont» of tht Hungarian diet in apM of prohibitory I»wi, and at the age of *7 WM tountf defying the whole Auatrlan cabinet. In thi> adrocacy of this cause h« wu tried tar treason In list and con demned to four years' Imprisonment This ejuhrtfietl him a«a martv »od • eeo»ral out burst ol indtgnatloo followed. After three jretrs of ImprlibnmeDt be *u set free through the strenuous effort* of bis friends. It WM tien ttat be married Teresa Mcilf nil, wbo became noted for her untiring devotion to her husband during ID* exile, H»ld Many Positions of Honor. When released ha was slcotod to a foremost Dhioe In the diet. Afterward ho was given the portfolio of finance. Under his administration Internal reforms were effected. Tno last traces of federal oppression were abolished and the peasant* were doctored tree from duignlorlul clulms, tbo country undertaking to Indemnify the landlords. In IS48 ho was elsctcd to tbo position of governor of Hungnrj-, unJ held that ofllce durlnK tbo civil war or ia!8-0. Vlnlti'il Ainerlra. After thn full of the republic Kosuuib tied to Turkey, where the porto refused Ills extrndl- t'.on. In 1851 ho wiis llbcnteil, nnd, In oompun'y \vUh his fumily, visited Amnrien for th« purpose ot enlisting sympathy In tnc Hun^urluu cmiso, but his uKluutoii n-ci'lveil a luuil blow by the couu U'euuol Louis Xuiioleon. U«c«'lve«l hy Nupuleon. At tho tlino of the ullhini-o betv.'can Prance and Pitilmunt Kossuih's hiipcs were nviscd to tho very hlKl'.cttt. liore wus Hunfury's cbaneo to Mirlico u futul blow ut tho l-.utcd Bapsburg. Louis Nupoluon ilecolvuiJ li!in. IB ho docelvcil cvoryuoily. Tho (,'ix'iit chance pasaed by. unit, worst of all, us yciim went on the Hungarians IheniKOlves showod a (Hspo- sltioo to yield to clrcumsmnecs. Ausiro-Hun- gury wus tho result Thin wa.i it tnrrlnle Wow to Kossuth, wnoso enforced cxllo now o^ctimo voluiitury, Thu tlmo Hail coroo when ho wus put of touch with the pcoiilo. cincl so lio mis but the shadow of tl^j puat. 1'ernlstoti in Viiln. In l^O" he returned to lOuropo nnd devoted norot) month* to :i revival of the eiLutio without ttvull. Undaunted, in IKW ho vlsitctl Paris antl the emperor, Kith whom lie concerted 11 I'iun of ntlaclclng Austria la ,tho Hunxuriitn iiostic«slon«. 'J'lils wus prevented by the pe-.ict of ViMufruncu. In 1S8B ho removed to Turin, n-horo lie rosltlod many yeurs, louring the war ot 1PM h<! uguln unsucci-.sDfull.y iuteniptci! to rouse tho HUUKU- rlans. Di'cjinlng B0ver;il elections to the diet of Prest, bo rnomlnod u. voluntury exilo, occupied with studies and tbo publication of aov- er*l paplirn. For a quarter ufuecntury hJs life has been one of entire seclusion in Turin, a city full of statues, brouil plazzus and Alpine- scenery. Knew Poverly'n I'snRs. Of lute yeurs lie had bi.cn In rulher ilcsper- oto u-rults. His only source of Income WM wbut bo drew from teaching la,nKwitfo lessons, and thin income often fell below IAX) u your— worse than a pittance. His condition ivna morn recently relieved by money hu received from publications he consented to hare made, HO that his last days were not his worst AmonK all the great liberators of mankind there was no patriot greater than Kossuth. His hold upon his countrymen was marvelous. COHN-^I^ilrly active a:u! hinder No. 2 ami No. i'Yailow, !'/•;<: under May ;fflc; N<"> -ifjije, :i!ic, ;md No. !l Yellow. L'C under Mnv, K'jc; Mny. K^Jtsme; July, .18!iQ3t)\& OATS--l>'a!rly imlve and steadier. No. u cash, .TO.'^yu^e: May. 3u,Vd:31.'$c; July, i7 ; i kZK'TJc Samples In Kood Llomand uLd lilglior, >!g ;t, 'Xift ®»0i;: No. S Willie, 3}'/tHtS!y t a: -No. U, 30!.,a lil^jc; No. 2 W'lilte, a^^ifa;;!;!.^.;. Muss POJIB — TraUiij(t Ugh I und ;irhv;s hitrhui'. yiioluilou.f nuiurd ut S|0.80©i:.oc for CHHh reifulur; J10.(-U3ill.00 Tur May, uuil «10.W/,ail.OO for July. LAUD—Murltot very (iulut and higher. Quo- tlltlons rmiKCJ lit W.r!7'.i4S3.l)-li eusli; SC.47H3 6.51'/, (or M;ij, unj t0.42',^l9U.47i.i for July. LIVE PuULiiiv-Pcr pound: CludietiK. 83 8'/ie; Turkeys. 6m"c; Ducks, 8ifOi;i (ieusc, }Jii»«t(i.(X) por dozen. UUTi-ltu—Creiuuery, I'JQSlKe; Dulry, llliilOc; Pueklng Slocli, SiJlOi OH.H—Wisconsin Prlmo While, "i»c; Wnlcr WliltB, Tlie: Michigan J'rimo White, 8/,c; Water While, He; Indiana Prime While, 8'tC; Wu- ter Wlll.5, « 3 io: Uuttdllghl, ir> tost, a;4u: Gas- ollne, HTUeE'.i, IlHc; ~t den's, Oe; Naphtliii, 03 (It-s'.-j, (1-Xji.-. I.iyuoitK—DlHtilled sp'.ri'.s steady ou Iho onsjit-j ul J^l.I;j pt-t- Kal. for llriished goods. SHOT FROM "AMBUSH. NKW Voinc Muri'h SI. WIIKAT— No. lin-d oix.-i-.pj stronger Inn was further iu!v;iiii.-n;l a; inlilJuy. Muy, <));-,<&fil ftc; July, tilt IHBttKi mile; December, UH^iiC'.'L-. Ci'HK-Na - ilinjvu ai;u llruiur. May, 4- 1 ia OAT.S— No. white Stutu, track while PROVISIONS- Hcef-- Quiet; family. H 1.0078 1H.UO: «.\tru mess, i7.5f). Pork— SU'iuly; new tries'). SliCOilliSO; .short clear, }i:tOO$)MH). Liuril— Steady; prlmo \Vcwtern HU-iun, 1:7.0^; nominal. Tm.Euo, O., .Marc'h'JI. WHKAT—Higher nud active. No. S cash and Murch, MJiu; Mtiy, 6»?«c: July, W-ic. COHN—Firm. No. ^, ;i7e bid; May, 37'<,c. OATS—Firm. No. S mixed, 32e Did; .Vo. 'J White, :!4e bid. lift:— Dull. Cash. -W-ic bid. CI.OVKHSHKD—Active. Prime cash and Mureh, Jt.iiO; April, »S.<J; October, N.80. Live St»ck. CHICAGO, March 21. HOGS—Market fairly active. Prices opened about 5c higher and Inter ruled casiur with most or the advance lost Sales ranged atH.-O Q4.05 for Pigs; R50JM.75 for light; H.1S&1.W for rouf!h packing: H.ib®t.70 tor mlied, and H.46a4.7U lor heavy packlnR ana snipping lotn. CATII.B—Market fairly active with thu feclljij? easier. Prices favored buyerti. Quotaiiona ranged at 84.7035.00 for choice to exlra "tilpplnff Steers; H.oiia*.l!5 for Rood to choice do.! JlMftiOO for talr to good: S-2.90a3.35 for common to medium do.; $i.D50&:!D for butch- era' Steers; I2.45jp3.10 for Stockcrs: KUUQ 8.65 for Feeder): fI 509.109 fur Gown; K85O 3.r»for Heifers: SI.SOHOU for Hulls; 12.9093.85 for Texas Steers, and Si'.Sftftafln r.'.r Veil! Cah'ea. TELEGRAPHIC BREVITIES. Twenty-seven persons were arrested and will bo executed for attempting to kill the king of Corca. "Bill" Buckwortli, a famous Indian fighter and scout, is undei' arrunt at Omaha charged with insanity. All the lig-hthouses on Lake Michigan have been put in operation, owinff to the early opening- of navigation. Uov. Wait* is.suspected of havinff another scheme to capture the city hall at Denver and trouble i» feared, Adolph Krusg, defaulting city treasurer of Seattle. Wash., has been con- yicted of misappropriating 110,000. Addison R. Flint, who surveyed the first railroad in South America in 1840, died at Portland, Ore., at the atfe of 86. ConyreMman Childs has been in- »tru«t«d'to report favorably a bill for a new district federal judge for Chicago. Excessive rainfall has caused much damage in Tennessee. Railroad bridges have boon washed away and bouses wrecked. Imre Kiralfy's scheme to reproduce the world's fair Court of Honor in London this summer has been postponed for a year. Harry Hill, who was to be hanged April 13, atPlattsmouth, Neb., has been granted a stay until the supreme court rovifivvs his onfi<>. ^^^^ IHDIANAPOLIB, Ind,, March 21.— General Harrison is quoted by Indianapolis friends as saylnpr that he will not again lie a candidate for president. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. Tho many, who live better than others nnd enjoy life mort, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs- . Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing-nnd truly beneficial properties of ft perfect laxative; effectually cleniiMng the system, dispelling colds, headache and fevers an(f permanently curing constipat.on It has given satisfaction to millions and met wfthithe approval of the inethcal profession; because it act* on the Kid- iey«, Liver nnd Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug- giaSe amf$i bottles, but nt » mw- ufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co only, whose name is pnntedon every packwe'also tbe name, Syrup of Figs, SdlStog well inff^'J"! 1 / Mceptany substitute if. oflere*- TwoJIIort ol I ho }!utfl<>)<l« KIIU'il .In <>l,l Feud H<:iii'«<.,t. I'AHKKBSBUKO, W. Va., March 21. — The Hutfield-McCoy feud which terrorized Logan county :i few years uf;o haa broken out afresh, with imlicruinn.i of bloody times. The renewal of tlie trouble was brought about by a viM'tof Frank Phclps,of Kentucky, leader of the .McCoy faction in the old feud, to Ivters Cri.-eic and learning- while lln;n> that Itob Halfield, son ul "Old A use,'' lived in the neighborhood. I'lielps was shot in the shoulder uiiriiiff the former fiffhts and always clainuMl liob did the: shooting. Last weuk I'hclps laid in ambush, armed with a \Yhiehc.stei-, aud as Hob came alontfshot him dead. Mose Christian, a prominent member oi t.heolil llatfield faction, attempted toashisljiolj when rhelps fired the sfcond shot, woundiog him mortally. 1'lieips and the seven of the old McCoy jranc " p ho were with him escaped to thi-ir homes in Kentucky immediately afu-r the double murder. The llatfield faction is greatly worked up, and its members are collecting- in 1,-irge numbers, declaring i.huir intentiuii to avoiifre Bob's death even though they have to g<; over- into Kentucky to do so. PRENDERGAST TO DIE. IlllnolH Supreme Court ltr>fiisu« In Unint a SiiporHcdriirt. OTTAWA, 111., March 21.— The Illinois supreme court, has n-fused to ffrant, a supersofleas in the ca.su of I'litrick Eu- genu I'rendurjrast. the murderer of Carter Harrison, who is hcntcutvd to bt: hanjfed Friday. The supn-'iuu court has also refused to (frani Jisuper.-ie-dea.s in lbt; c.-;i-se of Thomas llijiK'nis, murderer of I'eter McCoouy. He will, therefore, be handed on ihe same scaffold with Assassin Prendergast, Mayor li;Li-i-isoii's slayor, next Fridiiy morning, unless the 1:0111-1, takes action favorable to the defendant in the latter's caso. To Iix-n-aw tli« ^'i-to 1'oirrr. WASHINGTON, March 2!.— Ueprescnt- ative Ue Armoad (Mo. ) has introdueud in tho house a resolution amending the constitution so as to empower ths president to veto any oueor moi-ei terns of an appropriation bill. It is well known that frequently the chief executive finds provisions on these bills that are objectionable to him, yet rather than sacrifice the numerous items which would result from a veto he Kig-ns the bills and they become Jaws as a whole. ____ __ Srut to Prison. CHICAGO, March Si.— Leroy Harris, the money-order forger, was sentenced in the United States court to five years' hard labor in the penitentiary. He was convicted on the charges of cashing forg-ftd orders at Ottawa, Aurora and La Salle, this state, and his punishment was recommended at five years on each charge, but the court directed that the three terms shall run concurrently, so that by fivo years' service Harris will satisfy the law. Uurg-lnrVNteml and Kob a Safe. OSKBHCX8TLE, Ind., March 21.— Tht larffe hardware store of John Cook, in South Greeocoatle, was robbed by bur(?lare Monday night. They entered by a front door, and loading a large, heavy safe on a wagon carried it 500 yards to a stock pen, and then rifled it of watches, jewelry »nd revolver* Killed by » Wagon i-nngue. GALBHA, 111., March 8L— John Daly, a farmer of Rewey township, WM instantly killed Tuesday. lie was driving home from town when three young men driving a spirited team ran him down. The tongue of their Tehicle (truck him in the back and penetrated his body. _ 8t»r« Kobfrtd. SOIOMONSVIU,B,A. T., March 21. —The Port Thomas and Bowie stage was held up several miles south of this place Tuesday by two men. Four passengers were on the stage. All were robbed. T he mail sacks were cut open and the registered mail taken. Tbe Land of Promtar. Is the mighty West, the Isnd that "tickled with n hoe lauRhs a harvest i" the El Dorado of tho miner; the goal of thfl agricultural emigrant. While It toems with all the elements of wealth nnd iffosperliy, some of the fulrest nnd most fruitful portions ot Itbmira imrvext of malaria reaped In Its fullness by tliose unprotected lit a mfldlcliit* siiregnard. No one swking or dwelling In » malarial locality Is sate from tho somriw without nosU'tttfr'8 Stomncli Bitters. Kmtyjnmts IM'.-IT tills In jnlntl. v ommorclul travelers sojournors In malarious districts should carry a bnltlc oTthe Bitters In the traditional Krlpsack. Agnlniit tln> ( fleets of exposure, nu>m;il or bodily overwork, dump and unwholesome food or water, It is an iiil'.-illlbie defi'Dsa Con.sMjKiIlon. rJiP bllloii.sness. dyspoi>si.i, nervoustiess ;th*l r.crent;th arn nil remedied by tills ueiilul atlve. Popular Preacher Says HOOD'S Rallies the Vital For ce« and elves Strength &ev. j. HerriUf Driver, D. A It widely known a« pastor of the First W. E. Church atColiiniMa City, Indiana, and Is a powerful pulpit orator. His book, "Samson and Sliylock, or a Pre.-ic-lier's I'lea lor the "Workinffman," hni received much praise from press and clercy. Dr. Driver says: " Columbia Cily, Ini!., June 3,1833. "C. I. Hoo<! & Co., J.owell, Mass.: "Dear Sirs — Amonuthe ralliers of all tho ^ r lt;lI forces. I n'gsrd Hood's S.-irs.-'ii,-irllI.i as the gcncral-iii-clilef. Crowded and overworked, as a proacher and lecturer, I sometimes am consf-lou.s tliat I am not measuring up to the hest tliiit I am capable of doing. A few do.-es-a. bottle or two-of Hood's, however, greatly Invigorate My Body, Clarify My Mind, and Make me feel Like a New Man. " In n week I am lip to concert pitch again, cheer.'.:!, buoyant and ready for any work and capable of any feat of strength or endurance. To all overworked professional men Hood's Sarsaparlll.-i Is a GoJ-send. ' "Very truly yours, "Jons MKKHITTK DKIVEK." HOOD'S Sarsaparilla CURES Even when other preparations fail. Be (Hire to- KCt Hood's and only Hood's. Hood's Pills euro liver lib, constipation, biliousness, jaundice, sick headache, indlgeitton. s* ot storn- California Fruit Laxatire is n»tnre'i own true remedy. It combines tht medicinal virtues of Californlft frulti and plants which aro known to have * beneficial effect on iho human system Although harmless to tho most deli oato constitution it ia, thorough anc effective, and will afford a petmanopi cure for habitual constipation and tb< many disorders arising from a weak or inactive condition of the kidneys, liver, stomach and bowels. For salt by all drupgiste at 50 cents a b"Ule. UltRSlTD FoniKl»tlonn nihcorcrcd. Chicago citizens is their desire to excel, have lately accomplished a big feat, namely: in discovering by actual measurements that there are some lady residents who can wear shoes twelve Inches long. Your blood needs repulating IE spring. -'Lafeld Cabinet Port" is nature's own blood purifier. Mild and mellow. Price, quartu, fl; P^ts, 6C cant*. For sale by W. H. Porter, prescription druggist, 826 Market street. LOganeport, Ind. Urn*'* FMMtlf MBdUIn* Hof»» «»« Bowel* Bwry day Moit people need to use it. ' I Good .Ncwx. No other medicine in the world was over given such a test of its curative qualities, as Otto's Cure. Thousands of bottles of thi* grest German remedy are being distributed free of charge, by druggists in this country, to those aflllcted with consumption, asthma, croup, severe coughs, pneumonia and all throat and lung diseases, giving the people proof that Otto'g Cure will cure them, and that it is the grandest triumph of medical science. ForTsale only by Beo Fisher, 311 Fourth street. Samples free. Large bottle* 50 cents. Children Cry for Pitcher's Cattorla. For OT«r Fifty Yetn Mri. Winslow'i Soothing Syrup ha» been used for over fifty years by- millions of mother! for their children while teething, with perfect »ucce»i. It soothes the child, lofteni the gun*, allays all pain, cures wind oolic, and is the best remedy for diarrhoea. I* will relievo the poor little sufferer Immediately.- Sold by druggirti la every part of the world. Twenty-fir* cents a bottle. Be sure and ask fur •Mrs. Wlnelow's Soothing Syrup" and take no other kind. Children Cry for Pitcher*! Caster ia. The (,'oWrn Secret of I.OBK Life. Keep tho head cool, the feet warm and tbo bowels open. Bacon's Celery King for tho nerves is a vegetable preparation and acts as a natural laxative, and is tho greatest remedy ever discovered for the cure of dyspepsia, livor complaint, and all blood, liver arid kidney diseases. Call on Ben Fisher, solo n£CDt. and ffet a trial, package free. Largest size, - r '0 cents . When Baby was pick, wo gave her Castorla. Wfceii «li« via a CliilJ, she cried for Castori*. Wh«n she became Misn. flio clung to CustorU. •When »hc h»d Children, sh» g»~th<>m Castorl*. Children Cry for Pitcher'* Castorla. "Kor»l Kubr'' Port Wine. If you aro reduced In vitality or strength by illness or any other cause, we recommend the use of this Old Port Wino, tho very blood of the grape. A grand tonio for nursing: mothers, and those reduced by v,'ast~- inf? disease. It creates strength; improves tho appetite; nature's own remedy, mucl preferable to drugs:, guaranteed absolutely pure and over five years of age. Young wlno ordinarily sold ia not fit to use. Insist on having this standard brand, It cos to- no more, fl ID quart bottle*. Hot* tied by Royal Wino Co., Chicago- For tale by Johnston Bros*

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