Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 22, 1952 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1952
Page 10
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'«s «-.» 4ll "'" MOPI ITAR, HOPI, AUKAMtAf W*l««<lay, t s • a*, flu' «. "tfBFwwe ^'•SMrai^',*'" 1 ^ i «! *' *' . ..'Jflnla'd ,1 jw Prt»«. i\$T«n't»wr- AftWWft* r«Hy of J,*W vw* Mil night, tfltrcMcd "the freitteftt r«- ril, «{M Mttt *«*fc dttttMtd u» flimwrt Cbv, Afflfti *t* vtnion, Ohio Jtajtttlltoan cuttod tilt Vlrtm)* ftsrtwerni'n «p*eeh "oft* of thft clpftr»»t, frankMt «t*l«* of thn pMildontlnl earn- V-Elght Engine Powers 1953 Dodge Coronet Hardtep to hl» WlH l«l wepk, tlyrd r* eta* ftt«v«m«m b« ._ ; h» f"lt U» Dftnworn ftDmln«* l» too time to th« Tnwrnun admfnMtratlon and It* ;))cltt». He mud* no menlkm of »0nhow0r or the Republican*. Tnft ptotwrwi 8t*v«n«m «» "dl#- SfeftUM hn Tnft end •'ftfr»» »wi no many M«W»" that, h» KftM, f» why the PemoeraU srn *»yl»* th<> general nut "mrrenderpd" to him. "Nobody hail uttri'cndercd to anybody," Tuft declared, lie added thin Stovcnuon cannot point to Anything that Rliow* eltli»r Bl*«n hffww or Tftft "h»» d«-p«ri(cd from l w<* hav« always bin- Mo*! of Tuft's 4fl»minut» addron v?(i» dflvolod to an Indictment of the Upmocralic ndmlnUlratlon, w1il<'h tin »«ld poieR the threat of "Jjlfc government" to tht* nntton'M frwdom*. ' Ho accused the Truman admlnis- • tffttltm o( "»oftnc»» for <r0tnmu>' rtt»m" and said thin led to the Ko- rfetin Wfir and th» lot* ot China to Uio H«d», Tuft Mtd Urn main l«ue of tho !« "whether wo nhBll many countries of the down the Boplalfot tfnll." of coumo, In n re1o« dntn, but the philosophy of Truman mtd Mr, 8wv»n»on e«f\ fairly be called »aciallimt, wMdh bitllcves that «ll ThU <maftJy.itykd Dodge Diplomat, * hardtop, if one of ih« »l«k, new modeU in (he 1953 Hoc. It if ncmertcl by a |»cw UO-honepowcr Red Rum V-Klght cogino which develops lu high «fflCioncy oo reg\il«r grade* of fuel, A nem cornpnonew makci It one of the most maneuverable curl on the road. It is being offered with a choice of four different drive*—Gyro-Torque, Gyro-Mfltic, automatic overdrive or standard. It is now on dkpfoy in dealers' showrooms. *»• S^ ,;' toft; DlNNY t GAMBLE : Fdr The Pra'ctictf r of Chiropody Highway Phone 8-9940 SHREVEPORT, LA, Ml m icle Cushion Is Fqlse Teeth i/-iv v i *• ifi ^* r " ',"> "7 .' - U. S. to Revise Its Handout System By JOHO A, SCALI WASHINGTON M ~~ The Unltr-d Sin ton pinna to back up the *»!x- hutlon Etiropcon ermy by allocn ting American old money next year to It* Central Defense Authority In *t«tttd of to member countries in tiivlduntly. Two central autlmiity would In turn aJlocotfi 'American dollora and dtifcnic eaulpmeril to French Cor man, Itnlian, Dutch, lii-lglun urn Luxembourg unlu In the propose Kuropenn Uffensrt army. Tho*« plans nr« MI\K dru'tcc with tho 'expectation that all six mum'tor notion* will ratify the Eur tjpi'ou 0«fi!niit> TrcHty d«»J«ned t »is\ up the Klnglu army some tint thf» winter. Officials who told n reporter o the iilan cmphaHlncd American ox- p#rt» wauid continue to check cure- fully to make corlaiiv American dol- \»r« are u»«d properly, "Under proiont plans, ih<< United j SlBt«« Will tt>k the six-nation do- fcnie authority la iilueo defoiu-io ordor» In mombor countries with American money, American procure- 1-day campaign tour. .Son. FUmHcIl B. Long (D-Ln.l wax scliodulfd to fill in for Spark- nun at Anderson. S. C., today. A Kpurkmun xpri'ch at Atlanta to- iiKtil was cancelled. Long will peak for Sparkman tomorrow in 4i'W Orlcnim, Baton Rouge and Monroe, La., and on Friday will pinch hit tor his fellow senator a Texarkana, Tex. Hospital spokesmen said Spark man probably will be well enough to resume his campaign Saturday wncn he is scheduled to spook in ! Phonix, Arl?.. UN Sure to Continued from Page One Committee debate, which promises to start xorttetitte thin week. Is anI American proposal that the Astern-! biy »et up a commission to invon-i tlffltc CommunUt charges that thf U.S. has launched germ warfare In Korea. Russia was soundly beaten, both In the steering Committee and later In the full assembly meeting | yecterday, In her effort to get the 1 U.N. to Invite Red Chinese and North Koreans here to take port In the Korean debate. Charging that the U.S. wa«, tak- ng a "cowardly" position In opposing this proposal, Soviet Delegate Andrei A. Oromyko declared in vitriolic terms that the United States "fears, as the devil fears the cross," coming face to face ,vith the Communist Chinese and North Koreans in debate. So violent was his verbal attack that Britain's chief delegate Selwyn I.loyd, appealed to Oromyko to speak without insult and abuse. The Briton also declared, in support of the Americans, that the Red combatants could be of no help in the debate, but that they mijjht be called upon to give testimony if a proposed investigating commission was set up. The Assembly defeated the Russian proposal 46 to 5. The Steering Committee-vote on a U. S. procedural motifin bottling up the Russian demand there was 11-... Green Light Given to State Building DALLAS, T<?x. (UP) — The Nft. tmnal Production Authority gavel I'rc Clrtonlight today to throe Ar-i kansas construction projects total- riiton. Ark., Southern Christian Home. Inc., $80.000. WANT Wednciday, October 22, 1952 HOP! STAR, HOP!, ARKANSAS N.P.A. Regional Director Ernest; Tutt listed the following locations, i l/pe of structures, sponsors and \ fatlmated construction costs. ! Boys' Club, El Dorado, Ark., j $107.300. | Addition and alternation to office j building, J. G. Wood, trustee, cs | ti.to of B. M. Foreman, Tcxarkan.i, i $55000. j Addition to Orphans Home Mor- | PLJJPPy BISCUITS 1 THAT MELT IN j YOUR MOUTH ?i SOCIETY Pnon. 74431 Between • A. M. «nd 4 P. M. ALLVEGeTASl.6 It is estimated that among people of the United States whd have ever been married, about one out of nine has lost his spouse by death. IP"- 1 .'" *S&;i .% Im* tank thflm»elves, State Department and Mutual Sccijr.ity AdmlnlHtrnllou officials who orf) drafting tno plant! *ald it I* certain that Ariu-rlcnn equipment Will \)t» nllocuted to tho central uuthorlty on well »» the power to kl controcts in Europe. It in hot yut certftln whether the United Slat*"" will have to ncgo- Uate indivltlunUy with the »!x member countrle* far whatever "dc- |cn»tt * support" old • tho Ainerlcun Ijovornment plans to continue during the fiscal year bouinnliiK next July 1. Some officials favor turning over to tho KDC Ui« entire job of parceling oqt American aid funds. Th* «p«citlc amount of money to be handled will run into the billions of dolors. Congress set OHlde A total of 14,900,000,000 for European military and economic aid lu the jfisoul year that Htartttd July ), Mo*t of th!» ha« gone to the ftix countries it (tor separate ncgo- tlntlon With tholr Kovornments. yr<jii\oo ( whii?iv has received the lurjoat »)>nr«. two week* ago criti- clt«d iho United SUtes for alleged wttno* in Fr«nch domestic af- during such aid t»iks, eflcan offldalu Mid that by I dsuUn* with « «(nnt« Authority sot u» |i| «>e»lc tor all'ftix countries. sucU mtRWnd«rstandln«s preiun^o- bly u»i> b« miniwiwd in th« future. Una to Fill in forSparkman - S«». i'« condition tho n4v»t W*d _ «*y Betwe«da, Kd. im m America's New SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE CO. Calendar ^Wednesday, October 22 '.Brookwood Brownie Troop No. . 2 will meet at the home of Mrs. H. O. Kyler, Jr., 518 W. IGth, Wed; ttosday afternoon at 4 o'clock. ^Thursday, October 23 ie' Hope Music C!ub will meet Thursday night, October 23, at 7:30 Tin the home of Mrs. J. V. Moore Jr., with Mrs. Jim McKcnzio as ^leader of the program. sion was conducted. Mrs. A. D. Brannan discussed the first chapter of the mission study "Scatterec Abroad." The closing paryer was led by Mrs. Roy Thrash. The hostess served cake and cof fee to twelve members. Hope Country Club will cute-rain Skeleton May Quit TV at Sponsor's Plea By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD MB — Red Skelton may ciuil television after his first 11 weeks of this season are fin-| isl'ed. Tlip carrot - topped comedian lurnod serious today as he discussed his future in TV. He had received a request from his spon- soi to again present his show on , a live basis. Since the beginning | ul the fall season, the Skellon show the First Baptist Church met Mon-1 nas; been on film, and the quality clay .afternoon at the church for a | o j t no shows has been rapped by business meeting. Lanelle Fuller, j lU . critics, president, presided. The meeting skelton's reply to the sponsor'.'. Jeanette Hunker Junior GA's Meet Jeanette Hunker Junior GA's of - closed with setitence prayer. i reciuost- "He can either have a live i- Wiih Ladies Bridge Covored Dish, Refrushmenls we re served to thei ,.,„;,„;,;.;„ „„ „ tUnie d show or a ! Luncheon at 12:30 Thursday, Oct-! comedian on a following: Lanelle Fuller, Mar-1 a ,,. lcl como dian on a live show." _ iHJil»J*>n>6' j_iw«*»_in_ ......~., jp. ober 23. Mrs. A. J. Neighbours Ann Ha ,, Mal . y Jean sparks, Nina and Mrs. C. C. Low is wil be hostesses. Members please notice that this is the meeting that was Scheduled for October 30. is Here Now Tnrillinq fewer Packed Beauty for Active Americans .• ''-...•'..' •" i^ ' •» t*'-* FWered for ACTION! Hereia flashing acceleration, with magnificent nttsnv power, to master hill and highway. The new Dodge Rod lUm V.Kight in th« most efficient engine design in any American car! New hemispheric*! comb nation chamber nquoocM more power from every drop of fuel. Now "«iu*r«" engin* da- vign, with short punch pUton stroke, delivers power more smoothly, with lean ftrlctlon. The '63 Dodge to powered foroctwnl Styled for ACTION) .U> low, lithe and lovely, with W> "bulgea" to mar the trim perfection of iU flowing line*. Yet there's more hip-room, head-room and elbow-room than ever in«d«! Every styling detail npxeaenta "beau. tywtthapurpow.-Wide'TilotVUw" curved windshield and wrap-around rear window improve visibility-* Cargo-Cwriw rear deck gives "continental" look, transcontinental carry, ing capacity! J*t Air-Flow hoot) f«ed» *ir to ««gUtt, ftdd* style dirtinction. Ue Newest, Nimblest Piece of Live Action on Four Wheels! fa ACTION! Thi* is a Dodge year! Out of the vast Wiourcce and angiaeering know-how that have made Dodge a great name tot 38 years cornea this completely •«w 4 dramatically different kind of automobile: 4c*W» Cor for Active Americans! v powered for action, styled for engineered for action ... a owwsPvcked Beauty tuned to the tcotpo of this active, on-the-go America. It is a travel car, a traffic car, a pleasure ; car, a business car . . . easy to handle, responsive, sure-footed, ready to take you anywhere, anytime, in such style and comfort as you've never known. ' A "Road Test" Ride is waiting for you. ; Learn what Dodge has done to put ' more adventure, more pleasure in driv- , ing. Discover a new concept of motor ' car enjoyment in the action-packed '53 Dodge! ; Sp#ificatian» and Kquipmint tukjtct fa tkenge without notwt. K*M> ia » car "born to tht «cttfl »ma«lny| «*sv iaf»ty and at»bUky to* highway djriving jnd'iiMr : Qjri«*. Orfv« fwt nimU* «*»np of ' ability, Orifcw ri the road." ft Y««r OiMm H«Ws IfiiATflftWiS " MO KM* V-tUNT 6H-AWAY »j«- 4ftfATBIIVfS taut OW*TO»OUI owvi* nC WttVf« lIC OVEIMMVi* " Bright new Action Colors in longer lasting baked enamel. ten Space-Saver doors open in less space. Concealed door posts. Travel'Lounge interiors with lasting fabrics. Chair-high "Comfort Contour" seats support thighs, back, shoulders. New pushbutton lock on rear deck. New Stem-Side fuel filler. New pull-type door nan- Everything is new! VliJt Your Dodo. Owlw To4oy ond TKrill to o "Rood Teit" Ride B« R. HAmm IWOTOR m^p^ ^^^^^ ^^PW^^^^W 7 ^j^p^^^^B Slag night will be held Thursday night, October 23, at 7:80. Dr. F. D. Henry, Mr. Syd McMath. and Ur. H. M. Brents will be hosts. Terra Firma Garden Club of •"JTashviUe is sponsoring a flower ,sh/>w at the Legion Hut October 23. Visitors are invited especially the Garden Club members of Hepe. t will be open to the public from p.m. until 8 p.m. Jean Walker, Jo Ellen Barr, Janet Cox, and the counselor, Mrs. Herman Robinson. Mrs. Frank Mason to Serve as Official Representative Mrs. Frank Mason will serve as the official representative ol the Hempstead County Classroom Teachers Association at the CTA lunch- con in Little Hock on November 7i £ during the AEA convention, was elected at a meeting of the local county association in Hope Junior High School library on October 20 at 7 p.m. The Catholic Altar Society will sponsor a spaghetti supper Thurs day, October 23, from 6 to 8 o'clock in the Parish Hall. The public is cordially invited to attend. Mrs., R. E. Jackson, program chairman, presented an introduc He was referring to his expel i- cnce on last year's program, his first season in the new medium. The comic was on the border of complete collapse. "Now that Red's doing his show | on film." remarked his business! manager, "he can at least go home and sleep after a performance. Last year he'd finish a show we'd fake him to St. John's ,j Hospital. When he came off stage, we'd put him on a couch and place aii oxygen mask over his face. ••Red's show on film is getting better til the time. He just needs some time to get it into shape." His TV director, Marty Rackin, Letters to the Editor Tins is yo\ir newspaper Write to it. Letters rtlllcUing t)ie edl- uinal policy or commentlrtg upon iirts in the news columns, are pqimily welcome. Every writer .nust sign his name and And- ••ess but publication ol nnm« '«ay be withheld It requested. Kclltor (if the Star; Mows Briefs Pe<ltilns vary in helgtit fram Inches up to 4 t.tlTLE HOCK (* — Sen, John t. McClellan says the Democratic party has not requested him to sprak on behalf of Us national | ticket. He said the latest communication h« has received from Oeroo« cratlc headquarters was a retiunst to party supporters for monfty. National Parly Chairman Stephen A. Mitchell has said that McClol- li.n had boon asked to spcnk In Louisiana nud wns under consldern* lion for speeches In Texas for the Stovpnsnn-Sparkman ticket, Hut the senior Arkansas senator said yesterday he had not been MARSHALL PLAN—Mrs. George C. Marshall, wife of General Marshall, former U. S. Secretary of State, tnkos a donkey- back tour of the Isle of Capri, off the coast of Italy, as her famous husband, coat over his arm, walks along behind her. Donkeys are r favored form of transportation on the island, which has narrow, twistlnc streets "t would like to use your patioi s "! 11 yoste-rciny he to express my gratitude tor the nsl< f d to »^" k '" way your people cared for the W " C1 r p ls<". recent session of the Arkansas Shite Singing Convention. "J have followed it over the state for 1!5 years and for wholehearted cooperation Hope has never been surpassed. "I want friends of Hob Shivers of the Third District Livestock LITTLE HOCK Iff) — A Cnmden iiiMiranuc executive told some flfl delegates to iho Arkansas Mutual AjTiMits Association that sustained advertising was a boon to the In surnnce business, When Sour Sfomach Makes Vbu Queasy, TUMS Corrcd rh Mighty Easy / IWI only Jfc Record fast relief for gi»», lour stomach, acid Jndlgcitlofc there Is n need for DOROTHY 01X Kd Pnco said "continuous nd* Show to knosv how grateful we feol vertlslng" in tin- Insurance fiold, for his constant efforts to help usi'le spoke nl Iho group's opening without charge, also for Iho finu ' si-sslon of an minimi 2-day fall things our own Horace Kennedy n™etln(t here yesterday. did. "Next time you pray give (hanks for having such useful men in your community. Allow me to thank your Chamber of Commerce and Radio Station for their help." Sunday, October 26 There will be an area meeting of the CMF of the First Christian Church Sunday afternoon. October *<>G, at 2 o'clock. All women of th« church arc urged to attend as the following CMK's have been invited: E'rescotl, Nashville, Ashdown, DeQucen, Gurdon and Lcwisville. tion of the book. "World Affairs Are Your Affairs," to be used as program material for this year. "To promote adult discussion of important issues in international relations is the purpose of the book" as stated by Mrs. Jackson. Using the topic "Gras.s--Roots Are Spreading Out" Mrs. F. J. Burroughs discussed professional standards and spirity of teaching. pointed out the strenuous nature of the Skelton program: "Other comedians can introduce other acts a;;d stay olfstage for five or 10 liiiuules. But not Red. He's on sUMie nearly the whole half-hour. People expect it of him. "Why, on the live show we had ci'ftumc changes that had to bo done in -12 seconds. We'd have men waiting offstage with shoes Honesty Quest/one:/ Dear Miss Dix: My weekly mar-i keting is done in a large market j J Q p RQ(J|O of our small town. If 1 am starting out with a limited amount ofj money, I have a habit ot market-! ing each price on the package so! 1 can keep an account ot how much I am spending. A few weeks ago 1 did tnis, and the manager NK\V YORK U'l Listening to Sincerely yours, William R. McCollum, Chaplain "Atkins, Arkansas Oct. 20, 1052 -- a ii. m. Honorl Q. for Godfrey . . . AHC — 10:30 n. m. • Break Hie Bnnk. . . MBS — 0;30 n. m. Tnko. A Number. FOR SALE My home located at 302 East 14th, Cornelius Heights addition, 5 room house, lot 100x175 and priced to sell, $1500 down and balance $40 per month. See . . . JOE BRITT Phone 7-6693 HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE S. Main * Country Olutt rd LAST DAV THURSDAY Ray MIILAND'i™ STERLING I Plus "EAGLE AND THE M\ til NBC .Inlin Henry l''.'Ullk 7:311 Cirenl CiiUlerslecve H Clroucho .Marx. November 7 World Community Day will be observed by the Council of United Church Women on November 7 'in the Episcopal Church at 3 p.m. Women are asked to bring warm •%tlothing £o rinfants and children under six years ot age. These Mr. and Mrs. Reid Clark and ... . ..daughter, Susan Gail, and Mr. and! "Baskets for Peace will be sent' g _ Dfcxtcr cla) . k and daLlf , hlcl . i UI1UU1 Uii uiiu auiiiij v»i n_tn-«tt"e- - -- - ... — In presenting •'Teacher Welfare I to s»P on Red s feet, anothei Mrs. Otis Breed indue, a^bronKaw ay f -lurt^nd .ojoith. much for one man to go through. Ills advisers added that the filmed show is handicapped by the lack of music. Because the filmed version is more expensive, there wos no budget left for an orchestra. That lias eliminated a variety of routines that require music. Skelton himself remarked thai the film version is just as hard as some respects. "The im Activities," ed in her talk facts on .'teacher placement, adequate salaries, work ing conditions, and security. Mrs. Elmer Brown gave the open ina prayer and Mrs. Mason, president, was in charge of the meeting. ana Going to the children in Korea. Carolyn, spent the past week end in Dallas where they attended the State Fair. CBS — 7 FBI in Penci- and Wai- hung over the railing as I went r-... 0 Dr Christian » Lineup. ABC -•• li::ui Lone Banner 7 Mystery Theater » Mr. President. MBS —• (i:lli Men's Corner 1 Musical Comedy u:Uf> Family The alcr. it in the half-hour. But when do 1 take tim e out for a costume I have to work hard Annie Hoover Circle Has Meeting Monday The Annie Hoover Circle of the, The c| . u . a Lowthol . p chaplcr o[ c First Baptist Church met m the c ot c wm be reprcsentecl al the ; to ,. lhe audiein-e back up to home of Mrs. Jewel Moore, Jr., UDC ConvellUoll which con .| • . , hcrc l lcfl/ . Monday altcrnoon, October 20, with - .....'' its leader, Mrs. S. A. Whitlow, pre- through the checking line. A friend accompanying me said this was an insult and 1 shouldn't go back. However, 1 wanted the manager to know 1 was innocent of any cheating, and I continued to patronize the store. At one time, the cashier leaned over to look in my pocketbook. I realized then it j was time to change my market. Later, at a nearby store, the manager came up and watched the j checker go over the purchases. It happened again in still another i thing is building up the j store. studio audience to a peak," ho j i have never had the slighest On the live show, I could suspicion cast on my honesty," and Thursday Programs: Travelers. ens After the opening prayer by Mrs. Basil York, a short business ses- *SAENGER TODAY AND TOMORROW venes in Texarkana today by the; j] e was on the set of his new following members: Jo Beth Ret-; picture. "The Clown," and he tig, Carolyn Story, and Carolyn I pointed out "that -it parallels , his Levvailen, pages; escorts, Buddy I present situation. It b a remake ! Jackson, Jimmy Branch, Richard and Chris Cook, ushers, Jim Yo- A WOMAN WAS ALWAYS PART OF THE LAWLESSNESS AT SILVER CREEK! rccfffwcoto* AUDIE MURPHY FAITH DOMERGUE STEPHEN McNALLY News - Musical - Cartoon com, Sonny Griffin, and Hal Branch. Others taking part in the pageant are Sandra Robins, Billy'e Williams, Ann and Oliver Adams. They will be accompanied by Mes- daines James Branch, B. L. Hettig, K. K. Jackson, Herbert Lewallen W. A. Williams and Mr. C. W. Lowlhorp. . of the old Wally Berry-Jackie Cooper film,. "The Champ". Skelton was playing a scene in which a comedian comes off a television stage after almost literally knock- iv.r himself out for the audience. 'This picture shows you exactly Delegates to the Arkansas UDC Convention from the Pat Cleburnc what could happen," he said. c( median in the story dies. Th And that last season on TV almost killed mo." What? Skelton doing a death scene in a movie? This sounded line his heaviest dose of dramatics n his pictures. He admitted that it Chapter who will leave this after- m his pictures. He aamiuca in-.. ... noon for Texarkana are Mrs. J. M. j was the most serious film he had Duffle, Mrs. J. M. O'Neal, Mrs. H. C. Whitworth. iNures Julia Chester Admitted: Emma Jean Walker, Hope, Mrs. George 'W. Cummings, Knunet, J. G. Allen, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Frankie Bo\v- lin and daughter, Nancy Rowcna, Hope. Chester Allen, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar O. Lafferty Patmos, announce the arrival of I a son, L,arry Kent. allt i i none since his MGM debut in "Flight Command", which starred Robert Taylor, Ruth Hussey and Walter Pidgeon. "Of course, I've died in pictures before," added Skelton, who always leaves them laughing. "But that was always after the picture got into the theaters." I deeply resent tho doubts that seem to exist in the minds of those various store employees. I'd be willing to do anything to clear my name. DISTRKSSEL 1 Answer: 1 cannot possibly imagine how such a state of affairs could have, been brought about.'Be ing a frequent shopper in supermarkets myself, and as I also keep track of purchases, 1 know that the practice is approved by checkers rather than disapproved. It is a source of considerable annoyance to them for a purchaser I to buy more than she can pay for. j then have the entire order ruur-i ranged and re'checked while a | long line of impatient customers! awaits attention. Furthermore, cv-j cry item in a large store is price- [ marked so clearly that there is no j possibility of either you or the j checker being intentionally dishon- [ cst. There must be some other rca' son for tho manager's actions in i POPS SO £ASY AN9 TASfES SO C00P ^ See the GAS RANGE off the DAY It's DETROIT JEWEL On Display at Your Friendly ARKANSAS LOUiSlWK CAS CO. OLSSMEsmn Why accept fess when we offer you more, in a v FORD TRUCK at no increase in price! your case and, personally, i j Boyle Continued from Page One yelled. Fire Destroys Scott' Lbr. Co. of Nashville 'Must have started with a fight over the same hat," someone else said. The crowd laughed uneasily. For a second, for just a second, the woman in green paused, scorn- known origin destroyed the J. D. ! ing to sense how ridiculous it was. But by now she was the victim NASHVILLE, (/Pi Fire of un- think you arc probably the victim! of an over-scrupulous conscience, j The best way to clear up thu; matter to your satisfaction is toj see the first manager, ask him| exactly why he acted as he did I and, if his explanation leaves any 1 doubt in your mind, see the mana-: gers o'f the other markets, too. | Store employees are pretty good i judges of character, and unless! one's actions are definitely suspi-j cious, they go about their appointed tasks with no doubts as to a person's honesty. I'm sure a very irank discussion with the people ! who are worrying you will con-* vince you of their good intentions.! The only Pickup with an oil-now LOW-FRICTION engine! New Ford F-l affnra cholco of now 101-h.p. COST CLIPPER Six, or famoim Tnupg V-B now tipped to 100 h.p. All Ford Truck enginoi liavo gaa-Baving Power Pilot! GAS SAVINGS UP TO M%! THRU AU-NIWlOW.riUCTION INOINlfP Now tluee new hlgh-compresalon, FHICTION, overhead-valve Ford engines out friction power-wante . , savo as much 04 on? gallon o( gait in" LOW FIRST COST, TOOI No need io around , . , come we us flr«t! Ford /T aro priced with tho lowest, nnd we'V-^,,, you tho best truck deal in.townl ' • V^t ( < V. of her own terrible momentum. Ktving gone this far, she had to Scott Lumber Co.'s sawmill here last night, causing a loss of $40.000. Joe D. Scott, owner of the firm, fee farther. said the loss was partially covered, "1 want a cop," she shouted. 1 by insurance. j want justice done!" The blaze started about 7 p.m., ! It was like one of those dreams and was brought under uijout two hours later. * RIALTO > Today & Tomorrow control \ where you see yourself walking auwn a crowded street, naked. , Why didn't she stop? What real or i'or the past 11 years church! fancied wrong done to her the day .icmbership in the United States j before or 20 years before was push- increased about 2 per cent a ing her deeper into public absurdi- ', ty? In what half - remembered ! tine had she been so hurt to hysterically for justice year. Dear Miss Dix: I am very inuchj in love with a man ol 28, ten years: older than I am. We have been on j a date together, though I see him | quite often. The trouble is he is j a ladies man. How can I get him over that? Don't tell me to forget him because I have tried and can't. P. A. "Let's kiss and make up", the gallant young man suggested. "Okay with me", his girl friend replied. So she got the kiss and he got the make-up. —Arlene Hosey What Happened in Boston, Willy,.,? H OHE MISTAKE... U SEEN IV HIS SON... • -^ UNLEASHES THE MUTEST DUMA Of OU» TUtfl Fcream now? The two women were wrestling in circles, rotating in a cruelly c->niic dance in the center of the j crowd. A man tried vainly to sep! arate them. Finally, a cop did i si ow up. "All right, folks, the show's over," ?nd he shooed the spectators away. "Officer, she pushed me and l.roke the bottle of ——" ••Sure, lady sure." The cop led both women around the corner. After listening to them, he told lhe woman in tan to leave. She dis- Answer: You will probably have- no choice as far as forgetting the man is concerned. Apparently he is simply interested in adding you to his collection of ladies and has nu intention of becoming serious about you. Why waste your time and love on someone who is so completely unavailable? All you are doing is building a day dream out of nothing. A more wasteful procedure is impossible. Stop it! Dear Miss Dix: I have a boy friend whose father owns a truck. When my friend gets the truck he doesn't come to see me. I like him a lot, and he likes me, but he will not kceja a date if he has a chance to drive the truck.* Answer: Glyls compete with many things for the affections ol an adolescent male. You ' have ! appeared quickly in the crowd. . againgt some ot tne slil , i The woman in green continued ,_. »___,.T(.i«» t>™_ i. _ -,„„ MARCH I! to scream and wave wildly but, as lithe cop kept talking quietly, she began to subside. Intensity drained out of her and she leaned limply against the wall near St. Pat's. Finally, she nodded to the cop and he released her. He walked east. She warned west Suddenly, in die shadows ol tne great cathedral, she stopped and began to cry. She. cri*4 convul- LAST LONGER! Using registration data on 8,060,000 trucks, life Inaura nee experts —for the sixth straight year—prove Ford Trucks lust longer! Because they last longer, Ford Trucks depreciate less-* you get a better trade-in deal every time! ' J test competition there is — any thing on wheels that has a motor, j From a scooter to a plane, teenage boys will put the machine be fore a girl in most cases. As you.i friend grows older, the truck will lose much of it's appeal, and you will have your chance for iirst ate. Released by Tne Bell Syndicate, RUN 191 Before you byy. te^ u» ftbow you t) For4 Economy Ru» B0w*» 8fc the ^ ^nn% wft^e? ewt* Tel. fi.eoft new I OKI) IKK K i,< <)\0\n IU Try-"" "r^ "If "ft*" pletoly w cu, in. FORD TRUCKING COSTI ^BPP ^(Bi ^^(BP^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^w * ^W^J 1 *^^^^^*

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