Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 22, 1952 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 22, 1952
Page 5
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MOM STAK, HOM, ARKANSAS TutiJay, Ottebtf 21, s A while JAMBI MARLOW Arnwi- will fee lln in cmlntcllon with effort to provo I* proeeadlni! it Communlii* 1ft two two diffe ttio lft*dBfH «nd (f) «* A p«rly, „. «upfller the $mllh „.-., In 1940 —the government »ui«4 And cfcmvicteil «ome of I6p Communist Iqadttf* on iij ^ , of rormplrlnic w Umen „ . ,v ol thli government, Suprorjw Court upnetd their lijtion, Given thli encourage* Ijl, tho government look out n find Ii continuing to do no ~ i ttorntmmlKl lendw* fron IP cojitU. Mare than DO bnve > tndlctod and wore 'than -convlQied, to . Ho irtKU«r what the Appollnln Cmirt d"cU)c«, th«> cm* will go to la Supremo Court for final do- fJrton, That may not come tor »n- Kl»i»r two y»ar». •»m»m^4^m....i LI. m mni-Kn •** *•"'»•*» Ntwi Britfi ,K H'X:K (It — Ml*» M«ry 5ue She|)h«riJ of Lltlli HOOK will lead thn ArkMnxnN Llbrnry A.i»i>- itnllon l( h«r prMldentlAl ncimlns- Ion I* cfonflrmed by dti!n«oli» to (J org(ih^ptlmi'8 convention tmlny, Ml** Shophcfd, I'ulwitkl County frArlnn, headed a K*t of ovvlcirr* lnd yent^rdny n» lh<i «ruup opotind it* Hnftunl a-«lay confarenee ih»n 2UO Jt»«ir«na slvt tlw vsrlmM ^control* ov«r the int«rn»i security laft) there I* to i»ko over ,(he i by a ' ,;imo«nina R««si*. wiiioii *«ou |*«lon" ana -trout*' „ * ^/other, coumrlflif to carry PlWft. '- r, t iho law unld, ml $n^4*'ft0nt" uroup , „_ of Us' mombej'i „,„ It get* Itt money, ,.\6 American Communist par jilKtoretl, it would bo admit il'WRit n nwsgiim ttKunl, undo 1m\j|UB#e o( iho act, No on 'It to register, tt didn't Ing thl*. M\B )«w provlclei „,„.,.. follows) ie nUornoy utocrftl doolwrqcl th party on "action 1 m.'^ panel tit the IvUtttft Control Board held htm to djtjldc wlH)t|)or tho Com it purty in an" "nellon" 01 ^"thwefore, muit re« jay tho pnnel announced &.T<pmd9clnii ttefco mtuio Jrol t«iUni(jny, that tito ** n *mwu»Ul mrty Ii i t'op^'MPlliin" IJFOUP. Th rtl it expfebtod shortly t ylth tho t(n(l|lnm ol tta .,_-._,.,i._,^T 3"'. ... ...... .._..» ^ .^.mh^Mi Will Out Comrwnlftt p*rtf havn (o rn|fl»l«r then? No. U etrtalnly Will *PP»«l lo the U. K. Court of «»fMA ••K.liii (hat (he Security !<ft itielf be oselared unconitltu- JONK8BOIU) Wi Judge Frrm- jig Cherry In confined lo his hom« tare with n virus -Infection, but his condition I* nut bolluvcd lo bo »er- out, The Democratic guimrnfiiw al ituinlttav'ft office In Lfttlo Kock Id yonumtny Hint Ihu judfta con- jt.'Utti tho lilno«* while «»n rtnuo to H polltlcel r«lly «t KnyoUevllle UtTLK ROCK WO— A Joneiboro, Afk,, sailor pl««ded guilty yomor- (J»y to »ho July JIB hold-up «( tho Blink of Au«twt«, Aih, SetlUmuo will bo pronounced on It«rb*rt Kdward Davis, ai), by t-'eit-j ernl Juil««» Harry J. Lamley wftur « hearing todny. Th« oln«r ftttlor clmi 8fd In the robbery, which noUod $-t,8»i, was noun Lswhwi, 83, of Redflolti, .„')«, Judge Lcmloy yesterclny or- awed thai Lawnon under go « sanity' test. WTTLffi ItOCK UW --A »i»lo of- unbred hulft't» will be held hero to- on* by vhif Arkunntix k«bordecn Stage Is Set for UN Fight Over Korea UNITED NATIONS, N. F. lift Th<- U. N. General Assembly set the today for the crucial Ea»t-Wrst diplomatic wrangle over koran — the question casting thn iihadow over the future of the world orgonl/atlon. Thf A.'i.tembly yesterday put off iho rest of Its opening general do hair, In which delegate.* of mem foi-i not!""* usually present a broad outline »f their governments poll clr-s, until after the U. S. pros! d(-ntl;il election*. The Way was ilms paved for the Assembly com di-ced a proposal on the Korean' puxoner of war issue — main question blocking a truce in Ko lea. He suggested formation of a commission, made up of the coun trie* concerned including Red China ai'd of other U. N. members and non U. N. members (Switzerland, for example) with a tradi tion for International service, to supervise the screening and return home of the prisoners. Hints That Contributions Eased Probes WASHINGTON Wl — A congres was limited to the gevcrnm*nt sources and to trying to detect any concerted action by "the Big Four" to monopolize trade. The committee .said the division erred in discount Ing complaints that did not allege conspiracy and collusion. "The error of the Antitrust Divi sicn," the committee c o ntinued, "jay in the matters which it did not bother to consider. The tesli mony. . . shows that distributors, by and large, arc dependent upon the major distillers for the greater part,of their income because these ciiatillcrs furnish the most sole a Die liquor most distributors are very heavily indebted, and the major part of the indebtedness is to the major distillers. "The distributor's business and all he may possess hang on the continued good will of the distiller. Clearly, therefore, the distributors market outlets of Independent dll tillers crushes competition. mltlneit to get down to detailed ' s'onal committee reported today I w uf not' r'c'siVtToo' strongly" the "d'is " " on Korea and the rest of the | "tliure is an inference" that pollti 00 Innclccl afjnnda confronting the imllon body. fiuiislii him demanded that Ko rer be Rivori top priority. The Ariicrlciins, though sensitive about dlscunsinK issues figuring in the political r;impaif!n, have said they nrr> reiuly to tjJlto up the matter nt nny time. The Americans also hnve nn nnunccd they wllj ask the U. N. ass't'inbly to investigate Communist! cul contributions by liquor compa n'c;s had some connection with the "ttipcring off" of an antitrust probe of the industry in 1849. However, the committee said tiller's wish that a less famous independent line should not be handled." While individually each case ofi control over local distriburors may Mercury Drops ^ Over Arkansas By The Associated Press Temperatures plummeted in Ar kunsas yesterday and early th|S morning wilh the coldest in trie state a freezing 21 at Batesville. Other lows Included 22 at Flip pin, 23 at Brinkley, 27 at Faycttfl v'llo, 30 at Pine Bluff and 31 at El Dorado. The Weather Bureau at LlttUfc .Rock said the cold that has wonPnj encd during the past two days ftt'"| suited from a high pressure area that moved down from Canadtt southeastward into the United Slates. i no inslgnificent, the committee said, in the aggregate the effect i:t n 1 11 lilllur aiui:n LIVUIIIIUU IU ' , . ., reporters who drew the infer i maymbc as greKat " r * reattur lh " n :• or on what it was based. an illcKal combmalion of procluc "tho evidence is not conclusive, ' | and committee aides declined to The report, issued by a House uilicinry subcommittee that has invuslifiatinR the Justice De night the Ankuulniion rev , wv ,v« Mnurlc« Smith Jr,, of Mint Eye, president othei otficnr* ore A, It, Prflptridgo of Mmtnimn, vice- president, ami Louln Junws of Mndl* •0n, •6croUry>troA«uri > r. New directors Include II, C. YolUm of lift 'Spring*) Jim Allen of Cumdim, und Keith -Jichofnor of KnyettevllUs. ! - A 4l-yo«r-i)ld K«l»«r, Ark., phnrmtu'Ul IH In j»U hfrr«, »0fu*t?d of mniptylnji a Mom- phi* benuly operator with nur- collc«, John O, llughox, nrmtinKtsr of tho Ko|«er Drug Store, WHS nrrnlKnbd Snuii'dny after Mr*. Catherine C, Aldrltlgu told police lut suppllod Albert Oooart of Menu iold hit entry In the Third District Livestock Show to Lynn Frnnkt, rrmnager of Hope't Feeder Supply Co, for ii total of Ml6.40. The onlf weighed 1165 pounds and brought 36 o«nti « ppund PRESCOTT NEWS Mn. Dalli* Atklnc Entertains In Little Rook Miss Mnranri't Covey, who Is un- Ungfd lo Donald VVtirrnack, was honored nt n brid«« imrty Klvtm Wodniisday afternoon by Mrs. Dun- etui Mltcholl tind her mother. M»,». Diilll* Atklna of PrCHcott, in the Mitchell home. ArromjcmeiUs or whlto chrynttntheitturm wi-re umtil lu ilecortillnii, The bride-ulBCt ft-- ctuvvd « t't'd cnrnntton mid H glfl of silver. Gut-ats werp Mi's. John Covey, Mrs. Willlmn Mcsks, Mrn, Chorlos Irowu, Mrs, D. B. Westmoreland, {tt?», U-on Dunham, Mrs. Wiley her, Mri. Howard Tliornus and Mrs. Chitrleg Purki-r. &r>. ^1V NHOIJNCING NEW HfiiURS ' "«r For UME GOOD FOOD ront 5 p, m. to 9 a. '"' ( ^. 1( , |v*ty; 6*y Except Wednesday E O A K S Wv^^ ^^ w^ *^ Highway 67 Wett at City limits iW'ii *<,„!> ' w ,n 'i j" $\ RE NEW CARS njoqdod from Transports o Our Back Door Y STYLE charge*"thnt Ihe U. S. has launched! piirlmcnt. said the political contri i.rrn warfare in Korea. ' ' ntions were not made by the Soviet Delegate Jacob A. Malik i companies themselves, but by indl lion giants." The decision not to make a full scale field probe, the committee added, was "not only an error in . judgment, but an indication DO CRAMPS give you that j _ monthly look? W»> lit lili-tili •Itirr, "iimi"ikiw li ulr if lit Dow your mirror ohow an oldtr-looklnfc Y or n-out. nervoui f»CB durin« your "»•? d»y«?" Why let men tee that yo« lira •ufferine from monthly enmp>7 Try m HtUj Cardul each dny «« thousands or women do, vetoed a similar American request In the Security Council last sum n:er. The Americans decided lo it up again in Ihe Assembly — where Ihcrc Is no velo —afler hearing the old charges repealed Mr*. W. 6. BUok rToitei* to Wetttldo HO Club Mrs, W, S, Hlttuk wus hostess to he Wt'»Uldfc Homo Ounvonstratlon ,'Utti tit her IwrHP Wednondny ultor toon. Mr*. Hftvry Keclcy wns co- MVM. Dluck, president, presided mil ruiiductod thtt business. Tho devotional thought on "Tho Ten mniandmtHiU" was tslvon by Mm. Ktielcy. Miss Elluibulh Penn, tit the Ar- tmui* Power nnd Light Co,, «lulw- cd «n Infurmnllvc film on "The Correct Lighting in the Hume." Mm, Hugh Mllum nnd Muurice VlcLollmui Were welcomed as now member*. Mrs, lirnost Qolton watt u uuest for (lu> afternoon. Delicious refreshments woro served by thy l chapter to the student loan fund in memory of Mr, T. C. Mcllnu. The clmpler will also sponsor a rumuiUKo sale In Iho near tuture with Mrs. J. B. Heaterly, Mrs. Wells Humby and Mrs. Edward Orytion in churgc. The president generals' message WHS road by Mrs. J. B. llostcrly. Miss l-'nincus Thrasher yiivt- an Interesting talk on "Safe Guarding Our Futures." A suliul course currying out the Halloween motli was si-rv-tid to ten nicmbtn.s imcl n guest, Mrs. C. A. Huyncs, Mrs. Bob Parker of Amnrillo, Texas h«s been the rccenl, guest of Mr .and Mrs. E. N. Uickson mill other relatives. Mrs. Burko Shollon. Mrs. Lee Klnney, Mrs. H. L. li.aton ntul Mrs. Torn Cainuron motored lu Little Hock Thursday lor tiio duy. Mrs. Brooks Nortlct and daughters of Dullus are the gui'sls of hur pnrcnts, Mr. und Mrs, Hubert Whltukcf. Luster Steed was n Thursday visitor In LiUlo Hock. this year by Poland, Russia and Czechoslovakia. The Assembly's Steering Com riittee meets today to decide whether to Include on the already lengthy agenda a Polish resolution outlining Communist terms for a Korean armistice. The U. N. Command in Korea has already rejected Ihose lurms, but Western delegates indicated they were agree to debate the Polish proposal. The Assembly was lo be callcc into plenary session later loday to approve the Steering Commi toe's decision. Main attenllon was directed to the powerful CO-nalion Political Ci.mmittee. which is lenlutively scheduled to meet tomorrow after noon, That committee will take up ml major questions concerning Ko row. Assembly President Lester B. Pearson of Canada yesterday said pcslponcmcnt of general clcbale would nol keep the Assembly from meeting in full session on what ever business might require ils nc tion. Before Ihe debale svas shul down, Pin's Victor A. Belaundc intro victuals connected with them, and: "There are indications thai Ihe contributions were regarded byUhe individuals who made Ihem as nuccs.sary business expenses." The conlributions went to both major political parties, and the seme individuals frequently gave to both parties in the same year, the report said. Of a total of between $155,550 and $165,550 conlribulcd during Ihe four years 1948 Ihrough 1951, report said between $112,450 the anc 5,120,450 went to the D e mocrats while the Republicans received be twuen $43,100 and $45,100. The report, one of a series, deal mainly with operations of the lie uor industry's "Big Four" — Jc soph E. Seagram and Sons, Inc Schenley Industries, Inc. Nations Distillers Products Corp. , an Hiram Walker Gooderham and Wr.rts, Lid. The committee looked into i complaint, from an unascribe' source, thai the Justice nunt's Antitrust Division definite lack of enthusiasm to ex &„*""* lore the matter fully." The committee concluded with suggestion that some action be ".ken, if possible, before the al cged practice of restricting the of' J-ct jt help build strength and renlsUnc i Iras and lets misery each month, through periods without feelinc »W rt» at all. Also helpg relax jitter* nerves-sleep better. Look, feel, act younfef, more normal all month. Ask for Cardul. CARDUI MONTHLY I CHANGE t Depar in 194 unit 1949 "failed lo make a Iho ough investigation to dctermin wh-jther the four large dislillers had violated the anlilrusl laws." The Anlilrusl Division slaff re ported In 1949 thai Iherc was "a total absence of evidence of con spiracy or collusion among Ihcse ...by looking up numbers in the new telephone directory instead of calling "Information" The 1949 probe, the committee SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY Mr», Jimmy Brock Honored Mr*, Q, t., Ho»s, Mrs. GtM-uld Muruun, Mrs, Hubert IVitfUuy, QUmdn Leu- and Mrs. s. A. Mr. und Mrs, Fred Uobertson of Hope were isunduy guests of Mr un(t Mrs, Allen Geo. Mr. and Mrs. Hervy Uumis spent Friday in Tuxurkanu. Mr und Mrs, Tom Beinis hud us their Friday night guests, Mr. and Mrs. Mtuuiiv) .Stevens of Texarkana \u-bb cutUjrtiilniid Thursday even- inu I" the home of the lutlor with « pink mut blue shower compU- nu-ntiuu Mrs, Jimmy Brock. Tho. party room* woro decorated wltli it variety of autumn flowers. After playing .swcittl lnu-rt v stln« fiunu-s tho hutu>f''i received H cor- »;»tto of rutUci'ii und safety pins nnd u Iflrfit) decorated container filled with' lovely gifts, A delicious tit'ssort pinto was served tu those present, P CO. Third Stwor Gulp Chapter OAR Meetlno Thi? October motstinR i»f the Ben- miu Cult) Ch)tpter,*DAH WHS hold Thursday uttomoon in thu hoine of Mrs. C. HV Moore, with Mrs. Ailou Uwe vyhuslumt, Kusos «nd mixed autumn (lowers ua«l in dccoruliw in tho Miss Opal Uuniol of Hope was tho week end jjucst of Miss lluzc Mullock. Mr. and Mrs, Allen Cn'o Jr., Uil unit Gull ot llopi! spent .Sulurda; with rolutivcs and triomis, Friends of Mrs. Gus Woodul wit regret that she is seriously ill a her homo on inc Culc Uoad, Markets The ro««»l, Mrs, J. \V. Teclev. was opened \viU\ the rHvial uu4 pledge of A report of the state board me.-t U\I thm met in uttlc RocH v\a «ivon by Mr*. Moore, state student fund chairman. A dwutlon htts lMf«m sent by the with free nawUes f«» about year*. P»Ue<j said the ST-year- widow ta\irfte*t»d Hughes «lt«r By The Atsociated Press fui Another First With National FIRST with individual washers FIRST with Sanitone Now First With.... *;• *x v -x X LAUNDRY & DRYCLEANING AVAILABLE NOW! «. quandty of drugs werft cur «h« w»» driving, in Both ar« charged with, illegal u| narcotic*, See the Today's comniuitiiy report, nisheti by the USIJA; uru selling steady lo 25 lo \vi-r ut uiosl of the n\idwcst inurkol* but show some indication ot' strength on the Missouri Hivcr whore Omaha is steady to 35 cents higher und Sioux City is steady to strong, Ksrly sates of 100 tu 2$0 pound butchers have bulked from $18.75 to $18 at the eastern corabelt markets with practical tops of $18.8| to $13.10. At the river markets the 180 to 230 jxiund butchers arc generally selling (ram $18.35 to $18.50. The exception is Sioux City, where 190 to 270 powders are generally bringing $18 and. « few have topped at $18.10. Sows ar« generally following the trend (or butchers. The bulk ol the sales have been from $15 to $18 but » tow choice lightweights have topped at $18.23. SmafceySays; th* MY Ifli MAYTAG it Your Friendly H«r«'i an omaimg new process tor >he purest woth and freshest dry cleaning you've ever known. Nature's wonder chlorophyll provides a fabric treatment that leaves your laundry and dry cleaning flower-fresh. Your clothe* and linens stay fresh even after weeks of wear and use. No other method brlngt you the tailing odor-resistance that the exclusive Iviterway ch/orophyll procen offers. It's a big extra for the best cleaning and laundry buy In town. There's no additional charge for our lemarkable lusterway process. look for th* lusterway seal. It's your guarantee of unexcelled purity of wash end th* freshest dry cleaning you've *v*r known. Our Daily Bread '*| Slice I - Sliced Thin by The Editor Alex. H. Waihburn NATIONAL LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Hope Star WEATHER ARKANSAS with no Immediate change In tern' pcrnture. Fair and cooler Thursday^ Temperature: High 70; low 37, Good C. of C. Job Karl Marx's Mistake Voice From Bombay Hope Chamber of Commerce has started a monthly bulletin service ch deserves united support from lie business community. The initial number, Introduced by President Ben Owen and Secretary-Manager Ray Lawrence under October 3d dating, was a three- sheet report on the following: 1. A comparison of local business figures this past September against! September 1951. 2. A similar comparison of local 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 8 Star of Hap* ConielMatMi Jan. II, 1*2* HOPE, ARKANSAS, WIDNISDAY, OCTOBER 22,1952 M«mb«fi Th* AM»el«t«d Ar. N*t faW Glrel, 4 M*i * A«4H lnrMtt *J CmMtatkM* . IMIInfl M*Nh 11, 1*1* — »,•»» PHIC6 St COPT'S Long Strike Is indicated by Boss Lewis • By NORMAN WALKER WASHINGTON iff] — A long coal UtUity ;onn e tions incoming and strike-possibly extending past the M» <v . , ,-,,«»,ctrtnnlml r»lrtr,t ,r,n_e,»r*m r\rt in outgoing freight business, and new pru -seemed in placements by the Hope ' n- ployment office. 3. A compari . . and business statistics over the 10- year period 1940-1950 between Arkansas and Mississippi. We note (1) that postal receipts, building permits, and retail sales were higher this September than a year ago; (2) that the number of light. and water meters in use is larger than a year ago; and (3) that on practically every count Arkansas has rolled up a better record for business and. industrial advance since 1940 than Mississippi has. Statistics honestly dug for and fairly reported arc like cash in the bank when it comes to establishing confidence in the home community and all its enterprises. The current bulletin happens to.be favorable, but favorable or not it is one of the most worth-while 4 works a chamber of commerce can possibly perform. For one thing, it silences idle 'calamity-howlers; and it inspires the working com- store today with John L. Lewis insisting his miners get nil of the munity to push harder, either to make a good year still better, or to offset hard luck when the going is tough. I was intiigued by the title o£ a speech which Benjamin F. Fairless chairman of U. S. Steel, made 1 today before the Pennsylvania State Chamber o£ Commcfce m Pittsburgh. The name was, "The Great Mistake of Karl Marx," and I read further into the text itself. Fairless said the Quakers who settled in Pennsylvania 270 years ago were able to make something out of the same country that had lain dormant under Indian rule because the newcomers brought •with them the tools and imple- 'ments o£ civilized Europe. Today', he 'continued, America has built up the tool industry until 95 per cent of all manufacturing work in our country is done by machines — a record without parallel m the world. But the cost of tooling up American-style industry runs into thousands of dollars per employed person he went on, and, "since no individual has that kind of money k— even in America — it requires the combined savings of millions of our people, in all walks of life to supply the productive facilities upon which our industrial workers depend." And at this point he reaches the case of Karl Marx, whose argument of 100 years ago is rehashed and used against American industry in 1952. Said Fairless: "Marx argued that workers |* would never be free until they', themselves owned the facilities of production. He declared that they could only acquire this ownership through revolution; and to fost<>'- that revolution he preached the doctrine of class hatred. He saw workers and owners ap natural and eternal enemies. And so, more than a century a&o, he started the 'Hate - Your - Boss' campaign r which persists to this day — * even in America, unhappily. "But in developing this theory Marx made one fatal stake wmch has spread misery and suffering all over the world; he thought that Public Ownership and Government Ownership were one and the same thing. And ol course, they aren't. They are poles apart, as millions of wretched people have discovered to their sor- w row." Fairless, of course, was making the distinclion between Public Own ership through stockholdings, as in America, and Government Owner ship as practiced by the Commuu ists. Obviously there is something bet- j ter for the average man in our, w'-y of life, or it wouldn't be necessary for the Russians to seal ofi all their folks from contact with the peonle and goods of the Western World. Whatever Karl Marx wrote in the 1800's it doesn't apply in the 1900's, at least to America. But the clincher that put teeth into Fail-less' meaning was a line I heard a college boy say last month in Florida. My nephew came home bringing a VPI classmate from Bombay, India. Naturally I quizzed the visitor about Commun- k ists in India. "Sure we have some of them." he said, "but anybody wbo tells you he doesn't like money — for himself — is a damn fool.'' Spoken like an American. pay raise they negotiated with mine owners. Lewis appears to have turned down a dead-end street by saying striking soft coal miners will re turn to work only when they get the full $1.90. The government's Wage Stabili znlion Board has shaved 40 cents from this total, saying only $1.50 allowable under the inflation control policy. Mine owners say they can't violate the government ov der. j Reducing of negotiated pay rais es by the WSB has happened many times in the past, with Ihe union? always accepting the decisions, even though reluctantly. But Lewis, in a letter to a chic? industry negotiator yesterday, fired a bitter verbal barrage at WSB members and other stabilization officials. Lewis said the WSB action was an "attempted thievery" of milk money from miners' babies. There seemed no way out o£ the impasse. Salvation Army Drive Just Over Halt Mark The Salvation Army drive for Hempstead county was Just over the hnlf mark towards the quota of $2,000 this morning All downtown workers are re- 1 quested to complete their solicitation and turn in contributions and the remaining cards to Roy Anderson by 10 a.m. Thursday morning. The house to house campaign under the direction of the womcns group headed by Mrs. Louise Griffin and Mrs. Claude Tillery started Tuesday morning and will be completed Friday. Every business house and individual who desires to contribute to the Salvation Army may call KXAR or the Roy Anderson Insurance Company and a worker will pick up the contribution immediately. Judges and Clerks for the Nov. 4, General Election Listed by Commissioners A list of judKcs nnd clerks to serve in tho wencra.1 election on November 'I. wns released today by Election Commissioners Frank Me- .1. A. In Hope residents ot Ward 1 vote at the Fire Station: Ward 2 in the courtroom of the Courthouse: Ward 3 at the F.Iks Building across from City Hall: Ward 4 nt Hope City Hall nnd Rox 5, Franks nnd Soii Fruit Store. Judges, clerks nnd guard follow. List of Jutlups, Clerks, and Guruds for General Election. Notor Hempstead Sevvoll. judges. Cnrl Brown, Horaro Montgomery, clerks. John Hardy, gutml. Alternates: Willie Stone, Kiirn- est Spears. Elgia Cnrmun, judf>os. Dnle Woodson, W. H. Campbell, clerks. Columbus CUuidi- While, V. O. MiddU; 33 Forest Fires Blazing in Arkansas LITTLE ROCK Iff) — Some 33 fires blazed unchecked over six lo seven thousand acres of Soulh Arkansas Umberland late yesterday as fire damage Ihis year lo lim- btr leaped toward the $2 million I mark. Asst. State i Jim" Martin Forester said fire Mrs. H. C. Martin Succumbs in Local Hospital "Ranger fighters. "used up" from battling Ihe seige vcmbcr 4, Counly, Arkansas. Hope, Ward 1 W. M. Brummoll. C. V. Nunn. Jr., J. E. Hobbs, .hidses. Mrs. John Wilson. Jr., John Wallace, clerks. Will Porter, guard. : Alternates: C. D. Laulerback, Guy Basye, Brack Schncck, judges. Mrs. Kennoth Hamilton, Paul Simms, Jr., clerks. Hope, Ward 2 Clifford Franks, R. E. Cain, J. R. Heard, judges. Mrs. J. E. Mor rison. Mrs. E. R. Brown, clerks A. E. Mack, guard. Alternates: S. H. Warmack, B W. Edwards, K. I. Snyder, judges Julia Sutton, Mrs. W. A. Mudgett clerks. Hope 1 , Ward 3 Donald Dill, F. E. Howson, Vf 3. Mason, judges. Mrs. Dale Wi' son, Mrs. Jewel" Perkins, clerks George M. Green, guard, Alternates: Grover Ward, J. E Ward, C. F. Routon, Jr., judges Mrs. Ed McCorkle, Mrs. Thoma Mrs. Henry C. Martin, aged 52, a resident of Hope for the past nine years, died last night in a ocal hospital. She is survived by her husband, ;wo daughters,' Mrs. Clifton Curtis ot Chicago, Mrs. Robert Lacy Jr., ol Texarkana, a son, William Martin of Hope, five sisters, Mrs. Florence Pickard of Little ock, Mrs. Annie Swindell of Texarkana, Mrs. Roy Home of Champaign, 111., Mrs. E. P. Weaver of Prescott and Mrs. Jess Pickens of DeQueen, two brothers, Howard and Harmond Co tieid of Emmet. Funeral services will be held at 2:30 p.m. Thursday at the First Baptist Church. Burial will be in Rose Hill Cemetery. Active pallbearers are Olaf Luck Beverley Johnson, Earl Dudley' Odie DeHan of Emmet, Morrison McLelland of Prescott and Charles Swindell of Texarkana. of blazes Ihroughout Soulh Arkansas, put out 43 lires on 4,244 acres yesterday. A districl forester said at leasl two of 12 fires that swept ovei a 350-acre area near Fordyce in Tallas Counly were of incendiary origin. Martin said 1,000 acres near Stephens were burned over by one fire lhat was still raging lale yes tcrclay afternoon. He repeated an urgent call fo volunteer fire fighters. Al least 921 fires have been counled in the slate this month, urning more Ihan 12,301 acres. An estimated 90,000 acres have >een deslroyed by 5342 fires since an. 1. The slate Forestry Division said hal unless the state receives a good, general rain soon, a new oresl fire record may be set Ihis year. Badly Injured Man Found by Railway WALNUT RIDGE W) — A crit cally injured Air Force private wa found beside the Missouri Pacifi railroad tracks near Dclaplaine Ark., this morning where he hat been lying for about two hours ii 2li degree weather. The man was identified by p: pers on his person as Pfc. Forrcs Corn, 3b, Coroner elect W. C. Bryan of Walnul Ridge said Corn was carrying 3 day emergency leave orders issued al Travis Air Force 3ase, Calif. His home address was ol given on Ihe orders. The airman was found by a train trow from Delaplaine afler the con- Cannon, clerks. Hope, Ward 4 O. M. Montgomery, Frank Hll J. A. Gunler, judges. Mrs. Da Jones, Mrs. Mary Foster, clerk Elbert Jones, guard. Altcrnalcs: Tom Middlebrook Louis Sullon, A. E. Slusser, judge Mrs. Syd McMalh, Mrs. W. W Compton, clerks. Hope, Box 5 Sherman Cox,. A. Albritton, ,Ke Light, judges., Mrs. John Kec Mrs. Perry Moses, clerks. Aubre Cox, guard, . Alternates: Ea'^1 Dudley, Ed Aslin, D. H. Carnnhan, judges, Mrs. Thos. Hays;'Mrs. Paul Jones, brooks, B. C. Webb, jlulKcs. rhnrli-s Wilson, Mrs. Allen Downs, T. J. Downs, clerks. Alti-rnatos: l.i't* Hicks. T. M. Me- !"i>rklo, John Griffin, .iuilgt's. Mrs. livid Mitchell, Mrs. Leo 1 licks, crks. Ozan Mrs. Carrie Cnrrigan, Mrs. John . Webb, C. A. Walker, jucluos. vlrs. Paulino Ball, Mrs. Mllnm reen, clerks. W. J. Thornton, guard. AHr-rnatrs: J. D. Webb, Mrs. W. Hill. Mrs L. D, Fletcher, judges. Wrs. Huss Jones, Mrs. O. C. Rob- ns, clerks. Friendship Barto Hill, Klmcr Brake-bill, iiU\s Davis, judges. Uewuy Hwinh- nnd, Alex McOoitgul, clerks. W. 3. Long, guard. Alternates: F. E. McBrnyor, Sari Hicks, J. L. Buckley, judges. )utch Wallers, Neal Moses, clerks. Stevenson's School House E. W. Powell, Walter Jones, K. B. Bobo, judges. Cleo Powell. Mrs. Henry Hunt, clerks. W. S. Crank, Truman Raps Shivers, Ike Woos Harlem By ERNEST B. VACCARO WITH TRUMAN IN PKNNSYL viinlu (ift — President Truman said today the Tnft-Hnrllcy law Is sup ported by Republicans and "Dlx it'cral.s and Shlvercrnts." Ho didn't explain or Identify "Shlvercrnl.s," but apparently wns rcforrcdltiK to Toxas' Democratic Gov. Alien Shivers who has announced ho Is supporting .Republican nominee Uwight 0. ElsenhoW' or for the presidency. Council Ordinance to Set Up Parks Commission Hope City Council last night passed nn ordinance designed to act up n Pnrks St Recreation Commission which will direct fQcrcotlonnt uc- llvlUea nl city parks. A request by the Ounehltn Vnlley Dairy company of Cnmden to wholesale milk in Hope was denied by the council, The Rroup voted nftor some discussion to abandon nn alley between S. Walnut cmd S. Main sts., ndjolrtlntt 12th and 13th Bit), The OS Koreans Kill 1,200 Chinese, Retake Hill By ROBERT UOICK SEOUL, Korea, (UP)—' Korean Infantrymen rdc Pinpoint Hill on Sniper HI day, killing an catlmated 1.! ncso soldiers who churned thf of mud to win mp tral .««! loiv-nctir Ycrscr school property, By DON WHITEHEAD WITH EISENHOWER 1*1 guard. AHr-rnatos: J. W. Powell, Mill Shcpard, Carl Calo, judges. Hotly Jane (Staggs) Foster, clerk. McNab F. T. Bailey, A. E. Spates. Claud Vann, judges. Mrs. Floyd Rniloy, Owlgnl D. hisonhowcr carried his ncui-ino-limsn drlvo for Iho pros idvncy iniu iNegio liavlcm for luo lusl uriu> in ma cnrnpalgn loday Addressing more than 250 Hat civic leaders und 250 members ot a choral group at a brcakfns it> inc Hotel Thorcsn, til cunclidato declared: "1 do not intend to bring be foie. you or buforu Amcrtcu a evil louguc. An evil tonaue I lyuut omy in disttppolnled mon i'm no mouicino mun. 1 clou nave ull thu answers." Kiscnnower said thut "Wo must n.aku our constitution live. Wu have to make these things live or nur form o£ govcrnmonl niukos no , 2nd Division . 854 , The council voted 0-U to purchase hnd cstlmatott 600 » new car for the police dopavU aprawlod In tljo Rod m«d neni. with nn old one to bo traded h no northern nnd southern n "We chopped up th» b A proposal to bill the Third DIs- of two battalion*," a South trlcl Livestock association for tho regimental •commander amount spent on .n ticket office nt Lato report*, trom the Fair park was voted down 5-3 tol- Uidge sector Ihdleatft^ lowing a heated discussion, two Chinese battnllonsi By a 7-1 vote the council rocom-| atoly 1,100 men, smashed mended thnt Frnnk Ramsey bo kept into a naatly-lald South. on the wntor & llHht force, Ramsey Hup. m was ono of the men slated to bo laid off In the council's recent economy move which lot U men off tho durous fire from previously 1 . , South Korean corhmahdetif-S tho HOK infftntryrpcn piired positions Into tho;W&yei:: roc °- ntlacklng Communist*, ' city payroll, The council adopted a mmendation from tho street coin mltlco to lay a sower lino to tijko Koreans hud npver loit core of drainage from 4th to Oth oontro i ot pinpoint Httl sts. on S. Walnul. A Popwal to . rhrouho u tho niht Mrt Edna Wells, clerks. Bob By JACK BELL WITH STEVENSON, — Gov. ductor noted the passenger had Been missing about an hour. Attendents at the Faircloth Clinic icre said Corn is suffering from a fractured skull and a broken back and is unconscious. Officers are investigating. Orphanage Placed Under Quarantine MONTICELLO, (« — A 4-year-old inmate at an orphanage here dice lasl nighl wilh epidemic corcbra sp.'nal meningilis, and a slrict quar antine was placed on the institu lion's olher 45 children. The viclim Marilyn Massey, became ill at the home on Saturday. Her case was diagnosed as Ihe "highly conlagious" disease Sunday while other children from Ihe Vera Lloy Presbyterian Orphanage were at church. Supl. Jerry Newbold said the 45 chiMren were returned to the Home during church services and have been under quarantine. Groceries are placed over the gale al the outer edge of the orphanage property and are not picked up unlil the delivery truck is gone. Newbold said memorial services were to be held at the school this morning for the child, who has three sisters — Juanita, Marcellini and Shelby Jean — also al Ihe Home. Another survivor is her falher, Hugh Massey of Blylheville. Guernsey R. J. Rosenbaum, M. E. Patrick, loy Fry, judges. Roy Franks, B. G. Hopson, clerks. R. C. Campbell, guard. Alternates: P. B. Boyd, Harvey Powell, N. B. Coleman, judges. DeAnn C. B. O'Steen, Monroe Samuels, Sid Burke, judges. W. G. Clark, Mrs. C. G. Critchlow, clerks. Alvin Willis, guard. Alternales: J. C. Burke, J. J. Samuel, W. H. Burke, judges. Mon roe Samuel, C. B. O'Steen, clerks. Rocky Mound Things That Count Sometimes Are Forgotten in the Daily Grind of City Commuters Walter Arnctt, I. B Bright, Henry Pickard, judges. W. C. Beck, Edgar Fuller, clerks. Clifford Messer, guard. Alternates: Johnnie McCorkle, Jim Chambers, Norman Taylor, judges. Burl Hunt, George Moody, clerks. Shover Springs Hugh Laseler, B. C. Lewis, B. A, Tidwell, judges. Jack Rogers, Arthur Moss, clerks. Ury McKenzie, guard. Alternales: C. H. Bcckworlh, Barlo Bearden, D. M. Collier, judges. Truman Arringlon, C. A. Fuller, clerks. Beards Chapel J. C. Cox, Jr., A. R. Avery, Carlton Samuels, judges. Mrs. Fannie Chamblcss, Mrs. Edgar Avery, clerks. Elston Willis, guard. Allcrnates: Clyde Cummings, C. R. Samuel, B. J. Ellis, judges. Jack Cox, Jr., Mrs. C. R. Samuel, clerks. Saratoga D. R. Newman, Sam McJunkins, Charles Wright, judges. T. A. Gathright, Mrs. Wylie Dillard, clerks. J. H. Rosenbaum, guard. Alternates: J. O. Bland, judge. Mrs. Horace Arnold, clerk. Cros» Road* D. E. Goodlett, Mett Bristow, Parker Rodgers, judges. Mrs. J. E. Mosier, O. R. Rosenbaum, clerks. A. P. Toner,'guard. Alternates: W. C. Thompson, Frank Gilbert, Pete Allen, judges. Hester, Ruard. Alternutcs: Mrs. Uebu Erwin, W. T. Howell, Ednn Erwin. judges. T. C. Lee, Mrs. Cluud Vann, clerks. Patmos H. T. Hollis, John Lnbn, Horold Payne, judges, Mrs. Gary Formby, W. H. Allison, clerks. AUcrnntes: Emills Stanley, Ben Horlon, E. C. Formby, judges. Piuil McClollan, L. D. Rider, clerks, 0, T. Rider, guard. Blevins Roy Fosto^ K. 15. Spcurs, Coy 'Zumwalt. judges. Sanford Bonds, Mrs. Herman Brown, clerks. J. .J. Bruce, guard. Alternates: Marvin Phillips. W B. Cummings, Mrs. J. V. Hampton judges. Mrs, Elvin Campbell, Mrs W. D, Gorham, clerks. Blngen F. G. Holt, E. W. Haynes, W. S Leslie, judge:.. Clyde Owen, Lake Bryant, clerks, Joe Daugherty guard. Alternates: L. E. Holt, V. O Lane, K. Y. Compton, judges. C F. Epton, Sim Sanford, clerks. McCasklll Clyde Brown, Clarence Sweet, . 0. Harris, judges. Mrs. Bert Scot Jr., Mrs. Ether Wortham, clerk Merl Pickctt, guard. Alternates: Mont Wurdlow, S. Bittick, Chester McCaskll judges, Mrs. Gordon Prescott, Mr Toss Tensley, clerks. Sardls Cleve Mayton, Arnold Middl brooks, Lester Harlston, judge Mrs. W. H. Ratcliff, Mrs, Jimm Griffin, clerks. W. C. Abbo By SAUL PETT (For Hal Boyle) NEW YORK WI — It was a time o be going home slowly, even in Mahattan. The sinking Autumn sun slanted ver the top of the RCA Building and warmed the steps of St. Pat's Cathedral. Fifth Avenue shops and offices were emptying, but not with the usual 5 o'clock rush. Even the commuters seemed to lose speed and purpose as they came out into the clear, soft light and the thousand gentle colors of a dying fall MEXICAN MANEUVERS MEXICO CJTY — Mexico's fe pjarmwg to hold Us great erect nn electrical lino to Joo Mor- . rhrouBho ul tho night, the SO to tho city attorney for lognl vice. Admi li. Stevenson charged today Inat Gen. Dwighl D. Eisenhower is "completely confused" uboul Ic reign policy Tne ijciuournlic Party prcsidoiv nominee brought his whistle op campaign lo Indiana lo de- are in itn address prepared lot elivcry til Noire Damo University, ,uih Bond, lhal "the quackery of icdicino men who claim to cure 10 aiscusc, wilh- wortls of hate und oud accusations" will never ban h Cojnmunlsiq from America. ".We , haven't' tho sllghlcsl idea what position tjpe, -Reo^ Wlcarucan- iciale would take on foreign policy t he were elected president," the liinols governor told a cheering (owd police estimated at 5,000 ergons In South Bend. Nixon Says Adlai Soft to Communists JOPLIN, Mo. (UP) — Sen, Rich- aid M. Nixon, Republican vice presidential candidate, flow to Iowa loday nftcr calling Qov. Adiul K. Stevenson "soft toward tho Communist conspiracy nt homo/' Nixon was duo to campaign In, QUufnwti, Cedar Ruplds, Watur loo, Fort Podge and SWux Cl The California senator told The South Kerens rotutno attack this morning, AfWri lelntorcemonta, they bcgan.r I utoady proarQaa:up.,the iw>I final push began"At 2:lS:»,i an hour later* the .Bout 1 * 1 *" were again atppihq, 1 knob on the rtdg«flln«, ' UNSu Take West oay. On the corner of Fifth and 15th, a woman in a long green coat and ballet slippers dropped a small bottle. The glass broke and a white, syrupy liquid spread ovei the sidewalk. "You pushed roe," the woman in green said to a woman in a tan suit. Both appeared to be in their middle of late twenties. Both were nenly dressed and rather plain. The woman in green »U#btly heavy makeup, which i^ay^ hjjl a bad camolAitiaa- she grabbed at the lapels of the ither woman. "I don't know what you're talking about." "You broke my bottle and you don't even say you're sorry," the woman in green said. Trying to break free, the second woman dropped her purse and the woman in green kicked it. The wo- ivan in tan tried to push her away and suddenly both were pushing and swinging. In the scuffle, the woman ir. green lost her purse. Dropping to the ground, it broke open, revealing several five and ten-dollar bills. She ignored the money. "It was a 89-cent bottle and you're going to pay for it," she screamed. By now a crowd had formed a solid ring around the two. Pale and numbed with shock, the woman in tan struggled mutely to get free. "I want a copl" tt* woman in green shouted, holding tightly to the other's lapels, "Get me * •m D. E. Goodlett, H. B. Gilbert, clerks. Fulton T. H. Seymour, W. E. Cox. Ill, Mrs. Chas. Rowland, judges. Davis Weaver, Mrs. Cecil Cox, clerks. F. A Sewell, guard. Alternates: Dave Dlc/kinson, Sam McGill, A. O. Bright, judged, Davis Weaver, J. L. O'Dell, clerks. Jaka Jones D. M. Worthy Clifton Duke, Freeman Crider. judges. H. M. Worthy, Elbert Bain, clerks. T. F. Smith, guard. Alternates: Sam Atkins, A. T. Jones, T. A. Smith, judges. Piney Grove Jim Faulkner, Gordon Richards, Ralph Crider, judges. Olen Cox, J D. Allen, clerks. Otis Breed, guard Alternates: Fred Richards. J. R Higgins, J, E. Jones, Judges. Buck Faulkner, Carl Meadows, clerks. Sprlnghill Horace Phillip*. L. A. Boyce, El bert Tarpley, Judges. Howard Richards, Lester Brown, clerks Vance Marcum, guard. Alternates: Guss Smith, Eddie Monroe, Fioley Turner, judges. Elwi Nattm*, James Alternates: E. H. Hubbard, Loy Jones, judges. Mrs. Lester Kent, Mrs. Lloyd Jones, clerks. Washington A. D. Barrow, W. H. Frazler, Paul Dudney, judges. Mrs. W. H. Ktter, Charles Mcsser, clerks, Tom Haynes, guard. Alternates: II. L. Levins, J. O, Gold, nusKell Howe, judges, M. C. Parsons, Mrs. Clura Dudney, clerks. Coodlett Carrol Toilet, Reese Goodlett, Fulton Ammontett, judges. Mrs. Monroe Stuart, Floyd Mathews, clerks. Lee Lyons, puard. Alternates: Ira Tiffin, Hoy Reed, A. W, Stevens, judges. Mrs. Viola Cowling, Marie Reed, clerks. Helton J. E, Eley, James Leslie. Milton Stone, judges. Mrs, Milton Stone, Mrs. H. P. Daniels, clerks. W, M, Rhodes, guard. Alternates: F. L. Eley, J. A. Peters, J. W. Siddons, judges. W. D. Eley, Obera Eskew, clerk*. Absentee Box Legislative Council to Study Budgets LITTLE ROCK I/PI — The Arkan sus Legislative Council waa to con venc this morning to begin Us study of proposed budgets for pub lie institutions. Newspaper report said the council would get a ro Truman"'" quest for $17,080,1)83 to flnanc Hgher education. Rep. L, H. Aulry of Mlssisslpp Counly, chairman of the Counci said last week that Ihe group o 21 legislators who serve as a join Senate-House Budget Commute belwccn biennial sessions of thej General Assembly, would consider ruqucsls from public institutions firsl. The Arkansas Gazelle said today that the combined budgets of the University of Arkansas and the eight state-supported colleges would be presented to tho Council this week. It said the schools would ask these appropriations to operate In 1953-54i University ($P.(J million) Btebe Junior College ($124,600) Arkansas State Teachers College at Conway ($1,050,000) Henderson Stale Teachers College at Arkadelphia ($1,010,000) Arkansas State College at Joneabpro, Arkansas Tech at RussellvUle, Southern State of Magnplla and Arkansas A, &, M. at Monlicello C$910,000 each) Ar* Kansas A. M. * N, at Pine .Bluff ($1,347,283). In addition, eald the newspaper, live schools will seek additional funds to finance new construction Stevenson, the Demo- cratio presidonllnl candidate was unfit" for the presidency. Earlier Nixon has attacked Pros- dent Truman' for his statement; which criticized Dwlght E. Blsen tower for endorsing Senators who favor the so-called McCarran immigration laws, Nixon sold at Springfield, Mo., that Mr. Truman had "dealt the lowest blow of his career" with the statement about tho Republican presidential candidate. At Joplln, Nixon said Stevenson was satisfied with tho "appeasing, disaster-bent policy of containing global communism as patched together by Dean Aoheson and Mr. Klxou hit out at Stevenson's "eott altitude toward tho Communist conspiracy, as proven by hU defense of Alger Hiss oven after 1 tho latter' a traitorous .record was known." ..,-.Hiss, a former State Department first place,oh the to bo th'vqahod out in General Assembly's powe litlcnl Committee, The aO-natlo'nt "first'' I¥T . planned to elect officer*, day and decide the order ' it will discuss ,tho ma vorslal world - Issues < al Besides Korea, those,Inct disarmament, atomic, eh trol charges of 'racial dls tion In South Africa, and*', and Moroccan colonial;.!) with France. .- '''.'* The Soviet Woe . tlons appeared agreed < at -leant- that th rounding the d8l armistice negotll other Items dlreotl; should get top priorlt;' Secretary of State J will head tho Vnltei i in the Korean debate; delegates Arthur Anderson, Raymond Jones Cecil O'Steen, judges. Mrs. Harry Hawthorne, Mrs. Ed MeCorkle, clerks., employee, was -convicted of perjury after he denied any Communist cpn nocllons. Stevenson testified, in a depoHltlon, that Hiss' roputstlon for honesty and loyalty was good In Stovensons circle of co-workers and friends, Nixon said the Illinois governor was correct when ho said, boforp the Democratic corjvontlon, "I have no fitness, temperumentally, mentally, or physically for the job (of president)." Nixon said Elsenhower "would not be duped by a Hiss nor 4U* mayed by a Stalin, Gen, Blsen* hower owes nothing to anypne, lie alone heads this crusade, a crusade. that hag plenty ot room with. in lit rank* for aU minorities, ajil, fcegments of our social system, everybody." Nwpn attacked what h& called SloVenson'e "indebtedness mouse-like dependence pa" President, U.K. halls seeking , a resolution Acheion.jf prove the V. ]N, duct of the Korean/Wl negoMationt^> and to/ w Communists for an «p mediately OR U. *" ^ Diplomatic sou and Franfifi sponsorship.of the Catholic Group to Hold Benefit Supper The Catholic Altar Society v(4ll hold a benefit spaghetti suppei Thursday night from 8 to 8, in the Parish Hall. Admission is 50 <:ent» fpr children an4 $1.50 tor adults The public is invited. One Arrested * owing Wreck Automobiles driven by Willie Og dtn, 18, Washington Negro, aw Charles H. Newton o| Iowa, collld e4 early today at Third »»<* Herve Streets. Both vehicle* were *rabiy damaged. Q«icers arrested and repairs. These Include A. fc N. (»1,3BO,000) Tech (1108,300 for mergency repairs and $2,037,000 or now faculties.) state Teachers $1050,000) Henderson ($J,«25,QOO), and A. & t&. ($1,050,000),, ' • Legion to Meet, Plan Annual Membership Drive The regular meeting of the Am«r ican Legion wUl be held tomorrow night. Thursday, Pet. «?, at 7:30 at the new Legtofl HaU i» ^be old Elk« building. The men)b<er«h|B, kick-off drive of Leslie Huddlejtofl Post No. Vt, poj-tunUm" w|w, shown fey hji w; intiness to help Harry ....... wto apaut pr» «ny coovenlenl feocf." ^' T . -m »»<W WP- trwm wMl now ruwlflg Stevenjofl's campaigA. j "St(JVCn*OQ if 'f^njrtjng '* JjB d8-l •r^B w W^flP TBWJWBWPI^Wr H» *fff ™ Now Total m,l 17 w< Ciiy ?'t. will be launched at tomorrow'* meeting. Al*o scheduted (« the showing of » yojtr t<? th«

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