Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 21, 1952 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1952
Page 8
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•"f. < MOM SYAK, HOM, ARKANSAS ,-.,, tfWffl •RibArKinjt on n rocket journey B iMt^mJitiitit oheik of their hlgh- _„.,,_. it tfUbf (or (n* Me,totetft Research b they (to "loft nt $tfM< Waft. The two Booing teit pilot* nr« MUltjp, Uevolopotl by ,th« ReWftrch^tfnd DevctS^ment Command. |r4 u«o to proiiniriiQ thiBm.fn eon cockpit twatiure falls ot high tin oloctrlwUy Jifeated f««o pltito, to prevent loa ' ) ' ' ' - ' | • I - i '*'"- • /'^Jr')^ * » \ ,' / Tuesday, October 21,1952 HI, MOM—WE WIN!—SIxtcon-ycar-old James H. Colton, Jr., ot Button, Mais., has a Joyful grin as he makes one of the most important calls in his life. He's colling Ma mother on n telephone system hfr butU hlmaolf. It won him tho Worcester Polytechnic Institute's "Yanke* Ingenuity" scholarship for 1082 and a free college education. lie will malor in electronics. IN THEIR HAY DAY—Brilliant sunshine, a fleecy mountain of cloud and a pair of busy hay- , makers make this eye-catching picture. It shows Godfrey W. Shupitar, left, and his hired man ( ,, Joe Vecherka, on the former's farm near Oxford, Iowa. No machines are used there on "hay, days" so this pile of hay atop an old-fashioned wagon is a scene out of the past. ot iflv.miiw p«r nour, this super Oeorp ftolttr and Dr. Jwcph' 6r*n ( claim that the unuiua) j „•, *. -«» , v ,.V ''GUNNING" FOR IKE—The occuparits of this front-line bunker In Korofl leave no doubles to who they'll cast their absentee ballots for In the forthcoming presidential election. In the meantime Marine Leonard Wnr^r, of Huron, S. D.,' cleans hl$ carbine in preparation for voting deadly dirspproval of any enemy troops ho may encounter. TROOPS TRAIN IN "EUROPEAN" VILLAGE-Members of C Company of the Third Infantry' Regiment conduct "mop-up" operations in the replica of a European village at Camp A. P. Hill, Va: The 20-buflding village has been constructed to acquaint troops with the architectural peculiarities- that they might encounter should it ever become necessary to fight abroad. t PLUMAGE FOR APtt 1, sch«d«J9a for Jun», JW3, pr«wnt5 a clothing problem to i BB<l«n<i'» royWty Uador wustew English economy, traditional fol-widHB-mino corooaUon robes at hundreds ot pounds apiece, »lmo9t, out of the questida Companies which speclaliie in tlnf r«y*» costumes are expecting « bumper busUxess- At len seen » robe suitable fw wear by a Viscountess, end at right { V Wk*t the w«U*<imse4 VUcouat may hire tor the ceremony. end NEW WINGS FOR JAPAN— The first Japanese airplane to be manufactured since the world war II is Inspected by officials and visitors at the Tachlkawa airplane plant, m Tokyo. TJie plane, a two-place, open-cockpit, secondary-training craft, has a 130-horsepower engine and can . remain; aloft for five hours, h has been presented to a Tokyo newspaper, and will oe used for .training schoolboys who are air-nUnoad, but cannot afford flying instruction. Tueirf«y,0crot>tr2l,1952 HOP! STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS ft* *' V *fX,' : &l SOCIETY »>nen« 7-8411 tttw««n I A. M. «nd 4 P. M. Texas, where Sgt. Miller is stationed. Out of town guests were: L.. J. Miller, Jr.. of Memphis, Tenn., Misses Jean and Esta Miller, Mrs. Gruble of Little RocK, Mrs. V. C. Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Bryant and Mrs. Delia Bryant of Nashville. Calendar Tuesday, October 21 There will be a District PTA Con- fcronce meeting at the Methodist lurch at Stamps Tuesday, Oct. Kcgistration will be held from 130 to 10 o'clock. Garland Brownie Troop undei the leadership of Mrs. J. W. Franks and Mrs. M. I. Dillard will meet Tuesday afternoon immediately after school at the Little House at Fair Park. Hostess will be Judy Boswell. Gibson, Miss Mary Gaines, and Billy Jack O'Rorke had a double wedding Saturday aftehioon at 3 o'clock in Hope. Mrs. George Young Hostess to Martha Halr»ton Circle .Martha Hairston Circle of the First Baptist Church met at the home of Mrs. George YounR Mon- Mr. and Mrs. Frank O'Rorke of day, October 2, with seven mem VFW Auxiliary will meet .csday night, October 21, at 7:30 All members are urged to be present Wednesday, October 22 Brookwood Brownie Troop No. 2 will meet at the home of Mrs. H. O. Kyler, Jr.. 518 W. 16th, Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Thursday, October 23 The Hope Music Club will meet sday night, October 23, at 7:30 in the home of Mrs. J. V. Moore Jr., with Mrs. Jim McKenzie as leader 1 of the program. this city are the parents of Miss O'Rorke and Mr. O'Rorke. Mr. Gibson is the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Gibson also of this city, an/A Miss Gaines is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gaines of Bloomfield, New Jersey. Miss O'Rorke was attired in a floor length dress of blue net over tatfeta. she carried a bouquet of blue carnations and her shoulder length veil fell from a halo of blue carnations. Miss Gaines chose a floor length dress of rose net over taffeta and carried a bouquet of rose carnations. Her shoulder length veil fell from a halo of rose carnations. Following the ceremony a reception was held in the Checkered Cale with the immediate families and close friends attending. Mr. and Mrs. Gibson will be at bers and four visitors. Mrs. Walter Miller Mrs. Denver Hornaday Mrs. Herman Robinson, and Mrs. Floyd Osborne, present. Mrs. Young, chairman, presided over the business meeting. Officers for the new year were elected. Mrs. A. B. Tollctt brought the first chapter of "Scattered Abroad." The mooting was closed with prayer by Mrs. Hornaday. A dessert course was served by tho hostess. Coming ana Goinc Mr. and Mrs. Leon Willis of Liberty, Mo., attended the birthday dinner of Mr. Willis 1 father, J. F. Willis, Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wood. Mrs. R. B. Hamm and son, Jerry home in Joplin. Missouri, and Mr. | h . (vc ' rotu ,. ne ct to their home in and Mrs. O'Rorke wi in Houston, Texas. Hope Country Club will enternin with Ladies Bridge Covm'ed Dish Luncheon at 1 ober 23. Mrs. Miss Nilla Dean Compton Weds Sgt. Reese Miller Miss Nilla Dean Compton, daugh- be at homo yan Honl Texa8i nf t e i- spending the week end with her father, J. JK Vims, and her sister, Mrs. I Kenneth Wood. She attended the birthday dinner held for her father Sunday. Court Docket Municipal Court of Hops, Arkansas, October 20. 19SS, City OoekeU LeRoy Brown, Illegal park Ing, Forfeited $1 cash bond. Bloyet 1 Dukes Jr,, reckless drtv- iviti. Forfeited $28 tush bond, Jpiicln B. Myora, Hollls Johnson, possessing untaxed beer, Pica fined $50, l.'nvld Ebborson, no drivers licensiv Forfeited $5 cash bond. John Wntloy, Oltc Bonton. Frank Coitblll. failure to yield rlRlU ot way. Forfeited $5 cash bond, Jits Collide, Two Fliers Di* For- Plea WESTFIKLO, MUSI. IJB~ Air Force JM* going 400 irUtrs an hour collided in the air yesterday a mile from Barnes Airport where some 7.ROO person* were gathered, Including the wife and two Sons of one ot the two pilots killed, the Uvo plane* were port of four plftho formation which had just cant plated «/demonstration In nn air show to in ark the dedication ot an administration building. They collided as they wore to- grouping after cotnplotlnRn "bombshell formation" In which lh< four planes flew sldp by slrlft then zoomed upward and'scattered In four directions. Killed were: First t.t. Robert H. Dannell, 88; of Chicago, whose wife and two HOI\S were amon(t the spectators, HP was n veteran of the Koreart fighting, Capt. James H. Stevens, 28, of Salorn. Vu., a father of tour who was decoralcd In World War II. MAWKST HOI DAYS NfiW OfttKANS I* ~ thfl Orleans Cotton E^chahge a «! three "Novefflfcw dates Will be fitdwd, "" The first wilt be Tuesday, 4, election day. the "other's Tuesday, Nov., 11, A militias end Thursday, Nov. ft,, I SiVlng, , , Thursday "bet- ter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Greene) Mrs. Paul Hamilton of Hugo. Ok- A J rSbours became the bride of Sgt. Reese I u.homa, is convalescing in Roches- and Mrs. C. C. Lewis wil be hostesses. Members please notice that this is the meeting that was »(.heduled for October 30. Stag night will be held Thursday night, October 23, at 7:SO. Dr. F. D. Henry, Mr. Syd McMath. and Dr. H. M. Brents will be hosts. UcCUIIlc lliu wi im; \Ji .J&v. -*v~%.~- . Miller on October 19 at 3 o'clock at the First Methodist Church, I Hope. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Miller, Sr. are the bridegroom's parents. Reverend V. D. Kceley officiated at the double .ring ceremony before a background of jade palms, standards o£ bronze chrysanthemums, and branched candelabra. Nuptial music was rendered by tcr, Minn., after a major operation at Mayo Bros. Clinic. Mrs. K. G. Hamilton of Hope is visiting her during her convalescent and observation period for tho next two weeks. Terra Firma Garden Club of Mrs. B. C. Hyatt, organist. Nashville is sponsoring a tlower show at the Legion Hut October Candlelighters were Mrs. John Bissell and Miss Jody Carrigan. ollUW ot me J-jirgiuii A*.utv^v.i.ww<-* , , f f , ,1 23. Visitors are invited especially They were attired in taffeta dress- _ . . „ ,, nf , nf r»Vi •> ,^n-in mm rillfl nvOWll 1'C- thc Garden Club members ot Hope. It will be open to the public from ^ p.m. until 8 p.m. The Catholic Altar Society will sponsor a spaghetti supper Thursday, October 23, from 6 to 8 o'clock es of champagne and brown spectively. They wore wristlets of bronze chrysanthemums and matching flowers in their hair. The bride, gvien in marriage by Mr. Greene wore a burnt-sugar street length taffeta dross with a Miss Katheryn Ann Imlcr return' cd to Hope Sunday after spending several weeks in Hcber Springs visiting her mother and other relatives. Dewey Baber of the B&B Market bought a 590 pound choice calf from John Watklns of Vondervoort. The calf brought cents a pound or $221.25. DOROTHY DIX Vacation vs. Romance ua,y t \_/u it-iu*ji *-u, i-iwui u LU u « *.iww». — 141 1.;,,* in the Parish Hall. The public is I very full accordian pleated skiit. —..j..,,.. =„ A .„ o <( ^ The bodice was fashioned with a cordially invited to attend. November 7 World Community Day will b« The bodice was high neck with a small false bow on one side and bracelet length Mrs. A. E. Slusser, Arkansas Division UDC Historian, will leave today to attend the 57th Convention of UDC which convenes in Tcxar- kana at the Grim Hotel. Mrs. Slusser will preside on Historical evening. Miss Edna Fowler of Los Angeles, Calif., Historian General UDC, will be guest speaker. A-lc Jack W. Andres, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Andres of Button, sleeves Her bridal hat was of p:>l e j is home on a 30 day furlough. He observed bv"the""councll"of United! blue velvet studded with seed ; is stationed at Johnson Island in Church Women on November 7 -Hi pearls and a nose-length veil She', the South Pacific for the past 18 wore matching pale blue gloves months. and brown leather pumps. She! . carried a white orchid showered, «ie Episcopal Church at 3 p.m. ^Women are asked to bring warm clothing fo rinfants and child-. rcn under six years of age. These with white satin ribbon and tube ..'•Baskets for Peace" will be sent roses on a white Bible. to the children in Korea. American Legion Auxiliary Meets October 2 Mrs. Bob Shaddox served as matron of honor. She was attired in a nfaroon dress fashioned with a i I U I Branch Admitted: McCaskill. Mrs. Leslie Fielding, Discharged: Fay Bobo, Hope, full skirt. Her bouquet was of or- Mrs Augusta Conway, Hope. Dear Miss Dix: I have been go-in? with a girl for six years. I iiave Bskccl her several times if she would marry me but she keeps saying she doesn't want to get married for another two years. She has a very good job and claims she prefers it, just now, to matrimony. I am 20 and she is 21. I offered her an engagement ring, whi eh 1 thought would change her mind, but she still insists she wants to wait at least two years. Even then, she doesn't guarantee that her attitude will change. She docsj not seem as anxious to have me around as she used to, so T am wondering if her love isn't fading some what. Do you think I should wait for the next two years to pass? V. A. Answer: Your young lady gives every indication of being somewhat less than in love with you. Perhaps her ardor hasn't survived a six- year friendship. Again, perhaps the difference in your ages has made you more serious minded than she is. After rill, when you began to go together, she was only 15 r~ scar- is in the army'? lie has written me and asked mi American Legion Auxiliary met chid chrysanthemums with blue Monday at the home of Mrs. Joe j satin leaves. - Jones with the now president, Mrs. Miss Nancy Camp, maid of honor, to write back. D. 1 Answer: This question should settled by your mother. You a ratlu'i' young to become liwolvet in a corivspondi-nci! of this ty| but if yen and Hie boy know a like each oilier and if you are c; able of writing the sort of leltt serviccini-n like to receive — h morons and chatty — there shot be no harm in the venture. Dear Miss Dix: Eight months ago, after 12 years of married life, my husband lull me and our son, and begged for 1 a divorce so he Paul Mosler, drunkenness, foiled $10 cash bond, Kicd Perry, drunkenness, Bullty. fined $10. Winston Booth, Kntle Jones, drinking In public place, Forfeited $10 cash bond. Dnvld Ebborson. Amlon Richie, running "stop" sign. Forfeited $5 cash bond. Arthur Clunl, no driver's license. Forfeited $5 cash bond. James Tycs, Oxle Peoples, Dan Wlthcrspoon, Emory Muldrow, Fred Wither spoon, Andrew Bishop, gaming. Forfeited $10 cash bond, Jesse Brock, fictitious license, smlssed. Alfred C. Grain, no state license, smisscd. Alfred C, Grain, no drlvtr's He- sc. Dismissed. State Docket Jimmy L. Woodberry, Hoy Ches> er Hcndrlx, Thomas Perkins, «om- g, Forfeited $IU cnsh bond. Charles Cox, Illegal parking. For- cited $0 cash bond. C. It. Novells, assault with Intent o kill. Examination waived. Hold o Grand Jury-Bond flKodi.at $SOO. phoona in the Pacific are known n Jessie G. Prcscott, 'speeding, cyclones which appear in the If r orfcttcd $!S cash bond. Maclo Walker, possessing un- axed intoxicating liquor, Pica ullty, fined $50.^ E, L, Okcy, drunk while driving, •"•orfcitcd $23 cash bond and served 2 days In jail. Maclo Walker, assault with a deadly weapon. Plea guilty, fined $50. The following forfeited $2Ii cash bond on a charge of overload: J. If. Wilson, B. W. Shields, J. C, Alexander, Cocll Doson, W. C. Ken- code, Don Ruthcrfot,d^ Groga BURNS FATAL CHO8SETT UW — Hoy Hallcy, 28 nn employe of tho Crossotl Papei Mill, died last night of hums sit fered earlier In tho day whim gas ollno he was using to clean the floor In his home exploded. Fumes from the gasoline were ignited from a stove In an adjoin IIIR room, police reported, The widow and two children su The typo of storms known as hu Atlantic and ty Gof Heartburn? GETTUWJSl ml »o» tw i HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE v! 8. Main 4 CounUy Club rd, TUBS, « WRO. and Brothers. Newl Rosenbaum, assault battery. Tried, dismissed. D. W. Jones action to confiscate fishing equipment. Dismissed, notice of appeal. Pomle Hampton, abandonment of minor children and leaving stale, Dismissed on payment of costs. D. W. Jones, fishing without a license. Dismissed. Civil Docket Roscoc Bowdcn v». Pink Dennle, could marry someone else. It was I action for money loaned and on cot such a shock that I was laid up ton, $7fs.B5. Judgment for plaintiff In bed for some time. For about (by default tor ,* four rjionths 1 was despondent. Re tunlly. 1 met a very nice young man. Now, 1 find I am In lovu with him, lie loves me, too, and Wants to marry me. 1 applied for I permanent] Turns Bombsight Into Eyesight By HARMAN W. NICHO8 WASHIGTON, (UP) — Follx E. . ,, . .. '-i ^V'^fl Floras, a civilian employee in tho Answer: u strikes mo, first of , )om molntenance shop at all, that you overcome heartbreak | Rnridolph Mr Fom) baso ln v u divorce: Now, my husband wants 1 U; come back. Who should I choose P. W. R«y MILLAND-fan STERLING - urn "EAGLE AND THE HAWK"; I .. , a ) rM Ques$what,._ is saying! s correct answer Regular 39.95 "GE ELECTRIC MIXER E. P. O'Neal, presiding. $ A report of the District Conference held in DeQueen September 16 was given by Mrs. E. A. Mor- sani. She reported that "Mrs. Eli Bennett, statfe' poppy chairman, said that the Auxiliary' in Little Rock sponsors the making of poppies at Fort Roots with voluntary workers that put in five days a week from 1 to 4 p.m. the year round helping the veterans. The diligent veteran and those for ^whom the work is of therapeutic value arc allowed to make the poppies and are paid for each poppy by the Auxiliary who also furnished the materials." At the close of the meeting, refreshments were served. was dressed in a steel gray taffeta two-piece dress. Her bouquet was of orchid chrysanthemums with purple satin leaves. L. J. Miller, Jr. served his brother as best man. Earl Ray Mont-i DETROIT IA>1 — Actress attachment — while you wero But Fiishes Snow gomery and Bernard Dunn, Jr., were ushers. Mrs. Greene chose for her daughter's wedding a black crepe Davis collapsed last night on the stag<; of the Shubert Theater here during the premiere performance of the new musical revue "Two's ideas, keep the ring and don't urfio her for dates. In fact, don't even ask as frequently as you have done. If that arrangement satisfies her, Miss O'Rorke, Miss Gaines Have Double Wedding Miss Beatrice O'Rorke, Huey P. the base' hospital with a seems that: he was having calibrating the bombslghts , , i uikuua' he wore glasses, he was ly think you should take your hus- unablfi ^ focu(J ^ g , M to MU . b.md back. He has had his lesson, b t , t u y u h , d b „. now Us time for your's. Your Jove U.^^ won too easily and your respon- 1 ' th|) ( , ptonnetry •N* llwlr Icmllln. Stud your «mw«r *<M, BOX "A" in Care of HOPE STAR Ji Ulcll aiitiiiiiwinwni. ntinaiiv-o nv,i, ,. .. , . i *•**• «.#^< •*««•• **v*»i •««»* 1f j*B»»»..w«. j I'm afraid you are in for a bad '«' ^motions can easily lead to ott j cer of tho hospital's eyo clinic, trouble. Sot up a new home with gavo tho mflUur gome thou g ht nnd dress with chartreuse trim. Her • Company. accessories were black and she | The wcllknown film star was wore a .corsage of white gardenias. ' carried off the stage by two shirt- The couple received the guests s i tl;vec j stage hands, but returned 1Jl:a in the vestibule ot the church. Mrs. -, I L , W minutes later to finish the ; ()f "Y ' period of readjustment. She may, however, need just such neglect to awaken nor to the fact that she jour family and try u little harder r | nnlly camo up-with. an idea. to inaKu it a success, re-ally loves you. Lots of luck! Harold Higgason, Jr. presided at shew. the guest book. "You can't say I didn't fall for For travel Mrs. Miller chose a, you," she told an applauding first- dark brown wool suit with brown night audience. matching accessories. She pinned the orchid from her bouquet at her shoulder. Physicians said overwork in preparing for the revue was responsible for the actress' collapse. Miss After a wedding trip, the couple Davis' stage role is her first in will be at home in San Antonio, several years. *SAENGER * TODAY ONLY* * RIALTO • LAST TIMES TODAY • DORIS RONALD REAGAN FRANK LOVEJOY q? The officer's reasoning went Ilka i this: Pear Miss Dix: I am 18 years Tho bombsight eyo piece contains Dear Dorothy Dix: I am a girljoiti, and have been in love with a lens suited for a man with per be proper for mo viu: most wonderful boy since I feet eyesight. Wouldn't it be Just to write to a boy of 19 or 20 who Supply Seraeant (After Issuing gyns, ammunition, etc.): "All men without arm* raise your hands." —Barbara Shelnutt CHARLES McGRAW • MARIE WiHQSGR • JACQUELINE WHIIE CARTOON AHO NOVIUTY Submit jokes for this column and win passes to the Rialto. for every joke used, the person sub- mittrog it will be mailed i. passes. Jokes must be limited to 50 words or less, and must be suitable for publication. Leave at theatre boxoffice or mail to: Manager, Rialto Theatre. Wednesday & Thursday «W?^»W*"*^w — ^W«*W I I 1 "'• The Story of a M»n's Mistake.. Stiuhj His Sou! Laney Undecided on Candidate HELENA Iff) — Former Gov. Ben Lnney says he wants to find out "if It's Stevenson or Truman who is running" on the Democratic ticket before he decides how to cast, his vote for President, Nov. 4. The former national chairman of the States Rights Party said he probably will support- the Democrats if he believes Gov. Stevenson is the Democratic candidate. Laney, who said he thought the Republican ticket might win in several southern states, added that he is undecided about whether to vote for Gen. Eisenhower, the GOP presidential nominee, if he decides not to vote for the Democratic candidate. He said he didn't agree with Stevenson on "some of his policies," including the tidelands oil qucs tion, civil rights and "any of the Truman deals I have fought from the beginning." Drive it proudly! Saye . '. '.ii,,*, ' ? f -. •**'> was 15. On rny 16th birthday he I as easy to substitute a lens cor- guvu me an engagement ring. We reeled for an Individual prescrip had our spats, and usually made tlon and do away with the glosses up, but thi ecu months before we | while operating the mechanism? \vc-i-c to be married, we broke up fni good. Now he is engaged to ft,meone else. Recently I met him ul a party. He was most attentive nd danced with me all evening. Tim break-up, I may add, was my fat-It. . BEWILDERED Answer: If you wvsro to blame for the parting, you should have! made some effort to patch things | up before this. However, H is not too latp yet, if tho boy still loves you, as you suspect. Put your p'ride ir. your pocket. Get in touch with turn, tell him that you realize you were at fault. Ask him frankly If hi; really loves his fiancee. If the ur.swcr is "yes" there's nothing you can do but admit defeat. There is a possibility that he became en gaged in a moment of self-pity, in which case it will bo much better for the engagement to be broken now before three people become In volved in a very difficult situation, Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc. mjr i inr* an nwse/f* " * i WIDNESDAY & THURSDAY III The Most Informal Gathering Becomes a Gala Occasion When Lovely Flowers Add Their Beauty to Your Home Flowers Speak a Hoste$$' Pride and Pleasure In Having Guests *!^ Ask Yoyr Florist for Suggestions! Bert "8" and bett "6" ID DramaticsUy »dvtuit*d new ffu .- . • .«••'.« **_ *».•*

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