Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 20, 1952 · Page 18
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1952
Page 18
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HOM fTA», MOFI, AIKANIAI HMR !ioh hf» «o tht Cover- at writurti notice from (he of th« Benntn of nueh re- MotUm iobmlt the name of «n- tj»potfltce to fill *ueh Sen«tfl toy pro- id UM ito at AT- frist* for sp* ,iw> next gen* for R«pr«MnUUve» , it 0 majority of the ,..., 3 thereon, *l *«ch nn adopt such Amendment. .. r .t «Mtt Mttftrfw * part of >nitltutlon of the, StRtft of Ark -VnMtj i W U Commission Croud ,j«ri "* PovvSrl. Thore ti oroflted tt State Highway HOn whloli shftjl be vestod the power* and duile* now Barter Jtnfoww by i«w for idrniniWaUon of Uie State ' fiepfti'tmoiit, together » Bttw«r», Necessary or enable the Comtrtlitsion .,_.: it« officer* or umpinysw rV ml fully And effectively Million* find Ifttftf relating Into Hl»liw*y Department, 'I0w t, dUkliflcstions arid of Members — Terme • •" *" cemmtssl0n. u conven. bly of the yonf 1DM, and wllli thn ad- conicnl ol the Senate* who are dftfty, Iff the event the Governor Ihould Within five day* thereafter f«|t to appoint or fall to nubmlt to uHt tMnnte for confirmation the nfctfl* of any ntmn lo be appolnu 94, the «bail proeeed to make th* appointment of it* own Terme ef Offlcs of tJtt* SBGTTON 9, PRESCOTT NEWS Writ «!«y» , th» a6ner of Arknn»u« in and tlon , ftrt Com. twVfoOr, ibt, yean rtiipeollvoly. rni* of -MIC in»r»on» *o np- orjrtiitfld by lot, io be appointed provided, IOLLAND GROWN BULBS MONTS SEED STORE 304 I4»t Sacond Pflf/n Iniuronce, 46 not Mernbere, Upon the expiration of Iho foregoing terms of «wld Com- mfftntoncrro, « sticcni*or shall be appointed bir ihe Oovernor in the manner provided for in Section 3 tor * term of ten year*, which term of t«n years shall thereafter be for each member of the Com* mission. SECTION 4. FUmevfll of Mem- Utrt — Hsurlng — A«vlsw *ncf AppMl. A Cornmltnlunnr mny be removed by Dm Oovfirrtor only for Ihe same CBUSBH a» apply ta other Constitutional offk'ors after n hour, lug <vhlPh mny be reviewed by ihe Chancery Court for the First DU- trlct with right of Appeal th«r«from W the Supremo Cmirt, such review ind appeal to bo without presumption In favor of any finding by the Governor or tha irlBl court, nnd provided further. In addition to the right of confirmation lujmlnnlmve roncrvod to tho Senntfl, tho Bonnie frtny uporj tho Written request of at l«B»l Five (0) of U* member* thol * member or memliors of iho Commlmikm nhould bo removed therefrom, proceed, when In »«« ston, to hear nny and ail evidence pertinent to the rennuni tor re Inovali The member or mnmfoer* Wliono removal In 10 requested <ihall fao entitled to be haura In (he mutter and to be raprcnentod be fore the Semite by legal Counsel, Those proceedings conducted by the Simula Dhull be public nnd o transcript of the t«*llm®ny NO heart ihtill bo prepared and prcnorvttf in the journal of tho Snnulo. Tho Inking ot evidence either orully or by dHpoitltlon shall not b<< bount by Die formal rules of evidence Upon the* conclusion of tho hour Ing, tho Bonnie, Kilting it* ti body In executive neHBlon, mny remove snld membrr or members of tht Commission by B majority vole conducted by secret ballot, SECTION 8. Vacancies— Fllllnfl Vneuncior on tho C'ommlHiilon clu to n!»l«niillonN, tloiilh or romovn Khnll b« flllod by wppolnlmcnl n Iho Governor for Iho unoxplro term \.ilhin thirty d»y» from th date of such vucuncy. Upon ftillur of tho Governor to fill the vwuianc within thirty days, the remaining Commissioners nhnll muHc tho «p- nolntrTienl for the unexplred term, SECTION 8. Til* Commission »hnll appoint n Director of Higlv Ways who slinll have «uch duties us may bo nruHcrlbod by tho Com rnUdlon or by statute, APPROVKU: March 80, 1081, Socrulnry o( State C. O. HALL May 8 thru Ooi. at u« timwn Togo! Notice PROP08BD CONSTiTUTlbNAi" AMENDMENT NO, 43 UK IT JIKSOLVBD by the House ot rtttproKeiUutlveu of the Stwte »Of Arluws»u nnd by the Senate Of thw Stute of Arkansas, « Majority of All Hw Members Kleut- ml to Each UOUNH Agreeing Theretot That Uie following U hereby pro- putied us tin urmwdmont to ihu Cou« DUtutlun of tho Stuto ot Arkansas, and upon bulnu itubinlttcd to tho elector* of tho Stutu for approval DC rojeutlon at tlio n«xl utincrul * fur RuiirystMiUUivos nnd , if i» mujortty of the voting llu'i'oon, nt such un Firs Inspsetten ienedul* Per Tuild«y, Oct. 21 Announced j 0 a.m. Stage .Show, Preseott High flchool, 10:19 n.rn, Stage Show, Preseott •If, High School. 12 Holnry Club (Speaker) 1 i>,m, tlrndqunrtorn open* Pres- cntt Firo Station, 2 p.m. Stage Show. Park Elemental/, 2 p.m. Movies (Grades 1-3) Me- Itatt .School. 1 p.m, Parade, 4,,i(> p,m, r'lic Department dem< onstration 'City Park/. Mr*. Basil Munn Hostess to Wednesday Bridge Club Mr*, rinull Munn wa« hostess to member* of the Wcdnexday Bridge Club nl her home on Wednenday afternoon. Autumn floweri decorated tho ooi 11 nrraniittd for tho players, Tno high icoro prize was won y Mrs. Clarke While. Mr*, Allen }cu rt'toivud the game prize, A dainty naiad course was surv d to members Mrs. Dudley dor- em, Mr». Harold Lewis, Mm. Hal- Id AtkiiiA, Mr«. Saxon K'.-K"n, Mm. GUM McCusklll, Mrs, Whltu and MI-K. Gco, gram Wednesday nlghl at Ihe Presbyterian Church, The invocation wa» given by Tbeo Elgin. After supper the evening devotional talk wa» given by S. O. Logan. Jim Hutchltmon nnd Arlin Jone» from Arkaclelphla and Ihe IteynoldJi Melal Co. wrc guc*i*. Mr. flutchinson upoke on the Aluminum liidunlry and a film on lndii«t-| ry and Ihe prugrcv* bcln« made' on the Gum Springs plonl was shown by Mr. Jones, There WHS al»o an iniormatlvf round table dfscusslun on the project. JCMO Crow, D. I.. McRne Jr. K. W. Keyriold* were in charge oi the menu und program. Spiritual Ulfs Group Maeti The Splriluni Life Group of Ihe Flr«l Methodist Church met on Wednesday iimrrilng In the home ftogan were Wednesday visitors In Hop*;. Mrs. Madge Burgess, Gone Ward Mr*. Bill Gordon and O. K. Tanner attended a Uistritt Extension A- gctits Fall Conference at Hope on Wctlite/idny. New Orleans Newsman Succumbs — Funeral Mrs. Carl Bl!ick and son, Hemis.l NEW ORLEANS whi> havt! been tht' Kuirsts of her ' services for Leonard K. Nicholson, pare"':!, Mr. mul Mrs. Cuat Chap- i chairman of tho board of the jiellB are Niiendmtf several days j Tiines-I'icayune Publishing Com- wiui Mr.'.. Battle Bcftils in St. Louis; puny, will be held today. uciuie 11,-turmiiK to their home inj Nicholson, 71, died here early Ohio. | ye.Mterdiiy. He had been in failing Mis. Madge vciJnt'^ua.v dinner had aa her guf.sts, Mrs. l.c;iith for some months. At tho time of his death, Helena Man Is Named CS Chief GREENVILLE, Miss. 1*1 — Offi Monday, October 20, 19S2___ Secretary to Stand in Murder Trial BALTIMORE W> —The murder cia.rortVe 1 Clai's C Couon suie. r..l ot George ^ard Grammer vss expected to hear today irom , 28-year-old secretary whom the talc contends Grammer was £ ove with. She is Miss Mathilda MizigroCky, United Nations employee he headed the company which pub Ante Aiiiirnn inifl (UniKruci:,, Mury ] li:>hi.-s the morning Times-Picayune members present for the monthly Pr«tbytarl*n Man Havo Supper Fifty four men of tho Mcn'i F«l- owiihlp Clai» ot tho I'rc»by1orlon Church onjoyod a supper and pro- election, adopt sueh amendment, the same shall become n part of tho Constitution of uio Stale ot Ar- J. W. Teeter, Spiritual Life; chairman, openod tho mcctlnit with! prayer. Mm. C. M. Galling ludj Ihe »ludy on "Abundant Living' j by Stunley Joncii arid closed thej meeting with prnyer, i The next meeting will be hold in! the home of Mrs. W, D, Gordon. Mm. J. B. Heiilui-ly wil havo charge of the Htud.y. Kveiyn <)i lioucuw, Mi. ;u,.|i»nd tae Airs. Bill (jordon ;ciiu (jvliu VVaru. Stales. Nicholson was in the newspaper Mrs. John A. Uttvis, Mrs. Clarkol pnblishinK field nearly 5 years. Whitit v.cr<' the the guests Tluirs-l Ilis father and mother published riiiy ai Mr, and Mrs. John P. Cox' i: ' c (||<I Picayune before a merger |n ii,,,),.. i v. ith tho Times-Democrat was et_ fected, forming Ihe Times-Pica- Mis. Jack Odom und son, John i i'uni- S;ig'-'. wl>» wi're cjilU'd here due. I' 1 ' 1 ' 1 -' tu the cli.-nlh fit h<;r granclfatncr, T. (.:, Miit.ii-, were uecomiiiiiuud lo Tcxarkana 'i'hui-sdiiy by Mr. and Mrs. Tom Uomi.s where they left home in Siiii afternoon New Orleans lie became president of the in 1918 after having started counter clerk. He became Baseball League met here yesterday and re-elected AI Harawny of Helena, Ark., to his fifth term as President. 1 In other actions the leagu emo elected Jim Griffith of Ei Dorado, vice president set April 21 as the season's opening date, and reduced the number of voter ans permitted each club from ten to six. The player limit was placed at 16, including a player manager. Six of the league's eight clubs s&id they would be ready lo fit: in the 1953 season, but Greenville and Greenwood, Miss., did not in cue ate their status. Greenwood, a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers farm system last year, was dropped whcr Brooklyn cut down on its Class C operations. No definite decision on the rfum ber of games for the 1953 season Mrs. Orin Ellsworth and Mrs. S. T. White Sr, visited Miss Norrna Lewis of Hope, who la seriously 111 In a Toxurkana hospital, Wednes day. to-wlt: Amendment No. 18 to tho Con. (dilution of the State of Arkansas, Adopted by the electors of this Slate fit the Oonornl Election hold und conducted on the 6th day of November, 182», l» herooy amended to roud as follows: SECTION 1. H being mo»t np- pnrent thnt privately operated factories, Industries nnd transportation facilities are necessary rpr mo development at a community unit for Uie w/ilfaro of tin innnbl- turns, an minimi tux or not exceed- mtf orio per cent of the assessed valuntlon of ull taxable property within the corporate boundaries thereof may be levied by cities of the first and necond class for tho purpose of providing funds to bo u«od for the acquisition of sites within or without such cities and for the construction of such sites of buildings and other facilities, for lease or sale, for the aforesaid purposes, or for the amortization of bonds bearing Interest "' not more than four per cent per an* mmt iHHUtid for such purposes. 'SECTION. 2. When petllioned by not lens than ton per ccn$ .of the qualified oloulor.i residing therein, tho City Counqll or other fovern- Ing body of any suctv city shflll cnll for nn ulectiun lo bo held not more than ninety days thereafter for the purpose of having the qualified electors vote on the proposition. :' SECTION 3. The general Assem- )l.v shall ennpi such enabling log- station as shall bo required to of- 'actuate the proposes hereof. APPROVED! March 20, 1881.; Secretary of State Ci 0. HALL May 5 thru Oe.t, 87 (88 times* „ Mrs. W. S, Hogmi and Mrs. J. I!". Hi,y Loomis WIIK a Wcilnewlay business visitor in Arkadelphia. K!(kT Halt; Uenman and llev. W. G. Hen.sbera allonricd trie IIP.•<;tin; : : of the Ouachitu Presbytery in Arka- deiphia lust xveelc. was reached. The loop played 12i editor in 1922 and board chairman I game schedule during the past sea li.st May. !son. Me wi'.s a member of the board The officials also failed lo ac of directors of The Associated'on the location of the 1953-A11 Sta Press from lU3;i unit! 1951, the same. In the past it has been ro maximum pi-nod allowed under the AP's bylaws, lie also served us a director of the Southern News! paper Publishers Association and the North American Newspaper i Alliance. He is survived by a son, Jerry, a law student at Tulane University. PRAVDA CLAIM MOSCOW UP) today that the Pnivda claimed Japanese government is preparing to send units uf Itj! police reserve corps to fight in Korea. onner from Hamilton, Ontario, and a key witness for the prosecution. Grammcr, 35-year-old New York office manager, is accused of beating his wife to death and then try * to make it appear like an auto mobile accident. \ ; State's Ally. Anselm Sodaro said in his opening slatcment that Miss Mizibrocky would tell how she Grammer fell in love after meetlh casulally in a New York bowllngij alley last November. Most cigarette tobaccos contain about 10 per cent sugar. Now TRY THIS ""CwiD's COUCH For coughs and acute bronchitis due m , colds you can now get Creomulsum tated among the clubs with the j specially prepared foriChildren in anew site chosen alphabelically league members. The salary lor official scorers was raised lo five dollars a game find Ihe League's slatistician was granted a $10 yearly increase. ANOTHER ACCUSATION MUNSAN, Korea (Ot — The Com- n.unisls today accused the Allies of shelling the neutral Panmunjom iiimistice talks site yesterday. The U. N. Command did not comment. St.Joseph ASPIRIN from pink nnd blue package and be sure (1) Your child will like it. (2) It contains only safe, proven ingredients. . .. (3) It contains no narcotics to disturb nature's processes. (4) It will aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed throat a^a bronchial membranes, thus relieving the cough and promoting rest and sleep. Ask for Creomulsion for Ctifr dren in the pink and blue package. CREOMULSION FOR CHILDREN relieves Coughs, Choit Colds, Acut* IrwcMHl PS,, "A:, &/?-!*•"•' br; TU;; iA#". SED CARS •f\ - A NOW AVAILABLE AT Sid Rogers Buick Co. ^r l$st buy in used cars is now Buick Dealer, cars are ^r> '» *. TX^ WICK CO. ti&F. -grVi *•(& lt*ick Co.) >•* Third Street Legal Notice PROPOSED CON4TITUTIONAL AMKNDMINT NO. 41 BE IT RESOLVED by tbo House ot Representatives o( tho State of Arkansas and by iho Senate, a majority of Ml the Members Elcotod to Each House Agreeing Thereto! that tho following Is hereby pro- uosed HS «n amendment to tho Constitution ot tha Stale at Arkutv BUS, and upon being submitted to tno electors of the State tor approval or rejection at tho next general election tor Representatives and Senators, it a majority ot the elector* voting thereon In such election adopt such amendment, the same shall become a part ot the Constitution ot the State ot Arkansas, to wit; 8KCTJQN 1. That the Constitution ot the Stiilo of Arkansas bo Kiuonciad modifying Section IB of Article 7, and Section 9 ot Amendment Np 34 ot said Constitution- so as tasprovldo for the election of a County Clerk In all ot the salt* counties of the State, as follows; "Th* urovlslous fpr the election f « County Clerk upon a populr Him basis art hereby abolished aV there may bo elected a County Clerk in like manner as a Circuit Clerk, and in such cases, the County Clerk may be ex oftlcio Clerk ot the Probate Court o! such county until otherwise provided by the Gene**! Assembly." ThU AmuttdmeM shall b* in full {om> imd eftwt upw nod after HM HdOptioOV APl'HOVBD; M»rcU 30, Secretary of State C. O, HAU* thru Oei ft tW times) St« the ^(p»^^ flP P%. ^W^ W^ ^iP Bk» •f th* MAYTAG r&t- ot Your Friendly ^WP^Ir^^^ ^W^^^W AS PART OF THEIR DUTIES to hisuro Uie constant high quality of natural gas, two Texas Eastern engineers conduct one of a series of exacting tests. Charles Morrow, Jr., handles a delicately-balanced super-compressibility apparatus while Gail J. Scott works the spinning deadweights. TEXAS EASTERN KEEPS CONSTANT CHECK ON NATURAL GAS QUALITY Eastern measurement engineers keep a constant JL check on the heat-producing content, chemical composition, and quality of natural gas. At seven modern laboratories along tho pipelines they see that gas to be used in homes and industries meets exacting specifications. Day after day these engineers put pipeline gas samples through careful inspections, using sensitive instruments to measure chemical and moisture content, temperature, and specific gravity. In addition to regularly scheduled tests, measurement engineers also work with a battery of recording instruments which keep a constant watch on the gas stream. Out in the field engineers make additional checks to main* tain careful control of natural gas as it moves through Texas Eastern's 4200 mile pipeline system, A MEASUREMENT ENGINEER exposes sensitized paper to the natural gas stream and compares it with a control paper strip. This test is made to be sure the gas is free of hydrogen sulphide. DELICATE INSTRUMENTS, such as this recording gravitometer which measures specific gravity, are necessary to maintain a constant check on' the properties of natural gas. AUONg THE CWTMl HtTHOOS used by Texas Eastern to insure tha uniform quality of natural gas is this calorimeter reorder. Here la measurement engineer sets tbe machine which traces a contawjous record of the exact heafc . value of ps passing through Te*as Eastern pipelines. TIXAS BASTIRN TRANSMISSION CORPORATIOM Our Doily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor .Alex. H. Washburn Irrigation Practical for Orchards; Perhaps for CatMe Farms, Too Louis Graves' Nashville News tells me that Fair & Sons, largest j .peach growers in the Highland p District, will install an irrigation system in their orchards for the 1953 season. Barney Smith started the orchard irrigation idea in Nashville this past season — and it was previously accomplished in the Clarksvllle (Ark.) district. ..' Although a common thing in the desert country far. to the wtfst o£ K us irrigation has been virtually unknown In Arkansas except for the rice district at Stuttgart. Drouth is not normal in out- tree-studded state, but the fact that we do baku out near the end o£ every summer and occasionally have a disastrously dry year suggests that some form o£ irrigation would be good insurance. The present year brings this thought home. It Is not the disaster we had in 1930, for the flvAugust rains helped — but WP ™have too much surface water in the state as a whole to put up with tht. threat that faces Western states where there is virtually no water at all. And it is possible that irrigation offers hope to cattlemen as well as peach growers. Oliver L. Adams Hempstead county agent, tells me the folks • are having a hard time believing it is feasible to irrigate pastures. I'm just back from the 4) place where it is actually done — and on a gigantic scale. The second week in September I drove 1,000 miles through the interior of Florida, to sec that state's cattle herds. My route was U. S. 27 from Coral Gables (Miami) north to Lake Okeechobee, around its western edge, and on up as far as Lakeland. The Florida landscape through this region is an amazing sight — the strange com- t v bination of limitless herds of Black Angus, Brahman, and Hereford, in pastures that are startlingly green for September. The southern half of central •Florida is a network of canals and drainage works that keep the water level close to the grass roots. One such canal followed us along U. S. 27'all the way north to Lake Okeechobee. The lake is hidden behind a huge levee, with flood gates to «„ keep it from flooding the whole ".country in time of s.torrhV,But it's dry this--year in •Florida', 1 -}! in our own section; and whea saw the flood gates at. Clewiston at the lake's southwestern corner they were standing wide open Lake Okeechobee, "35 miles wide was stabilizing the water level o stock farms for miles around — until you hit the hilly orchard re gion farther north. Florida is America's No. 1 cattl <ijf state today. It's no accident, be lieve me. Somebody got busy year ago and made the most of the sui face water facilities. Today yo think of Florida as a land of bi operators and huge capital inves ment; but someone did most of th work before the big-money boy moved in. Arkansas, boasting that it ha more miles of navigable river tha any other state, should be the last .x section on earth to plead insuffici- "• cncy of water. It's just a matter of moving the water we already have to the particular spot that Hope Star WIATHtd ARKANSAS - filfr, cold this «ttefn<ton, fdmfttit 38 we.it, south tehllnt partly cloudy, WBrrttef, " TeiY\p«r«ture ' High 70 Lo* 39 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 7 Star of Ha* II**. •"« '»» Can<elM4rtMI Jan. II, 1*1* HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1952 M«mk«n m AM««l*t*4 Av. N«t MM ClHl. 1 MM. ft AwlH IttMM »f ClttvleMmi In4hifl M»r*h 11, 1*11 — Mil PRICE 5c PLAYING A WAITING CAME — Air Force Lt.-CoL Earl H. Robinson. left, ot Beverly Hills. Calif., and Col. Charles W. McCarthy, right, while away weary hours at Munsan-Nl, base camp for United Nations truce-talk personnel, with a game of chess. The two officers are the only officials who still have official contact with Communist negotiators, and they are waiting wr the enemy to make the next move—that of asking the United Nations to resume truce negotiations. Fire Hazard Acute as Many Acres Are Burned; Hunters Urged to Be Cautious A fire which appeared to be de- berately set was brought under ontrol • near the Arkansas State olice Station, east on Highway 67, lis morning with the help of local ire equipment. Radioman Sparks said the blaze vas going in three different spots t once along the Highway and ooked as if someone had deliber itely thrown out matches as they ode along, Sparks said fire was also blaz ng around the bend near the Experiment Station road. Meanwhile the Hope Department cautioned housewives to take ex- ;reme care in burning trash. About 10 per cent'.'pl the fires are started >y,,,care.le'3tlpersons. ment is currently The depart- making the needs it. The project involves risk, of course. But a section that, never takes any risk whatsoever generally manages to lose population and rounds in Hope and burning off vacant lots in an effort to keep down fires. Throughout the county farmers and stockmen anxiously eye pastures and woods. Dry weather has created the biggest fire hazard and grass shortage in years. One careless person could wipe out hundreds of acres of timber or grass lands at a time when the little grass that is left means much to stockmen. Perhaps the biggest hazard is careless hunters who are flooding the woods in search of squirrels. Timber and stockmen have issued a plea for the hunters to exercise extreme caution. Some 10,000 acres of timber lands were destroyed by fire the first 21 days of this month in Arkansas. This represents a loss of more than $200,000 in timber alone. Dangerous conditions exist in Nevada and Dallas counties according to the State Forestry Division. LITTLE ROCK UP) — The state sent out a call for volunteer fire fighters last night to help combal a series of forest fires in South GOP Has No Program, Says Adlai By JOHN L. CUTTER SPRINGFIELD, 111., (UP) —Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson began his Ias1 big campaign trip today after pic luring Dwight D. Eisenhower as a sort of split personality leading a party with no policy or program. Stevenson told a crowd of aboul 5,000 persons last night that Ei serihbwer was waging a carnpaign of "expediency" because his party has "no policy, no program and no real faith in the fulure o.f, America." The Democratic presidential can didate said Eisenhower shifted his opinions from day to day and asked "which general are we supposed to believe?" Reds Fail to Break Through UN Gunfire By ROBERT UDICK SEOUL, Korea, (UP) — Two Chinese battalions charged Snipers Ridge through mud nnd driving rain tonight, but the Reds fnllert to break through murderous streams of-South Korean machine gun and rifle fire. Rain concealed the 1.B08 Red* while they sneaked up the base of tnc central front mountain. HO-.V ever, they had indicated an attack" j was in the making by unleashing a heavy artillery barrage. The fanatic Chinese assault bo gpn at 6:40 p. in. (4:40 n. m. EST) ?nd was continuing an hour Inter. The Reds did not succeed In geti ing to within hand grenade range of Republic of Korea 2nd Division defenders. Rain bogged down the Red a' lackers, but it prevented the South Koreans from lighting flares to i luminate the exposed enemy. I was believed Ihe Reds held a third battalion in immediate reserve. Heavy fog before nightfall ham percd an attack by South Korean troops on Iron Horse Mountain, west of Sniper Ridge. The ROKs stormed up the southern slopes to within 50 yards of the crest. Hurling hand grenades and fir ing small arms, the South Koreans dug in on the mountainside just a short distance from Chinese Com munists defending the peak. The assault look place in a heav'y fi which prevented a column o Allied tanks from giving the rifle men close support with heavy guns If was the heaviest action along the 155mile battlefront. "Tanks supporting the assaul Girl Scout Drive Successful Thanks to Merchants The Girl Seoul Community Committee and all Ihe members of the Girl Scouls and Brownies wish to thank the following firms nnd individuals who contributed to the Girl Scout drive: Hope Hardware Co., Singer Company, Plunkett Jarrull, Dr. Geo. Wright. 13. It, Hnmm Motor Co., icotts Stores. A&P, Foster-Kills, Franks & Son, Morgan & Lindsey, Floy Anderson, Moore Brothers, Hoach Insurance Co., Jim Cole, Joe's City Bakery, Mike Kelly. Midwest Dairy, Citizens Bank, llobbs Grocery, Hope Slur, Hope Auto Co., Hope Furniture Co., Tol- E-Tcx Oil Co,, Or. Sam Strong, Lewis-McLarty, Inc., Cox Drug Company, Grayden Anthony, K. J. Whitman, Boswell Sistors, Mrs, James Pilkinton, J. C. Penney Co., M. S. Bates, Mrs. Herbert Lewcl- lan. Herbert Burnes, KXAR, A. D. Middlebrooks. Hope BeveraRo Co., Bruner-lvory Handle Co., Standard Auto, Trading Post, Hnmm Tire & Appliance, B&B Super Market, Heplum's, Norman Moore, Mrs. J, V. Moore Sr., Home Furnt lure Co., West Brothers. Henry Watkins & Son, Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co., S. W. Packing Co. First National Bank, Ritchio Grocer Co., York Furniture Co. ^oca-Cola Botteling Co., Archci Motor Co., Hope Builders Supply Siayncs Bros., Owen's Deparlmen Store, Arkansas Machine Special ty Co., Emmctt Thompson, Green ing Insurance Agency, Mrs. C. C McNcill, Mrs. Paul Klipsch, Dr. F C. Crow, Mrs. Bob Turner, Hop Brick Works, McMath Cites Justice as 'Influenced' LITTLE ROCK, lAVi-Gov. Me Math last night accused nn nttso clnted justice of the state Supremo Court of being "Influenced by pnr tisnn politics" In nn nngry tirade on the proposed new stnto purchasing law, In n reply to 11 written opinion by Associate Justice Ed P, Mo Facldln which snld tho governor had attempted to use tho high court to "smear another partisan iv.up," MeMath snld: "If Judge McFnddln would pny nnre attention to Inw nnd less to jolitics, ho would mnko n bolter udge." The dispute Is centered around he Supreme Court's dlsmlsslnl in a split decision, or nn admlnlstrn lion backed suit wnich sought to prevent n popular vote on the con Uovcrslnl purchasing Inw, Act 24! of 1951. The raw WBS sponsored through the leftislutuao by Gov. Me Mnth. wealth to some more venturesome region. And risks taken in behalf of the land, in a nation of America's rate of growth, usually pay off. Yule Party Planned by Merchants from the left flank could not fine their targets through the fog that clouded Ihe valley floor," the 3th Army said. Republic of Korea 9th Division troops attacked the peak at 9:30 a. m. (7:30 p. m. EST Monday). Iron Horse Mountain is one of the, hill clusters heavily contested in he old Iron Triangle. The Chinese halted tho South Korean assault 40 yards from their jositions. The South Koreans pull ed back slightly and dug in. Meanwhile, a low and dense cloud layer virtually halted U. N. air operations after daybreak. Ear Her, U. N. warplanes hit enemy supply lines to prevent reinforce went of battered Red units. Elsewhere on the central front, American and South Korean infan trymen threw back light probing attacks. Allied troops dug in deeper ant built new bunkers on Triangle Hil and Sniper Ridge. They reccivet truckloads of ammunition despite Beef Up But Cotton Still Money Crop '.•'FaVETTEVILtE,' *'(UPt" — Strike Sprea to Railways Coal Carriers Forced to Lay Off Trainmen Not Soft on Communists, Truman Vows By ERNEST B. VACCARO WITH TRUMAN IN NEW JER sey (ffl — President Truman today described Republican claims his administration has been soft to ward communism us an "outrage ous falsehood." He said tho Republican high com mnnd has used "every propaganda technique and huge sums of mon oy" to try to put over this "big | liu" on the American public. : He said the government has been !eas.urcs to .fight ! " "'f • ., abroad" beef cow population in 'Arkansas while Gen. Dwight D. Elsenhower has increased 75 per cent in the und his party havo boon, "trying to lost three years, leading all other sow false seeds of suspicion," states, it was reported today. Texarkana Man Drops Dead in Local Grocery W. U. Beall, aged 30, of Toxnv- knna, died about 3 p. m. Monday of a heart attack In a Hopo grocery store. Ho was a salesman for tho D&W Packing Company of Tex- arknna. Lnhroy Slates, owner of Ward Four Grocery on North Hazol, snld Bcall complained of an ache In hit) chest and rested n low minutes, He then got up, talked n bit and suddenly pitched over on his face, Mr, Spates said. Ho died before a doctor could arrive. . He is survived by hia wife, one daughter Jo Ann ot Toxarfeana throo half-sisters, Mrs. 0. Qerbor and Mrs. Amelia Smith ot Tcxar knna, Mrs. Loo Hunt of Alexander Ln., a v half-brother, Wlckllffif Temple of Pennsylvania. strike spread uno'mptoyrricrtt'a; raitroftdors an 322,000 minors, Carried .1U_-. tost walkout Intb its second Tho Baltimore, and Ohio t on lmpdrtnnt-o6Wqattlor,-J 1,900 workers and tne Norfc- Wnatorrt told another 300 there wlll*be 'no more p lor them until the mlners.'J to tho pits. , . - 1 ;.., Tho Virginian KnUway" sali will laf otf, 600 ah°P ' He made these statements in an A joint report of the state crop address prepared for delivery at eporting service the Bureau ot Jersey City during a day of cam Agricultural Statistics of the U. S. pnignlng by train and automobile epartment of Agriculture and the in the industrial East. Arkansas Agricultural Experiment The audience at Jersoy City, first Experiment Stalion said there stop on a long automobile tour, vero 320,000 beef cows on Artein- was told that the GOP presidential as. farms in January, 1052 as corn- nominee has been advising party pared to only 183,000 in January, workers "to appeal to emotion " Mt. Zion Group in Conference JONESBORO, (*) — The first session of the 2-day Mt. Zion Association centennial meeting began at the Mt. Zion Church 15 miles north of here today. ^ Three sessions are scheduled for wr today and two for tomorrow. The sessions tomorrow will be held at the First Baptist Church here. The Mt. Zion Association has 26 members, 25 of them in Craighead County. It was formed at the Mt Zion Church in Greene County, 100 years ago this month. The Greene County Church i one of the oldest churches in th° region, having been built in 1848 four years before the' association Arkansas which threaten to get out of control. State Forester Fred Lang, who ssued Ihe call for help, said 32 ires were raging in Lafayette, Ne exlra firemen were needed espe cially in the vicinity of El Dorado and Stamps. formed. Main speakers for the 2-day ses- swn will include Dr. L. E. Barton, parliamentarian of the Arkansas Baptist Convention Dr. B. L. Bridges, executive-secretary, Arkansas Baptif-t Convention the Rev. Lloyd Sparkman, Pine Bluff, president of the Arkansas Baptist Convention, and Dr. R. Paul Cau- 4411, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Memphis and member of the executive board of the South ern Baptist Convention. Library Tax Can Be Repealed LITTLE ROCK (/P) — The Atlor- ney General's office today said it was possible for a county library tax to be repealed by popular vote The opinion was in reply to a question of Mrs. Hazel W. Prichard of Hope Hempstead County librar ian. The opinion pointed out tha' Amendment 38 requires that pet tions to initiate repeal or modivica tions must be filed at least 30 days before election day and since the general election is Nov. 4, it is now too late to obtain a vote tbis year. A gala pre-Christmas season em ployer - employee party is bcinj planned by the Hope Chamber of Commerce Retail Merchants .Division. The date is yet tentative, but Tuesday, Nov. 11 and 18 arc being planned. Harrell Hall, manager of J. C Penny Company, is chairman of the over all planning committee with W. S. Oliver, manager of the Toggery Shop, and Emil Kaden, manager of the Scott Store as members. This committee brought a report to the Ketail Merchants Break fast on Monday, which was unanimously adopted. C. Hamilton Moses, chairman of the board ,of the Arkansas Power and Light Company, has been invited to address the group immediately following the banquet meal. Arrangemenls are being made for a dance orchestra to play foi dancing which will take place 'am the Junior High auditorium. In addilion to dancing, the entertainment commiltee 'is working out plans for several different games- Chairman Eldon Coffman, manager of the Malco thealres, C, W. Tarp- Communist shellfire. The Reds twice hit Triangle will 12-man probing attacks, but each was repulsed by American rifl men in less than five minutes. How ever, the Communists still hole Pike's Peak on the northwest to of the Triangle Hill mass. U. S. troops in the Triangle sc lor have inflicted 4,640 Red ca u allies in the past eight days. At Sniper Jl'idge, east of Tria gle, the Communists sent two pi toons about 50 men — in a Candidate at Large Ruling Expected LITTLE ROCK I/B — The Arkan sas Supremo Court Is expected to hand down a decision today on a Republican's request that ho bo allowed to run as a state senator la) candidate at largo against throe Fulaski County Democrats. William A. Chock of LlUlo Rock .claims in his suit that candidates for tho Senate do not havu t< chooso n specific pnslUon-.in^a gea ec'al (UBCttoh. Candidates in prima ics are required by law to run for positions. It the Court rules In favor o Cheek's proposal, ho and thro Democratic nominees would run o a field for the throe Pulaskt Count senatorial posts. The throo cam dates 'receiving tho most votei would win the election. Iho strike o<mtlrufc.R through^ day. * Thousands of „ road employes face, reduced* M days if tho walkout lasts : tlmn a few days. That rat as an automatic plan to cutwork days during a coal «trl ^ Coal miners are refusing to'.wo ocauso the, Wage , StablUzatJp- Board reduced their recently^ J gotlatod $1.00 a day pay boost, l.OO making their new basic da minimum wnge $17.86* ( ' ?.*a 'We're determined to' or the $1.00," declared; U, B. Hossle ot tbo Unit) Workers local, in Acme, . 'That's what, was negotiate^ that's what we're going to " 949. rather than to reason" in. this cam The nationwide increase In boef Paten, cow population was 20,5 per'cent. Truman said the record "may Cotton continued to be Arkansas' Point a picture of softness toward rest valuable farm enterprise, communism in the minds ot dema bringing in $273,000,QOO in 1951, an gogues, intent on grasping political increase of eight per., cent over power,' but ho added: 1950. All crops accounted for $342, 000,000, or 64 per cent of the $564, 000,000 in cash receipts'from farm marketings. Arkansas rice growers made the largest plantings in history, hurl vesting some 445,000 acres. Lower] yields, however, hold production below the 1948 crop but the 1951 crop was still the most valuable, bringing in $45,000,000. About ,85 »por cen>ot tW 378,000 VM Somo- of 4h* states, 'like West .Virgin! bylvanlu and iJton tually no-tljM W are operating. An industry appeal to work want wn PioBldont'IoimL.; tainod unbroken, ' Two Cars Damaged in Collision Two cars were badly damaged yesterday in a collision at 4th and Hcrvoy streets. City police reported. One was driven by Laura Etta Turner and tho second by B. C. KingHlcy, local negro. Suppose a Woman 1$ Named President, Would Her Hubby Be an Asset or Liability? Harry M. '*WfO»es, p tho Bltumlnou^ Co,al C , soclatlon, made; public; * wi ing Uwis/to "strongly .tw miners to resurofc woriR' Ortly violence 'mwfted was at Gsundy, v- •• chanan County 8 Fletcher reported shots >$ into a oupfe which - — ohimlon miners, 'W ured. ' ', ^ SENTENCED TQ -UFE HARBODSBURG, Ky. UR Ma riea Savage. 22, was sentenced to FOUND MOUNTAIN HOME !* — Joe Kic Mullan, about 70, of Cotter, was found guilty ot second degree mur der here today in the Sept. 10 slaying of Ollie Lewis at Cotter. Circuit Judge John Bledsoe sen tenced McMullan to live years in the state prison. ley, of Tarpley's Esso Station, Corbin Foster, of Foster's Shoe Store, and Jack Lowe of Hope- Builders Supply assured those in attendance of a full evening of good fun and entertainment. Dewey Baber, operator of the B & B Super Market, is in charge of the food arrangements and announces that the banquet, which will be served cafeteria style, in the High School cafeteria, will b& gin at 7 p.m. The responsibility of decorating and securing the necessary properties for the party will be in charge of 9 committee headed by Miss Henry of the Gift Shop, and Mrs. Aubrey Enoch, manager of Sears, and Moody Willis of WUlis Men's Store. hourlong probe at Pinpoint Pea defended by men of the 2nd R public of Korean Division. Heavy mortar fire sent the Reds reeling down the slopes. South Koreans also threw back a Communist regiment attacking Sniper Ridge yesterday, killing or wounding more than 1,000 Chinese. West of Triangle and Sniper Rid gu, U. N. artillery broke up a group of 50 Communists approach ing Allied lines. Supcrforts and light bombers, trying to choke reinforcement of the chopped up Red units, knocked out more than 100 supply trucks and a 43 acre storage area before dawn. Ten U. S. B-29s carried the fight far behind the battle line in an early morning raid at Taeyu in Northwest Korea, wiping out a I storage area. .. The Navy reported the Destrrfyer Parks silenced enemy guns which had fired 30 shells at it south of fanchon O n the east coast yester day. The minesweeper Redhead Ike Insists He Is Not a 'Dear Man By SAUL PETT For Hal Boyle NEW YORK |/fl•-. Almost everyone agrees that a loyal smiling wife is an asset to a political can- I dluate. But Pupposa in the future a woman is nominated for President. Would a husband be an asset or I liability? Would many mala, voters resent WARREN IN PHILADELPHIA PHILADELPHIA (» — Qov. Earl Warren of California carries his life unprisoiimeat Uist night lor the I campaign tor Republican presid«n- murder of his two-year-old stepson Savage showed Uttie emotion convicted of WJJjng James 5 by tial nominee Pwigbt Eisenhower into Philadelphia today. Loeol Student! in HSTC Ploy ARKADELPHIA — Henderson State Teachers College speech de suld two airbursting shells exploded overhead in the same area, but reported no casualties or damage. Bishop's New Trial Scheduled Nov. 13 SALT LAKE CITY I* — Tuck Bishop, 57 year old Arkansas man once scheduled to die before a Utah prison firing squad, will have Another chance to face the courts on Nov. 13, in a new trial before District Judge A, H. EJJett in Salt eke City. At an earlier trial in Special In Now England Dwight D. Eisenhower asserted today he still is a "no deal" man and has made no committments to win supporters in his presidential cam paign. The GOP candidate made this declaration to a chilled crowd of about -4,000 people at Manchester, N. H., in the wake of a statement by Sen. Wayne Morse (ROns) he was offered a "high position in public life." The Morse statement given to the Portland Oregonlan carried the implication be was offered tbe Post only if he would support Eisenhow cr and claimed to have the documentary evidence which he would produce after the election Nov. 4. Spring Hill PTA Meets Tonight that resentment to bis wile candidate? By an inverse psychol. ogy would many female voters say well if she isn't smart enough to get a husband smarter than she is is she smart enough to run the country? it could be a problem you agree. What about tbe campaigns? Should the lady pandldatft take hep husband along? people cluck with, satisfaction \vhw they se« ao adoring wife sitting, behind the candidate. But whs* wpuW'thejr Wnk Q* a husband Bitting there while his wife does ail tfte work? What expression showlC while she proppunds the adoration, resnectfiji interest good hurnored many people Jfl be were back • keep silent or invite tho other can' dldato to step outside? Whistta'Stop tours would presen problems, The local welcoming committees couldn't give the can didflte's spouse roses. Should they give him new bowling shoes, 4 plug of tobacco or two tickets to an Elks smoker? And when the lady candidate (In iahpd her speech she would have to be careful in presenting ber mate to the crowd, She couldn' say, "und now T want you'to moo my Sammy." That possessive ton could kill tho male vote. What would be tho protocol fo riding in tho motorcades? Wpul« the candidate ride in the first, ca with the mayor and the candidate' husband ride In the •seeond^w And suppose tbo lady Is Annual Fan BureauPiaij —first gentleman & the land; Spring Hill Parent Teacher* ^rJwitW gociatlon in a recent session madel' V^TT y ; |or an annual"" " ~ nival and a memberjhjn drive cording to Mrs. Frank Smith. Toe group will meet tonight at 7 p. nv to complete plans. »t nights in H8». Booting two O^hir miners. He waf m eXTENOEP FORECAST LITTLE BOCJC I* ^ T tures in Arkansas witt average to 5 degrees below normal between today and Saturday nlgbj, tbe U.S. Weather Bureau said »Q en »4 forecast. Normal oiinlmuro tor thg given ai to to S* tewm jty. It wouM than would hf Ip he were a ShowWthe

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