Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 20, 1952 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1952
Page 15
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" -'I HOM it AH, HCM, A* K AM IAS ftj , October 00,19S2 Iitato for Salt "fSrV Ihooi^ nook, dining room, 0nd llvinjj rwn — towTlMni, »Umty of ct «U, vtneil*n blind*, all on ni ltr|« eoffitr tot with big f»r«*e, tenofd backyard — •» 800 Norlh Kim — vacnnt now — 1000 cnul WUl buy equity remainder )lkc fiht — a, r^sl bargain, 8<t« VJnwnf W. fo««, ItEAtTY CO, WWJ, Hom« Study Course »ciool ni nt* In upaftt time. Diploma ft clam*. Text* furnlfthed Writs for fr«* booklot, Amoricnr Hehool, 8905 Almbsinfl, Pur' 8mlth, Ark, Oil-lie tw..^-n>*v>i u.r.t ForSoU .,._„„ »«)! qaJwdy. JMnno, r«f rigor.- fltor, rnorVn Bulova wnlch, 8»r- for o«»h. lift W, Ave, F,, 4-K 3f AT: ho« wttiRhinff nbout 330 pou- Bnd 29 White gulnodfl. Artlnn , 0*»n, Arknntnu. 14-ot w.-w bail. Will «ell or trade fw milch «OW. W, A. AJford, IU. 3, HoiKi, 15-01 And Heifer colvc* o to 11 l»00 up, Frud Me- Arkunnun. SPORTS ROUNDUP By QAVLB TAUBOT. By OAVC6 TAUBOT NEW YORK, II l» 1*1 be hojwl ely ibftl the military will make up it* rntml once and for nil; i.toitt Mickey Mam:* when tin Hi-put yflimg b»»eb«ll player i« ex mrtliwl t«r the fourth time on Nut only moke up it* mind. bul,| If it n«nln find* the Oklahoma j fl««h u»t»ultablf tor service, nh-j notifies to thf nntlon In plitln Inn-; itmue thnt It dws not want Mickj <-y. now or ever, nnd explain why i it doe* not wish to smcfir in •'» yoi'nn man who in Uui chronic bone Hogs Term Texas Game Inevitable One FAYKTTKVIM..K (IF, ,ff the Texas affair as In fnlrncft* to thu ZO-yeur-old world Ht-rlOR htn>. thin ahould b«> hi« lust «'xntnlniitl<it<. After : two yei.i » of llvliiK urv i uf ncit knowih« how nuiny poison I lien lolti-rt the next mull will brins, Mnrkin; 1 ! 'that ln- ] onr" and trying to forget j :• A kiinsns Kii7orbacks today i readying thornsclves for re- I of thi' Tin- Ha/orbacks and the Rebels. | i( , iiavt! rtiul un tl>o gridirnti 15 tncH out hnven't plnyud each oth: nine-1/ HM7, will tangle in War irii.ornl Stadium at Little Rock niiirdiiy afternoon. "Wii'll rcully have to play fool- r.li to In-lit Olc Miss," Coach Otis Fumblitis Epidemic Hits Many Teams By WILL GRIMSLEY NEW YORK i*l — Hanging M,mlriy's football wash, and, for TOE-HOLD—Thl» was o common scene in Cblcngo when cl«- vnlor operator* itruck In 12.1 office buildings, forcing up to 000,000 persons cither to climb to their offices or tiny home from work. This victim, rubbing her aching foot, U Trudy Golden, who decided to take n rest nfter reaching the 35th floor of her building. „„. » .... ' 49ers on Top of Heap in __ Pro Ranks 18 ACRKS, 0 room holme. Lents I j»K\v YORK W ~ H nppenr» ihnn Mi mile Ot new Nevada Counj liuc-ly iho American Conference ty Oil Drilling, now «t 4700 foet. tW» of the Nutkmnl Kootbr.ll Buy before itho blows Chrnp »t i;\>c won't in- droldrd until the fliml 40,000. FaUo, P. O. Box 2!I7, wfctefi uf play, while, on the other PreitColt, Arkftniiaif, 1IKU tumd, DIP National dlvUlon rncc •~"«* -- - - * IM.H (Icvclupdl Into » ono-U'Uin For Rent HOOM unfurnlnlictl hmiKc at Mm 8, Hamilton .Street, Apply ut ft(W m-ot ,r hw h,r : = 1 HARD HAT. TOUCH LOOK- Presiclcnt Ilnrry S. Truman wore a fierce expression as he donned a hard-rock miner's hat, during his visit to the Hungry Horse Dam in Montana. The hat was n gift to the President, directed the « up i-flncss sakes, be careful — don't It drop: Everything seems to be rising hesc i\p.y*. except footballs, and >v<: wouldn't be surprised nfter Saturday's wavt of fumbles to sec a for non-skid pigskins. . There were 21 fumbles in the Notre Dame-Purdue game. Purdue, upset 20-14, was guilty of 11 of these and eight times let the bat! sqi'irt into Irish hands. A fumble, recovered by the Go! | phors on the Illinois 22, cost Illinois its 13-7 loss to Minnesota. Florida fumbled three times, ViindcrMlt twice in the first quarter of their game at Nashville, won by Vandcrbilt 2-13. Sports writers should have been eijuippud with tabulators at East Lansing, Mich., where Michigan State's Coach Biee Munn trotted a uniform. , M n • t Mrllii"! probably w'llV'br" n-ndy to AH vin know nbotit MnntUt s ;if.,'•" """• '..,_•'.. •'.... flit; I Ion IN whilt doctors hiivc told- „ . . M ,.,r n _ ii;bralen Ht'iieis, Mcllan, the twice-tied but un- who in! ABL to Take in Ousted Players "" I out 01 players in all. He had four offensive platoons and even la- bi-lerl his backflclds — the cr" backs, No. 1 "pony 1 'cruch backs, No. 2, and "pepper" backs, No. ; almost as hard keep Borton, Ohio , quarterback, who 17-31 Vftttt bath. Utilltlcft paid, Couplo No pets, 712 K, ntvJ- 17-at •'^tfritforntor. Private onlrniv H IS. Tj|ll'd Street. Plu>n« 10-at Browrm, ~ the Chlcnito Cimllmils nnd Mow York ClInnlH -"lire tied for the i'ii iiucllon loud with :|-I rec. And riitht behind are the 1'ltlliidelphla .KaKles and the Wash InwUm Hedsklns with 'J-I sloie» Only Un' wink'SH IMttsburKh Steel- t<n» nre hopc-lwssly out of contcn Ion, pulvcrlxintc Son Krnncisec rule tli« roont In the Nation il ctrnforcncit wilh a 4-0 record, '.\-(i gnnicii In arrears nre the Chi- Bears, Detroit I. ions urn Ilay Pat-kt'i 1 *, oach wiUi ofe triumphs 1^ (our / *|(i|t» chnmplon Loiii 4 At jttles Hnina a-3 nnd tho Oollm Tex«ns the lenguo'ii nowes entry, trull the pock, In yr^lerdny's net Ion, the unhoi ,uk«d CnvdiniUs eked out i» vlin ive younKster I" carry around. J'he nillltury, up to now, has want •d no purl of the Omit'las 'We've had one game like that Harl Bobachcr, president of the touchdown passes in win over Wash lef , ..,.h v,-ir I've boon at Arkansa" ' Elmira Colonels, said he expected! H was a great day for i:.u-h y«.ir l vc um-n at AiKansa,. , , , , _._ „,._,...' J( . r .'handers. . . Southpaw Lou (Littl liny. cotHtUi'itt over the previously- tithed CnlntH. Meanwhile ,tht UIWMS crushed the Bogles. •»!)•?. victories vnnblwi Cleveland mid ChicnKo to jump into the triple tie for first p)«eo with New York, Snn Frimelsco embellished Its suture with « resounding 40-10 sue- over the Beora while the Hun* souri nnd Auburn with dusperate, •fourth-quarter touchdown pusses. But SuUmiay'g swamping of a Mtwy team supposedly oiv its way » to jjrldiron glory after drift ,hU six years in the horse lati- in contention by Los Angclus, 3-t-lB. van tudes The Redskins nipped Pittsburgh, 88-81, in Ih« day's other game. On Saturday night Chrtwi Bay th«nip•d WiilUia, 2414. McKown Top Gainer in Conference anil 37-0 wins over Clemson and Oeprgla which preceded it, ThU was a rout of the team with tilt Hceoudbest defensive record in the notion. Seven players were ejected from the hooted, rlb-crnckinu battle — four Midshipmen und three Marylanders. But Tatum and Navy Conch ICddie EniehiU both attri buled this to hard, rather than dirty, playing. The victory m«nt, 111110 paid. 113 H. ROOM furnlshod upiirtmont. rMwtWAruWMnMMM^tn MMAvM Wanted 8TJ8JADY dopondnblo dish wnsher. ry US a week; olio t»u> cooks helper. Apply Monngor Core, D homtt for purl Pemlnn kit , 481 K. B«vvoy. KxperleiH'cd witUroag. $5 per uy pUm menU nnd tlpa, Apply DlHnwivd Cafe, tft-Lone Stttv, Day Strayed or Stolon Huund k with white spot*, Soltsman Wonted SALK8 TRAINKK coins' No. I in gajif«runce McKowu had. with W.8 0.1 M tfflj^yL »B» h«jj pushed tola tirst Ihere wug, it didn't hold him back • lliJll I lit V Ulttil I lltiVt I" Uiiiiii « ••• • •- -*•• * 'ri «•*••-•>•• j - ,,nil. time. Arkansas didn't get Jersey City has signed Alex j and Oregon never • came close Huskies oal-line . . .as Maryland and Navy Players Ejected Freely COLLEGE PARK, Md. MM -•• Miirylund and Navy went their j respective way« today, their Buns; Htlll Sinoklnu from Saturday's vie- loiis encounter, but their bitter ftiolbtill rivalry probably ended for niuny u year. Mary'und, victor in the 3.1-7 nn, svas happy svhllo It lusted. pleiisod were Terrapin sitp-j '8 with the manner in which Maryland manhandled the Mid shij;men. they begun comparing! Southwest Conference champion- thi* 1052 club with the fiibiilous! s |iip favorite today as a result of powerhouse of lust season. [happening of the week-end which Such u comparison would hiivr j saw - the Longshors smash Arkan- ItuiBhed off throe weifks n«o,; SI13 ,uul Texiis Christian drop in e. .scorlnR column until olljCrowi and Ralph Beard, formerly the Huskies goal-line . . .as the 1 of Kentucky, and Sherman White, ! K«me ended, a dog nonchalantly formerly of Long Island Univer strolled across Washington's dou- 1 v. as lost. That was when Murray 1 F.ltoti swept end for six yards. j llurring practice injuries this I wi-c-k, the Raxorbncks should be ! nt full strength for Mississippi. | The- 1'orki-r coach said preparn- ; in/us this week will include "more 1 roui;h work than we did last Texas Becomes Favorite in Southwest By The Associated Press Texas was projected as the just nfter Conch Jim Tutum's new | H H . standings as a result of a tie idltlou had barely Kotten Ity Mis- sily. Hobaclu-r said he understood bie-stripe, the first time Jersey City also has signed Gene; been disturbed all day. MLlchiorre, formerly of Bradley j University. All ot these four players have admitted they took bribes from ijamblers to fix point spreads in college Kames. it had YUGOSLAV REPORT LONDON (!?> — The Yugoslav Communist party's official paper, Clark Refuses to Reopen Talks "*TOKYO UP! —Gen. Marl~Clark today bluntly refused to reopen Korean armistice talks on Commu nisi terms. In a strongly worded message Momlay, Peroter 30,1*S2_ Stalin Program to Keep Reds Plenty Busy * By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON lift — The Communist parties outside Russia will be as busy as a dog chasing Us lull, under the program outlined for them by Stalin. kc said success for them lay in joining fronts at home and in defending the national rights and iii tercsts of their own countries. ' might ?cem like a new Stalin bu it wasn't. j He told the nonRussinn Communist parties they should continue importing Russia and Its polfcies ccause in doing so they were erving the best interests of their \vn parties. So nothing was really changed, t was just a shift back to the opular front idea of pre-World Vnr II days when Hitler had Stalin vorried nnd the Russians wanted^! o line up the rest of the world against Germany. Since the popular front Idea was dropped after the Iwar, its revival tow might be pretty good evidence .hat Stalin's hopes of what would i&ppcn after the war hac 1 been n.essed up a bit. Western Europe, wrecked by the war, must have looked cuicy. If it collapsed the local Communists might have been able to take ovt^, without a shot. In that way Staliff could have had it for free. But Western Europe got American help, formed 5n alliance with this country and did all right. In fact, it's talking of union. Western Germany did all right too. And Japan became an American ally. Stalin's a persistent character. It might still work out his way if he could break up the alliances and push the Western countries into going to war with one anotheij^ Maybe he could do it from within through the popular front idea, with the Communist parties in each country suddenly getting nationalistic and pretending to be thinking of their own country. Under that program, in each country the Communists can pro land great patriotism and work to encourage jealousies and antagonisms among the present allies to break them up. Borba, says the Soviets are begin-] he told the top Red commanders r.iiig to break up their international information web, the Cominform. One of the main reasons for the move, the paper said was the "complete failure" of the Comin- form's campaign against Yugosla- in Korea the U. N. Command will never agree to negotiate further on any proposal requiring forced repatriation of war presoners. The Communists Thursday sub m.Hted a plan for renewing the truce talks at Panmunjom. FOSTER IN JAPAN TOKYO (/P) — Touring Deputy Secretary of Defense William C. Foster conferred with Gen. Mark Clark, U. S. Far Eastern Com rnandcr, today. It is estimated that between 1940 and 1950 U. S. population increas ed 15 per cent and church member ship 34 per cent. ' even sweeter than 1!H-0 with low rated Texas A&M. A much better idea of the situation will come next Saturday, however, when Texas plays Hice at Houston in the top conference game of the week. Southern Methodist whipped Rice 21-14 last Saturday night to take its first conference and tie Texas for first place in the championship race. The was Maryland's fourth in H decisions with the Aiv nupolls crew nnd its third straight. R»y McKown Cbi'lsUan'i do everythli>« t<«?k cttri! of the total ol «ituat(on la»t woofe but he hi« Stouiftwcjit Conference load- ci chip in MoKowu ««mi>d ISB ysu'ds rxwh but only 43 pu$stn« Texan A & M. M««nwhllo T Jones. Uic T«xa» quarterback, was m»k- l«»j in the air — he threw lov yard* again*! ArH«n*9S mvA be- bul*e ot only over R«y Qr«vo* of U\« before SBUirdsy's guiuc, To day ha is ISO yard* ahead o/ Orsvos |)t the total otfena* de«J«rt- wtth The teams arc not scheduled for ltt£3, but Navy officluls have in qkated they arc not interested in resuming hospiUHles for some AL CODV REYEE Copyright, 1952, by At Cody. DlitrlbuUd by King Features Syndicate.. CHAPTER THIRTEEN THE NEXT couple of days convinced Rnwls that opposition would not be easy. This crew had been hand-picked and carefully planted, and that left Just three of them in opposition — Kathleen, Narcissus, Texas-Rice same will offer a com- j and himself. Kathleen hud told pr.rison between Texas and South j him of Narcissus' uncanny ability ern Methodist. to glimpse the future, though she Baylor, which must win all the) had refrained from explaining that remainder of its conference games) she ha<* known, via servants' gos- to have a chance at the title, plays sip, how he was being led into a Tcxns A&M at Waco Saturday, j trap, Some knowledge was better B.iylor lost to Arkansas week be ' kept secret, fore last. ) But Narcissus was unhelpful In Otherwise, the conference fioesj this particular situation. The fu- intersectiimul asain. Already in ar-' ture was black and troubled. Be- rears in games against outside I yond that she could not foresee tc;:ms, two conference representa-l with certainty, lives could almost draw the league' The Marina continued upriver, even if they won their games. under the competent direction of SoutKtrn Downs Henderson By HOWARD 0 RAVES Of Th* ArteolnUd Pr«it A battle tor second place between The College W the Quarks and Hvt\der&on State will feature a card of Arkansas lutorcol- Conference football games ttws we»H. Tho Reddles, who were turned tack SUW> by undefeated Southern Pit their record against th« Oiarks' ijtroe wUl hifttlUht Home fe«Uvi|i«s «t Henderson, Southern Stave, owners of league over Q»arks, Arkansas iMMl fl» I|**tte8, meet last Arkansas State Teachers at . Th« Bears dropped an Southern Methodist plays Kansas! Earnsha'.v, with Rawla increasing- at Dallas. Kansas lost its first ly called upon to act as pilot. Since the Marino belonged to Kathleen, he was Interested in keeping her afloat. It would be a simple matter to rip ner bottom out or smash her almost any hour, of the day. That would put a serious crimp in the plans of McQuestion, but it would ruin Kathleen and her brother. Worse, they would atill be cap. live to the infuriated crew, provided they escaped destruction when the boat went down. His first usefulness, aside from piloting, came at Council Bluffs. "There'll be an Inspection here by Army officers," Earnshaw explained. "And under some conditions, it's pretty stringent So It'll be better if you appear as captain in charge. There's little likelihood that newa of your misfortunes will of the season last week in to Oklahoma 42-20. It was Oklahoma that crushed Texas 4920. Arkansas meets undefeated but twice tied Mississippi at Little Hock. The Razorbacks certainly won't be favoried to trim Ole Miss. Texas Christian rests this week. Texas' smashing 44-7 triumph ovtr Arkansas made faces blanch ail the line Saturday. It was, a Texas team beginning to live uu to expectations that hud come after victories over Louisiana State •nd North Carolina but which were dimmed when the Longhorns werej bettten by Notre Dame and Qkla-i homa. Texas Christian showed little except Ray McKown, probably the 7-7 tie w.th a back in the league, in the uTviTekched thfs rebound- k Texas A&M team. McKown did so wjthow Aggies alone. »W'Ior had to come from behind: over i Lubbock j chUst S^urday ttrth a f|oui ' lsh to trium P h !SJ* ^«>'*d-"P 1 V3 ?«s Tech at Ly host Sautt*-!? 1 ^?:..^ 0 :..^^ earlier OujushlU who tied Little Rock, Junior CoU«f* W-W last Saturday in a of Ark«n- Southeast road gam*, «Th« Bott WetvUs everything but couldn't beat the" ..you're confident that I'll give i. u .^- »!„„„ i guch a ^y.go,,. Rawl s asked. "Completely certain, Captain Rawls. Personally, 1 should regret very much any inconvenience to Miss Garrison, particularly any al- case you are each more or less a hostage for the good behavior of | the other, i trust I make myself clear?" "Entirely so," Rawls agreed. "I'll do my part." Word of his disgrace had not reached Council Bluffs, which wdl- ly changing with the whims of the river, a pilot's nightmare. Sure knowledge of the channel one day was no guarantee of safety twenty-tour hours later. Waters deep and placid one day might be a trap on the next. Rounding one of these horseshoe bends, they came upon the Astritl. She was anchored in a slow-stirring backwater not far from the cast shore, A noary bluff rosc\ above, wooded with tall cottonwoods which shaded the decks jf the motionless packet. A stone's luri.w away a second packet was similarly at anchor, both boats seeming to drowse In the early afternoon sun. Bawls made out the name on the second boat, Pride of Kansas. Passengers as well as crew were grouped on her decks, watching the arrival of the VaHtta with a mounting excitement. "Now what's going on?" Earnshaw wondered aloud. "There must be trouble." That was a safe guess, and once the farina was within shouting distance, It was soon explained. Captain Bryan Dudley, a big man with a foghorn voice, bellowed at them. "Indians!" he said. "Renegades! At least, they must be led by a renegade. They've got hold of a cannon, somewhere or other. Got It set up on the bank at the Devil's Spin, a couple of miles upriver. Vou know the place, Rawls. Bad enough under any conditions, and I've never seen it worse, the water's a millrace now. It takes careful going to get past without being caught In the Spin and smashed against the rocks. No choice of a channel, Which brings a boat under point-blank range of that cannon for five minutes. I tried to run it twc days ago. They almost sunk me. All that saved us was the speed of the current, which carried us bac* downstream out of the range before they could finish me oft Beep making repairs since and trying to figure out what to da* The 4«jM4 bad been there for a guns and a boat Is &«$ A&M, will resume action in a with Northeast Center at Arkansas State plays Lewis Colot l^tekj^Mii 111-, at Jone$~ and Tyter. T»x- JC invade* Uttle Rock tor « clasl» with Uttlv JC in otfew Arkansas College Texas SMU TC'tf Arkansas W I- 9 01000 t i m M* i'.'j.-i Baylor All O*m«s Tesas W L T Pet 1 0 0 l.OOOj 1 0 0 l.QOOi 1 0 1 .750; 1 S 0 0 I 0 0 1 0 .000 «*• **>• .000 Ttxas A&M W L T 330 2*0 8 3 1 > I 1 t $ 0 1 S ft 3 I 0 Pet -SCO still ahead, had been discreet. As Eamshaw hail prophesied, his word aa captain made the inspection cursory, Meanwhile, each day brought them closer to a rende*- voua with destiny. There would be further Inapec- ***** ** ****"* *** -900 .DM ai»u| 4»y «B4'f «!«*». „ the prospect The c*iu»on WM big enough that ona well-placed shot could sink § fetftjt, »nd « wa» apparent from pudleya w^trieiice that it was operated by a competent gunner. With th« arrival of tb« rwiM, a conference of captains, srw caUaj. Marie Wbirter and LQ«M Me- I^ITflEI^ WJTOM to ^W along with Dudley, Barn- befora loey set foot on <*eck. common welfare." Rawls made no promises, but he recognizco the force of the ment. Whirter hid a scowl as he set foot on board, but Lomax McQuestion advanced with outstretched hand and booming voice. "Well, well, Denny, it's goodj to see you again!" he said. "Sure and It there's one man who knows ttiia country and what to do In;; it, you're the one! And that's what we all have need of now!" "That's true," Dudley agreed. "It's a devil of a mess, and so far, we've been able to find no way' out. There's a hundred painted devils on the shore if there's one, caperln' and wavin' tomahawks, and If crippled, they'll swarm aboard." "And the weather's on their side," McQuestion added gloomily. "It'll be a full week, barring stormy night, before it'll be a dark- enough night to sneak past without being sank." "A week's delay now can meant low water farther up, so that It's risky business whether we'd make Benton at all." Whirter added. "Aye," Dudley agreed drily. "But who's fool enough to try and take a boat past that cannon on night so dark they can't see it? Not me, In these waters. It's bad enough by daylight." The others looked questionlngly at Rawld, but he shook his head. "Captain Dudley's right. When they can't see, neither can we. would be suicide to try." "Which seems to leave us back Where we were," Dudley added. "With the devil on one side and hell on the other." Lomax McQuestion tugged at hi* chin. "It sounds bad," he admitted. "But if we stay here, It's ruin for All of us. It was bad for one boat, and risky for two, But now there are three.. And we've the best pilot on the river to guide us. I propoaa that we do what we have tc spend the afternoon laying In fresh supply of wood, then three boats run the gauntlet to* getber, tonight. At least A eouptt Of us ought to get through, mftyfiw uneasy at all three without too much dftnv < age. And then the others can as much, help as possible. »nd it was ap- "I'm for that," Dudley ifa Hobson's choice since you've been a already, we'll give you a break as possible," Me added smoothly. "Captain \jrtll ttftve to go first Fwfeo, because he l._ n river. We'll follow with U» and yw come third ia to command. Rawla," said- -But yWU pajftt it th» Pr«8. After all/- he forestall possible HOP I STAR, MOPt, ARKANSAS By Chick Y0un0 OXARK IKI I GET UP--THP TELU THE MAM WE'LL THINK ( PAYMENTS DON'T OHBOY RETIRE/ STAPT TWENTY-FIVE VEAPS MOW, WITH THIS OUT OUR WAY By j. R. WHHomi Iv MleM O'MalUy ort4 Hal ' Answer to Previous Puzzle TWIft UlTTUfc J NOW DOM7 6BT <jfANt? HO/ WHO'S THBKB? NO,THIS ie WO HUDDLE.' BACKFlELD MEM I OM A SITDOWW TILL ALL. WOMEM GITS* Town Topics N8ATANPCANPY ' JUSTTRVIN'TO KBBP* BOtTVANl? HORIZONTAL 60 Russian ruler Worth, 61 Lampreys • Texas VERTICAL 5 Salt City, i Bitter hostility Utah 2 Heraldic band 9 Town with a 3 Ceremony .« health resort 4 p er iodsof ,12 Big town in o ffl ce Pennsylvania 5 Hawaiian 13 Pen name of wreath 25 Prayer ending 43 Heron wmoN»-rwou*w> Charles Lamb g French region 26 New Jersey 45 - Jaw, Church seat 7 Small cats town town in 15 Extremists 8 Comforts 28 Dried Canada 17 Exist 9 Periodical 30 Castor and 46 Vegetables 18 Considers 10 Persian el£ Pollyx' mother47 Theater seat 19 Absence of 11 Intimidates 31 Paradise 48 Devours germs 16 Reach toward 33 Pole-flattened 50 Nathan's 21 Special (ab.) 20 Town in ellipsoid nickname 1 23 Boy's Kentucky 35 Town in NorthSl Sacred image nickname 22 Dropsy Carolina 52 Vipers 24 Cured pork 24 In this place 40 Town in Ohio 55 Household god 27 Roman date 29 Part in play ,C,1B,. 1MJ hr NIA S r,i,,«. I,-,,'. T. M. f!.^. U. 0. P»l. Olt. / ^ By Leslie 1U WASH TUBRS VOU fv.B, EASY, 1 M\ (is CU7S6 FRIEND OP S, rue REMOWMBD POrfENTIVTfc W>!0 FA&VU.OU5UV WEM.THV WINE OWMER PR1CBLE5I5 JBWEL, THB ANTAR UBV, W^S TO H/KVIB 8EBW THB Cm? ATTRITION AT AM INOIAM GOOD Wll TRM366 SHOW TO 8B HElD IW VMO.SHIN6TON 32 One who migrates 34 Ran together THE: WORRY WART <„.„,,.,„„, 36 Save 37 Live 38 Inner (prefix) 39 So be it! 41 Container With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE _ * 42 Tell a falsehood 44 Esau 40 Promised 49 Ancient Greek colony \NEIL, EF -THAT AlfVT <2L& ^ MI6TAH -^Ul?. UI66PLF/-~- JzZ%\ && ' HIM FOR tVP& O& LARCENY-*-"OLE MAJOR 15 MAt>DER'M PLYOM A £T£ MANi O" WAR.' My Cdgor Mart 53 Goddess of the BOuiS AND HER BUDOIfS transportation between towns 56 Time of life 57 Volcano in ' Sicily 58 Upon 59 Gender By Dick Turner CARNIVAL ltl, InM. t& U- 1. K«t OK. ' ' EVE JA'SON 1"H£ BUGS BUNNY C?AON, Ei.,'.\EK / IP' GONNfN P>KIVE VA T'TH' By Hershbergcr FUNNY BUSINESS • '••'£!&.T!M£?*-J&£ ALtEY OOP AWRISHT.WEHAl) ABOUT ENOUGH.., NOW EITHER VPU UAVOFFORI'U. I'M SORRY YOUR FRi'cND \AND YOU'VE NO RIGHT CAUGHT FIRE AN' BURNED \ GOING APOUNO SPOUT- UP,.. BUT NOBODY MN2E / INS 9PA?S? UKG A OFSTRAWkGOTAW j( BURNINli i BUSINESS WALWN' J^\^ VOJ MW..>r.~.r.. , AROUND l-ESS'N f ... ^*~. ,fisL "Good afternoon, sir! I was just passing, saw your T Aerial and thought you might be interested 'in *•<—•—!" .SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith "This one does everything backwards!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosier CHRIS '••••'<• I. K»N. PUtnoreoi SOME TVviftp SEASON .' We EAT OUR. Fiu,, THEN REPAY w PUU- PUWNS / GOTTA SIUUY PRIWTS5ASON/ / UX)PHOl£ y SOM6WHCRE

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