Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 21, 1894 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 21, 1894
Page 7
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Hi; «'i |s ii very iMii'-i.'ii'Mtiiiii-i i!i::ii \vho n'wny-, Miiili'il wlu'ii his i-iniiliiyi'iMiiailc n jokr, ;iiiil at all.itln'r liiiu-s wlirii iirujirii'ty iK'inaiiili-il i: uf liim. Anil .<n hy Miiilvil as lie .-.siiil: ' "My \\ ifi-'.- oniiiinu' licuni- lu'-vt S.'itur- ilav. Su|ipusi' I'll ii a vi: to buy SOMH- .-I'riibbiii.';- soniiaiiil M'o it' 1 '•:"! I'"' 1 "'.v k:U:!li-ll floor. lii^n Ui-upiiW ilons.- iildin 1 , yon l:iiu\v, iin.l sort o' lotting things- aiTiimnkitr." Tin- tyii.'writor ffirl \v;is pnli*liin;, r a I'l-rtain p,.rtiiiii o; till- inariiiri.-. Slu- iii-vi-r '.vasli'ii liiuc on any olhor part of opening- tin: two bottles and serving- tlic eontonts, but, as the fluid hncl bc<-n purcliasc-d in llnivosiiiul, tlii-ro was nc uvcr-iiiiliiltrclioi!. Tin 1 ! ffirls assisted Mr. Hay In suttinn forth bis mmlost provision of i-rfivshinuiit, and i!u-.v inana;-i'il to utilize all tho <!isiu':> in tliu iioiisi'. '1'JH'i-o \i-us iljuifiiif,' )n;/(.>ri; anil at'ti'i" Ili<: supper, ami evci'.vbo.ly ha.l a. x'iiirious time, inclmliuj-r Ml', llnv.wliohailnot, pariie'pali'd in any sac!', revelry since I.S7."i. iMr.ally, i)!ie oi the jrirls disiiovereil that it was after tu-e'vi- o'elnek, and she eoliinnniiea.Led this i r.i.el i i;;'enei- to the otliers. '.I'lien there \vi;> a hnrrieil j leave taki!!';'. an.', afier il. wa - all over, i^lr. ll:iys:n:!i into a el'.air and !,'a/e.l j iibiiut, lihli i!]ion a seeiiu of \v:M dis- I order. | On II/N H'ny to the oflier jie.vl iin'm- | iii^, hi: li'l't \vurj ;it ber house. Sli..- j vas not in, but one of hrr e.liildr-.-li ; n;iiil thiilslie \vouldconie hael; :;i a li> , tie \vhile. "He sure to tell her what I want done." said Mr. Hay. "This ; b I'riilay. anil the house must bee'.eiined, for my \\ p i i'r's coaling to-iiK\rru\\'. n ! liieant t<T uo u; mil jcs pun .MTSCII together. Mo fricii' Swipes 'II lix this [ nil i'i;;-hL He's, boon :i detective ill Coi ney jshnil, :in' (iis kind </ fiiiy v;is Ins spei_ l! ;-.!ly." I I :i!ii happy to say, in eom-liision, that 1 ;i satisfactory expla na'.ii n\ has been made to Airs'. ll;iv. but H"t V '•'"•' l ' x' Hu\V.\lin l ; IV:i.l'I-NO. \ GARDEN CONVENIENCE. U.-Ki-rliHioii (if it Mi;iil.v Slii-il fur l>lcry anil Sl,r:iivl>l'rrl<.-s, Ann'.licr ri.nviMiienci.' whi.;l: the ama- tdir is better ;il ile In ii'.ivi.' than thi" market ;.'.•! :-dener is a. .sl;:niy .shi'il for his eeiery ami strawberry beds. The FJOI-. iila. ";>i:ie:ip;.ile shed" sr.;.';f;rM'-u to me the ii'.tTi of "ailap'Jp.;.;' ibis prim-ipli 1 to celery ;TIHV in L;. In "Celery fur 1'roiit," written by ma in is'.!::, 1 illustrated and ik'S.Tib.'d ;i shed whirh I thought would in: just ri[;'lit for celery, either in ihe Irnu! in- ir.arK-el. (,'ardeii. It- is n simpi' 1 iilTiiir, eon-.iMiiu; fif posts set (irmly inlo the (found i:i rows oijrlil or nine feet apart i.".u:li way, and at Icu.it .six foci, above fti'ouial. with poles or i-ranl.iin,"* :n-:-ns.s mi 1 np, and la tijs or l.riish fastened over these to K-ivi: a he.ilthy M'.i.vinn: "f lif-'b: "-^d sihnd'. 1 . Kvei'^Teeu brush, as sh.i-.vn in aeeom- panviiv,' illr.s,lral.ion, ni!;;-'.it be used to (.-noil advantage fin 1 the iMVi::-in;j, but mr.s'. be put mi ralli-.-r llnr.ly to avoid ovei'shai'lin;,'. It seems to mo that a sliaii*- shcil of (his kind miifht. wel! be 4is ^^ji^ ^^x^l^^^^ 5 - '^%%j?^® jus 13 T T T Jr 1 Ju Li far llio iMirc nf nil i!I»onli>rs ol 1 HIP STOtl- Atll, I.IVKR, IIOV.'KI.S, KIDNKYS, HI.AIll'Kl:, NKHVOIS DIM-:ASKS, IIKAUACIIK, (ONNTIS-A- l'l(l> C()ST1VK.\KSS, IMlK.h'S'l'Kl.V, KVSJ'f.'l 1 IA, mUOl'SJiKSS, KKVKi:, IXKI.A31)lVn«N OK TIIK ildiVKI.S. I'll.KS, unil nil (irfuiim- nii'nt-. ill 1 (IIP lutcrnnl Vi.-rfrn. Turi'l)- YPCTttililo olitlliiiiiiK '"' nitrriiry, tnlniTulii or liKI.KTK- KHII'S I)!U.'(IS. Price '^. cents ("Tliox. Uolii by all H.\:AV.VY & CO,'-V Warren St., N. Y. rf mid ash tor BADWAV3. Catarrh ^^ A wn AND COLD BN THE HEAD relicied inslanlly by one application 01 Birne^'s Catarrh Powder The c.hilil promised, ami -Mr. Hay lhat instrument but this on., little bit went to the scene, of his daily tod. ,,f bri.-lit metal whieh the tho'.i-hU'u! I When tin- t'iris a.'rived. they we.v en- had put 'just, where 'twould j tUuMaslii; about '.he. splendid time t.ie/ relleet a -I ray baiur- ••Voiir wife's coming honieV flail you iiiust be!' ••i'il iel! vou what we (iu;.'lit '.« '.o.' .said the irirl who never does a::y 1'' h:', r at all. and is always the busiest inn' in thi-oi'.iee. "We ouj.'ht to (To up to Mr. !(ay's Imii-e, and put it in nr-li-.- for hii:'i. Then \vlie:i his wife eoines home she'll sav that he's the • best housekeeper in the world." "That isn't a bad idea." said the, travelin;;- man. "Wiat do you say. old Double-windows? Will you invite us aM •up to your house 1 ,' If you will w.-'ll lirinf: 'aloiv: a fiddler, and ;rive you a fine old racket-to console you f..r the sad evrnt of Saturday." I - ilKV. KATi.r.u fr..^,:.:. .—'.V I" 1!'" '«• '- 1 v ' lll: '""' ^y I ' l '' .loi. ^1 rr. PHIL SIZE liottln 'if powder mid blo'v ir CO.nPLETE,!.«^««'. Sold «>cry«b«ro by druKulsts or dlrett lijr us. Sold br B. *'. Keesl'.ng and J. L. Hanson. Lo- gan.nport. Intl. A GENTS miiKMjuo i dai. <irwiti«t kltchun utensil over liiveiitwil. Hetallsi HJC- a to (1 •old in nvery house. Sample, posUme nald nve JJJnts. KoRHflKK & McMAMN, Ciiiclmmttl, O. H OW TO SPECULATE . stocks anil Rraln. i.lttlo l*"k U-l. IIK al mliKl fr^n to any ndi)rwi.H. ^orlh«p«t- Ex., Rlnlto Buildlnit.. Chicago. NY~~LADY, wlsblnt; to make $20 per *(»!< oulotlr at ber own homo, Hi»ln-s» with •tumped envelop*. Miss Lbcllo B. Lwui, .lollot, 111 Tbls otter l» bonalldo. and It will pay you to InVMUgale If joo win spitre onlj tvro hours a d^iy. M EN to take ortlrrs In «vory town and city; no delivering KOOil wii K e« froinstiirt; imy weekli; no CHpltal requln-d; work ?fmr round. ^'M.« "Kf. P (iUBN BltOy.. Koche-stor. 1>. Y. O>7t All AWKEK paid to Imlle.i Kinl gents t3>(O.U" to still Hie Rapid Klsh Wunher. Wfislips and dries them In two inlnutos without wetting the hands. No nxiiprlsnce nec«»siai f, sells WANTED SALESMEN & »" HUB of NURSERY STOCK and SKK I) HO 1 to sell CUOI<!0 linn of NURSERY STOCK and SKKD HOTA- TOE3. LIBK-tAL SALAKY or COMMISSION PAlIT WKKKLY. PKKMANANT mid PAVINU losiTiONSto<;oon MK.V SPKCIAI, INDVCE- MIENT8 TO HKKINNKBd. KXCI.U.SIVK TEK- KITOBY H1VKN IK DES1KED. Write ut once for ten«« to The Hawks Nursery Co,, Rochesier, N. Y. ANTAL-MiDY ThoaelinjCaptalc* MD superior Ito BaUam of Copaiba, 1 Cubob* M<1 InjocUona. euro lii 48 hours tho |Mmo dlaooscs wlthoot jw oco, MlOWTALLCIii Tin' boolf-kerpi-r, win., is the I husbands, did not dri;:n to 710: n-i- t .1 .travelin-.!- snai-.'s badinrc.'i': but i h housi-rk-anini,' idea appenh'il t.i l:ii stroii^'lv. "e '- v;ls n-ally IO-.M-.U thisovi'dcmv i-f 111'' cstrcm in \ !ic wa:- la'lil by his associates, . "Thfii if you'll i-onic Thursday i-ven- j ,„„, o f in-r." said Mr. Hay, "I'l-n sun- you'll !„> very wi'lromi'.' 1 All the yotuiK 1 men and women connected with the ciliicc were iin'i_l:'d. After somr discussion it was decided to includi- the head olliee boy. a ymith of scviTU-i-ii. with pronoiniced sport- in;:' prorlivitics. had hnil on the previous oven in;:. The youn;,' nivn simply laii^hud a::d winl;i-d in -.OK! anothrr. Tl:ey iv^arird it as a lirstrate jolcc on Mr. Hay. who. despite his many virtues, was not a favor!Ii 1 , on iK-i-o'.'int of his hubit of rai-i'fully Tiotiiuf tin-aaiouiit of small advance* during the wi-ek and ivnu-a:''i i-i:-.;< them .111 pav day. About I'h-v.-n/i'rlocl; in tin 1 forenoon a ra^i,'.."! and 'frrckh'd you ulster in- q-.iired J'r.rMr. IIay. When the booi;- keeper saw him his hair bewail tn stir at tin 1 roots, (l. \vas the w;ishi'ru'o:n- aii's boy. ••Wel'l. sonny, what is if.'" he ask-ed. she oouldn'l ;r'o to your h.'ii •!• to-i'.ay. 'cause she's ;,-rit a pain ill her ba.-k: an' ship's v.'r\- sm-!-y. an' so's Hi'! J.iddvT, 'oanse hi' ain't v,-ork::i' no\v. an' hu needs di- mi,;i." llavin^r shot o!" this mi!.—.a;.ri' in oni 1 '. v oroalh. the buy vaiii-.bed. This si rnek Mr. IliiV as bein"; very lonrh. bill I.e bore it with thai. pnt.leJici' M'liich v.'as M'-sl points of h:s i*.har;'.e- in the :i ft eviioni!. when (.he strrnli- wonieli beifan their labors in Ihe bi'.' buiiiliii;,'. Mr. Hay cn;r:i;:eil o;:e of '.hem for the sum of two dollars—hah' df which was exacted in advance-to come over to his house lhal evenin;.- alid set it in on'.er. When be returned to tfienlliro !it.- was j;ji't by Die senior ', ard. •». Ahn-.sl anything will lln |0|- posts. J ," lhl'.V hay \:> I If! l!Ut pun>o.-e!v i:i '.In 1 , \vo-.nl, I wo-.ihl seleet, if pov.iblr, NiiHi, v.-ith a erot.-h or ; : - proclivities. _ to t/ie ullii-o i/r was ; ••He's a iiorrid little tmifrli." said thi; I parttHT. who said: tvpewriter-iH, "but he's awful sti-ony, ' •'ileiv'.s a tdefram which came this •ind 1 "'iiess'we can make him do most morn:::!.:. Hartley put it oil my desk, of thiMvork." 'it's addressed to you. 1 meant to ;.riv,- The bookkeeper succeeded in c.'ett hi;,' it, to yon before, but it slipped,my awav cariv Thursday afternoon. amT' mind." h lade several ;mr- I "KxpeiH me l-'riday. iMecl. me for the i.-ritcrtainmerit of bis :it, Crand Central, if possible." prospee'.ive (,'Uests. lie , . ••|iv .Inpiler!" exclaimed Hay, turn- q'uee'r 'little two-story ho-ise it) llrook- in? pale; •'she's at home by this time. Ivn. It had never looked meaner to ; I'm ruined." liim than on this occasion. When he j . At this moment there was a disturb- him than on tins occasion. iiin:n m; - - , e te-cd he was realiy shocked to ance at the door. A woman o, ample i nit! t .. | . _.i»i.l»,i/l in \\ i'i» t n i-;il >>- observe'the fearful results of his own i dimensions rushed in. housekel-ping (luring the past three • found weeks, lie bad not realized the coi\- dLVion of things before that inoiiient. "I c-tin't let them see the place in this condition." said be. "IVrhaps 1 could •••et a woman to come in for a oouplo of hours, and straighten up a bit." A silver dollar persnaik-d his washerwoman to undertake the task. She did very well with it, and by seven o'clock the house was in very fair 1 order. ]fy eiffht o'clock the Riiusts bejjnn to perfectly keeper. Hut privately they commented very unfavorably upon the quality Oi the "furniture, and such portions of Mrs. Hay's attire as .she had not taken with her upon her visit. Uarni-y, the ofii<:e-boy-in-chief, eume last, lli 1 was accompanied by n yonnff man with short hair, and a nose slight- \\'rath sin uinded her like a lurid atmosphere. ••David Uay," said sho, "I should like to hear you explain this!" And S!H: threw down u dainty white handkerchief on Hay's desk. "My dear," ho bcynn; but the ffir) who simply puttors around interrupted him. "Why, Millie!" she cried, addressing the typewriter {,'irl, "that's yours!" "Oh, it's yours, is it?" exclaimed Mrs, Hay. "Then perhaps these arc yours, too. Goodness kn6ws they're too big • of lady's Hy eiffhtoclocic me ffiiusi.*"^"" l " „ arrive. The pirls immediately made a *>bu minc.^ ^ ^.^ ^ ^.^ .survey of the premises, and they com- rubl)erN " on l!liy - s ] e ,ip:er. plimeiited Mr. Hay hiffhly. Iheysaul .^^ indpudt " , sa id the U that he was a perfectly lovuly house- ...,,„,,. .,„. .Jessie's. She , . typewriter girl; "those are .Jessie's. She wears a number live.' 1 . She had taken the nrticlos from a- hand-bag as she named them, and, at the last words, she Hashed up the two bottles which had been contributed by the gentleman from lirnvescnd. "And now, David Ha\V she con, tinued, "1 have but one word more; ly inclined to one side, a» the. result of all is at an end between us!" V^^iifri'll. '" * • ' " ' ' , ' Swipscy. old boy, dis gentleman is Mr. Hay, our bookkeeper, an' dn fines' ink- slinger in de business." "Glad ter meet yer, Mr. Uay," said the retired detective. "Any friend o' Barney's is my friend, an'that goes, see? 1 brought » little somethin' ter make the occasion more joyous." At these words he pulled u bottle out of each of the side pockets of his overcoat, und set them down with considerable violence on the center table in Mr. Hay's parlor. The traveling man insisted . upon house." "Clean house!" echoed Mrs. Hay, and she laughed liystericli.lly. "Well, if you'd go over and clean it once more the board of health would send you to jail. And it's where you belong, every 0n \Vith' Y t'his shot, she made her exit. For u full minute nobody spoke. Hay was ir. a trance. The girls were trying to think of something mean enough. Finally Barney broke the silence. "Suy Haysey, old boy," he said, -we've done yer dirt, an' we neve.r Is the best remedy for all complaints peculiar to v/oincn. A MEDICAL BOOK worth DOILAHS. sen', i'or 10 ccaW In Scaled Envelope. tl TIT lUittlc »t D GOc, Tri:d Siy.c m-nt hy mall. Li'tvrs i'nr nilvicc Mnrk«5 "CoiwiItiiiK li.'iiiirtjin'iii," are soni Ly our p!::.-iri;a.s ouly. ro,'./'/;n?fl A-.T>/C-'^£ oo,. USED BOTH IHTEBMALLY AND EXTERNALLY. ppiiQ Hpfiinrrna^p^ : SjiLJfel^ aKOSiS'j! 3 t!M4«i, Ui3a SHADY :-\IL:I roll i:::;.i-:::v AND sTr..'.V7- r.l'.KUlKS. branch; thus providing :i:iti:r:'.l rests for the erfihs poles or seant.lin^.s. A ilM/.on posts wi',', be eiio-.ijfii for :i shed cov'crhii: a bed neariy two roils square, and privintf space for e';,'!a hundred or more p'.ant.s o{ celery when Lfvo-.vn by tili; ncv.- metlio;!. The Minnesota experiment station h;is found such a screen shed rjuite satisfactory for shading st raw be fries. Thi: plants were mostly of ihe I'arkcr JOark'. variotv. The plants -.i:idor thu screen matured all the fruit, v.-hilc no t!iose not t:ius shaded many berries were suji sea'ulcd- and many others failed to'i-ipen. 1 n l!:e first, ease a full crop wasscnircd; in the second perhaps one-half. The station also puiiits to tin- factjthat ;,'euerally ihe ho'.t fr-.tit, at-.d certainly the li-si lali: fruit of strawbe.-ries in tae wild :tat.e. is found in l.iealioas s.imcwital p/oieeted :: shaded, and that in ^.\^ places the '', ilb'-e i-, seldom aiVe-.'lei: with fnnjfous ('li-ea.-es. IJhL'lit h;'.s becn-.li: 1 ail-powerful loo widei": ;i;-.s:.oo;'l.e:l snatch.-.; the well- cani.-.i success wil'.i c.;fly celery away ,,.,,,;, e.s in recent, years wlv.-n we tli.ni;:!it. we v.'ere sure of it. This year w.- :.'h;:ll K--.I t.ho vir;'.ie-of vlie Mia.ly :,';,eil, eoinbilK'd \viiil sil i)-ilTi;.'.:l-i : .o;j, ill l.:e hoii:: that the eor.uOnalioll wi'.l prove a'-.'.anaeea for all il'.e ills thai tho ee!'';".' en;p is hei: 1 Iff, —t 'or. A jJicrJCaJJ (.lai'ik'iiin^. ORCHARD AND GARDEN. .N"i-:v!-:i: prune grapes when the':ronnd is ;'lM/.en. T;jji best crops of strawberries arc jrrown wivh cke.n culture. THE peach tree is a very rapid grower if planted in a very rich ssiiil. Wiii.r. aiulehed trees v»iK ;iot start to ;rrow quite so early in the spring. MANL.'iii; from the hu<* pen is one nf thu best that can bo used on peach trees. CULTIVATION of all young- trees, at least for some years after planting:, is a necessary condition of their inakinjr a vigorous growth. As A r»legraftin£f improves tftcstock, for the Hci'ous sucoussfnlly insertpil dc velop their own leaves, bark, wood, blossoms and I'ruit. WITJI tin: tomato early sowing of the seed is important; also i'requi-nt trans- p^ntirip, so as to .secure vifffirons, stoclty plants for sotting out in the open air. OXK mistake often made in the garden is piautiujf in too close anil in too short rows so that all tho work must be done by hand rather than with the cultivator. Is pruning trees of all kinds it is betr ter to have one strong branch or limb tliaii two or three weak ones. Keep the heads low and let the sun's rays all through the tree. Mows t-.-ees die from nefi-lect than from any other one cause. One thintf that is oi'teu overlooked is inulchinf? or keepiiiC the soil stirred so as to retain moisture near the surface.—St Louis llepublie. flio Kitchen OnrdDn, Dr. Hexamer advocates the kitchen garden as the adjunct of the farm, and says if properly eared for it will prove tin; most profitable acre on it. lie suys $!j per acre is good average for field crops, but how much more the corner set apart for vegetables and fruits for the family table will return. Take an acre of your best land and de- vote'it to the garden purposes; plan the plant!"!,' so that the horse and cultivator can be made to do most of the work, and then hire :i man just to take care of tho fraivlon. Those of its products that are used in the family will more than pay his wages: any surplus can be sold und be turned to a clear profit, while fully two-thirds of the man's time ean be devoted to general farm work, thus giving- extra labor Inv^EuatJe for Catarrh,, NeuraSgia,, FMes, Ghslblains, Sor Throat, ^nfla^sd Eyes ; Toothache, Earache, Wounds, Bums, Scalds, OM Sores, Grip 9 C : o^ds, Hoarseness, 'Bruises, FernaEe Oomplairits, Etc. SOLD OWLY EM BOTTLES WITH 13UFF WRAPPERS Fac-slir.llo of boillc (enclosed In Bu-T W.-.ippcr' 1 . TESTIiVIO N ' ALS ' ' "" vf '•"•" kn < vn , il ,i:i,i; 1'ili's- ;iiMl: i^.^jt.., ,n ;;;i loriu^ l.^c.i! a:id ll:r;>;:t. Trk'd IHOSL t-vcry N'cw Vork t_'i;y. ff-^. .'• '• >': ! ft r-< -" It .iritlilre !*.-.«• ^ C '~^. j j Sore Eyes. i^gs. 1 J i ' '} ; -x —"T PTronni^- rrf J ^r**%i8& < - '"'\' I 2Hn£*11GC:^. rn-.ini.-ncl l ; o:-.,.-5 ^^fSVK^.iSf•;':!, «-<Cl11 * ^Z l %r£}*y • Jixiniri l<i.-;.-iii:c. uH.^Kl'1! DONOVAX,'x t Y:"^t*rc C.^" 1 ' C *l ;i; l };-•• -T,—**uai;iiuu«*>' "~f ^\ 'J Sii FaafsraicTpo,tfK* * ' 1 '-* (LIMKHl) rrovou'very bi-ni-ri-i;;.-"— I-' 1 '' bl. Sis- TERS OF THE I'OOi;, New Vuvk Ci:y. burnrf.ar.il icsi thp u-.o •: i hr.urs.'"-^Mis. A SHER.VAX, Ntw \'m\i Hemorrhages. — ••.Am troubled ivii!: Htir,nrr;;.-.Cf'.' '"''i'-" limes, nivl (!nj PI>:-I]'S K.vlr.,v:l :lic_.iiil4- \V.'WARNER.'sf.-r.i".;c'n, I'.l.'" Till'11,-n. 1OHNT. 5!>F.NTF ; R. l.nc- Srcr.-- Send for our Book (mailed free}. If will tell you ail about it. USE HO PREPARATION but THE GENUINE with OUR DIRECTIONS, JIASUFACTfKKD ONLY 1!Y EXTRACT COMPANY, 76 Fifth Avenue, New Ysrk. UOOD'S AND ONLY • I Hood'i Sarsaparilla is the medicine for you. Because, it is the, best HOOD'S CMVEt WILLIAM I. BUCHANAN. Aviiuintcil Minister to Hi.' .trfrriiliiio Ro- mililit liy 3)r. Cli-vrlaiul, lion. \Villi;iin I. Jiiicliiinnn. \\-liolins so ably c:imyil thrnufr'i ' 1]1 -' iK-pni-l.- liii-nt of ;i|.Ti'icnHm-c ;il tho worlil's f:iir, \vliioliinchiiloil licit only \vli;it relates to crops anil agricultural •.nauliinory, but also all tlnit pertaii!.- to Jiv. 1 stock, inclnilintr '-ho dairy cow Jiml ilairy prndiiots, IKIS jn.st boon ;ipiiointeil by rri.'sidi'iit Clovuland to the liononible position of minister from tho United States to the Ar^ontino Kcpnblie, Soutli America. A soldier of thi- late war, Maj. IliK'hanan needs nothing wo can say to do him honor. His name lias become linown tile world over in his maK-nirieent record as chief of one of Hie most nnportantdopartmeuts of the Columbian exposition, and who bronpht to tliiN work a consistent record in the years past as a broad-minded man, business like, energetic, and one capable of leading and wielding intelligent men. The salary of the office is ten thousand dollars a year, and the legation at Buenos Ayres has a secretary at fifteen hundred dollars. W J. Uu- in!>"'.'>fi; agricultural shows, or \vliat inti'llijctiial I'linnection there is bo- tween the two eallintrs. lie has never r.\p!.-;. : !ie.J. Ho ivrjit to Sioi:.\ City. la., in 1SSSJ. cstalili.-hed a play!n>i;.--e and soon became one of (he ln-M-kiiovi-n ainuseiiii'iH men inihcwi-st. Ho was. the real ]e:idin,T spirit in tin: Si.mx Ciiy ••corn palace" exhibitions, which have all been successful, and which have tremendously ad<vr:,isod that city. He is a biff, healthy, jjooil-iiatiiroil. prooil- looking' mnn, who knows how to say "no" kindly, and hasa bra.inas healthy mid biff as himself- and he is no lightweight bodilv. —Killed Two llirds. —Mrs. Now Finite—"Now. Hrot.iier John, linbiiy told me I was to tret you to come over and settle our flat, for ns. You nmv you are handy. Ihincr. the piclnr.-- mil citrtiiins. and lix the locks anil t;i. ihe nips." Brother Jolm—"All ri^hi,. .-i.s; I'll come—and I'll leach your parrot to b«-i::ii- at the same time."—Judjgn, W. I, BUCHANAN, V.MTKU STATUS MI.VI8- TEK TO TIIK AKOENTINK BKI'UIILIC. ehanan was born in Covinjlton. 0., in 1868. In liis youth he learned the trade of an cdtfe-too) worker, and how ho rose from making keen-edged tools ta mnnao-inir an opera house and conduct- The Marked Success of Scott's Emulsion in consump lion, scrofula and other forms of hereditary disease is due to its powerful food properties. Scott's Emulsion rapidly creates healthy flesh— proper weight. Hereditary (aims deveiop only when the system becomes weakened. Nothing in the -iuoi-ln \ of medicine has bee,. \ so successful in di* '• cases that arc mo> \ menacing to life, Phy I sicians cvcrywhet \ prescribe it. . AlUn -«*

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