Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 20, 1952 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1952
Page 11
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Monday, October Id, 1951 MOM IfA*, MOM, AtKANSAS s si LOVELY AND LACY-Kath- crine Cassidy, of Los Angeles, Calif., models a blacl; satin Las- lex swimsuit, with a neckline which plunges to the waist. The lacing, which keeps the upper part of the suit more or less to- Kether, and the black lace edge, is reminiscent of the Gay '90's corset design. rphoto of a watenpout •TOPSY-TURVY X-RAY—Caroline Golibart isn't defying the laws, ••'•of. gravity. Shd's just being introduced to the newest thing in X-ray : | equipment, manufactured by General Electric Company and being ; ! demonstrated at Cleveland, Ohio. The examining table of the umv Is mounted on an 8-foot-wide steel ring, and can be swung through an arc of 180 degrees from the vertical position for chest examina- r , 1 Uon, to the upside-down position for skull and spinal viewing. A ' special, heavy footstrap supports the patient on the table. »*^l(im«w»na to,8uM..l -,V , j ttfMff»_ I* CORONATION STAMP-Brlt- ttin's colonial terrilorifis will Is- auo stamps bwirlns the ubovo tloslpn, to commemorate tho coronation of tjuer.n Kli/nbcth 11, In June, 103H. Together with the stamp to bo Issued by C rent 1 5rll«ln» there will be some dO •tempi'in .the cotonntlon scries. SUPER-STETHOSCOPE — This new super-stethoscope was recently demonstrated at London's National Heart Hospital. As seen, inlcrnphnncs are urrnngecl around the chest and nock of the patient. They pick up the slightest heart sounds, amplify and record Ihrin on photographic platM, Hiving the heart specialist a permanent record of the organ In action which lit- can stuclv. NEW BRITISH ENVOY —Sir Roger Makins, above, 48-year- old career diplomat, will become Great Britain's new ambassador to the United States. He will succeed Sir Oliver Franks, who at present holds the post. Makins is expected to assume his duties in late December or early January. i St? cjSSSSBHr^S* MHB «••• ••WWWWwwWWWviW ;-.•-•- v.i j*>.. v ,.-—*-. * ~ - - • • •' ' —- i 'FITTING AND PROPER—The forehanded Marines are not going to let Old Man Winter catch them unprepared in Korea. They've . already gotten their issue of long, heavy underwear. Above, gct-j ting fitted by T/Sgt. Russell ,Craddick, : left, ,is Pfc, Arnold. J.' Wtomey, of Bogota, N. J,, as Pfc. Edward Ortiz, Jr, looks on. _ A IR8T ATOMIC BATTERY—This photo shows 0 complete battery ot tho newly JB wttltwy, "W WMtoto « two jroo-mm. guns, capable ol firing atomic-headed shells i\d eight wpporUng tjucHs, Trucks curry complete maintenance equipment, ammunition '>• ' «|i<} supplies (or the crew, VICTORY SMIUE—Happiness radiates from the face of 19. year-old Kloisia Ciani, of Tuscany, as she displays the ribbon awarded to her as "Miss Italy 1952." At Merano, in the Italian Alps, she won the beauty contest .- over 23 comely contestants. POLIO PALS—Douglas McQuaig, Jr., 6. left, and his brother Scott, 3M.. are favorite patients of doctors and nurses at Racine Hospital, in Racine. Wis. The two little polio victims hr'n eaih other with exercises designed to strengthen their weakened /neek and leg muscles, and thereby also relieve a harried and overworked hospital staff. - i Monday, October 20,1952 \ HOM iTAt, HOH, AftRANSAS SOCIETY Pnont 7-1411 BttwMn • A. M. Mt 4 ». M Film Business Seeks TV Setup ! WASHINGTON (ft — The motion , picture industry kept waiting in un anteroom for three years, open - - e a us CHSC todny for a separate Hope Country CSub will enlerain and disUnct Theater Televlstoi with Ladies Bridge Covered Dish ! Scrvlcc- Luncheon at 12:30 Thursday, Oct-, T | 1C proposcc i service is designet - leader of the program. Calendar Monday, October 20 i The Annie Hoover Circle of the First Baptist Church WMS with Mrs. S. A. Whitlow as leader, will meet in the home of Mrs. J. V. tooore, Jr. 823 East 7th, at 2:30 Monday, October 20. The American Legion Auxiliary will meet Monday night, October 20, at 7:30 p.m. in the Legion's new j ni g n ~t°October 23, at 7:30. Dr. F. I). u.__ ,_ .u. ^n... «..„-,;..„ M™. He,,,.;,, Mr. Syd McMath. and Dr. H. M. Brents will be hosts. ober 23. Mrs. A. J. and Mrs. C. C. Lewis wil be hostesses. Members please notice that this is the meeting that scheduled for October 30. was Markets DOROTHY DIX home in the Elk's Building. bers please take notice of the change of date. Hostesses will be Mrs. Joe Jones and Mrs. C. P. Tollcson Hempstead County Classroom Teachers will meet in_ the Hope Junior High School, Monday night, October 20, at 7 p.m. j , o aclcl new en tertainmcnt to loea movie house fare, and perhap woo SOIT.U TV stay-at-homes bac into the theaters. The project was first presentc lo the Federal Communications 1 Stag night will be held Thursday 1 Commission back in 1949 but FCC put it on the shelf until it could complete its program of allotting additional channels for home tele vision and start home video on the The Catholic Church will sponsor expansion which is now well un- a spaghetti supper Thursday night, tier way. Tuesday, October 21 There will be a District PTA Conference meeting at the Methodist Church at Stamps 'Tuesday, Oct. 21. Registration will be held from I):30 to 10 o'clock. October 23, from 6 to 8 o'clock in the Parish Hall. The public is cordially invited to attend. November 7 The Uicater-TV hearing opening today before the fill seven member commission has as its objective a specific reservation of about 400 megacycles of broadcasting spec- World Community Day will bcli.-um space, located outside the By The AstoeUted Pr*t« The Hog market at Chicago open- end slow and 25 cents to 50 cents lower. Cattle and sheep were ly steady. Wheat opened ttronS on the Chicago Board of Tr«rte and soybeans and oats were quite firm. 1 Corn showed a mixed trend. Cotton futures opened 23 cents a bale hishcr to 15 cents lower. Wholesale mots arc steady to a little lower. A commodity report furnished by the US DA: Hogs ari! selling 25 to 5" cents lower for the most part at mldwost markets. Most of the Missouri rlv er markets show a full decline on some sales. The bulk of the 190 to 270 pound butchers are selling from $18.23 to mostly $19 with tops of $19.35. At the river markets hogs scaling 190 to 250 pounds are bulking from $18 to $18.50 with heavier weights included in this price range at some points. Tops are $18.10 to $18.75. Sows arc steady to 50 cents lower Most sows are bringing $15.25 to $17.75 at the river markets and are selling at $1H.25 or belter at Clothes And The Girl Garland Brownie Troop undo the leadership of Mrs. J. W. Franks and Mrs. M. I. Dillard will meot Tuesday afternoon immediately after school at the Little House at Fair Park. Hostess will be Judy Boswell. observed by the Council of United j Church Women on November 7 -in tne Episcopal Church at 3 p.m. Women are asked to bring warm clothing to rinfanls and children under six years of age. Those "Baskets for Peace" will be sent to the children in Korea. The VFW Auxiliary will meet Tuesday night, October 21, at 7:30 p.m. All members arc urged to be present Thursday, October 23 The Hope Music Club will mcel Thursday night, October 23, at 7:30 Chapter AE of PEO Has Joint Meeting A joint meeting of members of PEO Chapters of Little Rock, De range 01 home receivers and dedicated solely to the use of the mo lion picture industry. Two weeks of scheduled testi mony is strictly on the megacycle level, relating to proposals of the Motion Picture Association o America and the National Exhibi tcrs Theater Television Committee lor meeting the FCC's engineering ana other technical requirements. The industry has never fully disclosed its plans for use of its re- Dear Miss Dtx: I'm a teen-ager In high school and considered pop- cftrnw j O n unenviable reputation, \ilar. My parents give me a smallU n lch will take lots of work to ciress allowance, and I earn extra | overcome. In the first place, con money for clothing. Still, 1 would like more and nicer clothes. While tinning to pnl around with the very people who are responsible .for 1 realize my parents nro trying j yoll| . unp i c nsant standing In tho tc make me responsible, they could j community will continue to make afford to add to my wardrobe. Do >ov:r position worse and worse. I you think they are fair to ki-ej^me j. oll wnnt j. om . ,,( C( , neighbor or so restricted? I'OI.l.Y K. * my o ti, t . r reputable youngsters to Answer: Your .parents are wise, bo f|.i cn( i 1Vi cnrn ih e | r friendship In their solution to the clothes prob; oy o ff c ,.| na them something bBtto lem. Probably no teen-ager h;is,ii nan „ so u c( i name, U Is reall ur ever did have, enough clothing -inur/.lng how choosy most ndoles- hccording to her desires, llolng C0nl9 ,- u . e o t the company they responsible for your own purchases, keep. You are old enough now tn gives you-experience in buying thiU ;m ,ii /o the difference between Now, however, hi Is acting peculiarly, He doesn't cc-me around as often as he did, y>t he doedn't want me to go out with oth«f- boy*. He Just expects me to alt and watt until he is good and ready to tnkc me out. * 3t A. Answer: It tho boy is sincerely interested In you, and wonts you to go steady, his: behavior belles it. You are completely right in a> Miming that you should go out with other boys If he neglects you. Stop Inking foolish orders, assert yourself and Insist on knowing what he renlly intends to do>- go out With you exclusively, or play tho field. It tho latter Is his Intbntioni you are emitted to thV sntne 'f not tnkc him to* seriously » one year'* friendship. Pe have been assuming toe expecting him tor b'« youf ir| Released By the Bell Inc. can come in no other way than through practical knowledge. If you want to add to your wardrobe without too great expense, why not learn to mala 1 your own clothes? You ci-.n then have many Dour Miss Dix: A friend of mine more dresses — and of better until, has asked my iidvice regarding ta.vdry crowd and n nice one. Make Ine right choice and you will have no trouble making the friends you \\ mil. eastern corn belt terminals. New York — Noon Cotton: Dec. 37.18, March 37.30. Queen and Hope was held at the quested exclusive channels. How - - • ever, some hints have been dropped as, to tne projected operations Hotel Barlow Octber 16 for the purpose of making plans for the State Convention of- PEO to be held in Little Rock April 24 and 25, 1953. Mrs. Vivian Snodgrass, general convention chairman, presided at the meeting and appointed committees irom the various chapters. in the home of Mrs. V. Moore Jr., with Mrs. Jim McKenzie as *SAENGER • LAST TIMES TODAY • Fears Few Red Labor Leaders Hy than can bo purchased at the same cost in the stores. You will nlsr. have acquired a talent that will bo useful the rest of your life length of time she should wait In marry a widower whoso wife died] recently. I said she should wait u your, but her pastor told her three months would be long enough. They nro both middle-aged. The man's ago my family moved to a new w ilo had been an Invalid for many neighborhood. When wo moved in|y olU ' S . T. K, 1 noticed the very nice buy next] Answer: Since the woman's-pus- dour. I'm only M, but 1 have been i or i s | n ( , much better position Dear Miss Oix: A few months attracted to a boy before. I still ^o around with the old crowd and will admit we were considered prel his counsel can certainly be follow tt know and understand the circumstances than either you or 1, WASHINGTON — Chairman These would include such things as Broauway firstnights, viewed by a paid audience of millions, instead of just a lew hundred, and Hollywood permiercs, which would be projected into movie houses liii=i:i> J.IIMII L*,V_ \t.iiw.Kj W..V.J * I,,,,,H Folowinp the business meeting every nook and corner of the land, a luncheon was held in the private 'mo specific plan of °P c | <al ' on * dining room. Arrangements of pink is being saved lor presentation at 1 ,i second phase of Ihe hearings,, .low scheduled for next January. However, Marcus Conn, industry attorney, said as the hearings t,uied that there is no intention Best Actor of the Year • Humphrey Bogart won the Academy Award as Best Actor of the Year for his performance in this picture! FIERY LOVE and VENGEANCE! BOGART-HEPBURN THE AFRICAN M'A. uteN I color bf* TICHNICOiOK roses decorated the table. Those attending the luncheon were Mrs. Jo Sharp, State President of PEO, and Mrs. Leaffa Cheatham, Mrs. Kittye Simpson, Mrs. Mary Asel, Mrs. Robertson, Little Rock, Mrs. ««,. m,». Dorothy! to light home television viewing, and Mrs. Snodgrass otjlie ocscrioed television in general wuie «U«:K. Mrs. Mae Goodson." "a ereat service but asse, ed First vice-president, Miss Pearl \ Uu.t since bhakespeare s day the ' inualer bas proviaed the tradition- any proper atmosphere "for enters ainment without interruptions." Williamson, Mre. Ruby Wilson, Mrs. Ann Kimball of DeQueen, Mrs i H. M. Stephens, and Mrs. Mildred Trotter of Blevins, Mrs. Franklin Horton, Mrs. W. Y. Foster, Miss Beryl Henry, Mrs. H. O. Kylcr, Mrs. Claud Nunn, Mrs. Fcrrell •That" Chon tola a reporter the "is bor who drops in casually, from tin- ringing telephone and the baby Baker "Mrs E""P O-Neal' "Mr7l squawking. Also you do not run Mac biuetrt. Miss Mabel Ethrid R e, | the nsK of n ™f»™ n «£™ Mrs. W. W. Compton, Mrs. Jim spilled wto your luvoiHe slippeib. McKenzie, Mrs. Henry Hayncs, . _ and Mrs. F. C. Crow of Hope. » TUESDAY < TERROR RIDES THE NIGHT TRAIN WEST! Sidney MclViaiii ot Kcndrix College, v-onway, spent the week end' wiin his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Syd McMath. Mrs. H. D. Shirley and Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Sanders and daughter, Linda, nave returned from Amarillo, Uexas where they were called to the bedside of Mrs. Sanders' sister, Mrs. W. E. Bearden. Mrs. Ola Lloyd accompanied them to Amarillo and remained for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Reardcn and ctaugnter, Sharon. * RIALTO Today & Tues. (Doris DAY • Ronald REAGAN I !^Tt00QMPf*T*W«te ffluiM aoies } ot i to Co. « orowu*cl "Miss by Mrs. "Don't you ever see any rain around here"? asked the driver from the city. "Sure", replie'd the farmer seriously. "Just last month they had a nice rain several miles north of here, but I was busy and couldn't go." —Mrs. Jewel Allen Submit jokes for this column and win passes to the Rialto. >'o every joke used, the person sub mitting it will be mailed passes. Jokes must be limited t 50 words or less, and must b suitable for publication. Leav at theatre boxoffice or mail to Manager, Rialto Theatre. Mr. and Mrs. John Young of Fort Worth, Texas, left this morning for their home after spending tne week end with Mrs. Young's sister, Mrs. Lola Betts. Jewish Democrats Backing Truman WASHINGTON IUP) — Democrats of the Jewish faith rose to tne defense of President Truman today in the face of a growing con- u-oversy over the President imputation that Dwight D. Eisenhower was "anti-Semitic" and "anti- Catholic". The Republicans meanwhile continued to flail away at Mr. Truman foi his attack on the GOP presidential nominee, accusing the President of injecting bigotry into the picsidcntial campaign. Elder Statesman Bernard McCarran (DNev) of the Senate internal security subcommittee siiid today even a few Communists in labor union leadership posts can disrupt defense production. McCan-an's statement accompanied the subcommittee's publication of testimony that Communists were active in various locals of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (U.K.) in Ihe Cleveland, O., area. Almosl all of the testimony abo_ut the much Investigated U. E. — expelled from the CIO grounds it was Cnmmunist-run — was taken at public hearings in Cleveland last April. The subcommittee's report listed nine persons who, it said, are ac tive in the U. E. in the Cleveland area and who, it added, were identified in the hearings as Commu- j nists. Each of them refused to an swcr questions about Communist party membership or activity. They said that to do so might incriminate them. McCarran said thai probably "only a very small percentage of Uib union membership is tainted with communism" but that the few who arc have positions enabling them "to disrupt the operations ot scores of plants critically needed in the defense effort." He also said that several of those named as Communisls in Ihe hearings are or have been aclive in olhcr unions and appear lo be "professional agitators moving from one area to another, from one union to another as Communist party requirements dictate." "It would seem obvious thai such people own no allegiance to the union or to its members but only lo the Communist party," McCarran said. "To them, the union is nothing more than an actual or ty wild. 1 gue.ss my new neighbor heard of the tales because he does seem friendly to other kids but not to me. B. B. Answer: You have apparently visit "took the wind out of the sails" of dissident Texas Demo- cr.ils. And he announced that Vice President Alben VV. Uarkley will come In the state lo keep thorn oft balance. Rayburn flatly predicted In a ed safely. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. M«ln A Country Club rd. UA3T DAY "SINGING IN THE RAIN 1 * TUBS. - WED. SHERIDAN IUND HOWAHO DUFf . Dear Miss Dix: How can I got rid of a boy who wiuUtt to sit with rne between dances. 1 don't want to hurl his feelings. S. A. Answer: A rounded social llfo eiui include' many incidents' of this typo. You can't always bo with people you like, and admire. Belnt! kind to those for whom you have no fireut affection Is a social grace you must luunv suoncr or Inter: so let It bu sooner. lie pleasant lo withheld Indigti Om, hcArtbdrn, ,t ttonuch can MM unnnrd«yleem< «nd gloomV—umei Uke* tip from nut of AmBrlcinj.i Al 2 delicious Turn* after m**li e_ ever itamnth illstreis occur*. Imtitntly, Tumi neutrftllie we»u Contain no bilking sou* or oihcFW lolvihle ftlkull to OYcr.*lk«ll»« or J •Clil r«bo\mu, No mixing, no '" needed. 'Cuke unywlierc, Y6«,j know when ncltl Indigestion will i.., Curry TulnJ always. Get H roll to* CM// 10^-3-M Fattw ISi t»« 1 formal statement issued by the I (he boy until gome-one else approli- Stevenson campaign headquarters! ehes for a dance, here that the Democralic presidential ticket will carry Texas In the Nov. '1 elections. Dear Miss Dix: I have boon going steady with u boy for n year. DR. DENNY E. GAMBLE' Announces tho Opening of His Clinic For The Practice o*f Chiropody 326 E. Kings Highway Phone 8-9940 SHREVEPORT, LA. * > Ft I swapped my old stove for a New AUTOMATIC Gas Range Because • • • GAS COOKS an BAKES BETTER! M. Burucn, adviser to Democratic pitsidents in two world wars, joined on the Republican side by Eisenhower's "abhorencc Miss Bunn Forst of Odessa, Texas, is visiting in the home of her cousin, Mrs. C. A. Helm and Mr. Helm. rotential implement ot commu "You |ust can't boal a modern Automatic Gas Rongo when it comos right down to cooking ... II nol only cooks and bakos bettor, it's just all-ground bolter. I've found (hot gos cooks (aster and gives mo every automatic feature I want. That smokeless broiling is simply wonderful! All my neighbors ar« drooling over my new Automatic-Go.? Range. I'm sure glad wo swappod our old stove for this boaulifui 'fifWCas Range. I got a liberal frado-Jn ai/owonco for my old stovo—tfjld tt was installed fRtfl" intolerance.' children, Penny, Vlcki, and Howard, Jr., spent Sunday in DcKalb, Texas, as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Byron Huggins and visited friends Mr. and Mrs. Blair Shuford and ln tiroKen r>ow, Okla. son, Joe, Miss Barbara Bright, and Bobby Seale left Friday for Portageville, Mo., to attend the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Shuford's son, otrths . , Mr. and Mrs. Joe Irwin of West Jim, to Miss Dorothy Wood, Uaugn- i p oint MlsSi| al . c the parents o£ " , ter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Wood, | which was solemnized Sunday, October 19, at the Church of Christ. A reception followed in the home of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. James H. Burke and children, James Daryl and Balenda Gale, were the week end guests of Mr. Burke's brother, Mr. Ralph E. Burke and Mrs. Burke, in Dallas, Texas. an U-/4 pound baby girl born Friday, October 17, at West Point. Mrs. Irwm is the lormer Wanda Huggles daughter of Mr. and Mrs. \V. B. Kuggies of Shover Springs, and a lormer member of The Star statf. Two organizers for Local 75, U. E. in Cleveland, were question cd at closedoor hearings here I about testimony identifying them ; as Communists. They were Paul - J. Shepard and James E. Marino. Both declined to answer numcr our questions, invoking their con f titutional privilege against possi j blc sclfincrimination. 1 Shepard was askee if he ever! had denied to union members in Cleveland that he was a Commu hist. He said he had. "Was that truthful When you said that?" he was asked. Shepard re fused to answer, contending that he- might incriminate himslcf. Julia Chester Admitted: Miss Helen Atkins, of essce, to visit their daughter, Mrs.. Dillard Breeding, Mr. Breeding and daughter, Jackie, for ten days. Ill Hope, .| Jerry gar Lafferty, Patmos Discharged: Mrs. Fred Cook, of Hope, Mrs. Benson Foster, Hope Mrs. Dwight Pankey and daughter Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Tippitt and i Melanie, Marie.Prescot,, Mr. Hen- Save yottr time .**-—'• PLEASE look for thf number in tho new telephone (//rectory before calling "Information" ry Martin, Hope, Norma Jean Cannon, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Irvin, Hope announce the arrival of a son. Iron's Formal Break Delayed TEHRAN, Iran, (UP) — Trans-1 portation difficulties — and perhaps! American mediation i- delayed Iran's formal break in diplomatic relations with Britain today. Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Fatcmi had said last week the effective date would depend on how long it would take the Iranian em* bassy in London to pack and leave. But British Charge D'Affaires George Mlddleton told a press con fercnce today he had indicated to Fateml he would need more time than his opposite number in London. ^K*i'^*,^i/f PlSb n bv ft seufllfttute ^2^^; '"^Pj^j"^" 1 ™V;8*_ Southampton, En&land, Malcolm - lit ' Branch Admitted: Bertha Houso. Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Exie McCleUan Patmos, John Flowers, Hope, Mrs. Frank Brown and baby boy. Hope. Clubs The Mt. Olive Home Demonstration Club met in the Mt. Olive community, October 10, 1952, with the president. Mrs. Mary McPherson, presiding. Devotion was opened with the singing of "In The; Garden". Prayer was offered by| Mrs. Bertha Mae PbiJliua, follow-, ed by the song "Sweet Hour of Prayer" led by Mrs. Lucy Mae Phillips. A discussion on "M«*ing Nylon Corsage*" was heW. wW> *ome very interesting point*, bjejng given. Royburn Pleased With Adlai's Visit PALLAS, Tex. (UP> ~ House Speaker Sam Rayburn said today Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson's recent i Smokey Sayg;

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