Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 21, 1894 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 21, 1894
Page 6
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Tin) i'iully Niitnri\or llin Sirlii|;inc Hoor a \Vi')i|»vin or <)ITrnst>..-j-]t l f ratei of lloliliy, Who Wi.iit Shop- pliii,' with Ills .llol.lu.r. s in tho «. •. OODDHIOOC, H. C. TOWNSCND. •••• * TRT - "< rt:ol'VKK;nT. IS 1 ,)I I saw ber throun-li the- outer piiir e>f mvinfrinfr elno She had been shopping else, and was coming tu Hoi^lestein's with her heart tilled witli bitterness. .._:lj - eoiilil see that ^salesman at : other store hael tre-ateel her with (Trews disrespeet. He- hael probiibl}' ventured te>say that seimething: was exactly the same! when she know it. was entirely different, or that it was different when in reality it was the very same old thinpr only they were trying- to palm it off as a bettgr quality when anybody with an eye in his hcael eenilil see, etc., etc. She was evidently proinp through this scene over anel over ajfiiin as she approached Kog-lcstein's. She was inventing- new anel crushing repartee, and repeating- it until she imatfineel that she hael really said it, Her pseudo- cerebral apparatus was so completely oceupie-el with this delusion that she was entirely oblivious to her snrronnel- inn's. She had founel her way to lio- k'lestein's purely by the shopping in- stinet, familiar to that mysterious eog-- nitinn by which u eleeapitateel sen- tiirtle linels its way to tins water. Tin- mill-oil of Time may halt, and IH-atli forbear to slay, but n. \voman in the ee-'iiilition which 1 haveeiideavoreel U> portray moves em to her destination, and docs not, say "e.veuse me." She did not open tin; su'in^'in^- doors; she walla-el throufrh them. They swuiifr baelc. after the eiieniinti'r, with e-verv eviele-neo of violent am' iwe-iifro- ful feeliiiff. Kven a wooden door, in such :i case, inusthnmv that it has been intentionally insullcel. Tile-re was (motlier woman eominy in ,-;hiv,i'.. that liim-. S!u- hud ju^t houjrht •Mimi-thin;: worth thirty cents for half ;i dollar, beeause it hael bee-n marked elown from seveiHy-(ive. She was very hapnv. \\'li'-n the duors came oharff- iiijj- liiwavel her, she eliel not step out, of tin: way as she,- mi^ht easily liave ilon«. Inste-ael, sin- met one- of them bejlelly with a package containing two ]ieirco- lain lamp-shades!', nfttr which she went, hack to the place; where she had bought tin- shaeles, and askeel the! proprietor what he- infill!t by allou-iii;: -poods to leave his store in that condition. [ was able to catch these little Hiiinp:-os of human nature while wn.it- inf,'- fin- Maude, who hael front- back into IJeijflestein's to ask a saleswoman some questions which she had ulrcaely first caufrhtsifrht, of him he WHS making a noble effort tei he-have as if he . which was far beyond Ills physical ca- "Come alonff, Hobby," said his moth. er, dasliintf herse-lf like a batterinfT j ram against the eloor. This time I | didn't dodn-e butsk far enough. The ! wall wouldn't permit me tei do so. t was fairly canffht be.hnel the! door. Hobby was makinir ineffectual at, tempts tei stem the tide of women e'lmewherc ! which was pourinp into the store. His mother, impatient to fret into another shop where dress linings eoulel be bought a cent a yard cheaper, kept callinfr to him to hurry. Meanwhile she set her back affiiinst the eloor, and threw her ponderous weight upon it. My situation was rapielly passing from comedy te> tragedy. I eneleavored to wripfg-le out from Ijchind the> door, and had succeeded in [retting about half of myself out, of .rouble, when a second stout female cant herself against tho outer door, and cut off my last chance of escape. Tho two doors nearly met in front of me. my TIIK S1IOPPKK KNTEIIS. answered nine times. Maude had stationed me in the vestibule between the two pairs of swinging doors, in order that she might be sure to find mo or my remains when she returned. I stuck to my post from purely conscientious motives, and not with any idea of meeting- Maude there. I knew that she would inevitably forget at •which door she had stationed me, and that my chances of seeing her would have been better if r had waited at the scuttle in the; roof; but, having promised, I remained. Every time the inner doors were flung open I dodged back just far enough to be hit by one of the outer doors. At last, experience taught me; to avoid this fate. I found that it was possible to escape the door by stepping-back against the wall of the vestibule. There was just barely room for my attenuated frame in this position. The door, under the impulse of the average feminine assault, would swing within one-half inch of my nose. I did not detect any tendency on the part of the shopper", to moderate the violence of their blow:, upon the door just because 1 happened to be behind t. In private life these women are doubtless very mild and amiable creatures. Why they necessarily lose the veneer of civilization and the quality o! mercy when they become shoppers I have never been able to understand. A philosopher may arise some day who an solve the problem, but if ho works t out by actual experiment he will ot be a good risk for an accident insurance company- This I know from an experience of my own on the occa- ion of my brief sojourn between the. swinging doors. I had stepped back just out of reach ,,f one of the inner doors, which was opened violently by a very stout lady. She. was followed by an unhappy youngster of about ten years, presum- ' her son. He was dressed in a costume calculated to assault with one Thcro was ji/st. room enough for nose between them. Otherwise* I should have lost, my must conspicuous •irnamelil. Indeed, then! was considerable danger of such a deprivation, for thei second woman also hole! the dour open by putting her back against it, ami the! pair of them were rapidly reducing mo to the requirements of a phine surface!, as defined in tho geometries. The thinner 1 got, the nearer the two doors came Together; and my nose, as I have previously remarked, was between t,!ie-:n. Of course. I spoke to the women about it; and, e]uite naturally, they paid no attention lo what 1 said. Doubtless, they thought me very rude- to speak to them without, :f.\ introduction. I infei-i-ud as much from some remarks which tlu-.v made to each otlmr. It appeared that they were slightly acquainted. They had met at bargain counters, probably, and that experience; had probably rendered them impervious to those feelings of humanity which would naturally enter a person's he-art at the sight of such a predicament as mine. They gossiped pleasantly about the things which they had purchased during the day. I was gratified to learn that they were "just tired to death." and were going home prosiMUl;* 1 would not for the world have done, anything to detain them. \o. 1 was slight; v nut of breath and finally she stopped talking. Tiiis, of course destroyed her interest, in t,!ie conversation; and she began to think of her son. He had dropped a bundle, and in endeavoring to pick it up hael been run over by several shoppers. This had resulted in his losing several other bundles, and his temper, lie was swearing quite well for one of his years. Just as he succeeded in gathering up most of his bundles, and was stexiping for another, his mother lost her patience, and suddenly got, out of tile! way of the; door. It swung back with terrific violence, and encountered Bobby on that portion of his youthful frame which is provided by nature to receive such assaults. He went about eleven feet head foremost, and lit on his head among the bundles. Whereupon his mother rushed after him, set him up violently on his legs, and boxed his cars. Most ot the bundles had been steppeel on, and Hobby got a separate scolding for each of the:m. liy this time tho woman who was holding- the other door open discovered that the person for whom she was performing that service h'ad got in the store ahead of her, so she relensed tho A DEADLY 8QUKEZK. door, which, following the design ot blow thTustheVie tasteof theobserver, j its constructor, leaped back ami caught the personal comfort of the boy, and th ' the spirit of economy in the boy's father, who was probably wearing his last, .year's trousers. This youth had evidently accompanied his mother throughout her shopping- tour. He probably asked for the privilege. It is one of the saddest burdens of youth that we desire F,O many things which are not good for us, nnd rarely fail to get them. This boy had learned this early lesson. He had found out that he roally did not want to go shopping with his mother. However, he Was a brave little feU ie next comer on the nose. A stuelwjt of even so interesting a subject as woman, gets enough of it after awhile. I felt that I had observed all I cnreel to see in one day. So I went about the store inquiring for Maude at all the other entrances. At that one which was furthest from the place where I had waited, I found her, and was roundly abused for not keeping my appointment. FIELDING. —Elizabeth and Eliza are of Hebrew derivation, maaning the oath of (tod. IT WAS, A SOFT ANSWER, Anel It Teirneil Aw uy Fi-mlnlnn Wrnlli and (iol: thu Spc-nkiT Klhiiw Kiioni. One- of those men whose vocation e!alls him daily to I'l-inting House square boarilod a down-town train on th« Third uvonnei elevated road at Fifty- ninth street the other afternoon. He took a seat next, two welUh-esscel, elderly women, who were intently discussing a bargain sale t| lc ,i going on at one of the gre-at Sixth avenue houses. While not given to yielding under pressure what he considers his rights, the man in question is extremely careful not to encroach upon those of others. He hael not settled comfortably in tin seat when the elderly woman at hi left, without deigning to look aroune at him, remarkeel in an angry ton that coulel be heard half tho length o the crowded car; "I wish you would get off my cloak! 1 The man promptly raised his hat said: "I beg your pardon," and stooi up to allow the cloak to be withdrawn This the woman did with a jerk, an< without recognition of the man' prompt reparation of an unintentiona offense, She kept her buck to him, an to do this sat side ways in her seat thus occupying fully a third of that be longing to the man. She resumed tl discussion of the bargain sale, anel the other passengers smiled. The man was nettled. He looked it, but said nothing. There; was a ster.it woman on the other side. She took up another thire of his seat, and after vainly trying to open his newspaper the man e^ontrivecl to stow it, away again in his pocket, Then he contracted himself in tho smallest possible space anel meekly read the "a.ds" on the opposite siele of the car. In a moment the elderly woman at his left dove her hand into her pocket, and rummaged about for somcthin she didn't seem nhle to find, The man had three cigars for a half in his upper left hand vest poe'ket, and :it every dive the woman's elbow came in vigorous contact with them, o:- with t man's short ribs. He. go I, very red in the face, Imt the woman continued oblivious of his existence. When a, mm- vigorous lunge than the others was followed by a f;riinehing sound from the region of the cigars the man ex claimed: '-.Madam, I will l>e much obliged if you will lake; youi- elbow out of my side!" With a fine assumption of injured dignity, the woman lnrneel upon him At last she had deigned to recognize his existence. "You arc most insolent, sir,"shesaid, "You have been annoying me ever since! you got on I.his car. Ile>w dai-e you speak to me like that., sir?" The monumental brass of it staggered him. Then surprise gave way to admiration, and there was a twinkle of humor in his eye as he Icauejel e>ver anel said in a confidential temo that was none the less lie-are! by those about who hael been watching the; fun: "You've been tickling me, madam, and I don't like it. That's why 1 spoke." The look of blank dismay, the pursed- up, speechless mouth that greeted this sally .showed that the battle; was over, and the man had won. lie had lots of room after this to read his paper, which be did with evident, enjoyment until the train reached the station.—N. Y, Sun. NAVAL TACTICS. PANAMA VAMPIRES. A Sorlotn Drawback K> Cutlle (luxinrxn In Ilio Isthmus. The are some drawbacks to the Isthmian cattle business that woulel rather astonish the American cowboy were he to go there. The chief of these is the vampire bat. One reads stories of the vampire bat sucking the blooel of human beings, and at least two books by naturalists of repute say that these bats elo suck human blood. Vampire bats are founel by the thousand in Veraguasand.Chiriqni. J asked at every place for a person whose blooel hael been suekeel by vampires, but could not find a soul. And yet people sleep out of doors without even a blanket to protect them—sleep bareheaded and barefooted. The vampire hael every chance to alight on the human big toe, as he is said to de>, and while soothing the foot with its fanning wings to suck out the life blooel. I could not, find any such ease, however, nor hael (in observant Englishman, Mr. 0. I'reedy, who had lived twenty years in Da'-id, ever founel uny. Hut the vampire is the pest of the cattlemen. He is particularly fond of veal blooel, but olelcr stock anel horses, colts, mules anel burros all suffer. I did not catch a vampire at his work, though I saw hundreds of them, but the cattlemen all tell the same story. The vampire settles somewhere on the back of the beast in the pasture at night, and then, while slowly fanning its wings to and fro, e-iitsont a circular piece of skin one-quarter eif an inch in diameter. Through this hole he sucks the blood till satisfied. One wound would be of little, consequence, nor woiilel the loss of blooel do much damage were thai, all, but a half doxen vnmpi'res may ifcast on the poor calf e>r on the bank of a saddle horse in erne night. The calf is badly weakened by the" loss of blood, while a saddle horse so servnd is entirely useless until the wounds are entirely ln-aled. But that is not the worst result of the 'bite. The region swarms with a pestiferous fly that soon after daylight finds the wounel and lays eggs in it. Unless the wound is properly cleaned and dressed with :i waxy salve within forty-eight hours after the vampire's attack the animal will bo, destroyed by progeny of the fly. The percentage of calves thus killed is large, in spite ol the watchfulness of the cow herders.— N. Y. Sun. —Ireland has the greatest number of unmarried women between fifteen and fourty-five of any country in Christendom. CHSO of Wnr. It has been proveel that the electrio lifrht, useel by blnciciuling- vessels is not sufficient to eliscover vessels be-nt on escape, particularly if their hn!K aro painteel black or ffray. Its effect is i:n- e:ertain, a.nel in war it wemhl elra\v thei fire of the enemy upon the ship by which it is displayed. It bus been further shown that, for the use of torpedoes, the blockade.el squadron has con- sielerable adva.iitribes over the: blejck- iielers. In its pe>rt it can ejuiclily clu>osjG the moment for the attack, e.in constantly (five trouble to its opponent, who is forced to defend himself by nets anel other contrivances, and may retire when it likes to its refuge and fjive its companies rest, -while the crews of the blockaelingsquadron must be constantly on the lookout. This was evidently the reason why Admiral Tryon did not attempt to escape during the first night of the blockade, but only when his adversaries had been worn out by watching-. The blockaded squadron has command of the telegraph; the blockading can only communicate by its dispatch boats. Finally, the blockaded ships are always able to replenish their bunkers, while, when the sea is rough coaling is an awkward business for the blockading squadron. Ye.t this is a necessity in real war, where Wockadea must last, for a considerable length of time. In his work, "The Influence of Sea Power upon the French Revolution anel the Kmpire," Cap!,. Mahan says: "To maintain such .1 blockade effectually a Heel, needs to be fixed at the highest number the- resources of a country can supply, anel a, ros'-rve so proportioneel that by a constant coming and going no ship in the freint, shoulel e;ver be Kufl'eriiiff from exhaustion either of condition or of supply." This is certainly true, but. e.Mromely ejiflieiilt under the present circumstances. :iinl it explains Admiral Sir (ieolTroy Hornby's opinion Hint, to-ilny ii.ll the iron- cl'aels eif (M-eat lirilain wonlel neit. In: able to blockade. elVectunlly the port oi Toulon. However that may be. it is certain that, in orehir to accomplish siu-h ai object, (1) the ble-ickatling seiuadroi must be irreatly superior in force 1 te->th biockaeleel; (i) its ships must be pro vided with cllicient elefensive conlriv nnces nyainst the attack of lorpedoc.' wiLlier.it diminih'nlng their mobility and their oiTensivo force; (:!) it mus have at, its disposal :i snfiicient, numbe 1 of swift ami woll-fir/Jicel e-rnisers. wbicl may instantly give chase to such ship of the blockiided sqnaelron as siicecce in escaping; (•() some inetlioil must b founel to supply the ships with coal for the blockade will be inoflicient un less they are able to tret up steam a an^' moment.—Conti.-mporary He-view Every EVlonth nany vcmcii r.irffcr from £xcc»itve or Ec.'ii.t, ivies.ii.t-i-^.'tion; they don't know who to co::f'.^c in to ^ct proper advic** Dctl'l corJ:Jc in anybody but try Bradfield's Femab iegulafor G Specie (01 PAINFUL, PROFUSE, SCANTY, SUPPRESSED and IKREGULA* MENSTRUATION. Book to "WOMAN" mailed fre«. BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO., AtlinK. ««. KoM U7 >ll Drun>>t>. For ealo byBan FACIAL BLEMISHES I will re-move. Freckle* Plrnpl*!. Black headi. jttotn |»lcli«,8aliow» !)<•», Wrlnklei and all other «kln blemishes, LOU MON7EZ CREAM Tho great Skin food ind Tlsnue Builder, will mtlta __ you Beautiful. i Send 10 cents mid thts»d. for a DOT of skin lood and JKCC powder. Fr«e. Free. Free. MRS. NETTIE HARRISON AnK-ricn sBceutv Doctor, 20 efic«r> street, SBII FrMiclveo. CW. 801 Kim St. Cincinnati, Ohio. Superfluou* Hair permanently rcmOTefeL Or. £. C, West'* N»fv0 ind Brain TroatnieR !fl KoJd under noeiiJvo written RTiarnutco, bynuiir izml upents only, to euro Weak Momory; J/~ Urain nnd N«rvo Power; Ix>htM/»nLooJ; (,'n: Night ix>wos; Evil Dronms; Lock of Cf-::v N(;rvoQr-nef.v Ln^iludt-; nil Drains; LOMO; !•'of tlio GontTHlivo OrvTiinfl Jn ettfcor hox, 0:%: ;• i ov« i r-ox«rlH>n; Youthful Errors, np Kice>sJvi> f t Tobacco. Opium or Llnuor, whir,*! rooa li>;. I Minor;, Consumption. Jnsunity mul Dentil. By i'-^ flu box; Ofnrifo: wilh written gunrmitco to^r^f rofuuij innTM-y. WEST'S COUGH SYRUP. A corUir ci:n» for Coi](?he, Cnldn, AFihmn, lironchllK Croup, Whooping Ct.iuii, Soro Throat. IMon^nm to take. Sn;r»H f-izy ai-cunihiuod; old, We. *jw», now25c.; old fl Pla;, unw 50c, GUAIIANTEES i«=uod Only by w, H, POKTEH, Druggist, £tf Market St.. Lo- •*nnsport, Ind. LADIES »0 IOU KNOW A l'rttne>«H Jlrldf;**. One of tlio sitrhts of China is the an tiejuc brielffc of Suon-Tclicn Fow, two t.liousunel tivrt hundred fe;et le)ii£ n twenty feet wide. It has on each side fifty-two pifirs, upon which hiifi-c stone? iiru laiel, some of tlion twenty foct long- Many thousand tons of stone were used in the erection of this won iorful bridge, which is rejpirued by engineers as indicating- constructive .nlcnt as wonderful as that which •;t,iso<l the Egyptian pyramids. —Toledo Blade. Dnrotiotl. TDoiiRb neither heir.ulfii] nor youns. The Hwaitis oil her who e-ill Worship (Me ground *tie iv:i!);s upon, ]3cc;ui.-ee «be ownn It nil! —N. V. Herald. The Latest Style. A local dealer aelvortise;s for "a new lock of walldnp- sticks for pcntle-mcu vith carved wooelenheaels.' 1 —Philadcl ihia Record. IEREBRINE (HAMMOND) Extract of the' Brain of tlifl Ox. In the Treatment of LOCOMOTOR ATAXIA. . y. neurological Society, MeetinR April 4. 1893: "A eiaso wao pre>se*ite«l of J/M-OMOTOII ATAXTA liicli had boon treiateel with HjpoilBrnilc InJeM- ons ot CEREBU1NK. Six years wo tho patlrtlt, man aceel •!(). hael biwm to sufleT with eloubie Islon. Thlte, RUt»r .<«veral months of treatment, ail ellsnpneiirevd, and for atiran he hid been uttfi well. Thfl typlCJil sjroptoins of locomotor Uixln tlien en mo on; complete loss ot knew Jerks- harp pains In tli<> lops; nfcixtc Rult well limned; lability to stand with the eyes closed; ellfflcilty i evaeuatliiK the bladder nnd bowels; ,-vxnal owfr lost; a Sense of constHci'lon aroemii the alst. Treatment mix bPKim about te'n weeks KO, anelceinststoel of a dally hyjioelennlc Injection [CERKBHINE (Hammonel) llvoelrops. combined 1th a like amount ot water. Improvement very larked: soxual functions perfectly resureef; ompleito control over bladder and bowels. ;»)« larppnlns nave eilaapiieareil: general health Imroved: abla tei run up anel elown stalrf, anel eould stand steady with bin ejes closed. Noother troiitnwnt employee!. Improvement Kraelunl and steady." EPILEPSY. Dose, 5 Drops. Price 12 drac&ms] $2.50. Where loevil elrnei-lsts are not snp-lleel with tlio RnmmoiHl Aritni.11 KxtrMts. they will be maile-J, totietbur nitli-ail exlstlnir literature on the. sub. Ject, em rece>liitnf price, !iy TIIK COLUMBIA CIIKMICAI, COMPANV, H«Klihit:I'»i, !>• •'• Agent fat LoRHtiwort. Hen Klslier. OR. FELIX LE BRUN'S STEEL PD PEPYB8YI1L PILLS nrotheorifriiinlnnel only FHLSCIj. saformd reliable core> em the market. Priex) tl.OO; sent b» vuail, Gonuiac fluid °oly by W.H. POTITEB, Druggist, Jfitj Market St., I/O giuisport, Inil. n. etapu •tf>Wl» WAYNE'S OINTMENT! Lost Manhood lllEK/OO and vigor pf^-.. AI (Joo'Rt'incJy. niphtiy - .. wlthwrltUbcurwtMtoMM. bold 67 CUETAR SKIN. ruRES CONSTIPATION ^X INDIGESTION D17ZINE SS. "^RUPTIONS ON THE SKIN BEAUTIFIES ^COMPLEXION Annfrreoublc Laxative and NERVE TONIC. Sold by Dru(t)riet§or»cnt by mail. 25c.,60o., •nd $1.00 per package. Samples free. IT A HA Tbe Favorite THTS POW5U H.W n\elrorthoTeethaoeiBreath,»o. rot Bale by B. r. A LADY'S TOILET Is not complete without an ideal POMPLEXIOUI U FOWDKJRU II I pozzoNrs Combines every clement of I I beauty and purity. It is beaiiW-1 fying, soothing, healing, healtk-J ful, and harmless, and when I »ightly used is invisible. A most I delicate and desirable protectienn [ to the face in this climate. Insist upon having the gsauinu. IT IS FOR SALE EVERYWHERE. QUAKER CATARRH CURE 1-, JiMerrcntfTf-i iiiilv nh-ctiUr r n-i* r..i- OATlltKH. Jr. .iivlied ' ''MHH-S fh<: .. . -nli llie Snrrv. R»l<it<<. Taitc .In. - . p«llr. , ith .1 sooUuiiB oily l>»w. II '« III" Mircrlly lo seat of iliaemr «ilh » *! nntl quickly 6fT<-c:<. n circ. m ADsvi laltaatmx- . oll. K»UfTT« C.ld l» li. UrX .1 pulh bOOctii. nniic^fiU, QUAKER MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, ST. PAUL, MINN. For sale in Logansport by BEN FISHKR, Druggist LOST MANHOOD RESTORED. mWon, Evil (ween* Am Arm viwc. For win in I«e»Mport by But Fran, Druff|M| ai

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