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Llanelli Star from Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, Wales • 5

Llanelli Stari
Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, Wales
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THE STAR SATURDAY MAY 29th 1937 Page Five long Hive Ube Iking IMPOSSIBLE TO STOP CANVASSING that a resolution forbidding was impossible to put into OBITUARY FUNERAL OF Mrs COLE distinctive furniture CRITICISM OF NUT PROPOSALS ON HEADSHIPS Vi! ill! I Sound Construction Clean Finish Low Prices 51 1 Our stock of Upholstery is one of the finest in the Country each and every one represents excellent value for money Hals Of storied isle he now is King Thrice-robed and crowned with sceptre orb and ring And the loud pomp and pageantry of power He rides the city streets and though skies lower The cheering swells as in the golden coach The King to service dedicated doth approach Long may he live to lead his land to peace So shall all lusts unleashing war-dogs cease Justice in robes unstained shall walk again Where man doth serve with joy his fel-lowmen And Mercy sit in courts where heartless men For taking bread the starving did on demn Grant to the King the vision of the great Lest the land perish in the Hames of hate Let wealth accumulate forbid That man should live plague-ridden slums amid When mansions house in state liis moneyed mate Make this green land a glad and gentle state Where once was dolour death and doleful dearth Found a new heaven on a fairer earth Where Law and Love' are lords and life is fair Grant such a kingdom to the royal pair Rich in its heritage this goodly land Let it not crumble into dust and sand ASTRA Od Three-piece Suite in modern Tapestry fitted with Pullman Cushions on seats and loose Feather Cushions at back £16 16s This price is exceptionally low for a Suite of good quality and design canvassing practice On tbe question of limiting headships to teachers with a specified period of service 20 or 25 years lie was surprised at the teachers suggesting such a step It was a very retrograde one He thought elementary schools were quite as important as secondary or wliat we called public schools and you would not find authorities insisting on 20 or 25 service before a teacher could be appointed head of those schools They chose the best man available and lie would say now as he had said on previous occasions that he favoured the appointment of young people to headships Methods of education changed very rapidly WHY HE LOST Coun Martin Richards agreed with Aid Davies and said lie would like the teachers to suggest a method whereby a ban on canvassing could be enforced As a young man he bad once a job be cause lie did not canvass for it although it was stipulated in the advertisement that canvassing would be a disqualification He got into the final and lost he believed by one vote He was asked by one man who did not vote for him why he did not canvass for bis support if lie bad done so he might have had it! SHOULD SEE THEM Coun Richards added that lie never refused to see an applicant for a position under the authority because he thought members should decide their votes not entirely on information given them on paper but after talking to the candidates and forming their own impressions of them Could they have a method -which would make it possible to stop canvassing? He believed it would only drive the canvassing underground More relations and friends of candidates went round when canvassing was banned With regard to the suggested stipulation on years of service Coun Richards said should choose the man or woman who is best suited for the job in the interests of the children and not in the interests of the The letter was referred to the committee of ex-chairmen for a report to tbe authority The funeral which was private tool place on Monday of Mrs Edith Cole wife of Mr AY Cole Rosslvn Coles hill Terrace whose death was reported in our last issue Interment was at the Church Cemetery following a service at All Church where Mr Evans was at the organ I he vicar Canon I) Jones officiated assisted by the Revs Parry Mor gan A Pettit and 0 Jenkins The mourners were: Messrs AY Cole (husband) Cole Cole (sons) It Nicholls Morgan (sons-in-law) Percy Lloyd Frank Row lands Walter Cole A Is Street Walter Cole (nephews) (feortre Cole 'apt Harry Edwards (brothers-in-law) Thoma Hector Rees Johnny Rees Oram (cousins) Rev VY Thomas vicar of Gorseinon and Mr Lewis The hearers were: Messrs Frost Jones Gilbert Davies Davies AV Alford Penhelog and Jayne Floral tributes were from Father and children Anne Nigel and Michael Mary Jane Hugh and Percy Lizzie Gertie and Frank Nellie and John 4 Frondeg Terrace Mrs Cole and family Paddock St Harriet Gertie and Johnny Gertie Harry and Annie Lizzie and Margery Flora Kim and Hugh Uncle John and family Lena and Walter Mr Nicholls and family Mr and Mrs Hector Rees Miss Annie Thomas Mr and Mrs John Thomas and family Harry and Ray Gwen Mr and Mrs Edgar Truran Car cl i Mr and Mrs Morgan Edinburgh Mr and Mrs Morgan Swansea Mr and Mrs Chivers Blackpill Mr and Mrs Harding Employees at Station Road Mr and Mrs Frank Mercer George and Jeff Mr and Mrs Whitaker AY Alford and Audrey Dr Davies and Dr Noel Bees Mr and Mrs Poole Burnell Davies and Lowther Mr and Mrs Frost Jones 36 Coleshill Terrace Mr uid Mrs Harry Jones Mr and Mrs AY Jenkins Jack Richards Mrs Jeffreys Mr and Mrs David Thomas Mr and Mrs Roberts Mr and Mrs Isaac Jones and family A Allen and Alec Penarth Mrs Richards and family 32 Coleshill Terrace The AValpamur Co Swansea Llanelly Local Government Society Mrs Jones Liverpool MR RICHARD If Dining-room Suite comprising 4ft Sideboard fitted with two drawers one lined and divided for cutlery Dining Table extending to 5ft 3ft with four solid Oak Chairs fitted with loose seats PEOPLE MAKE BEST rlEWS of the Llanelly Association of the National Union of Teachers procedure with regard to the appoint of headteachers were discussed at "lie monthly meeting of the Education committee on Wednesday letter was read enclosing resolutions used by the teachers One urged that Canvassing directly or indirectly be rbidden and that any candidate by on behalf of whom canvassing took place should be disqualified years- MINIMUM The teachers asked also that applications should be considered only from certificated teachers with a minimum period of service of 25 years in the case of men and 20 years in that of women It was pointed out that rules of a similar nature had been adopted by the Swansea education authority in connection with appointments to headships t'oun Brin James said he was glad the teachers had considered the question and he welcomed the move particularly with regard to canvassing He believed the time had come when they should end that nonsense because it was very humiliating for these people to come round the doors of members of the committee He moved that the letter be considered CANNOT Conn David Jennings I suppose we are all in agreement about canvassing The question of limiting such appointments to people with 20 or 25 service however I cannot agree to This ihould either be referred to a committee or considered at some future time Coun Daniel Rees suggested that copies of the letter be circularised among the members for discussion at the next meeting Aid Elias Davies said the authority had tried on several occasions to put a stop to canvassing with the result that it had simply become intensified They had had other people coming to them apart from the candidates themselves In 1923 or 1924 they had tried to forbid canvassing and bad found matters were worse AND RELATIONS I had vicars and deacons and churchwardens coming to us on behalf of lie added Aid Davies And all the relations 1 Aid Elias Davies expressed the view Complete Set £12 12s Od SISTERS INJURED IN ROAD ACCIDENT 03 Luxuriously comfortable Three-Piece Suite in Real Hide Large Easy Chairs simple in design thorough in quality and design Loose cushions fitted with springs and beautifully soft 500-YEAR-OLD COIN DUG UP IN GARDEN Car and Lorry Collide A motor-car travelling towards Llanelly and driven by Miss Dorothy Marion Bowen of Cwmbach Farm and a motor-lorry the property of Bland and Son Carmarthen came into collision at Corner Bridge St Kidwelly on Thursday The front of the car was badly damaged and the driver and her sister and another passenger also received injuries They were Mrs Anita Bentley of Old Road and Mrs Jones of Green-acre Johnstown (Miss sister) The three were taken to a nearby house where they were medically treated While digging his garden plot Mr Fred Minglietti of Ferry Road Kidwelly unearthed wliat lie believed to be an old medal lie took it to an antiquary who on looking up file history of the coin found that it was a pure gold half-noble of the reign of Richard IT between the years 1377-99 and therefore well over 50? years old The coin is in perfect condition and bears clearly on one side a ship sword shield and crown Mr John Richard New Road has died aged 70 A native of Penygroes he-was a member of Siloh Presbyterian Cl lurch for nearly 50 years and was the brother of the late Rev Win Richard Bettws and the late Rev Lewis Richard Llanedy At the funeral the Revs Brechfa Davies (Siloh) Job Herbert (Penygroes) and Price (vicar Gorslas) officiated Principal mourners were: Mrs Thomas Morgan (sister) Mr Richard (brother) Mrs Lewis Richard (sister-in-law) Mrs Austin Llanelly (brother-in-law) Mr John Richard (cousin) Messrs A Richard I) Richard Richard Leyslion Thomas Mr and Mrs Anthony Davies Miss Kate Thomas Misses Nell and Marion Morgan Messrs Williams Jones Jones (nephews and nieces) Complete Suite 19 Gns Pugh Brothers house Furnishers LLANELLY HOLIDAYS WITH PAY: OFFER TO WORKMEN In town tonight: -ii1 If it its i'4 (ah the letters praising which we publish from time to time are quite unsolicited and il genuine When people write letters of this kind they are generally prompted to do so either by gratefulness for the healing help they have received or by the unselfish desire to let their -L fellow-citizens know about the healing powers of Every testimonial is genuine It rings with truth and sincerity Just read these letters of 'appreciation Then give tablets a trial yourself HEAD THESE RECENT TRIBUTES TO THEN need clothes and the shoes for the occasion For the footwear come to and be sure of style with comfort stock is most carefully selected so as to meet all tastes Why not call In and see this stylish collection? Or write to our Manager 8163 Blue Suede 3 eye wedding ring luce shoe i a Spanish heel Also in Green and Brown 10111 Also better quality at 1211 The latest London production MRS RiCHARD LEWIS The funeral of Mrs Richard Lewis of 37 Old Castle Road who died suddenly took place on Saturday interment being at Box Cemetery Mrs Lewis who had been with the Trinity Sunday School annual trip on AVliit Monday to Llamvrtyd Wells seemed to be in the best of health but on the following evening she passed peacefully away She was well known and had been a life-long member at Trinity Chapel where she was an active worker Much sympathy is felt for her sorrowing husband and children The Rev Lewis (pastor of Trinity) officiated at the funeral- and the mourners were: Messrs Richard Lewis (husband) Fred Lewis (son) Wilfred Howell Dan Griffiths (sons-in-law) John Lewis William Thomas Ernie Ormond John Daniel Ben Davies (brothers-in-law) Clifford Ormond I) Daniel LI Daniel Luther Lewis Edgar Lewis Emrys Lewis Fred Lewis Wm Lewis Albert Morgan (nephews) Davies I) Davies Emrys Davies Sam Thomas Jack Evans Gwilym Evans Fly James (cousins) Watcyn Davies Silas Morris John Williams and Ernie Nicholas The hearers were: Messrs Griffiths Isaiah Williams Gwvn James Paul John Cooper and Carter Floral tributes were from and Son Phil and Wil Meg and Dan Bona Each Will Gwladvs Elsie and Marion Tanyffynon Howard Barbara and Bethan Muriel Ernie and children Lil and Herb AVatford Mr and Mrs Howell Frondeg Terr Bert Jenny and children Frondeg Terr Mr and Mrs Daniel Havard Road Neighbours at Old Castle Road Arthur Sarali Ann Plant Mr and Mrs David Thomas Old Castle Rd Betty John Nantygro Da fen and children Mr and Mrs Williams Station Road Mr and Mrs Griffiths and family Mrs Cox Watford Edgar May and Joan Mr Lewis and children desire to thank all friends and relatives for their floral tributes and messages of sympathy It was stated at a meeting of the joint standing committee of the Joint Industrial Council at Swansea on Wednesday that with regard to holiday bonuses for tinplate industry employees during August stop-week the employers had made an offer which would be considered by the side of the Council A final decision would be taken at a special meeting of the men to he convened at an early date If the offer proves acceptable 22000 tinplaters will have holiday money during August stop week meeting lasted two hours and it is understood that the side agreed to recommend to their members a bonus up to a maximum of £2 per week It will be recalled that for jearr past the representatives have put the claim on the agenda for the annual conferences with the employers but the latter always turned it down until a year ago when a promise was made that the matter would be considered The reason for not granting the concession in the past was the very heavy cost it would entail to the industry It is understood that during the meeting the fact that Messrs Richard Thomas and Co and the Metal Box Co granted a bonus to their employees on the occasion of the last stop week was tioned and it is believed that this influenced the side of the committee in agreeing to recommend an offer of a bonus The decision is a very important one to the Welsh tinplate industry An application by female employees for increased wages was referred to the London committee DOCTOR ADVISES FOR RHEUMATISM 65 Hugh wood Leytonstone Dear Sirs London E1I For many months I was seriously 111 hospital suffering from Inflammation the heart and acute rheumatism After my discharge I used to suiter considerable pain and was advised by nty doctor to take This 1 aid and with the first three tablets felt relief After three weeks during which time I was taking nine tablets a day teas practically free from rheumatism his was a year ago and I have not had any recurrence eince Mv congratulations to yon gentlemen Yours faithfully CAVANAGH TUBERCULOSIS MORTALITY WALES Reply to Mr James Griffiths Mr James Griffiths asked the Minister of Health in the House of Commons on Thursday what steps lie proposed to take to deal with the problem of the high rate of mortality from tuberculosis in Wales wliat progress was being made with proposals for rural re-housing and whether those plans could be expedited in view of the gravity of the problem Sir Kingsley Wood Although the rate of mortality from tuberculosis in Wales is higher than in England and Wales as a whole I may remind the lion member that there has been a substantial decline the rate in Wales as well as in the est of the country this decline amounting to 38 per cent on the figures for 1935 as compared with 1910 SLUM CLEARANCE In Wales the arrangements for the treatment of tuberculosis are made by the AVelsli National Memorial Association on behalf of the AVelsli county and county borough councils and a survey of the services provided by the association is at present being undertaken by one of the medical officers of the Welsh Board of Health I am awaiting the results of this survey before considering what further measures are required As regards the second part of the question proceeded Sir Kingsley the position is that 4300 houses are included in the slum clearance programmes of the Welsh rural authorities and that 1339 replacement houses have been approved of which 700 have been completed A further 386 houses have been approved for the abatement of overcrowding and for general needs My department is continually watching the progress of the clearance programme with a view to expediting it where possible' NEW SCHOOLS NEEDED Mr Griffiths in a question to the President of the Board of Education referred to large number of school buildings that were unsuitable and should be and said that in the rural areas children had to walk long distances to school and during inclement weather had no facilities for drying their clothes Further there were no facilities for securing a substantial midday meal Mr Oliver Stanley I am alive to the SANITAPE HEADACHES DUE PACKING PRAISED EYESTRAIN BY 00CTOR DISPELLED 17 Crescent East 17 Crescent East DOES NOT HARM THE 1 USE MYSELF SAYS DOCTOR HEART Dear Sir Hadley Wood Middlesex I feel it is my duty both to you and the general public to tell you how the 'ASPRO consists of marvellous properties of have the purest Acetyisaiicylic helped me and still continue to do so Acid that has ever been from terrible headaches due to eye- ttnoun to Medical strain Not only are the pains active Science and its claims in my head but they often come down aTe based on its either side of my face with the result superiority I get awful bouts of neuralgia If it were not for the soothing effects of those Made in wonderful little tablets it would be almost too much to bear England Dy Very gratefully yours A EVANS (Mrs) ASPKv Gentlemen Surrey Many thanks for the generous samples of tablets I have always found them to be highly satisfactory and all you claim for them Moreover on account of their special packing they keep under all conditions and are always fresh and up to standard Yours faithfully (Signed) MD DPH (Nome withheld for professional reasons) HEAD PAINS CO Mrs writes from Bishops Waltham I thought I would take the pleasure In writing to say that I think Tablets are wonderful things Why I am writing this is because my husband has suffered a great deal la the bead so seeing these so much in the paper I got him some and he says he feels twice the man now" And that does ma LyoY for it and I recom- with confidence I have tried It ot imPie neuralgia where it 1 tulv ound fllcaclous in cates of and common colds and myself for sleepless -lumbago and headache You faithfully No 41 Men's Hack Calf suede shoe Goodyear welted for flexibil'ty Best English leather soles Also in Brown Grey Blue and Green 129 GEORGE OLIVER (Footwear) Ltd 6 6 STEPNEY STREET LLANELLY and throughout Wales LET OLIVERS PUT YOU ON A BETTER FOOTING A AS A GARGLE) SLOUGH BUCKS Continued from preceding column mhJYrIcp d'p'h withheld for professional (Name reasons) Two tablets In four tablespoonfuls of water make an excel-t lent gargle for sore throat tonsilitis and act as a deterrent Telephone SLOUCH 608 No proprietary right is claimed in the method of manufacture or the formula ALL LEADING CHEMISTS AND STORES STOCK SAND DISPLAY try aspro for ISLAND PLACE HALL LLANELLY INFUJENZA headaches SLEEPLESSNESS CA importance of improving or replacing unsatisfactory school buildings and progress is continually being made in this respect As regards the provision of facilities for drying clothes and for providing a mid-day meal attention has been called to these matters in the Pamphlet on Elementary School Buildings (Education Pamphlet No 107) and in Circular 1444 both of which were issued by my department last ydar I hope that as progress is made with the reorganisation of elementary schools it may be possible to secure a substantial extension of these facilities RHEUMATISM ALCOHOLIC AFTER EFFECTS PAINS PECULIAR TO WOMEN MALARIA ASTHMA COLDS LUMBAGO IRRITABILITY NEURITIS HAY FEVER NERVE SHOCK TOOTHACHE AsprO Saturday Sunday May 29th 30th Preacher Rev EMLYN JONES 1LANHAKRAN Pastry rises to perfection with BAKING POWDER 6- ft 2fc WITHIN THE REACH OF ALL PRICES SERVICES: Saturday 730 pin Sunday 1030 am A 6 pm Continued in next column.

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