Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 18, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1952
Page 6
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i»r JB »t In Orion Matt QurtUn Cluh (i, Orion wo« hoMOM to . Iri, Athdown Thur«dny, Kwberl Cox, prctldfnt, wan progrorM Icndur and n«nt(»t<ju by Mn, W, K. ' Tl'oop vwtio» HOM STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Sahird'ay, October 18, Saturday/ October 18,1951 § T A R » tf d y i, AUK A H 8 At Frld»y «t (he home of Mrs, with Mr*. ROM Bright «« Mr*. Troy Or<»«snl«e reeeived first » on twr »rrrtn|{em<?rrt conform- the lhr>mi« "Full Bftttnly," Th« htfltte»*«K served a salfld pin IP with r-AfTvit and Iced drinks to ftlxt««n in»rnlwr» present. Personal Mention 2nd f<t. Atvlo ft. Cnlhoon, com A«»(x.'lttlc Infnn- try C^)ni|Jany Officer CoUr*i» Goto Bennlng, On, Thl« to produce com- Ctoe, if, who «nvo "Whet to Plant tor Bprlnjt Flower Rhrtw" and Mr«, f. tt, JteymmW who save "Why 1 avtt th* Garden dun,'* N(M. Orton w«* n minimi In fig fey Mr*. J, J. Bottle who . tt irw soffe* and Mre. W. r, Cox. 8r, whb nerved Urn cuko. Heveritoim rriirnb^ri And otto ttvent wfl« pro* Conf«r*nc» miw^ Confibrcnco WHli pany grntle officer* well-grounded In th» bwslc fimdam«nt»ls and tech- nfijuci of all Infantry units wltd emphnslii on the* development of Capable company commend*™, l.t. Colhonn's wlfo, Wnndii F'uyp Cnl- hoon, reslrton on Iloute 4. Hop*. Cominq and Going Mr, und Mm, Wtilter Lockn 31, nt the Methodlil Church, trntton wlll'W trbUn 0;30 to 10 o"* Appoorlntf on the proaif«m for the Ing session are Mr, E, 0, . TSxurkflna, and Mrs, Carroll of Af' Con'grosfi of Parent* nnd ' r %l|*"k»t« Williams, MonticftUo A&M Colicxe, Htntd Clmlrrnun on HeiWt And Family Lite, «n4 Mrs. Bakor ol Magnolia, Btttte Health Chairman will conduct work i. sHopH In the afternoon, Lunch will be nerved nt thn ohurch artfl tha meeting will ud» Journ at 2:30. .All PTA of (kern nnrt member* of thtt dJdtrlct or« uriied lo (ilter.d, dlfltrlct Includes Little Hlver, IBT. Carolyn, of Magnolia »vt»rnlnht Hue*)* In Hope iillomliKl the llopC'Pnfrvlcw Frldny night, Ml«8 Lnven Coopwr iiwimpnnled thorn horn* for B week enrt visit. MTU, Jim ucptl of Texarkntm U now rwldlriK In tho MttMn«lll Homo In Unpo. Hospital Notes Branch Mil. Virginia Cannon, Hope, noun Lou l''li>mln« Hope. DlKchnrdt'd: Mm. Kttrl Bnfn atut ftlrl, Hope, Mr«. II, K. Mahon Truman Set for 2nd Part of Campaign WASHINGTON. *UP>-~ Prenl dent Truman, highly plens#d .with UK result! of his flrnt campaign tour, is "rnrlnR 1 to RO OKflln,' Whit* House inllmnU«» reported to- df,y. He will board hi* special train tonl«ht <ol 10 p.m. EST) for his second foray Into the hustings on behalf of the Democratic ticket. His schedule cnlU for three days of wlilnU?-*toppmi{ through Connecticut, MnsftrtchusetU, Rhode Island nnd Nf'W Hampshire, winding up wnh n rnnjnr address Saturday nlKht in Brooklyn. . Vice PrPslrU-nt Aibnn W. Bark- U-.v ntiio hit tho (.-(impiiliin trnll today, (or the first lime In the 1032 cnmpn!»n. Leaving thi» capital by plan«> <nt II a.m. EST) int- 74-yoar-old vt-op planned to visit at Ic.'ist II lilnlcH, be^liinint{ with a rally at St. Cloud, Minn., Unijtht, Mr. Truman's Intense campaigning Urt-w tho fire of Sen. Hi-rmim Wflker (R-Idai, who called on tho president In n lel< l i(ran> to "cancel fiirthur campaign trlpii and rurnaln nt your post In the White Hnusc In the Iritercs t sfoAmcrican security." naltl that "an unfortunate has bi.'cn created report on the ttalc of tho parly'*! e»m« up was how much the party 1 can afford to act aside for travels treasury. One question which doubtless Democratic leaders previously! for the presidential candidate him- have complained they were having! sr-'.f, Gov. Adlal E. Stevenson, tc ILONDII •y Chick Yo«it9 and brondcasts by Mr. Truman.' trcuble providing enough money; reach the voters. OH, HOW 1 LOVE < LIVEF? AND ONIONS Hope, m' W Judy SeV%, Howard, t.ttf«yi>tte, Mlllur, Julia Ch«Rt*r Adniltt«l: Mr«. I., McClane, Hope, Mrs, llcnson Foster, Hope, lJlflcIiflr«c(l: Mrs, Hnclwe Steed, , Alva 0, Heynet-jion. Hope, Mr, a of Knot! and Mm, A. Howl in announce tho arrival of a , Nancy Howenn. Dohlla O»rd«n Club M»«U Ootabur 1? The Duhllu Uurtk'n Club met on LAST TIMES TODAY In the Middle Aifon, May Day WfiH oUgpfVitit tt» a tjrcut public hoi Id 11 y lit ftr\Kl»ntl, abroad thnt thu country lo leader- ICSK clurltur (he political campalun, Inrgoly breiHiKi) of the obsencu from Washington of the president." Mr. Truman returned to tho capl liil Sunday after n Hi-day cross- country trip on which he lambasted Republican Presidential Cuncll- dale DwlKht D. Hisenhower with more than 00 speeches In 15 states. Informants »uid lie was so with tho reHponse to that trip thnt he bus about dncidcd to .Ntiiy on tho road almost continual )y from no,w until election day, Jk« was underntood lo have din- Ilia campaign travel pluns with mernhers of the Democratic Finance Committee, who called at Ilif White House late yesterday l MARIA MONTH JOHN HALL, SAIU "Wh|t« Savage" wk" I, Cartoon r^n , _,l%^,,' L'^f'/'i ^'*H lp^«\^r^ II; */vy .« a « J»^« v r= %',^.;/^ fW," ,f r t" * >'"V fe/.^a^;. M^^S *-^**^ 1%'t to'X ', " v SN' v Ci' 1%'fr^v ^•rKS'.J-r.^ V .?*_ PRESCOTT NEWS Sunday, October 1ft tho Youth Choli- oif tho First Church will mt-«t oit Sun tiny HI 5 p.m. with -David WMto, pnjloi-, in chnrge. The Unior\ \vtil mcDtotO; 30. Youth Ffrllowiihlp of tins Met hodUt Clnircli will meet Sunduy ut 0(30 ^ for y'ouni! proplo Church of Christ wUl bo Sunday ut 0:40 p.m. Tho BTS of the C«nlrql Baptist wfll mept Sunrtoy^t-;? p.m. i'tvo Plonner Mootlnu of the Pros- Church will meet Sundwy p.m. Tho YoiHth rtvcwt at 0 p.m. Supper will be by Mrs, D, I,. McRne. Sn, Mrs. \Varrvn Cummln«s. Peopfe pf tho Asson< Tho bly 0t 06d ^Church wllrmoot Sim- ilny at 0:30 p,in,' There will be « Yuimg . (Service at U»e Church of Nai5nv6no Sunduy nt 7 p.m. The wedding ot Ml.sa Tnnup Mur- r.v and Jumus Lewis Howell wii: bo aolomrUifd on Sunday after noon at S o'clock ut Uve *Ji?tHo41*t Chvivch, A ree«ptl follow in tho home pf thte bride's pur wits, Mr, and Mrs, R. T. Murry N«««JI«9r«n Club M««t« Members ot the-Ncedlecruft Club HiiH!d on In the home of RTrs. Kodaey wither*, J. C. stosiu- hostess. flowttr« in colorful hues tho background for tho tw«JUyi member* And «uvst» Miss i Lewis Howcll, was fctotl ] vltl\ a coffee on Wednesday uwrtv- vcn by Mrs. Kdwiircl Bryson it IUT hoino on Kasl Mtiin Strout. Arrnnttcincnts of autumn flowers vt % re usud throiijthout tho house. A yellow wedding rlnu contcrod Vllh u minlHture bride united tho coffoo table. The hunorco received n corsage nnd u gift of ehlnn and crystal in >r chosort pnltcrn. ': The dinlnn table \vns centered With n silver bowl flllod with while blossoms. Mm. Rucker T. Murry, mothor of thcJionoree, presided at ;ho coffeec service. Tho seventeen guests received corsiiBoa at while weddinK hells. Mr. and Mrs. A. B, Gordon nt- tonded the fwnerul services for W. A^.' Jennn In Hope on Tuesdny afternoon. Mr. ond Mrs. Dun Pittmnn, Jr.. wor« Tuesday visitors in Little Kock. Mr, and Mrs. Clarko White spent n port of this week In Mabel. OkUv. «r,i Do Queen. Mrs. \V, I*. Cuiriinlnys has return etl fron> Jonu.sboro where she was Uitt BiieMt of h«r daughter. Mrs. Bob Fincher nnd family, Mrs, G, W. Alsptiugh of El Dorado has been called to the bedside of her mother, Mrs. Ira Davis, who Is critically ill In the Cora Don- Hell Hospital. »nd McCain chatted and sandwich cour»« was by the hostesses, C. <K W«nt M«tt*M Prnftott H o ciub Mrs. 6. IX Ward was hostess to Ut* Preseott Demonstration Ciub Bernard Rephan ot Hot Spring*, was the Tuesday evening guest ol Mr. and Mrs. All«n Gee. ftt her on Tuesday afternoon. Or»C#ful arrtngements at v»ntB** points. Mr. «nd Mrs, Don Buchanan and son hove ieturae<t to their hom« in «. Okla,, after « visit with his Mrs. dtt Buchanan, and elatives. the' twelve members present. terf0rm»t«v* Him on KU«aU«th Pwin & Tenmu Mwry, fiancee of UB*' *WP"wlr «Mt MJ-J to the HOPRDRIVMN THEATRE fipr tlitt mon cUl y evwviwg (n UM» liturday — Ooubt« *YoMng A$ You Ffltl* Ume Mr». L, U Bu<**nan Mr^J«te"|JSM, Mr*. 0«s Mr S , t. & MMnqr. tfui Rdwird J. W. Teeter has return- «Kj n'pm Jonesboro where sh» was the '"guest of her daughter, Mrs. JJm §|oan und fan\Uy. U. Bobby Huynio of Chanute Field 1$ the guest of his parents, Mr. u(«l Mrs. Lloyd Haynie, Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Vancey had is their Tuesday guest R, D. Hamm o( Los Angeles, Calif and W. H, Hamm of Cumden. Wonderful A Great General Motor* Value! I THINK A HUSBAND SHOULD Krrss HIS wiFt \WHEN HE- COMES HOME. BEFORE PONT WORK?, DEAR -. WEIL NSVE15 CET /A POT FULU OF LIVER > AND ONIONS COME BETWEEN US OZARK IK1 — x * ' : T- "** Drive it Yourself! f There's only one way you can truly know the greatness and exciting performance of the 1952 1'ontlac. Come in today and put this grand performer through its paces. You'll love It! ., Behind the wheel of a Dual-Range* Pontlac you'll think every street and road you drive on has been improved, every bottle-neck opened, every hill made lower and easier. In Traffic Range you can feel the eagerness, the pep and the authority of Poritiac's great high-compression engine. On the open road, Cruising Range takes over, reduces engine revolutions aii-much as 30 per cent—for mofe go on less gas! Get all the facts and figures—it's so easy to give yourself the joy of owning a PontlaC. /* \ •Optional at extra cost. ]>ollar foirl>ollar you. camtft beat a HEMPSTEAD MOTOR CO. 319 S. Walnut Hope, Ark. Another First With National.... FIRST with individual washers FIRST with San iron e Now First With.... :->,-f^.. LAUNDRY & DRYCLEANING AVAILABLE NOW! \^r Here's on omcm'ng new process lor »h» j)Uf«lf wash and freshest dry cleaning you've ever known. Nature's wonder chlorophyll provides a fabric treatment thqt leaves your laundry and dry cledning V flower-fresh. Your clothes and linens stay fresh even after weeks of wear and use, No olher method brings you the lasting odor-resistance that the exclusive lusrerway chlorophyll process offers. It's o big extra for th* b«$» cleaning and laundry buy ** * J**^*^" in town. There's no additional charge for our remarkable luitcrvoy proceti. /'" \ look fo| iht Iwilwwsy y leal, U'l your ggorfjntee tf «n»xttlled |ivr)»y orwaiK and the freihetl % -.- "' .-.. - ..• ?< * j'-t.V •*"- '-- -' y«u'vt Montana Medley HORIZONTAL 1 is the capital of Montana 7 State of Montana is the bitterroot 13 Expunger 14 Front of a building 15 Ropes 1G French capital 17 East (Fr.) . . 18 Organs ot . smell . •• . 21 Route (ab.)' 22 Require 24 Negative prefix 25 Vegetable 26 Let fall VERTICAL 1 £arninine appellation 2 Rubbed out 3 Endurer 4 Worm. 5 Gaseous element 6 Malicious burning 7 Fast freight (ab.) 8 Race course circuits • 9 South American wood sorrel 10 Royal preserve 11 Redacted .. « 28 Run aground' 12 Set anew 30 Short sleep 32 Goddess of dawnf 33 British money , of account 34 Rodent 35 Mother 38 Seines . 41 Wiles 42 Terminal point 44 Diamond-cutter's cups 4? Burmese woc<l sprite 4? Compound ether 49 Unit o' wire measurement : 50 Rows 52 Pompous show 54 Hebrew ascetic ; 56 Made s speech 1*57 Dog breed ' 58 Singers 19 Distress signal 39 Fruit at sea 40 Frying pan 20 Penetrate 4 1 Poker stakes 23 Givers 43 Station ; 25 Sewed loosely 45 Winter 27 Peel vehicles 29 Horse color 47 Domestic . 31 Window parts slave 33 fextol 48 Uncommon 36 Certify 51 Rot flax by 37 Powerful explosive exposure 53 Raced By Dick Turner T. M. Rtf. U. r. 1952 bi NEA 6>riH». Inc. "Oh, you CAN support her In adequate fa»hion? Ohf important qu«»t!on—dof» your firrn haye any openir SIDE GLANCES By Qalbroith NATIONAL LAUNDRY-CLEANERS r VV I ^ \\V\ ~\ 5 ,»*> «-/! T *attrj&. OUT OUR WAY By ,. R. WIIH-m. NMCFLINT >mr ' WELli , U5OKIT THXSCT, WILL VAt A REa'UAR. WADR'IC BEMCH AM' VISE. fel6HT OM HIS PERe-OW.' WHY, HE JUST SINKS TH' JOB IN THERE AM' IT HOLDS LIKE A VISE/ WHY, YOU COULD HOLD A FISH IM THAT WHILE TAKIM' IT OFF TH 1 HOOK. -- WHY, YOU COU LP - - WHY, EVEN - - WHY MOTHERS SET &»«» p'*""* 1 """*'''""" 1 ™*"*"™"*'"" 11 i"iniw^«"««*"«Mi —ISUKB, THATS \\HAT >A 6&.V APOUT THE LAST JOS— KOTWiN' TO IT/ /VVAYUB NOT POE A 6UY LIKE &WSL- LEV. V/HO CAM WRESTLE HIS WAV. OUT OF TKSHT (?FOT&, - IVMILB LOUB THE LETTE WOX BAV65- I FOX CKVIKKS OUT UOUC5 *ANI?PtA, PROPS,,, i' " WLU SA PTJA«6 USTIN TO T— i^sH^iM^^i^J .*i ,f9f» -n tA-rVi VA-LJA-T v.v A A ir» I - "rvjm ffffrttX ^^ ,***! ^ tviuu Tf^ ruwr^v THB WtOP? OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople ESAD, JA50M .' H AM 6 NOD CHAtiCeo UPOl^ FAvCK MB CilB MS A AN 1 A*ED METO.T 6WAY MV KIMFOLK6 fO VOTE FOR VOU-'-^MV VJlPS TOPA"Z. SOT EMOU6H RSLATIOMS) ABOUT TovJNl ? voe FlNiD HIM ATCTOCE !T MAV L1PE R AkiA OF A^5YSODy ) COEKCS TrAEM,.' ^c-^te FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbcrger ItVthftt way iviry JrwfMn|M Imagine their votes will cancel each oth«rl" .;.. ..;... FREQKLES AHU HIS FRIENDS By Bloiier CHCICS STAMPED A SiCR|TJOK5R 60TTA PROMISE SOMBTMIMS THAT STARTS WITH FOLLOW MC, MEN/ I'U, 5ACMFICE MYSELF TO TMecAUse MAMBUKGER. RAr4NA iswAiTiNe wsioe TO TVVIRP ME . ROYALTY STYU/ NOWstiiTfey-SMeJ Wl/H. MOTIO? tM SIGN IN6 OMB S1MPW MEANS pROMISf REPAYM6MT HA^OU, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B * mjBJjm^^Qgi^^^^A^^^^H tvMl^lO'Mdl^andRolpri 111. 5AV IT'S A *"7~-> CKUMM.V PLAV THEY KB «_, .—.. — .. ./ Crtt? f * WASH TUBBS THBRE'$ THE WNN 7 IF HE PROVE PNNGERQU^ WMO 2POKE WITH/ TO THE CAU-5E, VT WILL. 86 WILSON AT THB \ MiV PUEA'SURB TO DI5POJ3B ' r ;>|PVV By\«1 i6 ^« '4HPW' IEASV niisrw^nCARMIl HE W^\N BE HELP- IMG KMLS0N! I>»" BOulS AND HER BUDDIES — r ii"-"' " ••-•»•- -; • " ' By Edgor Marti " f ^SKfe' 5 ^* J 5 TN^a-«2fe*;--K-s BUGS BUNNY SUCH BNEHOV/ MA' THAT BUM, UpAISfl. ALLEY OOP i,,Y'SEEITWAS A, 0PARK RROM W KING, ASHES! BURNED / AW, DON 1 1' FEEL T.1P...QONE. 1 A.LL MV FAULT^ BAO^SOLDIER, POP. FALLING DOWN ^ND\ IT'S NOTAU. 9PIU-ING TH' WATER! OH. ( TOUR FAULT.,. I»IT rirc i n*v ,6TARTEDIT,'SO , to i-rtb PARTLY A • MV CilllT/ ).'. CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer HINRY .'->: '• i^^^^^^T #.

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