Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 17, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, October 17, 1952
Page 13
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\fl T^ <«*<M ITAt* MOft, ARKANSAS Hftfct Study Count COMPLETtJ jrour M*h «ohool «t horn* In ip«re iirttft. DlpUjmn. Ko elflMoit, text* furnUhed, WHt* tot free booklet, American Sohobi, 4W8 Alabama, fort Bmrui, Atfc o-n-im Pair Enough By King PMturw ftyndfaat*. Wckrtttftf U»*d bflbx ._ r . __, Muit bo In condition. Phono 7-4393, i.vat dlih wo»her. 8«l*r> |2A n week nlxo tints crtottn- httliwr. Apply Mannffor Dlnrmmrl &»te, to-tr union trltfc •y the Ai«oel«Ud Sovitnwoul Conference oleven*! diickcrt off on heavy trnlntng in-', rl.iy an they prepared for thp Hrntj Garment WorU.i bl « *<"* «nrt «rf ecw,fc»nw »>m«.. vu> to li» «>W cam. I Jf!) ' '* """ >'"""""' u " u " lv <"- mini Implied , Uirnu to «xton h«rd.«rn«l mon.jCtirl.tl.in, «*•«»;" Method i,t ami from DiiWrt»fcy'» IH-pnM »ub. " 10nlw ""J r " f GOOD home for f»*rl 1'onMnn hit- 'ten*, m N, HOrvey. l7-.lt ONK Exparhmiceil wflUraiu, M per d«y plun intent* «nd tlp«. Apply) M«n««er Diamond Cnfe, I7>tf For lUnt Jcct* for c'ampfllgn fund* in AirorlMii election. The ultima lo lion! in Marxian xocliilliirn here unit In fqri'lgri countrle* where Oubln* iky'H nfinnt* «r« nponly operating machine In flnnrnnl vlri. ol th<! "policy" of our JJtntn which forbid* Amtsrl- t!BH cltlzcnn to Inttfrftrw in the do- ir.tiillc nffnirn of other rinllon*. JDublrnky'n union In B nub-nnllon Within ihi? United 8t«lfl», with ltd lluif'1-lnn ruling net. llo own »«• '* court*, noOM8 on North Hamilton Street, Bee MM. 'C, C, Dodnott. 15-IH room KnfurnUned opart- pnporod, nen«on m«nt. Able rent. 815 K, Dlvlnlon, Klnt f.|7T4, 16-31 ft DOOM unfurnished houi* at 600 8, Hamilton Street, Apply nl 502 8, fiartiUton. 10-Ot IM W, AVR. C., Six room houno. Orjo block O«le»by School, Phone 10«3t room opurt wont, Bill* paid. 713 8, Fulton. )7-3t HOQM furnlih«(i npnctment, Prl vdfe both, Utllltlwi pnhl, t'ouplo preferred, No PL-IS, 713 E, Dlvl dcpnrtnicnt tr«n»ury nnd te nocinllnllc pollttcnl Indlvidunl wwlli 1 - worker I* afraid to oppose; the lutnt nnd hi* iiaulcito «xc(«pl In r»r« CHWH. Many Imllvidunt tubjucu hnvi- written moj In four, muting forth tttf [milieu- wln co |,, rnn of , cl . Buccosslvc losses! IttM of thin political »Iiak«Mlfiwn cli.'-| ln • Kentucky nml MIchlKon Stut.-.i ' to nvolrl lh« forbiddtmn- <'[) At Wnco, Conch OcorBi- Snucr ' """""" luifi h!« Baylor Bciir* pollshlm,'! lh»t|r iierlul giimt' for their non-! conference? tnnslo with Texas Techj nt Lubhock. i Tht? dlmippotntlnK TUXIIH Long —j horns, losom to Notre Dame ami) Oklahoma in their lust two outings, j ttte IHWH. Howt-vcr they Implore PHI not to 1'i'vttul their tinmen. But Mr*, llelmm Kulonha In up to hwr old trick*, too. Mm. Kulcuhn li» n little fighter, who miidu n mmlttf'u of th« llounci Comon Itibor quit cold nnd then licked. Rmll Sclilcnlngi'r, the Intttr- •lion 8tf#0t. 17-31 nparlmont, 3 <ift<i privntu bnth, 209 For Salt CU yulfKly. PJnno, refrl«or- utyr, wiin'i ftuluvu wiitch. Uur- gHln for cash. HIS W. Av«. in. ^^ 4-tf ti5rs"»0 X 240, In three UlMkTof the homo* in town, »2Wi. Torms '$10 per month. Cult T, W, Bolew, in court 01 hl» lawyer* or th« «"<>"» who lt!»v« fljiurcd so piomlnently In the dirty ht.Mlory of tltlg brutnl racket' ovor many yunrit, the whole rot ton system »hc bent SchlaglnKor absolutely nlona, nnd tin' jiidtic ituidu him h«mt nvor to the oM'k for pnymont to her the nmmint of her summer vncntlon fund which the union trlwd ,to withhold iK'cmw «li(i rofuHWl to stand for (ino of Dubliuky'* "charity 1 ' .shukcOiiwnsi, Tlu> union was for Ismol nntl for oorlnln] hor»i\ "eharUlt>!»" In Itnly, TKoro 0«tf w«ek otiy, ltou«P paint, $3,75 gttltau, Kivtln- faction or your money buck. Swap Shop, 105 a, Wnlnut, 18-Ot modern i. Terms. 018 ,,, -"Immolate POIHOM- »li?n, See Mr«, Mullock mutt door. 13 ' 8t hog weighing nd! and 80 white fiulneatt, Arthur Orfty, 0*»n, ArHnnbitH, U-OL bull. Will ««il or trmlu for milch C8\v. W. A, AHorrt, Ut. 8, Uopo. Bull find llPlfoi- ualves 0 to 11 f mouiJw old, $300 up, *'red Mo- Junking, S»roto«n. Arknnunt, 16-71 Estatt for Sale > bedroom homi 1 , u'OUihrttit, 100' x 180' .. toU You may havo thin I T fto? only §8000 down. Mon- pJtymeiUs of 10340, Inelwl- IfttOroit. principal, Insurim- «it and t«x,««, 1810 B. Mntn St. TOO 8. MAIN. Nice S room house. All large roams, »puco, l,tu-«t> at art 1 iminy .lows ttnct many Atnurl cans of Italian felrth of dosctMH In union, ;-:i Oubinsky nnd l.ui«i Anionlni, onp of his yus-rnen In thu Nillnjt lift, dt-cltled lo make them os lilu.niuits by pnlronUlnK In- nnd Italy with n Invlnh; haml at the of their lo»o'h«»- union U»ok, but all about thU in ttm* tor )0ni Hogs Toper , BoseboH Fans Will Like The Winning Team" ^^^ ^ ^^ ^ .^^M f ••••* ^* •• •• • ij '*''*"**'^** f *y M t*f | t | filttP^fflMdMffl'ffHllMMOMfFnH^ HI • *- ----- - —*- •••—-~--~-" .~~-*-^— j^a6k.^j» Off for Game ; With Texas ; - , , «rf T M «. f Ic* Intllule °" ly | wen- »UH> were Klvon n st»v er'liiilnt bulxc nvvr Rico ot Hovis ninkcfs rnteci T(?;<a» n *cven-|«>int fitvorltp ovnr Rlcp at Houston. I Conch OH* ttouidc* sent his Ac-1 kiinxnn Ha/orbnckH throujih Inten-^ »lv<< drllld y»;»terdny nnd then '• ciill.'d cff contact work for thc rest| of the weak, H? told the Hous thc' outcome of thdi «umc with Tcxtis pfobnbly hltiBi'il '>ri their dofcnsivo «nme. j 'Kixorbnck Qunrierbnck I.nmar' MdHnn, hurt In ArkiiniiaR' victory! ovt-i- Dnylor 1/ist week wns still a doubtful Htnrtt-r nwulnst Tt.xus ! Toxnx drilled til« Ronald Reaean (left) portrays Grover Clcvelintl Alexander (right) in "The Winning Team," W«rner Broi. 1 baieball drama which traces the fa ulous career of Alex the Great right up to his almost tingle-handed victory npalntt the Yankees during tie 19Z6 World Series. Doris Day, who also stars In the film, playing Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at tie Rlalto Theater, plays his devoted wife, while - Coach Hay GuurfC'j Frank Lovejoy Is seen r.s Rogers Hornsby, another niter figure In the s'ports world, nritt** on TCU'.s nlnvni -•- •7"::~~~~ ""*:: :—~;~" —--- '• ::^r^z:—•-— — —— attempt to get bnck In thc! OUT OF DOORS with Pre-Season Gun Hints By WARREN PAGE Shooting Editor n n > t h i! r jolt TucHdny 1 One of thc lud.s nt thc club run- Tiicklc ., union'* hlKh-prlccd lawyer, | w |, cn Duftnsivi.- Tiicklc Clifforcl! go Inst wcck-cnct was having o/ the Now York smnll clulma j» 0 |i< wug injured, It WIIH learned i hnrd time of it. He was trying to •t. She isn't nfraW of Oublnoky yenturdny thut Polk would be out! tam>t his pet doer rifle, and could fcr the runt of thc neusun. He was'not seem to make thc thing stay t\ compound frncltiri; of n flriKer. \ put — was scattering his shots all Tuxiih Coach Ed Price conccn-i over the paper, 'ti'dtcd on defensive work In the] A couple of dollars worth of am- 'In-her 'memorable triumph ovorl l(,»t ncrlmmaee of the week. Th'- 1 munition nnd some hot cusswords Tt,<x»H llni' lonkinl like a sieve Mutor aidllndt tho .Sponers lust week. lie di.scovered what was — thc scope mount scrcsvs SMU worked on pass defense i were loose. Two minutes with a |Hi'pnrlnn for thc Rice Owls and! borrowed screwdriver and ho was hliw Htcllcr end Doyle Nix sprain i buck doinn real business. tin linklo. Ho had to be helped; Screws loosen there's no from thu field. Tackle Lou Miller j doubt it. They sometimes seem to may not be able to piny aiiainsit jdo so even when the musket is out Rice, cither. He has i\, thai-ley of use for months. Before you case old Betsy for Hlce, meanwhile, held its secoiui; pre-lrip Im-fii'tinf,'. b<< dead sure rilKised scrlmmtiKo of thcjihnt the tuiard screws, fore and Bobcats Are Favored to TakeFairview Wi'i'k without Fullback und Pnht-iufi of the or Kosse Johnson in the lineup, j imnc. I'loorpliit He brulm'd his knee Tuesday amli • guard and map- on a bolt-action are set up hard. They're Tlu-y ««t an nrbltrory contftbu- lion nnd Mr*, Kuloahtt rqfuscd to puy, not on prlnciplo, for »he was willing to Hive a titllQ, but on, the tiroumt thut lt,,wo« too • much ,ln propurUon to tho eatings o( tno Hi tho uaW> 8hop..She; In hoc 8hop..She; nl«o,thouKhl they should have been Invited to vote on thu contribution, but on that nh<> didn't insist, Tho worker! oil wore ln-lu« docked «n arbitrary umount eight along 'tovvai-d a vaunt Ion (nnd which \v»* held in tho union's \i\n trensuvy until tbwtr hoi Ititiys f«U dues then It waa supposed to b« iholrs On demand, But when Dint hour -oeme nntl Helen Kuleshn was »Ull,lft,prrettrs on Iho "gift" to tunic! tuitt'ltiily, th« union refused to glvu Hetihor own moft« ey for her vacation.* At that, sne \vrnt to Wa»hli\gton ttt her own Wol: Ornbrejjht was belnK readied, w hat holds the rifle together. lor his fullback post. Coach Jessj if jf s a lever Kim of thc .. Nu>ly tried Huzzy Bryan and HiuH Chester type there'll bo tang sere... dy Grimthtun nt defensive half, n| lo tighten firmly. Those muskets Win. post which has been an Owl sore { that use a Ion- boll running throiu'h Npot this season. tho stock to tie down the action Conch Dutch Meyer was hearten-1 n ,. c a little toujjher — that nut Says Boxing Needs Medical Supervision Od by u spirited Tuesday scrim rnngK by his defondlnu champion ToxaK Christian squad and ttlnckwi Up on work yesterday. Dofensive Knd Johnny Crouch, with a throat ailment, and Halfback John Hnr- vlllo, watched the workouts from may be so hard to roach you'll) CHICAGO hrive to make a trip to th gunsmithing* shop: With a smaller - bladcd screw- A physician, ,e local j formerly an athletic official, saitl toc'.ny that boxing'" needs official certain every iron little com- NCAA Probe Extends to Ten Schools CHICAGO, Ml — Thc National Athletic Association, revealing that 10 schools are being investigated as code violators of varying decrees, will wind up a four-day par Icy today that paves the way to thc group's national convention in January. The* closing session of the NCAA policy-directing council is expected to include a report on television. — |;j luifih C. Willctt of Southern California, NCAA president, said he did not know if the TV commit- tco will submit a 1053 program at this time. The TV matter has been warmed up to an issue by n recent charge l:y Edward Moose Krause, Notre Dame athletic director, that tho NCAA had a "share the wealth" TV proposal ready to operate next year. Thc NCAA admitted it was contemplating a long-range plan to allocate TV proceeds to members which might accrue from a sub- Sf-ription TV program in the future. Bui it said nothing definite had been planned at this time. Idcnity of the 10 colleges and universities accused of violations is being withheld. Cases against thicc of them have progressed to a point where the council is con- Coach Joe Ensminger came^,utt with the heartening news today tfra] a special nose'guard has WfeH , made lor Halfback Raynjond dHt 1 *** chwelt and the Bobcat swiftly V be able to play tonight when J local lads engage Fairview's ' dinals of CuUcndale. Churchwell's noise was brnki the Hot Sprln'gs ISariie " fest . and It wa,s feared .he would be;6( for at least two gnmes. If needr tonight he will see action. . ,| ; Local fans ar«, scheduled to gi a long-neoded break at tc ' game. The complete hew lights at Hammons Stadium ,n..« T be turned on for thc first timft'' The new system, with poles behind the stands, replaces the old ories installed some 20 years ago. Tonight is Homecoming for (j|« Bobcats and some 21 senior members of thf- squad will take part in pre-game ceremonies. EafHe^ this afternoon Misses Nelda Thompson and Pat Samuels will be cfo'wn ed Homecoming co-queens before :he entire student body, Toftiklj' the queens and maids wll Ibe jjji corted onto the playing fie""' ' to a special section by the ing seniors: Tommy Doyle. Clyde A) ftobby Bruce, Dee Coffee, Duke, iBernard Dunn, J. B. Efilfen, Richard Chism, John Gilbert, 1*om. Ed Hays, Richard Hunt, ^tick; Jones, Jerry Jones, John Keck, Darryl Messer, Ellis Rothwelj. ^en neth Stone, John Tabor, Jim Yd- com, Thomas Beck, and Thoitiai Gibson, , For tonight's contest the.', Sob- cats are generally favored b|a( • upset victory for the Class A .of near Camden is not too far-f«(Jli' od, The game starts promptly ai 8 o'clock. Oaklawn Park Builder Dies HOT SPRINGS, (UP)- Hent-y tho .. ,..,.„.... , „ ..„, SBl - ew ln your iron sifiht coni-j He declared that many boxing i „>. T o ,« vlllc, watched thu workouts from hfmtinn nv n,.. «,. , „ . , i .u " ., , .• ,. . i D. C., Jan. 8-10. thc ildOllnes. Hnrvlllc. hurt in last e ^fth A i^''^n ( ^ ' "! dt -; ntha , nr « n " "cidontnl as list- j ; , r t d t t wuiik'l Trinity K amc. is a virtual 5"niw a b,-i-cn hoJ.^ h V' ( 'i " ' , '" i r ,'"' , ^' ot Kentucky, in^ Cirtch not to sec uetlun against thc lc , " heni tcd hlmtcr "' cnt or ro«ula .ons to protocfthe eontly . exposed b£ Tovn« Aoirins ,, i uoxi-r sufticicntly. . ^m» Agtma. , If your stoc-k is a factory lacque, I Dl , F ,,, nk Fvr \ iunn . Iormcl . ,.... , „ » , . . "' v '<"iish linish, swipe some of ,,K ,.,„ ,-,r u,,. m .»ii,.,,i .,H,,i..,,,.,, jfTIIrn, JOT medical supervision 'Ho remove sidcrmg recommendation of disci- sti K ma of legalized murder." j Plinary measures to the association's convention at Washington, 1 " C., Jan. 8-10. One of the three be the University involved in the re... . , i^,,...j ^.^ u .^v. basketball scandal, uoxi-r sufticicntly. in an nU-nikht coach, and confronted th« »ub>, «6 m m 1 1 1 o « which w»s running,' « phonoy -lh« quiry into "un-democraUc" wdmtn- In tho union racket, elg'ht ,unionB«r» on the There nintinit tho ht- twh inctodlnv U-wiard trvlng, of Independence, Mo., Harry Truman'* ,„ ,. Irvintt k in chur«c o( u-Aocul of the roitott >C o in xn Oin Laborers' union, with two Cntllllpqa, a mansion and other luxuries, lit) dcliv- i-r«td ftH incoherent Isoiviru. Uut Mrs, Kuk'Mha stood h«r ground nnd tfOnimUU-o decided to ubtmdun in "t\n-d«mocr«tte" Musidl, Doby Wear Slugging Crowns 'By 8HRLDON 8AKOWIT NEW YORK I* — Sinn Musial of the St. Louis Cards and Clove* Innd'a Lurry Doby are wearing the 1852 major league slugging crowni totiny. Pln»l figures calculated by The AnKoclatcd Pruss i-uvenl thut Mu- 8lat accumulated 311 total bases in 578 Bt but* to pact- tho National League sluggers with a .538 nver- ngc. Duby, producing 2H1 total bums in SID trips to thu plutu, lopped the Amurican League with later. If your stoc-k is a factory lacque,. Dr F ,.. lnk Foi . U; ,no, former or vanmh l.nish. swipu some of L . hulrm:m „,- , ht . medical advisory you «ood wifes furniture wax.l bo: ,, d lo thc New Y ork State Ath- If its a true oil finish, :, very: , ctu . Commission, urged a nation- h» ll H I 1 '' 0 '' beSt '"" » 1 ' international medical code boiled Unseed you can buy will bcIt V 1UHlfil V I relations on 11 points. , Its sad news when you dis- 1 , T , ,. ,-.,,. • • cover that a barrel shows rust in- 1 Ul '' X ' t ' rllilll ° outlined his views: Smith, Jameson Matched for Title FT. SMITH, (.« — Marilyn Smith for the sport, including improved! and Betty Jameson teed off this morning in their 36-hole match for tho Hardscrabble women's invita- sl7 after -I ," , ,„„«• the r, k" \' m «« ; "' tidu » l thc ™^ M (Oct.: "°nal «olf tournament title. MUI auu .1 Mimmci on the rack. .„, „,-,,„ , „• ,, f ,u« ».„ i Miss Smith. Wichita. Kn Schrader, 82, the man who si!j>e r ' vised the construction of the\0i»jf- lawn Park Race Track here, ^ in a hospital yesterday following a heart attack. Schrader engineered construcii^tt of the track in 1904. and :ii WW opened for operation the followUlH yeor. : - .'J; • He retained the job of cons^rilC-- tion superintendent at the pqrk Ufer ti! five years ago when the was taken over by his son, Schrader was born in G and was one of .the organizers tit the First Lutheran Church herev In addition to his son, he Is Aae- viL-d by three daughters. • NCAA Says Cor Yale Game Best , but unless thc rust has acUull ,;! J" 1 issue of The Journal of the Am- plttod thc bore deeply the gun lsj°''' c:> " Mcclical Association. not in loath shunt* He oointcd out that nhvsicians not in tough shape. Hun- .several patches through !{! attending boxers at New York well soaked with a very good oilj bl '' ts al ' e l' aicl now b - v the pro- \vith penetrating qualities, nnd I U1 otcrs. Only one or two state box- give it u scrubbing with u brass,' 11 * 5 commissions, lu> wrote, pay bristle; brush. Soak it again with " IL ' Physician directly for pre-bout the solvent and let it stand for ull-hysicul examinations of boxers. Miss Smith, Wichita, Kas., the to.irney's medalist, ousted defending champion Mary Lena Faulk Thomasville, Ga., in the semi-final round yesterday, 2 and 1. Miss Jameson, from San Antonio, Tex., advanced, with a 3 and 2 victory over Barbara Romack, Sacramento, Calif. Miss Jameson was a little more it* tlvlties in the racket. Moreover, Dubinsky wan and «t(U is w\« pf decided, however, U>f»t the t no loss ruttaemi than JcihSi U>wU and equally airibltloui, tu.d thin wtUteiu \v«» oxpoalng onb men t)l the Roosev«lV h, In tho mayoralty campalgi\ bet\vv«>n li«p»Ulttwrl and Ptcwn, the shake vv»* on again in tavor of Pocoi-tt, An inv«*tigaiion was started in th« last tew days and Helen KuMw tout hw story to a law. yvi t^pi'csonUng the Republicans. the I | : «4««aEi*: tSjatJij '" rw^ifc'? t^ilingW'yC^Wrto! ', County. Arfc, >w»iw the that muett t»y b«8U» D|«y «r« on piec«^'ork. He stfe) the $3 ««ch fwm fee h-wu the lowest <Jay was psyMlay and Ift t»ttid, A shop war a close match j.. . . ' * , n • ... . f ., , . , J«.»aa a ciinvouu wd»» tt llllJt* lllUl K da> or two. then repeat the treat- ''"• pls'cins of the physician omphatic in her win over Miss mont. This will remove J'laKy °" lhu payroll of thc promoters; Romack It rust, for u really rugged job "' " some rust remover «un shop. rugged job «.-t! Jni ' ;U ' L> '> ; ' owners, Dr. Ferliano lni . ough thl > fh- s t nine holes but from the lopal! s: ' lcl . ' is the weakest part in the , m lhc back ninei Miss j ames on (state boxing laws. ....... th I0th _ hal ..., d thp 11lh anfl won the 10th, halved the llth and a lead .„-,. »,«„„.« HK ,vv,»« K .. i u * tortl Bu " actions suffer from! *' ha^resulted, he said, in loci;' notcned the ' 12th to gain Mualftl's collection, of IWIUts InJ^" 8 "ver-lubricated than from , llf . Scneral knowledge about ring | S he didn't lose. clv\tled 48 doubles, six triples and "" " """ "'"'" " i^iurits. • Onp i-j-asnn f,.,- tv,u- id ,^,._ ,.,.., "j ; home runa. ."'•".''It ^ '. .L-» „ j. .. . «o'f eight U'iples and 32 his total of H3 leaders flntahoil second. In lost ««»80r.'s slugging derby. Mu- nidl posl«d H ,OU mark in 1951 uud tt«U«fi Pittsbui-Kh's Ralph Khwr, dry. so If you strip Betsy "One reason for this is | The youthful Kansan and Miss •^j --»---—,, - t * „-*._ nj^j- i ~~ i *11V- J VJH lit* tli 4V«11 ia(.4II Ml IV.* (VAlkld clown for u cleaning job don't ; lfuu P'».vsicinns have little desire | Fr.ulk were nip-ond-tuck until the S08K the action parts in oil. Any to P llbllsl1 ln«»' observations be-1 joth hole- yesterday, but Miss Smith hut the flnttst will sum, and may er - llst! of their relationship with WO n that hole and het 17th to so itif(co in the cold weather you '"''"' employers." ««t duriliK the latu season that) ° ! '- f^rliano said "All deaths in! tUe ring are listed by ' the box-! you'll have misfires. clinch the victory. A male penguin often cannot tell who hit at a .687 clip. Doby, flail- 1 'he border states and provinces. , . - - ----« your trip is into the cola! lnt authorities, commissions, and j whether the bird he is courting is country, high up, or you hunt In ........ ing aw»y at .518 pace, was run nerw» to Tod Williaim of th* Bos ton rucalltKl to Active duly in the Ma rine* in early season recorded a >33tt sluxginiE figure. For Musial, who owns the high cast )it«tlme slujglm percentage in National Lea«m» history, .379. this his fifth slugging chumpion- The slender outfielder-first ba*em»n c«ptur«d the title in 1943, IWtt, 1W8, and 1930, 7tie 3l-y«ar-old pi-ollfic-swlnner also won his sbcth batting crown a ,338 average and led to •<- totgl ba«es loi- th« fourth time in! tho fa« end of November, example, the sutest action Sox. VVUUams, who was ; lubricant is a little bit of powdered Krnphite, rubbed into a rag and then rubbed onto the bearing supfaces. U you use even the finest Quality ot oil, use it most sparingly, only where obviously needed. The meUl parts of a rifle or sports writers as accidental. j a female or another male who is hi* career.. vhotgun in use ordinarily needs' p *e C ?j. is nt |* suM 'c>ently resilient. only a daily once over with an oil' st "' another' cause is action o£ <*ann> rag to stay in good shape. « omm »ssions in relicensing fight-It you're as lazy as some of the e ff . who have been inactive or re-! rest of us, howev«r. you'll wont! UrwJ -°" en '"any years. These men' to try the sillcone coating nowi" 81 ' 8 ' 1 ? are not ln Sood physical! _ condition, and they are particularly vulnerable to injuries.' "They fail to analyze the me-1 Tooling him, the National Geograp- cnanlcs of fatal injuries that most | hie Society says. commonly are due to cereberal hemorrhage. Thc generally accepted causes are: j 1. The gloves lack adequate pad-' ciins. 2. The mat under the can- \ vas docs not give sufficient pro-1 tection when the boxer's head! strikes the floor. 3, The mouth- NEW HAVEN, Conn., 1*1 7-, Take Yale, riding the crest after aflast minute victory over Columbia |hd Cornell, looking for Its first-'win after three defeats, and yomfvive the ingredients for the Ivy-L^(i^ae grid clash to be dished up tomorrow in the Yale Bowl. '' : ?'i. Unlikely as it seems same field could see so higli peering a game two weeks in a rpw, the boys who've been studying thfc Yale and Cornell elevens conterid that is .a good possibility. '••'•. U it turns out that way the..-National Collegiate'Athletic AswKCia- tion won't be unhappy.. The NCiAA has picked the Corne'll-Yale Jen- counter as the game to : be tfjl- vised nationally this week, , M 1 ' On the records 3-1 for Yale 0-1 for Cornell, he Yale, bulk r-hould be heavily favorgd.' ]Mj( man Jordon Olivar and th(J .vVhlJ Yale coaching family insist^ ever, that Lefty James' Cornell aren't as bad t ord makes them look, several of the 11 scored on Cornell this ed from such gridiron fumbles, blocked kicks ^'nd" cepted passes. V For what it s worth Navy; | 31 points against both' Yell Cornell. But Cornell scpre^ against Navy while Yale 5?0 cross the Middies' goal Ihi0,. flj-chaser, slightly at the U* aliment, but he moniemum a« the season progressed. The powerful Tribesman f»H>nd the vauge to take the horn* tun title and tie tor the uunerup 4(*l in the runs batted in Department H»nk Sauer ot the Chicago Cub* . He ssid that with the boxing audience vastly enlarged by tele-J vision, the public will be "irn-i League slugging supremacy with a inark of .323. The husky outfielder, who s*t the pace ™ VTi f llU< - se5Son ' *««ssed: pressed with brutafc'larUy that 300 total bases in 567 at bats. \ msnj medical reforms are need- Sauer belted 3 Tround-trippers to'eu" ^^L^^Jt^^fl^L ; :°^ ^.trough medical sup- USED CARS NOW AVAILABLE AT Sid Rogers Buick Co. •A' • t • . ';';>• •' Your b^st buy th used cars is nbsy at yQM r Buick Dealer, tops for the circuit. RBI>S *» ~ ' before during and after c a» accidents be prevented ?^ to S?£* ,„ I ed ., K l U " eW fl ii , Jnd ^ ^ 9 Uty me reduced to w»s passed that thixte didn't pay would N laid oft yeace und stop ssggresslQJi ranked third in the slugging pa with .510, followed by Kiner ca tied for fourth at .500. >'oung Mickey Mantle of « day. Soin« of the women c«H«d er further n\wk*»j-busin*?s the 9ir«iYttnke«« g«iiiod rumierup honors; this Mutt «nd tlM>y ws*« «wt Wd;vui»r t*l» down to this siron* minimum," Dr. Ferliano wrote. "The full cooperation ol all connected with boxing and wrestling i» needed to remove the stigma of legalized murder from boxing.' legitimately and with *wixe operators, cutters, h«ve waived many copio* trf jina>«r< and pr«s*ers contribute at i«ps. Aiv.erican League with a .52$ percentage, achieved on 390 total bases in 549 ^Sl Ro«en ol the grease be carefully removed before they go on. but their tough thin coat- tog lasts for a lot of woods use. once applied, * toy tours on the range ist to rf- with th*t These %xtrqh'iee, clean cars trade-Ins on NEW BUICKS. \ • Bargains For All < SID ROCER5 BUICK CO. (Fomsrty KM* f €«•»»• 207-209Eatt ILONDll .J'.^AI^ A Y AiA At M»..AM4 *< ^ AJ •y Cltlck Youni OZAKK IKI (HES GOING TO MISS • v ~* HIS WAutET 5^3 C A Lt DAV LONS ;tft ft Christmas Shopping Answer to Previous Puzzle OUT OUR WAY By j. R. William* *IC FLINT HORIZONTAL VERTICAL 'i A •—— for 1 Barriers in ; little sister rivers s t ttrhaments 2 Spoken for the • 3 Mark I Small devil 4 Belntcd 15 Operatic solo <P° ftt '> 1 j Jot •' Sesame 14 Rodent / C Charlemagne's "if"f, h S? Sin'' ' 2LC - 1S Scan' 7 .\aponesc 24 Volcano pi*ids outcasts 25 Where 17Tuvk,ish ' S Comforts f ineral * Easily roienrain ..:?. n .8ered •10 Make certain 43 Nut 15 Wharves Christmas 4G Nomad gift's are sold 47 A bath 26 Number for Dad IS ^reedom"'from JO w ^ e men 2d Form 4a Swing around H'mtts ' H School 30 Female 50 City in 21 Mend organizations student Pennsylvania 23 Pouch (ab -> 31 Gaelic 51 Grant 24 Worm ]G Sloping type 38 Hope fiber 52 Paradise 87 Cowboy suits 2(1 Priest 35 Not present $5 Small ihiid for"—— 20 Mince ; 32 Ti-ejitisc 34 P-prt . 3? Bpginncr 37 White poplars 38 KJiinics 39 Drinks slowly 41 fcity in The Netherlands 42 Pile 4-1 Turnip (Scot,) 46 Naive 49 A scarf for your 53 Fish • eggs 54 Disorderly EC president Lincoln's Tiickname 57-Emanation 68 pe bprpe 5& Slippers for Uncle eO.WhPt does . Mo^er ? 81 Observed C'ARNIVAt. 15 18 ZH z? 31 J8 HI 63 6? M) 39 37 17 U I'LL. NEVER BELIEVE VEH, N f jf WORD IM <>W--f IT'S JUST COlMClDENCE \ THEY'VE J/* TOOL. STEEL- \i-i^^\ THAT OM A DAY WITH J \AAPEA 1 PEVELOPMEWT, 1st) Hit;/ A BUS DEMOMSTtATlON /PEADLIMff ,1 AS YOU WILL feHy^/ «SOIM' OM THEY cSIVE \At2OUND VSOOW SEE >ns^.\ ALL TH' C5LJYS AROUND A 'EAA.' / i_icrr>e? H-*^ I 1 -..A ,.-1 j*\*~r^ _*. -t^^i-* -^-. • .-..i. . /V J HERE... K CLOSE A JOB THAT'LL KEEP THEIR HEAPS . OR NO£E«=. IM fWp^rf AHOue; M JJw*-'=yW* \t r fi /«.« I-^T 1 ' /^^ OR NOSES W Irj&ri^s H?' cu , „„., „ SUBSS I'UU HAVE TO 7«Y ANIOTHSR ONB OP t?A ASEMCI5S ON MV U&T AM'COV\E EWCK ItXTER C»pr. 19ti b> NE* 8«i»lot. Inf. 1. M. R«|[ U. i, l'«t. 01 Jfct %. yjfan 1 : ~A$ ffftKiiSLAVSKy 'AAJR PRO-' JECT ^OUWELf 5 . MDU AR6 NOT A7HIBF- IN A HOTT6L ROOM, VCXJARB A CHAAV9E!?- VC3VINS BPFICIBNTUV ONE5UTBTOANOTHBK. CAgrrtNO AStWCV, HUHf• > WASH TUBBS 30 OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople By Dick Turner 10-11 , T. M. R«B. u. s. PH. on. Copr. 1951 t>» NEA S«r»icl. I" , HOOPLE/ ALMOST SCARED TH& THWCRA-ZV C05TU\\e e YC> LOOSE \VVl HALLOV^EENi FUNNY BUSINESS By Herihberger the office! Everything went wrong! •' ' ' wanted to go By Golbroith V"'VTll8(* l ft vryins way at ine oiiiuc; c-vcijiiung, nom. T.IV.. & . C* *JtiWaMlOnH surprise me a bit if somebody wanted to go *- : i, ' • •', to the movies tonight!" .,;;;., ^.GLANCIS - - ' " 'Would you mind cwhirjg this check for me? Tha^Hw sflvs Tm overdrawn!" fl says Pm overdrawn! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blotter Mow O'YA UKETVIAT/ PRIWT ts; MERELY 'TWIlTP speaep YeAH. . Does IT BEFORE 6OH6 THESE CARDS , WANTJOKI^OW, WHAT PRIWT STANDS FOR/ ROMANCE 4 IF-WE, TREAT/ THAT . IM WASTIMG TIME rSMACK) HERE'S VOUR. ROMANCE IN _ DfiEAMPlSM / ?a^ -/- iN'PRl'Wf OEFwilSW (WtSN'r STAfJP FOR, BSPMAN&IT * ^ *'^LsC CAPmlM EA5V1X WK.^KEH EXPECTS ME TOpAf/i WM FORTUWATE! \IV\R.MIL50M. IW WMTIMQ T0 VOU'RE THE VERV [t^KE FLIGHT 07. THE ONB VOU WAN I NEED TO /—-—-3* C*ME IM OM. HELP NVE FOR / /fcir~-u— p A FEW PAY£! ^ <S -3\ ^> iW PLIGHT (WILU TTHgN CMLWVekeE, IfH • 06UNVEO WlllLB CAN-MMtB WUi Wfi-' V i|i|»|-« i hrwv*B> "«^ .DB RBADV. THIS 'OMB Hft5A> BROKEN, JIWPOW. •^n fm«i BOuTS AND HER BUDDIES {Hy Idgar Mai f \tU K vi ^^*^ 1 ^ ( ?•' '"("•; <•;/- " "\">f,t if ' BOGS BUNNY WHKT HAPPENEP 7'PETUNIA/ •6HE IN WEEK/ THB USUAL, FBNPBR Tfe^feHTBNINS) THSSB 009, BUG'S.' I/A\N'T GOT ' ^ ALLEY OOP CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer I PIXBP MU6T 9B WORKIN we've TO THANK; « TVf \^A (^\^r\^ W.|^ HENRY GIFT,f. i^'Vli^ € /jjtefci-SMi

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