Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 17, 1952 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1952
Page 11
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1' t ... tmttf* t OiiWtt r*n«w«d yMtordny when of Mid ftft t&ijiht fteek a rut Warn te Co«r,t, 3f»«»*jr of cs WlhHer on ih« »ffl pro* 1M wan,;. erailo th« Circuit Court named wlnnur bftoaudo > of Iftrtllei in »»i r '-JW, ZL " Conna lurao major- trailed Ms«k •Sr ,v HOU ITAfc, "MOM, AftKANSAt „„ that fcrffr t&* Hwtt t«f th* SfW)il« "lti»H be «ha toie Judite of (ho Jju*imc8»«i8 ( returm «nd elec- «<jftt ofitt own membflri." M«di AM Cheney wtrt ihrawt Into tha dlntrlct »• a f*#tt1t at Chtrry to Attend Rally for Trimblt BOCK i* - A forty fflf H«f, t. W, TrlwWtr *t f Ay«Ht«vlJI« Sfllurdfty Right Will bo fttlflttdmi UK tfcmocrsUe Oubtfna. Uirlnl Homing Frflrtelr Cherry Trimble, lh* Democrnne f 1i optwMftd for riHtaatien by r, John ftiftlto of Prty lor <h(r Third Congrca«lon nl Chpicei, Beef and Choice Price « i Ip ( na(fi» tp« (tomrhtfiioft'ori if tho pfo ul flfh#ndft»«ht U p«j|i«d In th Nov, 2 fSnwal tleetion, The pt wt#tt flm«fidtfi»nt vtould nWuo lljghwsy Commlsilon mpmbor ihlp, other thlnxn. Joneibdro Jtirlit *a!d ' hd would attenti a mooting of lh« Ar kaniat Leililntlvc Council today. Yenterdf ft Chorry conferred with Hep, L. M, Atiiry of Mlitlnlpp County find Rep, Cfurroll Hotlort* th of Srodlwy County,' Auiry (!hoU'm*n cf-tho Joint UK|»v» Buditot Commute* and th» I«»gUlntlvi» Council, J(ollen*wortli IN »e»kln| clenllon an 1093 «p»oker of thtf Top Radio Programs NEW YORK, ifl -aut«nln« to- NBC - 7 Hit I'urmlc 7:90 by Mttntovanl 8 #*nt plnyn, -* 7 Mr. Keen 7i30 Gun mnoko 8 HoWlo Hornblowor. AttC-v OS30 UtflH Ranffor t;30 ~ LJ. 'iwrtt « fi Thin Ik (ho FD1 (I Ozzle ontt Hnr- 7 Adventure* of Mol«l« Orupl<* Plnirt* 8! 09 Ortot Day THE DIAMOND & CAFETERIA FOR BUSINESS 4:30 thpt wonderful el ttiot tickles 1 qhd every Sunday Q$ lon bnfjnwcs. TWQ TRAYS FOOD K>R THE PRICH S0c (^hlUnn under ,10 pf .served a Chi Ids plate o desire), tt»lpct)on f and ., ntFlovonofHprtitmad* Wondtrful Hom«m«d« lt'4 pejqvely, Deto $i&K your teeth food ' days we wit I con« wtll known C^ , v • ^^ Friday, October 17, 1952 Ntwt Britfi KANSAS CITY. Ufi -~ Fred Reed ut HunUvllle, Ark,, yesterday wa» elected reglonnl vice president (or Hie Southern Region of the Future of America at the orgonl. 25th annual convention Jierc, —Shipley Studio Photo At the Third Ofitrlet Llveitoek Show John WnlKlna of Vandervoort sold hi* erttry to Ben Owtn of Owen's Dept. Store. Alto pictured l» Mr. Owtn and hie »on, Jerry. The 1240 pound beef brought 32o , pound or 1309,80, PRESCOTT NEWS LITTLE ROCK. M — Aiknnsns lid* It-dd than one trained nurse for each 1,200 residents, Oov. Mc- Mnth was told yesterday. Mrs, W. G. Cooper, Jr., of Llttlo fl<x:k, ehnfrmnn of thc Arkansas Advisory Council or Student Nurse Recruitment, told the governor that thc dtate badly nneds addltlon- til training facilities for nurses. She said that only six of Arkansas' I3S hoapltals train nurse*. Only 1,300 of the 2,000 reglslered mir*<;i» In the siote are active, and 1,138 of theso practice in five conn- tics— Pulu»kl 706, Sebastian 101. Curlaml 122. Union 79 and Jefferson 85— She gaid. HOT SPniNOS,^Z. Leo P. Mclaughlin, one-time Garland County political power who had said he would try a comeback next month or, an Independent candidate for prc»ecutor, failed to qualify for a place on thc ballot. McLaughlln did not file a petition of nomination ns a candidate In the general election before the deadline at midnight Wednesday. Republican Roy Mitchell and Democrat H, A. Tucker will seek the pnst. In :i slatemenl.MeLaughlln, who was mayor of Hoi Springs for 22 years und headed a -powerful counly organization, said he could not afford to "neglect my low prac- HOP" und make the race. Mississippi Continued from Page One operated factories, indwtrlea artrf , October 17, 1952 MOM STAR; Hort, ARKANSAS U Hundreds of additional became interested Jrt Mississippi progressive law and spirit, and located plants within the .state with° U ii, a "f itlince - Th( - snme can ann will become true in Arkansas. Lets pepper our state with new plants, both large and small, and t.ius m.'tttc additional lobs nnv. y Sunday, October 10 The Ycmth. Choir of the First Bnpllut Church will meet on Sunday at S p.m. with David White, lui«ot|Jeto pastor, in chdrfji?. The Triilnlntf Union will incM nt (I::i0, The Youth Fellowship of the Mot hudlit Church will mc«t .Sunday at (I;80 p.m. Olus»«» tat young peoule of tlir Church t.f Chrlit will bo held »m Suwltiy ut OMU p.m. The ti't'fi uf the Contrul Duptint Church will meet Swuny at 7 p.m. Tho Plonoor Meeting of the P res- bylorlnn.-..Obtfroh will meet Sunday Ut 4;80 p,ift, The Youth, Fellowship Will meet nt O.p.m, Supp<?r will be *«rvccl by Mrs. D.. L. McAoe, Sr. and Mrs. Warren Cummln«*. The Young People of the Assom My ut .Ood Church ,wlll moot Sunday ut U;ao p.m. Thoro will bu a iWVlCi; flt the Cljur ry and Ml»s Tftnnn MVir L*wl« Hawcli will , Do solemnized on,Jui«iay afternoon ot 8 tfolaqk, &f tho Flr.it MethQ^nt. CJtwek .A.wejftptian will loljow in'tlve ham* ot the bride's runls, Mr, ami Mrs, R, T. Murry. Mr«, W»tt«m WnRo, Jr. MoiUM to Circle 1 of WMU Circle I 6f't«V\V^U of thc first Baptist Church prnoon «t «;SQ hairman. MVs for tho 'nf«t with l^jrtvi ' i "" Mm White ppitfeft the with « Scripture' rtodtiiB ami prny- et ,pn Monday nft home of the \\hitc, Jr., '««• church nr«». During the bu«ine*s »«ei-tln« the Mltw WlUe BuWHtW, Assoclnte chotrm«n; Mrs. U^»»,l>hUlip8 v pro If-am chRlrmunj Mjfs, J[RJ))J Coopor, Mission study! Mr» s OU« Colemnu. ieereury antt tvea«uFetj Mrs, Nut Wootley, *tewotdiihi|>i Mrs. c. H, missions ; Mr«, FwnH ifttt|>5 Mrs, Uvwter Payne, orphan«^ nnri hospital chairman, «Ui»lnn tea «nd Uo-uuts ware during V0» social hour. Mr». Oral* 2 Me«t* In Mr«. Buchancn »uohim»n. choir. Vfti* hQ««»!i to Circlo s or (Jw W-ltftl of Ute Flint Baptist Church at her home tux Monday of- urnoon tot the first meeting ol too church yoor, MJ'li IBu R* With the dovotlwml thought i»rMf«r W«* btf^i-ed by Mr*. Wie. cher, coupon chulrmun. Mrs, Anderson voiced the cloj- IliK prnyor. Tho hostt'HK served refreshments to th<> nine members present. Mr*. Ed Hnaley Hostess to Circle 3 WMU Circle 3 of WMU ol the First Btipllst Church nu-t Monday after noon in the hum** of the cluilnn Mm, Kd lluslcy. Mrii. Hoy Looinl:! opened lh<! with jirnyi-r. Tho dt'volitin til, bused mi the fifth chnplcr of John, was «lvi.'n by Mrs, KdwnrU Hry.ion. Mm. llayley concluded the business and On* following chnirinen WIMH- I'liri'liMl; Mrs. Kdward Dr/son Blbli- toucher, Mrs. Ilody Burli-r, stcri'tary ntul treasurer, Mrs. lull- chk' KriKlH, hospital and orphan- tttte chuirmnn, Mrs, Pnul Hngjiard, coinmnfiity missions, Mrs. J, D. Mines, stewardship chairman, Mrs. Roy Louinls. flower chairman, Mrs. 7.Ulu Gurretl, younx people chair- innn, Mrs. Jake Underwood, pro- «rtirn chulrmun, ; ; Thc'hostusn served coke am|^of-' fOis to 'the elK'ht members, ' Mrs. Clifford Ferguson Hostess to WMU Circle 4 Mrs. Clifford Fcruu.sciii was host- l-ss to WMU Circle -I of the First Baptist Church In thu home of Mrs, Harrell Hlnos Monday afternoon. Mrs, FiM'guson, chairmnn, opened tho meeting with prayer, Mrs. Hlnos KOVO an Inspiring devotion"! on "neniodi'litiK Our Person- EL DORADO, (/P) — Two hundred delegates from three stales attending the annual convention of the Western Petroleum Refiners Association here were to witness a fire-fighting demonstration at the Pan-Am refinery today. The 2day meeting, which opened yesterday, Includes representatives from Ar kariKtis, Louisiana and Oklahoma. alities," After the election of chairmen, Mrs, \V. L. Britt voiced the closing prayer. The nine members were served rol'iTshmonts by the hostess durine thy social hour. Mrs. Hobert Ptrachey has returned from Alnmaitorrio, N. M. where sho w«« the uuest of her daughter Miss Sue Poachey. Hev. nnd Mrs. W. D. QolcU-n and Mrs. O. G. Hirst attended u rvcnptlon for Bishop Paul B. Martin in Little Rock on Monday. They also heard, Wayne Kiii« and his orchestra at Robinson auditorium on Monday uveninji . jvfr. nnd Mrs. \VelU W\Blr Kui-st Mrs, 0. E. BttlJ»y v Arkttdi-lphui atteudtid the luner«J services for Miss Sue Stephen* nt Church pn Monday nf- ternoun. Wt\ »mt Mrs, Mose Smith of ton, La., have been the guests of Mr; nnd Mrs, Orln Kltsworth and Mrs. S. T. White. Sr. Mr. and Mrs, Tom Dewoody hove hud as thfir nueats, Mr. nnd Mvs. chairmen wt»r# Ma i'°Jpy »«woody ot Detroit, Mich., business so* JUoy« Anderson, co ' MV&. V *«*»«"*«•* Jfrs. cur- community miwlon*. tl t ^^^w^p V ^^,^B and Thumtan Dewoody j r ,, of lu>m« Cily, Okla, M*v and Mrs. E. E. Shepherd and daughters, J»we and Nancy Jane of Wheeling were the Won-, day guests ol Mrs, B. C. Stivers, In producing *« million tons of cot,I since 1806, Missouri has used up aUout 1 per cent ol her reserve*. 1IAYNES, Wl — The Hnyncs elc- nu-ntury school was destroyod ,by fin 1 nf undetermined origin early lixluy. I'rlnclpnl O. K. Harrison said less would exceed $35,000. All hooks and records were destroyed. Firemen from nearby Forrest City nlcied in saving a supiya cafeteria building. It was damaged, but, with church buildings, will be used for classes beginning Monday. Thc two^stury fgriime school built in 101D, housed about 110 white pupils from the first through- the sixth grades. LITTLE ROCK Wl — Conditions for fishing promise to continue generally favorable this week end. overall income of oUr cltlietis. You and your friends can help bring this about by voting for and urging your friends to vote for Amendment No. 4.1 on Nov. 4th. Very truly yours, TAIJ30T FEILD, Jr. Oct. 15, I952 Hope, Ark. Vishinsky Continued from Page Ono United Nations. . .to support the common action in Korea" and pledged a fight to the ' finish against aggression. "We shall stop fighting when an armistice on just terms has been achieved. And we shall not allow f&lnt-heartedness or recklessness to defeat our cause, which is to defend peace." Th secretory asked for more help-troops, food, clothing, material and money — for the U.N. forces. "We must convince the aggressor," he declared, "that cotlnued fighting in Korea will cost him more than he can gain." In a plea designed to hold the free world together against threatened Kremlin attempts to split the non-Communist nations Acheson urKed solidarity in the field of collective security, emphasizing: "Thu alternative to this solidarity is the disintegration of the United Nations (imi the triumph of lawlessness in Ihe world.' Following Achesons speech —tho last of eijjht on the days schedule] —•the assembly quickly agreed to Uike up t>very Item on its proposed 72-subjcct agenda except the South African question. France did not challenge inclusion pf- the freedom ck-mands of nationalists in her Tunisian and Moroccan protectorates, though she alr«Edy has said she will boycott this debate. Vishinsky listened attentively and often scribbled notes yester day while Acheson outlined to the U. N. the general American policy on Korea, disarmament, colonial disputes, collective security and economic co-operntion. Along with his chief aide, Andrei Gromyko, Vishinsky followed closely the prepared English text Thc Arkansas Gome and Fish I of Achesons talk while the socre- Commlssion, in Us weekly sum- j tary read it from the assembly mnry today, said radio reports from wardens throughout the state listed fiKhinu prospects as fuir to good. from Hernia is more common among overwuight than among underweight people. ... rostrum. But when the speech over, Vishinsky said: "My English is not too good. J will have to read the speech.' Elsewhere throughout the packed new assembly hall, the general reaction to Achesons address was "good." Britains Selwyn Lloyd salt Rules Set for Five New Fields "silent" about the political cam ! paign but he felt he could Kolfldo so j in view of what he said WasffGert. | Dwight Eisenhower's "freejj atkf EL DOITAOO. (in - The Arkan-j unrestricted use" of the university'* say Oil and Gas Commission, yes-< name and property for canjbaign lerday set field rules for five new'purposes. oil and gas pools. The Commission, on a recom mendation of thc Phillips Petroleum Co., also agreed to delay e request for approval to return snlt v\ater to thp Reynolds limestone fot niatlon until a later hearing. In other action thc Coimmission delayed the establishment of new i Eisenhower is on leave as -.pro; field rules fm- thr» Wr.,-ih ct..^,. ident of Columbia, where. Aekerman announced hiK sup* port of the Democratic candidate y?stonlay in a statemetrt-^Vfcle- Rraphed to Publisher Joseph Pu : Iit7.pr of the St. Louis POSt-DlS p.'.lch, who also has endorsed SOCIETY Ption* 7-8481 Bitw««n • A. M. «nd 4 P. M. Communists Break Up Big Porley field rules for tho North Stamps orc-a of Lafayette County. Permission was granted the Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company and Slier Development Limited to drill one well to each 320 acres in fi-ctions recently have voiced* views on the presidential- ' f paign. Aekerman said Elsenhower; made Columbia "a campaign the Rudy Gas Field of Crawford by using his residence, on County. , | campus for political pow-WbvVSi' Field rules established by the Commission for the new pools included: Set 150 barrel temporary allowable and granted a request to delay spacing rules for the Graves sand in the east Pace City area in Onachita County. Set 140 barrel temporary allow able, approved 40 acre spacing and 800 feet of surface pipe production i string to be cemented with 200- sucks of cement for Cotton Valley formation in Schuler Area pool, Union County. Set a 20 acre north and south spacing rule with 100. barrels allowable for Travis Peak formation, south Hibank area, Union County. Approved 640 acre production and drilling unit in Massard Prarie gas field in Sebastian County. Columbia Dean Backs Stevenson NEW YORK (UP) — Carl W. Aekerman, dean of the Columbia University school of journalism, lias announced that he is backing Gov. Adlai Stevenson for president. He said he and other university officials had been urged to remain eluding his famous conference^ Sen. Robert A. Taft. HOLLAND GROWN BULBS MONTS SEED STORE 304 East Second Calendar • Friday, October 17 ton. community missions chair man. Mrs. Walter Miller, social _.... chairman, Mrs. Homer Beyerlf.v.| n j r ts of 40 nations headed homci literature chairman and Ueasurei.i [,. om the HHh All-Soviet Communist I By EDDY QILMORE And THOMAS P. WHITNEY MOSCOW i* — Leading Commu TOD Price for Choice Steer The iJcAnn tjiiac Garden Club literature cnairrnan ami ut-'cisuiui. i [j-om me nun AU-OOVICI <_uiiiiuui»i»i -has postponed the Halloween Parly; Mrs. Denver Hornaday, steward ! P<ut y Congress today, assured by, Wi.ieii was scntdulud lor Friday '>• »"'P <=ha,iman, Mrs. Carlton Knife j Joseph Stalin himself they have "liiuht October 10 until B ridavi orpnanagc chairman. Mrs. >V. n | the Soviet party's support in meir . ™ . * * •'!»« ... I i. r • . i-1 * in. — .. n 4 inv* o «rl t^^p'SP^ Vil October 17. All members Moseley. The circle will sponsor the J are to meet Wednesday evening, October 15, to clean the club room. anette Hunker Junior Girls' AU. uiary this year. '47 Friendship Ciuo Meets Thursday The '47 Friendship »™ The Dahlia Garden Club will pr rtieet for their first regular meeting of the year Friday afternoon, ,,„. October 17, at 2:30 at the home of. , ... tei-Mrs. Dcwcy Babor with Mrs. Ross Thursday, afternoon nt !>:30 nt llii-| i">>-i° fe^TSVight as co-hostess. All members i home of Mrs. Fred Hunt. , Jnc ,,,», are urged to bo present to make] Mrs. Hunt, president, conducted * ^ jflans for the Fall Flower'Show. Ihe business meeting | followed by Hope Country Club will have "Open House" after the football game Friday nighl for members wand, their families. Hosts and hostesses will be Mr. and Mrs. Walter Verhnlcn, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Booth. fiyht for liberation and preserva j lion of peace." ! Chief interest now shifted to the j party's new Central Committee, 1 elected as the Congress' fmnl act. ! It must name a Presidium rcplac- i ing, the present Politburo and a Club mcl ! Secretariat to direct the parly's (•-to-day work. • new committee of 125 mem with 110 alternates Is the big The Isl committee members nnd 61) it was a speech of "great wisdom and understanding. Thei e had been widespread reports that Acheson hn(i watered down his speech at the insistnce (if American allies who feared too utrcng an opening would only provoke a violent and negative reaction from the Russians. But Charles Allen, the American delegation press officer, said such reports were erroneous and that Acheson had at no time intended to do more than try to create an atmosphere of solidarity in an attempt to bring about a quick cease-fire in Korea. Todays the Day to Start Eating the Foods You Like! Yes, this very day you can enjoy the favorite foods you passed up before because of 1^1 s, heartburn, fjur stomach, acid indigestion. That is, if you do as millions do — eat 1 or 2 Turns after meals or whenever distress occurs. Tunis start to work in seconds to neutralize excess acid. Contain no soda to over- alkalize or cause acid rebound. No mixing, no water needed. Just ent like candy,anytimc, any where. Always curry linns in pocket or purse. Get a handy roll today. Still only lOd a Roll i ...IS FOX THI TUMMT Smok*y$ay*: Friendly v^^^jr^WBw ^W^^^ No Other Sleeper Can Match the New... Improved NiteyNite Trutt the comfort and health of your Young Dreamers to th« new—improved—NITBY NITB. No other sleeper can match ita aoft, fleecy fabric—sturdy tailoring —gay songbird colors. PEKBY-IZED for permanent size-fast fit. T»j»-P(««t 8*yl«-Co!or«: Pink, Blue, Yellow, ' AM Grew Sues 1 to <«. ............ $2wU> Tfc«*-«»««S«t— Same M above with Mtwp»nu. $3,25 Ow-Pieee Styte— Colow un* M »bov* in 4Mf«r . __ _ A TO9WbrUli»ntih»4*. Si»«4-i . , . .TV. 12 JO Mt» cud REVIVAL MEETING HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE \ 321 North Main Street i EVANGELIST j BILLY MclNTOSH of Nashville, Tennj j BEGINNING SUNDAY, October 19th ; — For Three Weeks -j- * t Every Night, except Saturday, at 7:30 o'clock. EVERYBODY I WELCOME ! 1 Sunday School at j 9:45 A.M. COME 0. M. Montgomery,' Pastor 1 fffi^jgr • ty» t>fu for Ui* children ... V IESTA TIM? «tocpr«ioo,.tyowr - MIOWI5T ICl CHAM MIJTA 9MCIAI COMBINATION OFKR Saturday, October 18 Thc Christian Women's Fellow' ship of thc First Chriulian Church -„ informal hour. During that time the group delegates. 1Tlpm iim-«! rends sewed and pie and coffee wa, ^ ro,^ o^ membu. «.d. Union. H includes Stalin and n gut lei ing array of all Politburo members, top uiplomats and military leaders. Tho Moscow announcement | n - liac , 10 mention of whether Stalin i Azalea Garden Club Meets | ig colllmum| , as secretary-general served to the eight members pres ent. The next meeting will be hem at thc home of Mrs. Odell Luck oil i October 30. ; in Home of Mrs. Willis The Azalea Garden Club met will hold a rummage sale in front j Thursday afternoon in the honiv oil' the New Thealre building, Sat- j of Mrs. Moody Willis with Mrs urday, October 18. Anyone having! Fred Ellis and Mrs. Roy Allison rummage please bring it to the atehurch around 4 p.m. Friday. The ladies of St. Mark's Episco- as associate hostesses. 01 me central CommiUce, the most impm-iani post in tne commuiusv i world, or whether he is steppmu aside ior the man he may have designated as his heir lo power. Notion's Top Labor Bosses forAdlai WASHINGTON (UP) — The "Big roe" nf the nation's most power- Inbor unions arc Joined on thc ri'on-il behind n presidential candidate for the first lime in history. The leadership of the AFL, with K.000,000 iv.ember* the CtO with 3,1)00,000 members nnd the 475000- i Member Independent United Mine Workers' union are out nnd fight- irn for DemoornUc Candidate Atl In i K. Stevenson. This is the first tinier nil three uoions have publicly endorsed n I'-uulidnle for president ul the same of HI* pr6sldcntlrtt cotter. The AFU rti iVs tticent convention, broke a ?i-ye«r "non inter vontng recerd," »88 ot Iti delegates voted to throw the weight ot the 107 unions of the "house ot labor" bt-lilmt the Illinois governor. The CIO this year, as In the past, Is fully allied with the Democrats. The United Mine Workers led by John ti Lewis broke a precedent ot 16 years standing by going on record tor the administration par ty. Tho Inbor leaders do not claim they can "deliver the vote", of their union members. However,, their political organisations arc bom bnrdlng the workers with lltornUire on what the Democratic Party of' fcrr labor and what the workers hnve to "fear" under a Repvibll car. administration. The CtO's political action com linn.', although they were lined up! mlltee, for example, has circulated In support ot Franklin D. 1W>00,000 pieces ot llternturn rang- Hooscvolt during the early years ing from comtcstrlp type booklets to "speakers handbooks" giving lions so determined to win a man "pro and con" arguments of the that tiu-y overlook the primary object of the excursion — which Is 10 have tmm and store up energy campaign. For election day Its politico loaders expect to round up more nnolncr year's work. True, j than 100,000 members to help go ouservers thus awaited tr.ce'.ing ' SU u-to-come announcement as ' ' • to During the business plans were discussed ior the Kali; [J'~ ~ nusl iln p or t a nt probably Flower Show to be held October j uolm , oul Ol ll)e congress. pal Church wil have a bake sale jug. [ " bl;i ii n ' S speech last night was m? ^aturday niorning,_ October 18, at i A dessert plate and coffee »v;is| ^.^ aQdl .J ss before a large, major served from the dining table which j ...^mJ,.,,^, sinC e Feb. 0, 1S140, when • " ------ arrangement of i f^, spoKl; ' on Russia's war achievi; o'clock at the Parish Hall, 30," Elm. Monday, October 20 • The Annie Hoover Circle of the •First Baptist Church WMS with Mrs. S. A. Whitlow as leader, will meet' in the home of Mrs. J. V. "DMoorc, Jr. 823 East 7t'h, at 2:~30 p.m. Monday, October 20. held an artistic tall flowers was also ;. A fall arrangement : jmims aml postwar policy. The placed on the uuilvi. | MobCOW ,. ; , d i o which broadcast thu Twenty-three members and "ni-| n said thc i auo delegates re- tea guest, Mrs. Sid Rogers, wore present. — Shipley Studio Photo Albert Bogart of Menn Is pictured . ,.uv.: with his prize baby beef which was purchased by J. D. Boswfill, malinger of Hope Locker Plant, The beef was entered in Third District Livestock Show and brought $350.70 a total of 1190 pounds at 33 cents a pound. DOROTHY DIX Vacation Romance Tuesday, October 21 There will be a District PTA Con-j stationed at Xcrcncc meeting, at thc Methodist j leu for CaiiCorm Church at Stamps Tuesday, Oct. he will receive unu A-3c William J. Cox, formerly! j peaietlly cheered the Soviet Pro- lillL'l'. 'ine 72-year-old leader assured fellow Communists abroad that thu Soviet parly, which now numbers more than six million, stands solidly behind them. Dear Miss Dix: While vacation-. ,,, ,.,... lui , il|;tt tlu> bov wlu , w;ls „ g a few months ;\s;i>, 1 met » ; cli-voli-d in .luly or Aiu'.u.st jiisl isn' the linn me, too. We cn-| h cither's company. When! we said good bye, he didn't say j anything- about calling on n<e. y, m l ,,. Lsl f . 1(ll , even though he lives in the next 1 ^.^ ,,- ^ he seemed to Ilk joyed iiumy excellent marriages arc rnnuu at resorts ntul on cruises, but they are more apt to bi; thu exception than thu rule. Perhaps next summer you will have bcliia- UCK. in me meantime, don'I nonce t tho opportunities ot winter. Dear Miss Uix: In a short time run nuirrymg n man wuo lia» been divorced. Many ol tny friends say the man-luge won't worK oui Do you jinink it will? Should I send out invitations (or thc wedding, or announcements when its 6vur'.' V. M. Y Answer: You nro rather cnary ,'iin details, so It's Impossible lo predicate your chances of happiness. They depend largely on the reason for the man's divorce and uuin your temperaments Suroi.v, If you are planning u wedding, Invitations should bo sent workers to thc polls. EDUCATORS fBTft JffAfc i — About infl ,e£w«Uiftt • ArknnsBJi nnd "_ ' ' ^ opened thc fourth Aknns«s cticc on Higher Education J day. About 10 > colleges Ut thin nre ttrnonfl school!) sanding sentntlvcs, Roger tf. CoJtt mnn, snld last night. The meet ends tomorrow. Lewis was head of the position he resigned when, was defeated, ASPIRIN' WORLD'S LARGEST SttLER AI lOc m Tho AFL hast conccntrnled or booklets spelling out the volln records of members of Congross llRting thc 'right and wrong" vote of legislators up tor re-election. ] Both unions expected to collect nonrly $300,000 apiece before the election to help their political efforts and to moke contributions to favorite candidates. Such donations ;.rc limited to $o,000 per candidate. The last time tho mine workers Ravo funds to a political cnmpnlgn wns In 1030 when Lewis donated $500,000 toward Rooscwalt's second term race. In 1040, however, the minors' boss broke with tho Democrats and supported tho OOP (,nd Wendell Willkto, At that ttmo HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE «. Main 4 Country Club LAST DAY the devoted swai inU'r Suim'uiT skies sponsor man u rmiKiiuv tnal fades away with tile lailiii! 1 , ul aulumn leaves. tin 1 tact, Uorry, out sometime before tno event 21. Registration will be 9:30 to 10 o'clock. hold from Josephine Skaags Missionary Circle Elects New Officers 'Ik The Josephine Skaags Miss'ion- .';. v ary Circle ot the First Baptist 'j ' Church met at the home ot Mrs. Charles Reynerson to elect .tnc following officers: • Circle chairman. Mrs. Herman Robinson, membership chairman, ' : '*Mrs. Floyd Osborn, secretary, Mrs Chas. F. Reynerson, mission stud.v chairman, Mrs. Hervcy Holt. PIT gram chairman. Mrs. Danny Hamil Dour Miss Dlx: Four months ngu I wont out a few times with a very nice boy, He moved to another 77/ne-sawty te/ephone hint- munt. He has days in Hope grandparents, A. Helm. Mr. and Mrs. Obra Logan and Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Logan of lyjr Springs, Ark., were tho i ovormglu guests ot Mr. and Mrs J. n. bleadman. They were eiv route to Houston, Texas, lor ;i vacaiion trip. *SAENGER • TODAY & SATURDAY • 2 - FEATURES - 2 the heel laws. 'For them," he said, ' to work — but it is more my milld !l11 thc llnu>1 ami ! cml ' 1 ' :« enjoy myself wit!; other Could you suggest could do to have him gel in touch with me'' GERRY F. Answer: At this time of the year wanted to continue I town, and told me that, since lull wns up I didn't write letters, ho would toln phone mo when he got back to his hometown. Ho did come for a visit but tiitor calling me four times and not I Hiding me home, failed to get in touch with me. Do you think i should gel his address and write D. L Miss Anita Copelanri, a junior at Hcndrix College, is visiting in Hope with friends and her pruvnl.-.. ; i ca; . n irom the "mistakes and sue- liciilt as it was for us Communists during the czarisl period." The Russian Communists, hf declared, emerged victorious "and it will be thc same lor these par-| ma ny a girl is in exactly the saiijt- tu.'i." | position you are. They now bcg^in The foreign parties, he said, can t liis type'.' If you to iii.il'.>' out' lasl assault on ,ei:'L-..n;. l.avi: a party at. yout and invite him. If he re or uinori'S thu iiivilnlion, 01 .i it. and makes no (urthei attempt to ii'sumi; the friendship eonh.iili'i- the incident closed Too many girls embark on vaca > "• ^ rlendly letter saying i you were sorry to have missed bis culls would be a gracious RKS- tiiro, A humorous reference to his fixed purpose of not writing letters might lead him to abandon thts unsocial practice. (Released by The Bell Syndicate Inc.) Mr. and Mrs. E. VV. Co]julana, thi.-. weekend. Miss Copcland Vias 10 ci;m«y oeon cic.cteu candidate u>i the Hendrix Hallowucn Queen ROY ROGERS & TRIGGER "SPRINGTIME IN THE SIERRAS MARIA MONTEZ JOHN HALL SABU "White Savage 1 • JR. HITS • Chapter 2 of Serial "BLACK HAWK" & COLOR CARTOON Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Fiddler and son, Jimmy, of Conway will oe the weekend guests oC Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wyatt. Mrs. James McLurty nnd Phil are spending the weekend in Shreveport. Mrs. Moody Emmett Thompson, Mrs cesses" of. the party in Russia. He said the "bourgeois itself — chief] enemy of tho liberation movement — has changed, become more reactionary, has lost ties with the people and thus weakened itself." Stalin also appealed for support j from Communist parties in other i Soviel party and our country always needed and will need the trust., sympathy and support of fraternal peoples abroad," ne said. FORBIDDEN CODY SOUTHWISTIMN BILL miUHONI CO, Copyright,, 1952, by Al Cody. Dliltibultd by King Ftatuitl Syndltalt. Willis, and Mrs. Lyle Brown motored to ArakadelphUi Thursday afternoon to nttond t!n j Fall Flower Show. ioi Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Kev. .1. C. Williams, Washington. Mrs. Frankie A. Bow SYNOPSIS Thn year Is ISt-M, the Civil War drawing lo un end. Wa find Denny Hawla piloting the pocket "AStrld" ulonu llic treacherous Missouri river from $1. Louis to Ft. Benton. He had rpjftcU.l Kathleen Garrison's offer to cnptuln Imr bout, "Vannn. ' He is nlllanced lo As- It stands to reason," he said, trld McQucsilon. whose father owns the .... . .„ „„„,,,,, i,,, i n doht ci-nft "Astrld." He wonders now why "that our party cannot be in aeoi, gllo , s showlnB B0 much nUcnUon m I,I B to the fraternal parties, and muslj r | va i r | V crmnn. Cnpt. Mnrk Wltlncr. . . ., i,,.,, ,<i,, n th.a,,T cnniinrt and also i After many nnzarda Denny reaches a in turn give them suppou ana HIMJ | ^^ ^ 5 erferson clty wher(? he ,,, support their peoples in tnc l.gnij amazc d to flno his sv/eetheart nml frr liberation and for preservation 1 Whirtcr awaiting him. The latter curt- u.1 iiuLiiiuuii ui". i , ( Demands an Inspection of the As- of peace. t'rlrt's" cargo. Search of the hold r<v Stalin said that after the 19171 <reals contraband Runs, and Wliirter no revolution Communists throughout; revolution ommunsts ro e.e-,, inc world had termed the Russian Knows thai he is victim of n conspiracy wcrlcl •thp shock brigade of the, Ho Is left atranded In port us tin- me SHOCK unt,uu>- _i ~ Astr|d .. stPanls away. Bill the "Vn- revolutionary ana workcih ] nnn " mter lakes Denny aboard no cap- SUNDAY and * MONDAY Humphrey Bogart was awarded the ACADEMY AWARD For "BEST ACTOR OF THE YEAR" For his outstanding performance in "Tlje African Queen." lin, Hope, Norma Jean Cannon, of j movement. Hope. - ! '. . .Naturally ii was very Discharged: Mrs. Sam Ganunil luct lo fulfill this honorable role i and son, ,Sam Jr., Delight, Mrs. | while the shock brigade was only: Bill Wray and daughter, Linda, ol | one, and while it had to fulfill! ^^^ uy IIUI1( . ctf IVOW10 vll . Hope. Clarence N. Bolls, Rosstun. j this advance role practically single , lered a dingY little restaurant and r> ~ T " " TT '"" "' "' ordered a meal. He had hoped to go unrecognized, but some by- tnln nnd now in company with Kothloi-n <1nrrl!«nn <nce more, she Intrnilnri'R him to her first officer, • Mr. Enrnslmw. CHAPTER TEN DRIVEN by hunger, Rawls en- Dewanna Jones. Hop crsmeyer. Hope. A. H. Kv- i nandcd. The GREATEST ADVENTURE a Man Ever ' lived...Wifh a Woman! 'is Branch Discharged: Mis. Terry Bo.-;wi'l) and son, Irving. Texas, Mrs. Laura Rauesey, Hope, Jackie Martin, of Hope, Rl. 1.. other. The incoming boat drew urn like a magnet. it was a sleek, graceful craft, one which would have as much speed uu the Astrlil. With a swirl oi white water It came in, turning toward thc doclt. A.a tho boot ncnrud the shore and the Ugures on clcclt became recognizable, Rawls lelt sheer amazement. She was dressed differently now, but, once seen, Kathleen Garrison was not u girl easily torgotten. And farina was the name on the how ot the boat, flaunted like a halUe (lag in these days ol civil stritc. Varlna was the name of tho wile ot Jefferson Davis, President ol the Contederacy. She came nosing In, her paddle wheel churning a froth, smoke coming in little sighing spurta from her stacks. A trim and grace- mi craft, the farina was a side- wlieelcr, long and low with a lofty * RIALTO • BIG DOUBLE FEATURE • • Today & Tomorrow • WEAVER BROS. and ELVIRA "DOWN IN ARKANSAS" REX ALIEN SILVlIt CITY BONANZA" Spring Hill 4-H The tirst slander saw him and spread the word. A man who had been loitering at an adjoining table got up and spat on the. Hoof. The room was quickly deserted, save for the waiter. He stood, scowling, until Rawls finished his meal, eating as quickly as possible, the food tasteless in his mouth. He returned to the sheltering dark, his cheeks burning. That wa» what he was in for now, everywhere he went. The brand put upon him would burn deeper as time went on, and he could say nothing In his own defense. Outside ol town he found a hay- 4 H ri,,r mcetins for I 8tack and burrowed "Ho it tor the 4-H Club meeting ior| nii , ht . „„„„,„„, i n another small Patmos 4-H The Patmos 4-H Club met at 10:30 October 9 at Patmos School, rne club was re-organized and the lOilowmg olficers were elected: President, Judy Griffin, vice- president, Mary McClellan, Secretary, Kugene Hunt, Reporter, Joyce Vines, Song Leader, Cherry War ren. ihe next meeting will be Thursday, November 13. superstructure, one ot the floating palaces so much in vogue before developments since then —things which would make It unfair to you for me to accept. Once you have heard the story, you'll understand." Her face flushed painfully, but her eyes wore steady. "We'vo heard what happened here," she admitted. "But knowing you, Captain Rawls, I'm aure there's been » mistake. For my part, I'm-certain of it. The Farina is bound for Fort Benton. I've been acting as my own captain this far, but it you will assume command, 1 ahall feel that what has been' an ill wind tor you was a good one tor me." It was a graceful speech, the sincerity of which could not bo mistaken. RawU saw amazement, tollowed by quick fury, in Earnshaw's eyes, but after a moment the man had control of himself, and as Rawla glanced Inquiringly at him, Earnshaw seconded his employer. 'Don't hesitate on my account," the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades of th,| Spring Hill School was held on Oc- of Qne man ftc . tober 7. The following officers lor CQate<1 Wm on the gtreet( »j e g gin g . ( the coming year were elected: fOf troublet Rawla wfta hard put President. Nancy May, vice-pres | to u to Keep frpm ident. Thomas Foster, Secretary, ! ne 8OU g n i. Johnette Houck, Reporter, Rebecca I BOGART-HEPBURN RONALD REAGAN him what went on, cheeks taunt Ot cowardice Ridling. j added to the others thrown in nis Each member checked the dcm-1 eara> g u t jj he knocked the fellow onstration Ihey wanled lo take for j down, one ot two things would the year. Fp.r Ypwr Insurance Needs See John T, McRae Agent for Life, Sick and Accident, Hospitolization, Polio and Fqrm Insurance. Our rates do not increase after first purchase. Preiartt, happen. Either he'd be thrown Into a eithy jail and held for .worse more than likely, the war. He looked to see the cabin deck lined with passengers, but, tike the AstrM, there sedmed to be none on board. What caught and Held his attention was the girl, standing in the tcxas oeside an otllccr in gold braid. He wtucned with a teellng ol eagerness totally out ot proportion to the occasion. Certainly he couldn't presume on their brief acquaintance even to speak to her now. Having heard the news, she would have no more use for hint than anyone else. He should move away while opportunity offered. But he stood rooted to the spot, and the teciing that this was a moment ot destiny was too strong to down. The Voriiia was made fast, an<j Kathleen came ashore, accompanied oy the tall otficer. All doubt ut tier intentions was dispelled as she hurried toward him. "Captain Rawls!" Her voice was warm, excitedly friendly. This is a piece ot luck, finding you here." She turned to the man beside her. "Captain, this is Mr. Earnshaw— • my fjrst officer on the Forma." Rawls inclined his head. He'd heard thc name, na<l observed JM»W smoothly the Farina was brought in, and the overlarge crew, alart- lar to that on the Aatnd, which had jumped to obey orders. 1 But beyond these things, he kn«w nothing ot the man. "A pleasure," be said, and Earnshaw nodded jerkily. "I've neard ot you, ot course, Captain," he agreed drily. Kathleen's tone was breathless. things, or, lynched. He had to get away. Yet he felt a curious reluctance to go, as though this drama was not yet played out, that be bad a part remaining. Which was ridiculous, with the Astrid gone and everyone hostile, ' But tho notion persisted, so Strong a* to be a bunch, and in any case be had to wait Ior the stage. He saw Its dust finally, and then, looking toward the river, discerned ft smudge above the water —an approaching packet, bound upriver. • Despite himself, his footsteps carried him in that direction. The •tagti would b* gone yrtjUe S* tol-1 Rawls eyed her in amazement, Wre4, tWt Um> h*tj ceased t$ bavej^Uc eouldo'i have tmr$ »*_fi«W£ an-1 said, *tat there "~ he said. "In these waters 1 (eel myself competent to take charge, but the upper river would be • different story. Up that way I wouldn't want to risk a valuable cargo, to say nothing of the Varina." His frankness was disarming, but somehow it didn't quite ring true, Kathleen gave a qutcK »We- wise glance which seemed to Indicate that this humbleness on Earnshaw's part was new to her. "Are you sure that you're not just being sorry for me?" Rawls asked. "The news, the way it reached my ears, sounded dreadful,", sh« •aid frftnkly, and wished that she might tell him why she disbelieved it—that through servants' gossip she had known In advance of * plan tQ use him and then wreck him, cast mm aside "Ilk* din W be swept up," as Narcissuti had 19 graphically put it. But or cour*f ana couldn't explain, though the working-out of the scheme had strengthened Mr pwn beMef'WT man who had been victimised, -put I'don't believe It," ibf added. "You can nelp me- W will perhaps help you to clear ypuj^ self, then It will be to our advantage, Will you come?" cosw, agreed. "I saw you standing here. «o we put ui at once," she said. *\ —J hope that you may nave changed your n»nd—since the other evs- thank you," Twntag, be followed her aboard. This wa» iuck, siwb a» b* bad not expected, ft wouW *• both triumpb and revenge 19 bring tne Parww and fe?Jl* fter side «i« Mirvt, « Fort S#$ 41 W« noA Bajwhaw gave tfee orders and they c*« o9 ftgaiw. nt underway- Rawi» turned to go b«- low. and checked nwddeniy. Theji be leaped, and W» ' ' ' 09 a hurrying, in« Sto ClQSgg ftjrure, twist, W'-"* know Clausing Ny art to tbttr, 19 yef ww to w

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