Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 17, 1952 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1952
Page 3
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. ™, f AH, HOM, AtKANSA Tfiuriday, October U, FRIDAY-SATURDAY-MONDAY OCTOBER 17 18 20 «**», / Daily Scrapbag SAUL r Hal Boyl«) YORK UK — . There arc fifcifms a man never outgrows. I Can't explain mine. I don't even recommend thr~-. But, anyway, | l 1 ^, always" ,.iu-d: To jump into a cab and tell the driver, "Follow that cab! There's life-spot for yoU if you don't Hope WttATMtft ,. ARKANSAS -F«lr, 11HU Wif«i ; et south this afternoott frottllntHKl c&ol tonight S»ttird*y f*lr, , Bshrcft shrdl shrdlu i»hfd|u tWNltt 1'^' ..J). t'. SSjs *' Just Arrived Sheen Material Reular $29.95 valci LADIES $1.95 BLOUSES Ladies Outing GOWNS $1.98 Children's $1.39 T- SHIRTS i\A $$M ',%£•« w(8&:**** "ifc^V 1 l* 61 *' i ^ * i _ ..^^ and OVERALLS A 'so Corduroy LADIES SWEA1E Men's Heavy Winter JACKETS $695 TO $14.95 Children's Winter Boys' Heavy Winter JACKETS and COATS $3.95 $12.95 M? HEY, MEN! Sewell and Hampton Heath SUITS . Every Style, Every Size gnd make. 100% all Wool $24.95 5«Uct How on Our loiy Loy-Awoy P( ^'%'A Ladies, Look! Over 2,800 NEWFA^L DRESSES to select from. Juniors, Regulars and Hqlf Sizes, also stout, $5.95 TO "K*. $1*15 Use Our Easy Lay-Away Plan MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS $2.95 to $5. HOPE S LARGEST AND NEWEST CANNON WASH CLOTHS 15c Voiii9 12 for $1.00 Arrived. Sixes 2 to 16 Boy's Flannel Shirts $1.98 Soys' Regular $1.49 SWEAT SHIRTS..SI.00 MHBMNNHBIHMHINMBlMi USE OUR IAY-AWAY 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 4 •*>•** ConiolM«M4 Jm. 1*. '»*• HOPE, ARKANSAS* IPIDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1952 A*. , I NM Cktk » Mw. IMtaw M*wh PRICE 5c CDP 9fb be paged in the grand salon (he Queen Elizabeth. Pi)' appear inscrutable when the National Bank asks Me for ^_ loan. H To pound a table and toll my "wife (or anyone), "This is the way 1 want it! And this is the way H'B going to bel" To stand at the big table at Monte Carlo and, while tho beautiful duchess gasps, calmly announce, "Let the million ride." To tell my boss, "Charlie, I want you to be the first to know. I've iusl acquired the controlling inter- Wt. You're now working for me." To awake in the morning and not take the 8:15 train to New York but, instead, grab flight 742 to Paris. To be pulled gently to the center of the stage by an adoring, grateful leading lady while the audience shouts, "Authorl Author!" To answer, when asked by an over solicitous waitress if 1 cn- ifred tho dinner, "No." ^To' pull the emergency cord on the "Flying Scotsman" as it races across the Firth of Forth or the Forth of Firth or wherever it is tney have the high bridge Hitchcock uses in his movies. To order wine as though I knew what I was talking about. To ask for, between tigtly drawn lips, "Sutures, scapel, sponges." To tell the C. O. "U tho genera, •ftiill kindly button his lip, I'll ex plain." To Order dinner without looking at the right side of the menu To shout into a phono, "Stop the presses! Tear up the front page •while I dictate this story. . . ." To ask an irate traffic cop, "Are you speaking to me or looking for an appointment?" To wear an opera cape and ride the Orient Express with Greta Gar. ,tbo and tell her as gently as pos- •flble, "yes, my dear, I'm afraid I have been everywhere and seen too much." To tell the landlord, "Paint this apartment within 24 hours or I'll move." To laugh directly in the face of a political candidate who says, "I don't care how you vote. The im portant'thing is to vote." To tell the, waiter, "Send this magnum wlth«*t»y *ebntpHments to fohut beautiful, dark, mysterious lady in the corner, who obviously lost her jewels in Sofia, had her heart broken in Cairo and now faces life completely alone in strange, new world." TO Instruct the salesman at Car tier's as he wraps up the Jonkcr diamond, "Just tell her it came from an admiring friend." To be waiting on Mars when the first expedition arrives from earth 4 nd to say, "Gentlemen, what kep pu?" Seven Arkansons Wounded in Korea WASHINGTON, Oct. ITf/P)—The Department of Defense today announced that seven Arkansas soldiers have been wounded in Korean action. Cpl. August E. Enderlin, son of and Mrs. August J. Endcrlin, Homecoming Festivities for Hope Bobcats Unrest Seethes in Coal Mines, 150,000 Strike By ROWLAND EVANS JR. WASHINGTON. Iff) — A protest Vishinsky Delays Expected Tirade Against U.S. By STANLEY JOHNSON UNITED NATtdNS, . Y.rJ. Sharp Proies '• •T \l|5. ,u^.'.. , V^"IL i,, strike of 150,000 miners crrpt Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Y. through tnc notion's conl fields and' producers pressed for price Increases t;idny ns the Wngc Stabl- Jbtntlon Board, plngued by dissension, scheduled another nttempl to deride the legality of the recent soft coal pay boost. Price officials snid the Office of Stabilisation wns invaltlnK WSB action before considering off! Tonight when the Bobcats play Fairvicw the above queens and maids will take part In.prew: Jacu Williams Av tJel . oame fetivities. They are, left to right seated on lounge in front row: Jacque Williams, Ava tJe|l H Qm evcutt Mar ene Plumley, Frances WeHsengerger; Second row: Betty Saunders, Nell Cassldy, Mary j7 F^ohe!-, Ne Ida Thompion and Patsy Samuels, Iris Jean flyers Donna Russet, Lynn Russell, Ann Houston" Third row: Sandra Robins, Willie May Reese, Virginia Lafferty, Alice Anthony, Marjorle Whatley! Diane Bryan, Blllle Pawn Franks and Janelle Yocom. ____ Mississippi's Industrial Expansion Is Cause to Vote for Amend. No. 43, Says Feild Officers Are Seeking Crying Kidnapper TEXARKANA, (UP) — Police of :hroe stales today were looking for a "crying kidnapper" who forced his victim to drive him to Shreveport, 'La., while he "blubbered" aft the* way about 1 an" ungrateful world.. C. A. Evans, a shoe salesman, told Police Chief Max Tackett the man, with tears streaming down his face, told him he was a combat veteran in Korea for three years arid '''nobody gives a damn about mo." Evans told Tackett he was kid- nuppcd Tuesday night when he parked his car on a downtown street and the man jumped in the car, waved a pistol, and told him to "drive outa here." Evans drove him to Nash, Tex., about 10 miles from here. At Nash, Evans said, the man asked him for his money and fired his pistol out of- the car window "just so you know it's loaded," he said the kidnapper told him. He handed over $36. Then the man decided to go to Shreveport, he said. "He got to talking about Korea," Evans said. "He said nobody cared announced today he will address tho United Nations General Assembly tomorrow. He In exported to unleash n new Kremlin diplomatic offensive. By OSQOOD CARUTHER8 UNITED NATIONS, N. Y, ~ Russia's Andrei Vlnhlnsky kept tho United Nations walling today tor clally the many requests received I i n(! ned fireworks ho la expected 'rorn producers for n ceiling price ( t o touch off In replying to U. jicroase. Labor members of the WSB, who angrily rejected n "suggestion" trom Economic Stablli/.cr Roger Putham th;ii the WSB postpone its Study of the case for several days, were ready to Rive their approval to the $l.f)0-a-clny wage boost. The increase, negotiated by John L. Lewis last month, cannot be paid until the WSB gives its 'af.provnl because it is nearly twice as high as that automatically np- •^ m . Chare .K. - ,.- i».v Atftacke Wanton Raid Japan Termed Unjustifiable Secretary of Stale Dean Achpsbn'n plea for a concerted U, N. effor r to end tho Korean War. . • The Soviet for,olgn'.'mlnlst6r w»a not scheduled to ^peak today, and he told newsmen he did nbt know when ho would address th» General Assembly. .. , "Muybo never," he' added with a wry grin to tho 'Journalists. Poland was the first Iron Curtain country listed for the :assom Tho following letter was received by The Star today from State Rep resentativo Talbot Feild, Jr.: Editor The Star: In Mississippi during the first 11 years under a law permitting communities to promote industrial development there were located 70 plants. These plants employ 15,725 people and are providing $32,758,000 annually! in additional pay rolls. It has all been accomplished by permitting communities to vote bonds. To; demonstrate to yourself and your friends how Mississippi has been peppered with new plants secure a road map of Mississippi and circle the following towns where the plunts have located: ted: Meteoric Ball Visioned in Several States NEW ORLEANS (UP — A brll liant, meteoric ball of fire, de scribed variously as white, blue grt-en and orange, raced acros southern skies before dawn toda; to disintegrate with a tremcndou blast, into thousands of small, tier pieces. Buildings were slightly shaken -at provable under WSB cost-oMlvlng regulations. But labor members of the WSB, which is composed of labor, Indus ry and public members, hnvc argued that other wage rules jus- ify the increase. They suy it is neither inflationary or rig. unstabiliz- bly's general debate today;; draw- lug fourth place In a .tentative lineup of five countries 'jlo Speak. But Polish Foreign Minister Stnnislaw " expected to Mechanical Heart Used Successfully By AUTON L. BLAKESLEE AP Science Reporter Shr/.e/.ewskt was ,,„... atcal Vlshlnsky's UjUnder by re plying to tho major American foreign policy speech Achoson made to tho assembly; yesterday. Diplomats assumed tho Pole | would stick to a text prepared well in advance but considered ho might Indicate whether tho Communist line on Korea would be conciliatory I or antagonistic to the West. Before these speeches, tho ns- I sembly was to take up the propos- I al to include on its agenda tho Father Slashes Son With Knife During Fight A father-son quarrel yesterday just Inside Hompstcttd County near the Howard County Ho* resulted In the sou being severely cut with » knife by his father. The Incident occurred on Highway S7, throe jnllo north ot NnohVlUo. Deputy Sheriff Allen Shlpp said today that C. H. Novels ot Howard County is being hold on open charge. Ha was arrested by Howard County Sheriff Ambrose Chosshiv and released to local officers. Deputy Shipp said apparently the tight grow out ot an argument over plow tools and occurred on the Otis Tiffin farm. Ho said that the older Novels allegedly drew n knit* and cut his son Edgar on the arm and shoulder. The son was taken to a Nashville hospital Whore hid condition was not considered critical except for tho loan of blood. By the Ai*ooljit»d Pr*i* ^ United .'siMo li»«i that Russian, plnncn made ton and unjti«Uti«btct' ittilclt American , B-S1Q piano mUi tho coast ot Japan since Ootobt Tho sharp protest, lodg« tho Soviet govorrtit(nnt by «vr bnssy in Moscow, demartdcd''0? ponsatlon for the lots of;the pl« and, tor the 'lives ol any dt ' crow ot eight who may hive Ishod. ', t 8 < Tho American note «tW ,thi was on a ,, routine flight nerthorn end of Japan" entirely unarmed — and ltir cors wore under oxpllqit ordfll remain within Japaneio tortltor: Chinese Try But Fail to Retake Hills By ROBERT UDICK SEOUL. Korea. (UP) Chinese Asian-Arab bloc's charge of racial Communists hurled three assaults discrimination In South Africa, at South Korean Infantrymen on | South .African Ambassador O. P. Sniper HU1 late today, steadily Jdoste; was expected to speak tor strengthening their ranks as they rsuncunub wuit: Kiii£iiii/ amiivui* **»M "• ***..«..»« ..„,,-. — .1 ****»*»** , »»«•* »•«*•«» 7-— -T -« - — i •»»• «««f> «•*»•• »••*» *••!..» »*•*•**» »•• **••*,, Natchez and Summit, Miss,, DETROIT Iff) — A successful un hour against Inclusion of the closed in for fierce hand-to-hand Shreveport and Baton Rouge, Lt;,jmechanical heart, to give human item, arguing thftt tho matter is fighting with the,gallant defender* hearts a holiday, was announced-hlc country's own affair and not Moving ' out from "Pinpoint 711 Court St., Conway. Pfc. Leon Godbey, husband of Mrs. Ivory L. Godbey, care of Gilbert Lewis, Rt. 1, Masonvillc. Pvt. Willie Grayson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Grayson, Parkdale. Rt. 1, . Pfc. Samuel D. Pinson, son of the late Mrs. Lynn Newark. P. Crewell, Pvt. Billie J. Porter, son of Mr. §tnd Mrs. George D. Porter, 308 E. Davis St., Blytheville. Marine Pfc. Charles E. Penning ton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jasper C. Pennington, Rt. 2, Fayettevillc. Marine Cpl. Thomas G. Rambin, husband of Mrs. Thomas G. Rambin, 1010 State Line Ave., Texarkana. „,. Blevins Student a Pledged at ETS COMMERCE — John L. Foster o Blevins, has been pldged to the Paragon social club for men East Texas State College. Meralperlhip in the organization js by 'invitation, only and comes at ter a '.semester of pledging. Pur poses of the group are to encourage friendships of a lasting nature,•to establish school spirit and to ire- rove scholarship. foster, a sophomore' chemistry jor, is a transfer from Header State Teachers College. Hi* .He said nobody gives a damn, and then he started blubbering. He blubbered all the way to Shreveport." In Shreveport, Evans said, the man got out of the car, still sobb- ng, and told him to "drive on." •ie drove direct to a police station and told his story, he said. Then ic returned home. Tackett and the FBI questioned Evans Wednesday and Tackett put out a three-state alarm for the crying kidnapper." He disclosed the story last night. Methodist Laymen to Preach in Hope District Durant, Granada 3, Pascagoula 3, Crystal Springs 2. Natchcs 3, Union, Hatticsburg, New Albany 3, Winona 3, Ellisville, Batesville,' Corinth 4, Philadelphia, Bassficld, Calhoun City 2, Houston, Mouti- cello, Nettlcton. Tylertown, Hazelhurst, Magcc, Newton, Tupelo, Water Valley, Belmont, Charleston, Eupora, Leakesville 2, Luce dale 2, Okolona, Purvis, Richton, Cleveland 2, Columbus, Drew, Ocean Springs, Riplcy, Fulton, Fcrnwood, Bay Springs. Canton Houlka, Kosciusko, Wififilns, Ya zoo City, Carthage, Greenville Waynusboro, Clarksdulu 2, Wcs Point, Newton, Forest, Holly Springs 2, Aberdeen, Meridian, Ma con, Poplarvillc, Quitman, Me Comb, Sardis, Brookhavon, Indian ola, Ashland, and Byhalia. That's 64 communities and plants to-datc. The rommunitie range from Bassfield, with a pop ulation of 320. to Meridian with 41 893. The approximate number o employes range from 15 at Richton with the Lebanon Shirt Co., to 2.000 at Pascagoula with the Ingalls Shipbuilding Corp. And, the .bond issues range from $6.000 for Grenada Industries at Grenada to $4.750,000 for the Alexander Smith & Sons Carpet Co., at Greenville- I Most of the bonds are for either ] 20 or 25 years. Perhaps most significant of all, the interest rates on the bonds range from I 1-8 per cent to 4 per cent, with the ma[ jority well below 3 per cent It is surprising to note that many nationally known and well cstar>- and at Mobile, Ala., by tho ox* plosion and a "strange" wind created by the object, described by top authorities as "being a • teor." Thousands of residents over a vast area from Alabama to Texas reported seeing the brilliant object, viewed by some as a "round ball about the size of the moon" others aid it was as big as a house nd to some it was only a flash, Wlthln U. N, Jurisdiction; , A\Lt*._ —-.— It. UlM ««^A<hU «4M Two Methodist Churches of the Hope lished firms such as Real Silk Mitchell Irked at Editors Over U.S. WASHINGTON, (UP)— Democratic National Chairman Stephen A. Mitchell today called for more campaign contributions to "pierce the newsprint curtain of the press" against Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson. In telegrams to Democratic loaders in every state, Mitchell urged a step-up in the drive for small contributions "to assure Gov. Stevenson of sufficient radio and TV time." "Favoritism )for Gen. Eisenhower in newspapers and magazines makes it imperative that the small contributors drive .brings in enough money to let' Gov. Stevenson take' his case directly to theipieople pve.r television and radio /during the closing stretch of the: campaign", he said. ' "Many newspapers are favoring the Republicans in their news coverage. The Saturday Evening Post devoted cover and inside pages to glamorized portraits of Gen. Eisenhower. Tho magazine will not do the same for Gov. Stevenson. We could not buy the same space for $50,000, even if it were for sale. Last week's Life carried not one picture of Gov. Stevenson. v today. For 50 minutes, the amazing llt- _j>.machine; pumped a man's through 'his body. Rumbling like a quiet washing machine, it by-passed the leftside of his heart. It dotourcd the blood coming from his lungs, and pulsed it back into his .arteries. Empty of blood, with no work to] do, the still-beating heart was opened to repair a faulty valve. The man, 41,. and not identified, is alive .and well today, three months'-"alter the historic operation July 3. Only this one human sucess wasj Crosgotli sponsored by the Southern announced — but with a hint It Experiment,,Station and tho Agri has worked on other persons since. culturalVSJxtenslon Service. In dogs, this same pump -has Couny Agent Oliver t* Adams boon rigged to by-pass both sides (today encouraged agricultural Knob," tho • Reds' lost toehold on Jn his ,spHeh yesterday [the strategic height! north of Kum- ot Forestry Field Day Planned at Crossett (2H strength m. EST) , In Bornpa.ny about 160 men'— but t Accused Man to Tell His 13 Side of Slay in By JACK PAVIS BALTIMORE (Ifl — GcorgO „ ward Ornmrnor takes thoitta, again today,to toll his vorilory tho talks he had wjth police ' c«rs tho. night b«fpr»y : 'h*f v charged with-the my«Mlou>:d of his wtto. > - 7 - '-' Although tho 'it4te £JftS " I were driven off. Two more companies returned to | the attack at ():40 p. m. (4:40 a.m. and they ultio were battered, buck., Finally, the Chinese commander Increased the attacking force to a battalion ot about 800 men, and tho Communists closed in on tho October 28 is the date ot tho an-1 hard-fightlng South Koreans, nual farm ' forestry field day at Uir"e'o when ho mu'de * stateroom 31. |d -• Tho con probably^.,., Ing tho day, ;mad« . TaftBelieVes Majority for Eisenhower Truman Lashes Ike on Korean Question By ERNEST B. VACCARO Grammor, manager of-j York motftls firm, v charged with tlyj dea't; Dorothy May,, U' r d« was pulled wt'Of »>J deep gashei on her Iwi offc of the heart, putting the whole W0 rkers an,d firmer* interested in heart on temporary vacation. | better foretft' tn,anago.nicnt to attend. A morning tour wUl start from the CrosSett ball park at tho south end of Main Street at 0:30. Visits President Truman declared today {will be made to planted and natur-lthut Dwlght D. Eisenhower "up] ill forests under various stages of pears to be willing to undermine management. Demonstrations will our safety if that will get him be given in both mechanical and elected president." hand planting. . I He asserted that the GOP presl Ono stop \vlU bo at the 40-acrp dential nominee "is apparently WASHINGTON (M — Sen, Robert demonstrational plots showing good suggcsdng that wo pull our troops A: Taft said today he has found an d poor farm forestry. Latest me put of Korea and. let the South "iVtn MMAnl T-On4rtt-U\j> rtt fhn nonnlf* ' ii i. _m ..^i u _ _i_ 1_^1« i« U_..«ul Wit*nnna i\r\ tilt tKn flrftlflntf " leal examiner, ly bw body tho Layman's Hosiery Mills, Armstrong Tire & 19, at the Rubber Co., Rice Stix Co., John morning" service. Laymen and| Manville, tjaspel Brothers, Inter- where they will talk: """ ' " "" District will observe Day Sunday, October national Paper Co., Alexander Judge A. P. Steel of Texarkana Smith & Sons Carpet Co., Cudahy at the Hope Methodist Church: Packing Co., and Johnston Lawn Lyle Brown will talk at McCaskill: Mower Corp., have taken advau- ocratlc victory in November.' rits are Foster. Mr. and Ji * rs. Jphfl This Time Sfnk Wo* Included, TOKYO W — This time they hit *em with everything — in- eluding the kitchen fink. The Navy said Lt, Carl i. Austin of WoodbJwni, Ore., a aPo): aboard the aircraft-carrier Princeton, recently attached a ^iigk to a 1,000-pound bomb and dropped it on a wsior North Ifcwan city. "I wasn't ablp to, use wh»t if. M. Stephens at Macedonia; J I tage of Mississippi's attractive m- { Teeter at Sweet Home; Leelducement and located plants wltn- ijnney at Bethel; Pr. F ia C. Crow in the state, t Prescott, • Louisiana's new Governor Ken- Prescott Circuit: W. C, Ward at non has announced that he will in- New Salem,-C- V- Nunn. Jr.. al troduce to the iceislature a pro- Emmet; Elmer ; Brown at Hollv posal similar to Mississippi's in Jrove; Royee Weisenberger at order to secure the location of new Vashington; John L. Wilson at plants throughout the state. Ozan; J. I. pebiong at St. Paul Arkansas, too. can attract new and James H. Jones' at Columbus, industry and assist in expanding those already established through | such an inducement as available in Mississippi and thus create I more jobs bringing Increased pay I rolls wiht a resulting prosperity for Downing Named Roundup Club Head; 260 Attend Perhaps the largest crowd ever to attend a Roundup Club bar be- as on hand last night in the District Livestock Show Col- Some 261 persons went the chow Un*. The following new officers were "the great majority of the people rcaily-^lOv 'likis Ike' " and predicted Gqn, pwight D. Eisenhower would win the election. • The Ohio senator, who was Els- enhower's chief rival for the Republican presidential nomination, said that after three weeks ot campaigning he had become convinced Eisenhower's "very wide personal popularity" would be a key factor in a GOP triumph. Writing In Pathfinder magazine, Toft said that if Eisenhower wins, •he wifl carry with him both the House and Senate." The Senate race will be close, the Ohioan added, but an Eisen hower victory probably would mean the Republicans would pick up nine seats there and that this would off 1 set some probably losses. The pr« sent Senate lineup is 49 Democrats to 47 Republicans. Taft said he had not campaigned in the East at the time he wrote the article. But he predicted the GOP would carry New York, Perm sylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland- He added, however, that Eisen- Ion, 20, of Bonita, La., was elected hower could win without New Yorii president of the Future Farmers < (particularly if he can add Vir- of America yesterday at the closelgiuia, Tennessee and Texas to his oi their four-day annual conven- column, which I believe to be very thods of using chemicals in brush Koreans do all the fighting, control will also bo soon, the ceun- The President w.ent on to say, ty agent said. In a campaign address prepared "Quick work in bringing in more small contributions is necessary to assure Gov. Stevenson of sufficient radio and TV time to pierce the newsprint curtain of the press and the slick paper curtain of big magazines and bring about a Dem. Louisiana Youth to Head FFA KANSAS CITY, UB -r- Jimmy DU- H. R. Reynolds, otflccr in charito U°r delivery at Lawrenqo, of the Crossett Branch Station, will during the second day of a train be in charge ot the/ tour. The State Forest Service and "the Soil Cou- nervation. Service will assist, Lunch will be served by the home, demonstration clubs. Afternoon program Is under the direction of Harold A, HoweU,Jor- ester for the Agricultural Extension crvlce. Dr. 'Llppcrt S. Ellis, dean of the College of Agriculture at FayeUevllle, will discuss putting idle acres to work. Harold L Mitchell, director of, the Southern Forest Experiment Station, will briefly program at the ArKlR»a» farm forestry and automobile stumping tour of New England; "I've never seen anything cheaper in polities, We can not do wha he suggested-^ without appeaslni communism in Korea— and he knows it," Tho President pushed hia drive for Democratic votes' in New Hampshire and Massachusetts with increasing intensity after speeches yesterday denouncing QOP criticism of hid administration as "misrepresented" and "*o, n»a n y lies," tione. Demonstration will be glvcnv from Crossot in fir 9 prevention member* Kiwoniont Appeol for Lodging H«lp Hope Ciub has th? task o| housing buodredji gt visitors to the Arkeasa* 5ts^ Singing Coflven By JACK ; BAN DJJSaQ, Adlal Slovenian, ,tnat the "best |«d ' dec »,-» tion. Most of the some 6,000 likely.' FFA| Taft said an Important P*ro*4 b Ifei- ftuy I all. Proposed Constitutional Amend- |ment No. 43 will N on the ballot Nov. 4Uj. It will permit cities of he first and second class to hold an election and vote up to one per cent of the assessed 'valuation all taxabje property within t corporate boundries to provide funds to be uasd for the secure* ment of sj^ej and to the canglnufr tau*bMii«lg '"" ot youths attending the convention! hower asset was that he started to *VrnW» .fed, were on their way home todayltbr campaign "without any ene* after a round of meetings, sight-jinies, and without having given of- seeing, banquets speeches andlfense to any large section of the awards. 1 people because he has not had to The FFA award committee lajteliake a position on many domestic last night announced state and in-1 controversial issue* during the past dividual winners in the livestock, 110 years," poultry judging and egg grading I Taft wrote that "The man in rea« and meats identification contests. I son which makes me feel confident Indiana, Minnesota. Missouri, I of a Republican victory i* the deep* North Dakota, Oklahoma, Qyf««on, seated resentment against the Tru- tion scheduled were Saturday and Sunday. Local resident* fire being asked <?nt night, Minor Accidt nt Brings Chorgt Frank CogbiU of Hope, at a, Wi*consui were gold em- 1 man admini«tration blem wwintw in t&e livestock Judg- j ww*»- poultry and. egg «*d &tis pr^identW a 2«.yoar-old Canadian Vlotcr, hearing the cas« , todij

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