Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 21, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 21, 1894
Page 3
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The Human Electrical Forces! How They Control the Organs of the Body. The eleetrlOAl force of the hum.™ body, as tho norvo Duid may bo termed, 1 > an ospo- Clally attractive) department of §clonco, as It . with th« vitality nocoasury 10 In- iiuro their health. Tbo pncurarwiistrlc ncrvo, as •howa horo. may bo salu to ho tlib most Important of Uieontlro norvo wa- tem, as It supplies tho heart, lungs, utorasrh, bowels, etc., wliU the nervo force nece*sary to keep thorn nctlvo »na healthy. An will bo seen by the cut tho long nerve descending from the 8sse of the brala »ni terminating laths bowels Is tho paoumogulrlc, .while tho oumerqu* lit-, tie branche* lupply tb heart, luogi and itonv ach with necessary T! tal It y. When the brain become* In any way disordered by Irritability, or exhaustion, the MTTIV force whlub. It «uDpll«n bi lessoned, and the orv K»ni receiving the dit mlnLshed supply are con • Mnuently weakened. Physicians generally fall to recognize, the Importance ot Mils fact, but treat the organ Itself Instead of tho cau«o of t ho troublo Tho noted specialist. Franklin Miles, M. IX, LI* B., ban given the greater part ot his mo to the study of this subject, and the prlaclpa\ discoveries concerninc ft arc due to his efforts. Dr. Miles' Restorative Ncrvlno. the; unri- Talod brain and nerve food, Ispreparedon tha principle that al! nervous and many other difficulties originate from disorders of tho nerve renters. Its wonderful success In curing theso disorders is tcstliloU to by thousands In every part of the land. Restoratlv» Norvlno cures sleeplessness, nervous prostration, dizziness, hysteria, sexual debility, St. Vltusdanco, epilepsy, etc. It Is trro from opiates or dangerous drugs, It, Is sold on a posltlva Ruaranteo hy all druggists, or nont direct by tho Dr. Mllos Medical €o.. Elkhart, Tml., on receipt of price. »1 per bottlo, six bottles for $J, express prepaid. STORAGE. For Btorfij_'o in largo Or small quantities, apply to W. D. PKATT. Pollard & WiUion warehouse. It's the Part of Wisdom. TlniM mw by harJ and money close bat these tlilncs hiwn th<>lr coiiipensiitloii. Wn ciin Bell rou watclifH and will, tit very close lljjnres to net th<> money. Come ami see what you ciin do with little • money. I nm snilons to sell not only watches hut otlicr Roods, iiliunonus, Clocks, Oliver-ware, Spectacles ami Novelties. I tun <M»m fortlie I,ytl» Snfoami LocUCo.. Cincinnati Oblo. Call and sea a small prapls. D. A. HATJK, J£WELER AND OPTICAN. Special Notice. As I am desirous ot relieving and curing suffering humanity of catarrh, liver complaint, rhoumaUam, dyspepsia, and all diseases of a norvoua and .debilitated nature in either sox, until March 25th, I will treat all afflicted with tho above diseases free of charge •with the exception of a very small fee .in certain cases for medicine. I do this for the benefit of many poor sufferers who are in need of treatment and are not able to pay my former prices, J. W. MKRKOM,, M. D., D. M. & Ass't, 411 Broadway. Logansport, Ind, JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING MAKCH 21. Standard, prints only 4 \ cents, at tho Golden Rule. See tho beautiful lino of black capoa at the Trade Palace. Wanted a position as housekeeper In a small family. Address Postoflice box 383. See the lovely shades in dressed and undreased kid gloves we are showing. Our prloea arc right, too.—Golden Rule. Ijl you suffer from sleeplessness why not try Dr. Wheeler's Norva Vitalizer, the great discovery for nonous diseases and sleeplessness! Warranted, Bon Fisher. , The Baby's Boat Friend—McUnn's Onion Syrup gives immediate relief and cures croup, colds, colic, and particularly vomiting of curdled milk. For sale by B. F. Keesllng. Only L',5 cents per bottle. We have heard men say ' 'I would give !f500 to have this approaching baldness arrested and a healthy growth of hair produced," This desirable result will surely bo brought about at trifling expense by the uso of the Excelsior Scalp Curer and Hair Pro. iucer to be sold by agents in this city. Is your head clear P Have you a good grip on all your Interests and a boundless energy In your blood? You can have both If you observe tho pro caution to take, when retiring for tha night, a dose of Smith's Bile Beans. By the time you get to work next day, you will feel M If you could u 1 a train ot can. Be sure to get the small •Ize. mirk Stanley m llllnoli. Tuscola, 111-, Saturday Journal: "As previously announced, Buck Stanley tho temperance evangelist, ol Indiana, began his series of gospel tomporanco meetings at the Christian ohurch on Tuesday night. Ho gave brief history of his early life In which he showed how strong drink had wrought ruin to himself and family. On Wednesday night the meeting was hold in tho opera house where they will continue until Monday night. The subject Wednesday night was "The Saloon Tree and Its Fruit," which was handled In a most masterly manner, Mr, Stanley's presentation of the evils of the saloon being the most forcible and most eloquent that wo have ever heard on thU particular subject. ••On Thursday night he took up the saloon keeper, whom he handled without gloves. While rery earneit and plain in his arguments against the liquor traffic, Mr. Stanley has none but kind and loving words for tho unfortunate victims of the drink habit. Nearly 300 have signed the pledge at theso meetings and much and permanent good will no doubt result. A Prayer Moctlnit Hop. The Richmond Item Is responsible for tbe following: "Cambridge City can always be counted on for something now In tho line of church festivals Tho little town is by a largo majority of a religious turn of mind so to speak, and tho people of a sociiil turn aro always casting about for some novel entertainment. Tho latest in this line is the Cottage Prayor Meeting Dancing Club, which moots at the residence of BOnio mombor one night oach wook, and after holding a short session of prayer tho entire party forgets their caros and tho meeting is turned into a dance find tho old and young trip the light fantastic until a late hour. It Is needless to say that the prayer meetings aro growing In popularity, and nearly tho entire congregation attends. It is thought that a large hall will have to bo rented for the purpose of holding thoao prayer meetings in. It is probably tho only club of its kind In existence." A 1'loaanut serenade. Tho Journal Is greatly indebted to ibo Elite Mandolin Club fcr a delightful serenade tendered last night. This popular musical organization though organized but ft few months has gained much local favor and IB In constant demand. Undor the direction of the indefatigable dlroctor Mr. Kdgar E. Powell tho KUte Club has attained a most commendable degree of pro- Icloncy. Tho orgaalxation is made up as follows: Motallaphono—Kdgar E. Powell. 1st Mandolin—Clarence McKoover. 2nd Mandolin—Geo. Cohee. 3d Mandolin—John Carroll. Guitars—L, Emmott and Rodney irain. Bass—Chas. E. Clinck. Heal Entnto Transfer). L, at or transfers of real estate In Cass conntj reported by Krank II. Wlpperman abstractor of ;!tles, conveyancer ami notary public, Insurance and loan agent, titles to real estate examined and detective titles perfected. Money to loan at owest rates. Office 206 Fourth street dlrectlj jppoalto Court House entrance, Logansport, Ind. Emma Bothermell to Bavld Montgomery H acres of w <a nw ty esc 23 flaril- C/r'.'KlnzieBt n'l toC'iias. O. Cox w '& ne l<4 sea l!8 Bethlehem tp Am J. Arnold to Ckni. O. Cox saouj »s ' U wiVltesi<ieto"L. < "*'s!"wilion lot* 11 and 18 9. Jfout/. add to Young imet'- jftn.Cann'io"ti"i)'.K. iiclirpii'yui' »ofTo *1(1« nw ifi soc SI Jackson tp 9DOO CO Sclmyler Button to Vort Huron Knglno Cos Uj sw Vl i' w <4 3 «° v Boone tp H. K. Tlllej to Jillu BaraardwVi m U so 14 and »w 14 no V| so U sec T, Clay tp • Klinoro Klstler to C«m Pherson 1 W-lOO ^ ot (i -5 a so Vi iw Ui sec '2 Boone tp... Geo. I). Cnstorsr. guard to Jacob Hore- tmrt und 1-9 s Vj 8H Vl »ndof » IB a n V> sw i.'i sec 17 Clay tp KW 00 Bar'ili UuiidlASton toChns. (f. Cox w Vl no Vi sec SB. Bethlehem tp i w John K. 1'etne toLevl Brown edicts ........ itttil !i MklnH'in'sadd, • ^^ Lovl Brown to J. T. Fetrten 2»aw to SB lit sue IS Noble tp 110000 Jos. w. Barr to .T. K. Bncban.m 4' Vj « Ins M| SB 14 sec 15 Jfft tp •••;••• 19MOO .Jolm Kurstman to JeiinloBates w\ilot Ml West Louaii • •• "!->> ou HtiMer and Velaer to T, K. Brumbaugh iot» f»S and Ml west eml add I'ff 0« EilwinDlehl to M. A. Jordon se Vi sec .10 Washington IP ,v, ''""' •" C. C. Bennrtt to B. W. Healer lot ID Kuthrlo's add '»™ •" is Hied asRregatlni; -HSfi 50 stato i on i oo 450 00 400 0» 2000 00 95 «0 $100 Ito«»rd, $100. Tim rrador ot tills raper will b« plaiLscd to leiirn that there la at liwst on« dresulnii diseases that sulencB has lieen able to cnr» In all Its staRns and that is Catarrii, Hall's Catiirr h Cure l.s t he only positive euro known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh hdns a constUotlenal dlso*sfl. rmulros a coimitotlSlm treatment. Ha 1's Catarrh Lnro Is teKen lnternaJl7. «ctlnR directly 01, the blood «nd mucus snrMws or the system, thereby dpstro) ni; the foundation ot the disease, and (tivlnt! the pa- n™trenKUi by bulldlnK up tue constIttitloii and astlnK niitnueIn doing Its work. Tie iiroprl<v torshive so imieh faith In Its curative powers, tlmttiflvoIlM Ono Hundred Dollars for any case t »f i! fills to, cure semi for list ot testimonials. Ad.lr'ss ?! J CHKNKY. A CO., Toledo, 0. J»~dold by (Iruggl.sts. Af terthe ball Is over, afta the break or; morn, Alter the dancers leaving, after the stars are gone. Many a head is nchlne, If you but knew It all, Take Smith'i) Bile Beans on retiring after tho bail, Ask for SMALL size. Don't Tobcco Spit or Smoke Tour Lift AITHJ Is the trtithfnl. startling title of a little book that tells all abont No-to-bao, tbe wonderful, barm- less otjAHANTKKD tobncco habit cnr*. Tho tost Is trilling, and the man who wants to quit dnd c'sn't runs no phytlcal or financial r m using "No-to-back." Sold by Bon Fisher, Book lit store, or bj mall free. Address, Th« Sterling Remedr Co., Indiana Mineral Springs, Ind. m Quaker keadaoha capsuls give re. lief In ten mlnutei. DIG CBT IN WA(iKS. The Chicago & Eastorn Illinois, which has been suggesting and hinting at a reduction in the wages of the trainmen since last July, has finally issued tbe formal notice. The pro- gramme la an Innovation in these notices, and is clearly Intended to get around the question of what constitutes a strike, which wan discussed In Judge Jenkins' court recently. The proposed reduction is 10 per cent. Tbe notice issued to the engineers and firemen reads as follows: "Commencing April 20, 1894, the rate of pay for engineers and firemen will be as ihown In the accompanying schedule. All desiring to remain in the service after April 19, next, at the rate and In accord with the rules, are particularly requested to so notify the Superintendent of Motive Power and Machinery not later than Thursday, April 5. Any engineers or firemen not so notifying the Superintendent will bo considered as having declined to continue in tho service of tho company after April 19, next, and the company will bo governed accordingly." This program Is taken to indicate that tho company will proceed after April 5 to get men to tako tho places of those who bad not said they would remain. It also is an indication that tho company intends to deal with the men only as individuals. Tho men havo juat finished taking an informal vote, and It was practically unanimous against accepting a reduction. Under the federation law the next stop is for tho various chairmen of tho brotherhoods to confer with tho ollicials. If they f«il the grand officers aro to bo called in to meet tho oflicials, and if they also fnt! to roach a eottlo- mont tho men will.vote on tho Question ot accepting tho reduction or striking. It is not unlikely, however, that tho Issue will be raised on a refusal by the company to deal with tho brotherhood representatives. Tho men aro tho more reluctant to accept a reduction on ^hls road because tho company has just declared l.J per cent, quarterly dividend. There is every prcspeot of a resort to last resource on both sides. Supt. Walton was in Chicago yesterday. S. L. Purcell, Pan Handle claim agent was In Knos; Ind., yoiterday in the Interest of tho company. Frank Beam night foreman at the Vandalia round house, has returned to duty after a long spoil of sickness, John H. Miller, Pan Handle car Inspector, and wife wore agreeably bur- prised Saturday evening by a host of their friends it being tho 25th anniversary of their wedding. The couple recived mony elegant presents of silverware in honor of the event. The gross earnings of tbe Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis for February were $135,233 below those of February, 1893, but the not earnings Increased over last year under the present economies, $68,242. For January and February the gross earnings were $232,5J7 below the corre- jponding two months of 1893, while tho net earnings show an increase of f 90,007. Vice President Green, of the Pennsylvania^ quoted assaying that the Pennsylvania has offered to divide its purchase of the Toledo, Poorla & Western with the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy people, and tho latter have tho matter under consideration. Tho capital stockrjof ttee T. P. & W. is $4,500,000, of which $422,100 is still in the treasury. It has $5,000,000 four-per-cent gold bonds, of which $4,895,000 are outstanding. In 1893, under unfavorable conditions, the road earned enough to pay its operating expenses and fixed charges, but had a surplus above that of only $12,98-1. K. F. Smith, suyerintendent of tho Pennsylvania Voluntary Relief Association, has issued hia monthly bul- lettn-for February, which shows that there -vas paid out in death bonofitB from accidents, $1,500; from natural causes, $7,950; in disablement benefits from accidents, $-1,621.50; from, sickness, $7,283.00; making the disbursement of tho month $21,355.10. Number of paid benefits, $825. In forty, six months tho organization has been in operation $113,216.69 has been paid in death benefits from accident, $297,726 on deaths from natural causes; In disablement benefits from accidents, $267,920.70; in disablement benefits from sickness, $342,430; total disbursements in thefortyslx months, $1,021,266.59; total number of em- ployos who have received henenfitg during that period, $47,668. East bound shipment! from Chicago took another upward bound Uet week. The total was 89,619 tone, agfttnit 86,855 for the preceding week and 88,615 for the corresponding week of last year. The tonnage was divided BB follows: Michigan Central, 11,687: Wabasb, 7,075; hake Shore, 10,082; Fort Wayne, 11,056: Pan Handle, 7,830; Baltimore & Ohio, 8,293; Grand Trunk, 11,714; Nickel Plate, 11,317; Chicago & Brio, 7,909: Big Four, 2,733. Shipments were made up of the following articles: Flour, 0,548; grain and mill stuff, 65,331; provisions, lard, etc, 8,245; dressed beef, 10,450; hides, 1,074; lumber, 3,863; miscellaneous 2,439. The gains of the last two weeks were attributed solely to cutting of rates, as there is no Improvement In market conditions to warrant them. The llnea are, In fact, making a grand hustle to carry all the grain possible possible before the opening of navigation. CANDIDATE*. FOR THKAiOIUR. I will be a candidate for Treasnrnr ot the clt j of Loifansport. nubject to the will or the Bepabll can City Nominating Convention. 0. B. SAKQKNT. Loi/ansport, Ind., February 18, IttH. 1 will be a candldatB for Treasurer ot the cltj of transport, subject to the will of tbe Bepnbll- can City Nominating Convention. Ai JjONO. Logannport, Ind., Kebrnary 1C, 1894. I will be a candidate for nomination for the olllce ot City Troasarer subjocl to the will of the Republican Convention. .1. 0. ALLISON. Lo&ansport, Ind., February 19,18M. I will bo a candidate for Troisnrer of tho city fLoiSini-liort, mibjeot to the will of tho liepub- llcun UH? Nominating Convention. J. C. (Cv) POWKI.L. LORansport, Intl., March 5, 18'>1. Kate* to CBliforiiiH tirvatli llfdueet Tin the FediiNj'lvaiiln 1-lncn. The Midwinter Fair at San Francisco and the numerous other attractions in tho Wonderland beyond tho Hocky mountains can bo enjoyud by persons of limited moanrf as tho round trip rate has again boon materially reduced via Pennsylvania lines. Pas.. senders can select any of the several routes from Chicago, and tho return limit is ample for a satisfactory sojourn. For details apply to J. A McCullough, ticket agent, Logansport, Ind. _ For tho relief and cnro..ef a cold in tho head there is raoro potency in Ely's Croam Balm than in anything olso it is possible to prescribe. This preparation has for years past been making a brilliant, success as a remedy for cold in the head, catarrh and hay fever. Used in tho initial stages of theso complaints Cream Balm prevents any serious development of the symptoms,, while almost numberless cases aro on record of radical cures of chronic catarrh and hay fever after all other treatments have proved of no avail. G. A. B. On tho occasion of tho Encampment (T. A. R. and Woman's Relief Corps of Indiana, at Lafayette, Ind., April 4 and 5, 1894, the Wabaah Railroad Company, will sell round trip tickts for $1.11. Tickets will bo sold April 3d and -1th, good going date of ealo and good returning not later than April 6th. C. G. NEWELI,, Ag't, Wabash R. B. Co. The Value of a Package. The contents of a 25-cent package of Simmons Liver Regulator will cure many a sick hoadacke. It's the wo* man's friend. It cured mo permanently of sick headache.—C. S. Morris, Brownsville, W. Va. Take it dry on the tongue or make a tea. Handle Factory Wood for Bale. Handle factory wood delivered to any part of tho city. Mall orders to Hillock & Plttman, Handle Factory, on Toledo 3t., or P. J. KImmer. Cona-bin* !•«»•*• t» VomnmpUfm, Kemp'i Balsam will stop the cough •t once Karl's Clover Root, the new blood purlSor, gives freshness and clearness to the complexion and cures constipation; 25c., 50o. andfi. Sold by B. F.Keosllng. GOT IT? FOUR"0" Lf\ GRIPPE GUflRrtNTEED BY BEN FISHER. Four Re Prescriptions ^A? , - 7 .<rf P3i 8j% "^^5 DREAD FOR * HUNGRY HUH WATER BEST ran TWCJ«CCO SLEEP ton W[*MY WITCMCII* Are Nature's Great Nerve Vitalizers No other needed when these are properly supplied. When not provided, the nerves are robbed of vitality and immediately suffer. Such neglect continued throws the whole nervous system out of order—brings on Nervous Prostration and a long train of terrible diseases! Now you'll understand when we say that what these prescriptions are to healthy nerves AA Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer ** is to nerves which have been starved, over-worked and deprived of sustenance. You need this Vitalizer if your nerves don't respond readily to Nature's restorers. It is the right thing for shattered nerves, and being right is free from harmful drugs. We OYler 3>500 Ch^\t^,n,Yy"an- a lysis fir othiTwhf. c;*n show t!iat tills rcmt'Jy C()i:ums Morphine, Opium, Cocnlne, or other harmful i!ni£s Free Sample for convincing tria^of druggists, or if not found at dealer* may be obtained by writing us. &• ,__ _ , close ;c. (stamps) for postage. If in doubt about your trouble, state your case and the Docior will give free advice. All welcome. Address THE J. W. BRANT CO., Makers, Albion, Mich. ( or 42 Dey Street, New York For Sale by Sen Fisher, 311 Fourth St. ALL PROMISES KEPT. When The Journal began the now great distribution of WORLD'S FAIR ART PORTFOLIOS A promise was made to tke public that the Portfolios would contain the finest series of views ever offered to the public by a newspaper. In point of mechanical and artistic excellence the DREAM CITY views HAVE SURPASSED EVERYTHING. which has yet been offered and it may safely be stated that their like will not be seen again. When the series is completed it will include the following subjects: Architecture and Building 9'" PhotoRrapha- Landsoape and Water Scenes ~% Fountains, Sculpture and Statuary -jo Exlbita of All Nations - 6 ^' Famous Paintings of the World 8' Tvpoa of Various Nations • -J 1 Miscellaneous Views •" This will constitute a complete "pictorial and descriptive history of the great WORLD'S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION. Don't fail to secure ALL of these superb Portfolios. See coupon on 1st page PART 6 NOW READY Portfolio No. 7 will contain 1 Details of tho Goldon Doorway, 9 2 Moonlight on tbo Grand Basin, 10 3 Water View of Manufactures Bldg. 11 -I Sweedn and Norway 151dgs. 12 5 French and Spanish Bldgs. 13 6 Grand Logia, Machinery Hall. 14 7 View from of Woman's Bldg. I" 8- Proctor's Statue—The Cowboy. 16 Proctor's Statue—Tho Indian Scout, Village of Alaskan Indians, Penobecot Indian Village, Boat Parade on Transportation Day, The Cliff Dwellers' Exhibit, Tho Statue of Germania, State Bldgs. of Colorado and Maine. Tho Silver Quoen. NEW STYLES FOR EASTER. 5c RfUJGH.

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