Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 5, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 5, 1896
Page 6
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^i^tJiujiJ.omjMU3t«tfrriff»irginTfr^M"'»«»'»° 1 si-> y TAKES IN WASHINGTON U Him* Ch»nr Sen-i Built'for Two. Five cents' worth of "BATTLE-AX" will serve two. chewers just about as long as 5 cents* worth of other brands will serve one i man. This is because a 5 cent piece ; of "BATTLE AX" is almost as large as the JO cent piece of other high grade -brands* The Cydisfs Necessity. Watson, Populist.Nominee for Vioe : Presi&erit, to Make Speeches. ; Bryan Reaches Chicago-Chairman Jones Obliged to Call for Help —Political News. Indianapolis. Ind., Sept. 4. - Chairman \V. D. Bynum', o£ the national com-, mittee oi the "sound nion.-y" democratic party, announced Friday morning that the headquarters will be located ia Chicago, with u branch m New lork. This decision v as reached at a conference ot leaders in the movement, herl in the quarters of the national committee in the Grand hotel Friday forenoon. There had been strong talk of locating the headquarters here, acd the Indianapolis papers Friday morning an- uouneedV.as rsettled-fact-that.the se : lection of. ".Mr.' Bynum •memit-that the headquarters'of the "sound money democrats would remain where.it has been'fi'brii the'fira't: '" ' : '"'" ''" Xo'reasoirfor the-change h'aa been an-' nouBOcd; but ifr is.probably due. to the lucUhat a,n..Ii!inois»anus at the head of the;ticket.,.,.,. . .. ..; •, - > , ••> It is .conceded by the active men m the movement that.the wain fight is to be innde in the states" of Illinois,'Indiana, lowb; Keri'tuoky, Michigan 'and W.scoiv- Bin, a-nd-Chica'gc' was'decided to be tire best ; loc;itiori from•-which to-direct, tne campaign.-' .Mr.-.Bynum .will name : tho executive' commi.ttee.ol..-the, national comniit.tec in a.few,- clay>, and-.active work will be begun. , literature will be circulutecl'and's.peal;ers'.p>it > the field. Botli 'candidates'will'Tie- vailed 'upon to make some speedier,.'but no oratorical tour will-lie attempted: : ...... Gen. Buckner has been throng!! nearly every campaign-for-the past 40 years. and,is still a si voi:g and .elective speaker IliK unique personality will,, it is 'thoun-ht, have not si'little'to do with the campaign. Both candidates are, however, too far advanced in' years to be ex- peeled to make a stumping lour of th<; country. X!io KJtrcotlvo Committee. Indianapolis. Ind., -Sfpt. 4.~Chair man Bynpin, Friday . afternoon, appointed 'four members of the new na tional executive committee of-thu.na- tional democratic party. They are: V,: D. 'Haiflem'an. of Louisville, Ky. ' i, c KrauthofE,- of Kansas City; Mo. F' W jr Cutcheon, of Minnesota, and " John C. Bulllt. of Philadelphia. T: jit WILL :UEE CUTS, BURN'S, BRUISES, WOUSDS, STOAINS, SUNBURN/'-CHA FIN-G S; 1S- SECT .BITES, ALL PAIN, '''' GENUINE IS OUB BOTTLES ONLY, BTJTF WRAPPER'S, SEE 'OCR i-triMB, -rosD-s 1 EXTRACT ,<X>., NIW.YOKK. ... , • 76 JFJFTH Ay E « u E . POND'S EXTRACT OINTMENT' FOR PILES. Sent.lv. mail on receipt of 50 eta. TWOHUNDREPGR'ANDCHII-DREN »Souu<l Monej-" l)«roocrati Leave for Tlielr Homes. Indianapolis'; "Ind., SeptV 4. - Both -of the nominee's of the "so-ur.d money democratic co'nvention'lef t town Friday morning, and nearly allot the delegates • : and others .who. w»re in .attendance de. parted: during the .day. AH. outgoing '{rains during the. night were crowded, and the, .early . morning 'trains Friday carried full' complements. ' Senator' ' Palmer and' 'Gen,- , Buckncr went 1 to 'the- depot together, but took aifl«ent.traius.- The- i- abama delegation's bond .accompanied .them. 111 Senator Palmer-.s. party, wer.e, . , Mrs, Falmer and a number of f nends. Ihcv to to Springfield, the home o^ the nominee Gen. Buckner was nceompanied bv a'dozen Kerituclcians; who will help ' le of his- ownstate, r:tutopl»n Chaoces'Hls Skla. Eafayetto''(Indl) -.physicians any Interested.^ t.he 'cnso.of ieland Bnggs, » 12-year-old colored boy o£ that city, iwho is slowly .but surely, turning white. The process began, several months ago, W at this time the' lad Bright arm and of 'his 'side 'and "face aroas ' •Physicians soy that in time he ' bempletely , changed in • color,; Bun- eey , cang , sof people call daily to see .the boy, sccma to bo proud , of : the. trans r . ho is undergoing.'. . ., , ... . Tina Not ;E««»I>Cll- . . ,;..-. . Paris, 'Sept. "' ^-^In response to in oniries 'provoked' >y. the report that Copt: 1 Alber'f : i)reyfus,"who "has been OTdergoiTig-cfanfinemen'fin-a fortress :u 'ria -u'nder -conviction of hnr- CoraeotictttM»n Who lias ment of l)encen<Iantn. ... i. Eradshawr.ji'who iljycs., in , the. ev. . . , . Bparks district,, in Killingly, Conn., has W large family, that he . cannot " Buc a , t . count 'liis "grandchildren, says the Ne\y York' World." ' Brddshaw ' emigrated v ao bim 'stir up the T eople of his- own;state, .Gen.'Braeff'left with th^ Wisconsin Many Wonderful .llllllica !»»(• JKT..- QU«HtIOU*. Washington, Sept. 4.—Li Hung Chang had his first cup of tea at five o'clock Friday morning, und his regular breakfast at half-pasi six. He slept profoundly all nigbl and announced in the morning- that he. i'eltequal to abigday's sightseeing. ' After breakfast • the- viceroy announced that he did not feel like hanging around his superb apartments'all morning, receiving officials as he had mapped out in the programme, but would like to see the capitol if he had time.before keeping his.appointmentat the Chinese legation. So the carriages were ordered and promptly Vat" 'nine o'clock the; party .rode awsy f.ronvthe' hotel. The ,di?ve. was past the. patent, office rind pension office, which were pointed out i'n'pas'sing to' the'c'ast front of, the cnpitol,- which was viewed,.and thet.party..alighted at the.senate, steps;: The entire ,capitol, was gpue ovei;,,.^i asking.'njany .questions, not .a. few .oi, ••vvhich were'very amusing. '. ,.,•;, ' From-'the' capitol"the viceroy was driven directly'across Ib'wn ' to""tlie legation' 'ori'-.tbe Mil 1 'at-the' head' • of •'Fourteenth street, where Gen. 'linger left him for a private conference with Minister .Yuug -Yu. .The .viceroy.- in- 'ypeeted all the details of-the ; .legation biiildi.iigs, c talkod business with the jnin- 'ister'and sat down to lunch at noon. No visitor's were'admitted' to the legu : tion, th'p reception-being an exclusively Chinese function. It laslccl until one ..o'clock, when the ambassador returned ,to .the hotel and rested, preparatory to .receiving callers in the afternoon. •LEAVES WITH REGRET. "Cardinal Sutolll.. Prnpiiren to IJet'urn to Washington, Sept. 4. - Cardinal Satolli is preparing to return to Nome .upon the-arrival oi' liis .successor, Archbishop Mart-inelli, the. tlate ,of whose arrival in this country is uncertain. .The cardinal had arranged to sail early in "October,' but has postponed his depart ure until liiorc dcfini'to jhfonmirinn as to his sneeessoris received', lie has'mad' many friends in this country dur:rg his four'years' stay and'loaves with regret In appreciation oJ his courteous treat rncnt by,the American press, bc.fc'nyeaT informal farewell diiiiicr.Tlnm-day ip the rcpres'cntati.v.es of the press .'i«sorj ations,' (luring- 'which he expressed h.'. gnitiuid.-'.to the' press'of the Unite' 'States for the--kindness, imp'nrti;rlrr and ability with which 'they-have 1 dis semintitcd news pertaining to-the papa legation and the important mission, in trusted to him. THEIR LAST PRACTICE ROW. Stanilfo'iiry 1 unit Gimilnrir nbaily for'tli. •••• .Cluiinplonship match." London',; Sept. .-;.—James- Sta.-isburv the. Australian., oarsman,. .2-ncl .Jak Gaudaur, the' .Canadian sculltr, wer but on the Thnmes Friday moruicg fo thqir last practice prior 'to their rowing contest''fi-onV ' Putney to Mor'tlakc wh'i'clv will take' place next Monday. •''.', hcnvy 'niin- : wns-'falling, - Both :: -inen looked fit. and There-is every prcspect. of a £0od race...,Stansb.ury..weighs,IPS tincTr,aiida.ur.1~3. .Both-ijowjinth^sarne style. Neither has any .body (I Kwing,. both 'doing'their work with their arms, finndnnr has n muc-h oasinr actirn than Sta'nsbiVry; iind-.his Icin's-'aVms give hlni'a mticli- greater reach.- Salisbury tucks with -his head, down HEE \bl8MAL EVENING. She Saw Mice, Bats and Burglars by the Score. The Eiperleuco of • Youpif Typo-Thump Olrl Who -WM -Locked In' o B'lT ClilcaKO Store—Threo Hours of Real Agony. A young woman employed as a itenographer at a Franklin street wholesale house,, had a dismal experience th.0' other'evening. '< She was imprisoned ; ibr four hours; and a com- jany of Uer friends waited dinner m vain. The.young woman, expected to go to pyanston to bpend the evening, aad that ia why she gave so much care to her toilet. The hour of closing the store was 5:30, but the ybuiig. woman did not hurry away, as she had to Vp'r'imp"-'before .a.'small .mirror -n the renc.. - incr, -soldi'igovcnuneat, secrets . . to • a foreign. gQverBmqRt,.;bas made l.is.os jape, the -colonial pffi.ee has. received, cablegram 'from the governor of Trench Guiana, saying.:.. "Thers no ohan'&e in'thd pdsttiop of.Preyfu^ ''"nelciia (Moat.) Bank Fnlli. ,. HTcw York, Sept.' 4,— A special from. iChlcaffo' says':' ThV First Watiohal ban,c, «i Helena, -Mont.; Which failed -Friday, l-was .the pioneer national bank "oPMon- ; tana. It wns organized in 1806. 3, E. '•Hauscr Is president; E. B. Edgerton Vice president,. , and ^.'Copc,,cnshier. .The paid up capital' stock is $800,000: surplus. ; $100,000i undivided- profits. $109,700; deposits, $3,500,000,. nnd loans ' To noiievo^I'O'-t service Men. Washington; Sept. ' -I'.— The ' navy department, has made arrangements to re- •Hcve the "short service" men on the South Atlantic station'. The Casting iwill-vlsit the Various 'ships on the stn- 'tlon aod take ;from them the. men who anre but a short time to serve, repine ing them \vi'th'"long service" men from 'her crcwv 'She" will bring' the men to IjJorfolk.'tn-ke'on <v new. crew and return 't* the; South Atlantic.. • •_ • ' ' ' . from Canada .and has lived 13 years. ' He is now in his 70th year. ' He' has, been imaw-ied three times and Ja the. father of ;41.chidr.en,;40 1 of .whom. we, now,, living,. By his. first wife, he, .had six. chadren, .including a pair ot twins.' His 'second 1 - wile bore him .24 children'," lial'f ' of' whom 'were 'twins^ His" present ivlfe : prbsehted|nim with 11 children. ' • ''•' ' ' " ! '' '' •''"' ' ' '' -" ' Bradshaw was not -14 years -old .when ; he married the urst time.,.. Th.e eldest 'BOH is now, 4,4 and .has ..Beyer.alieh)ldren ; and 'granclchii'dren. . Twonty-nJno, ot, the 'old' man's 'sons and daughters arc •married and all have children. The grandfather does not know just how large bis -fnmily'of grandchildren- and great grandchildren, has .become. He can- enumerate up ,to .150,, but .is in the dark as .to tbe.remainder. ,He. estimates that 'they may run,nptq.200or'sq. • The Killing-ly. patriarch married. Jus lost wife"(n Daniolspio 13 years ago. Only 'one out of her 11 children has died. The -deatih 1 occurred -at 'birth (hrce .weeks.:ago. . The rest' are' heal thy end robust, like .the father. . Mr. Brad- ebaw is believed to be the banner.father of NewEneland.and^he banner .grand- totter of the'Un'ited. States.. . _.. . • delegation^ late•> Thursday- .night-He. 'takes his:defeat philosophically.and-de- elares himself heart and soul for.the. ticket nominated Thursday, . .... _ Comptroller Eckels,., John E,..Irish, Col Fellows and other leaders of prom- incnee ; 'wlib; rc'riained; bvbr ; Thursday night, left Friday: ' " .'' ' Can. Brickucr'otl-oulBvlllo.' ' • - •Lbuisvlllev.Ky.V Sept. 4,-Gen. Simon . Bolivar: Backner, the,.national .demo, cratic. nominee for-.',vice,.president >i ar.- rived in.Louisville, a^iltSO.P'clocicrri; day morning on a special^.train whiel;. Hnw Are Your Kidneys? 'fiver have your back ache? Dr. Hobbs Sparagus Kidney private office. When she started for the front door all the other people had r»ono. That did not surprise her. Even when she found the front door locked she was not, greatly alarmed. Blie supposed. Lha.t"eomebody"was.stiJJ around. After rattling the door she wandered back tlirougb. the big room and shouted lor iBarncy, the janitor.. .There was no i-CBTy^ : ''and ; -it"begti.n.- to down- upon her that Barney a,nd all the .others were on their way home,' and -that, whoever locked: the front door did not know that she was still lingering in the'pri- vate office. The young woman, went back to the front'cloor and rattled 1-h.e lock. This attracted the aWontion. of some of the neopleisutside. Several of them stopped and bctra.ii to gaze at her as if'she were curiosity. She could not 'endure this, so'she', retreated to the private office. She wondered how sbc could manage to n- c t word to-Barney and have him come -beck and release her. As she did not know Barney's full name or where he lived, and as Barney was doubtless half way homo a.Irendy, she did riot fine"! anything hopeful-in'the situation. The night wat-elxman. might be able to release her, but he wrwld not be on duty along; the street before eight o'clock: The young woman'wondered if anyone who carried a key would, come back ,to difi.store.;.. She feared not.. The plan, of telephoning 1 occurred to .her, but she 'hoped to escape without a long wait, so she- went 'to 'the rear of the store to P n^ttwbi!»dV>»' AUerino from it urJO mat, •»* «" ' P blooj rnecp" perffrt benlth. By . puriMngth.blood ' Dr. Hobte c.-.n KlKnnantlra, , BrUhflDtMDMjJUl ' Anwml»,_ Pnlni to . . KWn«tWe«kneM..mi fcv P lion Fisher, 3.1 Fourth .St. and John TT ¥. Coulson, 304. Market St*.\.V \\_ ; , -. ,. me'-.' , tween-l)is:shb«ldcrs,:'but.hc gets a groat 'pace' nevertheless.; .The, general. opinion, among .experts is that tie .race wiMi : the qhdmjiipnship that goes with, it '• will '.be won "by the' bettor' stayer." OKE-HAU SCE Of JjCX PQZZON COMPLEXION rtoi-o popular to-uur th"" eve pozzoxrs 1» v&o Idenl co . . BOX in (nven !«•« of cnnrgc. AT DRUGGISTS AND FANCY STORES. •^utHoijXf; Inniapo •^Va^of PRODUCES Tin — , - __ HEHULTS In 80 I^YB. C«r« -.. - NorVOUS l>i**fcs**-' TfolUUK MOmOr^ , p«n»Kl* sicepleiRnfi" 11 *! Hlgrntly tun*- ^™ S&^ ;a t ;is3S l Ka!?!8 >r and Blr* 'm^feS5S$S5&s&*ZlS5 >J IcidinR dru'-jisis'elsewhBI*- CATARRH For TliOvn'"" 30 cag- l , lr ' (1 .-. i oent'tu cczdin'a, tetter ; Kilt-riienro.and-othei r]ftease«'6fth6'Hkin is! iiiiitantty allayed bj ,GhwnberJainVi, V vJ?ye. ant) ;bkin, " 'Many very 'bud 'oases ha ntmit. any v havo been !»raaihently''cnred'''byi-ie.' ! '1t Is' eqtmllT afficifint'JSr .ijdunff piles an<J ; a.,f»voritc.rowj ady-fov-'sbrc nipples; ch»j>pcd uands, cliU- blain^.'/rost .blMsi'and chronic ; iioro 1 eyeA. For ^f^-bijfidfuggistfSp cents, jwr. bo*. . Try Brr, r Giitlj'» Gonaition-iEqwaers,:thoy »t-« •fiMMneeds.whtn in baijcqnd!- 1;1 « J tl'V(lrmifii ' ' >-atlon»l FlovrerjCoaventlon. Ashevillc, N. , G., Sept.. .4,-A comnnt- tee has been., asked.. to-, assemble, here next Monday ib. diseuss... a. national flower and- -memorialize the governor. •of North Carolina and ask the governor of each state 1 'to appoint two delegates to a 'convention'- to-be-' held in- Asheville 'in the 'early fall, to decide on a'national, • flower, .this . assembly to^memoriali" congress to indorse, this, decision.- . . ..•• '" •: -,. . .,»w - • . Among the poorer, classes in England there are some- strange notions regard- . Ing the law of "husband andjWife. .A, woman solemnly, appealed to one of the iLonddn inagistrates ' the other day .to 'advise her'whettier sne was cofrtpelled 'to wash her h-usband'B'- shirts, and . Deemed Burprised ^to learn that she -WBI uuj iiiwi.i»**'b •* • ' • . • • 'broa-'bt the Kentucky, Georgia, 'nesae°e Alabama and Florida delegations. ' Headed By the ; Alabama delega- -'tion's--band-'the- different delegations .formed in line and escorted Gen. BUCK-. .ner to the Willard hotel. , Gen. B.ueknet -walkedJust behind the,band escorted 'br Judge/Faulkner and es-Gov. Jones, of Alabama. "The''party .was loud.ly 'chee'.'cfl i: 'dur1ng the.'inarch and a big tro'wd 'so'on gathered'at the W.llard •hotel.'- ' "' : " •''• ' ' •'' Everybody tried to shake hands witd Gen. Buckner, nml he.was called on for a speech. One-man yelled.for Bryan and the crowd put him out of the.hotel, lobby. Gen. Buckner thanked the crowd' for its welcome, 'and then retired to his apartments. ' The southern dele- gates'then proceeded to serenade the ' newspapers/ ' ' : ' '"' " Tlvo .Notification JHcotlnir. -. The Palmer and Buckner notification meeting .will probably, b<- : held in the '.Auditorium at Fourth and Hill ftreets, The theater Ims a seating capacity ol 3,500'and'standing room for'1,500. Tlio ••notification' will be followed by a Wg' ^ratification on'the'-nlght of September- 15 or 1C, .As Bryan .speaks here on September. 14 his speech will be.sandwichcc! betyvc.en the -two. big "sound money demonstrations. . . . • . Chlnn Favor* S»ll«b«Ty'« Vroposltlon- London, Sept,4—A dispatch to the Central News from Shanghai says that the government.at Peking,18.disposed '(o agree to the conditions proposed by '1/jrd Siitisb'u'ryV that in exchange, for the Increase'of'toriJI by China" that •• government "shall'' concede 'the -.a'boli- ; tion- of transit dues'nnd permit free trade,-within, the empire. . . •• •'• ' ; ' ' '•Washit.gtonTsep't'.-'^-The president' has'.deivit-cl "a pardon^in the eases', of Samuel Kir.ser'-' Budd.'Punn - arid Roby .Dutin^ convicted... in V. 7 est. Grain, Kroyjulons,, Etc. .:...' •' '. ........ „ Chicago,. Sept. <. . FLOUH— Quiet ' and steady: Quotations arc: as follows': .'^Winter— Patents.,. . JHC^i '360; straights, .$2.CO@3.20; clears, |S.S0^2.60: ) seconcTH, 'Jl.M^Z.OO;' Iow"pra'd0s.-S1.7.",©2.00. Sprlnc-Patents,- J3:35@3.7B; 3tralR-htE,..$3.eO ©3.20; bakers', ?2.10gi2.25; low. grades, .$1.50® •l!75;'Re<3''DoR, $l.'20gi,40;' Ryo,-$2.00!5)2.20.' WHEXT— Fairly active and 'unsettled:' September,. .SCW^'Ac; .D«eetnbcr, ,,5SU® nsTic CORN-Weaker. No. 2,.' 20M,@20^c : No.' 2' Yellow,- 20%(g)21A4c; September, .20%©20%c; October,. 20%@20%o; .December,. 2lV6&?l«c. May, 24%©24?4c. " ' ' ........ ' ...... • OATS^-Fair .trading and easier. No.. 2 'casn, Ific; September; J5®15H£; May..^ •18%'c ' Samples steady. No. Grade, 5@13c, No 3 12ra;i8c; No. 3 White, 16@19c; No. 2, 17 • ©17.140.; No. 2 ., . i ,, , . .. .. RYE-Ruled steady: demand fair. No.. 2 cash" 30KC1' 'Rejected, 28®29yic; September delivery, 'SO.Vic, and December, ,33c. ,• ; . . — Was aulet. Arrivals of new a smalUr. Q Old Earl'ey, aj®23c for h o 25(|33o.for.,mHtinB light, wc! 8 ht to choice I New Barley easy, lC(0>23c. tor. poor, 'danviKCd to fair goods. ." MESS BORK-Market fairly active^ and i-aslor. Quotations ranged at.$5.55® 'r <?a 8 h ; ' ibflffUBK 1 or" $ Se,'tember;. . for October, and >&.<MW*-WA for .January, ,, » . ,,. , ..).' ; '.-i ; ; . • moderate ana prices ' A fpr January. ....... BUTTBR-Market'.nrrai at .llSfMo for creameries and. 10@l-ic.ior dairies. — •'— '—X.W.HTJ-W _ Quiet, Turkeys, 8® 'government act: ^ ^ ^ .^ ; i( , restore : tlleT)-i'to''<iitizeiiship''' poun3; Ge63'e,i>,er.aqzen, f3.OSSS.oO. . . . WHI^KY-'Steady. on the basis of .$1.11 for-"hlghwlnea:- ; '- ^' ' _ 1 Jl ' ' '' ' New York, Sept. 4. FLOUR-QuleV unchanged:' ..... _ WHEAT-NO, 2 red moderately active, wea" September, 63 l-ief^c I December. •66 9 1C@C5 13-16c:'May. » S-MOOWC. r>r>Tjv— ;Vn 2-auiet-and flnru' No: J, 27c; Ootpto-', 2Wo;. -December, .»%e25c; M OATS^No.'2 dull; steady. "Western,^ 29c ;• October, 20o: .•; ••.'• "-,'''''" PORK-Steady. ; Ncw mess.. ,$7,50(^, LXRD-Dull; atcam-rendered, J170. 'fair- acma.no. . ' EG,GS 7 TStrpng, upward tendency, . ern', i-l®15c. ' __ - .;•„-,: i.- . CATTtE-Market ; Stock. .., , ;,'• \ ; "Clilcago, Sept. 4. 15C lower. • , e« eo.,...., 'era ^ 5C©3'.75; mixed cows and •ACOi 'Texas', $Z.60g».30. '••'•• • ' ' HOGS-Market;steady...l>es.f, light hpgi SSSBi « ,heavy..packtoB.; 1 ''RATTLED THE tocK. ' eee if she could get out through a window The windows \yere barred. iAga'jn she tried 'the'front'door, but she realized'th'at 'there was no" rieed"pf_at- tracting : 'a' -crowd-'unless some'-bne-in- the crowd could unlock the door. So she'hnd to use the telephone. • Only one member of. the-.firm had a.telephone at jis.house, an4 the, house..was away,out. ,n the south side.' . : •. .. \\Tien the young woman called up t&e number a servant was at the other end of .the' line.'' The 1 servant said -the' member-of the firm was'not at borne. The voung woman who was ..imprisoned- then;,began to explain..why it.wasiimr- p6rtant,;tho.t .he should, be ..called.,ta -be 'phone. - ••'-•.•i-' : 'v,Y."This is Miss —," she said. . I in ock'ei'up At'the; store, do you understand'?"' i-'cah't'-g-et'out of 'the store. Some' one must come here with ft key and let me out." •'*•• -.""••• •' • '" Of-course when shesaid that the serr.-. ant concluded; that there was.amanjac, at the other end of the wire. She, de-. tDanded a full -explanation of .what hacV happened, and "when 'it;was/given she. didn't'tiridefstand it.' ' ,.«.-, ' The young woman at the store light- cd a-gas jet as thc-big-cavemone interior • began to.darken.'and there.between e^ cited calls on the telephone, had a good; cry She. begun ,to see, mice ,and, burglars dodging around the long rows of counters i'n'tb'e main storeroom. At ( last, toward nine o'clock, there was a welcome'call' on' the"phone, tod'the member of the firm inquired what was the-matter. She told'him as best ehe could, and he enid he would come down;: ond .release.,her..; It ^eemcd,to : het,bej was hours ia coming,, but at Jast.aho. ht-ard the click of the key at the front, floor, ond she .ran to meet him. Bo, Boemed'to'think it was a, great'joke, but the went-honie l 'iri-d'cab in-ni-staite of collapse. .1.''•'"•' .•"••• At'the Grenadier.barracks atBrus- B els a anmken Eoldier employed hun- self lust week for two hours in'firing- •his rifle, loaded with, ball,; at those Kround-lii'mi' The other soldiers were panic-stricken and. Jumped out of the barrack-room. ,sv!n.aoTr. ., EOT .- .a: , loBg. time it was", impossiblejto^'pproach the madmani. .A policeman was killed by., .a shot. ETentuniiy',.^0 man -VTOS ar- 'rCBte'd."' 1 ' '"'*', '','..,.,. ., r , , ,;,Fopll«li;Do«d of Paring. . : • '• .From Prance cpmes,a,.storyof.odeed. ' ol daring.' for no good,.p,urpos€.. A bi- cyclerider,.without even the incentive of 'ft wager; undertoolc io.riao around 'ihc'cbping-^tofle bia'house^ iri/c/auraSot ' construction^ and succcssfnlly• • nccbm-' Wished the feat in the presenco ol ;B large gathering. This coping'stono •jnrsa,.two f,eet'in,width, and, BO. feet, above. Won. ••W«p6si«velj state that 'thlt remedy does not contain mercury or any other injurious drag. bREAM BALM iy . , .•-,.-. •.• • '. • Cleansw tbeNas«lP*s- sages, allays Inllamma- _ Bon, heals and protects U C* A ft tbe membrane irom HEAD colds,/; Wrtorw senses ol taste and -fittieil. X'-t'-f 1 -;\ ; ' it WILL tne mpM-lOSiU'c. -. . ;' ^-.. '.:.':.. , ELY BBOTHEBS, 66 Warreni8UM«''.Tpflt. . : ? 0 r'wounds; old »orw kndT, illian Balm is of pricelew value. ? cut.; wounds from- gunahot, broken riass, or. torn «esh,it.«lmo.t instantly ftopg the pain and-bleeding, prevents inflammation, prepofs f &*jw ™ f cases, if used at oncej. *nd heals lite nagic, H cleanses old sores and ulcer, from "proud flesh,";kills'the microbe which &uses the formation of pus, thus rtopping the discharge, and promotes g°anulaSo.t, and healfng more rap.dly than i any known remedy, *<» Bruises, v"—-._•'_..___ •Ri-r.lrf.nerl Eves, etc.. It indispenMble. in.-every.-factory. ... home SwTestimonial*iiic«cular. ^ - lor Gono t'. or MT Jid»nimK u,.rtwt».-<on, irritntion <vt nlcore V'iinA In P'^n Vr r. «pnw, .i>i»ii» 1.00, or 3 bottl". kamcMMTU.j Pot people' witk *6re" 'eyes," , wiery eyes, and red and inflamed eye*; rai«d by, »gc. catarrh or,-oflietyitc, «Je> ^UtaKtoii'^WfceASs*!?*^- ??f 20 drops of "Balin into a spoonfull the ey«. ». -hundred ,i ' Kittinger, n ton. Del., ta Bdm <» 8 ??, d l«r bottle. A few weelc8,»fterw«rd» the doctor said: "I.h.d a couple ofcase. c< oW CouKh on h*nd that completely baffled »e. ,1 had got to the end ofLag .tring. ButtbeBalin wade « proinpt cure fn both cages. It is a. t*m«rk»W» remedy-" ' .... ...:.-.' . ' Mr*. A. J. twrence,..of Beaver,. P»n says: "Brawttan Balm brought .me, ont of a' ieVerb "attack! of pneumonia m splendid shape.- -Itis ». wonderful remedy for icoiiighs and lung troubles. Also • 'for outwar.d, use, fpr :J 4>.ur»B, cpld'rere*' •nd'chapped hand*, and .face, it. cure* 'like niigic,' -It'iis inVil'uable'in'the ton.* Balm cnre. cbldi, old d ;,pleuriiy

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