Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 16, 1952 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1952
Page 15
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^ RATES All Worn Ao» Art ParoDM In . .JKMKK* But Ads, Will B* AcctptM Oftf th* T*l*phdn* And Accomo- dOtioh Aceouftn Allowed With TF» UrttMHrofldlrtg Th» Account It Pay- ,Wh«fi stoftntfnf I - - - CLASSIFIED DISPLAY .-.. 7Sc per inch ... 60c per inch .... 50c per Inch quit«d\ abiv* or* fo> em* ihwrlloh*. Irregular or iHlp- i*st« adi will tok* th« on*-doy rat*. All doily classified advertising copy II M Btceptfd until 5 p.m. for out>: i Otibfi the. following day. the publisher, reserve the right to revi>« or- edit all advertlMment* of- I0f publication and to reject any objectionable advertlilng tub- InitldU of one. or mont lettert, grnups or 'iguret such ai haute* pi ^telephone number* count o> on* ' \ ' • Star will not oe rnpon. flbt* for error* In Want Ads unlei* ertof* .are called to our attention eHeV FIRST Insertion of ad and thiff for ONLY the ONE Incorrect insertion. Phone 7-343! HOPE STAR MlKUMS.DiNAH... ,\ JM v .... WE KEN MOVIN RIGHT OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williomi By Michael O'Molley and Ralph Lam 41 48 4*1680 * |>« B«p I IJHTfl 6*i$ we CWSCKBp THE PO6J OPPtCt HS*E, WHO \ IMTO / *T WB \ , 7H' WORD A , ,.,,... KJ CRIPPLE THCIR / AP.':M>JIO r-A*>r put LBA^K., / 11-R. r UWP KI, NOT THAT ,/ >».. HAM-,' ft AIM.' 7 . f F:|K. - OH, 1 MOPE- IT /^UST »S A^OKE THAN COfNCPEMCB THAT THB •W-KCTE^Sfi: WAS A 6IAMT COSTUWBRENTAuf " SLIP" POUNPATTWE SCEM e OP TT-D Cinv\E CSIVE5 A CLUE TC A LAKfrE ROST < Touch, »l|l»t, hoai ing ttWhrwnd aCorslvo 4$SfttelI SlMImleker or * 28 Wnnry 3(1 Jn«t<l no o{ Art» 43 Lubricant MHiarlllnn UlooJ mucaw l WASH TUBES By Leslie 1 time. LOOK I ^ WINDOW WE'LL HAVE frM A 50RRV.,. V BUT ifo FLIGHT 27 t ' ROLLS TO STOP, TWO MEW JUMP OUT,,.E5CAPB POE5N'T WISH OF HIS I TOePEAKTO /OH.IAR. MIL60N NOW' >V . . I OUT ON TH RI<SHT $IDE! IV ^ • : "'"^ ; OUR BOARDING HOUSI With Major Hoople V*JILL && HARDSR ""Sf UM/fME""TlME- HA5 COME PICK UP THAM A WATER-)) FOR M6 TO POT AUL. MY •SSED, /V1ACJOR7 T-^/OUD SCOTLANlD VARD CROUCHES SOM&- \'\ £iA6AC\TV I^TO PLAV.' i |M fM& vJeeD'^ / \ P6RMAPS I COOLt> ALL "DAY, AMD v \ t^e STREETS AMO .^ AFTER j "" < gy-WAVy £ / AW OECfcr-IINCT j-- A6 THE SCISSORS } SRIMDER OR TAMALG BOuPS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin CbSTCMABPtS FOR FOKJOS \S 0V ^VOO vwssvcws xoo •y Dick Tumor BUGS BUNNY THAT'<& GOOP, tTOC... HOLD PUNNY BUSINESS By Horshberger ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin ON FIRE, WHAT YOU\ THAT'S YELLIN' '-•--ABOUT? > LOOK / • U:A , : ( OUT: in i*)ltog our ly Q«lbroltH _ « short pant* tun! You'vt got an «tl»womtn jury, havtn't you?" CHRIS WELKIN. By Russ Winterbothom FRICKLES AND HIS FKIENOS UBAR >W FA'NTLX. VRANNI5TBR. AND >we yvANe R?Kcep EdurOFTMElE PETAINED THEIR veuoc/Ty A/UAII'A JETTl-rONEP THEIR FUEL. AND— VANE'£ CO/VMN6 AFTER ME...HELR. By Carl Anderson IFIE D Aat ftlutt tic to Otfte* flay Befort PubitfiiUoo One Hire* Si* One OA Days DH;i Month 90 t.50 4.80 2.00 .7* .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 9.40 3.70 8.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 8.00 130 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 Home Study Course FairviewTeam Comes to Hope Friday Night OMPLETE ynur high school ntj liome in spare tiitie. Diploma.! No classes. Texts -.furnished, j Write for free booklet, American! School. 2905 Alabama. Fort 1 Hope goes into a .Hom*comln» Smith. Ark. O-ll-lm' game with Fairview'S Cardinals of ( ' Cullendalc Friday night without; Wonted |the services of its most versatile! _. . 'back, Raymond Churchwell. /' j ONE used baby busgy. Must be ini Not on | y c | oes Churchwell learl] good condition. Phone 7-4553. i tht , | isl OI1 g,. ou , K i gained but does, 15 " 3t most of the passing and kiekin«'. and is tops defensively. He will! miss at least twO games bccavsn; of a broken nose suffered at flot: STEADY dependable dish washer. Sala'ry $25 a week also one cooks- helper. Apply Manager Diamond Cafe. 16-tf Wyoming has produced 339 million tons of. coal 'since 1900. Springs last weekend. The Cardinals have lost two ga mes to Class AA teams this sea son. Both Smackovcr nnd Camden GoughHaso Good Season With Air Base Word has been received here that Charles Gough. former Leg- unmade hurU-r, Iws been chosen have trounced them and last weekend they dropped one to n stout Sheridan cloven Hope KHOS into the game with n record of four victories against one defeat. Some 21 seniors headed by Co-Captnlns Clyde Arnold and Tommy Doyle are destined to see action. j Co-Queens Nelcia Thompson and; Put Samuels- will be crowned In pre-game ceremonies. ' i,;-MJ^J. By The Ast&elttttf Pfei* CHICAGO, — Jlmftt* Carter, 135 New York, outpointed Lahro Snlns 1»2. Mnrit«tr&V Mexico. 13 for we fid's liRlweiRht title. KILL GUERRILLAS i PtJSAN Korea W-- South Ko- \ run police killed 10 Communist' guerrillas and captured seven In' two llsihtnins raids on Kiierrlll.i! strongholds near Pusan Sunday and Monday. first string pitcher on the t.awson Air Force Base Ail Star (cunt, Cough had a record of lis wins against two losses. In the championship playoffs he pitched eight; complete games, nivinp, u|> only! 13 runs. 17 hits and striking mil 7H I ht Ideas,,. Buttermilk FROM HOME CONSULTANT, MIDWEST-DAIRY PRODUCTS CORPORATION J«mi«ry P,«M 1*37 li. 192* *v«fj( wwkdav atternwn by tTAH PUBklSHIHO CO. C. I. Palmn, Pmldcirt Hi vy.ihburn. S*cy-Trm At Tht Star Building 112.114 South W«|nut SlrMt Hop*. Arhonxn Al«> H Woihburn, Editor 4 Publllh.r Paul H. JOMJ, ' Monaglna Editor . Hatmcr, Moch. Sup*. id-it HI Pa'ls. Advcrtiiing Monag*' 10 clou matter at rdrpu. Arkaniai, Morch '• 1B>7 ' o( HM Audit Buraou •< Cliculotloiu For Rent f THIS GROCERY > STORE see/v\s TO I HAVE EVERYTHING ? WE NEED/ Vi — -^ ~~ ( ves, AND PRICES ARE R :,^" CAKE MIX Pillsbury 2 Pack Deal 54c Miracle Whip Salad Dressing Quart 49c GODCHAUX SUGAR 10 Lb. Bag 93c At The White Elephant-Shop and Save Cannon Towels Pastel colors. Special for Dollar Days. Only .... 3 for Ladies Suits Men's Overalls Extra special buys. Special low price for Dollar Days Pastel colors. Special for d»| AA Gabardlndr R«flular $2SiOO Uj value?,. Extra Special Only Childrens Shoes flour. ""IK, 'xvpll L by tnb,2 i be " £t> " c eg, sa lt, bak %rr •»•*- f< "iff pov/der syrup p ' MODERN 2 bedroom home. Garage. 405 N. Ferguson. See Gladys Stroud at White Elephant. 1 10-Ct VANILLA, STRAWBERRY, CHOCOLATE, BLACK WALNUT ICECREAM ' 63c CAI ii/"\M Dfel Monte Alaska 1 Lb. "7O-. ^ALMUN RedSockeye Can /VC Cor« fAo* tt ° ,s SOP , C otomeo\ uKein™ "TO COUPLE pr working girls. Very desirable 3 room furnished apartment- Built-ins, electric refrigerator, garage, utilities paid 207 Shb'ver Street, Phone 7-4486 , ; • 14-3t FURBISHED apartment. 3 large, rooms and private bath. 203 High , Street. . • 14-3t ( BOOMS on!North Hamilton Street I See Mrs. ^C. CVpodsqn. 15-3t 3 Lu^JUSE room unfurnished apart- me^t. i -Newly papered. Reason-' able rent; .815 E. Division, Dial! 7-3774. 15-3t. 5 ROOM unfurnished house at 500 S.'Jjamilton'.Street. Apply at 502 S. Hamilton.' 16-6t' —os_i—_*. 1 i 108':W. .AVE. C.,,Six room house.) One block Oglesby School. Phone 7-33&0. • 16-3t For Sole MUfeT sell'quickly. Piano, refrigerator; man's 'Bulova watch. Bar-| gain, for cash, 815 W. Ave. E. •;;.'-, '•••'• -, 4-tf LOTS Ifi^C 240. In three blocks of' b*irt homes ! in town. $200.' $10 per month. Call 7-2642 ;^ f Bf lew. 6-tf •' i SALE. 1 • This week ' only, i pkjnt;" $2.75 gallon. Satis--,„.-^ Or your money back. ByeVs Swap Shop, 105 S. Walnut. ' : -*' ' '. , - i 13-Gt JELLY BAMA PURE APPLE 2 l20z. OC Glasses X,«JL. NANGY HANK CHERRIES Red Sour Pitted D Cans 9jC New Shipment Hershey CANDY Hersey Miniatures 5 oz. Bag Hershey Kisses 5% Oz. Bag 23c Close Out. Values rb $4.95. Special '.,;...,;. $2.00 Ladies Shoes Close Out. Values to $7.95. Special .'., '... Men's Work Sox , Heavy work sbx that are regular 29c 5 Pair, $1.00 values. Special $3.00 Ladies Shoes Here are values to $8,95 Save. Now Only .,..',; $4.00 Childrens Shoes These are values to $5.95. Special ... $3.00 Men's Shorts These are regular 69c values. Special 2 for 5% Wool Blankets $4.50 Big double blankets. Extra special for only Boys' Heavy Unions Ideal for cold weather wear. Special only BARGAIN (or quick sale, modern 5.rjftttvhouse,-'$2650. Terms. 518 W\ • plyiston. Immediate posses- sidn.'.See Mrs. Matlock next door. .'•>•'.' : 13-6t .weighing 'about 250 pounds 'tufd, 20 white guineas. Arthur Gray,<6z9h, Arkansas. 14-6t t Taste* good.., and if's good for you! PASTEURIZED, CULTURED BUTTERMILK Economical, Too.' Let Midwest Buttermilk help " stretch your food-buying dollars. Serve it often . . . use it in baking and cooking. MIDWEST DAIRY PRODUCTS CORPORATION ALL BRANDS ' WASHING POWDER 1ST28c SPAM STARCH STAFLO kill I/ CARNATION iVHLIV and PET SOAP Crystal White CRISCO & SNOWDRIFT 3 Pound QO Can OOC 12Oz. Can 4OC j, /2 Gallon 4JTC, ••'•"' 7 'SS98c • 4 LB r25c LIDBYS Pineapple Y v 1 No. 2 OEL-' CRUSHED Can Z«?C No. 2 9Q-. SLICED Can Z-VC — FROZEN FOODS — FINITE ^l •_!._:_ CU^mr, Men's Shoes High top shoes that are regular $8.95 Ladies Half Slips Reg. $1 .29 volUes at this special low price of, if poirs ' Men's- Army Pants $3.00 $4.001 Reg. 3 95 Sweaters Ladles and girls sweaters These are type 4 pants. Reg. $4,95 values. Special Sheeting Mls is41 inch heavy '"Brown sheeting. 4 Yards M 1 IN I 1 t MAID Orange Juice 2 - 6 Oz. Cans 41c Chicken Breasts 1 Lh Bnv 1 • lUD* DUA. 1.15 Shrimp Fan Tail, Dipped in Egg Batter, Rolled in Meal Ready to Fry 12 Oz. Box 69c KEGISTERED 2 y*ar old Holstein bull. Will sell or trade for milch cow. \V. A. Alford. Rt. 3, Hope. 15-6t .REGISTERED Polled Hereford Bull and Heifer calves 6 to 11 months old. $200 up. Fred Me- Junkins, Saratoga, Arkansas. ' 15-7t Real Estate for Sale BEAUTIFUL 3 bedroom home. Modern throughout. 100' x 150' shady lot. You may have this one for only $2000 down. Mon thly payments of $62.89, includ ing Interest, principal, insurance and taxes. 1210 S. Main St. 70Q S. MAIN. Nice 5 room house Veneer. Recently redeco- inside. All large rooms, plenty of closet space. Large attic fun, Venetian blinds. Nice lot. Priced low to settle $riv estate.. 23.5 ACRE well equipped farm on aJQ weather road, 3 miles east o All fenced with hog proof feocinjf. Excellent water supply l$r$e S room house with S)H iAg porcb. Two room tenan bj^te. Large 40' x 80' 6am m <fl«4 wtwtr. Trice $4750 INSyRANCE & USAJ^TY CO. USED CARS NOW AVAILABLE AT Sid Rogers Buick Co. Your best buy in used cars is now available at your Buick Dealer. * These extra nice, clean cars are trade-ins on NEW BUICKS, • Bargains ^or All • m SID ROGERS BUICK CO. (Formerly Roflef 6Mnl»n iiM*k Co.X 207 - 209 E<i5t Third Street PRODUCE DEPT. FRESH WAXfeb 7 , " . TURNIPS.-;:' Rutabagas o • 'lit X, Pounds I DC C5QLDEN YELLOW BANANAS 4m Pounds FRESH GREEN CABBAGE Pound 3C RED TOKAY GRAPES 2 Pounds 19C FRESH COCONUTS 2 Pounds 19C MARKET 'HOM'fe GROWN FRYERS • * Pound in assorted colors. Special Men's Undershirts Regular 59c values, Ribbed,^jhd_erJ shfrts. Special H "" only '., .,,'3 for >( J» SUN VALLEY OLEO Mm Pounds ^f IC TALL KORN BACON 50c Pleaching Snow white, 36 inch • bleaching. Special 3 Yds. f\f\ .UU Men's Wool Jackets Thdse a'fe f00'%,'oil >wool, Clbse out. Special !', , Dresses t Clb$e out. One big rack. '•• values to 8,95 .... $1, $2 anil • Children's Coats $3.00 at this * •-Special low price- Ladies Dresses One,.big rack. Value's (fcC AA to$1Q,95', Special ...... 4>«?.V/V/ Ladies Slips , Close out of trjeie'reflula'r $3.95 vplua; Only 20. Sljjbhtly *-l K«0 soiled. SpeciSl ,„. ...^.. ^Uifljb ^ . .-* >*-.»' ^ r >s> .ffiV^ L J? , i J 4 Ladies Special for \ /. ' ' 'only ' .:. Boys Sweat Shirts ; Heavy waldht and real Sightly soiled, Special • ' Ladies Blouses These are- regular $1.69 , r; values, Special ........... AA .UV/ Better Materials Close out of -400 yards. At 4« this special price 2 ydi. 4) CURED •• HAMS Pound * 55g KICE 2, LEAN Pork Chops Pound Pric«s for Friday, Oct. 17th, $qt, 7-4W1. Loans 16-3t uper Market r f u.: cr /1 0 od UtOlef Cannon Towels Tnese are 20x40 and reg. 69c values. Special 2 for Boys qhd'girls and they are regulap liV»6| yolu£$ values,, Sp«fct4l- ( fQr Nylpn I 14 •" * ' Lgcji' >™m^ .-'XJ Wf»* Boys Heavy Jackets 'Close put Regular *jfe6L f $7.95 valwes. Special „. Gabardine Coats Udies ceots thqt ore values. " Now ..«...' - .,,. Ladies Purses

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