Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 21, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 21, 1894
Page 2
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ENDED IN TRAGEDY The Komanco of Iowa Lovers Terminates in Death. to £,'e ;IL;O. bv a Three Opposed in Their Plans for Marriage, They Hang Themselves in a Clump of Woods. A .VM» STOI:V. (KK.U.OO.-A, Ui., Miin:h :;u..--.lolin JJivil :mil i:il:i Sli;iw, iwu of tin- best- known yonti-- pi'"!>!r i>:' this i-mmly, unil son anil liau^liUT iv.-,prelivi'ly of ttt\i wi'iillhy :':irmi:i-.i, uvro fminil '.:ili; Jlomiiiy ni^-lit iU';nl. '.I'lu-y li;ul tfotn! hevtnii u-.i'.t-N .LWII.V from their lionu'M anil ik'lil'rraU-ly h;iti;,'i-il t!:i-iii.s.-ii-i'.s. It is, bi^eVi'il timl they i.'iiniin'.ttt'it tho net sunn- linn- Mi inlay, as they were last sri-ii mil riiliui; tli in ni),'lit. CiiMju-il l,y On-rnlill Oltpusit h)i). Tin' yoiiiii.' ruun'.i! xrvw up lojrothtM-, tho I'iirin-i uf t)ii-:r iKiriMit.', uitjoininn c:u-h n'Jii'r. A.-- littli! children tlii>y cuntracti'il an ::(Vi.'i-liun fur each othrr that t'.nu- only M-rvi-ii lo intensify. Thi- Miu'i'iilf uf i he yuiuitf Uuly t!)ui:^'iit imtiiinj.' abntit yDiinj,' Iti-rd's utti,-iiti""N uii'.i! a. li-iv months ;i;_ro In- Mii-i'i'iM-u tin-in l>y :i*Uinn' fur Uu-ir tkiiivrh'.i'r^ liaml. \\hiu- tlioniii-bly salUiii-il v.-il;' '.lu-ir i!:ii:;r!.'^'i''> I'liuioi:, the pai-i-iits li.i-u-'lil Imtli thv ]iai-i'n-.s too yi'iui;," lo m:irry, aiul tul'i ti:c::i In wait a fi-w y-'a:--. iu:i^'i-i-. At I hi- s;i:m> time tln-y tn-.u^iil i' iij-'.-.iii-ir. to dic-i-'.; tllf VIMl* uf \ nil!!',' Ki I'll I" till- lloUSr. Tb !.•> ilii'. nul M-'-m to liavi- il'.r '.u-.-,;red effi.vt a-, tin- yu'.iii:^ 1 nrojili' \\vuiil meet tlaiiiU-ntiai-ly iuv.p!lf t!u- paivnlal opposition. .V- :•' l:i'-t iv.-.Miiroi' Mis,-, ShiLiv's Jiai-i-llls i!n-ii.i.-:t lu sl'llil 111:!' au'uv -"i' a :i-v.' :i.' i -ntii> :<i ilu- i-u^t, hoping' tlia '.. i! iMivTrit t M:O:K-S an.', :is>o- ciulin'1.1 wi'iihl ivMilt ill a bi-r.i-fii.-iaL chii!ij,'C. It i.-, lii'lU'Vi'd that vatlu-v thau be paru-i! llu- yuuiiy peupH- resolved to diu to^vtliiT. foiiiiniiti-il i In- A \v in I lu-i-il. Suiiilav :ii;;iit U.<-y ir.i't and \vi-nt oul. riiliim r . 'i'lu-y u'ruvi 1 UVIT In :i oltimp of \vuoil.i aud threw a ;-opi- over tin' liinb of a tivi-. Ivieh mill of the rope hud a riinninj;- nousc in it, und ihe.se they placed ground thuir IH'i'ks. Tiicn a sharp cut of. tin: whin sent the horsi'S anil Im^fT.v 1'or- wuril, li-avinjr '.lie yoiiny pooplu ilan- jrlhif; in llu: air. Thi' !'a:i:ilii-s uf l,iuth tin: snifi'los a;-i- in.-:iriy cra/i-il ovor tin; affair. Mr-i. ."ilia"', it is bi'licvrd, will losi- Iior rua-ion, if not ln:r ;ilV, from llit- 1 shoei;. __ ____ ______ WASHOUTS IN f IDAHO. Tmll'.c- "ii tin- I'nliHi IVii'llli- Koilil Si-ri- oiifily I iiiualri-d b>- I'luinN. SALT I.AKK. I'tali, .\Iuivii -H.--A special 10 tin: Tribune from Nampa, Idaho, siiys tlu: ivoii'il of tl'.u Idaho division o! tin- I'l.mn I'acilk 1 road fur the past wcok luis b.-i-n one of Hoods and wiislionls. No trains havi: been able lhi-oa;.'h sinei: Monday oni- \veck U'lii- iirsl delay was eaused lam:- l;i!e ;;eai- Mountain Hume. trampi weru killed and the en- K-ineer i:ijnr"i!. liroat damage was theu lii'i.'le IH- l)! J eal;i,-i;;- of tin- Orchard in-ixation dam. Tin 1 ;, r ri-al ainonnl of SIILHV in tin: nioniilains and a chinool; wind has n-.ade it inipo.vsib'.i- foi- stages to reaen Sil ver City or kiaho City for several days. .Muili- u l<<>\ i-riiim-lll DMU-ilil. QfiM.-v, 111.. Miuv.h ::U.— Thomas S. Baldwin, Quincy's aeror.aut, arrived home Sunday from .San l-'raneiseo. Monday luoniinp he toolc thcoalhoi otliee of aeronaiitieai unpincer, to whieh lu- was reL-ently appointed by the United States (.rovernment. He will eommenoe his investigations in lioston l-.arbor early in April, where lit •will try to solve the problem us to why the foif horn can be heard 15 miles at sea and cannot \>u heard i! miles from land. _ ___ ._ _ Hurt by it Oi** l-'.\i)lu.ilon. AI.-KOHA, HI-, Miireli 'JO.— An ox- plosion of gas from a leak in the street pipe occurred^ t the corner of liroad- way und Fox streets. The liishop buildinp was budly damnfced. The on- tire front of Kessel's dry poods store was .shattered and blown into the street and the store itself badly demolished. A woman named Mrs. •Charles Flock was .stunned by the explosion and thrown iuto the frnttcr. Two Hundred Slain. MADRID, March 20.— Advices received here from Miriianao, capital of the island of that name in the Malay arch- ipeluco, show that a large body of Mohammedan natives made nn attack upon the Spaniards on the island of Pantar. In the fitfhtmg that ensued one Spaniard was killed and many were wounded. The Spaniards Inflicted Hovere losses upon the natives, 200 of them being kilted. To He Met 1'rfr, MADISON, Wis., March 'JO.— Phelps Verrine, serving in the state prison for the robbery of the United States Express company of S-.>5,000 at Hurley, will be released by the board of control, with the approval of Gov. Pock. He is said to be dying with consumption and cannot live till his term expires iu May. __^___ _ gale of MlfcH Work*. CIIKSTKR, Pa., M arch 2U— A syndicate from New York has made an offer for the purchase of the Standard stoel casting works atThnrlow, Pa-, and negotiations are now pending. The •works are the most important of the steel industries in UI'B country and have an estimated value of J450.000. CONGRATULATIONS. Hon. N«»l l>ow, the Aged Tompvrmpce Kelormir, Hooded with Them. PORTLAND, Me., March 'iO. — Letters and telegrams by the score have been pouring ID during the last twenty-four hours upon Neul Dow's household con- ffrfttulating the temperance reformer upon having reached his 60th birthday. Many resolutions and nd_dresses ol greeting-, adopted "Dy "Winery se temperance societies, have also been received. LONDON-, March 20.—England, in common with all the civilized world, celebrated the 90th birthday of Gen. Neal How, the great American temperance advocate. At Hxoter hall in this city tlu'i' 1 - 1 was an immense nieot- ini' in honor oC the veteran temperance agitator. " H110 ill 1 SPECIALS: Joseph •l,i l ii\'oninark, champion high diver of liie world, died al San l-'ran- oiseo. An-libishop I'eehan. of Chicago, may In-- iiK'di- a eardinal at r.iin next consistory, which has again been postponed. Karlv action on the bill to eai-ry out the provisions of tin: liohring fiua seal tisln-rii-s award will be urged by Mr. .MeCreary. Attorney" liritt testified in the Do l-'i-ar.ce trial that hedi-uw up the Calvin eonti-ael, said to have been signed in lb''.i|, in ISM. Kansas t'itv (Kan.) ministers l-.nva started a erusade against (he luiinnriins lnUery eoneei-ns whieh flourish thnmgh- out the state. In the eliapelof St. Joseph's academy at St. Louis twenty-live your.g ladies tool; the vows which separate thorn from tliv worl.l. Six members of the family of ller- mii.n Thin-on, living near I'lano, IK., an- al death's door from ealiny uncooked s;i usage. Mayor lOdward ('. I'oinei-oy, past do- partaienl eommande:- of t-he Khode Island C. A. K.. died at IVovidenee, iv. I., aged :, I years. A y.-ii'liting assoeiation has been foi-r.ied at Clevelar.d which will in- elude in its ineinbership a'.l llieiai- portant elubs on l.al;e Mrie nr.i! Detroit RICH IS UPHELD. Mlrli Siiin-riiu, tll Court SuliHtli- Ihr <Jovi-i-ni>r's (llllrltil Ar)^, LANSINI;, Mich., March -0, — The supreme court has rendered a decision susUiini-.ig llov. Uich ill removing Sec- retarv of State Joehim, State 'J'reasurer llumbitxer and Land (.'omm issionirr Herry for gross neg- ligenee in fniling to pi.-rsonally eanvasM the returns of the amendment eleetiun of IS:'.". H is held thai it was within the -.lowerof the governor to remove sueh o'.lieials under thu eons'.itu- tioii, and that he has power to de- termini! as to the facts. A judgment of ouster was entered. As SUM/! as the decision was read Co:. Atl;iiison, Cm- the canvassers, an- nmir.ced that he would appeal the ease to the 1'iiiluil Sta.tes supreme e our I and asked for a slay of proceedings. L'nicf .Justice MeLrath refused the stay, saying the puiiiu could be decided just as well if thi! ouster went into e'.Teel immediately. The cause looking- to '.he removal of the o'.lieials by tile govern men', was gross r.egligenee in permitting ihu manipulation of thu returns of IS'.IJ, wiie-.'ebv their salaries and that o:' the attorney general wore largely increased. All of the ;,buve ol'.ieials and several clerks have been indicted by tin- grand jury on various charges of fraud. '.I he governor will appoint theii 1 siH'ce.ssin's immediately. Ci,li,l-:uli> IMIIItlll Quit <,TI|)pli! fn-i-k. CKH-I-I.K I:I:I:F-.K, ("ol., Mareii '.'u. — (.'amp was struck at T o'clock a. m. At S:l. r i the troor-s left for Miiihuid, wiiere tliey took a special train, for home. The miners are rejoicing; the mini; own.-r.s aro depressed, aud the business men stunned. Til Ci>rr<:L't History. Cl:AV.'[-onii.sviLl.K, Ind., March :.'().— (Jen. Wallace and thu survivors of the Third division of the army of Teniu^- see arc lo mai'oli over ttie.r route at ShKuh to disjiule charges made in history. __ ________ TJIli MA.IIKET8. f.ruln, I'l-uvinloiiM, Kti:. Cni( : Ano, March 20. I-'i.oi:it— The ilemaiul was vurj inoJernto iind silica rtinull. K«ul!li(tatca'lyi'S Jcl'.ows: «uoift- tlous :in.-: Wiiimr — 1'atcnls. W.Miia. 15; strultffcts, !i6d»i<»: cluurs. 12. 00 as. 30; ucc- oud.s H BOffll.lK): low grailes, I1.D04J1.70. Spf.r.g ' -uiif .. , . KuUors 1 fl.75®i-0; low (fl-lllloB, tl.4Uai.50j Ui'il Dog, fl.-J5ai.50; Uye. R.-tooa50. \ViiEAT-Moileratuly Mtivc una stKirty. Cash. 05?i®S8;ic; May, 5r»iO»8!ic: July, MM (ACiil^O. COBN— Quiet but llrm No. '- and No. 8 Yellow Itfe untlor Muy 35^c; No. 3, UHc 3<Mc, mid No, 3 Yellow, lio ucoer Muy, SJo; May, 30«aS7>ic: July, 37XO»8o. OATS— Fairly active und steadier. No. : caali, 304i30wc; May, 30M»3°K°: Juiy, StXW7i*. Sumploa In Kooil flumunJ aud lower. No a. 'Mty •Sic; No. 3 White, 31KO32MO; Xo. S, 30y,«| 31 Wo: No. ZWliIto, 38ffi33J4c. GMEH.S POIIK — Triidlns llnht nnd prices blchor Quotfttlons rmiifed at IIO.ST'^OIO.SS lor cash regular; tlO.H75ii310.95 for May, anJ li0.ti2H»lo.B» for July. LAUD— Market very quiet and Higher. Quo- tatlonn ranged nt WIOSJlTS cash; Sfl.60aO.8S /or Muy, and IC.«OO.tO tor July. Liivu Potii-THY— Per iwvnd; ChlultenB, 03 »c; Turkeys, 6»7c; DuckH, ftaOo; Qemis, »s'ooa5.00 per dozen. IHiTTEB— Creamery, 12913/ic; Dairy, liaise; Puuklng Stock, 8®10c. Ons-Wlsconsln I'rlmo White, 1W, Water Wlilni, 7«c; MldiiBiui Prime White, 8«c; Wa- UT White, »c; Indiana Prime Whlto, 8!-;c; Walor White, tu<c; Hoadllnllt, 1"'"' teat, BHu; U«w- ollne, 87 defiX "We; 71 dt-g'a, Cc; NapMha, <!3 ilc-K'«, 0»c. LiQL'OWH— Dl.stlllort spirits HlOftuy on ino bnsl.s o( *1.15 per K»l- 'or finished Koods. NF.W YORK. March 20. WIIKAT— No. - red opened Uull and weal! under ravorablo crop news, but bueumo firm at noon. Muy, 01?5tt015ic; July, 03^063 18-10c; December, tl8?i-al»e. Co UN- No. !! quiet but steady. May, 42tfc: July, 4.')%c;. OATS— No. 3 qulei and eftsy. May, 3-1^0; track white State, SCail^c; track whltu West- t-rn, y#jH\'/tC. PiiovisioNS-Doof-Steady; family, til. 003 1H.IX): extra mess, 17.50. Pork-Quiet; new mo.s.t, H2.25S>1475; family, II8.&OO1S °0; »borl tlear, fiaoo01t.ua Lard— Steady; prlmo Western tneam, 17.00; nominal TOLIDO, O,, March SO. WHKAT-Qulet, «BBy. No, « owh and March, MKo bid; May, B8«0; July, «OH°. CORK—Firm. Na 2, 3TXc; M»y, 87)<a OA-rg-Flrm. No, * mixed, 880 bid; No. 3 Wblte, 8«o bid. HYi-Steady. Cub, 4«Kc bid. . '>^">o«<«n—Klrber >nd oulet. Prlmo caiih uuil Murch/Vc.0); April, I5.n0; OctoDor, RSO. Live Stock. CmCAfio, March 'M. Hoc*— MurUot notlvc mnl pHucsBli'iidy mill iinoliur.Ki"!. Suli.-s ruwuil ttHM.IS^.fljfur Plus; i4 -ir.a-l.ro for llKht: N.UKB4.3i> '"r ">"Kh pudiinn: S4.writ-l.llfi for mlxi-d, uml H-iOicl.Cj fur lienvv iinuliin^ utiil Hlih>piiig ltll!1 - CATTI.I:...Murlu-t fairly acl'v" wlili the IVi.-llnj; NliMii^in-. I'rl'-ii-s vrr.v \\'<''l '.iiii!r.inlinjii, Quran- thin.-. Miih'i'd at 54.7U-sMi'l tor I'lii'li-i' to extra oo'niiiun lo Mii:iHum Ju.: l-..-"'*H.~i' tor hiiton ui-.-, 1 SH,-<.-r*; !-'• i'">i'.». ii' for sun-k.-1-f. <;i.iua s'i''i fur I'Vi-d":-..: il .'i-.i •.•'<."> f-ii' C-i«s-. iLMWii il'i><ifor HHl'i'i's: (I.r.O't:'.''-"'"I' Hulls; ft! r.OTc:!.(S tin- 'ivxii* S 1 ... i--, ni.ii ;:' .'i.i.i'.iiiiti I'm' Vi-nl fi-.lvus. HONOR AMONG WOMEN. Only <>m- I'nliil->cin-i'il AirnllKl Tli.-ni, :inil •I'liiil Nol MiiHi "I' ' l I'Hilii. l.:nlv Ci>ii.sl:inci! l.ytloti hi-ys down t\vo pronosilinns \vhirh will lie rc- ci-ivi-il. we th!nl;, by her-own sex with .soim-Uiiii'-r "'1' surpri.M'.. She s:iys women 1-iiivi' no null! uf li:>;ii'i', :iud thcrcfi'iro ivheli they lire not ilniliunoriibic- iire inure ileserviiifj of honor, ln-ean.se no i-Nt.i-i-Tiiil pressure compels them, but oulvtlii'ir o\vn i, r i>oi!IH-SS. hxivpl on OIK- i-iit!:ei- .-VKtricli'il point, ive ni:iy veii'.niv t" duiilil \vln'U'.ereitlii-i- propo- .sit.'uin is well I'miiiileil. \Ve I'mii-y women ;i.ro :it. least ;is hon- niMli'.e :is mm, Mini th:it they :ire Uept, :is ti:at which presses upon the oilier sex. This is ivrtainl.v true, stml is, v.'i; Vsiiiey. ;iiiini!l-.:il ''V l.:nly Cu:iM;i.::e.e l,\"imi to he true, :i-i re^a.rils tho liii-ir own espeeinl )>"inl of honor, \vi)iia:ii arc ;ii! mi ttcil lo be better lhan HUM:, ami t'ney are kept. so. iml only by the (eai'iiiiiH' of ;i;,'es ar.il religion, lull bv a code s;ipporti!il by bul.h M'xes '.vli'uli presses upon theai i:i many c:i.-,rs \vitli even I'.":;: 1 !!!..''"! severity. Thev are never furyiveii by iheir o\vii S.-N for a lireaeh of t heir cariliiiai la w, ami I he apparenl, j'ortri-.-eness in ocea- -sional easi-s of the other is ileeply ila- vurei! e.'itli eonl.einp'.,. If they yie'nl, aij-aiii. to a temptation whieh should Ijj stronger with then: than with men, the temptation to relieve nervous suiVeMiiy bv ill-ill';. Hi";.' itre denounced with a biiterne--. litinlly exoendeil on aiiv viei 1 , and almost ine."plioable, ex- eepl upon Iho theory lh;it men ahvays :i.s.soi:i;ile drink in women wilh nneha.s- til.y —a belief which serins lo have de- i,ci'-m!eil through all the a^'es. Thik node in this case hns been us ri.srid as iron, am! except in the lowest classes of the northern raccs.it has done i's work-so perfect.ly lluil over-indulgence in drinking may In-said thvon.^honl tho world, outside I'olynes-a, to be :L pureiy As regards all forms of pecuniary temptation, except, one, the writer would ci.'ftainly suy tii-.it \voim::i are ;;-reatly more honoi-able tiniii men. It may lie only an iniliviilinil experience, but lie has found them much more re- luctar.t to borrow; and when they have borrowed, much more ri;.r!il, ihoujfli nol, it is true, more piinclual, in piiyius'. The tru.s1e-o.slii]> of two thousand years lias, in fuel, drilled them into an appreciation of the li-.ity of piiyiuir, whieh the opposite sex can hiirilH' be said to possess, the ub.solnle- !v upright man usually displaying h-s' upright ni'.ss by iinabsli'ience even from reijuests fur loans. Tin: wor.Kin wl-.o is lax in peeui;i;iry :iU':-.irs is almost, invariably wilhorit any principle tit all. Jr. Ihib case, too, the code prunes .sharply, thu \voinan who borrows and pays not again bein;; held by her sisters lo be un utVi;mler with ivhoin i:, is .safe-it to have as lilt.le intercourse a.', possible. Tlie single exception is {.Minir.y. 'I'ho writer never knew :i female gamester, blithe cannot resist the universal testimony Ihat where she e.xists at all, Iho woman who ^-.lilies is less likely lo pay np lhan Ihe man: and that the opinion of her own sex', though it, would nol condone her oll'ense, would bu far less hard than the judfjnientof. men on men for tho same delir.ijiieney. The woman, in fact, cannot be reasoned out of ;i conviction thn.1 a. K'aiDO is a. f,Miiie:uid nolli- in<i-el.se,and that non-payment is rather a. breach of social conventions than of laws without which society could not continue to exist-. *hc does not sec, as ;i man does, the treachery involved in failing topiiy a but, anil therefore, rc^anl- in),'- it is a trille, is trivial in her jmlff- inentof itsturpitudo. In the fjreat majority of yruve cases, however, women tiro at least its i;onor:iblo as men, and help with all their hearts to maintain a much severer code.—London Spr-ctalor. S.ittloil bj llm HiiUor Heir*. liosTO.v, March 30.—The case brought by lion. Uutler against the National soldiers' home, and pending at the timu of his dcuth, for damages on ac " count of charges that the plaintiff had unlawfully taken' rooucy from the institution, has been settled by the liut- lor heirs lor 118,000. Dinilli of » Mlnnloiiiiry Workur. CINCINNATI, March ao.— Mrs. Susan M. iSnyder, wife of Thomas A. Snyder, died ut midnight at her residence in Clifton after a long illness. She was a prominent co-worker wilh the wife of ex-President Hayes in Methodist home missions. Tc) Kncourajce Art anil s<;lo«po. CuAWFOiti'KViLi.K, Jnd,, March 20.— Gen. ]^ew Wallace denies that he ingoing to found a "collepe of immortals," He says the rumor has doubtless (frown out of a bill which is now before congress and which he inspired. The bill is for the encouragement, of art, science, literature and inventions. Have Uei-n Marrleil llfty Ye»rl. MUNCIE, Ind., March 'JO.— Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Mong celebrated their g-olden wedding anniversary Monday in nn appropriate mariner with all tha members of their family present. Mr. Mong is proprietor of a large planing 1 mill in Muncie and has lived here inanjr years. Af tar tlie FerrU Wlie.L Mi CHICAQO, March 20.— The Minnett« club, a west side organization, offers to contribute $10,000 to a fund to secur* the Ferris wheel for Gtrfleld park. LION-TAMING. PolnU Aliout 101 Inli-ri-hUn(t 1 ' llt VAHKCT- OUH i>uil Dinicnit rrur«Mlan.- There arc tamers and trainers. A tamer is simply a man of unlimited nerve. A trainer has noi-ve and judgment. My friend telisme that, a trainer can teach a lion about, as many tricks us can be tan^hl a do,,-. Sometime.- the iion himself will unconsciously siigK-i-.st a new trick. "I had to train four Jions lojnuip si R-alo. One <if them wa.s so st.ublioi-n t.lnit I deleniiine<! It- leave him for l.he last.. When 1 came to him he was !yin^- in aen-ner. I be- yim striking'; him. lie sprari;.;- up am' eame towanl me. Me hail a wii-k.-i! look, so I i.'l him a sharji blow from Ijeloiv on the end of the nose wilh iiu cam:, the only weapon I ever take inli the deli. Tho blow stnn:r him so il turned iiim aroint*!, a.nd, a^ if ID <..s- cape anotlier. he jnnipi'd n|i !,o tin. 1 bars and ren-.ained sland-n^ wilh hi- fore feet upon one of them, lie jruvi me a jiol; which said pla.inly: 'I'M stof here if you won't do it sixain.' Mi looiced suberb staniiiu^,- llieri- dr:!\vi. lip l.o his full height. So i sat ili'ivi. on the fi-ale, lit a i-ijrari 1 :U 1 , and la-]]; him in that position I ill 1 had finished ] trained tin: other 'ions in the ae'. and a'line appearance 1 he four inaiit slaiulim;' against the bars. "Another J'riend of mine was in the audience when a. I ioiiess killed a 1 J T :I .net at the Paris hippodrome. Mie h::d lu-ei; trained :» appro;.ch him 1'n nil behind, rise on her hind le;:;s and place iiei J'roni. paws iifn)!. 1 his j.iionhu.'rs, XM- tiid .so lliis time. Then (jnielly till'lisl- in;;- her head over his shoulder, :,he seized him by tin- th roat and. literally tossed 1;im over her bael;, T:;i- olhei lion:-, in I in- ilcn IV11 upon hiir.. and llioii^-ii he was rescued from the nen, lie liied'withiii an hour." 1 asked Hie trainer why he m-vei armed h'lnself with more lh;in a cane. 'I'anier.s i-arely did., he said. 'J'liere wa^ no use. A lion's attack wa.s like a thunderbolt. One bite, one blow wiih the claw was deadly. The men stationed outride w';l h carbines and red- hot irons are lliere only to drive llu 1 lion oil'the body ol' his victim, so that lie can be K'OL out of tin? den alive, ami the spectators saved the horror of seeing him devoured.—Harper's Yomi;; People. As [isual. \VaUs--\Vhat was the result of last night's meeting of the women's jiliilo- sophiea! soc:ie'.\-'.' \Viinl- -Tlirix-cases of hysterics and several gallons of :eurs.—I'uclt. OUT OF HIS LINE. H* Trl«il I(»t nnd Monnc-TrnpB, Hut It AVilB No <io. A woman sat by the window of a house on Clilford street one of those warm days last week- when a mall came ailing with seven rat-traps and | eiK-hl mouse-traps slmitf over his slniul- I der on a cord. He leaned on the fence, wipeil his perspiring- brow with a crippled handkerchii-f, und said : •'.M.-iilani, no li-ii'^tli.y explanation is ileinanduil. 1 am te'.linn mouse ami nit-traps. My stock is i-lj/hl here. I Sell von :i lr.'i|> warninled to catcl. ihe 1 clitest old rat in lietroil for a i]ii:irter. i Tlu-se n'joiisi.--t)-ii!ts. \-, i arr:inli-ii In entice ' tlie nvni bashful mouse in tin. 1 slate to hi.^ destrui'lion, arc only iift<-eii cents. .\li;;-ht (nake ihe I wo t hirly-live cents ! to you." Tlie woman was darning a lio'e In the heel of :i ii.iiff-Iiainllci! black stoirU- i in;.r- She I'.arneii and lookeil up, ami I darned und looked down, 'mil she made no reply. ."Of course." said the man. ;'-; be ilo- larhed one of the traps from tlie cord t null held it on!., "if yor. Have iloraIs here yon want no trap--: bill I take il yon have nils. \Ve al! have'em. Thai's whi're the rii-li i-an ;re:. idvantau'e oi-n- tin- poor. 1 ilon'tsay Ihat it i:-n'L cheaper to lay for a rat w:lh a sleil i stake, bin as a. uialter uf i-(,iivetiii!iici: — A yrlef-strifkon pnront nilviTl isi-= for his lost boy in tile .N'iohuhi.svi'.lL' IK'y.) .louriKil. 'J":u- \v;nuii:ivr is ik>- si-ri l)i.:i.l .s]ii:i:i;iily, :ind ti!', 1 ail. .-hniihl "IVtch him to taw." "Hi: Im* a !<HIK iioud, ;i Inn;;- fisc^. l'i;. r nosi 1 , thicK- lips, spare iiKiilu. i-aw-boin.-il. <l:irk lirnwn hiiir. nine years Jolil uinl iar^i: :'ur hb 1 — Tulin A. Hi-.K'iT. prcsiili'.'it of the ISiilliiixiiv C;u.-tus sin-icly. :nnl tin; owni.-r of one of '.hi- fini'.st rnlli.-cli.ii-i uf L-aeti in '.In: i'nito.l Slalos, is r.i-;|-.)t i;i tiny with (.liislavn Sohriln-, of .Mi'sico, •for llu: piirchnsi: 1'y Ihi- socii'ty <n r tho Muxican oxhibit. of i.-:u:ti at the U'orlil's fair. The '.'xliihit includes one specimen valued nt oiu\ thousand dollai's, I-'li't: .-Men lllll-llMl. Lo.Nnux, March -J0.~-\\'hilc a number of. \vorlt niiMi were L-ii^ii^oil in c.vcavat- iusr at Tlioni, \Vost I'mssia. aiioinbunk- ineiit fell, burying I've of the ir.en iiuilernealh hundreds of tuns of earth. riln«4-it tin- HoilM). \VASIIIXUTOX, Marnh ^0.— The sundry civil bill has passed the houss. Amcr!r:ui ("".mils. Tlicro aro Jifty-two i-nnals in tho United Stales, liaviii): .1 tolal lon.'jth of 4,-iijS miles. Ciiiiin Jtlonc excels this country in its canal mileage. tier j.vriiut. JTo— Yon are a slave to fashion. Shci— Well, 1 believe I am. as my ilressmakrr is the fashion.— Detroit Fri'o Press _^_^___________ KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence ia due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of ft Pf feet laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and levtrs anil permanently curing constipation. It hai given satisfaction to millions and met wfthfthe approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance, Syrup of Figs ia for sale by.all drug- Bista^nMcauffl bottles, butiti. manufactured by the California Fig ByfUP Co. only, whose name U printed on every package also the name, Syrup of Figs, and heing well informed, you W!ll not accept any substitute if offew* j She looked up a;rain, turneii the j :,tnekiiij4- \vr.m;;-si-.'.e oni ar.d back, a-u! j "A jierson thai is r.ol in Ihe rat or inoasi- bnsinrs; ;'ive-; litile or :"' Iho-.i^hl lo .statist vs," eontiiiiieii the man, as he resti-it one foot, on the j iVnee. "Have you any idea of the apparin;r im-reas- of liie roilcnt i ;i (1[ >;il:!lio:;V I 1 :-,'ii.-i b'y :n.l. J have :m.-n who hail ;^:v.-n il no '. ho:'.;. 1 "-'•• • t .:i ma'.ti-r of fael. nia'aii:. one p'-:r of rats will multiply iliemsi-lvt-si'in- thou- sam'i limes in le.-o yenr.s. Ope th. T-aMii ra1s\vi!l ronsume an aver;-..'.:'e o.' ^ivi- thousand liollars' w..n h of provisions per vear. dm-of my traps will catch one thousand rats every llnve hni'ilred and sixty-live days. It. is. i herc-b.r.-. a ipH-slioii of whether yon will invest evenly-live cents or lose live thousand dollars. Could aiiy;liin'_- be plainer, ma'a m'.'" l!y this time she had yoi throi;^-li v.-itii Ihe hole in the heel ami found one in tlie toe of ilii' stoekin.'.r. She )'>o;,-cil up at him as she threaded the darning- needle lie-ail'-, i'lil \vas silent. ••Miiiii you." saill ll:c ma:i, after look- ili^'np and diA\-n '. he s1 ri'i'l. "i don t SMV thai ihe rat shouldn't liave a show. He "'as created for :t i>nv- pose. the same as man. and simply beea\i-e we ha ppc:i to have the moM. iiilelliireiii-c «e have no ri;;-iil io v.-ipe him out "f CNisleiic;:. \Vlia;, 1 do contend, lnn-.-i-ver. is lhat he inns- lie l-i-p'. wil'iiir. eeriain limits, \V!lenever. c\\'in;v'o iiiiinbers and rapacioni-ne'-s. l.e beeomrs a menace lo man's welfare, lie must /o to the wall, li jvasw'dh Ihat end in view that rat-I raps were inveiiti'il. and that. 1 have eo'ne down Port llui-on to ( :Ver llu-.-e tr.ips al tV.e low price of I'wenly-iive cents each. J trust that I l*:ive dellned my position cli-arly. ma'ain'. v ' She bit oil' the yarn clo^i.- !o the s',,oi-]'.in;r. turneii it ri.'rht side on! a mi p;-.ssed h.i-r lin;;vr over the spot, lint her eves wore not even raiseil lo his. "I think I sn- how it is." he said. :is lie re1'as:er.e.! the trap to t he eonl and prepared lo move on. "' think I lio. Von have r.ol made lina:-.ee and dnniC--'tii' eeori'iny a study. You look' al twenly- live coins paid on!, for a rat-trap as so much capital invested ill a non-dividend payinff iuvoslment. Yon do nol At, this jnnc'iiire she mse up. laid the stocking aside, ami ]iultiny her lieaii out of Die window until i!. was within four feet of his. she called out,: "Don't, waul any! \Ve never buy liotatoes of peddlers, anyhow 1" lie stood ami looked athcrfor a nv.n- ute with mouth wide open, and then, as Ihe sash went down and the curtain was drawn, he Uirncd away with: "I'll never make a liviif :il it in the world! My line is windmills or sewing machines, or something that runs with a ilrivewhcel a.ml does its own t.a]kinir!"^netroit Free Press. NEW VOKI;, March 20.— JisUici-jacooS has been awarded IM.OOO damajjcs in a breach of promise suit apainst llenry Ji. Sire. Col. E. C. .lames, counsel for Ihe defense, asked for a continuance. This having been denied he withdrew from tho court and he let the case go bv default Tlic Laud ol' l'ron)l«?. Is the rolKhiy Wiwt, ibo Iwwl Hint "tickled wltli 11 hoe lauglis a harvest;" tlie El Dorado ot the mirier; ttie gonl or tlie jigrlcnlturnl ranterant. While It U'enis Httu all tbe elements of wealth ami prosperity, tome of the fairest und most fruitful portions or it l»enr a harvest of ninlnnii reaped In Its lullnesH by those unprcu^tril or u mwllclnc safeguard. Xo one swklnn or dwellinK In ,'i inoterlal localltrlssn'e trout the scourge without Hostetter'8 Stomach Bitters. Emigrants bear iul« In mind, commercial travelers sojoiirnors In malarloiiB districts should carry a botue of. the Bitters In the traditional crlpsack. Ag&lnst tho etlects of exposure, mrawl or Uodllr OTerwork, dnnijian<lnnwl'oli<soniefood.pr water, It Is un 1 "ralllb i. defense. Constipation, rheumatism, blllousiinss, dymieiisla, ncrvoiisiii'Ks and loss of scrt-ngtU are iillreniiHlled by tills genial rcstort- utlvo. a Muslre FounditlonK DUco?ered. Chicago oitlzons in their desire to excel, have lately accomplished a big feat, namely: In discovering by actual measurements that there are eome lady residents who can wear ehoee twelve inches long. Your blood needs regulating It. spring. -Lareld Cabinet Port" U nature's own blood purifier. Mild anil mellow. Price, quarts, |1; P^ts, 60 cent*. For sale by W. H. Porter, prescription druggist, 326 Market street, Logansport, Ind. L«ne'» — . Bow«l> »y Moit people need to After the Grip Relief from Hood's Sarsaparilla Wonderful and Permanent, "C. I. llond .t Co.. l.c,w, II. .M:\ss.: '• j my br.'-l;, \vlli':ll "•;« biMU:;;it ;ilj(n;l l,y ;i cold cimtructOil ^vl::lf• ill o;L:np .--.I Liieilh-lil in litil. I h:iv« lii'i-n tp.'.iiili'u -i,in- IT l;-;s SJ;M-I- ;li.it Him- .-mil liavi- III-I-M ini.-ilili: In i!" .-my !io:i%y work, I'llii-ll l"<s ::ny lil!i:i;;. 1 ivixivi-.l only icmiiorary M-'-'-I fnun iin'.lli'iii''-. I.HM M^riiiK 1 hail :in :iti;:. 1: ef '.!r.' .'.'li: 1 . wlm'h n-lt :30 with A Bad Cough, Very Weak jihyfio.'illy, in l:i"i. rr; sy:.:"::i was co:iip'.oti:'.y I run <lu\v:i. ! tricil a In.-.-,:<• i,f J [noil's S:ir-.:!pa- iT l!::it 1 , , . .\ l»i'.t!i"i. Jt. las ;"n;" wniiili rs Inr IIK-. ;:s 1 II.-IM- mil ln'i-n so irtt 11 ^iii i" 1 "M |>::l:is ninl 'Lrotilik's sun-.- the '" Cures Hood's ?i!!^ .-iii-e f"iisil:i.-i:;iMi l>y rc-ior, iiyihu ^lc;i^l:'.!•.il: ai-tiun nl iliualiiaunuryoiual. The Trnultlu Owr. A pro::Ki:i:i;t n:an ioioivn exclaimed the other day: --My \vife has been. wtarinc i;i;t her i.fo from tho uiTocts of d\>:pc;p.-ia. liver complaint ar.il in- di^estiun. if'-r caru h-jl?!id iho okiiJ. of our be.-l pliyr-iciai:?. After using three package? of H.ucon's Ce.lery Ivicy for the ne-'vr-t-- .~lu: is nlmoi-t entirely well." Keep your blood in a he; 1 . 'thy condition by ihu I;M; of this L'real vefTetabli! compound. Call on Bor. Fisher, ;H1 I-'o-.irth st-vol. ^olo a^'enl, and jrct r. trial pi.cliiigu free. L-'.rprc cent?. Children Cry fat CastorEa. Mre. Winfclo-.v's Soatniut: Syrup hac lieen used tor over fifty ye; 1 ,-.- oy millions of ::;ot,hcr^ for '.heir cl-.ilJrcr \vhilc tOL'thirf;-, with porfect suecos* . It, soothe the child, softecs th',. ;;ums. al:nys all pain, e-.r.'ef vino colic, a:)L is the b<:st remedy for (iiarrlia-a. H' will relieve thu poor liltlo i-uffcrpr immediutoly. SoM by (Irufjfri^ ir every part of vhi: world. Twenty -five. cents a bottlu. Uo sture a*5 s.- 5 '* fo." -Mi-s. Win.-lo-.v's Soclhir.^ Sj-nip 1 ' ace' tr.ko no oilier kind. ChildlrenCryfoF Pitcher's Castor ia. A Hiirriblc Kullrourt Ac«-idotil Is a Oaily chronicle io our paper.-; also 'he death of some dear friend, whc hi'.a died iviih coniumption, \vhercas, if he or fhc had taken Otto's Cure for throat and lunff diseases in time, life would have been rer.dii'iid happier and perhaps saved. Heed the warning'. If you have a cough or any mTection of tho tbroat and lun^s call at Ben Kishers, oil Fourth street, sole apenl, and get a trial bottle free. Large si;:c 60 cents. When Baby was sick, w> gavo her Cutorta. When sl.e wis a OiiU, slio cried for Castorlk, When »bc liocar.w Hiss, she cluuK to Castor!*. \Vhfn iho had Children, she (ttv^them Outtorl*. California Fruit Laxative IB nature'* own true remedy. It combines the medicinal virtues of California frultu and plants which are known to have »• beneficial effect on the human system. Although harmless to the most delicate constitution it is thorough anfl effective, and will afford a pel manen* oure for habitual constipation and tho many disorder* ariiiaK from a weak or Inactive condition of the kidney*, liver, stomach and bowels. For gale by all druggists at 50 cents a battle. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. •'Bor»l Bubr" fort Wl»e. If you are reduced In vitality or strength by illness or any other cauie, wo recommend the use of this Old Port Wine, tho very blood ol the. grape. A grand tonlo for nursing mothers, and those reduced by watt- Ing disease. It create* strength; Improve* tho appetite; nature's own remedy, mucl preferable to drug*; guaranteed absolutely pure and over five years of age. Young wln« ordinarily told U not fit to uM. Insist on having this standard brand, it ooito no more. $1 In V>«* bottles. Bot» tied by Boyal Wloo o., C For ale •>'

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