Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 16, 1952 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1952
Page 9
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A. EJ.. «fl& (gfjjji jp'^-T'ii^t.jrjS^ •jpff^ «fttm<* but Ottt «h« will In *«m* "Th« trend In ;e of life? »rwl jrf*t>- fclWllt f*T WflWMrf* stw ' 2i rope 'Continued from P«te On* tftir«fM | «n eounlrtp*. but the frwl «WM> IrviV. «rjviM'nij»*nl iwrty rrf tho j»*»pk- ««» wine pmnigh H ,,a l.sl* u«nd t»r»»b*f> t.dl.«rd h M no* wflrllv «f b" -;!^ tZ*V,r C*I*T «ov,rr,: , irn.B HOCK « Five .«n> tilMMiMlnc Kft«l»ni1 Ihf J»ilbll*h- niem. Ml to ttpffmt* *«ii-lenily' «*tr .nv«!*tl««Hfm» nimed at Iron-! wLi^wartsw ^MS% ir.... -c|??-.prx w^i be- Tax Structure Investigation Is Planned The Negro Community Ay Heleri Turn*. Phone 7-4474 i»r Bring nemf to MlM Tur *t Mleki funtrtt Home. Be Holsum «vtit'ftfJSl«ta ' m »'"'» * f " 11 *' 8 f<>v(nul ffiC."H'_J»W.r. < **«i <1 '! i ^ . ...in >ni . *f. Um Wil** unit *rfti|«»)J **Mn, <l»t rf-mw^"). f:ARDUI »f lift fcoverftmorH will fill out ypflr* «l !«•»!. error hi* doubt thdt ft»cl«MM«J medicine w«»j<l»te<l under on* committee'. l)r n c j x . wls announces thu it III' five in Kn0l»nd to »t«y. | Thr JoJnl Tnx Rpvlnlon Commit-1 cU , sl(1(? of h , R riffl( . e tor lue pra,.-- •Thiirfhlir* amvrnim.it 'Jre'fld* "•'' hft » "<"'" or *» nlz<vd l " />«"'«''; ti,. t . of Mt-dlcitic. «-fffcUv; immt-il ,nd,. v,rv ' .."S"UJ^^ l-dy. ,,. „,,,,„ ,h.i it b e c,,,n B! , he for England li very Mid. "bin knowing lending to »ihf »n«J their cr«tMMI»y. "I"' ffflctency unit other ch»ri«e» UP See the GAS RAN61 off the DAY Its UNIVERSAL On Display at Your Friendly Wfc«tf WJJSWK CM «0, -at OlS SINE som OF tuts * ! Democratic Oub*rnnt<jrlal Nonii ' nc<? KrancU Cherry. A i-tvamplnn • of tho revenue ulrticturc wn* one of ihf prlnelplr- plnnkn In C'herry'ji pintfrirrti In laot »ummor'* prlmnr- Irs. Chiulrs Wllklnv n Magnolln oil | exri.'titlvc, h»^ bten choHt'n by I rncrry to l)« executive director nl < I tin' Committee, and t)r. Ed Heed • ,«if*the tJnlvc-rdlty "f Arknnun* will ! ».< i vp CIP research dPcr«t«ry. ! Wllkln.i tiiId l».Ht nl«hl thnt he i expt'cted to choouc' H filte for th<; i Conimitti'e'n hi'Bd'iuartcru gy the the 3 Vote For These Candidates During Kroger's j ei.d of this week. • Horn I'senlod un the Committee Citizen* SlperlnR Commit- nifil hy tmMnciiamen In 17 to look Into property tnx , problemx the Kconomlc/ Council i ~- State Chumbor of Commerce ' the Artunin» l,e(?l)tlntlve Council ! the ArknnxHH Kducntlon A?soci;i- 1 lion, mid the Arkansas Public K\- (•(.Mdlluro Council. Criticizes State Industrial Schools MTTLK ROCK </K —Recommend, nltrnt for Inijirovina conditions at lr.< ntdte's four trnlnlng schonN xvll! he pretfcntcd the Arkansas f-i'"l»lntlvp Council lodny by a Kpcclnllflt on Juvenile do- to leuvr many of his, imtienU nnd InMKls in Hi mpstriui', County. He wishes to lh;mk tJiu ineriihei'd of the lleitipslcud County M'Mllcfll Sorii'ly for their coup eiation duritiy twenty-two years o! piiftice hero. He Htales that it hu.s LK'i'ii a pleasure to work with lm >; iH-mi/.itrad County lli.-iilth UoH. thi- Uii'H Stores and other Ijii.sinusu iinu-,>-'», the HchuolR and all the Civ ir ui i',:illl/,llirjn.s. lir will In' In tin' oi'lici' every Wednesday until Ut- O'liiOer 1, to take caie of any un:.n, i.ril IniMiicBS that htf ii,,iy I,.,vr The Veryer P'l'A will meet mi 'I'liursdi'iy cvcnitiH. October Hi, ;it H:4.') ,it the regulur nu'utniK place. All members and friend;, are in g'.'il Hi DC present. )'vt Klijah iJavis i>f l-'ort I.IMI- n,ii ilwuod, Mo., is visiting hi.s wile Mi..,. Albrrdia Davis. C'ninpllcation.s of pregnancy are iiion. common and inure serious •iiiionK ovi.iweight than among un >. v. eight women. HOLLAND GROWN Treaf yourself to better living , • with Holsum'5 better baking. So good with other foods..; So right for your appetite' ercncc cream Creamo Brand Margarine fit* If At? PRESCOTT NEWS i.eo Cox Davis 8S. - » ., ^.uiss Has Supper -.A^" flio mcmth:y pot luck'ttt^per of tin- Leo Cox Unvis SundSjr School Class was held on Monday evening in thi- homo of Mrs. J. A. White ' with Mrs. F. E:. Murrah imd Mrs. C. Wooilul, co-hostesses. The business wns conducted by ti.e pres.iU'nt. Mrs. Andrew ' Davis. Mrs. E. K. Shell presented the devotional. Mrs. Johnny Hooks had iity 01 A.-krttisas, Fayctteville the weekend with his parents. Mr. met Mis, Vernon Fore. Miss a,oyoe Ste^iart or uttl'i? guest of i's : : ''J-loh Stewart "Welllcn Lodie" en River. Ouaehtu .„„-„.., ,- v - ,.„.! of I.,ttl«. i .. tl ,:, ,„,,, , Mi .,, ntSi Mv . lltu , Aml'TMm, owr the. \veoK and Mrs. Hive Johnson, Mi UL \ i.< viv'i in i. n* i o. w w ...-..,i . . — . charge ol the games and prizes j en at Hut Springs on Sunday won- won by Mrs. Burke Shclton Rev. \V. G. Benstierg. Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Logan nnd Mrs. Tom Httt motored to Hot SprinRS Sun- . .lay nftertioon. Rev. Hcnsborg was,"'"' Mrs. Johnny Hooks and Susu- chaivman m the Commission from, w«r- "•" " '••"•••' "'""='« " f Ml Ouiichita Ti-esbytery to install th« new pastor, Dr. James A. Over holser at First Presbyterian Churl Miss Betty Sue Dnvls. student t' Henderson State Teachers Col 1Cfje, A^kadelphla, wns th* weekend guest of her parents, Mr, and Mrs. E. E. Davis. tin- Mrs \\vrl\rr.il mii'sts of Mr Afihur Tumor nt theii Mrs. Robert Maxwell of Texar knna has been (he guest of her mother. Mrs. W. O. Hays. Mi nnd Mrs, Sklppy White ot Arkadelphln w«»-» the of relative!* ..' WKK-INDOTCJ . Iilchnnl Clfiulcnrn. chief of the ,[-i> f"illc rviltt'ii'onry nrnnch (if ihe fMlci,'nl Sci-iirlty Asrncy, re- rciilly coir.plolcfl (i 3-week s l) o t • liuly of UK- Htiilo trnlninn schnol It WHI vnndc lit thp ref the Council. -n yt'storflny crltlrl z c-rl M><> uttilo Ne«ro Hoys Indiwtr I a 1 School, xnj'InR "Ilicro Is virtually nffci-ed there for training In Ihnitvil iiKrliMiltural pur- and Mrs. Andrew Gordon. The meeting closed with prayer by Mrs. Lige Martin. 'I he re were twenty members and a guest. Mrs. Fred P. White, present. Look Holsum O First for flavor, Holsum bread also provides rich energy and body-building food power that helps you live better, look your best with zest! MONTS SEED STORE 304 East Second ||l|ly enriched, bleached. IELLjHORTENING 3 a 65c 3 a 69 fcltndtd for bottor roiulu. ' ' • NT $ PEACHES FEET Lar0>.i golden holvoi, Save at this low price. Armour Star, Dei Pood 2 Dole Brand. IB||M^|p r H t "MHMI (^^^Ip^pplBI LY ROLLS ea.33c ea. 63^ 140*. Jar 160*. Cant 46 0*. Can IF lie by Kroner. iVERCAKE lh l»akt«l Cocoonut SHvor Layer Cako. ^roqer v .) Swtfr Premium. 12lb, ovg, Full Butt Half Lb. Whole or Pull ihonk Half Lb. PORK LIVER , T«nd»r. u»ty, economlo»l, 67c SKINLESS FRANKS Ark«m»t {m*i(t( «> 79c ROSE FISH T»tiy Lb, Lorj» Goldtn ript iNmanai. Prl««d Low. "The emphasis is on r on the production of cn<ih crops." Clendcnen said the schools for u'''U' Hlrls and white hoy.s have "wliown steady Improvomoni," The fti!(p ;ilmt npeniles 1 n school for '"'"TO !t!fls. Clcndcnon Knld his recolijrhendir tl(l>s will dral with supervls-i <j n after inmates lonve the schools fuller rse of exIstlnR state facilities, nnd the addition of rcrl.iin "crvlccs IneklnR lit ml the schools •"Pnritculnrly mental ahd nptltudc ledl.l. ' ' . • ; Ho sold Arkimsiis hud few prnb- 'em* in its training school prouram ; tthiit money wouldn't cure, but add- 'Cd. thttt sonic Improvement^ could be made without additional funds, Courageous Continued from Page One with Rranade.i and burp Runs. We hnswerod with sevurnl volleys of small arms flro. The Chinks kept htavlnit «nri hcRvtnt Rrcnudes so wi> pulled ott. . J» • UKthink I rolled buck nbout 30 X)l|()ji (jn l»y belly trying to miss thonfc * jjfcnHdi-s. \Vc ,took off for ; Hood.' ,v' ' 1fV|; , "Th»Vw about it. That's exactly | tht \v«y, it come off." | Later, their momnrlcs trosh with' the picture of the old colonel wlu. 'ildn't belong up there, whose legs -houUI have plvon out Ions before he' rcschcd the top. Seventh Division li\funtrymen stormed and' >'on the croat. ; doubtedly will bo made us their Uexlrauillty beciyucs more nppui- out," I'o said, : Legal Notice No, 7441 In the Chancery &\jat\ o?} Memn«tt»4 County, Ark, M»ry Lee Bradley .. . Plsintlff BonJ»mlu Lee Bradley Defendant WARNING ORDER The Defendant, Benjamin Lee Bradley U warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer j the complaint ol the Ptaintlf. Mary > L«e Bradley. , , Witness my hand and the seal of j said court this 1. day of October! IKS, Omera Evans, Clerk (SEAL) Oct. 2, 9. M. 33 Personal To Women With Nagging Backache Nmritlnir Imeknclie, loss of POP " n ' ! rni-riiy, h«t<lu«l".'< "i"l ili*«lii5«» mny l>e ilim I" »luw- ll,.WII Of kidlU'y flllH-tiull. DlM't.H'H .1HY KU>" klilm-y function in vpvy Inumriiint to KC»»I lu'liltll. Whnn »mm' everyiliiy rciiiilltmn.siii'li «» «trc»« unit »trnln, CUIIUL-H llii.-t liiipoi-tinil f unction lo»low down.munyf nil:" *""«''''""•- EliiE bni-kin-ln—fool inlm.-rnl>l". Minor lilml- tlnr IrrUiiIloiiK iliif lo c.ild ur WTOIIK 'li''l "»>y oniKBRelUiiuui'nlKliixnrt'iv.iui'iitpinMiK.M. Don't nuBlocl. your kiilncyi if '!»•«• toinli- tlnn« hotlwr you. Try D.um's l'ill.-i--n niil'l illurotlc. l!»«l «npiv«»fully liy inilHons for uv«r60 yanr*. Ii'« nnin*lnB how imuiy linn 1 " Dnnn'a give happy relirf from llu-ne ili--.-om- f,,rU-holpt)i8tBmllo»ofki,lni'ytulH'«iiui Ill- ten Qiuh out wuHta. tint Uuiin » Villa toiluyl PLASTIC PROTECTED Holsum Is protected in the plastic- coated wrapper—no messy wax to rub off —keeps Holsum flavor fresher, costs no more. SUGAR 10 Lb. Bag 93c / HER PAMCMES ? FREE ! SATURDAY, NOVEMBER FIRST PURE LARD 8 Lb. Pail $i!9 49c SALE-STOCK UP NOW AND SAVE-49c SALE SW1IT POTATOIS Ntw Crop T»Ktn». Top Quality, PASCAL CILERY FOR OFFEIS MASSINQIUU REST HOME 80S E, Division Phono 1 4320 Kor conv»lescei\t accd. men and women. State and city Reg, VocHHonal nurse. Jewell SOUPS CAMPBELLS .PUMPKIN CHERRIES JUICE APPLE SAUCE CORN SCOTT'S No. 2} Can NANCY HANKS No. 2 Can PINEAPPLE • Del Monte No. 2 Can Donald Dyck MAYFIELD Cream Style 3 2 2 3 3 3 Fur For For for 49c 49c ISPAGHETTI iPOPCORN Franco American BANGO 10 Oz Can GRATED JPEAS JPEAS ITAMALES RIO GRANDE Size 303 Can ATEX BLACKEYE DERBYS For For For For GARDEN FKESH t SPICIAL NQTICI • Big m«n. LfttU mtn. RtguUri. ' itoutt. M«d. Stout* and »f*™l'vi Q<»t Em—SUITS TOM WARDLAW M«ln itrttt Tailor Shop YELLOW H«ul and ipr««d «r CUY $1-25 Y«rd Qrtvtl. Cl»y, Gr«v«l end Av*ll»hi». RALPH UMNDIKS or tit nun ww nm m i wtpn CIFFtE MAKEIS WINCH IMNO COfFil GOLDEN RlPi BANANAS 2 Lb. C ONIONS Per Lb. FRESH NEW CROP CRANBERRIES • 29c - 5c FRESH GREEN CABBAGE CHOICE MEATS FRESH SHOULDERS PORK ROAST c HOOP jf IJEEf C (HiESE MEATY PORK NECK BONES GOOD GRADI BOLOGNA WATCH FOR OPENING OF THE FRIENDLY FOODLAND SUPER MARKET SATURDAY, NOV. 1st ,'..,. .•& i iiWkfe.A,_, A r ,; Guess what ihe. saying! 'corred-answer 1 Regular 39.95 "GE" ELECTRIC MIXER t except our employees and thllr (amillei. ' ', Send your answer BOX "A" in Care of HOPE STAR myself Woman's Federation Meets at Church t'ue woman's Federation of the t'ixv.o.vterian Church met on Mon- u.i., ...u-rnoon at the church for me ui-iijuLi- meeting with nine .iL^ii.^ei.i present. Airs. L.ari- Ualrymple presided ana opened the nicctint! with the u^Mu.o.i.ii tnouglil on "When God " the. business session the were read by the sccret- -.^. \\iilluce Pembcrton and iN.o. Alfred Smith III of Baton La., was lue weekend guest of M'r and Mrs K. P. Hamby. He. was aceompanied home by Mrs, Smith, UK:r son, Hamlolph and Mrs. Ham oy. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. McSwain and Miss Ann McSwain were Sun day Kuesis of Mr, and Mrs. Pat Combs in Kl Dorado. S. D. Dickinson of Little Hock was the weekend nuost oC his moth er, Mrs. s>am Dickinson. Mr. and Mrs Vuel Chamberlai spent the weekend in Grand Praii ic, Texas, with their daughter,' Mrs Richard Johnson, and family. me' redcralion is beginning a Six monln stuuy of Bible cnaptcrs u.iu uiou- stewardship of lite. The 1.11:1110 of the study book is "Great j ju'w.adsnips of the Bible," by Ur. mil i:.. Simpson. Hns. Joe U. liaivfllton presented Uiu .ir.-.i Mudy on "Abel." 'Ine nnjei.ng adjourned with the Mrs. J. O. Coleman has boon the guest of her daughter, Mi's. Gcr^ruc Pakis. Jr., and Mr. Pakis ill Little Hock. Mrs. Violet Coe, Mrs. J. L. Coe mid Miss 'Grace Dowing attended the Florist Convention at Hender- Among those irom Prescotl who \ saw lue ArKansas-Bayior football j t;.,iiiL> iu u.ir uiomoriai Sladunn in i.,.n..v.' I.OLIX iauturaay mgnt were: i>ir. .aid Airs. Ciul'ora Johnson, Aiuss ViiK'ii.ii Johnson Mr. and Mrs! iianu L..iucrt, Judy and Martin, ivu. ,.iM iiu.s. uuuiey Gordon, Jell LivingMon. Mrs. L.era Johnson, Dr ana «u-s. c:. f. Arnold, Jr., Mr. and mi-.-,. Kalpn Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. li. A. UeLamar, Dr. and . i... li. Hirst, Mr. and Mrs. Kiank Halioin, Jr., Mrs. Edward or.y-.cm ana hXt, Mrs. H. H. McKcn /.ie and Jim, W. C. Wooslcy. E. u. \iard. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dal- rj'miiie, Vernon Fore, J. W. Tec- ier and Martin Gutilrie, Mr. and r.ii s. i-iu.ss McCaskill. h-s. J. O. CuiL-man and Mrs. n'lio ihomas aaenolcd lue i''low (.•;• .-iiiow >it i.cnatrson blatc Tea- cm!., v.,oiijtic on linnd'ay at'lernoon J in Bcmis was the weekend , i of his unmdmothcr, •• Mrs. C. w. McKclvey and his aunt, Mrs Lillian Vaughn in Little Hock and saw tile Arkansas-Baylor game. Pat Fore, student at the Univcr- FREE Delivery LARGE FAT DIAL 7-4431 Serving You Since 1896 FOUND PAUL FRESH DRESSED 25 POUND SACK r s FRESH PORK SHOULDER HALF or WHOLE WILSOK'S CORN KING BACON ib. FRESH SHIPMENT OF ADMIRATION 1 Lb. Con TEE 10 Lb. Bog Irish No. 1 POTATOES 3 Lb. Carton MRS. TUCKER or CRUSTENE 1 LIAN Buy Mid-West Milk Qt. HOMO ... Qt. PAST.... 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The kind made from Ribbon Cane—that gave syrup a flavor that was simply glorious? Today that marvelous "old-time" flavor is here again! Here to make your hot biscuits and corn bread, your pancakes and waffles a brand- : : '~\ : . •-' ;v; * -li, A " now treat." Just Jirjritj;you'll see! It's the new Brer Kjfl|b;|t?Syrup -a new flavor your3|w|ly will' simply dote on! Th^fjri^w-'Brer Rabbit Syrup coVnbiriei;|i|htne88 and sweetness in a deliciplls combination that modjern Sounierner& vote "tops." Mild and light, it tastes just right-make^eyery- thino; you pii'|t on tas^fl|i^|^te oven ;,vv.: ",>'Ssiil| /. '• • • ^y^-0 ) i •sn*»\|.S->.f" :.i!«' • .* . • :Wis9:-m\': ;!"• if iti B'. 'V!-lisas n&^m IN STORE TESTS... fo who tasted, praised its flavor -''- ''."••' I;' " .'* BZRomvMlHBl f t v,.i'^'••v-X'^viyiv^A' r - i 'V'V'W'Ti'-T-vivi i .'iv.>ww?»»»»f«»»»»i«iiiiii»">i»i«i" , " MR. VICTOR WIN.TZ, Annand'ulo iPiantatlon, White with Mrs. Wintz and their three attractive Httle falriily has lived in Louisiana for many years,.They They know syrup! They think the new Brer MEMPHIS: "Taste this new syrup, ma'am,-and say how you like it?" In stores through the sippi Delta region,, people tasted the new Br^r Rab]bit Syrup". ; ;i' smacked'theil? lips . and gave • their delighted answers: ! ,«;, Ten to one^the chorus, vr&k' "YES!" f-.'Did they like the new Brer J^abbit "better than the syrup they were now using?" Again the chorus was a resounding "Yes!" Almost 7 times as many ^8aid"Yes"assaid"No!" Even people who have used Brer Rabbit Syrup for years were out* spoken in liking this new Brer Rgb- bit«v«nbefr«f{ People like you— taid things like this , In Memphis: "Sweet eapusrh but not too 8*eet- has a new tasfe." "Beat flavor!" ' "Mild and not too strong." « "Would b6 fine on cake^ and "TastcH just right.";.' •,?,'••. "Beat I've tasted-they've: improved Brer Rabbit Byrup," In New Orleans; "Well. I'm mighty particular about syrup Imti'lljtry your tost , , . •,M-m-m, aay,il'f|/fe this Brer . 'Babbit," ' "This tastes like real old-time syrup." •' ' "Tastes like cpuntry syrup." "This Brer Babbit would be grand on biscuits and pancakes/' So said folks who tried the new Brer Rabbit. At your house-we think your family will gay the same! This new, lighter, milder flavor, sweet but not too sweet- can bring new pleasure to your table, three times a day. Try Brer Rabbit, why don't you-first time you're in the store? "Growing sugar cone is our business' 1 ^,* saysMr.Wtotz "We know what a difference the right cane makj&afIn the final flavor of table.gyrup, "In the good old days, the finest syrup-was made from Ribbon Mokes Hot Biicuitj aNewTreatl Your fine ^ot biscuits will win new praise, once folks taste them with new Brer Jlubbit Syfjlp. It's sweet, but not too sweet, A light, mild syrup th8$4oesn't bide the flavor of hot breeds, pancake* and w*ffle»u'4> just makeslhem tMte ptr/«otl\' • '• "• And today we that the Brer RabWt captured the secret time goodness^ It's our house, Brer Rabbit Syruj|4j daily pleasure, fop. u| "^ one who drops ?in.' ''• $ IN SYRW IT'5 IWf FLAVQ* Local Mores now stacking new flayer Your gr«c*r now ha> th« new improved, lighter Brer Rabbit Syrup, pocked under tht f Id, familiar Qrer Rabbit label. fe ' DIAlEiS: Te meet tti. dtmaad far thi, improved new »yrvp, writ* or wire Pealcfe § F«rd Udv lie-, New Or 1*004 1- 1% NEW SYRUP A FINE ENERGY FOOD p, BO PJjJldreo bu ,.,,.„ ,. tfyruy ^ tb^Wtive pl»y, they need an fttra, /iupply, to grow oa. , Give them plenty «f delicious Brer food". • • concentrated "energy" that is easily digestible and in- expensife, too,v ';*'• There are many .„, . market but there's oi»Jj||^| judge them-and t 1 -^ 1 -^ You'll find some taste, others an o\ But Brer Babbit-well, syrup that tastefl just right^ Brer Rabbit -JRakeBj, waffles, hbt biscult^ftUd everbefdre,?^ BRMRABilfANP ffj^mfri+t^^timmmi m * 00KFOR THE RABBIT! For light, mild syrup, try BROWN LABEL Brer Rabbit For rlchtr, fwlltr sugar cant fcwwf/ BLUE LABEL Brtr Rabbit' *•- *%• .-

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