Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 15, 1952 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1952
Page 8
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">•*« WedncsJoy, October 15, 1952 WANT AD RATES Ait Worn Adi AM Pcyobl* In Advene* But Ads Will B« Accipt«d Ov»r Ttw T«te|>hOn« And Aeeomo- flotloh AtcounJs Allowed With Th« UriderftOndlrtg Th* Account It Poy- obl» Whan Stateirrtnt it R*nd«r*d Numbei ot Word» to IS Ifl to 20 21 to 29 M to SO to 35 8 to 40 to 45 M to SO One Da; 45 60 .75 .80 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.RO T»re« Slit One Days Day| Month 90 1.20 l.SO 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 . 100 2.SO 3.00; 3.50 4.00 4.SO 5.00 4.5b 6.00 1.80 13.00 13.50 15.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY ;..... 75<J per «B6h <JOc per Inch SOc per inch One Time 3 Times .. e Times . Rates quoted abov* or* foi con- wcutlv* instrtlons. Irregular of tklp- dote od> will take th« one-day rat*. All dally classified advertising copy will be accepted until 5 p.m. for b^ation the following day. The publisher! reserve the right to revise or edit all advertisement! offering for publication and to relect any objectionable advertising <ub- •nitted. Initial* ot on* or mor* tatter*, groups or figure* such at hou«*e or telephone number* count o* on* word The Hop* Star will nit b* re»pon- lible for crrori In Want Adi unl*M •rrort or* called to our attention otter- FIRST Insertion of ad and then, for ONLY the ONE Incorrect iHiertlon. Phone 7-3431 HOPE STAR Jtef of Hop* I If; Coruolldot«4, Jonmry oubl'irfed every weekday. afternoon by | STAR "UBLIlHlKe.CO. C. t. Palmer, Pr*iU«i« » H. Wothbiirn, S.ey.Tr». At Th« $»«' Bulldlna 2I« South W«ln«« Itr««» Mope, AikoniOi Alo, M Wo.hbi.fn. Editor 1 Publlihef Paul H. Jonss, Managing Editor rno w. Homer, Mtch. Sup*. „ Oa.iv Advertising Manager . ,,,,cl cla» matter at Hopu, Arkaniat, un d.r th. Act ol March 3. 1B97. M«mb«r of Ih* Audit Bunau at Clrculatloni Subscription Rat«» (payable In od- '°By 8 earner In Hop* and neighboring towns — ,. -•" ............................. 13 -°° in Hempstead, Nevada, 'satayatte, Howard, and Miller eoun- ........ ........ ;85 .......... .... 1.60 ............. 2.60 ..... . ........... 4.50 Per Veor By mail ARKANSAS MOfl StAt, HO •*,r»"w? • ,._:/• OZARK IKt If Chick Young ly Roy Gottoj wat,t PONT MV <r&ILO»£N TO ur« iom «s I AM wWHiRE WITH " ~~ I ARBAN6CO, ME AND DINAH SHOULD HAVE BEEN HERE DAYS AGO/ Jr~' ANP TOMORROW WE PLAY TH' of/news,' GAME AS WILDCAT COACH.,, so /r LOOMS Lme ILL BE GONE aeroae rn OZABK Kto IPX OUft WfCH-HlKlN LUCK HOLS OuT.CXNAM.WE OOQHTA GIT TtWR ANY DAY NOW/ . . •V Michael O'Malley ond Ralph By j. *. Willlomi OUT OUR WAY WE'VE ffiOT TO FNP WAT PD5TVSAN'& UNIFORM. VOU CAN CHECK PACK@ ANP COSTUM6 < PK6SM OUTA rTENl&L ASBMOBS ) CAWA3B. IN- IM THIS CTSTWCT. / PLATIOW CAU&WT UP WIT' IT'S THEIR OWN FAULT/ ANTELOPE ARti SO FAST EVtiK WAMT& TO WHGW THXCP M3U CAM'T KKTCH T TD CilT TH- KOf'K OFF' A TO LSTT HIM <&IT AWAY ; ON HIM/ I'LL <SBT INTCUCH WITH IMSPECTDPT G&OK\. HS CAS) PIMP OUT IP AN BXCEPriOW&LLY LAft&a UBTTBK OBKlBR \Q \VITH THE P05TOPPICB DE»WrrAAEMT H5P5D. 24 War 8 od ot 40 Flavor 43 0«mo pl«y«d . • on hflrnebnek ; 44 Auitrullnn ottrleh i WASH TUBBS HOW WOULD.MOYBODV WELL, WHAT D'VOU KNOW,., A CW?VEP JEWEL. BOX 1 . CMJ- GOOP NIGHT!.' RUBIBS.MR.asENl (^ BIG BLOOD-RED 6TOME.i-.AiND SIX MOMENT THEIR 5 OUT MRPLNWE . t. JJConfll'm ' 47«l«m*n r f» Wwt Point 6NUSLLER OWES APPRO&CHIMG WRPORT 12. With Mo|or Hooplo OUR BOAR&ING HOUSE STILL \JMfl& X. ^S? GREAT CAESAR . . . RON ARe6LOVt?URMOl^UMEriTAL CHICANERY/ ' IJ ST APPREHEND EGAD; FATHER WA Riswrr VMHEN «e SAID , CAMPAl PUMOS m\ VJODU-D vJlWO OP eiTHBR r' HWW1U8 tOCAU*V I V^ITH A LEA^B OM THC- ). TA3 AAAMA . OR ' IEARIMG A Me^Ap tty Edgar Martin BOulS AND HER BUDDItS BUGS BUNNY THIS I OOTfA SEE/ . , UNCOUTH WUFPIAS/ YER KIPPIN'/ WHAT C'N A BARBER PO WITH THAT EGO HEAP? OL.' SOCK6KOO/ WHERE WEPLACE MY HAT, YOU VVASCAU WABBIT/ By Hershberger TO THE BARBERSHOP/ By V. T. Homlin ALLEY OOP 6AY, Y'KNOW, WITCH, I HAVEN'T HAD SMOKE SINCE I BEEN HERE.. HOW 'BOUT GIVIN' ME A FEW DRAGS OFF' CAN'T ^OU LOOK NTO IT AFTER YOU BRING ALLEY HOME? lT HAPPENEP.JUSrr UM*! I'LL HAVE A9 \OU SOT, THE I TO LOOK INTO TIME- MAC.HINBSET V THIS RIGHT TO BWNQ AlcEV > AWA.Y BACK FROM WHERE OH .HE'LL KEEP FOR A WHILE- LONGER! •^.tfc/rA&J. 1 ilCWkNrftH iitaafe^-^i n. li'M.i^ii«iiin'.L ..-.VT^......, , ..... mKxs^^r^r^"^ T ""•. "I gutw tht lndl».rubWr.r^nn wr«tl«r got « ' ' * " By Russ Winterborham CHRIS WELKIN, V'OUR PLAN TO I'M SETTIN6 BWT IT*i NOT AMAIZA i . NOVY , I'M 6OIN6 OUTRIDE TO FETCH IT! •y Carl And$n«a ^ T/V - tifflffi$«p$W>'$ MOM An/ CLASSIFIED Ada Must Be In Office D»y Before Publication For Sole .1UST soil quickly. Piano, refrlger- tilor, man's Bulova watch. Bargain for cash. 815 W. Ave. E. Allie, Wilhelm Take Earned Run Records NEW YORK. 1*1 — Veteran Allk i Reynolds of the New York Van ikecs and rookie Hoyt Wilhelm o the New York Giants,, n pair o iturdy pitching stalwarts.* are th ' 1952 major league earned run lead r»rs his llth season ,li CODY DUMbultd by King N«hrt««. JytWtWM ,OTS 50 X 240. In three blocks ot • thp best homes in town. $200. ? r N S J£r" m ° mh - CaU '"Itt the-majors, topped the America T. N. J3ela>. _; League hurlers with a dazzling 2.0 USED Allett'portable adding mach-lERA, Wilhelm, a relief specialist. lh.e;-gt»d condition $65.00 Bryants j paced the National League in Office Supply, 123 South Walnut.! earned run effectiveness with an 9-Gt, impressive 2.43 mark. ___L_ j Final statistics compiled by The PAINT .SALE. This week only.; Associated Press disclose that HotiSe prtlht, $2.75 gallon. Satis- Reynolds allowed 50 earned runt, toctioti or your money back. - m 244 innings. Wilhelm was solved Byers Swap Shop, 105 S. Walnut. („,. 43 untainted tallies In 15U 13-8t; frames. —~-\ In becoming the first Yankee sweet potatoes UvjHei . U) CBpturc the Dnrned run crown s>ince Spud Chandler turned the trick in 1947, Reynolds pitched 2A complete games, six ot them shutouts. The M-year-old "Chief," who The year la .. Ing to an end. ,., — piloting the packet "Aatrld treacherous Missouri river . tx)uls to Ft, Bon ton He h*a TtTi'i'J Kathleen Harrison'* offer to c»Dt«ln n*r boat. -Varlnn." He I* »flUne«lto As- trUi MrQupstlon. Whose fnth« <>#ni tn« craft "Astnd." He wonder* now why »he Is showms so much attention to nis here like n« was In a hurry. ;eckon he could captnln hcf in a >lnch, or pilot her, either onr. 3ues3 they won't bo Inckln' none on to whl BUSHEL boxes for 15C each. Paul Dudney, Washing ton, Arkansas. 13-31 BARGAIN for quick sale, modern 5 room house, $2050. Terms. 518 W. Division. Immediate possession. See Mrs. Matlock next door. % 13-Gt rival rivet-limn Cnpt. Mark Whlrier. After many nnznrds Denny roaches a wlurt at Jertf-rson City where he is amazed to flnd his sweetheart and Whirl er awaltlnc him. The latter Ciirt- ly demands »n Inspection ol tne AS- t'rld'n" i-.araa. Seni-rh ot tlie hold re veal? !ontrnbaml suns, and Wmner ac- CIISCB Rnwls ot treason. When ni« flanree loins in dennunrlnn him. KBWIS knows tnai lie 15 vlrtlm of a cor 1 He Is left stranded In port "Asli-ld" steams nway. that way." Mark Wlilrtcr'8 gloating trl- PAT hog weighing about 250 pounds and 20 svhile guineas. Arthur Gray, Ozan, Arkansas. 14-61 REGISTERED 2 year old Holstein bull. Will sell or trade for milch cow. W. A. Atford, Rt. 3, Hope. 15-6t posted a 3.0!) ERA also '.von 20 games last season. for the first REGISTERED Polled Hereford Bull and Heifer calves 6 to 11 months old. $200 up. Fred Me- Junkins, Saratoga, Arkansas. 15-7t ._ Lt-Uy diet time in his big leafiue career while leading the loop In strikeouts with 161. The rubber-armed Wilhelm, who wf'R summoned from the bullpen 71 times without a starting ass- siunment, ranks as the first full- fledged reliever- to win National League earned run laurels. Boasting a formidable lii-3 won- lost mark, the 29-year-old knuckle *s tl>° CHAPTER RAWLS stopped, swinging hla head with the uneasy motion ot a buffalo bull. Then he turned and started to tramp back, aware that he had walked for miles into the country. They'd gone too far—too damned far! This had a Stink worse than skunk, and cried of frame-up from the first. He wouldn't let Whtrter get away with it! If the man was a Federal agent, as he claimed, then he'd insist on arrest and trial. If found guilty and hanged, he'd : be no worse off than now. Death would be preferable to living under such a stigma. - But before a duly constituted tribunal he'd have some things to say and qucstlcns to ask that umph at the manner in which he had disposed of n rival was tempered when l^omax McQ«iestion came on board. It had been Whir- tor's suggestion that they arrive In two groups and the situation be handled m this fashion, with Me- Question remaining out of sight. McQuestlon had been willing. But fury exploded from the ship owner when he discovered that the AstrM was ready to pull out and head upstream, and that Rawla had been disposed of much more completely than he had anticipated, "Do you mean to say that you set him ashore and he's left the town?" McQuestlon roared. "Of all the knot-heads! I supposed that you'd clap him In Irons, or at Icnst under arrest, and In the hold!" "I didn't want to do that," Whir- tor protested. "He's served our purpose. This way he's disgraced and discredited, which Is far hotter for our purpose—" "Is it, now? Can you think no farther than this end of tho voy- Narcissus, net* excitement unhidden, "I'm following what my d*d would have called a hunch," »he explained. "But you said that there would be pieces to be swept up— if someone wns hftndy to do It, We'ic going to Port Benton too." Narcissus blinked. "Aln 1 that kind of sudden ? And that's pretty wild country, from nil I hear." "It is sudden," Kathleen confessed. "But I can't ao« any other way. Ot course, you don't have to go along, Narcissus. H you don't like the Idea— ", "\Vho says t don' like tho no* tlon'f" Narcissus demanded Indig Bud Brooks Is Hustling Razorback By CARU BELL FAYRTtrtVlLLtfi; «f> Brooks, n 190 pound fitt-Mntef* Wynne, cnnie up" tft the slty of Arkansas fowlbnll fats ycnr ticketed prlmarlljMfor 6f> I'cnsivo piny At guard, > i Tho ttniorbacks, however. ware inlrly \vnll stocked ot j\tnvo«-*wHh five It'ttormoiv- so.'tuoacn \OH« Douglas tried Breaks nt defensive omi The i ouRh-lough w sophombro nantly. yo' is? "Aln' I always gone where But this ain' goin' to bo t AMU 1 thfit fcey t.teft he reodVfirM backed up to WtefC'fept fh the As 'nny aophomorfr, lenrnlnit thai and la get less frequtSnily in BrtiokUS defensive player a \v»nt," nttds is Aafced hist wh«\ ennbles htm< to break otun to n\»h pftwwt* pr dump ball carriers loi . aav eL*iu H u*. 01.1*. 11* vv» *•«»bailer also became the second * M prov ^ cmbftrrassln g to Whir- straight freshman to lead the sen | tcrban( ', Mc Q llost ion. Small wonder lor circuit in the &RA lIstmRS. that wh ,rter preferred Just to get Nichols of the Boston ] SEVERAL Used suits, $3 to $5,1 Braves, now serving in the several pairs of shoes, men's j took tho title in 1951 with a 2.88 and ladies', several pair men's, uvprugc pants $1 each, portable radio,] __ . — trunk, suitcase, electric razor, 39 Studcbaker coupe, best offer. Moxley Courts, Cabin No. 3. Do not phone. lf>-lt him In bad, then duck out from under. The distance stretched wearily. By the time he returned, dusk was age? Who's going to pilot us when wo fret above Fort Union? What do you know ot the upper river, much less ot the other streams In that country? Find me a man anywhere that knows those waters half so well as Denny Rawla!" "I didn't think of that," Whtrtor confessed, crestfallen, "Though I'm an experienced rlvcr-man, as you know—" "Bosh and poppycock!" MeQues- One Month I'iroe SAonths •Six Months ..... One Year -, - AM other mail — VOne Month 'Three Months Month* .Year The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring items to Miss Turner at Hlcki funeral Home The St. Mark Baptist Church will have a "Harvest Rally" with singing, a fine program and preaching conducted by Rev. E. N. Glover, 1.10 3.25 6.50 13.00 ';•• Nuf'l Advertising Representatives: 'Arkarwos Doilies, Inc.; 1602 Stenck •Idg., Memphis 2, Term., 505 Texas 6gnk Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago I, III.;. 60 E. i2nd St., New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 fenobtcot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.: Terminal Bldfl., Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Member of the Associated Press: The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republlcatlon •n all the local n*ws printed in thi» wwsriaper, as w*ll as oil AP newt Favorites Move Up in Tourney FT. SMITH i*l — The quarterfinals in the annual Hardscrabblc Women's Invitational golf tournament tint underway this morninu with the golfers separated from the gLrls. Every pre-tourney favorite ousted tht-ir first round opponents with east yesterday when the closest match went only 14 holes. One of hte matches ended on the 10th green. Paired in this morning's quarterfinals at the Hardscrabble Country Club's course were Barbara Romac'k of Sacramento, Calif., vs Mrs. Nell Moody of Sherman, Tex. Betty Jameson of San Antonio, ttv LIlc LI III w lie i v; vi.it ii^vti %•*"« .•••—— — . ...closing over the river, so that, only Uon aalil rudely. "You're a greatly the silver sheen of it made a Jong overrated chump. Here on he low- track against the blacker flelda er river you're good enough to get by, with luck. But up there, youire only a captain, and "m s not jastor. AU members and friends | Tex." Medalist Marilynn Smith of are cordially invited to attend. ! \yi c hita, Kas.,' vs Frances Rich of ., .. . Bainbridgef " 4th' Annual Woman's Day The' will be observed Sunday night, Oct. Ga. and Mrs. Carle bobbins of Ft. Smith vs defending champion Mary Lena .Faulk of a playoff to: r .. n-.cdulist honors with a 79 — three Lillian Torrcnce, Mrs. E. L. Hicks! OV er women's par — yesterday 19 at Bethel AME Church, featur- i T.iomasville, Ga. ing the "Million Dollar Wedding." Miss Smith won Those participating are Mrs. Mrs. Lela Toney, Miss Dorothy Johnson, Mrs. Queen Hughey, Mrs. Mary Tayior, Mrs. Olevia Wilson, Mrs. Ruby Williams, Mrs. Laura Jordon, Mrs. Helen Perkins anC Mrs, Eerdie M. Thomas. The public is invited. Wonted WOOL presser. Experienced male or female. National Laundry and Mrs. Gladys B. Gamble of Tulane ' I Calit., has been called to the betl- jside of her sister, Mrs. Ethel I Gamble who .-is ill at her home. Cleaners. 13-3t F()f Rent .MODERN 2 bedroom home. Gerage. 405 N. Ferguson. See Gladys 1 Stroud at White Elephant. : 10-Gt Miss Romack, who tied Miss Smith with a 70 in the qualifying rounds shot an 81 in the playoff. Results of the first round: Mrs. Breault defeated Mrs. Bab Cialone, Ft. Smith. 7 and 6. Miss Romack defeated Mrs. Don aid Duncan,' Chicago, 7 and 6. Miss Rich defeated Dr. Mauc Mastersdn, Oklahoma City, 8 and Ethel L. | Miss Jameson defeated Lesb |Lobo, San Antonio, 5 and 4. ^ I Miss Faulk defeated Mrs. To There will be'a homecoming day: Lichty, Ft. Smith, 9 and 8. at St. Mary.'AME Church of Shre-S Miss Smith defeated Mrs. Wil- voport, La., October 19. There will] Ham Roundtree, Shreveport, La., trip priced at $1.50 and pick ups Mrs. Robbins defeated Mrs. .„,, at Hicks Funeral Home and Rising James Medart, St. Louis, 7 and 0. — (Star Baptist Church promptly _at| Mrs. Moody defeated Mrs. Ray •8 a.m. For further information,; Fellows, Tulsa., 0 and 4. contact Perry Turner or Wuyne Norwood. and wooded slopes stretching ton yond. He reached the dock and stared in surprise. The Astri.1 wns gone. Somehow he hadn't forseen such a development. If her cargo ', was to be thrown overboard, she would be busy tor hours. Also, she was without a captain. It wou(cl take time to make fresh arrangements. Yet she was gone, completely out ot sight. And that seemed of a piece with the rest of tl.e pat- .ern, all planned in advanct. He encount- -ed a bystander, dim In the gloom, and questioned him. "Oh, that 'ooat that put in here ? Durncd queer thing. She wasn't here more'n a half-hour, altogether. Then she tuk out uprlver again, crowdin' her b'ilers close to bustin,' looked like to me. Slack smoke pournv from ner stacks. Musta been puttin' oil on the wood." Upriver! Rawls had supposed that she would turn back for St. Louis. Though now that tie was beginning really to understand, he knew that in that assumption no nacl also been wrong. The shortness ot the stop argued that scarcely anything had been thrown away—only a bit for show. "How could she go on without a no tea pnrly, Miss Knthy. Least wise, if it la, it bo one o' ihoso Boston ton parties 1 hear yo' an' yo' Wen's dlscussln' ono day. Well, I go pack n dustpan 1" Tho night was settling more blackly, but tho pattern waa becoming clearer to Rawls. It the AstrM had g-ono on upstream, With Wlilrtcr and McQtioattrm, It meant that tho whole thing had boon planned carefully in advance. If tho packet hnd tarried not. more than half an hour—ho smiled bitterly. Marie Whlrtcr's order to throw tho contraband into tho river had been a part of tho scheme. Some boxes had boon tosned overboard, but if anybody hero in Jefferson City cared to go to the trouble of diving tor them, or grappling to bring them to the surface, in the hope ot securing rifles, they would bo disappointed. Those boxes would contain nothing more useful than scrap Iron or rocit to give thorn weight. Whtrtor claimed to be ft Federal agent, but this had a strange sound. A shtpltiajd. of rifles and ammunition delivered to the In since, much to Dou«lns' 'dellKht, faouglns fcpllodi mid tho opposition's sorrow, j "He Just doesn't ...... It's using an old worn-out phrnie blocked, and he BtVcs It tc say Bud has been the fifth mnn'tmd Iry, Many times ha In evov> opponent's bnckflctd, but blocked but has gotten ufi thwie't just no bcttur way to do«|tho taokto," ' I scribe his piny. Bud likes to piny football Last week, Baylor nctordod 1 onti boy tho conQhlng Biooks, playing only his foufth have to "<ln» t «p" tot a college football g»mc, nbowt ns tht loss to Houston, n tribute aa could bo given to H defensive gt Iddor,' "They put two «nd ,threo men Rnwrbnck* as a whole' n daUlcnt, Brooks made,,,,. htilMhc tackles to keep'tba^f on him," siild Oouglns'. "And he from being larger. ** still mode hlg.sharu of tackles, tf ho keeps «6lng at tha | " Kvon when ho wasn't mhkln« It mny be Impos inckle. ho was keeping so many overlook this aa-yo«f-old ._„ uloi-kors busy that our \qlher men lit t «otnt^s to racking th| m luid nn'cBsicv time Rotting to the 'west Cohfcro^e dof.en9iy,ei$! .... . ^ -4 i , r i i ifo nni» n .i ill^n diana of a band of guerrilla raid- F"^L ? I l «,*K.^" ^ emSfd^a^t.M damage: If to make the best of It, though I tlie border were sot aflame, dWn-tflgi.ro to be dealing «•* ^ ^"^^ ^, ^f 5U' fools!" • • • Kathleen Garrison made her decision, one which brought a tlutter of excitement to hpr pulse, though her face betrayed none of It as she studied Jarob Earnshnw and listened to his glibly recited qualifications. * "1 have a captain's license, though up to now I've served only as first officer," he admitted, fingering a long chin with bony hand. "But as a pilot I know the Missouri. 1 understand that's what you want." His voice was respectful enough, ,but there was-u 4itUe aqoret smfle about his mouth ' which was'too calculating for her taste. But he wou.ld probably do as well as ai>y man she could get, now. "Very well, you're hired," she said. "As flrst officer," she amplified, and watched his ovcr-proiro nont Adam's apple bulge as m choked down his disappointment,' captain?" ne asked. •How? Mister, all 1 know Is what nappened. They tell me that Cap'n Whirter took over. A.nd she had the owner on board, too, McQuestion. He come scootln' in "you have a captain already, then?" tie asked. "I'll serve as my own captain, for *B' while at least," Kathleen 09- plained. "1 was brought up 'on tho river." Dismissing him with instructions to get the farina loaded sands of soldiers, regular Army men who could ill be spared from the main conflict. But that must be what was planned. The devilish ingenuity of tho scheme was staggering. They'd needed him and his reputation to get tho AstrliJ out of St. Louis, but now, If ho went to the authorities and told hla story, he was so discredited that ho would bo laughed to scorn. His hands were tied, himself a marked man. Kven on the unlikely chance that ho could interest someone with authority, the Astrid waB safely away, and there *ould bfrUlttle or no chance of, tfp'lrig anything about it. H'd'felt trapped, and the fooling was enhanced aa the hours wore on. There was no way of telling whert wiothor boat might put In at the-landing. It might be days or weojii. In nny case, the news would pave run ahead, and ho wouWn't bo Welcomed, probably not oven allowed to set foot on 39.9S "GE" ELECTRIC MIXER board. Aside fron\ tlio boats, there was only 6no d.ally atttgo as ft means ot communication with the outside world- It woulil not bo along until - tho middle 'tUStho next afternoon. and ready to go, she turned to ay Al Cody. Distributed 6y King Features 8; 'QntlnticdJ Send your «mw«r tti BQX,"A" in Care of HOPE STAR , " ,! ONE used'baby buggy. Must be in be a bus from Hope, with round-1 G and 5. ^**' *** *••*•»*•— * ftw . — - n I 4 —£„ J „ „ ,1 „ 4 4MCII nmir? *-.;<-il^ t me nffnp good condition. Phone 7-4553. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press COUPLE or working girls. Very desirable 3 room furnished ,,. Apartment. Built-iris, electric re-"• fj-igerBtor, garage, utilities paid. 207 Shover Street, Phone 7-4480. ', .... ' ' 14-3t rURNISHED apartment. 3 large rooms and private bath. 203 High Street. 14-3t 3 KILLED | TORONTO, (ffi — Three persons j were killed and 22 injured last! LONDON— Don, Cockell, 202',!. night when a bus collided with a [Great Britain, stopped Paddy Sla- parked dump truck 15 miles north |V in, 194, Ireland 2. HAUL WITH THRIFTY W«ER... SI ol Toronto. ROOMS on North Hamilton Street. See Mrs. C. C. Dodson. 15-3t •'.' . _ | . r. ....--_- i I 3 LARGE room unfurnished apart-1 jnent. Newly papered. Reasonable rent. 815 E. Division, Dial 7-3774. 15-3t Home Study Course COMPLETE your high school at! home in spare time. Diploma. No classes. Texts furnished, Write for free booHle't'. ^rperic School, 2905 Alabama, vFort Smith, Ark. O-U-lrnl MASSINGILL REST HOME 803 E. Division Phone 7--),')20 For convalescent aged, men and women. State and city approved. Reg. Vocational nurse. Jewell Mussingill BOSTON— Tommy Collins, 128 Boston knocked out Ronnie Clay ton 127% Blackpool Eng. 5. NEW ORLEANS— Ralph Dupas 137 New Orleans knocked ou t Nelson Levering 138 Omaha 1 SACRAMENTO Calif., — Docusen 136 New Orleans out pointed Re4 Snider 13554 Eureka Calif. 10, USED GARS AT t SPECIAL NOTICE t men, Uttle men, TQM WARPUW Main 8tr*et Tailor Rogers Buick Co* Your best ^juy in used cars is now avoiloi?|e $t your Buick Dealer. T .., extra nice, clean cars are trade-ins on NEW BLJICKS. Haul SANA or CUY $1.15 Pfi BrtVil* fJUfi ..«fiV«l •»« RAUf H SAUNDfR$ 9* • Borgoins For AU • SID ROGERS CO. For powtr mid thero'f a Sav, wl.h f.o« ml^lM (iw|m ge, Our majot*' overloading in A a «wJthfei»y»offw««B* operation, " We day in wgd day out the work, Yep , , , jet 207 "We operate ov«r rough areaa and haul big toacto of weather/' «K/*W> H work L» plenty n>up on truclw, wit our JJo4# >J&jtotel' brwk can really tafc« it. "Wve found, for example, tfa&t we toui bifgsr -$.

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