Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 15, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1952
Page 6
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,/«y>' HOP! STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS '* **&' : JTP ' """""' ' 1>U 9 Ohio Youth Nominated Star Former KAH8A8 CJTV, Mo,, (UP)- A Oblrtnn who ffirrtmr Jnx bpsn cho»im nut of 832,006 ol the 39th Annual coftvenllrm of haro. ... w»fl cIN-d for ft feven-yoar l« mnk« hi* UmifU fftrm a )», !f« ftMrted oft * nne-ttcre p»»»«i rH»ir M«CuiebenvHt», O,, with nit tttotner when he wnn 14 Th« PFA elwtian iflirt ho en flftnded from "prncflcnlly nothing" to fcl» prommt OMfttx of more thnn •terlod 116,000 in livestock imrt equipment. An Ohio FPA nfricln! ««M Vo«el "hfld jJOfltlmiPiJ hi* reirtnrknlilc until today, three y<?nr» tpttity, fwV of th» Farrrmr» of Wnyne Vo*et, of Route S, Republic, O.. rtclnved th* honor Out of high *ehfx>l, he IN n» eMnblUhed m farming n» many men Who hftvo work«l n )lfn(lm<* " During V<Jj»«r* four ycni-s at Mr- Culclienvlll* High fichr,.)!, the FKA Raid, Jio pfirncd «ltno*t 13,000 from /arming and 11.200 from other work, flip won rnurrlwl Inul »prln«. Vorf«rt. fi»cfilvffl n II.COO cash award, Awiirdi of $50ti each went to throe 6ther KFA youths who were homwt utiir roglonnl furrrxn *, Tnty wlff« tJohftS, AoynolUs. Jr.. 80, Route 1, aSWleUsvlIlc, TVnn. ti*t tattntr Of tins South. Frnnk Ii, .Arnold Jr. SI, n<juu> l MMtll*- WCTV N.Y., for (he North Atliintlo ritoten imW d*6rge II, Wnrmln« kwi, SO, MoMlhnevllli), Or*, for the J"iietfle , About 1,055 boya ore horn foi every thounnnd glrli. Arkansas Briefs FAYKTTEVIU.E, Ofr-Two teen- »g«d boy* found » 74-year-old man. object of a widespread 7-hour hunt dared and bruised In the O- 7iirk Mountain* south of hore lout night. Sheriff Bruce Crlder *»ld John I>. Fouler w»» found by two Wln»- Manila Stove Mill U Rebuilt MANILA. OH — The Little Rlv«r Stavp Company plant, Manila'* leveled by fire last month, wilt re. jtitr.e operations fn a row days. Bui It didn't hnppon Ihe way rs .of n mile from Frt«t«r'* luiinc lit VVInftlow. C.rliler sold Pouter wns hrulnfd f i iicii falls nut n(hcrwl*e unhurt. He wnndcrod Into the rutfgnl «<><,-• tli/n (Kirly yenti-rdny aftornoon. > f k See the £4*J «f th. DAY On Display «t Your GAS «OL ^Wi^RI^^ ^i^WP CONWAY, !*l ~- Three remaining members of an origirinl IJ-rnember Cbnwtiy Civil ServlM? Commla&lon weru removed by tho City Council li.ut night. A fourth member, Nobel H. Smith, had resigned Jimt before the council tided. The resignation WUH neceptrd. The Council wold thf- commliniort had neglected Its dutlcx. m.YTHKVU.t.tt OB — A 30-year- old niythevllle woman has ;becn chnriicd with flr:.i degree murder In the shooting of htr husband ns hn siit with another women In n Cftfe hern, Mr«, Roy Sheppnrd was charged In circuit court yesterday, MlflslMlppI County Sheriff Wil Uinn ncrrymnn said Sheppard'j 30, WRfi shot with n .:t« caliber plHlol an he sol with Mm. Dori» natllff, 26, in n Blylhovlllo cnfo Oct. 2. Shqppnrd died nt n hospltnlherc Siitui'dny. , Berrymnn quoted Mrs. Sheppnrd a«, sayin« nho wns (tunning for Mrs. natllff nnd didn't Intend to hit her husband. LITTLE HOCK M — Government' lonns to ArkmiRus fnrmorH to f(- nancp construction of irrigation fa- ellltlcn was urged by the Arkansan Amoclotlun of Soil Conservation District Supervisors nt the eloMins Ion of the group'!! 2-day convention hero yesterday. . would be "Manila Mill D«y" and that all real- t'f.ftH were to turn out and help j-f*ljuild the plant, which employed 4!i wnrker.4 and had a weekly pay- mil of $2,000. But, Mayor Shedd said, only 25 worker? showed up yesterday S<i ftt noon I called nil the bust- S places nnd told them to close up for the rest of the day. •Then we sounded the fire alarm to gi-t the stragglers off the LITTLE HOCK I* — A record total of 532,343 Arktmsans pur- "Evorybody followed like they do (or tvery fire" when the fire truck raced to the plant site. Shedd said. "Wtu-n they got there we gave thuri a hammer and put them to work." The 3ft. to 05 foot building Ig 90 per cent completed, he said. Only part of the roof remains unfinished und Shedd estimated thnt four or five men could finish thnt today. Dental Men Name Fayetteville Man FT. SMITH, t/fi — Dr. Robert G. Plckurd of Fnycttcvllle is the new t resident of the Northwest Arknn- si-s Dental Society. Dr. Pickard, ducted here yesterday, succeeds Dr, James L. Irby of Rogers. 11 is estimated there are about 5i million Protestants and 29 mil- linn Roman Catholics in the United Stains. chased poll tax receipts before the Oct. I deadline, snyn the state auditor's office. The total compares with the previous record of 422,783 in 1950. Ami, of the 75 counties have reported their 1952 sales so far. New- tun County has not reported. y ''^Kfi^miKM i - xS^fWV^^^ \ lp«cMW«H«wond trim ivblxt la thangt . ' wllfcMl ftollc*. Optional «i<ulpm«nt, vl>U« tldtwull lll«l, •»lto. .. • 1 * ;• ^ * * J#* { .'"••' ••«* a dompleflly^sensationail x ear ancl v all v you v / ' •Jt Ji , J U(fc -» " *t 8 ' is ! iitye one to prove that statement to yourself. aVu/M*-' --£&' r ' •* , '' ' BVia^*' .^'®* MOTOR TREND MAGAZINE Th* tfin Lillys is oot just a hew model—it is 0«w aod revolutionary cur! , HlW IN CONSTRUCTION... sturdy, long-lasting aero-frturie construction... body and frame welded into one strong, rigid unit. NIW IN STYUNO.;, aerodynamical^ streamlined to lessen wind drag and poise, adding to mileage.., down-swept >' hood and rear deck with uir-6as let the driver see ill four fenders, « NIW IN INTIIIOI SHCIOUSNISS .., more passenger room thl« most cars, even of much greater size.,. 61-inch* wid* seating* frbm and rear. / NIW IN HIOINO COMTQRT -.. finer riding qualities than heretofore p&ttible in its field .., oow Attained in an economical, compact car,,, a ride challenging to motordom's finwt. Come Jo today and drive to ^ro Willys. 'tttvs ' '"''"''"'•' '" ibr' TOR Wednesday, October IS, 1952 , October 15, 1952 HOP! STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS To Shed Showers Combines smart styling with a smart idea. The "Crav- enette" process assures you of good looks in any weather ... for rain never gets a chance to soak in. Ask to see this today. $7.50 to $20.00 The Dallas -MALLOlff Like Walking On a Cloud When you wear Crosby Square Casuals with Cush- N-Crepe soles. Our selection includes the seasons most popular selection of colors and styles. All sizes. Comfort to Spare $3.95 to $5.95 Here's a pajama belt that lives with you . . . alive rubber waistband that never tires . . . after countless washings. Actually outlives the garment itself. Snap into a pair tonight. ARROW PAR Soft, Widespread Collar $3.9.5 Good-looking isn't it? This smart Arrow white short with soft, widespread slotted collar. And it fits to perfection. Fine sanforized broadcloth. !1 UNDERWEAR ond »n{by real h«-man comfort you ptt only from Jockty's iptcial f«olgr«i. JOCKEY SHORTS ' $1.20 11 v SHIRTS \ To Match $1.00 bu PONT SOCIETY Pnon« 7-8431 Between I A. M. and 4 P. M. Delaney. group captains, Mrs Martha Edwards, Mrs. Jo Ann Sealc, and Mrs. Bobbie O'Steen Individual cakes embossed with , n "Golden Circle," strawberries. i and ice cream were served to fit- i teen members present. II Calendar ' Wednesday, October IS The Lilac Garden Club of Hope will meet Wednesday, October 15, at 3 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Pat Casey with Mrs. Herbert Stephens I of Blcvins and Miss Mable Ethrld- *gc as associate hostesses. Fidelis Class of the First Methodist Church Will entertain with a dinner im the classroom oa.-Wed- nesday, October 15, at 7 p.n;,/All active and associate rnernberjj-are cordially invited to'"attend.''Any member who is not planning to attend is requested to call 7-4503 01 7-3813. No cards. of Mrs. Fred Hunt. Friday, October 17 The DeAnn Lilac Garden Club has postponed the Halloween Party .Hunt Family Reunion Held October 12 Purchasing Act to Go on Ballot in wbnt he cnlk-cl n "last dilch" oftort to prevent a vote. ' Tlien the Court, \vliU-h customnri- ly holds public session only on Monday, ordorocl unit arguments donee might be refuted by rebuttal testimony to show that the contested signatures were Icgnl, The Court rejected the plaintiff's CUSP ncsplte Upton's finding thnt I.'TTI.K ROCK (!f\ — Arkansas! tu-n. voters were assured today of n \ Aftoi jvionciiiv. ortiorrci unn arguments - ^..,..— -, --- •• on the'motion .yesterday nfternoon opponents of n vote had made out • * ..I "m-i»»1~ *««!«•" rttteil ntrnmCI lm* Members ot the attorney »seneral s ' ."'"" staff represented Secrotnry of State.] I 10 '"'""* lltill, nominal defendant in the ac- facie 1 Cftse ngnlnst tlu« about an hour, Act a-12 has been « controversial issiu- since tt made its first np- on the IcglSlntive floor, who was seeking nomlnatloti to a third term. Cherry opposed the act, and urged that It be defeated when U comes up for n popular vote. He added that If the act was not placed on the ballot, he would seek Its repeal In the 1953 General Assembly. C. Q. Halt here v>n>.-i.-< .MII- nnauii-u today 01 <i i Aiier ucuueraunK nnoni nn nour, ii'iiriiutc on m« IVBI.-XHHVV ...«.., .. family reunion was hold alj crian cp to vote on the controver-1 the Court nnnoum-od its decision, Us sponsors sny It would (simplify the home'of Mr. and Mrs. I,. E j sinl 1351 legislative act dftsifined l.ittl " •••'• v "' "•• ' -' ...MI., .^^niM-ite mm Hunt Sunday. Oct. 12, in honor of their son, Willie Hunt and family Jl»i;*UUoi(JUiiv\ann »**iiivn»-»-«' -—.-. ; . which was scheduled lor Friday 01 San Diego, Cali(, hi«ht, night. i(| The Brookwood PTA study group will meet Wednesday, October 15 at 2 o'clock in the school auditor ium. October October 10, until 17. All members j.,li'-i« % T v " ^•••-. — .-. o -^, ,Friday! Thoses present were Mr. and Hunt, Mr. and Mrs The Oglesby PTA will have thci study course meeting Wednesday afternoon, October 15, at 2 o'clock followed by a meeting of the membership committee. Paisley Brownie Troop will meet Wednesday ar.ornoon, October 15, at the Little House immediately after school. Mrs. Yarbrough will install a new leader, Mrs. G. C. Cromer, and assistant leader, Mrs. Martin Green. Hostesses will be Jo Carolyn Lewis and Judy Crom- ire to meet Wednesday evening, October^ 15.' to : clean the club room. The Dahlia Garden Club will meet for their first regular meeting of the year Friday afternoon, October 17, at 2:30 at the home ol' Mrs. Dewey Babcr with Mrs. Ross Bright as co-hostess. All members are urged to be present to make; plans for the Fall Flower Show, j Saturday, October 18 The Christian Women's Fellowship of the First Christian Church will hold a rummage sale in front of the New Theatre building, Saturday, October 18. Anyone having rummage please bring it to the Willie Hunt and family, Mr. and ence Hunt and family, Mrs. Jessif Ward. Mrs. Sara Rateliff and children. Mr. Roy Hunt, Mildred ajid Harold Hunt, Mrs. Lou Johnson, Mr. Fred Johnson nnd sons. The ladies of St. Mark's Episco pal Church wil have -a bake sale ana Going Mrs. Graydon Anthony and dau ghler, Mrs. William Houton, will leave tonight for Fort Worth. Texas, where they will attend the wedding of Miss Norma Jean Morris at which Mrs. Routon will be i bridesmaid. The wedding will bt Friday evening at the Universitj Christian Church nt 8 o'clock fol to "liberalize" purchasing proco; Ion. spe diires of the state government. ' en t.i h The Arkansas Supreme Court re-i reported last wi jected. 4-3 yesterday a petition forjt'ffs had nn injunction to prevent Act 242 of 1951 from being voted on in the general election Nov. 4. And the Court dismissed the entire case involving the act. filed with it as an original action last November. Only one day remained before the deadline fin certification ot nets and proposed constitutional amendments for a place on the ballot when the Court acted. Had the Court failed the rule on the i dispute, Secretary of State C. G. Hnll still would have been compelled by law to certify the measure today to a public vote. The ruling was a defeat for the administration of outgoing Gov. Sid McMath, which sponsored the act through the legislature. Leading the attack on the act was John Wells, publisher of a weekly Hock Attorney Wayne Up- purchixslng, while opponents con' ci:il cmn iHssiuner appoint-] tend tt would open \he wny for •nee m the ease. ] abuses and take all curbs off stntb •k that the plain-1 luiylng by department heads and " employes.* It was one of the Issues in the Democratic primaries last summer. low the minimum required tor re- In which Judge Francis Cherry of •d evidence which enough sl«na le«:il total l)t' Hut, SHiil Upton, tlu iU VU'n ujr . . i ovi-'-Irnesboru defeated Gov. McMath I Candida to', WUK Milum's Opposition Is Ex-Mayor LITTLE ttQCR, 1*1' ^ FormoL Harrison Mnyor Ou^ ttauls'loti wll' oppose Roy Mllum of ttnrrldon Ihl the N'liUh District senatorial rttij* nt thb November general oloelton Hnulston, » Harrison •nutotnoblH 1 donler, qualified hs art Independent St.Joseph ASPIRIN StftU wciis puullsll(n . m ,, WCCKly BUV . lowed by a reception at the River enimt , nta l news digest in Little crest Countr Club. Mrs. Routon „„..,. Thursday, October 16 Dai L*nurcu wu iiuvw ^.i wi»i\v. .T».t\- --— ~_- ..„ Saturday morning, October 18. a. and Miss Morris were roomma es 10 o'clock at the Parish Hall, 30,1 at Monticcllo College. Godtrey. 111. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Martin and Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Phippin motored to Little Rock Saturday whero they were joined by Bobby Jow Phippin, ;ind attended the Arkansas-Baylor game Saturday night. Mrs. B. C. Acker of Tcxarkana is now residing in the Massingil Home in Hope. South Elm. Mrs. A. A. Albrltton Hostess to Iris Club The Iris Garden Club met Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. A. Albritlon with Mrs. \\. 1. Stroud as co-hostess. Mrs. Albritton, president, pointed committees for tho Rock. Neither the administration nor Wells were nainod «s parties to the litigation, filed for the administration by H. H. Ellis nnd W. E. Davidson of Little Rock as tax- Fall A study course discussion group Flower Show sponsored by the for the Hope Junior - Senior High School Parent-Teacher Association will be held Thursday morning, October 16, in the Home Economics Cottage at 10 o'clock. City Federation of Garden Clubs. , ----- UT n u T n t .,r, TV.II-C ivirs. J. a. mcjjowcu nus They are Mrs. C^ P. rollcson Ms Tcxa laude Aee Mrs Waddle Cun- , Mrs. J. S. McDowell has return- Azalea Garden Club will meet Thursday afternoon, October 16, at 2 o'clock in the home of Mrs. Moody Willis. 406 East 14th. The '47 Friendship Club will meet Thursday at 2:30 p.m. in the home Today Can Red Let [ft r Day —IF YOU DON'T HAVE ACID INDIGESTION Today and every day, you'll be "sitting on top of the world"—haying, i^ fun eating',.'drinking' what you like without fear of gas, heartburn, sour stomach—if you do as millions do. Just cat 1 or 2 Tunis after meals or whenever over-indulgence bringson distress. \ 1-or Turns quickly neutralize excess acid. Contain no soda to over- alkalize or cause acid rebound. No mixing, no water needed. Just eat like candy. Always keep Turns handy for record-fast relief ot acid stomach. Get a roll today. SHU on/y lO,! o Roll Claude Agee, Mrs. WaddL ( ningham, Mrs. A. A. Halbert, Mrs. | W." I. Stroud. Flower Arrangements j Mrs. Rob Jones, Mrs. Owen Nix, Mrs. W. I. Stroud. nnd Mrs. Claude ; Agee as hostesses. Other members ! "'" . '' ,, appointed by Mrs. Henry Fenwick, | JVKLKWUI. The suit challenged sufficiency of the petitions circulated under j Wells' direction on the ground that 1 they contained enough fradulentl] signatures to invalidate thorn. When the Court met Monday in its regular weekly session, Fred Pickens, attorney for the plaintiffs, renewed his motion for an Injunc- ONLY AT PENNEY'S! Flour Sack Squares Laundered! Ready For Use! UVQ A. A. McDowell of Fort Worth. TOX-. . week . and wit. J ' A ' general chairman of the show, are serving on various show commil- tees. Mrs. Clinc Franks, year Mr. and Mrs. A. M. McDowell and son. Wallace, spent the week end with Mrs. McDowell's mother. Mrs. CUnc rranKs. year uoo,.^ ^^ Chan-man, distributed year books, » McDowell's for the new year Mrs. Waddle * ^ Miss Cunningham presented a pi-ogram : T-xvlor on "Forcing Bulbs," stating that J ' ' ' most bulbs require a period or M[ . s c[m c , cmcnts ot darkness and cold for root giowth' L j iu wcrc U]0 Suncl is betore being placed m hgr^t- foi , M McDowell. flowering. She also cmpnasizcd L that to neglect this treatment would j mean a sure waste of money. I TO INSPECT TROOPS Mrs. Coy Breeding and Mrs. J. j A. Davis were welcomed into the' SEOUL,, Korea, I/I'! — Gen. John club as new members. Mrs. A. A. R. Hodge, chief of U. S. Army Halbert. placed';!i,rs ¥ t ip.'the month's. J'icld Forces, arrived today for an ^d 1 $CT''' l "ffxhwi{*^"^$'' : '<i triangular inspection of American forces, arrangement oj red and pink roses. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE S. Main & Country Club rd. LAST DAY i OZZIE ond i HARRIET ! DAVID and • RICKY THUR5. • FRI. with David BRIAN Phyllis THAXTER f ' wavy-line TUMS FOR THE TUMMY Golden Circle Class j Meets With Mrs. Perkins j The Golden Circle Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church met Tuesday night at 7:30 at tho home of their teacher, Mrs. P. L. Perkins for their monthly business and social meeting. Mrs. Betty Moore gave the devotional followed by the installation of the new officers. They are- President. Mrs. Lottie Herring, vice-president, Mrs. .Juanita Sunderman, secretary and treasurer. Mrs. Mary Dell Cox, corresponding secretary, Mrs. Norma Jean * SAENGER TODAY and THURSDAY SHE'S A ONE-MAN GAL WITH A TWO-TIMING HEART.' HIRBIRT BURNS Marring Yvonne De CARLO Rock HUDSON "RANDY BROOKS AND ORCHESTRA" ' "SNOW FROUICS" Humphrey Bogait-Katliai me Hepburn "The African Queen RIALTO TODAY AND TOMORROW THfc MOST SPECTACULAR FIGHT EVER. ^Golden Classic" Dinnerware gay, cozy cotton quilts! 55 PC. SET! SERVICE ''1 FOR 8! 10 cups (2 extra) 8 saucers 8 dinner plates 8 bread and butlers ' 8 fruits 8 soup plates sugar bowl & cover cream pitcher platter vegetable dish * t The kind you sec in dcccx, rutor magazines— and, now.l in iu«ny» n»«ny American homo's! Ponncy priced for thrifty-giving! Velvety-»oft apreadi that fit any getting —modern or traditional 12 colors-soft pagtoU to rich, deep tones! Matching Fringe! > * FULL OR Fresh and pretty «• a garden patch... that'* Penney a exclusive "Golden Qla«»ic' i dinnerware, S6« bow it will 1 add color and cheer to all your Fall nijeaU. Buy it now during Penney 1 * Golden J ubilce-toke advantage of thi» exceptionally low price! OUTSTANDJNG VALUEI (WJS, COTTON FLANNEI PLAID SHIRTS : • Briflht New PlaidsN'' ' • • Sanforised Shrunk! .<. " - ' • Perfect Quality! , v • Ages 2 to 18! ,< JUBILEE SPECIAI CLOSE OUT! ONE BIG GROUP! MEN'S CHAMBRAY SHIRTS _ Sanforized! Full Cut! • Blue Color Only! Better Hurry! CLOSE OUT! ONE BIG GROUP! BOYS'TENNIS SHOES • , . i i i • We Don't Wqnt Them Any More! • Not All Sizes! . Better Hurry! 1.50 IXTRA innortil Mist Foihion hci fallen in love with ^^ new clipped-off robe for ot-home comfort . . . n«w fitted brvmehie in P ehgrming navy oriental print with p reverse twin print trim and lining. A cotton quitted beowty that'* worm as toast, lysh in fabric and fvU««f, practical in length and price. Sizes 12 »o 29 $8.95 'Me SHINY JACKETS t Worm Quilted *' t t 34

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