Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 15, 1952 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 15, 1952
Page 4
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HOFI STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS f uesdoy, October 14, ItSS IMUANO Air of Aftwr- '•ft will tar TntotgrOwn«r Injured WOT UPllWaS Mfl - Tho 4J.y<JBr d m«nHff«r of a »trln« of tb«»t«*r» wan fatally lnjur«d erarly to- wbtn fcj* «»r crashed into « « ft fffgW 88 about « mile ft* «f TIM Wrlft**. </rh« viHfm, W. fciyd* Smith, w»» of tlw Witrrnn Town «H«f AfrWrlttwn Teuton Post »nd Tig* "bei'n momiBrr of thf* M h<>r«< foe th«? pnsl Trooper Jack MeKlnloy PRESCOTT NEWS Met, W, F. D»nm«n> InUrUlni C*MiU Club Mr*, W, P, Denmnn cnlcdnlfied member* of the Blue Ribbon Gina*ta Club »t Ui«lr home on W»d- Autumn flower* In colorful huo» wore ploccfl nt point* of lntero«« «u«*U of relative* In Parl*. Ml** Ion Hamilton has re- Sparkman Set for Drive in New York turned to Hendorimn Sttilc Tench- j pp.onfA. III. '/It — Sen. John .1. or§ ColIodP. ArkadslphlH, after n Sparkm"". Dnmocratio vice,- presl- ......... '-••—-- yours. t»t«tr f f tW *W8 Will Fain, fconewd th« Convalr* :J4 tho am 1 known delta* t&lty, A delta t&W. 14 the FJ tlgnWICftnl 'moment rtnd eicotroh :* riot ',b»"t«v«(*ilad to* k, ' ,ullt tt* 0 n and ha* beoft „.,. Bmlttr WBO driving toward Hot prlng* whttn lw» fnllod to rnnko n urvc and rrnnhrd Into « brldgo ibutmetit nnd pltmaed lnU» n crvck. fp <|lc*<» ihorlly »fWr l/eln« ndmlt- cd to (ho Army N«vy Hospital. Smith wns well known In Hot i for hi* civic ncUvltle*. Hl» ttchlevpinont, for which ho ha* liflen nornlnntcd for novornl nn tlonn) oliic.fjiiililp owned*, was RI cliiilrmari of » nueccnnful drive to rnlR« «SO,000 for n Hot 8nring« fund. In the room*. The atnlnjf (»f>t« cftnterdd with « bowl of fruit. High ncoro honori for the evening were held by tho Indloi, At thn conclunlon of lh« gnrne* do- lightful r«frc»hrrienU wore nerved to KUOBU Mr, und Mm. Fred Pow- oil, Mn, Marlon Frnnkn, Unlc Den man nnd Mt'mbcrs Mr, and Mr». C Q. Gordon, Mr. M>d Mm. C, II Moom and Mr. Wllnoij, iirw Mr*. It, J He was « hnc'hobr «nd I* nur- vlivcrt by hl» mother and nlntur who live In Hot fiprlns*. 47 Club KnUrtilnttf By Mri. K. R. Ward Membqni of the '47 Bridge Club! cntortittnod Wcdncodoy aft*- wo«?k end vUlt with rclntlvwg. o( Mrn. Irn C5ee v, regret thnt «h<> i» seriously til the Corn Donnoll Honpilnl. There's No Letup From Campaign Attorney to Assist in Jury Probe LITTLE ROCK, UP) — Henry E. Sjiitzbots!. a Little Rock attorney, mny assist in thp Pulnskl County Grand Jury investigation of state Hiphway Department operations. Tho Jury yesterday authorized Prosecutor Totn Downie to hire counsc! to assist In the Angry Redskin Owner Fires Two Players ins) Cloud, former William and Marty star who was a member ol the Green Bay Packers until two Weeks ago. The 'Skins also signed Tackle Ed Erker. a veteran of seven years 01* pro football with the Chicago Rock- v ets of the old All-America Conference, and the Chicago Bears and Angry j Green Bay of the National Foot- Is, be ' ball League. Thc six-foot, seven- rlcnti.-il nominee, prepurud to fly ' lo Now York Slntc today afli-r two : d;iyi uf (simpnisnlnR In thc home ; ntF.ti- "f nis presidential running rn 1.1«-. I Huari'.-n.'in, after an address this I rr.oining before thc Illinois Federation of I.iilxir Convention, wns to fly to .fair.estown. N. Y., for n •ipi-coh i" t" nt t! 'y tonight. a $10 a phite fund- probe. Downie offered the job to I'",,*' Spit/berg, who said he would nc-j c! lnH ., v ., cept "provided the employment' p l "'T/ , WASHINGTON (UP) Washington Redskins officials, — „-.-- lievinfi that several of their play-, inch giant, who weighs 265 pounds, and died" in: was released by Green Bay two d By JAMES MARLOW Cards, started a b shake- to., tit i.k. i wurus, sun ifu u uift nuaivi,—UH ^ not too grcntly Inlerfere with I, s , <nd hij .. ilcrc.lt nt mv clients. . , . .. tin: intfrcst of my clients. The; Jury Is investigating a High-' I thnt ing two others. .,,-,. , , 4 iu »i Coach Curly Lambcau, backed way Audit Commission report that, fa wrathful O wner George Prcs- <t f/..i.i r l "tif.wln Hi«hr»nr»Riv f»vlrfiv. J ... ... .. dishonesty extrav in the Highway Depart u found iigancu" i r fill. Downie said ho recommended ri.isitiK dinner In Pcorin last nlKht, I additional counsel be hired because the Alali'T'"- 1 xenatnr docUm-d lhat "thy investigation hns assumed Ihi! AniPilf'"" people will not follow On. Dwitfhl D. Kisenhowi-r ton Marshall, warned the skins that there will be more changes soon unless the players "get your minds out of the second division". ... ..... , Fired by Lambeau were veteran which lux the facilities Od Ef , Bagdon and rookie Fu) |. , '' , ' .... _ . f . « weeks ago. A Redskin official said Ecker was signed as a replacement for Tackle Lou Karras, who is out for the rest of Hie season with an eye inlury. This leaves the Red- skins still one man short of the 33- of my office. The Jury adjourned subject to call yesterday after hearing test!- noon by Mm. K. It, Ward ut her lUJilid. Potted plnnU In xrocoful group* decorated tho room*. The high 117 MORE CA8UAI.T18S WASUINOTON Ufi — Tho I3t,«parlmrnt lodny identified 117 , Koroiin War en»w«U(«B <LI»l No, 001), > Of Hi. i loin), 3» «ro d«nd, 02 kwHi'd wn» won by Mm. Bob Reynold* and the game prize by Mr», RV F*. Yflrbrough, Mrs, Jiiclt Hurroll wni n guoat. Oth«r momborj prcnont Included Mr*, J. T. Worthlnaton. Mr», Kd- blindly in future crusadus." will not stomach a eru WASHINGTON I/Pi — Tnkc to the! 8 ,,,| t . joined in tiy tho McCarthys, mony from" campaign finance hills, men. Elcrllon Is three wi-cknj ,j,, tm <'rs niul all the other Ileimhll- managers of three 1950 and I!)."i2 from Indny, Things (ire picking up; (••,„,$ who Ktund for reaction instead tind getting rough. i nf |iri/gri-'ss," ho .'i/iirl. "They will Tho campaign Itsflf began lel-| n c,i ),,in •' ci-usado based on fear rurply cnought, with Gon. Dwlght rather tli/iti on the faith of the fn- Eluonhowor und Gov. Adlal Steven-! in,-,.. Tlicy will not join a enisade urn an polite lo each other <isi||. c i by ;i captivu candUlati: flaked tin- HAC ' by (leinolilionists and hatchi-l men" Sparkriian yc.stfrday rlcnicd tiiatl he hurl fVev been a member of the Kii Klux Klan and termed Oov.l Thomas K. Duwoy'a speitfh of last members of the name club. That didn't last long enough to be rnon- olnnouH. If lot iilorie, by this tlrno both rrcn probably would have been slugging each other anywny. back Sam Venuto. BagdoVi had been obtained from the Cardinals parly this year as a place-kicking si, but last Sunday he one field goal by kicking gubernatorial candidates. It has t , 1Q bal , 20 vards widc m j sse d his suhpeonacd campaign records, to o . lly cxtra point try. of the game, determine If the "hifih cost of run-. n _.i hnntod two successive kickoffs p.mg for governor" might have oul of bounds . man player limit. SleepTonight Without Acid Indigestion Just MI t or 2 Tumi before retiring. on conditions reported by Top Radio Programs NKW YORK Ml — Listening to Hired wns Fullback Jack (Fly- ,TOMS roi THI nrnmr, Hut they didn't really hnvc anyj n i,(.' Wrilin!Sd;iy n "vicious attack on , , 1) minting und four Injured In buttle wno nccldont*. nt n correct distance from ward Hryion,, Mm, 0. W. Watkln».| , V|| Prc «ld«siii Truman moved Mr«, 0. A, Warren and Mr«. B. A. ,„ nn() sr> (llf| Son Hob ,, n A Tnft night: UvLnmnr, ved, dnlnt donsert ooumo wai ser- AHlmoBh the find nlrplanen of (he Air t't»»fee urdor »n«y off ii*«ernl)ly line ooiter, it w«» uonnldered unlikely that cruw* would b«f trained and Hint deltn IntercopUit 1 ** would bo operational u« u unit for « cmip'l« of yonra Mr«. 0, O, Hint Pr«»onU Cotarlt Program Potted plnnttt nnd ron«g decorated the home of Mr». 4. V. McMn- him Wodfumdny afternoon when she WHN hoRlfiKN to thc Prvacuit Musi- en I Colorlo. yet, , An Air Korea apokosmim »«ld tlto F102 would the Sl jl (ia »n The but not necoitmrlly In hns « l)0-dc«rae buck to lt» doltu wlnjj, n' scrvleo ceding of mortt than; 45,000 feel nnd ,u maximum •-. grow tnkooff weight of >».000 pound*. H 18 W fMft five Intjhe* long, hnn throo'lnoh'Wlnjl- Incite* h und 3 Come one Come all \4 \4 Tho prenldtint, Mr*. L. J. Bryson proKldod. The mealing was opened with the club collect nnd tho Fed- i.M'iitlon hymn wn* aung. After tho business Mr*. 0. G. Him hud charge of the study, baited on the hook "Our American Componwr»" UN the upoko on contemporary composers, that wa« a contlnunllon of taut month* study, »h« Introduced Iho following, Mm. McMnlu'ti, who played *» violin Ntilo, accoinpnnltid by Mr». Dudley Gordon nt th« piano, Mr». Charles Oews who ployed portion* of the recording* of 'Grand Canyon Suite' find piano nolos 'Prelude in D Minor', 'Prelude In B Flat Major 1 . The ohot'ttl group gting 'By tho Waters of Mlnnelonkn' , Mm. Hirst aloo dlHciihticd compoMers John Densmore, John Prlnglo Sc«U. Albert Mnlqltc. Honry t, Burlolfch flhd Clnrenee Cameron White cnlwfcrl compnaoi'ii who arranged uplrltunU, A dainty desRurt course was W. vcd, to tho 'cloven mamb««» Trumnn look It easy on, hower nt first. After all, he thought MI much of Elsenhower ut one time innt ho wanted him to bo tho Democratic nominee. But gradually, nftcr saying he hnd bccn mis- token about Iho general, ho be- KHII pulling out nil UK.' political crowbars he could find to pry Eisenhower looso from his pude.stnl. Having thus written himself n blank check for anything he wanted to Hny about the general, Tnirnnn said plenty. And this tampering caused Eisenhower to turn on the President, And Stevenson, who snld early it thc campaign, "I'm i aggressive all thu lime" — wlici reporters wondered when he'd HIV - Is getting more ag gicsslve, His digs nt Klsonhowci nrnn't gentle nny more. Sen. John J. Kparkmun, leeinj, oft in all direction!) while nil thc above was going on, seems to bo >'mi. netting angrier all the time. And If, In ft telegram to the New York He-raid Tribune-, .Sparkrnan pro- .e»ted what he called "Dewey's [X-rverted attempt to label me; with ;he Ku Klux Klan." Ho referred to the Nuw York Governor's radio-television speech in whch Dewoy charged that the Di-inocratic ballot for Stitvcnson- Spnrkman in Alabama bears a spelled-o'.it slogan of "White Supremacy." — 7 Dennis O'Kecfe in Cav nlcadc Drama 7:30 Red Skelton (i Martin and Lewis. CBS — 7 People Are Funny 7:30 Mr. and Mrs. North 8 Life With Luiui tl:30 My Friend Trma. ABC — 0:30 Silver Eagle 7 Michael Shaync 7:30 Teen Club MDC — 7 Black Museum 7:30 Dr. Kildart- fl:0f> The Search That Never Ends. Future Farmers to MeeHn K. C. KANSAS CITY 1/11 — Approximately 0,000 farm boys from a I Darts of the nation were, expectec for the annual Future Farmers o 1 America convention opening today The youths will spend four clay: Wednesday Items: NBC — 10:30 a. m. Bob and Ray. CBS — U a. m. Wendy Warren. ABC — !) a. m. My Story. MBS — 10:30 a. m.Queen for This Day. discussing agricultural problems, honoring fellow members for outstanding implishments during the past year and seeing the city. The feature of the official opening session tonight will be a national public speaking contest amon? five regional winners. Beoms to have n knack for gettinK I llnrc wcuks are up. DID YOU KNOW THAT: According to Insurance Commissioners a recent survey shows the average Teen-age driver is 59% more likely to have an accident than an older driver and also 67% more likely to have an accident in which someone is killed. Please have your child drive carefully. It may be his or her life that is saved by careful driving. ARE YOU PROTECTED SEE ROY ANDERSON & CO. — INSURANCE — iseci nis j. v appeal anee o blaze away at Stevon- all, things seem to be igled, Just wait till thc s are up. rne uvo are nrucu nyuin, inuni i, •Va. Shigerni Maeda, Mana, Kauai, Hawaii Billy Webster, Lewiston, Mont. Clarcnqc Tcargcn. Galesburg, 111., and Donald Osborn, Oxford, W. Va. 210 S. Main Box 405 Hope, Arkansas Doily Scrapbag •*ul Pett for Hal Boyle If. NEW YORK (/P) — iJear n&l: 1 hope you have a nice vacation- Heatly 1 do. What 1 mean is, there's no need to feel bad leaving me to do your column while you fish in Spain or take the sun in Capri. No need at all. ' "Oh, I've had a little grouble Ret- ing off the ground, but don 1 «KM-ry. Looking over the files, I kdticod that in just the last few ^onths you've written about bald- »ln,g women* balding men. fur-bearing cows, losing weight, stealing the Queen Mafy,, off ice collections how to spoil a wife, in defense 0 the common cold, how to make a million dollars, about politics death, war, peace, love and . That of course, leaves me plcnt; of room. You've scarcely touche advanced calculus the dlalecti overtones of nihilism or the bes way to install a remote— control ! wiring system. Looking for ideas, I've roamed through the whole office, but, u seems, you beat me to it. Every brain around here has been picked clean. The folks here now act like people in a small town after a carnival has passed through. They Hope Star colder thla low tompcrnturo* SM* central tonight thu*s4*y. filf* . .. ainfall ,6ft 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 2 Eight Believed just ain't talking to strangers. any mofo LMiltjul.>. _ 1 I l;lbv For tho last 36 hours. I've fol- tant . Plant Blast BARKSDALE. Wis.. 1*1 — Two and one half tons of explosives blew up with a mighty roar early today at the DuPont Co., plant, lepving a death toll of possibly eight employes. The blast at 2:47 a.m. (CST) completely destroyed a nitro mixing unit at the explosives plant near here. The impact shattered windows in the city of Ashland, three miles across Chequamcgon Bay. and jolted buildings in the city of Washburn, five miles dis- lowed my kids around with pencil ' S(jmb( ]ant managcr> sa i d n nn naner but they haven t «*» o , ght mcmbcrs ot the plght shift •^ 1 ....«« i.nnnnrklintnrl fftt* Otlfl Vl^liOVCU fc ao paper but they "anything particularly funny or Draft Board Seeks W hereaboutsof Three Registrants Members of Selective Service Lo •cal Board No. 29, L. E. Aslin, Andy Andrews and Hlnton A. Davis, are socking information as to thc prcs ent whereabouts or status of three registrants, Henry B. Tollvcr, Vcr non McLain and Jim George Garland. These men arc Negroes. Thc last known Hompstcad county address of Henry B. Tollvcr is Route 4, Box 44A, Hope Arkansas. Thc last known Hcmpstcad Coun ty address ot Vcrnon McLain is Route 1, Box 38, Emmet Arkansas. The last known Hcmpstead Coun ty address of Jim .George Garland Is Route 3, Box 78A, Hope, Ark. The Local Board requests that any person who knows anything fairs. about these registrants, their prcs Attorney General James P. Mc ' cnt address, or any of their pco-, Grnncry has hocn studying the pic. lhat such Information be re- ol ,t s ide legal activities of all U.S HOPE, ARKANSAS, WtPNtSDAY. QCTOJER 15,1952 Demolition Crew Bock to De-dud Fenced Section _.i.i rii j '•JJiU^ "i 1 !"* lt,W-5%i«!» Crackdown in Making on All U. S. Attorneys WASHINGTON, (UP1— Suspen slon of U. S. Attorney Howard L Doyle of Springfield, III., may be the first step in n Rencral crack down on federal district attorney with lucrative outside law prac t'ces, informed sources said today The Justice Department an ruvmccd lato yesterday that Doyle a U. S. attorney since 1935, Had breii suspended at his own request pcndinff completion of an official investigation of his financial of- Major Dennis nnd n demolition crt-w hnvc moved buck to Hope to resume work clearing the fenced In area of the old Southwestern Proving Ground of shells. Major Dennis sntd the job would be. completed by January 1 at which time it possibly will be sold by the government for Ing purposes only. Any resident of the .Proving Ground aren flndliiK shells oi> their land should t.-ontact Major Dennis by telephoning 7-3324 Ike Promises GOP to Fight ssion By DON WHITEHEAD FOHT WORTH, Tox. Wl -Dwlght were unaccounted for and believed Mr, and Mrs, J. A, Dowoody returned from DoKitlb, Texan, after a visit with thotr son, James Do- woody imd tumlly. Mr. and Mrs, C, R, Grny Jr, nnd family h«vo returned from a visit with relatives In Newport. Mr. w>d Mrs, Sidney Loomls of Llttla Hoek have boon, tha guests of relatives, DEALIRS 1 Mr«. Burke SheUon ha« returned from Llttlo Hock where sho wns thc gtiual of her dnughtars, Mrs, J. U. Palmer und Mrs, U. L. Sund- ortor. Mrs, Mlldreti Dickinson of Hope as thu Thursday guost of Mr. and Mrs. 0. W, Durham. Mrs. Dnllls Atkins hn» returned from Little Rock where she was the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Duncan Mitchell and family. VV4f$ ^-"f-™^ ^'—; - • - thd tpocUl fr*a gifta • f fat th» chtWnw,,» 4n<} jpt to* rtfw«h»«nt W b*nain v»lw*a *tF»fcTtmi, Mm. Bryan \VomavK, WlUUvlHe, was a Saturday visitor in Prescott. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Holloway of Tlosaton were Saturday visitors in Prctcott. One EM? and You II Know Why THE CAR OF THE YEAR! II fl- A „#':•,...',& nfoWV I--*' >*-,;'•:/ Mr, und and Larry C. 0, Wakequlst were thu week end Legal Notlet No, 7400 in tho Chunwry Court of oinpstuftd Couuty, Ark. Sarah I'uston Curr, tit at . PltttuUtfu V*. P«xt«x K. Marks, ct nl Detuudtmts WARNING OROBR Tho defendant. Howard Gveen, a minor is warned to appear li\ this within th-trly 4ay* and «n»w«r compialtU of the PUuUltta, h Ptxton Citrr, «t sl Wltne** my hand »nd tho teal ot said court thU « day pi Oct. IftKt v Qmera 8van» Ckrk. (SEAL) nU K. WUU«m», AH'y. tor PlatnUlls y. Nunu. it., Att'y- M |*iten\ OeM, U. ai. J8 Notice THK CHANCERY COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTV. ARK. VS. JiCWEL APPUEGATE DBFENDANT WARN ma PRDIH wvd , ,j, i* hereby Wftmed to tW«0»^wW»ttt$M** the a«*»M_ WITNESS my band \& Sbf^lL of wMd Court tlftH 4 w O of •rtirs <*»/>•*»* A* iMii- Ite tmfcntf*! <*rs — «M/OM tke ww A'cuk IN A GENKRAl ION, a HCW Car SUlftS a whole new vogue. Here it is—the new Golden Airflyte. One ride and you'll know why it is "the car of the year". For no other is so slantingly new, so far advanced in comfort features. See bow a car should be built—with safer, more rigid Airflyte Construction—with widest seats, widest windshield, greatest ey*4evd visibility. Take the wheel of a Nash Ambassador and discover America's top engine. Feel tho entirely new steering ease. Try the amazing new Airflyte ride that inspired the auto editor of a great national magazine to write, "The finest shockproof ride in the world today". We'd like you to "Road-test" this new Golden Airflyte personally. Then let us show you how easUy you can make U yours. Proved Amwtal'ss Greatest Engine for the and anight yttu in the H-hour "Grand frix CO 10 IN AIRFLYTIS BERT RETTIG NASH MOTORS |Hi STATESMAN IHf FINfST OF 9UI 'f gnant. True. Kathy, the six-year- d d Q body has been recov old, keeps yelling she wants a ^ ^ nQl rc , easc the loose tooth, but how much can you pending notification of next do with that? Besides whatever ' »• clever things the kids have done ^^ gald ^ tcrriflc blast) ir. the past, you've already written ^^ Q{ which hasn , t bccn dctcr . about. Remind me to keep you rainedi comp i e t c ly disintegrated an away from my children. entire unit of the plant. The two My wife hasn't been much help, story building, 25 by 35 feet, housed either. It must be at least two I cesg manufacturing "nitra weeks since she picked on me. I ex „ a by-product of TNT, used '0 Ordinarily, I would count myseU L o ^ e mining . lucky but, now this leaves me with The Jant cxeculivc estimated no ammunition to renew the battle thflt approx i m atcly 5,000 pounds of of thc sexes. explosives were detonated. He said Talking to a man up at thc zoo, damage W0 uld be in the neighbor- I thought I had an idea. But even \ booA ol $75,000. that subject is tied up. Someone Th(J Du Pont p i an t CO vcrs about else is doing "How to Live With four squarc miles. a Skunk." And where have all the press agents gone to? The best they ht.ve come up with so far is a tip ^ on a dog trainer who is taking ~* public speaking courses at New York University. I called the guy and asked him why ,and he said to get more authority in his voice. , That about covered that. I talked to another fellow who R ep han's Department Store, one said he had just come across coun-j of th e oldest business firms in try from California by motorcycle, Hopc is celebrating it's 35 anniver and had some fresh ideas on the: y Tnc prcsen t owner, Ed T '•.;-. ..• i _ -t AI__ ~nil« A T »*•!«• l- rf _ * • > * — . ported at once to Selective Service Local Board No. 29, City Hall. Hope, Arkansas. attorneys and their assistants, and informants indicated that discipli nary action may be in store for more of them. There was no indication, now ever, when thc department. wjl complete its study or which U.b attorneys are in line for disciplin ing. Doyle's suspension s t e m m e from his testimony before a nous judiciary subcommittee last woe that he received about $86.517 I outside legal fees from 1945 to 195 and that he had "overlooked" $5,000 fee in reporting his 194o m- Korean Vets Entitled to $26 Weekly WASHINGTON, (UP)— Veterans discharged since the start ot thc u ,_ „ Korean war will be eligible for $26 c ,,me. He snid he remembered the a week unemployment insurance fcc g nd pa id taxes on it a few beginning today. _ , WCC U R ago. Officials said, 1,112,000 service- 1 Fo n, ow j nE a telephone converse- Rephan's Starts 35th Year in Hope men have bccn discharged since | lion international situation. Fine, I said Rep han, began his business acti- and took out my pencil. But then vities 3S ycars ago here in Hope, he suggested I submit my q ues 'Uj,i s being his home, and since has in writing and he would .an- e3t gnpM C <i ^p^ ; Bre,sc.ptt;' Malyenp., . : tfrem..tav.wi;lUngv^ 1> "^-' J '-"'^>J^^eenv'-Mcn^^ Mr. Rephan makes his homo in ot Springs now. Since the store was founded there the outbreak in Korea, but there was no estimate of thc number who was unemployed. Secretary of Labor Maurice J. | Tobin reported that all 46 states, Puerto Rico and thc Virgin Islands have signed agreements with the Labor Department for paying jobless aid to discharged servicemen. The new veterans' unemployment bill provides for the states to pay out $26 a week for 28 weeks to unemployed veterans who saw service after June 27, 1950 The state are then reimburscc by the government for lunds pai( MeGrancry from his VH/l I v>»n« .•-•» — - — — w lomc in Dccatur, 111., Doyle issued i statement here saying that he had asked to be relieved of his official duties "pending completion ot any investigation of my affairs by the department of justice and thc Bureau of Internal Revenue. Doyle added he believes such a is necessary in the best in- Not much point, I said, and,] besides, wouldn't we look : silly passing notes back and forth like out. "He is required IQ have had an Trick Can't End Korean War, Says Stevenson By JACK BELL SPOKANE, Wash. M — Gov. Ad lai E. Stevenson said today tha Gen. Dwlfiht D. Eisenhower know full well "there is no trick tha can end the Korean War." The Democratic prcsldonlia nominee, encouraged by reports o mounting strength In Utah — it n Wyoming — pushed his campaign to the Pacific Northwest with a sharp attack on his Republican opponent's stand in Korea, foreign policy and public power development. • Saying that Eisenhower has implied "that we could bring our men home from Korea soon if we Would only train some South Ko rean soldiers to tako their places,' Stevenson declared in a speech D, Elsenhower promised today « Republican admlnUtrntlon would use "the full power of the gov- nment, to prevent another de- >rcsslon. The GOP candidate told a Wind- hilled cheering crowd that tho 3omocrat« were trying to frighten ho people with scare talk about nolher depression — nnd he do- In rod such a thins would ndvcr iappcn. V Elsenhower touched oft a roar inn hcer today when . he called -Fu/tcfft Ottk& Cited for Action in Korean Battle Flrnl Lt. Cteocuo W. Orton, ton of Mr. and MM. Jctt Otton of Ashdown, formerly ot Fulton, has received tho award ot tho Silver Star for gallantry In action In Korea. Tho citation road: "During an astault, U. Orion's plntoon was order6d to attack a hill and there to engage tho enemy in a firc-flght to divert forces from tho main attack. "Courageously Lt. Orton placed hlmuolf In load ot his platoon and completed tho mission assigned. Upon withdrawing from Iho mission, Lt. Orton again was ordered to take his objective duo to tho fnnntlcul enemy resistance thu ;i i IK' Tangle Hill SEOUL, I* — of Triangle HlU oh KorWi tral Front today and fouihtj age Inch-by-lhch battlft northern slope. Two ml cn«t, more than 1,000 Re* nttBckod troops ot »<>'!,„ vcnn Second Division, ,0tt '• Ridgo. r V..^ 1 A!> Correspondent Ma'j U. 3. Seventh J try men on Trlftngw hnd stopped the main assauu. 8 inglo-fllo ,down » JIlTUt t WV»«,7 .T»""" • -•— V* i iWlM I IWX * <M« n administration thnt will «ol this j proo8 , Afi«li\ LI. Orton displayed utter dlnrcgnrd for his pornonal satoty, led his men against walling hostile country again." on Iho right track onec — Oon. Dwlgh,t NEW YORK, , D, Elsenhower had a gross. In come of $88.8-303— including »«35, 000 from hla book, "Crusude in Europe"— during, .the past 10 years his headquarters say. . • ' A financial statement made^pub. ' ' showed th* 'Again U. Orlon'9 forces gained tho vantage point, onaoling olhoc troops to complete tho main attack." Lt. Orton Is a brother of Mrs. Lamar Cox of Hope, , trench loading to Snn Mountain, north, A fl'Ont-llriQ r r,r- ,,-.-.,, w«ro "Ughtltlg -tori JW8*» » against an expected Chlntsd. twattaek, ^ ' * ^ Tho Reds lashed out renn soldiers, on Sniper R yesterday < irosldontlal lie'here late „ „-.,— .... t Republican presidential candidate paid $217,082 In taxes. Subtraction of theSo taxes and allowable deductions from the gross income, Iho; statement snid, left Eisenhower with a net ot $643,W8 for the 10 years. His not without the book was $18Q,89B. move prepared for a street-corner ral- illlt W **» ••»* —» — T — - v 4.U*. torests of our government and the department of justice itself. McGranery, in.a terse statement, suid the department "has acceded to Mr. Doyle's request and has re- C A C spokesman tor McGranery had! "no comment" on' Whether . Mc- Granery questioned Doyle about ly : 5 "I will not play politics with war and peace. Our men are fighting „, „,, _..„.„ ... .. in Korea so they will not have to Iranian Premier Mohammed MOS* British Give Version of (ran Oil Deal IX3NDON. (UP)- Great Britain, In an angry note today charged £yvuw —- D . ' J I O1II»*** •*•*• ****** V \T «»•» **• *•••-•»'— »--— a couple ot spies? He shrugged hav(ji bccn , thrcc managcrs includ- and said, well, It was just a sue- kg thc prcsent onc , Fred Robert- gostion. Now about your trip, prcsent H i son. Jflr. Robertson began his as- 8 ''sociation with Mr. Rcphan in 1941 . and he said, just a moment. You d hfl3 bc(jn with thc understand, he .said, ' IU have to , . .. . .. c honorable discharge seen 90 days his testimony before the subcom- of continuous service except for a" 1T1 ittec. service-incurred disability and must jje said he also could not ' at not be receiving mustering out pay t i lis point" say when the invest!and not refuse any suitable job." ga tion of Doyle would be complet- in the same week he collects in- C cl and his status finally Settled. since that time except for two charge you for the interview. Pe- years that he ser ved with the Army riod, thirty, end story. oa, uuriy, i:n" 0 i V »,. ^ Italy. He began worn as an But don't worry. Hal something , x on Saturdays and during ill turn up. Meanwhile. I hope ^ feu monthSi i ater he b e- r.,i Vinvo n rfrand time, xveaiiy * .__,_* i. «« ^ H ^ n . nnA In will - . ycu have a grand time. Really do. Schools Plan Halloween Carnival surancc. While the act goes into effect today, state practices vary as to the day when a full week's employment can be started. Therefore, some states will not accept claims 1 for several days. Assistant Manager and in 1950 he assumed the duties of Manager of- the local store. Mr. Robertson Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Robertson of Hope, and is a lifetime resident of Hcmp- stead and Howard County. He came to Hope in 1938 and since that time has been active in civjc and community affairs. He is a G&F Plans for Lake Hit Trouble TEXARKANA (fll — A recently- Betts Makes Bond, Released From Jail fight in Alaska or Spokane or Qtna- ha., . .•• • , They will come home from Kost as soon'tis our national ,_„ permits. And, for my p"a«," I deplore, the suggestion that tney come home any sooner. "There is no trick that can end the Korean War — and I'am Sure the general knows this full well." As he had in Wyoming and Utah yesterday, the Illinois govcfnor preached thc Democratic, doclrino that Americans never had it so good.'in a material way.. mlsreprosonUtlons Dinner Meet Launches Drive for $2,000 Thirty-two Hempsload County people mot lust night at tho Hotel Bnrlow «nd, launched Iho Annual .Salvation Army Campaign'for ?2.- O(H) uccordlnjj to L. B. Toole'y, the campaign chairman. Cluudo Tlllery prooldad nt th« mooting calling on tho Rov. Vlr« Bll Kcoloy to open tho mooting In prayer. Mr. Tlllory then spoke vary highly ot tho work of tho Salvation Army not only as It is carried on through tho Local Service Unit Committee qf which he Is general chairman but tho work that Is being; done by ithe organization all , thf world, in Its many ln» lor the after dusk. Then ,. . , mot tholr charge, yltn i,w machine gun lire front ^tW and bunkers oi.Pinpoint HI central peak: In Uwtfuttv' A )ato report Irom th* * closo-quarter fighting around tho ridgollne,"... TW South Korrthl t. point earlier tottar ,w< throwers and itand «ren|< U. 8. oftleers with th*>Sw re ana said many Ot ,wo;dei nose found on Pinpoint milted suicide, Seventeen < miles to, South Korean Oth Division (t) blasted .the Reds with,, slvos from their Uit soaked White Horse , den. Mark Clark.' in Tokyo announced that of U. S. aoldiovl staged iftftk n oritt am phibious r PI HA «M* *i! w * T'i~',~"*3 < the aTmwiai *m> ,fJ member of thc Hope Gospel Tab- completed Game and Fish Com- Elementary schools of Hope will crnaclCi Superintendent of the In-|mi ss i on dam which, when filled^ C. R. (Sam) Belts, 57-year-old Hope man, was released from the Hcmpstcad County Jail this mom- ing on $500 bond following an al- his home on East Div Monday critically cut an Iowa seed pocket 350 Attend Home Club Festival , Je»ter||n"g . , •The sharp criticism of Iran's conduct. and the general tone ot the nolti "were regarded hero as an .tnvftatlon .to Ihe aged Iranian premier, lo go. through with h s repeated -throii.!* 'to break off dip lomatle rolatlins wlht Britain. The British hole lo Iran heatedly rejected Mossadegh's demand for payment Ot $137.200,000 by Brl- tain as the "price" for resuming twp unato people negotiations on the oil The quarrel between tho . _____ i_ 'C-- t4«AM governments -'has been worsening « j B " meeting was then turned QV or to tho. campaign chairman L B. tooley who told tho group gath ered of somo .outstanding work <|ono by tho local, .committed past" year' In, financing « trip tho Johns Hopklnp HospitaJ at Bait Imore for a mother and her umaU daughter, ho told ot how the Sal- united, vatlon Army Home In Baltimore 1 ""*" 1 '"' housed the mother for 32 days while her child was receiving treat mont at tho famous medical con- J a y s *"W« for more than, a out that , j LJ .u ««M«n«iizeai tnl '»' 8 e rvlce wn P "ndored to thi? expropriated'and then nationauzen.. { Hempsteatl County at tho billlon-40U|r Brttlch-ownod An ^"g 1 ^ much lower t»»n dou?d tfl n.Tt* I B n > Oil Ct)< i !_..*._ U...M n v.t Atnn/l 4 It ntfti i if H nnv* glo-Irian; Oil A .«« _»...— - SUET3AA SS «S « fi=r« .-.s^*** have been obtained through any- attcndinfi lhc t va , Bpol « 0 rod In adjitfcn to the_ note to^lran, -^ ^^ ^ that ^ ^ n ^ was taken care < by the local 'fund, forth .8MUW» displeasure with in which by the Hcmpstcad County Council i ran . B handling of the matter. «nad of Homo Demonstration Clubs_ for BrUaln t p W Mossadegh hl« policy „ . j charge has been tiled i , car hold an annual Halloween t- a rn|- termediate Department in Sunday w ;n create a recreation lake 22 . _ ., pending recovery of val, Friday, Oct. 31. to the Col- Sc hool, a member of Whiteficld m ,i e s long and 300 yards wide at "*« » u . t { iceti Baid> jscuirj at Fair Park. The carnival LQd g e 2 39 of the Masons, member Mercer Bayou also has created a 1 ""is u family affair with every mem l f Kiwanls club, past Post Com- problem. ber taking part 1 mander ot the American Legion. James Watts of Huntsville, Ala., There will be no king and queen| member of VFW< member ot Ar- the owner of the land which will """". contest this year. Instead the grand i kangas O f fic i als As?o. in football, be inundated as soon as heavy finale will be held first with prizes and }? . present District Comman- rains hit this section of Miller awarded for the best costumes, der o£ the American Legion. Mr County, says he didn't give the and winners in a stage show of Ro b e rtson is married to the form- Commission permission to build the gongs, dances and other forms o£| er Dorothy Lee Boyctt, also of dam about 20 miles from here. Hope and they have one son Fred- Commission officials say Watts ~ f . - \ .. . ..*' i. -.1. Atii a entertainment. i"«i A window display downtown is dy being sponsored_by the Chamber j .'.j fcel very made a verbal agreement about a j n having year and a half ago to allow thc of Commerce. Business men will sccurcd for tho peop i c O f Hope, Commission to improve the area ...... J - "-»—-»- ' alllow students to draw Halloween a man , Jikc F d Robcrtsoni who for a fishing and recreation lake. •""•"•"" — . . j|** *••*»•» ****** » *»•*• *»**•**.» »WW»| •• .»•»» V* fc»w».-.. D —-. -T- pictures and appropriate signs ad- naving com e from the bottom, is Game and Fish Commissioner vertising the carnival on store win ft leadcr ^ bo th business and civic T. A. McAmls said in Little ROCK dows. Materials used in the signs lifc .. Mr _ Rcphan said. that, "I think we can prove con can be easily washed off. Prizes R ep han's store is now beginning clu?ively that an agreement has will be awarded to toe school hav- a 35tn anniversary sale during been made," ing the best display. .which time Mr. Rephan hopes tol He said attorneys for both par This carnival Is a large project gee perso nally many of his friends ties of the' dispute reached an and is the desire of the elementary ^ Hope an(J this trade territory, agreement last week to wait until school system to furnish children Mr Robertson stated that the the dam was filled to settle in with planned and supervised rec- success O f the Hope store has been easement question, Basement is a reation in order that Halloween made posslb i e through the splen- agreement between the lan dow -Pe will be a night of fun rather Iban did C00 pe r ation of the personel now and the state that frees the land a dreaded occasion by property at Rephan's including Mrs. C. D. owner from all responsibility as t Miri Richards, damage and flooding when land is Local hospital attendants today said the victim. John Barkalow, about 50, Crcston, Iowa, was believed a little better although still in a critical condition. Investigating city and state officers Burke, pcdron and Mosier aid Betts, through ft letter he in- ercepted, suspected Barkalow and iis wife were having an affair. The attack came when Barkalow and Belts' wife returned to the lope man's home about 10:50 p.m. Monday. HD members and their families at the Exhibit Hull, Fair park In Hope, Tuesday night, Oct. 14. at 7 p.m. Mrs. Monroe Stuart, Ozan, HD Council, president, gave the welcome address followed With the invocation by Otho Roberts, Hope. Following the supper Mrs. Stuart introduced Dorothy Price, District Home Demonstration Agent, who Q'Conor, Intern4i msde his owners. _ I Dickinson, Mrs, Committees include: Mrs. B- M. Brookwood. — M$. Elmer Brown 1 principal, arid Mrs. pe9tge Wright, Mrsv , o Hi jfr| a few;" i| Mr8. PTA Olga turned over for public use. Wright, But Watts' attorney says t W^»»^T r»~——'— ' —- - . ol handing Ultimatums Jo London accompanied »y time limits and acmands lor cash payments, was not "likely to further tho friendship between the peoples of tho countries concerned." ' . The British.note,also denounced the closing of British consulates in Iran and'that nation's refusal to accept •*«•''appointment of Robert Hankey as British ambassador , Captain Moss spoke to tho group and told of much of UHof work being done about the state in 33 other small cities and towns sin> liar to Hope and HempstOttd County and spoko, of the peed of people financing thlfl work. In;, a gon? orous way, and tha^ the/ program of service now being rendered thr oughout the world by Jba SfaJvftttpn, Army mOritea support ,m generi ous sums rather than. Just a passing token ol. approciajfon of Us staff. , •• '.*, Angry ana flushed wji after witness rbfused to £ or they over wore Corn ty member*,' -Mfa*-' praised the councillor Its Bunder-! to Iran early this year taking in staging the Harvest Fes ^ "• *——•• n .... . Garland — MfS-VOwen Atkins. principal, ind J$rsV Pew^y PTA president. ..... " Oglesby — Mrs, . T. Vv principal, and Mrs.: P9V»4. Waddle, I»TA pre^dent. ' '•>', , . , • Paisley - Misf .»amie Downing, Ronald Richards, and Johnny Tfcfear. . Jfolt, principal and . »4rs. George PTA president! Locol Student in ITSTC Chtrui Foster Homed Root Estate Director LITTWE'ROCK. I* — Arthur ' greement was reached and be ha j-itten the Commission, asking hat they intend'to do. He said e will determine, .what action, to ake then. Bradley 'Jr.. of Dorado was of of »op«. elected president of the Arkansas Real Estate Association at the closing session of th« organizations 2-day convention here yesterday- Two resolutions attacking public bousing were adopted by the group wbteh »l«o elscted these officers J. Wesley Adams, Ft. Smith vie wlected a member of ti»president Mrs. Cecite Attaway, E East Texas State College chorus, ' irship was awardwi after •" jcteelv* Dorado, secretary-treasurer, an Harvard Barry. Ft. Smth. A. 1 musical orf Beirlormaoce V Pee, in, wbso ~ -T- - ^- - - » - ,;• • . ParagouW, «ui Hr*. f*W . frit vie* Controls Bock on TV f Radio Part* WASHINGTON, (UP)— Price controls were reimposed on radw TV and phonograph parts today. It was the first re-control action since the government started ceiling price suspension program last spring for products selling below ceilings. The Office of Price Stabilization said it was prompted by a need to protect consumers from price ,.-„.,gouging on repair service. Dis- The OPS said the suspension are A.J9, wiito* «'»*>. TV Hfld Bernard Dunn Is Named Master DeMolay Councilor Hope DeMolay recently elected officers who will be installed at a meeting Monday night. Oct. 20 at Masonic Hall. The public is invited to this service. New officers are: Master Councilor, Bernard Dunn, Senior Councilor, Tommy Doyle, Junior Councilor, Jack White, Scribe, Donald Hobbs, Treasurer, Jajp- es Fuller, Chaplain, Horace Fuller Jr., Marshall. Bill Thomasoo, Almoner, Jim Vocom, Sentinel, Leroy Brown, Orator, Don Browning, Standard Bearer, Charles Greenlee, Senior Deacon, Frank Horton, Jr., Junior Deacon, Billy Gentry Senior Steward, John Giipert, Jun> tlval and in Us members'being able to work and play together. Other guests introduced were Mrs. Katie Lee Adkins, secretary to C. A. Vines, Associate Director of the Agricultural Extension Service, Little Flock, and Harold Jarnigan, Assistant Office Manager, x state Extension office, Little Rock, find Graham .P. Wright, Extension Corn munity Activities Specialist;. Little Rock. The following program was presented: Vocal trio — Mrs. James Lauterback, Mrs. Herman Lester and Mrs. W. B. Csssldy, DeRoaa Club, piano solo — Miss Gladys Mae Roberts, Melrose Club, piano solo — Polly Ruth McCorkle, 0* Rocky Mound Club, harmonic^ solo Brltlan **«• Wants to reaefc'a fair settlement work, ,. Much interest, was by of the oil dispute With Iran, She said Britain considers that this could be found in the Joint Chur- chlll.Truman proposal that the United States gr«nt Jran $10,009, 000 to get the oil industry back ir-to operation whUo compensation claims by both side* were referred to the international court o* Jus*G Iran also was pitf on notice that Britain will cQntlniw to b"k up the Anglo-IriinUo Ott Co. Jn M* venting the sale fit Iranian oil jw tu a satisfactory agreement nil been reached, , those present and an effort Is no ing made to finlsjv tho BoiicjitaUa of the business, *oc.t{Qn. of the city this then next' week tiw wo- , — Loycc Moody, Liberty HUi poem — Fox Hunter's .Widow »y Mrs. T. B. Fcnwick, BaHer Club, Following an old fashioned spelling bee conducted by Mrs. 0. B. Hodnett. Hope, Mr. Wright led group singing and lolk games tor the remainder ot the evening. Chilly Wtathtr Coven Wide Art men will call on the residents of tho city for their belp'in this meat worthwhile effort. 8cprwwta.Uve» of the communities «nrt towns of. M ««un ty at ttfe meeting were Mrs, Hej> pert Cox and Mrs, geymoiw & m " 1 ton, and Mrs, Roland »nd Vance Msrcum ol Spring Hill Those who VKttl.be worWo« to w ,lwr ol the county toww «r* Ifo Hotter ot Wfihtaiton, MM, Het|| b|rt Btephws oiJUvii wd **i m i«r»- ai«w w«» M«P»«WU. TK$^:*ww$M* cWlpte «»«, ^NB(,1|W»1 ?m *«.«§!!. iY9Wr~ f ior Steward, John Araos. 1 Preceptor, John Keck, 2 ceptor, Bttl Thomas, 3 preceptor, Frank McDowell, 4 Preceptor, Jwain Q'Steen, S Precepltor, Vw» Moore. $ PreeepUw, Don»}4 "" Ex-Nevada CoMnty Man Suecumbi BJil graph 99ft* OH At«. » _T-*I z_£5« nnnirnla "fni«tfectlve" ™ it was learned here today Newt let, Jacqu* in were ^i otter s*rt» ; it WM, cw Wettern «M temperature! in Tfc* its ««o«wai Coteri nation, nw»t el *g «JT«M, with

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