Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 20, 1894 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 20, 1894
Page 8
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SPECIAL SALE. Of Spring Dress Goods, Silks and Imported Patterns all this week at the GOLDEN RULE: PITS. PIFS. DAILY JOURNAL. TUKSIMY MORNING. MARCH '-'O. I AM HEADQUARTERS FOR All Kinds of Paints If you are going to use any Paints COME AlSID SES MJ3. I keep the largest and best stock of Paints and Painter'^ Supplies in Indiana, I niikc a specialty of this line ot goods and am ia a shape to sell you anything in the line for le-s money than it is possible for tmy competitors to do. ••^•" iNo Matter How Large or Small a Quantity of Paints You Want Come and See Me 1 WILL SAVE YOU MONEY. B. F. KEESUNG, 3O5 Fourth St. LOGANSPORT, IND. CaH for Number <• Drcarc City, now ready. (Jnind milliner} 1 opening tit tho New Fushion store. Our wrap department is now com- ploto.—The Bee IIlvo. Matchless pattern hats at tho opening or the Now Fahion store. Plenty of roady-made wrappers and muslin underwear.—Trade Palace. Sweet music at our millinery openIns: this evening at tbe New Fashion store. New Berlin and Paris novelty patterns. Cut prices this week at tho Golden Rule. Get one of those 59-cent corsets worth from ono to two dollars, at the Trade Palace. Satisfaction to the people ia what Unpreme Conrl Role*. Indianapolis News: A revision of the rule* Is contemplated by tho Su . preme Court. The rules now In oper atlon were adopted five years ago. It has not been decided what changes will be made, but one of tho important ones will probably be that governing oral arguments. Under the present order oral argument in a case Is hoard on application of Attorneys. This rule is not operating to tho satisfaction of the court. Attorneys take advantage of It as much for the reputation of appearing before the court brings an for tho real necessity of arguing a controversy, Tho arguments have been numerous, and, whether the case is important or not, a half day IB consumed by the attor. neys In their statements. In the proposed change, tho court will call for arguments when It defines. Attorneys may apply fora hearing, but un, less the court sees a necessity for it. will not grant one. A rule that has become obsolete Is that of holding a "call day." Ten years ago this was an important event in tho opening of a term of court. Seven or eight hundred attorneys assembled with their cases under their arms, and unless a case was submitted when called for, It did not appear on the docket. At present cases.aro Bent to tho clerk of the court, and are often placed on the docket three months before "call day." When this day comes now sometimes only ono and possibly co attorneys aro in attendance. NEW SPRING CLOTHING. The latest novelties are pouring in. Every day brings something new to add to the rapidly increasing stock. All the new wrinkles in regard to style. "THE PROGRESS" Cor. Market and 4th streets. BEFORE. AFTER.! f k«N-4 taken the agency for the HERO SHEEP PROTECTOR, and have t. iuil^took of the goods in Bight, These protected are guaranteed to give protection to the sheep as against dogs. We have received our Seeds for the season of 1894, ana have them ready to supply our customers on demand. We handle hothing but LANDRETH'S SEEDS and as all of our old stock has been burnt, our customers may rest assured that they will1 get fresh, clean goods. We have a full variety of Garden and Field Seeds also Flower Seeds. We have also a full line of Harness and Carriage Goods, and a full line of Turf and Sporting Goods. In fact we have everything that goes with a horse and carnage. Don t forget the old place, 424 BROADWAY. Geo. Harrison. SUCCESS AT LAST! Tbe World; Moves; Science Is Triumphant! But its greatest triumph is in the cure of disease, and Its greatest sue. cess is APOSLOLPS treatment for Diseases of Women But to be successful it must be applied by tho skillful hand of tho SPEC » L- 1ST. The Physicians of ""T'Tp The Logansport Medical And Surgical InstitnTe Viave boon u*tng this treatment with tho GREATEST SUCCESS and by its use '. JIAVG, in this vicinity, restored hundreds of suffering women to health and •happiness after physicians had failed. It is not painful and no exposure IB • -ocoasary. They also treat all Chronic and Private Diseases j CONSULTATION FREE. CALL AND SEE THEM at 417 Market Liberal Clothier. You'll surely roprot it If you Jo not inspect our stock before buying else. where.—Tho Bee. Hive. Men's seamless hose, with silk heel and toe worth 50 cents, for 25 cants, at thfe New Fashion store, Ladles, I have the largest stock of mlllnery and the moat stylish trimmer In tho city. Notice of opening next week.—Mrs. Bruggeman. As usual we aro In tho lead with spring wraps. Just received, another now lot of capos; latest designs at lowest prices.—Trade Palace. Hood'a Sarsaparilla, ia absolutely unequalled as a blood purifier and strengthening medicine. It is tho ideal spring medicine. Try it. Something to ploaso tho ladies, a dross pattern matched with a hat, Kid gloves Tmo parasol, and a fine silk or laco tie at the New Fashion store. See the finest line of ladles, gents, misses and children's underwear for warm weather, and at the lowest prices ever known in tho city.—Trade Palace. Don't Yon Think WOULD ADD WONDERFULLY TO YOUR APPEARANCE? They Want the 1'ike Freed. A considerable delegation of rcpre* sectative farmers and patrons of tho Northern turnpike living in the northern part of tho county wont before the commissioners yesterday urging that some action bo taken toward tho freeing of tbe northern pike, tho only toll road now in tho county. The appraisement set upon this road at the time of the turnpike purchase was refused by tho owners, and the petition- era yesterday askod for a now appraisement or any other relief in the matter. Tho petitioners wore represented by McCounell & Jenkinos and the commlssionors referred the matter to County Attorney* Mahonoy. Tho patrons of that road aro becoming very anxious that It bo freed. John Downey (ioc« Welt. John Downey, whose, reformation through the medium of the gold cure has boon the recent subject of congratulation on the part of those who have for years uphold him, departed last nigktfor Denver. Colorado, where be will live with an uncle who sent for him, enclosing In tho letter $100 to pay expenses. The uncle is old and in feeble health and having no kindred near him sent for John to be with him In his declining years. The old uncle is reputed to be quite wealthy and this step may be a turning point in John's career. A Painful Operation. Last summer tho little son of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Hubler while visiting its grandparents in Deer Creek township foil from a cherry tree and ran into Its thigh a large sliver of wood, which concealed itself in tho flesh. The wound healed, but continued to give the boy pain. Yesterday Dr. Stevens performed an operation in which ho disclosed the bit of wood whicn he removed. The sliver was about three inches long and an Inch broad and it is etrange that the wound healed over It. It was imbedded in the flesh next to tho bone. Favorite- of the Stage. The "Marie Burroughs Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities" is a high- toned collection. Not a lingle picture in it that can offend propriety. It 'la also complete, Including all tho most famous people of the stage. Its execu. tlon is most artistic, and it is a marvel of elegance and merit. Tho price is trilling, three coupons and ten cents delivered at the Journal office. No extra charge for postage on mall orders. SUlte Celebrities. You will rogret it if you fail to save your coupons and secure tbe ' 'Marie Burroughs Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities." This artistic collection Is tho best and most elegant series of portraits ever offered on tho coupon plan. It is a veritable work of art. Journal readers can secure the "Stage Celebrities" for a mere trlile, ono dime for twenty pictures. 'Save your coupons. Big Indian* War nance. The local Wea Tribe of Red men will entertain tho Delphi tribe at the Wea's wigwam in the Musodeon build- Ing this evening. A great war dance Is on and six candidates will bo put through the paces and turned out good Indians. All tho big Indians of the Wea tribe are urged to meet their aboriginal Brethren of the Delphi tribe tonight. _ Pattern hats 150 special by express for today's opening at the New Fuhlon store. A UnddlilHt>'LiireofChrIit" & Buddhist "Life o' Christ" of Immense interest to the religious world has been discovered in a monastery in Tibit by Nicholas No'.ovitcb, a Russian traveler. He t-ied vainly to negotiate for its purchase. Ho bap>. pened to break a leg and was taken to a monastery. Whiio there a Lama read to him tho precious record, which was in the Tali language, and Noto vitch took down a lull translation Christ is known to the Buddhists a the, prophet Issa: This is a brie summary o! His life: lisa was born of Jewish parents Ho was poor but belonged by birth t a family of exalted piety which bac forgotten its former greatness on cart! magnified tho Creator, and thankee him for the misfortunes with which h was pleased to try them. From hi childhood ho preached cno God. On coming of age, thirteen, Instead o marrying, He lied from his father' house and went with merchants to Sindh. At fourteen bo was living among the Aryas. Ono day Ho broke away fiom the Brahmins. He donlec the divine origin of the Vedas and the incarnation of Para Brahma. He learned Pali and was initiated into tho mysteries of pure Buddhism Then he went westward, preaching against idols He was twenty-nine years old when He returned to Judea. A Cane or Dentlluilon. A case of destitution was yesteadaj reported to the Journal which seems to merit the attention of some organized charity. It is reported that Mrs. Battle Whipplo, living In a small house at the foot of Michigan avenue hill is absolutely destitute and has a sick child which is not expected to live and which has not even a bed to lie on, the house having been stripped of furniture to supply bread, which now is even lacking. Rktei to California Ureatlr Reduce* VI* the PennBrlvaula L.IHCN. The Midwinter Fair at San Francisco and the numerous other attractions in the Wonderland beyond the Rocky mountains can be enjoyed by persons of limited means as the round trip rate has again been materially reduced via Pennsylvania lines. Passengers can select any of the several routes from Chicago, and the return limit is ample for a satisfactory sojourn. For details apply to J. A McCullough, ticket agent, Logansport, Ind. DR II. S. TANNER S LECTURE. Kpwortli II. L. Van Doran, State Secretary of the Epworth League of Indiana and editor ol the Indiana Kpworth League and J. W. Pierce assistant State Secretary will lecture at, the Broadway M. E. church this evening, and tomorrow evening. The lecture is illustrated with steteoptican views. Lecture this evening free. An old law of Paris forbids kissing in public places. A cabman who saw his wife but once a week gave her his weekly kiss In front of a restaurant the other day. Both were arrested. The cabman was fined $5. He gallantly paid $S remarking that the kiss was worth it. _ WanM to bo Up to Date. Wayback Laughter has applied to the Michigan Legislature to change his name which ho declares to be "ridiculous and provocative of annoying amusement among persons who hoar it for tbe first time. THIS'OI;T. march IS!M. STAGE CELEBRITIES, This Coupon witli two others of different dates/and Ten Cents. Is gn«l lor one pjirt, containing twi-.Uy portraits, of the Marie Bnrrougli'x Art Port- f«Ho of Stasrc Celebrities. Two Cents extra mnst bo sent If ordered THEJOUKNAL. CUT TMIH OUT. The Great American Scu*atlon Tbl« Evening at 7:30 O'clock at Die < hrlxllRU Church on Mnth Hired At the urgent solicitation of a largo number of Logansport citizens, Dr. Tanner, tho physician in charge of the Logansport "Baker Rose (ro'.d cure v has consented to repeat his popular lecture on his "Forty Days Fast." This lecture was delivered a few evenings since in our city to an audience that tested tho capacity ol tbe bouse and aroused the most enthusiastic interest of his intelligent audience, mat?y of whom were so well pleased with tbe matter and manner of the doctor that they are foremost in urging its repetition. Don't fail to bear him on this thrillingly interesting subject, this (Tuesday) evening. Admission 10 cents. Proceeds for the benefit of the Sabbath school. ConKreailOQBl Talk. White county selected congressional delegates Saturday choosing an entire Landis delegation. Tha delegation stood two years ago Landis, 7; Johnston, 3. Tho county tti« year has 18 delegates but the proportion is about the same. A Washington special to tbo Indianapolis News says that • 'Congressman Hammond will probably accept tbo nomination as mayor of the town of Hammond, Ind., from tbe Demo- • ratlc convention which meets the 28th inst., and will decline to run for 'engross again. Most inlluential citizens of Hammond have been urging him to accept the nomination, and bo baa written a otter practically agreeing to accept if .t ccmes unanimously. He will not go home to fight for it. Mr. Hammond's family are very much disappointed with Washington ife. and this Is the principal reason 'or his retirement. Then the district 8 probably Republican and the out- ook is unfavorable for the election of Democrats this year. "Si" Sheerln who was hero last week, carefully went over the ground with Mr. Ham* mond. Sbeerln believes the Ham. mood capitalist can be retained by a lard fight. Valentine Zimmerman of toohoBtor, who cam* within one vote of securing the congressional nomina- ion at tho last convention is regarded as a prominent candidate for Con- eres.«." Rplrlta Galore. Commissioner Bronnenberg, of Madson county, lives near the camp grounds of the Indiana Spiritual Aa§o» lation, and he claims that he fre- uently sees spirits stalking about the , amp. The other night -he claims bat he conversed with tbe spirit of a un worshiper, who gave his name as Rallymore, and "ho told him that in ormor ages the grounds were the site f an immense temple dedicated to pirltualism. During later years the emplo fell, and as marking tho eito a pring of water gushed from the rocks which has continued to flow until the resent time. Mr. Bronnenberg nsists that tho spirit of Rallymore as fully materialized while the con- ersatlon lasted, and that in figure it as that of a powerful Indian chief. tit. Bronnonberg further reports that e often sees the spirits of Indiana talking about, and that they fre- uently moot near tho old spring and old councils of war. To Hettle^ t Today. Tho school board and architects vreutsch & Laycock will today de- ermine the question of what kind of material will be used in the construe- on of tbo now High school building, here wore several kinds of stone roposed and ^several combinations stone and pressed brick which made it a rather difficult matter to ettle. Clark's spool cotton only 3 cents per pool, at tho New Fuhlon store. ,

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