Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1952 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1952
Page 16
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•s^jfTiiSv^ wsff^,^' j •V*' * i'vffi £» ' 'h ?/ if If**, NoM, ARKANSAS 14,1tSi ' Titesdoy, October 14, 1952 HOP I STAR, NOM, ARKANSAS l>&&a.*ii$.\£ A. jt For SoU stor, rnBn'i Dulovn w«toh, Bur (or CB«h. 910 W, Av«. tfi, * 441 rr )? WO. In Uiren Woeki ot JHe be«l homfl In town, $300, Term* $19 jMtr month, Call 7-2843 f, N. Below, «•' AU*fl pOftftblo uddlna mnch COflditlnn WJ1.00 Hryitntu JIFlCDblSPLAY i / int, Office Suppiy, m Rnulh Walnut, Il-Ot Yanks, Athletics Dominate the All-Star Team OVT OF DOORS with California, Kansas Woman Uaa* Tdurnty FT, SMITH, — Thf Ofwnlftn round of the *l«hlh annual Hard- aerftbbfe Count 1 "? Club'* Invitation* Al gnit tournament tne women b«- jinn UKtay with Burbnra Romnek Of 8»cr«rrmnt«, CnUf., and Murlljrnit Smith nt Wtehftn. K»«., nhttring itit* toto of favorite, , Minx Hornnok unrf MU* Srnith rfleh ihot N (nu-ovfr-psr 78 over! the •low, dry coiirnt' yeMerday tos ^ . ... — *hnr« rn<»d»ll»t hwtor*. Dffendlnir champion Ynnkeen ami fhilmlolp-S ar ,a far off. I don't think wo could By JOE REICHl,ER NKW YOIlK Calllna Your Shots In Casting By AL McCLANE FUhlng Editor (Jin- of our renders wnnta to krv>'.v which part of the hund or arm l» (.wed !>y an expert bnit cast- New York's world , M - the people .vho toss 'em fine clinmplon Mnry f'nulk of! phlfl'ft Athletics duminnted tho Thl« lfou*c pnlnt, $2,7ft /notion or your mon«y ivnty, Hntls- bnok, flyors Swap Shop, 10} 8, Walnut BUSHEL bflXft* for «w««l ]$o each, Paul thtdhey, (On, AHtaMim. 13-3t BARGAIN lor titilck snlo, modern ft room hottle, MMO. Term*. 610 W. DlvlftUm, Immediate PDM«*« «ion, KM Mm, Mattock next door, i»-0t FAT hog w*lftnMjMtout 890 pou> mi* and no whlto gulneai, Arthur Orny, Quart, Arknninn, H-8t Thomflnvlllo, OB., flr«?d a 79. Betty! 1052 Asuoclnted Pr«-*i» m«jor lean- JninwdW of »«»» Antortto, T«x., wni|uc nK-stnr tenm. capturlnx half ft Klroko behind the lenders with; the 10 poult km*. 77, rlxhlly »i'y P"' t Is more women «r« entered In tie totirnamont, which ciulu Friday, MUH Ilornftfk will meet Mr*. Donald Duncan <H Chicago, who cjiifllWt-.l with nn 113, In th;m smother. Th<- whole nrtn contributes to the i motion of cn.stln).!. The movements tit the 10 \i\n Ivnguc club»,}iir<.- closi-ly blended, however, nnd four In tho American, were namudjn a polished ouster they appe.ir tit tb<; P'« seventh nnnutil nil-star |n» a simple wrist snap. How much M|i'nd, «>leeled todny by 72 mem- must'le and pivot you iipply to u bcri of the Btm-bftll writer*' AB- rncintlon of America. The Amorl- flfft rwmrt. Ml** Smith will nlnyjfor u,<> National Wlllliimn Roundlrce of Bhri-ve east depend* on your tackle, and the distance you wimt to cnst. can LcitKtie hnd six player* to four' You can. for instance, loss a j ptuK with a liRhl rod u.sinu n very R«ol Estott for Sol* I*' ,>• fl«H N« CLOSE, to HighIkhool on 10th St. A vpry • nlmt practically no«{ thret* bedroom home with ultle fan, floor furnace, built-in oubl n«t, hardwood floor*, plenty of CloieU With attio. itorngo, carport, Lartte bvnutlfuUy Inndnonji* ed corner lot. «2AOO dH»h, Will handlo. ', - NKAft Brookwoml on 7ft x 150 foot Jot. Nice fivo room modorn homo with lnrj(o btickpoi'Oh, bulU-lnn, clonct, hardwood floors, and Bur- n»f. >7(50 coxh, biiltmco $3tl.QO pur month'--.Include* tuxen, In (tui'nnc'0, principal nnd Intcrcat. Will Irnde for timber land. NEAft 'Oftrinnd School nt 7111 Oth Strottt. Modern, 9 room an beitoi ihlrtttUt »ldlrin, hardwood loom, Venetian blind*, attic ton on 7A x 143 foot lot for only $0,to cosh with balance ttt $47.71 pei month, Mlijht throw In lU-iullx machlnt It you hurry W, Fo»t»r, FOSTKR EI.M8 RKAt.TY CO. Phone 7-tOttl, It-Hi The Negro Community Of ftH •t tt Mhn T«rn«r H*m« T»M> Clvta l«>prove.n\«int A«»ocl ellwi ww m«et Thuriday ulghi ObtobeKi..!?^ at JHtiok* Funoral Koine to elect o|»loem fof,tl>» ye«r, Al --^' " ( | and fri<mtt» «>fe Bitkcil t Mr», William* Roumltree of Shri-ve- ^ VllIlklH , s |(n(J ^.^ 0 t|jf|i n .|, )X ed grip, allowing the rod to IKirt, U,, Who •oorad DO y««™y. I , , b ((h (h n( .!„,„„» your hand partly as the stick Other tiBlrlni for e champion-, ^ , NP|;SWJIH;K t, ( vertical. By opening the »'<P (tajM" with qualifying «w«• t| , , C li«mplon Brooklyn i h"'"' you «et a .smooth cast with «•!« .fhsn V "' * »«'*<''•» '"»' American Longue i 1'ttle forearm .novemnnl. \Vlth Minn Fnulk v», Mt», Tom Llghty n, Smith, 88, Mr*. Nell Moody, Shrman, Tex. Cracks Records But Not the Team EUGENE, Ore. <*l — George Shaw n somewhat sensational 10| year-old, hus cracked two football j records and still cnnnot land a ( I regular position on the University I of Orcton team. ! In a way it's George's own fault ! It comes about like this: He broke Into the lineup last your when freshmen were allowed to compete in the coast conference. Used almost entirely on defense, he played the safety position In such style that he made the conference all-star team and set n national collegiate record by intercepting 13 passes. Then coach Len Cnsonova gave this; fast, 8-foot-l-inch .player his casncc on offense last week, starting him at quarterback stiong California. against Shaw promptly set another record, throwing 20 passes and com' pleting 23 of them for a conference ronrk. So will he be the No. 1 quarterback from now on? Dodger, nnd American League j lit,le forourm movement. Uithp- - ! h lm?«2 Casanova! gomg" ont runner-Dp Cleveland Indians had'heavier tackle, or compromise tip. The surf caster hangs on with CVD inin that Gcorne is lust too ver only one member each on the stel ' '''• " '""" ' ''' " -•-•••" »<- J °^: «"J«H l ?' l '^J U , ta ":,.ff »»r l«m. m «iricro^d plnco 1 ^ cibo, Son Antonio, (in. Mhf, florb I3r«nu)l, Ctilca«o, 81, i. Me*. Bnbii Cinlonv, Ft. Smith, "* Mlftn Frnnccii Rich, Bnlnbrldgc, Gi>,, Ot, vx. Dr. Mmid Mnnteraon, Oklahoma City, no, Mrs. C»rip Robblnt, Ft, Smith. vi, Mr*, Jamoit Modnrt, 04, St. *oul*. Trdillet May Get Coll in Texas Gome By TN AMOolnt«d Pre«§ ' With o dl*P*trou» inturKoCllonol York Oliintn In the Nullonul hud none, Other cluba Hint hud Bln^le inembcrt Inchido the St. Louis Cnrdlnnlx, Chicago Cubs and Philadelphia Phlllle*. The nll-Htur tenm: Flr»t bnse— Ferris, Fain, Athletic* (.327) Second bfiKc— Jackie Robinson, Dodger* (30(0 Third Ijniit— Al Rosen, Indlnn* (.802) Shortstop— Phil Rlmiot. Ynn- keoii (253) I,,«ft Field—'Hank Snucr, Ciibs 1.^70) .night Field —Stun Muttiiil, Cnr- dlnnls (,340) Center Field ynnki'VH (.'111 Cntchor— Larry YOR! Berrn, _, Yankees (.273) behind "(item Southweiij niKhthnnded pltclu-r— Robin Ho- . l " ( ' k ! 1 '' >' ou '»»>• find moro workj lwo handg nmt literally slams his sitllc. Too versatile, that Is, to be from the foruann nnd even, energy into the rod tip. lance caster tin; shoulder. All casting In which weifihts iiro propelled is simply u matter of npplyhiK miiNculiir effort to the rod tu Kct velocity from the rod cast. dling. Ynnkees Duke Snider an.l I "c {accs in a Ci.rl Furillo, Dodgers Jackie Je.i anchored at any one position on a a moment, we discover that he gets his velocity by strenous maneuvers which aclu- «illy briiiKS his whole body into the Conforonce a tPBmii today prepared to rt'K'ti" u\G*y In their own hock- ynrdn. The dofuruling chutPplons, Texas Cht iMilim, Siitiirtlny go up fltfainst UK' Texas AgKicR at College Station TexiiH plnys Arkun»«8 at Auotln uiul Sdiithovn McthodUt lUcc lit Hounion, Baylor on a non-contercnccr Tech, nt L\ibbock, foe An priiftk'c' for tbo important C(infiiftH\co luKHlas wont Into their day, fovir to urns had In berts, Phillies (38-7> I.efthnnded p 11 c h e r Shantz, Athletics iZ-t-7) sen, • Si.-nntors Dnle Mitchell, l-i- dir.n? f'Tniik Baumholtz, Cubs Hobby Thompson, Giants and Mln- t.le Minoso, White Sox. Rhnntz nnd Roberts, tho fire it Philadelphia pair, had practlcnlly ho competition for the loft an,'! righthander! pitching spots. Tho only two votes not received by I Shunt/, wen; shared by Ed Lopat Mickey Mantle. I of t |, 0 Yankees and Preacher Hoi- o( the Dodjjers. The do/en wrlUfrs \vlio did not pick Robert!) as their rliihthnndcd pitcher, K»ve 10 to A Ilk- Reynolds, the Yankees' World Hobby Four pluyerx ore holdovers from the IDfll tfiim. They art- Knln, Ro- Si i ics pitching hor nnd apiece to Joe Black of Brooklyn mid Early Wynn of Cleveland. The team boasts vlve .300 hitter, both bnttiiiK champions, two play- Looking nt the- tournament dis-|t L , ; , m t hat has limited manpower and a record of one win against thicc losses. "George is also an excellent pass receiver and a good halfback. We may save him for . spot-plays at h&lfback. And then/ he's valuable on defense. We may play him there some games. It depends on the other team, and what the- situation is." Casanova said. opposite his casting field, and proceeds with .. _.. - J HJIU l^l> h L 11 I ^ Vi«l**''l'*"ll'l t l.»»\.l IJItlJ- blnson Rlzxuto and Mtislal. Ti-d,,., s wUI , 100 „,. more runs batted Williams, lust yciu-'s left fielder,' in, and five who clouted 20 for jiucd player* who might not ncu duty thin wiK'U ond, ArKunons' ltj*j!orbncks poUt dearly (or their 30-17 win over Baylor liist woek. It tippcnrod All-Conter- qnui'terbnek Lamur McHftn , on hui n», hmun. tho (fUappolntwJ TeX»» . ,. , loHcrit on HUeeoBtitvQ w«uk to Notrt* D«m» and Okla« Coaoh^Otll Douglu* ho would uco Soph Southpnw Bob St. Plerru at qu6rt«r It Me- llttn U not ready, St. Pierre would run At (junrter In the Split T and nt full In tht (loot) formation with Hblph Trolllut oiiorotlng ut quar l«r in the latter, Conch Jt>»« Noely'g Rice Owls lUinenrod in good Shape except for ICnd Jnmun Heflin who probably won't play ngtiim ,SMXJ bocnuso ot nn ankle injury sustained in tho Owls 1 lotss to UCLA lust Sal •day , Btiylov also hod HII injured piny- out Indefinitely, Block was luu-t ttt tho brulatnx - with ArkansttB and U'e «l»! « cluch hu won't be u«ed ut LuUbock, The other ihJured player wan llolfbnek John HtkrvlUe ot Texan Improved, but still u vary Improbable »turtor uft- «u«« in Saturday'* Trinity (Tex,) Un(« BftylotySMU aud Arkat\»u» But Coach «ay _ _ il« Texas Aggies through their har4e*t workout of the *ea*oil last night for their con ! opener with TCU, lUee rt-«uUr» held a rough prepared for ca tor- lh»,K(>Vi T. j, Rhoriii, pan Jor ol B««fi«o Momorlul 0, M, B. Church Nov»mb»r went U»* week end h,wvlnit of rtha A, Hftwls and d«u Uicertlft ot St. Uuu. | the National League's runs batted in title and tied with Pittsburgh's Ralph Kiner for the home run crown. Berra set an American Lea- H»L' record Cor catchers with 30 home runs. Few ot th« loams went through TCU, > | . . . iH t tlllll I I V \J >TltU V-H'IIH.VI <£>V/ 1WI. pluyi-d In only n handful of games j l!U ,,. e lu)me runs . S nuer captured before leaving for the Marines and' defaulted his portion. Mushil made the team for the sixth time, missing only once since the poll was ''.iiUHurnlrcl in 1940. Shant/., 27-yenr-oId southpaw nci> ot the Athletics, received the most votes, gettlna nil but two of the 74 Musiul was right behind with (ifl, but he received seven votes for first base, He wus the only player to receive voles for more than one position. Only Ucrra, Mantle and Rosen hnd strong competition. The Van- kee catcher edged Roy Cumpancl- Sn of Brooklyn by only two vote.s. 30 to 34, Cleveland's Jim Hegan got tba other two. Mantle took the third spot In tho outfield, beating out Larry boby df the Indians, SO to 28. Saner wns named on 50 ballots for nn outfield berth to 81 for Muslal. Six third basemen received buck ing, Rosen topping the list .with 37, George Kell of the Boston. Red. Sox, lout year's pick for the hot corner, finished second with'' 18. Brooklyn's Billy Cox wns third with 11, Eddlo Yost of Washington. Bobby Thomson of the Giants and Bobby Adams of the Cincinnati Reds al«o got scattered support. Fain, the American League batting champion for the second sue- ce**ive ,year, walked off with first bose hqnors. corraUng* 58 votes to seven, for Muslal and five for Gil Hodge* of Brooklyn, Whitey Lockman of the Giants and Joe Collins of the Yankees got one apiece. Robinson also had an easy time, picking up 58 votes for second b&*o to 10 for Red Schoendiensl of the Cardinals and three foi Nellie Fox of tho White Sax, Hwzuto's 44 voles lopped a field of si-vw tor the shortstop berth. Alvin Ua|r4t waist, foot <md arm work destined to leave him facing his target with the plug taking off at a terrific speed. He stretches his arm as far as he can into the back cast, and swinging hard, sends the plug up and around as he pivots on one foot. I've scon many casters twirl tho plug lariat style, faster and faster, until they nearly split theh britches, starting the plug off like a rocket. Long before I could call my shots. I fished with a fellow on the Ogeechoe in the black waters of Southern Georgia. Tho bank vegetation is very dense In this part of the country, and the bass live among fallen trees, stumps and woods. Every cast was a clink or for me, while John buzzed a big surface plug through tunnels that didn't look wider than a soup plate. He used the typical short, stubby casting stick so popular among southern gentlemen. I've come to realize that the only factor my partner ever considered in select ing a plug was "how it pulled the If it was wecdloss and, painted yellow, so much the better — but the plug had to be a 5/8 ounce model; lighter plugs required more arm work and wobbled on the back cast, making his shots deflect left or right of the target. Heavier plugs would bend the rod too much causing him to undershoot or over shoot his mark. John was a prac tical angldr. I'm not suggesting a rod for every plug, merely emphasizing the .fact that every rod has a definite bend and tip speed that is completely efficient. This is the question the O.nglei Homecoming for Bocats Friday Night Friday night will be Homecorn^ Ing for the-Bobcats nnd proceeding the klekoff'of the Hope-FallvieW 1 ^ game some 21 senior member's of- the squad will escort queens maids to a reserved section. Co-captatns Tommy Doyle nnd Clyde Arnold will present bouquets to co-queens . Netda Thompson and .. Patsy. Samuels. : Othcr senior mem- < bers of the squad are Bobby Bruce A Dee Cortee, Jessie Duko. Bernard || Dunn, J. B. Ellen, Richard Chism, *i John Gilbert, Tom Ed Hays, -Richard Hunt, Jack Jones, Darryl Messer, Ellis Rothwell, Kenneth Stone^ 'ohn Tabor, Jim Yocom, Thomf.W Beck, Thomas Gibson. Last Friday night tho Bobcats came out of a rough game with lot Springs badly bruised. Raymond Churchwell suffered a broken nose and will be lost to tho earn for at least two weeks, Clyde Arnold is carrying around n real shiner and Jack Jones has a badly cut lip and several others are ail- Ing. _ Fairview, a consolidated scho^ us; outside oi Caraden, is making a bid in the Double A ranks and in all likelihood wil bo advanced to that classification in the near future. Although not quite rated on par with several of the District teams, Fairview has been playing some faSt competition and has been giving a good account of itself. Tho contest Friday night could bo a tough one for Hope with Churcl^ well out and many others sore and bruised. In the scoring department this year the Bobcats have rolled up J20 points to 46 for the opposition. Scoring were: KONCII •y Chick Young OZARK IKI I'LL STICK THIS SOILED SHiRT i'N HEPE WHILE BLONDlt'S GOT -HE MACHINE v^. PUNNING T-:\V h/ P r ! X-c-/ V&LI . , DAGWOOD- _ I ( SHAME O4 VOL).' ). |f5: V;.,--^_^>_x - J / k/^^JV'-^"^ ~SC ^ -^/-'/J/iO \>-v?-. **•*'*'. (THAT UOVELV BATHTUB J ^-1 UPSTAIRS-AND VOU < »~Vi USE MV \VA'3MlNS ) MACHINE'^ m^.' OUT OUR WAY By j. R, Willionu VIC FLINT IM should put to himself: this rod give me an efficient castini bend and tip speed without my reaching over backwards? (Distributed by NBA Service) TD TP Kenneth Stono HE Clyde Arnold FB R. Churchwell HB Dee Coffee HE Sonny Griffin Charles Alkerson HB Jesse Duke E Jim Yocom K 1 Total the OlaivU led the runn«isupi wlUt W. Brooklyn's PeeWeo .Reesi hnU «Htht to four foe Roy McfifUlAUv Beds two tor Eddie Jt>ost of th* A's «nd one each for Orahny llummtf, Phlla and Johnny Uogan, »U h«ftd* were » ft«til pracUce with contact Breves. Mast competition was tor tho out fluid wer« U tlychassers tied for the three berths. Others receiving u>«ntioi\ in addition to the Urst Xour Included Enoa Slaughter. cm nytnry campus Cardi Hank Bauer and Gene Woo- USED CARS NOW AVAILABLE AT Sid Rogers Buick Co. besl buy in used cars is now Q* yoyr Buick Dealer. ' ' " This fellow's trying to outsmart us... and that's good for YOU! , q^ - ^ - - These extra nice, clean cars are traaVmsonNiWBUICKS. Bargains For All SID ROGERS BUICK CO. We tlon't know his name or even what he looks like. tBut we do know what he's up to, Right now at this minute he's working in the research laboratory of a competitive oil company. He may be devising the formula fpr a new and better gasoline, or developing an unproved manufacturing process, or inventing a wonderful new petroleum by-product which may revolutionize the plastics industry. If he succeeds, his company will have a temporary competitive advan» tage over ours. Fr»ukly. this fellow worries us a little sowetiwee* But we're awfully gl*d Ue's around! His habit of keeping at our heels keeps us on our toes. We have to be just as smart as he is (or maybe a little smarter) to stay in business. Intense competition ftiiy^>i>g hundreds of competing oil companies has stimulated research and production to create for Ajuerica an ~3^BH^^*^^^ f W$^ undreamed of in other times or other countries. Until somebody invents a better formula for prosperity than oioVfashianed competition, let's all stick to our own system $f trying to do a better job than the other fellow. That way, we'll aft be better off 1 tsso Screen Actor Answer to Previous Puzitft yHOKIZONTAL VERTICAL \lScreen actor, 1 Algonquian ! Lon Indian 7 He is 2 Poultry 1 following in 3 Exclamation I his- 's/-'^ of sorrow / ««..>.>.«. ' ' 4 North footsteps 13 Tell 4 North America (ab.) 14 Interstice ! t5ft! mmer (Fr ' ) iKDoi«» • > 6 Shouts 16 nirtrlbute ? Cultivated 25 Perched 43 Simple ^invino. « 8Exist 26 Goddess of 4-1 King of P !-V C * „ -" 9 Scatter, as hay discord -, Judah (Bib.) i7W«rm 10 Garden tools 27 Phial 46 Cosmic order 18 Weav ne loom 11 Hl S h notes 5n 29 Gid ' s namc 47 Moker ° r ,!vfr Guide's scale 30 Appear verses on rnirmn« noint 12 Chest rattle 33 Editors ( ab -) 48 Concludes S? oj?i?f s t I 9 Indonesian of 37 AH 50 Mountain in *l ^rfl»,. Mindanao 38 Station (ab.) Crete 28 Idolizes 21 Dreaded 41 Excess of 51 Seine ;° n n ' "HO 22 Handled . calendar over 58 Vehicle «!£/Wi \ 23 Depressing a lunar month54 Cornish town 3" Small 24 Parts of stairs 42 Eras (prefix) 'VI 34. Diadem 35 Bundled, as cotton 36 Frozen rains • (var.) 39 Type of cheese (pi.) 40 Makers of dents 42 Eucharistic wine vessel 45 Slight blow Protestant (ab.) Zodiac 52 He plays in many pictures 55 Corroder 56 Transported 57 Legislative body 58 Handles i 15 IS n is 31 JH n HS 55 ffj 2 P Jfe 13 3 17 •w 1 9 i\ w '^/ so 5 '$', U. '^ 61 t> 6 '%': & '% v\ H5 9 28 '•''s' ', ' W itt 4 6 '^ n 'ii SI Sb 56 " 3i 35 * '^''•/ Si 9 ;H % b4 ) 10 Z9 H6 1 y, N7 1 » His m , „„•' OM, CHASE MADLY AROUMP FOP. A COUPLE OF HOUC^.THEKI PIcl'KM UP.' I WAMT TO SEt 1H' ST*\C~. OMuP. MORE BCfC ._ THEY PL*"!' TH' LID'OK) Mr FOR ViEEPS.' WE Llvt;. UM PER LIDS AVL "I HE TIMt: .' NOPT&.CAM'T $AV VVB HAVE HAP 1 A LAROE SUIT THAT WBMT OUT ^ \VTTM 5TAIN9 ON IT KECBMTW. JT .-."^---VTV^S^^'.^V. ~ ' I," "--.-.-' ""'.-^lf--—^-, - ' ' " •***•' ^A^Vr- ; ''' '-H<*«- • "- -• ^^~^*,^ •v Michel 0'M*il*y «nrf ; Ni^J -x- ; ! II ~yj.l.i<.^k. ti.r ..'.HftS^JW^ujHSl WASH TUBES CARNIVAL By Dick Turner 'Okay, okay! So I'm a little lato washing the ash trays!" SIDE GLANCES By Qalbroith v *v .* *Vr # I TIPS IS OP, PROCBESS WEEK, celebrated by the f etrv» .fount Infkutm mit Ew> employee* and, deafer* everywhere. Whtn you ogwhutic that Sg^a* of todatfs^isdins do the f*e^^ »-vt ^^••^ J- fr * v 'T. *•«.«.*««.«* j^-&j£3iHkm»*mMiii*- ** OUR BOARDING HOUSf With Major Hoople • - - • /S AS/MM. y - — S VJITH A COLSPte -~x\ —EGA.O/ JlAOEED \€> ANSD^ASKeO US TO VOTE FOR / ' - i .~. . . f'/'VO •~*'^l r~ S~ il^vT— t> VT~ * .s* / , I KEEP THE Pfc££BN0ER« . IcOyERfiDm^OU WWCW THBCREWl V 5EB THW MO [VW n® » \m BOwlS AND HER BUDDIES My Edgar BUGS BUNNY FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger ^«JV».M j;wm safel ^iA Y ^®m&&^ ALLEY OOP "Thank heavens for the bumper-to-bumper traffic—I'vf out of gas for half an hour!" IDC.,. ,GOING ON, eerreR M4.EY r mr~'*iu m jM\ M^ CHRIS WELKIN, FRECKUS AND HIS FRIENDS By (Nosier TMOUGWT OF TWIRPSEASON /(1 A GUY / fl!! HAM&UR6ER. / -. v^e'uu ow A BUZZ VJHEM E6tT HUN6W A6AW - \ THATS SWEET OF YOU— HEY.WMATS WTH 7HOSE GUYS ? THEY'RE 6ATIH6 I* •jjsw-w • ^v*MV ^>B» ny THEM 1UIS TW(W> HRNRY B 0 ,-s/'^

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