Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1952 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1952
Page 10
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l! %^'J SSfr Tf r^-'.-u it* •'*-*jiJ : J&A HO PI IT A*, MOM, ARKANSAS Tuesday, October 14,1951 Tuttday, October 14,1952 HOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS .< t> /• Y Tn r i 1; '4. S j 9 J J !• " 1 1 lem hvehlli IN$*,# or Huff Htt* Vsfk On,, liii Hi- Mid S*«*th "Wa to w««l he In h»l|» tint the- of , fnnroiw , ,, Kftrt UWtf wfdowi by fiO _ If <fongi«t«llonft doubt* thnlr let IWe r>f»fw«»rt fund fiwn 4 trt B pw ei*nt( A report on "mlxwl" mBrrlnRM of Uilhfirnn* And non<t<ntli»f'rtn« brought r th« rBCommewJeilon by UHT'lMftra of florin) Mlwfon* that titoJr pH*U>r* "extend education find eounnellna ir-rvleo" rnthor WWi Ttqufrft both parties to n mnr- rj«fl« (o jolri the Luih«trin Chirrch, f The fltff»*0j Wed*rick JfoW* of convention antf it rnertiber' nf the Commletlon of thfr Chni'the* an -^* jl ^<fc>^ .• *. i in the rt» (« Arlx, 1 1 *«<• , r of the comlrtit ww*t In ^1? th« rgfttnted *6«t,- for* "&j w board, w$W$fcrV.' x«rJ. A_4t>i& * -it IK departure for Unllm! N«ttort», N, Y., th«t the church** mu«t help "ominl*'fflt'l ft wave of ni'Q-IH"lal!"iil)i|ii In ttoo UftlU"! 8tnlf**'wlileh 1* conimihu it» »t lock uport th«f' "ttlM Iftytwl »1! dei-Ulonn inti»i tifovlducly ho Kali), »(tt thnro U urgently n««4<Kl «« of Hupport /or tlio U. N, an It to flocontpJUh (ho jtor whieh )t I* tln*l«riert, This ChrUtlAR reipafi«ibl)ity," GOBY KIYER At ..I*"/*}' ng th«"mi(;ii"«r "X»trO A 4Ioi»« th* ^fratM JNiMmtn rtw Jww B«, It* In. B#nton. M* n*4 r«l*ct«4 iMfl o*rrl«Hi> olttria c*m*ln Mr ?'ViirtM. ~ Mi i» 4m*fM!«a i» * Hd," 0* wondera /)«» whj win* *o mditb fMofrtfqjLto hfi rm*ft. OipL M«rli Whirl *r It* II iWr*l>»hd fun*, i »lt of trw*on. i«r« h* I* hold r»- > CtlAPTRR BIOHT • IT WAS ftMHrent that WhlrUr knew whut h« wn* looking for In th» (wrgo Aboard Iht AttrM and wh«r« to and It, H« wMted no tlm« In plajr.iictlng. HI* royftd over JKOT»'O( the pil«. in* much of It Thon no pulled out a ftax m«r h«l pickaxe* and ripped the cover boftrdu off. That had Mm lood«d, RftwU Know, while h*'«l been abtent with the McQu«8» tloiu during the Afternoon. Inntaad of pick were rtflw. Virhlrter »fUd one out, It WM an Indian carbine, the Plain* gun, a ,00-callber with May nard tape locji, An acourato, hard* weapon. McCarthy Just . Wants Senate Job • I*AS VEGAS. Nev. (M «r Sari,, Jo« «tph n, McCmihy (R'WivMay* he winds to rcniBln In tho Senate nw) lif.R no anplratlfln* to become J»r<<«* Idem of lh« UnltPd 8tnti!». JliM'e for a sneaking cnKUfiomfint, MoCrtfihy told a nnwAinun yoHtutday: "f nm not runnlnii nnd I never hnvct it?i|)li'«i to run fat' the* dunoy, 1 }\i)f»t> Ut *tt»y in the UK long nti U\u jit'oplc uf will IIOPP t»w Uwro," 1118 oomriuMU w»(( In dcnlnl tif n I'opui't In o bloKronhy, "Me- Cwrtiy, Iho Man, Uii' Sunn toe, Itu- 't»W," vublijih«<t yohtortlfly in UuHl»ti, The litiok w«» wi'lltw by Jack HwKUnmm utul HonnlU W, Wuy. Tlw blogrnyhy quottid Mt'Curthy 08 ones tolling u frit'iul h« would "«ml uu t'lUiot- tit tbo White House w jn ^11," inohlntt tlto W Aslutlc VnlWil to'th* huiTipanet of the AtlBtjilc r ii( ' No one efieke. WUrter chose two ^bonet, apparently nt random. opened them. Their contents wore the iamo. "PerHupl 1 you wn explain tht», Oapta»*»f fl he «ugg*rtoU, "How it happen* that you're carrying uon- trabandi Inetead of your mippoaed csrfo? >We'd like to know," , »m> would II" A«trld exclaimed. "Contrnband, and aboard ft boat of PaUter'al Thwe. ha* never b«en any tatnt ,|n connection with the MaQue,*tlon, line—up to now I" Thi w.orde.had a false ring. Rawla had loved AUtrUI for heraeU, not 'her father's money, and in •into of ugly whteperlnga that he had hefcird of Umax MoQuesllon across' the yeare, particularly the war years. Now hi* mind, shocked for a mement, was racing. The authorttlefl in 8t Louie had been mom than wary of the Aatrid and IU cargo. It wiw hi* own reputation :*» * rivemion and a patriot of unimpeachable tntegtily that had allayed thone euaplclorui and made perfunctory .acceptance of B*c*u«« he loved Artrld, toft taken everything on faith. Bwt tb« eviijenc* wo» thaptng up fNUt doubting, txmtax McQue«Uon. ald«d by M* daughter, h»d work»d thl* trtek deliberately. And Mark Whlrter wa» hand In glove with them. What the echem* cmotmted to, now It would be handled how, wiu still obsoura but no longer to be que/rtloned. "I suppose you have an explanation?" Whlrtnr prodded. 'iSiough 1 warn you, air, It Had better be a good ona—a very good one!" "Oh, Danny — Denny, I didn't think you'd do such a thing I" Aitrtd flung at him accusingly. Play-acting! Their whola headlong romance, In which »he had fairly dung herself at him, had been play-acting, for thla purpose. He waa beginning to ste, and though one part of him waa furl otuly angry. h« managed a ihrug of cool detachment. "I'd Itko to know the explanation, too," be laid. "I'm beginning, Mr. Whlrter, to be Impressed by the cleverness, thn trickery, and the complete lack of scruple which in becoming so manifest!" Whlrter had the grace to color. Then, angry at himself, he roared Ilka an angry griraly. "80 you don't even deny It!" he shouted. "Not that It would do any good, In the face ot the evidence! I've no DM tor doimle-crossers, anc even ISM for traitor*! As agent for Lomox McQueation, you're •rod. Mr. Cannon, heave thl* stuff overboard, at oncol" He awiing to Aitrtd, standing as though stunned "There's one lucky thing abou thta, my dear. That we found out what oort he waa, In time. You're well rid of him." "Yea." Astrld's voice waa little Above n whisper. Her face showed white and strained. She waa tug King at tiie ring on her Qnger, th one ftawls had given her, and which had been his mother's. Nov she thrust It into his hand, no looking at him. Then she was al most running, back on deck on across to the dock. Rnwls watched her go, and some thing deep Inside him hurt, but th other part, the bystander, obaervei with a cynical surencss that thl nintter, of routine. ' they hnd boon . iL. tlltt OftTgO » ICnowlng •>!• convinced thftt, If h« syw taking thli boat to fort )B«nton, everything WAI ax It attouKI be, Thl» won a tlma ot war, Whoth- er th«nt rlflci wore Intended for •ympathlMrii with tha Confederate cfttiie, «omowh«ro along the or for Indian* ««• auch Cloud'a hand—in «lthw, w»ro contrnbond, Havtng^* board In doflanc* of MBula amounted virtually to trwuon. He wu capwin, and bit wa» itho rMporuMWUty. Th« fact that hj» had baan called away ;by Astrld and (>«*• father whllo ,tho contrabsind waa being goaded htm ot that waa only more acting. She ha been putting on an act from th first. It waa the bltterneaa of tha knowledge that dulled the othe Implications to a lesser ache. Thw aould be no doubt as to the out come ot this, He wo* ruined. Thi newa would spread all up am down the river, and if ho escapee n long term In prison, h» would •till be an outcast, hla*name for ever blackened. ' The pilot had deliberately grounded the Attrld to cause suffl Oient delay tor Aitrld and Whlrtq to overtake her here, and they (mi I made Uiat trip with the foreknow! contraband edge that they would arrive In not absolve time,.and of what they would find |Kvary detail of the plot fitted. Copyright, ,19M. by Al Cody. Dlitrlbutvd by K(n([ ffsaturea 8ypUlc»(e.' ul whyT Probably they had ceded him to get thin boat out of I/juis with its contraband car- o. But, onc« on the river, why Uge thl* public show here, dellb- rateiy to ruin him? The answer to that, of eourae, at Mark Whlrter. Whfrter wa» i love with Astrld, and wildly ealous. Apparently the first part f the scheme had succeeded too .ttt to suit him. Pcrhapa Aatrld, oo, had been duped. Maybe the was Innocent, being used as he had H>en. This had been worked to ook black against him. Cannon waa moving briskly, bawling for the crew, lugging boxes to the deck and sending them over the ilda with'a aplaah. All his planned readiness waa doubly damning. Rawls went ashore, his mind busy with the Implication*. 'Am 1 to understand that I'm under arrest?" be demanded. Whlrter frowned. A small crowd had collected, attracted by the arrival ot a boat and the unusual spectacle of boxes of cargo being heaved over the side. "1 should arrest you, by rights," Whlrter retorted. "Running contraband guns is nothing less than treason In such times as these. But we were .lucky enough to catch you In time to avert any damage. And 1 have an Idea that you'll cause no more trouble from here on out," He hesitated, choosing his word! carefully. "By righto, I should take you back to stand trial. But there aro other and more important matters which require my attention. I'm afraid I'll Just have to let you go, much as I dislike to." 'The devil you will!" Rawla said roughly. "Since you've gone this tar, 1 demand that you take mo back and press your charges! I have a right to a trial!" There'8 not the slightest question as (o what would happen to you, in event of trial," Whlrter retorted. "You've made your bluff, and now 'you can be mighty glad that 1 have more important matters to attend to." He swung abruptly and waa lost In the crowd, giving Rawla no further opportunity to protest. But lie had spoken loudly enough for the bystanders to hear. This was branding him a traitor. The newa would spread fast, not alone In town,' but all up and down the river. Aware of the scornful glancee coat his way, .Rawla turned, moving blindly, away from the waterfront. Whlrter had sold enough that he'd bo finished on the river. He had been captain ot a McQues- tipn packet, and had been fired in' disgrace. The full and embellished story ot double-cross and treason vyould spread. Though he might bo one of the best captains, and the most skillful pilot of the upper river, no one would hire him again la any capacity—not even as a decfc hand. ,'~ ' (To Bo Continued}.. Indian Fisherman Docked at Batesville • BATESVlLLEt (fl - Chief Push- mirtt»H»,. the powt»r»tlrlvun M-foot oiintie which l»'«veU»d 1,100 miles by 4vw from 'QWalwma to Ar- l,Vyea»>old daughter arrived In the uonoft yesterday after n month 014! fight days .of river travel. the Jlshing jjuWe, who also is known UH Jack Popuyc Casey, j«(t Cbotwttu, -lor HatutvlUp in sunrch of "sclf-respectiiiK fish." He tittld yusturduy he's ready to jjo to work, guiding fishing portion up tho WbU* »o th« mouth of tho said the first float trip will start "within a few days." Pushmutahu said he and his fcmily had no trouble on the trip across Arkansas and that people had been "nice" but he felt they Ordinary Methods Best Ike Asserts j By DON WHITEHEAD I ABOARD THE EISENHOWER— > Sf.eclol. MP> — Dwlght D. Eisenhower declared today the; Rnpubli-i cons are fighting to get "just some ; oioinnry business methods." in- i stnlled In government in Washington. Speaking to n chilled crowd at the Casper, Wyn., airport, the Rc- puljlican presidential candidate hit at federal agencies "sticking their hands" into the management of western lurid resources. "There are 59 different and separate government bureaus which had a hand in the pie of western re-sources," Eisenhower said. He added there must be greater efficiency in handling the people's business. H was a clear, crisp morning at Casper where the general mode his first stop in resuming his campaign trip which was interrupted by a two-day rest at Denver. The general said control of west- f>rn lands is in the hands of ovej-- | lapping agencies in Washington. "They're so mixed up down there they don't know what they're doing," Eisenhower said. Again ho blasted at what he called "the whole hog theory" of government which, he said, was trying to run things from Washington rather than working for cooperation with the people. Eisenhower added that western development can never go forward] as it should until there is greater responsibility in its direction at the local level. He insited that efficiency in government is relutcd directly to the fight for world peace, that without such efficiency there could not be the strength needed for world leadership. "What kind of government can you afford to have in Washington" Eisenhower asked. "I'm convinced that you can afford only the best." The GOP nominee, drawing upon Ms experience in Europe, pointed to what he termed the confusion nf American agencies overseas. There were limes, he said, vvhcn one government agency did nut know what another government agency was doing in Europe. "The relationship between an effective government in Washington and our hope of promoting peace in the world," he said, "is the most serious thought I want to leave with you." He called for a government "confident of its own moral rectitude" as a prerequisite of that, he said It must be a government backed by military strength. "If we are strong, honest and straightforward in our dealings," Eisenhower said, "we will have that prtstige abroad." He declared that without his position in the eyes of Western Euro- opean nations, American leadership is in peril. Elsenhower is heading into the home stretch drive for the Presidency by pointing his final appeals toward the Democratic southland Stay Beautiful j ...by avoiding \ Monthly Look hower nomination In Chicago at thc GOP Natinal Convention. ' fc Other? who talked with the general were Ralph Cake, former Ore- K'"n nationn! committeeman, and Uiirrack T. Maltingly of Missouri, J former general counsel for the Re publican National Committee. ' III ItlMiln Htnl «n her fw« bttHM The three arrived itv£>enver la fie '^ ^^.'jf m "' MMt *" ""*f * yesterday but kept quiet on the ' «a,,,',^ monfnt W Why 0 fet'*«ob V o'ly'j subject of their talks. I yodr "time" te here? ThounamU of i ni-nu.-nn1l li)lrl T rcnnrltr h«> wni *' rl * *"'' WI " n «' 1 I" 1 " » little Cnrdul Biow-nell tokl a reporter ne was d .y i» help bull.l new enerirx »ptl nal«U: r,plirnistic over t.isenhower s chan- Ther lonk. «ct, sleep belter, fe,-l lnw nnd ees and that he considered Illinois »'»fy **«h month. Some even so th; , . . . ^ ., period* without pnln after a while, — the home state of Democratic | Wlyall month-a.k your de«)« fore* presidential nominee Adlai Steven- fJJyW".J .*• Ill MoNtHlY """ son— the only real "doubtful" iL*T»l t< i All M CHANCE Of state on the list. ' ^"'•»**'»"^"'™«" • ^ /oW ' yovmiilf0/9 exf/ventl SOCIETY Stalin Named by Reds — Naturally Pnont 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Tuesday, October 14 Hope Country Club will have a masquerade costume ilnficc Tuesday, Oct. H, .from 8:30 to. 12. Kvery bftc must' wear a musk. A prize will be given for the most original, ostumc. MOSCOW (#) The 19th Congress of the All-Soviet Communist Parly hhs named Prime Minister Stalin ai-.d 10 aides to re-mould the party program in lino with changes in Russia's international relations and Washington, at 7:30 Tuesday night, j internal developments DOROTHY DIX Housekeeping Aft October 14. All members arc urg-i ed to be present. i A similar revision commission Court Docket CITY DOCKET Willie D. White, J. C. Spearman, Wednesday, October 15 was nam i'.vess, in UU IUVI31WI* *.v.......".-—•- - - il« rt rte«* ed by the last party con- James Jackson, no state license. 1939. but World War II! forfeited $5 cash bond. I and postwar reconstruction pre- The Lilac Garden Club of Hope j vented completion of its work, a will meet Wednesday, October 15,; Moscow radio broadcast said. SOUTHWESTERN TELEPHONE CO Members..of the executive committee of Garland School will meet Tuesday morning at 9, o'clock at the 1 school.' at 3 p.m. at Ihe home of Mrs. Pat Casey with Mrs. Herbert Stephens of Blevins and Miss Mable Ethvid- ge as associate hostesses. Guess what the is saying and the vole-rich industrial East. With only three weeks to go before election, the GOP candidate took ° n u whirlwind schedule crrmmed with speeehmaking, conferences and strategy huddles on Is moored lit ButesvtUe— NOrfork Dnin reservoir, ond down tho OWnhomn Indian taho, feU wK« nnd In th* Arkansas River NOW WIU 4« I«I-JO y.ori MK f»• »OWI fill of A »oi» mm IM were disappointed because "WH; which his command based their weren't got up in Indian clothes."; Mayor Harnie Cheney, the Butes- ville High School band and about 300 spectators greeted the Cuseys ycsterdiiy afternoon. Dallas Pro Team Having Small Crowds JJAJJUAS, Tex., (UP) — Owners o! tb» Dallas Texons, who were CftticUlid toy H»Uon»l Football Lea- gup President Bert Bell tor failure lo "sell" their team to the fans, expressed how today that their home attendance would show I.opes for victory Nov. 4. His campaign caravan took off by plane at dawn today for appearances in Casper and Cheyenne, Wvo., Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Okla., and finally a night speech in New Orleans. Sunday, Eisenhower held an unannounced conference with Herbert Brownell, who was campign man- atjtr for Gov. Thomas E. IJewey in the 1044-48 presidential fights. lie also helped engineer the Eisen- Ivirytn* illglkl* (Kept our «mploy«t« ' and thtlr famlllfi. Send your answer lei Cut your costs way down . .• J ' : ' ' /./.,'...- / • • f with a Studebaker .^.rvfVV night when th» TesBna play Qresn Bay- In the first two home fames, the Texans drew only 17.000 and 11,000 tans, compared to thc 32,000 to 34,000 that it is estimated they need to "break even" financially. Thw figures tod Bell to say yesterday that the new owners thought all they had to do was to "open tha gates" in order tp, draw Jans, and thus Jailed to "sell th«s beyond their city." Bell contended that the Dallas club draw patronage from other cities besides Dallas. Doilaa vice-President Jack Q. Vaughn admitted Bell was right In that a better "selUn*" Job is need- and he said the club intends to "do something about it." Vaughn, one of a scoce of wealthy D»Uas citizens who financed the venture brine ing the New York Y»uk franchise to Dallas, reiter- . tww*ver, that the srouu "had n« *eal hoiw «f the club being (nancy-maker for at lea it Vhree ytars." didn't buy a uall club," Vaughn said, "just a fr»Bch>*e." Vaufho satd Uw club could not be a winner ovttrnifht but the owners vw* wtU pte«*ed the coaching of Jim Phelaa *v*» thuuib the club ha»n't won « game in thr*«- Marts. Get plwty <jf, big pulling payer at a big saving! SL n Talbot Feild, Jr. will be guest Speaker at the Washington PTA Tuesday night, October .14, at the Washington Gym at 7:30. t, Tuesday, October 14 The Beacon Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will have their monthly social and business meeting at the home of Mrs. James B. LaGrossa, 311 North *SAENGER •if TODAY ONLY Later today the Congress is expected to elect a central committo empowered to organize a presidium to replace the present polit- Dura. It also must choose n secre- Fidelis Class of the First Meth-i tariat end a party control com- odist Church will entertain with a'mittce and elect a central inspec- dinner in the classroom on Wed-1 lion coimnittee. nesday, October 15, at 7 p.m. Allj ~ "" active and associate members are | Tillery closed the program with a cordially invited to attend. Any: {)OOI11 " member who is not planning to at-: M, SS Henry introduced members tend is requested to call 7-4503 or i o f ti u , Wesluy'an Service GuiJd who 7-3813. No cards. '. XV ere special guests of this Guild month. The meeting was oloscd with the Lord's Prayer being repeated in unison. Tin; social hour followed with refreshments served by members ui the Wcsleyan Service Guild to The Oglesby PTA will have their • sixty four members nnd two visi- study course meeting Wednesday i tors. In the Circle count, Circle 5, The Brookwood PTA study group will meet Wednesday, October 15 at 2 o'clock in the school auditorium. FOR AN ALL-OUT MUSICAL MANEUVER! afternoon, October 15, at 2 o'clock followed by a meeting of the membership committee. Mis. Tillery, chairman, had the highest number present. Children of Confederacy Paisley Brownie Troop will meet Wednesday u:;crnoon, October 15, j at the Little House immediately after school. Mrs. Yarbrough will in- stalla new leader, Mrs. G. C. Cro Have First Meeting of Year The Clara Lowthorp Chapter of the Children of Confederacy held Willis McCollin, illegal parking, forfeited $l cash bond. Ruby Johnson, possessing uni nx- ed intoxicating liquor, lorfetlc.d J5 cash bond. Mary Hall, possessing unlnxed intoxicating liquor, forfeited $100 cash bond. > Roscoe Polite, James Jackson. Richard Tuitino, J. C; Spearman. Willis D. White, no drivers' license forfeited $5 cash bond. The following forfeited $10 cash bond on a charge of drunkenness: Thomas Flagg, Perru Woods, James Kennedy, C. M. Larrikin, Charles Crawford, Julius Stuart, Theodore Williams, Carlce Scott. G. P. Quillcn. T. B. Fenwick', E E. Stuart, driving while drunk, forfeited $25 cash bond and order ed to serve one day in jail. The following forfeited $5 casl bond on a charge of running stoi sign: Bcnnie Cowcll, Warren Morton Luke Spearman, Herman Black William Royston, Clinton Free Eugene Gilliam. The following forfeited $5 cash bond for no city car license: Fred McPherson, Joshua. Prater Dear Miss TMx: Do you think i\ mother should be responsible for teaching her daughter cooking and housework? \ am 18, engaged ti a boy whom 1 expect to mitrr.\ when he comes out of service, about eighteen months from now. 1 want very much to be a good, efficient housekeeper and have ap- ot 18 without being able to prepare n good meal nnd have some knowledge of every form of domestic work. The mother who has failed to achieve this measure of leach« ing has (ailed In one of the prl- mmy purposes of her job as * parent. Few girls today can expect to marry so well that they will hnve a stuff of servants at their command. A wife well trained In domestic tasks hus already hurdled ono of the obstacles that beset many a marriage. A man who pealed to my mother to teach im-lhas been accustomed to a pleasant domestic procedure. I work during! home life wants to continue Iho the day, but have Saturdays and sn»u« sort of living, A bride's touflh Sundays free. She claims she h:ts- biscuits may he n joke, bxtt en- not time or patience to trach me. dnngerlnu " husband's digestion Mother is a good cook, and I want; can easily sour marriage, Natural- ry much to follow in lu-r foot-jly. a young wife Isn't expected tu be an expert in culinary matters offering evcnlna sessions. , ! .Dear Mlaa Dfcej I arnriiWi an «tt» RcttinR married to « twin 28 In the near future. We ftro bctnit married In my church by my pastor, bdt 1 don't know who Is to nsk the unstor, or what to say. M1M1 Answer: Both parties usually approach the minister together. See him at his home, simply state that you plan to be married, and he will handle the affair from then on. You should be sufficiently' acquainted with your pastor so thai the Interview does not loom us an ordeal. its first meeting of the club year October 13 at which time a mein- and assistant leader, Mrs. ,, r i a i [ 01 - Mrs. Lowthorp, organizer of the local chapter, was read by Martin Green. Hostesses will bi Jo Carolyn Lewis and Judy Cromer. Robert Lee McClcllan, James Jack son, Jessie Hendrix. Robert Lee McClcllan, Benni Cowcll, Robert Tyrcc, Leo Hatch speeding, forfeited $5 cash bond Thursday, October 16 A study course discussion group' for tno Hope Junior - Senior High j dcuool Parent-Teacher Association! will be held Thursday morning, j October 16, in the Home Economics i Cottage at 10 o'clock. Sandra Robins. | STATE DOCKET The Chapter voted unanimously j Tnc following forfeited $25 cas bond on a charge of overload: L. A. Dennis, L. F. Denning, He Ingle, Scamore Norman, J. to establisii a scholarship loan Hind to commemorate the memory of Mrs. Lowlhorp. Mr. Lowthorp presented the chapter with a check to be j;iv<'ii yearly in memory of Mrs. Lowthorp for the furtherance Confederacy work in the local JAMES SAMMY WHITE JQHN ARCHER A COIUM«I» P1C!U»t Azalea Garden Club will meet Thursday afternoon, October 1C, at 2 o'clock in the home of. Mrs. Moody Willis, 406 East 14th. of chapter. Plans were' made to attend the Friday, October 17 The DeAnn Lilac Garden Club has postponed the Halloween Party which was scheduled for Friday night, October 10, until night, October 17. All members are to meet Wednesday evening, October 15, to clean the club room. United Daughters of Confederacy Stale Convention in Texarkana, on October 22 and 23. The local pages, Jo Beth HeUiy, Carolyn Lcwalien, Carolyn Story, and members will present a pageant "Mrs. Forney's I Dream" by Mrs. Fred Cook. Mrs. R. E. Jackson be narrator. Alter the program a dance will be given by the Texarkana Chap Friday! 101 ' honoring Children of Confederacy pages and visitors. Officers for the new year are: President, Jim Yocom, vice-pres- _ ident, Sonny Griffin, secretary, The Dahlia Garden Club willi Bill >'e Williams, treasurer, Bill meet for their first regular meet- ! linages, historian, Jacuue Williams ing of the year Friday afternoon, parliamentarian, Dale Zmn, publi- IV Willis, James Gordon, Frank! Vest., Warren Gragg. Floyd H. Hutchings, Ralph POSL Mrs. D. O. Walthren, spcudin forfeited $5 cash bond. Earnest Lute, passing anolh vehicle in a restricted zone, forfe ed $5 cash bond. John Heath, running weight sea forfeited $25 cash bond. CIVIL DOCKET Shircy Buchanan vs Elmer Laudermilk Jr. Action for damages to car $74.65, judgment for $74.05 for plaintiff. lather of two children. his wife asked it they things again. rttothisr should gives hlm,tt». 1 dofl't.' It t should follow her a* try to keep htm. V ' fROUl ^ yerttr Sfnll Answer: Follow eps. She has never ivquired niu> hclp with the household, or oer- Itted me to nsaisl with < % nliT- alnlnx, sewiiiR oi 1 the like. Howl in I learn the things 1 wiuil lo! enow'.' BKHVL M, K. Answer: At what point din-s the verage mother asMime that lu-r laternal responsibilities tennln- to.' Some women seem to Iliink ml the time a child enters school, urtlier tniinlng is up to ttNiehers. ar too m;my, like Beryl's mother o not realize that the training of sou or daughter is an endless ob. The best tunchers in the world an accomplish just so much for youngster; the rest Is up In the larents. nnd one ot a mother's bligations is to train daughters— nd son, too — to carry on homo esponsibillties. Kven a very young child can learn to help with dust, bod-making, table setting, j ["rue, the teaching al first Involves norc work for Mom than the task icrsclf, hut the primary object is not the completion of a Job, but the education of the child. No girl should reach the ngo but she should at least know her way around n kitchen tend- he able to run a vaciflifm cleaner efficient. If you can't make your mother see the error of her ways, Beryl, I suggest a domestic science vouvae at a local hiRh school, or college Dear Miss Ulx: t nm l»-10-year* old girt nnd have been going «tcn« dy svllh a mnn of 25 for gcvornl months. Mitch to my'diamny I dls« covered.ho was divorced nnd the! ndvtce by nil means. You crythlng tignmst you in angle, nnd absolutely ni you. You me muih tt>c> , bo Involved In such'8 letlou^l Icm; you would be making a mistake to ihterfere In thfc bio re-eatabllshmcnt of n horrtfj Involves small children) man's deceitful conduct holding from you the mnrrlnijo proves hl;n ttt trustworthy person. Rclcnsod by The Boll Inc. wore back, this time holding hands UiHcthcr during Ray's perform- iiiice. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main * Country Club rd. TUE8. A WED. When a Gift Is Too Pretentious When a Greeting Card Is Too Little Send FLOWERS! RI owe rs Say What You Wa nt to Say AND SAY IT BEAUTIFULLY 'Thank You' 'Happy Birthday' 'Congratulations^ '". 'Happy Trip' 'Good Luck' • "" And Ask Your Florist to Telegraph Your Flowers Oujf *4 of town When You Gan't Bo There In Person » (Sponsored by Ncff Brothers) ILLUSION HALF WED. & THURS. Yvonne De Carlo • Rock Hudson * RIALTO * LAST DAY * FRANK SINATRA SHEUEY WINTERS October 17, at 2:30 at the home of Mrs. Dewey.,Baber with Mrs. Koss Bright as co-hostess. All members are urged to be present to make plans for the Fall Flower Show. Sandra Robins. WSCS Circles Have Joint Meeting L-UrniriQ Grid Mr. and Mrs. C. \\. Tarpley and "The Touch of Faith" was theme of the devotional given by Miss Beryl Henry when the WSCS oC the First Methodist Church met' Monday, October 13. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Miller spent the weekend in Sherman, Texas, as the guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. Tarp thoj ley's daughter, Charlotte, who is attending Austin College. Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Dragoo left ui.uaj, ^.^ww^^. .„. Saturday for a 2 weeks visit with The meeting was opened with]I relatives in Golden Dale and Wenthe singing of a hymn, "I Love to' Tell the Story." Mrs. C. D. Lester announced that the Day' of Pray alchee, Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Hamp Huett and er, October 30, would be observed i family, Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Heed with a special meeting at 2 p.m. {and family, and Mr. Reed's moth- at .the church. Mrs-yplaude Tillery j ur, Mrs. Pat Williams, have re- was in charge of .the program and j turned from a visit with Mr. and Ray Admits His Singing Is Lousy By JAMES BACON HOLLYWOOD (IT> — Johnny Ray admitted today that he is a lousy singer, even though he looks like the biggest boxoffice attraction to hit town since Rln Tin Tin. The crooner with the built-in crying jag is on the second and final week of his first Hollywood appearance at Giro's. He has bust-! cd all records at the famed Sunset Strip nilcry, even those set by Martin and Lewis, the usual box- office kings. Johnny, who says ho is a real cornball about movie people, is stunned by the' nightly turnout of big stars for Ms performances. Some people like Joan Crawford atid Jack Benny have seen him several times. Joan even brought FALL TltEASllUE CULLECTIQN It's here ngain... the fashion event llml'n important news to you who went half-sizes! We bring you a wealth of fHsliionmul good lit in a group -addresses. dcsignrJ in llic newest fabric love ... rayon crepe, each genlly feminine, definitely flattering. Don't wait... conic see them right away, -'Iff rendered a special solo accompan led by Mrs. B. C. Hyatt. 'they attended the Huntsville State A playlet "Proclaim the Good! prison Rodeo in Huntsville, Texas. News" was presented by the fol-j lowinc: Mrs. George TSurphy, Mrs. i presented'Mrs. Harold Hall who) Mrs. Raymond Huctt and family i hcr la-year-old daughter Christtna in Houston, Texas. While there | to catch one o( thc car]y snowSi "Man, it's crazy," said Ray in a dressing room interview. "I can't sing. To tell you the truth, I'm actually a lousy singer. I just sing the way I feel." Does he feel that sad all the Hams, and Mrs. Sam Strong. Mrs. * WED.-THURS. * lowing: Mrs. George Tviurphy, Mrs. j The Christian Churches of South David Waddle, Mrs. LaGrone Wil-; west Arkansas held a one day dis trict convention in Nashville Mon day and those attending from Ho % pe; time were: Mrs. J. F. Gorin, Mrs. Carl I "I S inu the sad songs sad and Smith, Mrs. Frank Rider, Mrs. j the happy songs, happy. No'one Harry Whitworth, Mrs. W. W. Duck ever tells me to sing them other- ett, Mrs. Cline Franks, Mrs. Bert liettig, Mrs. A. C, Reynerson, Mrs. wise. 1 Probably one reason for Ray's SPECTACULAR FIGHT EVER. FILMED! ^ Kaior sharp ' 2 ' loloni swooping in lo kill, scepes ne»er before sKowh! / CUNT IASUS in mortal combat with savaje wolves! I'JltN LliH SIOUH SfCmi',1 OF THE m FILMED IN THE ICY Wl'lOERNESS OF THt PEMItOuS AKCTIC Henry, Mrs. E. W. Graham, and! success in sophisticated Hollywood Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Adams. is thc fact that there's never teen him Notes Branch : Mrs. Frank' Brown, of John Barkalow, Cres- Admitted Hope, Mr. ton, Iowa. Discharged: Mrs. Nellie Mayne, Hugo. Okla., Mrs. W. B. Smith, Hope, Rt. 3. Julia Chester Admitted; Arval S. Barbarcc of LewisvjlJe, Mrs. Sam Gammill, Delight, Mrs. Bill Wray, Hope, Dewey Stevenson, Rt 1, Hope. anything quite like him before. Many Giro's customers have commented that it's like paying a.cov- er charge to witness a revival meeting. His gestures arc much like ;i hell and brimstone evangelist. In his sad numbers like "Cry", he gees through all the torments of Hades, finally working himself into a frenzy where's he's apt to smash piano tops, microphones or anything else loose. Then he'll switch to a rhythm rDon ',! Ta * Me when l m Gonc anit bounce through it like Al Jolson. Come to think of it, even Jolson could have learned some tricks of anc Tiielma Jane, Rt 4, Hope Mr. and Mrs. pill Wray of Hope announce the arrival of a daughter j Mr. and Mrs. Sam Gammill of Delight announce the arrival of a son. « a - c ,°. ur ' his "» ,>*! See the GAS RANGE the DAY tf. S. HM» die ««a«* ths- Country ^^^ y^^^ff^w^F wty ton ItmltliiilMit <N«fe Simtiiillkif KMim'f XltiUt ijf Immil Try UNIVERSAL On Display at Your Friendly ^^^^p ^i'5 to it is sincere emotion. "Singing affects me that way. It used to bother me when critics viote that my crying was phoney- just an act. I don't let it bother rr,e any more. I realize now that it'e just something between me and God." Doesn't it get tiresome "Perhaps. I do get tired of Cry' sitting around like this talking about it, but when I start to sing it. it hits me just like when I sang it for the first time. It's just like an evangelist who gets tired of preaching about sin until he gets started on it." Ray's tent meeting histrionics have a peculiar effect on his, listeners. Barbara Stanwyck came in one night with Nancy Sinatra and MUUui Berte. A tew table* away S$£ IfrgJF wt* ~ «, Silver, teal, grape or black in sue* 14H to 22H. \), Taupe, blue, grape or black in .•• . c, Chaicoal, forc»t green, ametltyct or black in si«» 144 lo 22!-. 4* Ktnerald, «apj)bir«, wnctbyit of 11095

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