Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1952 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 14, 1952
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">j,i* \fi f ft** jr i iri$5fV**-*' •?/, -J^'p" 1 - T, - 0$** HOP I STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS Mondoy, October 13, „._,_,—._. Mfc Fffpfter I £*•» W» Uf.tlon an i tuil APP fw !••• btt «milr«dTo «tile th* *CBW»w» h ROVED! M«reh (Newtary of C. Q, HALL M*y 8 trim Oek' « M ttm«> tha "*T TT-^fl' ' | ^ gitterrt foTity tit WM i, at »tH'b nn PRESCOTT NEWS Monday, Oetobtr 13 Them w'» he " r ofillng of Cub BcouU Pack on Monday evening at 7 o'clock at th<> l»»fk Elementary School for boyn 8 to II yfl«r* old. ArH»fl»»» ^ mfllorUy of All ecWd t« the Senaic. « the Mernbern , . Thlt the following !« hereby pro- aied sd «n armtitdmonl to ln<« 0<m»Ututlon of the 8t«i» of Arknn. M«, and upon blng wtanltted w Th« Ml»»ionsry Society of Ihn Church of Nax«r*nc will hnve IV* meeting of the now Church , lh» oloolon of provnl or roje aefi<(H'l otoqtfon " for 8<olo for »p «t me n«sxt nepre*entB year *t the church Monday night al 7;30 p.m. Wtdn«d»y, October 16 The Wentslde Horny Dcmonstr«- tlmi Club will meet on Wudnoxduy afternoon at 1:30 In th« home ot Mrs. W. 8, l"ve« ftfJti Roftnwr*. if t» majority of the elflutor* voUn« th«roo» in »tich elftctlon ftdopt »nch nmondment, KoreanWar Truce to Be Aired in Meet By JAME8 MARLOW German Actor Soys Reds Taking Lead By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD , I* — The Co are taking the comments to make about the poor status of the tilm industry In Western Germany. But the film makers Ir. Communist East Germany are thriving, he added. "Strangely enough, the Commu Hints did not use the big UFA Stu dios after the war. "All the equipment he remarked was carted a way to Russia. But the Commu- lead In |nit . u cstabUsned anolher Man Held Hi --- .- i lai-Ro studio, DEFA, and it is Orrmm film production, snys a nuiklnR a lot of plcU , rcs . The y are I noted f.ct'.r of Germany, here for , lbk , , o df) that bccause the lndus . triovk- rule. Tlip uclor is O. WASHINGTON i/fl — Kdnln« tho Ifji'ilng «t»r gal market for some $800 to $1.000. Beach said Shook just had har- ! vested a crop of marijuana tmt YELLV1LLE, lift- Sheriff Jackj added thai he did hot think U*m Pace said a 37-year-old cnva j narcotic had been marketed in IMS dwollcr was arrested in a remote) area. .section of Marion County yoster-i Shook told_otfteethe had day for "Illegally growing and possessing marljunana." Pace identified the man as Cal- in the cave since June. Ho will be released to federal authorities today. Pace said. try is state-financed. vin Shook, who told officers he was; a musician by profession and that | he came here from Oklahoma City, j Better Cough Reliel . .41 f.lt ~ «.*. t*Al< S f Vh K n\ l u** e \ aaa " Most °' the P ictures arc P« rc > Ho was apprehended by Pace, i When new drugs ot old fail, to >f Iho Berlin stage ,„.,.„„„.,„.,„ Bul there ls _,.„ „, " c „_„"*., ,,,,_,„„ 1jtann -your cough or chest cold dont,< n lii '«„„ "Most ol the pictures arc pure, j| p was apprehended by face, wncn new uiujp «. «.» .».. .-.•,-*» t , nst U|lk ;;, Ullfl S c,,, H, won f rt -Tn^-r^-oFlxS^lnf 0 ^ 1 ^ Police SdT. Charles Logan' Sff^cott^t W wjrifc^r^^ on the pro«r.,fr.of the Un tedNn- ^ nn(| „ hcrjj fnf ,., Con . .. On Ihc other hand the pictures j "meJrn.k nom . goes into thc bronchial .system WjiM lion* Ocnernl Assembly which be; tionii General Ansemhly wincn lie-'"--.. ^, wrvi;r!s 8ny hc ls sleal . glni) its n<txl session In Now York : j^- -^ pk , Ul| . (1 ,. 1(?nt oul (r( , m „„. lomorri)W. ; .,„. ,|,,. noses of such Academy th<f iflfnn «..,«•• —-,- .----- , Iho Conntltutimi of Win Slat* of Ark«n»B», to wit: SECTION J, That the Constitution of the 8i«U) of Arknnm be amended modifying Section 10 of Article 7 unit SodtUm 3 of Amend lit No. 24 of Hftld ConntUutlon HB to provide for the "leftlon of « County CitirK in nil of the inW counties of UNJ Stale, an follow* "Tho urovlslons for the weollor •if a County Cl«rk upon n fiopuU • Ion btisli flre hereby abolished on/ there mny be elected ft Cminty Clerk In like manner »» « Circuit •,- the Husnlnn» will try \ ^ vvl , r ,j wirnior» as The Men* Fcllownhlp Cloud of the' 1 0 Bltirth- the world with some pro- , in(J Knr | Maldon. such Academy Anne Baxter t-HV *•»»*-*•" " «' »•-•--• •• I'reMbyterlan Church will enjoy •upper nnd pronrnm on Wednesday imtnlna at Q:M>. i for « truce In K or on. Mori- iinsst- hud sorno ' • ' Thur«d«y, Octobur 18 Tho Benjamin Gulp Chapter D.A. H, will meet on Thurndny after- won Hi 3 o'clock In tho home of Mr». C, H. Moore with Mm. Allen ho»to«i. likely they'll use the U. N. for more d'eiiiincinllon of tlu' Unlled Stnt(>» and frenh obslructUm to peace. UIl lllC Oilier liunu, uii: t,iv;miwa made in West Germany arc gen-'the officers said took two hours orally poor. They are made cheap ily, and wllh cheap subjecls. The facilities are not bad. There is one (!(,od studio at Munich, the Gclscl- Kastcig, and other litlle ones. Bul fiiinncinK is hard to gel. All Ihc companies were broken up by . . ...... •- - ............... -- ........ -- ..... ' l)|j,» LOM!!HUUi:a vtwi'- ••" "..%-.. "i- "j a vu (''I' they'd make the rest of i H K Allied Powers. Producers have to scrape the money togelher to to reach by car, jeep and on foot Pace said Shook had 12 ounces of Ihc narcolic in his possession, Iwo marijunana plants spread out to dry and a small glass still. Officers said 12 ounces of "pure 1 marijuana would sell on the ille WUIlUa *U uiaiMi w •**!•»•» ww r - — --goes into the bronchial system to aw nature soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial membranes. Guar« antccd to please or your druggist «* funds money. Crcomulsion has stood, the test. o£ many millions of users., CREOMUCSION Couiht, Chiit Coldi. Acute Sroncfclf* tin? world even more sick of it and of Htulo Ai-heson wilT inuri: ready to compromise on tlu- kill, n t" the delcKatcR lo pre»«iroi .eltlem.-nt al the U. Communist* into stopping the j sl-insky coiniis here V* »/«!«••» I _ - .... . ..ilr. 1.,, It. ,,. N. when Vi- fre.sh fiorn nuel> tho Uto thl» . County Clerk may be «-x offlcio Cl«rk of tho Probete Couit of *uoh unUI otherwise- provided by Di'Hl AnHwmitly " Amtmdmoni »h9ll b* In full and effect upon nnd »fl«r III adoption, APPROVED: March 20. 1051, Seoretury of 8t«U C. 0. HAIX 5 thru Oct. a? m Ura«) Legal ('ON «, *TJj« r jl6tt«rm Adsonv .i.--.m-^-*'-^ .............. ..... ys*. S? PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMttNDMBNT NO. « DIG IT RESOLVEn by tho Senain of live State of ArknriHuii mid by the Tloune of Representatives, n Majority of All tho Member* Elected to ICnch Homo Agreeing Thereto: Th»t tho following l» hereby pro- ntmod o» »ti nrnpndrotsiu to tho Constitution of tlw Stute of Ar- kBniB», nnd upon b«ln« nubmltted to tho ol«etor» of the Slate tor approval or rejection nt tho next uun ernl election for " '"''"" thorriai Ohrlitoph«r MeR« Thom»» ChrUtopher McH»e born «l PrOKfloll, Arltnn»n«, April 17. 1882, the nlxth child of Thornns Chlpmnn McUne «nd Amelia Ant) (Whlta) Mcltoo. He attended the public School* of I'rescott, Ark.. nnd Wnnhlngion, ». C.; tho 8pe«r« Langford Military Initltuto of Searey, Ark.; W*»hlngton tt Loc Unl- veraltyt Lexington, Va.; *nd Kpyn Bu*lne8»8 College, Little Rock, Ark In the fall of 1801, he became prl vnto noereUry to hi* father whllo hi» f»ther wn» In Congrens In wnnh Ington, D.C., eontlmitnd In thl» work until the nentor McRno » retirement from Con«roii» In ID03. He returned to Prencott that year and WWH «»8oclalod with the McHae & TonH»kln» Low Firm, atudylna law mid working for thin firm with the intention of boin« admitted to the HIM-, in addition to hl» work at »te- iui«iuph«r lor McH«e & Tompkln*, ho nUo worked for various other „. Tho KuSMlans are thoir foreign nilrilsler. Andrei Vln- fihlnsky, to handle their inlerest- vIlltiK the United States In bnn«- IIIB n t»l> tllKht team with him. Any hope of Korean IK.-UCI- any tlmo soon centers In the U. N. now since Iho truce talks nt 1'un- inunjoin have broken down nnd just as the Inlks won; collapsing the Communists suddenly bt-gan tholr biggest offensive In 13 months, This may have been purely for military reasons and had a connection. Lute In the summer a dclexa- whore- the (lussiiuis are make a picture." ' The decline; of the free Germany cipt-mn is a sad stale ot affairs. In pro-Hitler days, the Germans i»»H.J !-•<••! ------- --- jjj IJl^-lllVil-1 «H,J"t —-— -_._.. holding thi-ir first Communist Pur-| provltlcd many o f the creative ad vances in movies. Hollywood 1m ported performers like Marlene Jictrich, Emll Jannings and Peter Lorre, ;mcl directors William Die lierle, Frit/. Lang, Erncsl Lubilsch Congress in 13 years. The Communists know tluit when Uu-y stui ted the Korean shooting in UftO tlit-y threw the Western coun- II-IM Into closer alliance and set off a big arms program which therwise might have been long tion ChinoFC Comnuinlsts vis- lltd Moscow for discussions with tho Russians. It iwi't hard to he- licve they talked about tin- Korean War and ways of cmllng, contlnu- 'MR or extending It. The rout of Ihe world is sick of It Is to Iheir lnler<"<t to slowdown the program, if they can'i v>reck it. So no one was surplrsed HUH.-I, -' i when Slalln and his friends rep may have] resented themselves In Moscow n Invci-s of peace. Visliinsky is tho first importan Russian, since tin. 1 statement iitiotit peaceful Intentions begun (•mrrglni! from Moscow Congress, to have a chance to give some in , . Charles Vidor, Etc. Hasse added that the stage Western Germany is In better shape than the movies. dcmonslnillon of what the. Russians have in mind. So whether there is any connec- luwycjr* taking deppsltloni end ca SOB in the Chancery Court. When the Bank of Presco^t wus orgunlwd lo Augu»t 1004. he gave unit time to the Law Firm and part to the Bank, In 1808 ho was eteqled assistant cushler of the The rest oi me worm is an-n •« •— •••- .. ,. Ihu Korean u flKhljn« k ^^-"^^j ^*\™ { ™ Mo'seow.'The (.asuau us, •> • i Kni.i.a and Ihe U. N. .,;» dim* K'tou e»« ,M> rowy l)ft^i«!a| i you Ilk* jifofiww. *»$$*- «r«yr M«I nnd 8tsn«torn, If n irtftjorlty of the voting thereon, wl »ueh un adopt »iu'h itmendinent, the inrnn nhftH beuome n purl ot th« Conntltutlon ol Uw State of Av HB»»«», to-wlti , SKCTtON I, Commliilon Ore»t»d -» M«mb«ri -« Poweri. Thoro I* hereby created a Stsue Highway :ommli*»Um which uliBlt be vostod with «U tha powers nnd dwilet now r herpaftur Imposed by law for ttft admlnlttrnuon of tho state llghwuy DopuftmmU, together with »U pow»r« neconsary or propw to enable the Commission »r any «f Us officer* or employoon o tiwry out fully and offoctiveiv Within icn days after tha convening ot the General Awembly of the State of Ai-kan»o« In tho your 1083, th<» Governor, by und with the advice ond consent of thjo Senate. »halt appoint tlv« person* who "re qualified elector* of th* 8Utfe A to constitute the State Highway Com- mUslon tor termi of two, Wtt*M*, Bunk and gave his full lime to this position. In July 11)07 he was made Cashier, and In June 102» wiu elected President, and served In that capacity until July 1050. when he resigned, and was then elected chairman of the »onrcl of Directors. Mr. McRao United with the First Presbyterian Church when a young nan and hits served as Sunday lohool Teacher, lie served as Den- op from March 24, i!)lt! until July ;. 4DH8 when he was elected ttldcr. ie was a charter member of the ?rescolt Country Club atid'wiis Its president in 1025. He was one of in Korea and the U. remains to be seen. Although nc greal new playwrights have urisen. thealt-r business Is good for classic and foreign plays, he commented. The Germans have apparently taken to Tennessee Williams "The Glass Menagerie," "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "Summer and Smoke" have had good runs. Except for the opera, most of Hit attractions in Ihc state-run theater in East Berlin are laden with propaganda, the actor said He declared that' the Reds would talu> an American play like "Gold en Boy" and overplay it so that i reflects against the U. S T4WFTRI? 0 the Bt»te Jtlahwtty QuAllflcfttloni Appolntmint of M«wb«ri — T«rm» of OfftP» of Vnf- eight nud ten year* ^,^,^.... w The terms of the peraoni so ap pointed shall be determined by lot. The Cninmlnslouofi to be appointed from the State at large.) provided, however, U>ut no two Commission- Hhtttl be appointed from any ,,*.» ConKt'o*8ioi\Rl DUtrlot. (n the event of rejection by tne sontiU) ot a person whose name has been so nubmUtud, Uto Govor nor Nhnll within flvft day* after ro tei»t of written notice trom tho Secretary of tho Sonata ot such re- j«qtloii nubiulV the name ot,«n other appointee, to flH »ueh vac nm:y. lu the ov«nt tho Qoverno should within five days thereafte. fail vo * Hppolnt or fall to submit t the Ht'iuito tor cortttrmatlon th name ot my uersan to be appoint ed, tho Senate »h»H proceed to nvako tho appointment of Ua own I swapped my old stove for a Modern AUTOMATIC Gas Range Because • • • It COOKS FASTER! , SECTION 3. T«rmi of Offlet of Momb«r». Upon th* expiration ol tho foregoing term* ot said Com- mUMlonort. a micc«»«or shall be appointed by tho Gpv«rftor to the manner provided tor In Section 8 tor M term of ten years, which term of ton years *h«U thereafter be tor wch member ot tho Commission. SECTION 4. B«moy»i of M»m- bm — H«*Mn9 — Review and Appeal. A Cuinmlssionor may be removed by the Oovomor only tor the same C«U»Q« as apply to pthor eqnuUtuUonal otttctr» mtter a J^ea^ Ing which may b« rovlawed by the Chanoery Court tor the Plrsi Dls- trlct with right ot appeal therefrom to tho 8upr«m« Court, »ueh r«vlew and appeal to be without presumption in favor ot any tuning by the Governor or U»e trial court, and provided further, in addition to tho right of confirmation hvreUvabovc ' to tie Senate, the Senate ,he organizers of the Prescoll Chamber of Commerce and was presldenl in 11120-27. He wus elected >residoiH ot the Arkansas Bankers Association In 1033. He; became ti member of the Prcscott Rotary Club and was president in 1037. Ho was chairman of the Nevada County Selective Service Bonvd for several years, On December 20. 1003 he was married to Miss Clio Plllmun. daughter of John Marshall and Jennie Curr Pittmun. This was a beautiful double wedding ut whicl time'her sister, Kskridge Pillimin Wus murriwd to Mr. Samuel On Logan. Two children wore born It Ml 1 . ai\d Mrs. MeRau, Helen, who married John Fletcher Sage, nnc httd two daughters, Mary Helen and Clio' Pittman. John Thomu Who married Jamie Cox, and als had two daughters, Gertrude and Miriam. Mr, McKue died at a Tcxurkan hospital Thursday niornlnK, Oct. 8 Alter several weeks' illness. H was preceded In death by his din "You ju»t can't beat my Automatic GOJ Range when it comes to speedy cooking. In Iho morning, speed makes all the family happy. Eggs, coffee, and toast Karl cooking the inslpnt I turn on the gas. No waiting. No delay. Just fast cooking! And tho oulomatic cooking speedi are timesavers, loo. We're really sold on cooking with gas Wo considered other ranges, but we decided gas is best by every test-so we swopped our old stove for this boautiful new Automatic Gas Range! I 90' a liberal trade-in allowance on our old *>ove— and if was installed fRCfi" wHtton, ot at may , l««st Five (5> ot l\« members that t> member or mambcra of .the Commission should be removed tronV procwd, whan, tiv w«- to hoar any and alt evidence t to th« rwwwt tor re- The member or member* whtwe removal is *o requested | «naU be entitled to be h*«ro in the {matter and to b* r»pr*»«ttte4 be l&tf« thu Scu«te by w**l Counsel. wroeewjin^s conductoa by ghtcr, Mrs. Sage, Mind onu grant daughter, Miriam McRao. Surviv Ing, besides his wife and son, arc tivree grand daughters and three grc-ut-graitdiionsi One sister, Mrs. Mary Montgomery, Funeral services were conducted at tho First Presbyterian Church Friday, October 10 by the pastor, the Rev. W. G. Bonsbevs, assisted by Rev. Wesley Lindsay, Organ music was furnished by Mrs. Cluir- Ics Dews und the choir sung "Crossing the Bar." Burial was in UcAnn Cemetery. Pftl) bearers were associates ot the Bank ot Prescoti. Fred White, Robert W, Hambright. Jim Yuucey Wren Scotl, C. D, McSwnln uud F. K. Murrah, Miss Hatui Matlock, Mrs. Foy OX, Miss Alice Grimes, und Miss Elleu Marie Holt motored to LilUe Rock Wednesday for the day. Mr. and Mrs. Clarke White were Wednesday visitor* in Arkudulptua and Gordon, &wat« Utail be public aad a j transcript ol tfua ustUnoiny so heard Uh»U be prewired «iu) preserved j to «w Journal ol U»« . taking ol evidence cltb«r or»Uy or by depwsltten *h»ll not be bound COST i by the toiwal rule* of U|»tt tb» eoncUiiiioa of tt» ifewir. 1 ini, the S»n»l», allUng as « body I in e*»cwUve teMloo, nxw remove *' m*mb»r or members ot the .^^jutwloft by * majority vote conducted by e»rot ballot. SBCTION S. V»««Ml*»^*Ull»i> on the CoflW»»t«4lon due 4«ath or r*mov»l inUnefit ot UtWKjflrttd '"' the Mr. and Mrs. Ucrvy Hemis spout Wednesday ufU'itiotui in Toxurkaiia. Mrs. Cuss McCaskiil, Mrs. Hus- scll Moberg and Mrs. Guidon nun- n»r motored to Texarkana Weduus- d«y for the ciu.v. Lt. juck Stivers who has been attending school in Aberdeen. Md., U spending ten days with his mother, Mrs, B. C. Stivers, bt-fore reporting to his new post «t Hums- viUe. Alabama. b* fUted by « |tb,e Qoveraor tor |Uij-m Uthia thirty I date ot such v»c»uey, ^p^w, w^ WTH*** *»9»^»»»*» TF«fW ! w- ww"w*-»-w o| UM> Govemojr to tiM tb* vacancy ii»y*. !)»» At WiUiains spent Wednesday in Texurkantt. Mrs. J*iue* RurueUe a»id son, iauny. havo returned to their in El P*so, after a visit wilh «r NMr«nU. *•>- aud Mis. F. E. SWAP NOW/ M ^'J Vf . [Doily Scropbog HAL BOYLE NEW YORK — (/P) — We were Ipacking for a three-week trip to JEurbpo, and the bed was littered I With clothing Ihe suitcases wouldn't 1 swallow. looked out at the swift-flowing iftSt River mirrowing the dull rtag« of a gray October sky. "Think ot it-tomorrow night we'll jjfc In Rome" said Fiances. "Pro- i',*se you'll show me all the places you saw in the war" "Sure" 1 said. "But there won t be much of It left to show you." What could be left alter all'lhcse years ol what Gen. Mark Clark's JJlfth Army Iroops in Ilaly bitterly called "the forgotten war" _ Mark Clark himself was oft at the *, other side of the world now directing his second forgotten war—this one in Korea. : * The scars must be pretty wel ! Covered in Italy. The earth heals itself quickly. For that matter, a man's mind does -a. pretly good job of healing ilself. loo, although there is always a tender spot left in the scar lissue. Whal was left in me ot all those distanl balllcs the heal and cold, Ihe mud, Ihe spenl blood, the growling guns, Ihe people begging for bread in ruined towns Oddly, the first thing I rcmem- ,;ered was a boy's white face, cry- _ng silently. Hc was a ragged Italian child, and an American medic was sprinkling sulfa powder on a gaping shell wound in his head, and the wound was so infected the smell trom it sickened the soldier. "If the boy could get some real care," said the medic. "But after we move on— I'm atraid—" We did move on. Where is that litlle boy now? "They have wondertul gloves ir i 4fttaly," said Frances. "We mus get some for Christmas presents.' I remembered Ihc Hashes of the arlillery guns, standing almos wheel to wheel, stabbing Ihe nigh at Salerno Beach. . .and unrollin accordians ot barbed wire and British soldier who broke under th tension and lay in the dirt, writhing, frothing, moaning in his own mental darkness. . ."Poor lad," said one of his comrades. J, "Hc was at Dunkirk— and I guess lie can't take a second one." "I do hope we get to see the Pope," said Frances. "Do you Ihink he can jusl look at me and tell I'm a Presbyterian They say he's one of the smartest men in Hope Star ARKANSAS colder north, woat-o«tttf«l por««h8 ; this nftornoon, ooiaer tonlfht, Wednesday. Cool thttrldftfr j, ( HtRh 87 Low 84 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 1 Sl.r of H.M Contolldatod Jan. l»J» H0»f, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14, T952 Mimk*r, MM Of*!. 11, Hit -" PRICE Man Seriously KnHed by Irate Husband C. R. Belts, 57, of Hope, is bcins held on open charge in Hempstcad County Jail today following an al lercation al his 'home al 923 East Division Streqt l M t night In which The «nccljng. wc« ; PMA Meetings Held to Review Problems As u first stop in preparing elected PMA community commiUcc- men to visit Hcmpstcad County farms for the 1953 Agricultural Conservation program sign up, u scries of meetings wore held to review main conservation problems and the most eftcctivc practices to meet these problems di « he slashed with a knife a 50-year- old Iowa man who he suspected was having an affair with his wife, police said today. John Barkalow, Crcslon (Iowa) seed salesman, is in a critical con- dillon in a Hope hospital, lie was cut several times across the stomach and lost a lot of blood. Investigating City Officers Burko and Pcdron and State Officer Milon Hosier said Barkalow was at'tackcd when he drove Belts' wife home. The wounded man man aged to get the car in molion when :irst allacked but crashed into an oncoming auto as he pulled into the street. Bells cul Barkalow rcction of the County PMA Com mitlcc. Cooperating with the county PMA committee in these meetings wen represcnlalives of Ihc Soil Consot vnlion Service, Exlcnsion Service Farmers Home Administration anc other agricultural agencies. Th -if 4U.*Ljn n riminii.« I " l at HH',i w.i mi.i i«n.-in .n*v. -programs of each of these agcnuc-s Daniel as they affect the conservation Mllle Auy - .'.""• .,..„ problems in the county were ex- Ike Tells South to Rebel Against Demo Party By DON WH1TEHEAD HOUSTON, Tex., Iffl — Dwlgh D. Elsenhower celebrated his six ty-sccond birthday in his nfttlv Ttxas today by callina for th Southland to rise up in political rebellion against the Democratic party. A mid-morning crowd estimated by police at more than 15.000 RUVO the GOP presidential nominee n warm welcome to Houston, the firsl tllis ' Hlsh Texas. Salvation Army Drive Workers Meet Tonight The kickoff dinner for the iinnu- nl llempstead County Salvation Army Drive will be held Tor all workers tonight nl the .Hotel Barlow nl 7 p.m. K. E. Moss, field executive for the Solvntlon Army will be on hand to give instructions to the various groups who will work In the drive this ycnr. The drive will get undei way officially Wednesday, Oct. 18 Volunteers from licmpstend Conn ty towns as well as civic and scrv ice clubs in Hope will attend thi, dinner. Officers of Hie He.nipslo.nd Cnun- y Snlvnlioii Army Service Unit ire Claude Tillery, ehiilrmun and loy Anderson, treasurer. L. H. UN Drive Sweeps Hill of Reds, Battle Rages on 2nd Fortres t!0 „_________ M • * m , ,, 'if AS \ y,)!! ''^v! the world." The memories several more times at the scene oJ' Ihe wreck, only a shorl distance away. While the irate husband's wife, about 53, summoned officers, Walter Chance, whose car Barkalow hit, managed to gel the injured man in his aulo and drove him lo a hospital. Bells remained at his home and calmly lold officers what had hap pcned. Sgt. Mosier quoled Bells as saying he suspccled the man and his wife were having an affair when he read a letler which Barkalow had wrillen to her. Sgt. Mosier said Mrs. Betls ad- milted that Barkalow had picked her up at her home about midafter noon while her husband was at work and lhat they drove to Texarkana. When they returned about 10:50 plained and plans were made to coordinate the assislance available from each agency. All PMA community committee- :nen elected this year allcndcd Iho meetings. There are 12 communilics with a total of 36 community commitcc- men in Hcmpslead Cqunly. Wilh a lolal of 3351 farms in Ihe county each comrniltceman will visit an average of 93 farms. unrolled more swiftly. . .a dead doughboy in a brook, his eatures luminous under the water, one pale hand pitching the b'apk with a curious - ""m^leaetoiag frorn p" a sleeping' bag like -a surprised elf. . . Standing at twilight on the peaceful Isle of Capri and watching Naples burn. . . the sight ot a flaming Nazi plane, twining down like a lazy falling star in the blackness. . .nurses pulling wounded men from under a hospital tenl blown down in a sudden slorm. losing a helmcl and picking up an- fiolher one bearing Ihe initials ol **a man who would no longer need it. . . "Now where have you lost your toolhbrushes" said Frances, "who took care of you during the war I'll bel you didn't brush your teeth once in the whole four years." In my mind swam a picture o the stricken valley crossed by th Rapido River beneath a terribl hill called Cassino . . . ill they , put up a cross for every man r'l*dlled or wounded there, it would •' MJt forest. . .There was a day we . ' tried to make it all the way, and | there were just too many Germans. . -and we hid in an old stone farmhouse. . .An elderly Ita lian couple sat by a dying fire, preferring to face death in then- own home, if face it they must. . As the shells beat nearer outside last night Belts was waiting in front of the house and attacked Barkalow, Sgt. Mosier said. No formal charge has been filed against Belts, pending Ihe condition of Barkalow. Both automobiles were ' ficavily damaged in the cr»sh. Doctors Seek Complaints of Patients Taft Lashes Democrats in Wyoming Talk CASPTER, Wyo., Ml — Sen. Ho bcrt.A. Tatt (R-Ohio) assailed th Democratic administration las night for what he said was its a tempt to force a totalitarian anc socialistic form of government on the United States. Speaking at a Republican rally at Casper on behalf of Gov. Frank A. Barrett, Wyoming senatorial candidate Taft lashed out frequent ly at President Truman. He answered some ot the President's recent whistle-stop stale- m'cnts and 'af one point called one clsim of the President a "complete He." Tatl listed the following campaign issues: 1. Corruption in government, in which he stated, "We have reached the lowesl slate of political morality in the history of the nalion." He reviewed Ihe RFC, Commodity and income tax scandals. 2. The threat ot American liberties from a iremcndous growlh of Democratic senatorial nominee— nlroduecd Eisenhower and do- l«red: "Because of you Texas con o longer be taken for granted by ny political party." Daniel said he spoke as a Texas Democrat who was going to vote or the general as prcsidenl—anc iiat the Texas Democratic party was "fed up with Trumanism,' and with being used as a "whlpp ne boy." "This year," he said, 'I predlc Texas is going to do somethinj ibout it." And tlic crowd cheered Eisenhower responded by rippin into the Truman adminislralio with such harsh words as kneed and soft-headed.". "weak 'Pow cr hungry 1 ;. . .power mongers i'oolcy is chairman of the 1052 drive. Gen. Marshall Not to Vote in Election News Briefs AUKADBLPHIA, IM — Tho fin- yenr-old registrar emeritus ot Hen del son Stnto Teachers CoUctfo, R T, Proctor, died Horo last nlgnt lufler » Ions Illnoss, U'roftor, who retired In 10 I joined Iho Henderson fiiculty In 1007. He wns born In UunlRvlllo, Aln. .reckless drivers", credited." .and dis- Mysterious Blast Shocks Houston HOUSTON, Tex. (UP) — Author ities counted the damage toda> from an underground cxplosioi thai rumbled benealh a 200-blocl area of Houslon lasl night, ripping up sewer lines and convincing hundreds of residents that the city Marine Officer Takes Crack at Air Force WASHINGTON ltf> — The marine ctrps ' commandant snys tho all force's program to disrupt enemy aupply lines in Korea is u "fi/./.lu. He said Communists have brouRh up more guns than ever before. But, Gen. Lemuel C. Shepherd said yesterday, he thinks thu con- American tinning air force and navy bomb- m t gs | on . irigs ot big power plants nnd key iiiausuim' ix-iilers in North Korea must have hurt the enemy, judging from the "awful screech and cry that lias come from' Moscow and Pciping." Thu Leatherneck .. chief wns sharply critical ot the air force interdiction program launched shortly after tho Kocan trupe lalks gol underway and designed lo opurale around-the-clock liivef" torls lo knock oul enemy road, and rail supply lines. ' ' •' Nol only has Ihe program failed NEW YOUK, un - Gen. Ooorae LITTLK .tlOCK, Iff) - Arkansas C. Marshall snld today pn his re- conservationists wore--urged yea- turn from Europe that ho would tordity to expand the stales pro- lol vole In Ihc forthcoming prosl- gram of soil conservallon. denllal elections. And the president of tho Nation Marshall told reporters In an-Ul association ot Soil Conservalloi swer nn absentee ballot from his Districts, Waters S, Davis ot Lea Leosbui-R. Va., homo. But ho, add- guo City, Tex., said Arkansas was Pd invlallv "ahead of every slate I've seen to Tanks, Men ai Planes Team in Biggest Attact By ROBERT UDICK SEOUL, Korofl, (UP)— .. jovially.... "My lather wns a Democrat, | thls , y° 0 , r in conservation. Davl spoke at a meeting ot 100 supoi my mother was « Republican I'm *P°™ » Ark '^ '.'V'soTconser an Episcopalian. I never voted and. v «°" "./*,,:, ™ tl . " ,i nif nnf \ an Episcopalian I'm not voting this time." The wartime Army chief of staff ' vation dlslrlcla. Tho meeting end today. and former Bocrothry'ot sUilo ami WATEIl . VALLISY, Miss. Ml his wife roiurno'd aboard 'Ihe liner ,j,| u , 8 i r || ic .boiuid Itlce-Sllx tturmi United Stntes from an* oversees )|( j u unipl) , t| ln violence tor th lour hu niudo as chairman of the M . co|u( t | mo yi Iho week-old luba Com dH1 , ut0j National guardsmen. usalgnod Nallonn Infnntrymoh, .. _ on Iho Control front with lhc]i Host attack in a year, cap one Communl»t-hold mountttli day nnd waged a blortdy bawl, a second Rod-hold Fortress, /• Allied soldlors.' tanks, 8'rtiu«t and wnrplanoB fanned tho fj'jjuj; Kumhwa area Into tlttm"oiuj^ dawn assaults against TrUrigl north of tho old Iron TrUn" nhd uBolnst Sniper 1 Ridgo cast. Sniper Rldgo, about a milo half across tho Valley from 1 Ble, fell to tho Allies after I.,,. hour attack., but at 10 p,.in,i» s (j a.m. EST) U. N. were battling, fnn«tlc die Chlnotio entrenched on "If you could remove the con u, c phml Sunday, arrefltccl two slant strain of Ihe threat of So- union women duiinn n Bklrmlwh viet Russia, Europe would again oulsldu union heudqunrlorH yester- be o. happy place," Marshall said. (j n y. was being bombed. Police said their switchboards in Korea, Gen. Sheperd „ told ' a of .r^ " Formation ot a special 'commit- big government. Foreign policy. tee of Doctors to hear complaints d. uoroign P o»i:y. « f „„»!„„*= in thiB a ,- Pa was an- Commenting on a recent state ment by Prcsidenl Truman lo the of patienls in this area was announced today by Dr. Harry E. Murry of Tcxarkana, Councilor ot Ihe Sixlh Dislrict. The new com- millcc will be known us the Professional Relations-Commillce and has been organized by the Physicians of the Sixth Councilor Uis- Irict lo offer a fair hearing lo any one who feels he has a grievance againsl his doctor. The Sixth Councilor Dislrict is composed of Hcmpstead, Howard. LaFayelle, Liltle River, Miller, vada, Pike, Polk and Scvier Counties. Appoinled lo the Professional Relations Commitlee by Dr. Murry were Dr. R. R. Kirkpalrick Tex- the wife reached oul and look hcrjarkana, Dr. Jim Marlindale, Hope husband's wrinkled hand in her ' ----..-.. . . .They were still sitting si- ently together when we left. . . Where are they now" "Come on, you day dreamer, we're all packed," said Frances. "The way you look a body'd get the idea you didn't wanl to go back." and Dr. O. G. Hirst, Prescott The Committee setup is simple. It invites complaints ot all kinds from the public, but requires thai they be made in writing. The committee will meet on call and at- lempl lo investigate any complaint thoroughly, hearing both patient's and Doctors' version ot the story. Star Enters 54th Year Today The folio line of today's Star reads Vol. 54. No. 1 — for the newspaper is entering its 54th year. The newspaper was founded S3 years ago, October 14, 1889, by the late Claud McCorkle. father of Ed McCorkle of Hope. On January 18, 1929 the Star and the Hope Daily Press were purchased and consolidated by A. H. Washburn and C. E. Palmer and has published'under "ie same ownership over-since; seeking corroborating evidence from medical records, receipted bills and hospital files. efiect "that he has cleaned, up cor ruplion wherever he found it," Taf said lhal was a typical misstate mcnt" of the President. Referring lo Prcsidenl Truman' contention that the Dcmocralic ad minislralion had given labor pro tcction and security, particular! railway labor, Tatt declared "Tha is a complete lie." He said th Railway Mediation Act was pro-] moled and passed in the Cooliclgc administralion. Tatt also said: "U is the foreign policy ot this administration which built up the Russian Communists threat we face today. It is that threat which determines almost every measure of domestic policy and threatens the destruclion at home of the very free economy when has been the basis of our progress." The adminislralion leaders, he said, "wholly tailed" to realize the nature of communism "or that the Soviet government was a predatory, totalilaran tyranny intcnl on were loaded with, calls from persons who reported aerial bombings, earthquakes and fires. The blast could be heard for 30 minutes, police said, It echoed hrough sewer lines and ignited s lash fire. Smoke poured out ol manhole covers, and then the fire died out, apparently for lack o oxygen. Damage was reported in 10 c the 200 blocks jarred by the blasi Police LI. H. S. Elliscor said, " am sure all the storm sewers ii the enlire area have been Jarre loose." He said il would be impossibl for crews lo explore Iho sewt system and determine the darnag unlil some hours atler Ihe cxpl news-' ^nfercnoe, -"-toiStMvB; '»ttld he; questioned whether deep inlerdlc- lion — cfforls lo knock oul such supply lines far from the trout -r ever could succcert completely. If. it has not succeeded In Korea, e asked, how could it be effective n Europe where communication mcs are highly developed There wus no immediate comment from the other services, or rom the joint chiefs ot Btaft, Yet he observed "n tremendous change" since ho visited Western Europe in 1040, Marshall said. Hc was told there was "a coimtant dwindling of Communist Influence more emphatic in some countries than others," ho added. In 1948 Europe' was a "fallow- field for Communism." ho snid, but now it ''hod the appearance 3 prosperity, .certainly Gen. W. P. Wilson, In charge of the National Guard, said tho two members ot the striking Amalgam. r,tcd Clothing Worker's of America (CIO) wore charged with, molest- Jug and released on $500 bond, Wo Idonllfled them as Miss Ar- ncal Lokoy and Miss .Evelyn Smith, -••'• ,;•• '-:-. •!.''» • •"- . sion. ,•"', • H T-TT r ""T' T '.'7~,y ..j,(t -. - •* - r • r '* ' Irt>ms1;he aglrarlan ntnndpoint." iMaj'^ha 11 toured Italy, Prunco, Holiaiid, England and Luxembourg Two minor hill crusts In. glo a — Jono Huoncll and Ridge-- wore captured 1ft, .,, Allied chavgos through IntcnsouR' mortar and artillery fbrq, •™-^ i "' and tallest cre»H- T —still belonged tp th It was the biggest since October 1951, Nations units fought the I series ot "Una 'or domi battles. -< Gallant AUled, what -^--' " Cars to Show Supreme Court j in 1953 to Decide on Gambling 70-dogroel They BU smooth shale/ that guvo frbm Rod •jwi-« DETROIT W1 • Tho 200-plUB fflfY DO Wf NEED BLOOD? "I'm statiwtd at It is first suggested that the doc tor and the patient talk over tin complaint so that the patient fully understands the treatment and tho charges and that the doctor under- 1 stands the patient's view point. When it is indicated by the evidence, an attempt is made to satisfy the complaint. Then it the par tient is still not satisfied the committee makes a recommendation. It the Doctor or the patient in the case objects to the decision by thv local committee, an appeal can be made to the Arkansas Medical Society State Professional Relations Committee- Matters for consideration ot tn« committee may be submitted, in writing, to any of the committee members listed, Dr. Murry said. establishing a world-wide communist dictatorship." Conlrol of the Senate, he said, might well be determined by the outcome of senatorial races in seven Western states— Utah, Wyoming. Nevada, Arizona, Montana Washington and New Mexico. Taft leaves Casper today for Al burquerque. Police said one caller told the she saw two boys throw a bur ins newspaper into a, sewer ma hole and heard the explosion almost immediately afterwards. Police said there was .an unconfirmed report one man was injured, but thai no other casualties had been recorded. Police said hysterical women had called up with messages such aa "the whole town is blowing up," and "we're being bombed." Star Farmer to Be Picked Tonight the bis$e*t . til goes on . . . toe butb for life. *'Dsy aftw < •ccn line Waod double restore he«Jta » __, u Jiielm. Helpiw; Uw*e men, I v« eSitf to uodemind why Ui« need lor MMd U alvar* unem." VQUR BLOOU may ga to * waibtt , * loctl bwpiul of lot Cinl Youths 18, Older Must Register L. E. Aslin, chairman of Select ive Service Local Board No. 29, is Sanders Infant Dies Monday Vickie Lynn Sanders, infant dau gliter of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil San ders died Monday. She is also sur vived by two brothers. W. T. an Cecil Aubrey Jr., six sisters, Jennie Lee, Cecile, Frances, Carolyn Brenda and Mary Joyce Sander Funeral services were to be belt at 2 p.m. at Foster's Cemetery. Former Hope Woman Dies in Louisiana Mrs. Vera Colvin, wife of D C. C. Colvin. died Monday at her Ex-Counterspy to Trial for Murder BALTIMORE UP) — G. Edward Gammer husky former counterspy, went on trial today, chin-god with murdering his wite and trying to disguise the crime as the result of an automobile accident. About 120 witnesses were listed for the case being heard in Baltimore Circuit Court by Judge Herman M. MoBer without a jury. Crammer, 35 year old former Baltimorean and more recently o£- fice manager for a New York inining> firm, was indicted by a grand jury less lhan two weeks after the death pf his wife last Aug. 20. Two Baltimore County policemen suw her car, a $3,000 wedding anniversary gift from her husband, careen wildly down a hill on the northcaat oulskirls of the city and overturn on the roadbunk. When they reached the spot seconds later, they found her unconscious and she was pronounced KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UP) — The dead a short time later. 952 Future Farmers of America | Suspicious bccause the car was horsepower automobile will bo Introduced in the- 1053 models. This was confirmed .yesterday by executives of tho Ford Motor G^o. -,,«,!-,-!,« iur, — Tho Su-lwhon they disclosed that tho ; now oi ngnung) caji manulnctur( j rtt a i 80 v \ an to op over tho aOO-horscpowgr level. Ono manufacturer Is understood ... . ,,to be planning to boost power out- As Its first business session of ut to ' m Another has made tests the 1952 term, tho high bench 8how i n g that oven better than that yesterday accepted for review a powor ou t p ut can bo attained with decision by Federal Dlatrlct Judgfl * C( , rtu | n modifications. George A. Welsh ot PWladclphia Jn the cugt , O j tn e Ford let alono asaault,'"aa(d' officer, " i u i ' At Sniper «ldgo, troops, mot lighter "r-vTi they won the oriTst, BM-it, ports aatd tho flcda woro l c| back toward tHeir ol4 ' under cove parently attack. ''' ^, ^'3 Tho exact B|*p ol^thf'VI forco atop TrWnile;wiii» f ' " year. that tho stamp tax Is unconstltu- modc i tho is 4 5 horse- tlonal, Welsh dismissed a criminal powor ovor t h 0 J053 model. The action against Joseph Kuhrtgcr, O thcrs rumored as considering anl 36, for non-payment of tho levy, | ncreaB(} a i r<J ady are fairly close He ruled that Congress orron-HO the 200 horsepower point, eously usurped the police powers Asked what advantage thero of the states when H required might bo In 200-plUS power output gamblers to give their names andh n a stock' automobile, a Ford en- addresses and nam,os of persons] gineer remarked: with whom they do business, An-1 "Well, this.Is a competitive In- other section of the law imposing dustry we've had tp do It, Howa 10 per cent tax on earnings was cvor( once you'vo driven a car — stood by In, , and bunkers pn Mount highest moantsin on,' Wa ot tho Central, not involved, the Justice Pepartment with the top power output, you ap-j won't bo satisfied with anything onvention entered its second day oday, and a convention highlight will be observed tonight with tho award of the "Star Farmer" title of the United States, chosen from 19 FFA award winners. An 18-year-old freshman at the Virginia Polytechnical Institute, 3iuce Ayres of Critz, Va., won irsl place in the finals of the national FFA public speaking cont pealed to the Supreme Court, «r- iess.'f gulng that Congress* purpose was in the preliminary row ana to collect revenue from organized track tests tho new Llncpln ,car» gambling, which annually defrauds hav» averaged almost US miles an the U. S. Treasury of hundreds of hour ove* a JOO-mllfl run. In ««rae millions of dollars, tralghtaway teals they havo here last night. Ayrcs' speech, entitled "The calling attention to the Selective home in Bernice. La. She was the - - - JI -- "-- -'--*- 'former Vera Fuller of Hope. Fun- Mr. Service Law regarding the registration of men 18 years old and old er. born after August 30, 1932 as they are required to be registered. II not already registered, they n»ay waster at §*}S€Uve Service eral services will be held in Louisiana at 3 p.m. today. EXTENPE0 FORECAST Extended Forecast (Tuesday Sxwfcy) ^ Green Revolution", was about the development of grass land farming in the South. He received a check for $250. Other winners in the FFA speaking contest finals: Second place, Clarence Teagarden, 17, Galesburg, III., a pre-veterinary student at the University of Illinois third place Billy Web*ter, 16, a senior in Fergus County High School' at Lewiston. Mont, fourth place, SM- gemi Maeda, 18, a senior 1» Wa»j mea, Hawaii High School and Wth place, Donald Qiburn, 17 oJ Oxford W. Va., a freshman at West Virginia University. Oscar Ewing, Federal Security administrator, wa» scheduled to address foe convention today not badly damaged and the wpman was so severely Injured, the offk ccrs began an investigation which resulted in a medical examiner's verdict that Mrs. Dorothy May Grammer was a victim of homicide. Police said Grammer told them he and his wife had been visiting her widowed mother In Baltlmor*. and on the night of her death Mrs. Grammer had driven him to a lailroad station 'lor his return ty New York. ' hour. Marine Division in FinVStapt . WASHINGTON (wU« After two New Record in Oil Production TULSA, Qkla. (UP) — The Oil and Gas Journal issued a weekly oil report today that i» becoming almost monotonous. D- S. average daily crude oil production hit an all-time record last week — tor The controversial statute, eflec,| driven better thfcn, W live Nov; l, 1051, has fallen tor short of congressional expectations. The Bureau of Internal Revenue recently reported tba.t 8,834 «»m« biers had bought stamps this fift? cal year,, compared with more than 22,000 last year. The law climaxed a country, wide crime, investigation by a Sent ato committee headed by Son, Kites Kelauver CD-Term,) Three traitors lost their next-id- last chance to escape the tjlectrle chair when the court rejected their appeals. They are Julius Mown- terg and his wWe, Ruth, con* domncd for relaying atomic-bomb secrets to Busaija awl Tornoya Kawakita, convict<W of treason for m wo have been indemnify rates sho Corps wbWf I went, 4 * She; toupef brutal treatment (rf V. 9, war oners. The Rqseol^rgs are eon- fined In sfog SIM priwn, New York, and KawaWtB In the Los hp sajd "« new - "/fne only w 1 - f flirn one -^ 1« Angeles County malning chance tor presidential clemency. The enbergs' accomplice, Morton So? bell, also loit an appeal and in%e Pacific and jreturne4 " iwtef&. KSff*asfStttffi*&&&& f^Si fc«,:«j«i—J; -» «.. «««nflilp|||5P|g^ _ sixth consecutive w*ek- l.«f rv * a Output climbed g.SOft barrel* t«J In other _„ _ au average of «,5J2,7TO barrel*! Ilejgcted the aj?pj*l ot Ajlre4 Victor Pupwt, from n state sourt judgment rpfustnjt to auou} nssrrl8« to tbe ' * " lard «; """, H^^J"-•it IL . Texas production jumped 11,825 barrels to a record 3,002,450 bar- rej*. New Mexico *howe4 a gain

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