Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 13, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1952
Page 13
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GJ T« ' "' "* ' "' 'I *"'' * < [•« ' v , ^ ' wy HOP! STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS Monday, October 13, tor Salt titdr, rnirt't Btttov* wntch, Bar Kiln for tfflnh, 819 W. Av». 15, 4-W LOT8 W X M4. In thrten block* of. the bout hom«* in town. |900. ffr«m $10 per month, Call 74043 ilfiiVD Alion i»rt*blo nddin« maoh foe, »ood, condition K)»,00 Bryant* Of/fec Supply, »23 Motilh Walnut (MH SORHBLiL home and »«dte. 74ft13 «fter 4! 80 p,m, (104 . «tb 10-3! PAINT gALBV 'Thin woak only JIouMr point, W,W Ballon, HntU faction or your money buck Byt»r* Swap Shop, 108 8, Walnut. 13-Ot Arkansas Goes to Texas Saturday •y Th* AMeeUUd Pr*M Th* Mouth we*t Confer*nc« puihe* wttitfehftnrtwlljr Into the builnoM of drddlna « champion and Cotton Howl ho»t team thi* week. It will !»«• ftlrrto*! two month* befor* that l» nccoitipllnHcd but thr«e gnrnen nt-xt Bnturdoy nr«* «oln« to flitura K'rong'y In «hf ft<#nri\\nn of ihoi tltk trophy. Three ten mi already tiavo tailed uonfcr<mce compotltlon nnd only; tiM of them I* umlefftfltod — Twxiu Chrl»ll»n, ArKitnmm, which hint to TCU, whipped JJnylor 20-17 last l>ox«i for »wwt J8w «»ch. Pnul tOfi, Afkim***. BAKOA1N for qulek inlo, m ft room home, $2080, Turin «, SIR W. Division, immediate pnMft»> lion, See Mri, Matiock next door. dern Rtol Eitot« for SoU A vjlty nlob prat'tlciilly throe bedroom homw with attic /an, door furn«a«, built-in e«bl. rtot, hardwowl floor*, plenty of BHluulny Arknnmn «w» to Auntln (o hntp Texiu open the conference cnmnnlgn. The Ra«>r- bn(k» will hnvi- to win thin one; or they'll hi) through. Two di'tonl* cerlnlnly mean elimination j In tliIn ktuidt-dowrt, dmtf-mil lua- BUC', Southern MothodUt utul Hlcw, (wo of tho top ruled tuum* In cBiculfltlwu. itnrt. title rare flt Hotmton Saturday riiflhU TCXHH ChrJfttltm «»«* to Col l«Me Station to play TJfexn* A It M, Bnylar, tln< only tenm nliowln« to t',Uvimt«(tc In Internee! lonnl fuothullj And tho la*t to ho dofouled, takes t>n downtrodden Texan Tech lit Lubbwk Saturday night In n non- conference ttW»U>, Tho conference hud thftt numb again thin week. 1U record nori, tnrae bcatillfully londncnp ^ <& $<ffnW M. $2500 C«*h, Will hnmllo, NEAR Brookwood on 70 x ISO foot lot, Nlco-flvo room modern homo With lartfp baokporch, Inillt-lni, cloud, hardwood floor*, end JIM- ngo, J780 eiuh, b«l«nct» $.10.00 par month include iB»eu, in- Burnnce, principal rtnfl Intwront, Will trndo for timber Inml, NEAR Onrlnnd School nt 718 Went Oth Street, Modern 0 room an- be«U>* shlnula aiding, hardwood ' foam, Venetian bllndH. nttiu fun. on 7ft X'Ua.fool lot for only $090 eiuh with balance nt $47.71 per month, Mlttht throw In Bondix wimhlnu machine If you hurry. 800 W, la InWMeetltmnl piny Snturday WOK nlmott !<» bnd n» tho Boturdoy before, Only "no team covild win e«nlrt« outaldo oppoiitfon, South- i'rn Melhodinl b«at Mitnourl 2A-7 tho young Methodist tuam finally «how?«l »ymptom» or living »ip In advance expectations, Hut fexoB A & M wns wnllopod •ia-C by Mlnhl««n St^to, Texas wn» .flt'lcd liy Okluhomu 49-30 In one of the worst dofenti a LonKhorn tvdiii ov&r iibnorbed and Pico WHK shut nut by UCIjA 20-0. The con- fort-nuo record of liUemectlOnnl piny wimn't bud u» tho prticedlnii MbUtrdny only becuuno U didn't play n« innny giima*. . Texfm Chriftlan onjoyod' Udell with a 27-0 respite over Trinity UnlvornUy. WBD'8 FINAL RESTING PLACE-A UN sold er points, out the 2r«VB of the only known Russian soldier to have died In the Korean W«r. Tho Russian. Lt. Mlshln Oennady, was shot down by U. S. H«vy plnnw early Jn September when he bore Into a UN -olr tron and opened nro. The pilot is located in the "noa belligerent" area of the UN military cemetery in Pusfm. Groggy Grozo Boots Two Field Goals CLEVELAND .Ml — Lou (The '.it.-1 Gro/n. only part of the Clr- /rlnnd Browns' offenap to click igalnsl the New York Giants, 'rained about his second nnd thbrl lold tronl* after yesterday's game. A bump on the head blotted rom Ihr- veteran tackle's memory hrrp-pointera he booted 21 and 52 •at'ls in the third period to put In BHIWIV.-J ahead 0-7. The Giants pushed over 10 points n the final period to win 17 to rid take 1 tho American Conference end In the National Football Lea- Afterward, In the dressing room, •onurntulallons wore offered 28•car-old Gro/.a for his trio of field loiils. "Three" sold Groza with sur >rl;ie. "I don't remember three only remember one. 1 remember ilrking the first one, but not the ;>st two." "In fact," he wt;nt on, "I don •(•member much of anything li second half. Got a pretty gooc ,ninip on the head. You say •.icked one 52 yards" The Browns' physician, Dr. Vi Ippolltn, said he knew Groza wa 'dazed and groRtfy" when he kick .•u 1 the last two field goals. "H iocs it unconsciously now," Ippo ito joked. SPORTS ROUNDUP State's Record Goes on Block By The A»«ocl«t«d Pr««t Southern State College places its nbeatcn record on the line Satur-| ay when the Henderson Reddles nvade Magnolia in the top Arkan ax intercollegiate C o n I e r e ncc lame of -the week. Henderson was idle lost Satur- iny, but Southern Stato found a reather in its 53-0 onslaught of Northwest Mississippi Juhlor Col- ego. State Teachers, still looking for ts first to go to victory, goes to miasellville to play Arkansas Tech n the only other leage encounter Saturday. ASTC fell to Arkansas A & M 32-fi in a homecoming fracas, vhile Tech stumbled before North east Oklah6ma 33-13 in games over he weekend. Ouachita a 83-8 conquerors over Southwestern of Memphis In its ust outing, will meet Little Rock Junior Cottege in n non-conference tussle in the capital city. The Negro Community •y Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring item* to Mle* Turner at Hick* Funeral Home Oscar Lloyd, aged 77. died In Little Rock, Friday, Oct. 10. Funeral arrangements will bo announced later. Funeral service for William E. Miller were held Sunday. Oct. 12, t Bethel AME church. The Rev. G. Paschal officiated. Burial was n Green Hill Cemetary, with Hicks Funeral Home in charge. Knee Injury May Sideline McHan NEW YORK only one thins that By OAYLE TALBOT. There wus Rocky Mur- clnno'a bourd of slrntoKy WUH not quite certain about Kolng into hi* bout with Jersey Joe Wnlcolt nt Philadelphia, «nd the Now champion answered it to everyone's sntlnf ncll Urn, "We couldn't know for i whether lloeky would Htill Mulloy Wins Mexican Trophy MEXICO CITY 1*1 — Gardner Nullity. 38-yenr-old veteran from FOSTRR-ISUJS KKAI.TY C'O. , ll-3t 3» i ROOM . ;|drnl«hea^ Kdg«Wo6d 8tro*tt, Phono 300 •-fr--,.^-.-..-^..-.-^.-.-..^^- tMt MODiSHN \ bedroom homo, Onr- ap, 403i N. F«r«UBon, SHP Qlndy* , Siraud at White Elephant, Michigan State Looks Like Best' KASt LANS1NO, Ml^h. the Kinmhlrtj Of Michigan lootbuU team. Junior*. Now sophomore*. Where doo* Stottf's bW!«<»o)(lnK Tlum torn jolting it'« their' starting ' brll SUIT have {hip knockout punch after he had fought 10 or 12 rounds," nays Char- Ii« Goltlmnn, the little trainer. "Me hadn't «one that far before, and I gupposi; we worried about it romo. But after what ho did to -lot- In the 13th we know now,that hfl'8 Roln« to be a really «reat chumplon," ' I Pretty Mrs, Mnrciano, slttlni: at nn 9tlJ(>ininn table, was asked i( nhc 'thought her fishier husband, n model of modesty would change nny under the deluue of dollars "find hero worship. n "No, I don't believe he will," she Sald.-and then broke Into a bit,' If tic daes ho'll answer to it ( »rlv»to bath. Phono ? nwit liomo, Price MO. Wfttlook, 630 W. Dlvl- lsl 7-38W, 10-31 Wont«d to R.nt Star, room neat* Th* \VrUu to Box ll-3t PwtWiW^riton lilint biill-ciu'rlers that tltteB Mich- lynn Smtu to n record wlnn!n« Hlvoiik atop Nt(lUt«Uy,, the coBchoi of State's r«»)n«lt\in« fore* — ISyrucUsc, Penn r\irduo, Indlnno, Notre and NftrqueU* v hopes It pronto,, , '. \ Attor Coach Blitgw Q( tho Texus A & M ttaw hid lnd« whipped by Mluhliian Stni^ 4M. 1 Snturdny In n nivUon(illy>tt!lovU«d gnmc, he V\u< U this svuyt " ,', % "It" a not thult' lint toum that bc«u you. It's tholr itcond and third," 7 8tBttt«, who Rdmlts he likes to ultjy n lot of fallow*, he* coached his te«m to 18 Btral|ht victories — inngeat current major coil«g« streuk — nnd to « No. SI ranking In the weekly A»8Qcl»U»d Pron* poll last week, \vn» up««t Saturday by Ohio State, yt>»v Ui(j»|o used two buck unit thu tunm oven (or period* «W* vror» U down, and i pony, backfield that come In ft that pqint and, ran up u com* (wtttblo 4«*ds TUw yei»r h» A former minor league executive who had boon in baseball (oraver j 30 y«nr» before he disposed of his Tun) Yewcle con tor tlvlrd-Vlacu honors despite his "lng clownlnu und u po»t«d un the iceond of Piny- Tied with Oliver at ^w An- last aouson says that, with crent regret, he has decided to out H nd put his money into else, studied the situation cnra- fully" ho tolls me nnd have come to ijie .reluctant conclusion that itls n [lying business. I'm not ready to uhy onu thing — rudlo, tel- ovislon, the farm system — but I ' there's no future In it for I hwto the Idea, too. «u tull- in th«» three strln*. YYovi might be surprised to know hew mnny members of baseball's inner circle were predicting dur- j Ing the World Scries that neither. Brooklyn nor tho New York Glunt*j will represent the National Longuo' In next year's classic, A «ood majority of those uski'ti! the big question plumped for the! rhllUeH without much hesitation,' some nddln« that It couldn't hup- p*n to o ulcer manager than Steve O'Neill, A number said, seriously, j that they wouldn't be surpused U> see the Chicago Cubs make thft big jUntp. Into the runner up «pob w> c«U»d a full-tlnvu regular. In this years first two games Mvnn uaed only eight of his bucks They managed 219 and lie vie- over Miohl«an and Oregon! Vliami, Fla., was I. S. today with cnroutc to the another tennis rophy in his possession — the Pan \merieiin Tournament men's sin- Ion crown. Mulloy climaxed his upset triumph yesterday by defeating Art Larsen of !-(i, 7-5 San Francisco 8-li GENERAL IN TOKYO TOKYO i;VI—Gen. John R. Hodue, ;hief of Army Field Forces, ar- ivcd in Tokyo today on an inspcc- .icn tour. By CARL BELL, FAYETTEVILLE (#)— Their vie lory over Baylor was water ove the dam today for the Arkans'a Razorbaeks, who'now face the pros pect of taking on a reboundin University of Texas football team without Lamnr McHan. McHan, the Razorbaeks littl Southwest Conference triple threat- er, injured a knee in the 20-17 con- auest of Baylor at Little Rock last Saturday night. At first, it wasn't believed serious, but this morning Head. Coach Otis Douglas said he doubted that the star will be able to play against the Lor.ghorns at Austin Saturday. Another examination of the knee \vas to be made later today. The Porker coach said that American Legion Post No. 427 will meet Tuesday night, Oct. 14, at Verger High School at 8 p.rry Top Radio Programs' NEW YORK Ml — Listening tonight: NBC — 7 MacRae Show 8 Don Voorhees 8:30 Band of America. CBS — Richard Widmark, 8 Radio Theater 9 Bob Hawk. ABC — 7 Lone Ranger 7.: 30 Rex Maupin 8 Teen Age Drivers. MBS — 7 Woman of Year 7:30 Crime Does Not Pay 8:05 Reporters' Roundup. Tuesday: NBC — 10 a. m. Strike It Rich. CBS — 10:30 a. m. Grand Slam, CBS — 3 a. m. Grand Slam. ABC — 3 a. m. Breakfast Club. MBS — 10 a. m. Ladies' Fair. the tight T. McHan passed for the other TD. The coadh ever, about is the concerned how- pass receiving. added: "There arc now only 540 millions and GOO million un• in out side m our side and 800 millions under Communist rule. The leader ship we have had has resulted in Uiese losses." his new keep Split T attack won't be junked if McHan is sidelined. In Would-be receivers dropped numerous other placed tosses, three times when catches probably would have meant touchdowns. Douglas was most satisfied with the Razorback spirit. "They fought hob all the way," he said. - He thought the entire team did tb'aTcas'e "Bo*b"'st."pier.re, who'a good job. But he pointed espe- 1 cially to the play of Lewis Carpenter, who was switched from fullback, to end last week guards Sammy Dumas and Herbert Mar- Shall and Center Wayne Watkins on offense, and to the defensive work of little Johnson Gunn and Jim Sperring, Don Smith, Tom Gavlington and Bud Brooks in the operated at quarterback against Baylor will take over McHart's fullback spot and Ralph Troillett, hero of Saturday nigh.t's win, will piay quarterback.- Don Gordon had high praise for Troillett, who plunged for ope touchdown and passed -for. another while running the fourth formation Arkansas used against Baylor — line. 1fS2, by Al Cody. Kins Ftaturti Syndicate. eanio the unveiling of thvi oth?r four backs In itic fourth | quarter last Satui-day and their j iiriyiancc should aid Muan if he has any psychokmlcal problems with hi» to|t eight bavks. JUSTICE IS BLIND-First blind judge to be inducted into office in the history of Puerto Rico is Victor Pnrcs-Collazo, who presides over the San Juan Municipal Night Court. His eyesight began foiling when he was in high school. He became a farmer nnd studied low on the side, taking his de'gree at the University of Puerto Rico In 1951." He went to Morrlstown, N. J., where the Seeing Eye Institution provided him with tho gutttr d«?s T u c k, yho goea everywhere with him, Nixoi^Works on Speech About Reds USED CARS HPW AVAILABLE AT Rogers Buick Co. buy irv used oars i§ now ot your Buick Dealer. These extra nice, clean cars are trade-ins on N|W BUICKS. Bargain* For All * SID ROGERS BIEK CO. SYNOPSIS The year Is 18BI. the Civil War drawing to an fiiul. We tlnd Denny Rawls piloting the packet "AstrlU" ulonn the U'caclii'i'Oiis Missouri river from St. Louis to Ft. Bcntun. He had rejected l-Callilci'ii Oarrlauii's offer to captain her iiiint. Vnrlna." He Is nfflnnccd to As- trlil McQucaiion, wliose father owns the :rnft "AstrlU." He wonders now why jhc ts show I UK so much attention to his rival rlvcrmftii. Cnpt; Mark Whlrter. After ninny hazards Denny reaches a wharf nt Jefferson City where ha Is amazed to Hud his sweetheart and Whlrter awaiting him. The latter curtly demands an inspection of tho "Astrid's" I'lirgo. CHAPTER SEVEN MAUK WHIRTER shifted his> position on the carriage cushions, grown hard with the miles, and regarded his somewhat sullen companion with a toleration that amounted to amusement. He had looked forward to this trip, but Astrld had proved a less gay companion than he had anticipated. "You know," he said suddenly, with a contemptuous disregard for the driver of the carriage and Astrid's maid, who rode beside him. "I believe you fell for your own pretty game, my dear, and got tangled In your own skein. In other words, In making- love to Rawls, I think you more than half fell In love with him." "It wasn't my game!" Astrld NEW YORK, * — Sen. Richard M. Nixon concentrated today on the writing of a major speech, reportedly on the danger of communism, for nation-wide television and radio broadcast tonight. The Republican vice presidential candidate set other campaign matters aside for the day. The ad' dress will he carried by the Columbia Broadcasting System tele _ vision network and the American \ licoadcusting Company's radio network at 8 p.m. tESTK Nix-ui's appearance tonight was arranged by the Republican National Committee, which said it | was acting because of the public ; response to the California senator's j dramatic TV-radio explanation of I hi? expense fund three weeks ago. i Pur ing Columbus Day observ- 11 slices here yesterday. Nixcm said j his running mate. Gen. Dwighl D. ! Eisenhower, is recogni*ed^u»terna- Uon»U> as the one man who can unite; the tree world. When leadership was needed in the past, Nixon said, "sometimes iHe Democratic party furnished it. and sometimes our party furnished Bashed. "It was all your Idea In the first place 1" Whlrter was delighted. He always found her amusing In such a mood, like a cat with claws half unsheathed. "Then you did succumb to his charms!" he teased. "I didn't," Astrld denied, " It's all necessary, but I don't the way It's being worked!"' There was unnecessary Vehemence, born of temper. She felt more deeply than he had cuesitdi and knowing how explosive |h* wanting" to know what 'cSfgb he carried. But after*'a Whirlwind courtship with a girl like you, hts mind all bemused With, love; aftd the boat belonging to your father —it worked like a charm, Now we're all set, and the' lion's share of the credit goes to" ypu," "That part is all rlgh>," Astrld conceded. "But he—he wa* rather nice." ' . . . "When It cornea 1 to malting love, how about, me?." •'• Whlrter leaned forward, "FUr'apon make'you forget him, my dear." A quick look around confirmed Rawls' first imprcsslpn. The ^.strU/ was fast aground oh a bar. Incredulous, he found the pilot taking it calmly. "That durned bar's shifted since I was along here lust," he confessed. "Took me plumb'by surprise." .'• . ' Rawls choked down the, words that rose to his lips. It looked like mighty careless work, but now It was" up to him to get the boat off. Inspection revealed that there was no particular damage. But It also confirmed that they were hard and fast Mrrquntf. : ^ They workjd tor the rero§to4« ot the day, wjthou^ succesa: In.tfte morning It was necessary to rfsort to graaahoppering, and. it was past noon before they were back In the current When finally they »l Jefferson City, the nw h,a4 slow, Rawls had no intention of putting In there. He'd Utkf on treat) fuel farther upitream, h«Je* g|d«d. miOang a quick estimate of the aupply that remWned anft tne n««rt Stop wh«r« more wa* "" it,she was eager to set everything right, should she choose Mark Whirter • for a traveling companion?. It had been his presence that had spoiled everything in St. Louis. Rawls tried to recapture some of his enthusiasm as the Astrid was warped In, but it was gone in a new;disqulet. He could not put his finger on what was wrong, but things were not as they should be. He had a hunch that he'd glean new Information soon. Certainly he had no Intention of proceeding uprlver until he knew definitely where he stood with Astrid. A toolt at thci^r faces as he ^topped ashore was not reassuring. Whlrter was scowling. Astrid's expression he could not fathom, but It certainly was not that of a woman eager to greet her sweetheart. ."This is a surprise, to see you here!" Rawls exclaimed, and strove to make his voice hearty. "But a pleasant one!" "That I take leave to doubt!" Whirter's tone dripped ice. "Though We'll hope that things are not so 'bad as they seem. Mr. McQuestion placed his confidence in you, Rasvls —and falsity in man or ship I cannot condone!" Rawls looked from one to the In growing perplexity. What- could be on occasion, Whlrter quick to recognize the danger, ter to placate her before any damage was done. "It was necessary.** ha agrad promptly. "T^e only way, lo fact. And you've played your part mar- veloualy. Like your fathw, I'tt b» everlastingly grateful to you." Astrid basked in praise, and now the relented somewhat Essentially a shallow person, her mood* tttr* quickly changeable. "1 did rather like my part," confessed. "And he'« nice. ThaTa why I don't like thla part Wby i§ it necessary. Mark?" ."For a lot of reason*," WMrter said grimly. "Tb* main one belag that your father faced bankruptcy unless he could ship this cargo upriver for a big profit And with the port ftntfeortttes a** the Army ivreasingty suspicious of Out Uc- »tood apart, p*yiflf no wftat went on around tow he w»tobed thj \ n* longer relying on, ^* m bad ff3lCo|ct The tnoucbt tn«t ttawmwed: in, bja brain ia| ^nat U would be nji<aith« before h< coWtf complete ^MFtrip ' turn, Mojtife* before he A«W» eyer he had expected, thisAvas not it Whlrter was officious, curt **l hope there's some mistake, Captain Rawls," he added. "But from the reports which reached my ears, almost as soon as you had left St Louis, I have no choice but to take a look on board. As I think you know, I'm a special agent for the Government." "I don't know what this Is all a*out," Rawla said slowly, "but J»a.ve; your look, by all means." He bit back the remark that was on tl»» end of his tongue, that there WM § flahy smell about this whole proceeding. * Astrld had agreed to him. Lomax McQuestion had appeared to approve to the ex-tent of giving him command of . thif packet Would they be in- But today Eisenhower is the one I Qw*sUoo acUviUea-weU. we man recognized "who can join the Itte world in a great th»t would exienrf beyond never have •otlefi the. •W*P"**^ ^WB* her. Ufit *•*•* niuii «W« W* ... .„„ her want t» aee made the world Ordinarily there waa thuddiitc ^ w^ m '.'t'J^'flTWJfap mu*t a»vl 9m hav« d«fe«, to mad* a conHnuom i §84 tn a plot against htm? preposterous, but hts un- wa* giving way to concern as followed them bach on board, cr«w were watching, and it •truck biw that they did not ap> • « «v«n surprised. He Monday, Oefobat 13, HOP! STAR, rIOPI, ARKANSAS AROUND THE FRONT ROOM, DEAR? •y Chick OIARK IKE ( GOING TO > SVJR TUG t" ^Al~ ( THE;/'RE NOT > HtiXPING/i (THEVREJUST —CUT FOR COACH > W*^ W^ wr mp^» • AND CLUB OWNER STORMY KftlQHT AWAIT THE AM/ML OF THEM STAK OUT OUR WAY By j. R. VIC FLINT What's to Drink? ctpted » glance between torn MMl WWrter— a quick OUI4 Witt complete understanding, , 1O»Jrter went ahead, Astrld 4 ftll **Wnd Ww, Both j|). §• ha followed HORIZONTAL VERTICAL 1 Ice cream 1 Japanese rice , wine 8 Popular soft 2 Spokfn : drink 3 Small valley I 9 Alcoholic 4 Item of 1 drink e £ roper , t: f « 12 War god of S Eccentric £ Greece wheel J3 Imitated ™nks 14 On (prefix) 15 Finish for walls 600P iSOSH, I VOCK V I'M NOTfiOIMoTO LET VOL) > , rfif ATOPD TOP* ALL. J SQUANDER YOUR SUMMER'S 1 HI SUMMER AMP trAVE- \ EAEMlMC,S-,SnilM(3 MAM.' ' ' '"' \ V\V NAOMEY AND MOW \ WE'LL tMT.T SOUR MOkE-Y '•~ r ~~' : \ L CAN'T SPEMP IT \ BACK AMP BUY YOU ~V5SM F rrc? ^ Pl^MY BE e : VEW J SOMETHIMc;' 6EM6-IBLC:. A 5ECOMP-HAMP / Llk.E A MICE NEW SUIT l*i/ ^ BI/:E.' WHAT CAN A 5HOES AMP -\ IjAT TO I BUY WITH •n^OH 1 «MCLAS.'5 OwVsTr 5HAU.) 6ELV&S »V \VA$ftlSI'-TW km. it/A i u IT 2 f j GTKEN'TH ASJt7 SWOS U5ATHBR V\WBM.» DfeV,- rlver 25 Two-toed 43 Pleasant in , r .«,.»«it sloth flavor 9 Rearrange 20 Power to 4a Run away to finances attract marry 17 In favor of 1Q A(op 2 s church 4G Pronoun IBPeminine n Russian leader -17 Ingredient appellation villages 30 Praise of. plastic 19 Table linen 16 wnd ass 31 Essential 48 Fruit 21 Adhesive -o 0 Flying toys being 50 South African 23 Metal 22 Analyze 33 Wine and plant 24 Silent grammatically water drink SI Lairs 27 Pant 24 Tenth of a 35 Dared r>2 Italian city 29 Story cen t 40 Glimpse 55 Exclamations 32 More I's- 1 !. A ' *;•>£? W By MkhMl O'MblUy ihd rnt-Hiir-iT/T-B-'-'ii-TU-rVA j^irlT^r^ii \fttf\ Vrr 1 * 7 --^ WASH TUBES Wi ! senseless • 34 Amphitheaters Pi 36 Kinds of beer §1 37 Circular plate P§4) ' 38 Breathing m$ apparatus lp 39 -Hearing K4 organs Ppy 41 Dutch city |f meaning good is 46 Exterior fl 49 Run together- Wjf 53 Canton in S *m '• Switzerland IS » 1 54 Seemingly HH | absurd Ms \ statements H§ '. R6 Legal (matters ii ' 57 Scabies •M • 58 Liquid Il| [ measure Hffi ! 60 God (Latin) mM. «i Comfort z. IS & ZH 3Z 36 i6 Hi 53 Sfc W I 25 fl 5 N b 12. J 1 n. H3 tH 57 U> ; j /I z 1 39 m m <) ^ ^ HO W 1 7 H ^U Ik 37 W 155 tt Zi >;;^ '•'//:'. 35 W 0 ^ ^% /y/ |j t>b bl 7 HI 0 JO 51 1 31 51 13 r^ **?* '•-'•' TW»—• PORM THIRTV YEARS TOO SOOM IO-I3 /L.".^^^^.--» — OUR BOARDING HOUSI With Major Hooplc CARNIVAL By Dick Turner 10-13 - T. M. Rt|. U. ». Pit Off 2 b> NE» S4f«;c OODEM ^^^^e^^^^^D^gg ABOUT MEAT ^ClKlDER. ArOD ^. ) eWieKI-Mt>t : KIOiVOU OOM'Tl, i« *«i iifc*^* _.j FLIGHT 27, OOZIMG ?AiRB ST^RTLEP SCUFFLE. ' !«>••(, »«T* "'« •* »<4 *;;.''*' «*8Wr- i i Vklklfl •f^iNYt-, c«" BOulS AND HER BUDDIES NOW .OOftV , <ol 5. ? S'OO 60X WOWTO W C^'W "\W. V •». - V. ! "T?ra»; *i , Wil* *»'N ...•Lijw BUGS BUNNY FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger *• "I've heard so much about your books—now I'd like to x Hear your side 1 ." """" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith WWHRB VA, 0BBN ? ^ PKTUNI^S 6./W BBR VA^ T'PR/SCTlCB -—- VSR VIOLIN LB^SON / The «§?§» wa* tfaere— boxes and barrel neatly stacked, needed ajn ticiec for Fort Benton and the wild frontier beyond- Mlnlns tools, ge». eraj b*rdw*re and supplies such fi be partteutarl^ uaeful i» ft M l tried out one of the gags in your cartoons and it didn^t work! 1 /'" lt'9 TURNED WTO M.UEY OOPP KNKSFOR' i INTQ ^ I FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blotter CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer 6er A LOAD opTMAT- TMIN05 ARE R8AUY . HUMMING DOWN TWEftE/ ^ ; _ : _ n _.^,^ ^-^ ^! -/ffz?

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