Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania on November 24, 1879 · Page 3
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Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Chester, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1879
Page 3
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D A I L T T I M E S . THE ArroixTMEHT or A CEXSTS Su-1 _ PEKVISOK.--Tne» b likely to be eotna j pastor of Madison stn?et M. £. C'biircb. now PERSONAL.--Rev. Joseph VVelcb. formerly i THE THIRP TIME.--The property of the JOIXKKS LAID OKF.--A number of ! Tiuicum Fishing Company, sold at SheritTs jol liners at Koaclis' s'iii van) were laiii C"f«ter for \**Um!ns1on at *.rc. ?.:$. '-... T.ll.3-41. 4.rt. 5.4S. p.m.. :---sht. V.':!minston far Crioster fit 7. f.lft. "." V.'.TJB IH..2.5TI. i. 546. 7.0'i. 9.46 p. census districts. It appears that Air. Ward's ' recovered sutlicietnly to cet about again. ; Saturday that he would keep the slieritVsell- ! district includes tbe counties of Chester,! Miss Laur-i Haul is I\H. lined to her home ' ing this prorerty the rest ot his term. The ~ , . T · ' - - - - - - ^ -. . - -- _ ...-, i4 * f -\,. *.j inv t*.^i 1*1 1.15 i v i i n . i i i v i 0111; h ·{ --o' Delaware and Li-acaMer, aiid it further ap- , on account of sickness, and the Bible class hiitorv of this fishing sliore is a curious one I | m 'e been ; 5 lo l*ars that Representative A. Herr Smith, of was taught josterday afteruo.m by Mr. C. ir.dwd. I l.omiKKS.--Since our last report thoro * in I lit? Maliou house. L*ave Cnest^r fnr New York at 2.40. 7.5.5, :.. 12 41. fi. 14 P. m . . ~':if-*:f-r frr fialtimore at f* 67 a. m.. '"i. 4 ·'" T. m.. 12.10 muliMsht. t~_,'i\-er-ifftc-r for "Washington at 8.07 a. m.. · V -I.' 7 p. m.. 12.10 midnight. Ycf.v.- rho-ter for Delaware Railroa-3 at 8.29 q '-n.. r . 4 ~ p . rc. ibe Lancaster district, lias also a caiidiua'.o, C. l.arKin. wbicb will bring about an antagonism in', lion. V," Ward lias returnc; 1 *rom \Va?h- Foi; biliousness, and instead of pills, use I 1 . V . U .¥ i i * U 1 1 1 I H , l»*J\J*~t\. U.-I M l *».«·» V J U I C U ^ i l » , .1 il-. I J . I · tii . · l l l i U l l i l 3 i t - l l Z I M t l . V ' l l l * il^ . 1 * 1 ' I I ( ' " " ( t i l l the selection of Supervisors, representative ' ingioi. where he spent all of last week at-i A J r v E X i i . K TuitF.--Saturday morning uepauiu-, -o cents a oouie. Ward's candidate is 11. J. Snowdeii, a re-1 tending ui legal auu Congressional duties, i t w o or three hoys were loiteritu; around the tired merchant of Media, a man of ability | lie has beeu busy every day and most, of the SUNDAY TRAINS. , 1. :,--.TO Philadelphia for Chester S.31 a. m ·· j 4x 11 .sii p. m. '* KIVP Chester for Philadelphia at 8.53 a. m., ' ~ : T 40. 7.IS. 10.18 p. in. !nve Chester for Wilminstaa at 9.21 a. m., .- u in.°?p. m.. 12.10 mMnisrit. Leave Piiestpr for Baltimore and Washlng- ·dn sit 12.11 rnielnieht. Leuve "Wilmington for Cliestor a t s . t n a . m , '.. ·" "0. P.4P p. m. PHIL. * B. C- R- P.. : eavf Cnester for Port Deposit at S 29 a. m., ( -''i. i n . * i jive O!i«tpr for Oxford at R 29 a. m.,?.15. i - ' p. m. On Saturday, fi.15 n. m. I.pavp fiipster for Chadd's Ford at S 29 a. m. ; -\ .:.-,'· p. m. On Saturday -US p. m. iave Chester for Oxford, Saturday's only, it r i-i D. m. On Sun.lavs, l?are Philadelphia for Oxford a - ' l a l ! ir.term«liate stations at 8.30 a. m. iavp Oxford for PhSlartPlphlaand all inter- i : c,i : r ur stations at 3.20 p. m. MOXDAY, NOV. 24, 1379. !u-doors tbe mosquitoes still survive. There are five Sundays in tbis uiontb. ' (ysters are exceptionally fine this fall. Victor Hugo is seventy-seven years old. The sunset last nigbt was a lovely one. Georgia bas raised three crops of figs this year. Jack Frost pictured the windows last :iight. We'll have some more warm weather by and by. The dogs aie kiliing sheep in Chester (,'oauty. Tbe crass in the fields still holds its color pretty well. Tbe church is not tbe place to go to show rine clothes. Animals suffer with diphtheria, as well as ·be human race. Comfort should never be sacrificed for the =ake of pretty looks. Tbe farmers are making their pigs utter the last expiring squeal. Uood is tbe most effective agent with which to conquer evil. Floiida papers state that strawberries ait; blooming and ripening there. sis Ions of coal ought to keep two fires supplied through the winter. The turkey tribe will be numerously rep- :e;entt(I in our market on Wednesday. Sunday should not to be taken for a geu- ·-·ral visit me day any more than for funerals. A Union Thanksgiving service will b; helil l:i the First Pres'-jyttrian church tnis CLrii'.mas toys are being exported to Eu- r'lpe. (hie firm recently shipped $12,000 Tli--- m i n t iu Philadelphia is the only one n the United States where pennies are Europe is going into ths business of pine trrowing. Thu seed is obtained from ibis ··'"intrj. The air-brake on the trains that stop here mak^s tl-e windows rattle in the vicinity of 'bt- depot. There was snow in the clouds yesterday, 'jut :i did not fail. It, will come one of these days. Tbe city water was a little clearer yesterday, but still looks as if it flowed through :':.'· "mijky way."' After reading the report of tbe Commis- ^.":.-:-i5 of Agriculture one cannot eat pork w, h a very bearty relish. TLfi^e ten dollar packages of silver some- '-iii'is have a lead quarter inserted. It is "··" to examine all monev received. and interest in this work. The papers of the candidates of both these gentlemen have been filed with the Superintendent of the Census, and as the time for the meeting of 1 Congress approaches, they begin to show | considerable activity. '·Air. Smith claims the appointment at Lancaster ou the ground of that being the largest city in the district, and Mr. Ward claims it for Delaware county on account of that beiuK the most important manufaetur ing centre in the district. The Superintendent of tbe Census, iu disposing of this matter, will select more particularly with reference to the interest of his bureau, and will act solely to that end/' The -Ye?': Era, a Lancaster newspaper, commenting ou tbe subject, has the following to say : "The grounds upon which Mr. Smith claims tbe appointment for Laucaster are not correctly stated. Taking no account of the political importance of bis division of tbe district, he bases it on the fact that Lancaster county pays annually $4:J7,000 of internal revenue taxes, while Chester and Delaware when combined as the old Seventh District paid only ?20,000. Besides, Chester has now the Collector of the Port and Judge of the United States District Court, besides a little army of employees in the federal offices iu Philadelphia, appointed from Mr. Ward's district. Therefore, in all tbe considerations which properly enter into the determination of this question, Lancaster is clearly entitled to tbe preference in selecting the census supervisor for the district." EDUCATIONAL.--Tbe following is a list of pupils of the High School who have obtained a general average of 90 and upward for tbe month ending Nov. 21 : CLASS OF 'so. Evelina I ) . Caldwell, Annie B. Doyle, Lizzie T. Uoherty, Jjiz/.ic Bartow, Elhi P. Smith, SalUe H. Fairlamb, Emma L. Mirkil. Maggie McClellanil, M. C. Kenwortiiy. CLASS OF '81. Laura Cloud, Lizzie C. Morgan, Mary .S. Peniiell, Mary Ford, Howard Cochran, Charles H. Pepper, Jessie B. Clark, Nellie A. JBirtwell, Einrna V. Buck, Ila I- Johnson, Alice W. Stanton, K i n m a V. Milcuell, . Peuueli- CLASS OK 'S2. Isaiah M i r k i l , Emma Provost, Milton H. Bickley, Frank Evans, Bella McCurdy, Harry E. Wilson. Lizzie C. Gerard, Marian L. E m l e n , E. Barton Johnson, Anua A. Bacon. CLASS OF 'Si. Elva Thompson, Lizzie -Davidson, Inez Smith, Eliza Howard, Maggie Cutler, E m i l y Trainer. A r t h u r Burnap, Hinkson. John Black. Kdwiii Clark. Louise Johnson, Mary Morrow, May Shields, Maggie Ford, Willie Ward, Laura Button, Uell.i Bottomley. f o l l o w i n g named p u p i l fit Welsh street school, Xo. 3, made a.n average o! for the month ending Nov. 21st: Ma;y Robinson, 91.0. Tbe names of tbe scholars of the Middle V\"ard Grammar School who made an average of ninety per cant, and upwards fu tbe month ending Nov. 2Ist, 1S7D, are as follows : yinlfi Grade--Gertrude Haas, 92-7; Jen- Die Cul'iis. 92 C : Kate Hinkson, 9'".4 ; Geo. Monroe, 90.2 ; Anna McFarland, 90. Eighth frradc--Helen Urown, 94 1; J. Caldwell Hinkson, 94.; Fannie Weidner, 9:J.~; Emrua Duherty, 91.; James Lrooks, 91.6; Debbie Sheldrake, 90.8. ficren'h Gr"le--Hannah Booth, 00. A I'liouAULE NEW LINE OF STEAMER-*. --For some time .past taere has been con- sidfiabiri discussion among shipping people of New York as to the feasibility of starting au ArnPrican stearnahip line between New York and Liverpool. \Vbile no plans have been definitely agreed upjn, ana no contracts signed, j e t t l i e probable agents have night since he went away last Monday. He attended tbe unveiling of tbe Thomas statue. Mr. John G. Dyer has not improved, and this morning his condition was considered critical. STKAWS. KKOM TIII-: IAI:I:AC.-K^.--The wheel of c*det To's bicycle sprung out of shape, and cadet 10 broke bis ou Saturday. The chevrons came on Saturday. Cadets 75, 41, 10, SS and 1:5--all members of the bicycle club--were out showing themselves Saturday. Tl-o members of the bicycle club t h i n k ihe stieets ought to be rolled for their bene- tit, so that their machines will not faie so badly. Tne plumes for the first class men catne Saturday, but they were not satisfactory and were sent back. Some of the cadets got stuck with lead quarters and lialf-dollaro in Chester Saturday. The High School football club backed out Saturday, and the cadets had a little game lo themselves. The High School boys should have stuck to their challenge. DAXGEKOCS ULSTKKS---it was tbe original idea cf tbe inventor of tbo ulster that it should be impenetrable aliko for the tempests of the cleop and the s,toirrj.s of the forest, but when it is transformed into a dangerous, wrap, concealing beneath its folds all manner of ill-concocted and air-ascending plans, it is time to discontinue their manufacture. Two young men were returning horns late ou Saturday uight, one clad in the world-renowned plaid ulster, extending to bis feet, and tbe oilier scantily attired. The wind was blowing a gale, and as Third street bridge was approached the wind by some inconceivable rnamuuTre got beneath the ul- ster, and it required the herculean strength of his companion to prevent him from being carried over the railing and drowned in the turbulent waters of Chester creek. There ia a moral in this, young man. A THEFT OF WHISKEY.--Some time Saturday or Sunday night burglars broke into the cellar of Jesse \V. Kawcliffe's Aubrey Hotel, at Third and Howell streets, South ward, by means of one of the windows, and stole a large quantity of whiskey. That was not tbe worit part of it, for after filling all the bottles they could carry, they left the spigots turned on and allowed the contents of two barrels to flow over the floor, Mr. Rawclifle did not go inlo the cellar from Saturday night u n t i l this morning and therefore cannot tell whether tbe depredation wai committed Saturday or Sunday night. The loss ia estimated at about $200. Their letting two full barrels go to waste after taking all they wanted seems like adding insult to injury. A VALI-AISLK HOOK.--ilr. John J. Lambert, of Delaware county, has secured the agency for the al»! of ''Headley's Illustrated Life and Travels of Gen. Grant," a brilliant record of bis remarkable career from hi boyhood's home to the completion of bis extraordinary journey around tbe wotid. General Grant occupies a large place h tbe interest, the admiration and the affections of tbe American people. The events of tbe last two years shows that he also oc cupits a prominent place in the estiraatioi of the whole world. Tbe book will doubtless have a largo sale, as it should be in every household. Air. Lambert is a genial agent, and he wil doubtless be waimly received by our citizens. P. \V. A; 1. depot, and one of thorn, a colored boy. stole a spigot from a washstaud in that building, it was missed by Mr. ililes, and the boy suspected denied it. but after being threatened by officer llootf the ";ul proceeded to a fence across the street rom the depot aud got it. He was then coutiued in tbe lockup for a few hours, aud after a severe reprimand he was let go. Usiox SKHVICES:.--The congregations of iladison S-ieot M. K., the Third Presbyterian aud First Presbyterian churches w i l l lold union services in the latter church on Thanksgiving morning. Uev. P. II. Mo wry w i l l preach the sermon- The congregations of iho First Baptist, Trinity MT K. and Second Presbyterian churches of the South ward, w i l l u n i t e in the latter church, and the Uev. A. (J. Thomas will preach the sermon. A Si'Pi'EK.--Saturday evening the machinists aud a number of the employees of the Eddystcne Print Works were given a supper at the residence of Mr. Win. Berry, ou Broad street, master machinist at the above establishment. Mr. Berry, a few days before, was the recipient of a very handsome set of dishes, and thu supper was a sort of christening of the beautiful china. Tbo supper was admirably gotten tip, aud much enjoyed by all present. WILL REMAIN.--Tim wonderful clock, wiiich was ou exhibition in Holly Tree Hall store, all of last week, will remain another week, the proprietor considering that such a course would meet the approval of our citi /.ens. The price of admission remains the same, aud as there are many of our citizens who have not yet seerj it they should lost; no time in going to see it. it ranks among the great curiosities. A H E A f T i F u r , CAIIINKT.--Mr. Josepl Deering, the enterprising drygoods merchant, at 17 West Third street, ha 1 * just put into his store a beautiful cabinet for holding spool silk. It is solid walnut, very large, has a glass front to show the colors of the silk, and altogether is a nice and useful ornament. It was manufactured by Messrs. Belding Bros. Co., whose silk it contains. J)ECIDEJJ.--The lawsuit which was in progress all of Saturday marring before Al- denuan Alien, between J. M. Sharpless A Co., and Dobbins, a colored canal boat captain, to recover expenses of pumping out and raising the boat, from the latter party, was decided by the aldorrnau in favor o: J. M. Sharpless C*). it ia probable that an ap; ;;il w i l l b'j lake a. A NEW Si'.:;.--Mr. Henry Hinkson, t!i obliging C'irpi;'.. and drygooods merchant, n Market Square, has had eiccLuil on bis stort a now and beautiful sign. The ground work is dark and the lettnrd aro rui^l gilt, the handiwork of Alexander King. Thu sign real and pretty, a::d in kec-jiru: with M:. Iliuksoa's increasing trade. \ World «r J«MNl. One of the most popular medicines now jet'ore the Ameiican public, is Hop H'lters. You see it everywhere. People take :t w ;ood effect. It builds them tip. It is not pleasant to the taste as some other Bitteis, s it is not » whiskey drink. Il is more ike the old fashioned bone set tea that done ,t world of £ood. If you don't feel ust right try Hop Bitters.--Xinnta -Vni-.s. AX1 H O L I D A Y W K E Holly Tree Hall Store, SECOND AND LAST WEEK 1)1 Uu- Wonderful HtllLlCAL ,1A7) HISTORICAL Ail m i s s i o n , vours, ft cents. A L S O , T H K ixt, Statin Kni/iifi in Ihf, Wortil, R u n n i n g by steam power. 10 cunts. Children UMilor I im'.!4-H C O 3ST O AT TIII-: First Presbyterian Church, Tuesday Evening, Nov. 25th. i ' H O U K A M M E . I'AKT FIRST. 1 I ' l A N O D i m . "Uruml Oiilop ilc; M l N s Kloiviico M. Worrell, Mr. K. J». HiiriHvr. | \'-nli 'i I f U A H T E K T K , " Hol In K l K l Mr*. K v e n ' s t , , M l s N story, :i W o l ' K A N O Moi.o."J)l IiiKloja J i i K Alis.s Ally W l i i i i n u r y . I H A n i ' r » N K Moi.o, "Hwiwile." M r . .1 nines Dover. 5 O i M i A N Moi.Op \ i Andutilo, 'J'lniiir ('/OJlurtdlR', Jititfxlr Miss KloruiHT JVI. Wonoll. fA'i;rAvn I', foHTHAM-o Hoi.i), "ClniKl Nl«lu, Fn rowel AllsN A t i n l o Htory. I'AKT SECOND. 1 S o i ' i t A N O Koi.o, ' - A n K c l Kulr," Jfmtili'l Mrs. K. 'i TKISHK 801,0, "Hwoctlu'iirt.s," Kutlti'iin 3 N O J ' K A . N ' O ,S')|,). " H w l H S M I s H A h l i y W h l i i i H I On': AN Kor.o, u Ullcrlolr' 1 , Wvlfj !/ M D V I T I I M I I I , frotii H o i u i l Mr. K. 15 Hjici.cpr. r, I r KT I K. " J j l l y ol K l l l i Mr. Toumoy and Mr. D r y e r Duors o j i f t i ul 7 o V U x ' k . (Jonorrt T l f l f l s for sale i l Mr 1 ,. H. Morrlion'K, uinl H i i n l " i ' r t i M i n k i l r / r i ' . A l I t r - M i i l n , M r . II. T H u l l , .Ir , mid lit I h i - ilnor. All hualN im 1 p-Hcrvci). I ' r i i ' c , '.',? ci'i:l i . !i!i'Jl-!it E LOAN.--At a ineoting of UK; youth Chct-- tcr I J u i l d i i i K Association, held .Saturday evening, ?500 was sold at par. The Citizens' J J n i k i i n t j Association met Saturday evening, arid sold S500 at. 2 per cent, ?2fX) at " per cent and £),i!00 at 2 p«i cent. THE Co.NCEirr.--Tha progrararn 1 : of the cor.cert to be civen in the First Presbyterian church to-morrow evening is published in another column. It will bn ou« of the best ! entertainments ever given in Um city, and the church should b'j packed. SHERIFF'S SAI.E-V--Tbe following properties were sold at SheriiTs sale iu tbu City Hall on Saturday afternoon : National Hall b u i l d i n g on Third street, the property ff C. C. Ejre, was sold to Jr} Ia;.i! Harvey for Si:i5. j , , ,, r 1 A lot on Eighth and K-rlin Greets, b-long- I l i a s coiurnencfcd tbe «.xcavalio» f'.r J.ucKOVKME.vr.--Mr. Wm. J. Mc'Jlim; I , A i ; ( i i i : : A N D T E N T H ANNUAL THANKSGIVING FAIR A N r *' f^~ ^) *jp " TURKEY SUPPER OK St. Luke's Episcopal Church. At.'; o'clof): in Hi" iifl'jrnooii, tlicrc w i l VERY FUNNY EXHIBITION, For l.ijt and l l t t l i - f o l k ' , PROFS. YOST AND BAXTER. r v , t r. been named, and the oiass of vessels deter- j ir ,. , 0 };,,bert Ander»on, to D. M. Johns mined upon. Mr. J. H. Winchester, of the WS3 so ],j !o M r . Hmsf, ?'-ra- :---.,= pa !e faces, but it is not more mi- · sbip-buiidu.g yaros co.iulry, Jonn · t- :..;·- than a good iua;A- other occupations. , ] loach i sous, of this City. *. :n. Lrr.nip ; N';·?··£ par.;r nsed to b--. one of the cost ar-! '-^!- ^ to polish -windows, bul since wood en-' '- :; so iargeiy into its coujposition it is not - : "a i.-. TL- I'reibyttriai. concert, wiii undoubtetl- X i - a;i f-xtra tine one. With so ma:.y ' '-- ' «= ar:;^'s lh,- public may be snre of a "·'.. ': a:. · '- = a^.' uucoraiaori uow-a-days to "' - "· ~ ''·:.':. tbe teiepLone "wub yur frierris ~ '. .' "iiaii'1 tniies away. lh*? · '-*.""'" -' ' · " - · · , savs. J:.' ; - -*·;.-. },avc spruce aati p;ne :rv"£ car. -'· "-··' '-···': o'-r.-s fj~ aii.diic^ '»col- Tl.ere ::s. j'niladelpbia, or ii.s llcir'^an x Hoi- liijEiWf.r'.ri Co., of Wilmington. JJd. r. ct-rlnijiiv would mark a new f.ra. r\ onr f.-.ianaercial m;triRt, if '·'"" coi:!-' oriC': :n-',re bave a:i American I'r.'A from that p-jrt, getting its fair sbare of tb» carrying trade, vet it will not do l« r« too : of Philadelphia, for SGO, anil a lot l ' to lr: same party, in boiith CLes s-^i'I lo K'Jrriund -Jon':s. for i-yj. ter, was i under tbe !hrc»: one-sUiry stores operated by ' ] h i m at Third and K«jrlin st.-fi'ita, a»d w i l l pu f , . · an additional story or» *;acb, thus improving that protwrty very rniK:h. i IIiMJ *\'i:.'!).--About fi^«; o'cl'ick la',t »^ tb'-. 7«ii.d tpratc' up Trorn th': nor'b- · W(*t, ariJ. \i\(-,vi a. galf lor son:«: Uw. Th': : dnst flc'A", ari'l rnaf!'; i* 'I^ci'^'liy urij.I'Msar;!. . The alniosipb'.-r'i rapidly c;!':'^" CSJ\':T. Mo 1 .'. · p*-pie rernaui'-.d in do'irs. ·.. toK-rti"i w l t l j Hi" I ' M f . j i ' iI'm r ii ( f f'.V.V }· fJTT/,K 1) MVIA'F.S, «r JT.\( M i^ ·.'.-i'li :: ·"h'r u,-i , j r i ) V . v.i, -j w i l l I X ' K , f i ' - f i i r ' - K lit- ! Grand * li.v t i . ' HOMK, r;« ?;F.T HOMK.--The r'-parj for !].'· h«-ar;ii v i.': of !!.'; r;)a! f :rnal mansion v.^^ 1 nev-r so forc.bly ,!i;istra'':! as iii thi-; 'ou''.'/- i:.Z anecdote -' A joung mar:. ':7;l'::i*Jy 2 Jrj*; ;.'; : i; at*.r:ouV;.-i of Jovf- arid "irus^gir ;d tha*. t:;e place of ' l':.r-'' c'ay. 1=4 f:.vor.:'- M J t ' f ( 7 . r.or M K . M A ' ' Jf i;rfi»ro*: r'-a-l i;irc:es by ib- r^ :t t;;at -:oi liarrisonr that a rr-ir^r has r»ee;i P- r:n ;·'! :,',·" T-nr: T '3: -;.i-iiy iua «;T*-: - J-..'J i, ·*-,tA'\ retake fcinjstif up f» h:? ida of fa.ihf'jlly. , :b*i broad ex;,:~-s- , v iv . t ._ P X H : J : ; I ;' i f ' f V * K.KT of P c ·:.~-_T"~'.. f '- z ra; I'pj^r Dar'vj \'-A\- i* V.r a-5 six ord;3ary cranc-*s. ·" - ::·": :" "-jc as ^^\ to :?:·:: "--- -_" ^:r.g frrrices frosj aa'.f-paat ^:i io ^-'.rr.^r.J :.-. half-pAs; iwo in tis af^er- :. - Th"? nrs'. i;*roed boar ;3 a IQ-JS: .r.- "-- :+-.· on« ;o ;Le "OUST housekeeper, asd . ··-··- rr.-X-T*="-.Z w"--:".J 20 :f th« :i=:e f- .n ··-'- u of ;/;^ Yfiird ar.-; ii^rka streets, n the city ·' Ph/.- j r ;.; j-: J:rr.;tiCS3 jjr =af,:.«I hai '-.i. and tfar*:* '. has pceva: ;··': .i- mar;, i'ar at rt '..rn'M n.-! A'-A neatly V" v» *" I.* ;s an-", ai*^ from th fc . ; un-'S.-.n of Market street a: s -l \Vr*(jIar.'1 av^:;::^ ar,-d I^ar^y r-ad to IJ^ ::.:^r5ec:.or: of V."yi:ar,.i av ;:.-.·· a:.-1 Fifty- second sa^tt. The teurUi of tre roa--i ·*"!!. i a ten njiles. or ih«r«a;yyi»A. "I" be asr.o~i.t of the capilai slock of ifae e- .mr.i^y LJ 5I-,-.- ». divided :a» 2»»J sir.arr-s of tie par *al - as pr*s ·:-:.'. -..I AST* ~ar. resort* 1 Vj t / e before a'.-iermari H . V T T K r . V - -- J^.-7/. , J'hii^ps, two Ita;ia (i;if.c-.j:ty on A' - » II. Keiift fir a ir;o .'.A;; V^-l O3j tL" ;. A N'lf* Ci/»'.x. -- A La.? h*en ' t \vyA jr. Ib* T'S,;r. ti. lh-: I*. V. t : .« a lot.g !!«**':'· ly i*; apprecialed . . -M'.ni »«·;. T '»? aw. «ij- ar.4 he d*:- HK irlarj'Jo oTMer lo ke*p I'r.ft tJji -*»/-. .f Mr. · K,h *li'J if '! f «T5,' ^t paid tbe costfs * "^ 5aJ6»r parti** NEW BUCKWHEAT, TT"-T Kr'ST.lVKft AT T. J. FJN ROAN'S FLOUR AND FEED STORE. 32? M A feJCET STREET. street*. P» NEWSPAPER!

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