Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania on November 11, 1879 · Page 3
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Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Chester, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 11, 1879
Page 3
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D A I L Y p. W . R . R . R . j for Chester at 7. 7 .30. *, j in -n v-a. Tin.. 12. V. !.#. 2,10. 3. 4.00. 4-3O. 5.15, ''·v ·- Ti r.W. 9.4!5. in.45. 11.30 p. tn. "riarp Chester for Philadelphia S.«. 7. 7.5V « H ; -~ "-23. 938 - 10 - 12 - 11 - OB ft - m - 1-09. 1JS3. 3 .12 4 "«. "i -S*. fi-14. C.52- S.07. 10.18 p. tn. r pave Chester for WUmlnctnn at ».1B. 3.29, u.n a.m. .2.11. 3.41. 4.38. 5.«. 6.56. 10.29 p.m., i» in mHnfffht. '~L«u-f- TTUmineton for Ch^ter nf ?. ».in, i. 9.3.1. in 30. 12-35 a m.. 2-30. 4, 5 46. 7.20, 9.46 p. "Leare Chester for New York at 3.02, 7.5S, n '2. a. m.. 1.09. 6-14 p. m. Leave Che«ter for Baltimore at 8.W a. m., ··) ··*) 4 3? P. in.. 12.10 mldn4eht. "Leave Chester for Washington at 8.07 a. ra., ;;-3n 4,3* P. m.. 12.10 midnight. ~!ave Chester for Delaware Railroad at 8.29 SUNDAY TRAINS. l^ire Philadelphia lor Chester 8.30 a. m.. l, « o.4". 11-"op. m. Leave Chester for Philadelphia at 8.53 a.m.. «re. "un. p. m. ' i^ave Chester for Wilmington at 9.21 a.m., sis 10.59 n. m.. 12.10 mldnient. Leave Chester for Baltimore and Washlng- *on at 1^.11 wiidnlfflit. Leave wnralngtan for Chester JttX.IOft.m.', · ·' SO. 94ftp.Tn. PHIL. A B. C- R- R ',=ave ctio'ster for Port Deposit at 8 29 a. m., ' Leave Chester for Oxford at R29A. tn..3.12. 4. r; r. m. On Wednesday and Patarday, 6.15 Leave Chester for fhadd's Ford at R.23 a. m. i 12.4.59 p. m. On Wednesday and Saturday L c ave Chester for Oxford, Saturday's only, it 015 p.m. ' L " i On '2tin1*v«!. leave Philadelphia for Oxford a rid »l l intermediate stations at 8.80 a. m. and. Leave Oxford for Philadelphia and aU Intermediate stations at 6.30 a. m.. and 3.2o p. m. CHESTEJB CITY PKESBTTKBIAX SUSDAY SCHOOL.--The Sunday school of the above church gave the second of a series of entertainments last evening. Long before the hour of opening arrived, their room was crowded by members of the congregation and friends. The business of the association was first transacted. Arrangements were made for tbe annual anniversary of the school, aud a committee appointed to look after it. Rev. Mr. Stiles will be invited to be present. The entertainment consisted of a prelude by Miss Mary Burke, a recitation, "The Old Apple Tree," by Miss Mary Maekey; A quartet by Wm. A. Dobson, H. G. Kurtz, Miss Emma Fountain and Miss Annie Fleming; readings by Miss Maggie Cutler and, Lizzie Miles; singing by the school, "Like a Bird to Thee;" reading, selections from " The Wave," the Sunday school paper, by Miss Mary £. Burke; singing, Miss Reaney's class, "Only Waiting;" a dialogue, called "Polly Ann," by Misses Kate Wagnet, Bella Stinson, Lizzie Wilson, Bessie __ ,, ,, _ , . McMaster and C. M. C. Lewis. The whole , PMWWAI,.--Mr. George B. Oglesby, who concluded with singing," Watching." left Chester for Nebraska, some time ago, is As at the first, so at tbe second entertain- now P lavin g at tn « Coliseum theatre, at ment, everything proved a success. The Le * dfille ' Colorado. especial feature of last evening was " The 4Jar «meient 'Sheriff, John J. Rowland, This is the name "of the SundaF * nd tne obliging jailor, Morgan Baker, all of Media, left Chester, last evening, for Mr. Wash. Bishop's farm in Maryland, wbeie they will spend several days gunning. Both are good shots and we anticipate lots of game for them. Messrs. T. D. Cummings aud George Gu:ltz left Chester to-day for Smyrna, where they will gun for a few days, and Caleb Clayton aud Edward Lyons started for Reading this morning. They drove up aud took a gnu along, in case they should see any game along the road. Councilman Greenwood, of the North ward, who has been indisposed for some time past, has sufficiently recovered to be on the streets once more. A HIGHWAY ASSAULT. -- Mr. John Broomhead, an elderly citizen of Upland, who sometimes comes to Chester and drinks more liquor than he ought to, visited this city last night, and while here imbibed pretty freely. About fifteen minutes past ten o'clock he was going over the lot on Edg- mont avenue adjoining the Friends' burying ground, and some one dealt him a heavy blow in the face. The blow was very severe, and nearly prostrated Mr. Broomhead. He ran across the street in the direction of Mr. Hattou's plumbing establishment, and when about to the pavement he fell. His face was terribly bruised, and his mouth j was bleeding. He suffered great pain from the wounds. Officers Hoc ff" an a McCaffrey took him to a drug store, where Dr. J. F. M. Forwood dressed tbe wounds. His assailant ran down Seventh street, and could not be found, nor is he known. It was a dastardly act, and deserves severe punishment if the perpetrator could only be apprehended. A Coos HCXT--Tbe Coon Club was out last, night again, and spent most of the night in the woods, but found uo coons. They returned late this morning with three or four opossums. The night was a good one for coon hunting, but somehow tbe dogs could not start any. school paper, first presented to tbe public last evening. The selections In it are ao/a^ posed by members of the school. 'Miss Mary Burke is the editress, and to her much of its success last evening was due- The entertainments will be repeated every monthly meeting night during tbe winter, and on Thursday night of tbe week after the supper. THE NATIONAL WOOL WORKERS.--Tomorrow afternoon the annual meeting of the National Association of wool manufacturers will commence at the Continental hotel, Philadelphia. Messrs. Hugh Shaw and D. Reese Esrey, of this city, are expected to be present. SEW S. A. ALEXANDER, OPTICIAN, Roxborough, - Philadelphia, WILL STAY AT TIHC GOT OFF--The British Crown, of the American Steamship Line, the outward bound vessel that went aground in tbe river, this side of Pennsgrove, on Friday, got off yesterday moraine about 11 o'clock, at high tide, and passed dbwu the bay. ARM BROKEN.--Sunday afternoon a lad, whose name we could not learn, was play* ing about some freight cars on the siding of the Front street railroad, at tbe foot of Market street, and accidentally fell, sustaining a fracture of the arm. TUESDAY. XOV. U, 1879. Coal is fairly jumping. Colds are easily caught now. News paper is scarce and dear. Not many women want to vote. Postal cards are a great convenience. Christmas comes on Thursday this year. Sunday funerals should be discontinued. A debt on a church retards its usefulness Of making patent medicines there is na? end. Carelessness seems to rule on sea and 'and. The German Lutherans did well at their supper. Twenty-five years is quite young enough for a woman to marry. Don't say "I done it," and "I seen it," nor "I would of gone." Epizooty is afflicting tbe horses in the upper end of Chester county. All sorts of job printing done at this office neatly, cheaply and well. Flour is going up. Better lay in a barrel before it gets to be any higher. Don't leave the front door unfastened and your hat and overcoat in the entry. What looks worse than a ragged suit of what was once a magnificent dress ? The last fly of summer looks lonesome and we hasten to pat him out of his misery. Tbe preserving season was over some time igo, but the price of sugars is still going up. Dress the children in warm, stoat clothing, and then let them enjoy outdoor play. Mr. McClelland's burglary is another argument in favor of letting the street lamps burn all night. Don't think that the worst thing about a mean act is being found out in it; the worst is in being mean. The gentle rain that we had the other night has made the'growing wheat look a good deal brighter. The Bailey robbery at Eennett should be a warning to other people not to keep their money in the house. Subscriptions to the TIMES and Advocate oouie in daily, showing that tbe public appreciate good papers. senator Bayard's "Welcome Home" will be tendered him this evening. Wilmington ^ill have a jolly time. The Powell brothers give another exhibition of diablerie onFriday evening, at wbich "*e prophecy a full bouse. Senator Bayard stole a march on the Wil- EKagtonians, in coming home when they were not aware of his arrivaL The wife should never suffer her love of reading to prevent due attention to tbe wants of her husband and children. The cabbage crop has been immense this year, and the lovers of soar krout can have Sil of that delectable compound. "IT WAS THE CAT."-rThe master of hounds of the Chester club on Saturday morning received from the members of the Middletown Coon club a bag, wbich was supposed to contain a live coon, so that the home clnb could give'their dogs a little practice. Tbe bag was left in one of our hotel stable yards,with instructions to give it to the above functionary. H6 was incliued to be inquisitive, and before be carried the bag home he opened it to examine the monster coon, when lo! a huge cat revealed itself and made an effort to escape. Tbe bag was quickly closed, and the cat allowed to remain where it was. He had no me for such animals; coon or nothing is his motto. To get rid of the over-grown feline they pat it in tbe carriage of a geatleman who was going out the Middletown road, but when be got to Harrison's hill tbe cat became dissatisfied, and made such a racket that the man threw th? bag and its contents into the road. A ahert time after a well known drover was passing that way with a herd of cows, and he spied the bag. He picked it up and tin- tied it, when out jumped tbe enormous cat, scaring Tom almost out of his wits. He carried tbe bag to tke Black Horse hotel, where he related his story. Of course it was all understood there and much enjoyed. HUMPTV DUMPTY,---The entertainment known as Humpty Dumpty, given in Holly Tree Hall last evening, was pretty well attended, .the ball being'about half filled. The performance was very good, and all present enjoyed themselves. The "oddities of music" displajed a versatility of talent not often witnessed anywhere, and was a treat to those present. The pantomime of Humpty Dumpty was enjoyable throughout, and served to make an hour pass very agreeably. There was nothing coarse or vulgar about' it, and the performers were far above tbe average. The only drawback to tbe enjoyment was the hooting and yelling of some young savages, which could easily be stopped if the effort was made. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING.--A meeting of the Republican Executive Committee was held at Media yesterday, Major Nevin in the chair. The attendance was large and considerable business was transacted. GOIXG TO WILMINGTON.--Oglesby's band will go to Wilmington this evening to play for the Dupout Guards at the Bayard reception. St. Lawrence Hotel CHESTER, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER SOfA. 1816. LODGERS.--Seven was the number of tramps entertained in tbe station bouse last nigbt. STISAWS FROM THE BARRACKS.--The banana man visited the Academy yesterday afternoon, and he is always welcome. One of the bicycles was out yesterday. The cadets will soon go skirmishing again, if the weather permits. The class of '81, from appearances, promises to be tbe largest class ever graduated at the P. M. A., as well as tbe heaviest, men. It is out of this class that all the football players come. The cadets did not think much of the referee that the University brought with them. He favored the club that brought him. The football club of the P. M. A. have no challenges on hand now, but they propose to ask the football club of the cricket team to pjay soon. They expect to play the University club before Christmas. The officers will be made out some time L-efora Thanksgiving. There is a good deal of specuhUionln regard as to who shall be made adjutant this year. After the football game was over on Saturday, some of the young men who had Dorses made them fqmp the fences around U*e Academy. " , A Nsw ORGANIZATION.--A new organization, to be known as tbe D. M. Lyle Masquerade Association, was formed in this city last evening, for the purpose of giving the citizens a good serenade on New Year's eve. Officers were elected and sufficient interest manifested to warrant its success. The following officers were elected: Mogul, J. Manhoff. Chief of Bucket Shop, E. Shawker. Junk Slinger, W. Onsslem. They propose to employ a full brass band, and tender their friends a first class serenade. THE QUOIT MATCH.--The quoit match at the steamboat hotel yesterday afternoon was largely Attended, aud considerable interest was manifested in it. The first game, between John Goff, of this city, and Harry Adams, of Philadelphia, distance 10,12 and 15 yards, was won by Adams with the following score: Adanis, 25, 25,15. Goff, 14, 24, 25. Weight of quoila 3| pounds. The second game was a six-handed one, with Goff, Lear and Burke, on the Chester side, and Adams, Bruce and Bivel, on the Philadelphia side, which proved very exciting and said to be one of the most interesting games ever played in Chester. Tbe Philadelphia side made 25 points to 24 made by the Chester. Tbe weight of quoits bandied by the parties was as follows: Adams, 9 pounds; Gaff, G pounds ; Bruce and Lear, 3i pounds; and Burke and Bivel, 3 pounds. PERSONAL PROPERTY SALE.--To-morrow afternoon Mr. B. F. Baker, the auctioneer, will sell at public sale, on tbe premises of the late Dr. James, in North Chester, a large collection of personal property, consisting of a horn, carriages, cows, a large quantity of choice poultry, household furniture, and numerous other articles. Those desiring anything offered in tbe ad* vertisement, in another column, should attend. SENATOR BAYARD'S RECEPTION.--The citizens of Wilmington, in fact we might say all Delaware, will give their favorite Senator, Thomas F. Bayard, a rousing reception in the Opera bou» there thi* evening, he having just returned from Europe. A number of 'our citizens, among whom will be our Mayor, propose to be present. It will be a grand time for Wilmington. KoveltlM, H»rt Where to rind Them. PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 10. Ladles who are perfectly familiar with tbe general characteristics of New York Palaces of Fashion learn very soon to bo able to distinguish a garment or article brought from any special or particular one of them, for a certain Indescribable sameness, a kind of trade-mark, is stamped in style aud fabric upon the manufactures, and even Importations, of each and every one. Tnts peculiarity is due to the fact that the stock is selected to please a member of the firm or the party in control of the department. Now Mr. John Wanamaker regulates the purchases made lor the Grand Depot upon an entirely different principle. The tastes of the customers are consulted aud requirements considered, and, with an earnest desire to please patrons, e\-ery means Is brought In force to ff-t such articles as may be suited to tbe fancy or purse. In the manufacturing rooms of the Grand Depot a few days ago were specimen garments of eveiy kind, utftts for brides, theatrical costumes for actresses, neal Quaker garbs, and pretty evening dresses. Among these was an exquisite party dress ; the long trained skirt of pink satin had tiny knife plaltings around the edce of train and front of skirt; over this a snow-flake tissue fell in graceful folds, secured In place by pale apple blossoms, and edged with a row of the same delicate flowers. Tbe neck and sleeves were finished with handsome lace, and a wreath to match that on skirt. A quaint little costume for Lotta had t-hort cream-satin skirt, over which was a panier overdress of figured clie- ney brocade, edged with Honiton lace. With every rich costume the stockings should match, and to supply tbe demands lor highfr grades of hosiery, that department of the Grand Depot has been supplied -with a large stock of silken stockings in the shades of tbe new dress materials. Some are beautifully embroidered, but many are in the new plain colorings, and can be embroidered by the ladies who design wearing them. la Brettle'ssilk hosiery for ladies and children there are stockings In French white, ivory, fllle claire, very' light blue, rosd pink, new vert pink, Austrian, lilac, cardinal, medium blue, brlghtsultan, Pan,Burgundy,Holstein, brown, scarlet, myrtle green, navy blue, old gold and Ingrain black. From the foot back to the head reminds us that in tbe millinery gallery customers can have full view of themselves in perfect mlr»- ran, and can be able to see exactly how a bonnet looks or corresponds with the garment s,tjHe anlgsjA makeup. It Is a beautiful room and merits all praise for the artistic (aate and powers of execution of the controlling power. And mow a word in season about home comfort; the Idea of hardening one's self, or young children, to Increase the power of endurance, h«s exploded, and the housekeeper's chief desire Is to facilitate health and happiness by giving her loved ones every comfort within her means. Sleep is one of the chief essential!), and light, warm covering is an ab(Continued on fourth page.) ·' " llth, " From · A. Sf. «« 4 1». M. HE OFFERS THOSE WHO ARE SUFFERING FROU Weakness or Defective Sigbt, HIS PREPARED Crystal Spectacles. The Intention of Mr. Alexander is to establish the merits of bis glasses and practice in the vicinity of Philadelphia b fore establishing an optical Institute In that city. The advantage of his Spectacle!) over all others are : They Can be Worn With Perfect Ease for any length of time at one sitting, giving great clearness of vision, by candle or other artificial light, a comfort to the spectacle- wearer hitherto unknown. By their use tbe following diseases of the eye will be modified, aud in many instances, entirely cured: Near Slghtednexs, "Weak Eyes, Watery Eyes, Intolerance of Light, lilraneMi of Vision, commonly called blurring. Weakness of the Retina and Optic Nerve, Pain in the Eyeballs, Sore Eyes, etc., Inflammation of the Kye and appendages. Those who have never used glasses, bat finding their eyes becoming weak, especially at night time, will be greatly benefited by using them in time, because they will arrest the further progress of paralysis of tbe nervous tissues, giving them new tone, health and strength, which will have the tendency to keep the sight perfect for day-time without glasses. Mr. 8. A. Alexander suits glasses as best calculated for the assistance or recovery of imperfect sight, whether arising from age, strain, overwork, or premature decay. GLASSES GUAKATEE1) TO GIVE ENTIRE SATISFACTION FOK SEVEN YEABS, Any change necewrnry within Ihnt period, F R E E o r co»'r. Tuey are put up in light frames. and substantial .--The Messrs. Powell, Fred. E. and Edwin L., of North Chester, will give an entertainment in Holly Tree Hall, on Friday evening next. The pro- gramme will include tbe famous experiment of the '-second aignt," and the "Hindoo Box," besides many other illusions of an interesting character. Tbe prices of admission are fixed at 25 and 35 cents. AMOS, tbe Photographer, will guarantee you a first-class picture as well in clondy as in clear weather. § Gallery, 514 Market street er put off until to-morrow what yon can do tCKiay, especially if it be tne settlement of a bill that you owe to the TIMES OFFICE. A counterfeit $20 legal tender note is in -relation. It is of the series of 18TS, lelter f --. and so well executed as to be likely to ·-eceire all bat experts. i If Our friends would take pains to infom i : :s of asy little incident which takes f£tt! ·- tteir neiebborfjood trniicn "woum mace j ;.* : eres-_ing reading, we would be »ery gr*e- ' The people of Grace church, Wilmington, 4 ~£ rejoicing over the removal of their A ROYAL FEAST.--The Second Presbyterian church is going to give a "bean festival" on Thursday evening. The Second church is second to none in the novelty and popularity of its entertainments, and we are sure all who go will be highly pleased. It will be a royal feast. A feast of pork served up witb beans, · A royal dish indeed: u dont we wljh that we could go, And lire on srxft) a feed. · · ASSAULT A5» BATTEEY.--Yesterday afternoon, two brothers, WUliam and John Hamilton, began to wrestle and of coarse one threw tbe other, whereupon tbe one was thrown tamed upon tfce other in a them most Tbe newest tiring in toys is U» ptiMio- A New York manufacturer is now I in making them. s-.TkaiptiK dollars, and tbere, will be ihe beiterof. William, and. tbe. latter resorted to tbe law. * Alderman Weber Dew John in $800 for his appearance at Court swer UtedMifB of assault and battery. LECTURE.--Chaplain C. C. McCabe will deliver a lecture in the Third Presbyterian Church on Friday evening of this week on the "Bright side of Libby Prison," to which tbe admission will be 35 cants, and, as Mr. McCabe is an experienced lecturer and always deals with his subject in an interesting way, this will no doubt be a most enjoyable evening. A GOOD SWIMMER.--Commodore Klotz, who accidentally fell overboard into lie creek, on Sunday, says he was slandered in this paper so far as tbe assertion that he could not swim was concerned. He says he can swim, and thinks somewhat of challenging tbe writer 10 a contest. We might accept it if he will allow as to substitute Thomas Coyle. THE Globe Flower Cough Syrup is the best; 2.3 cents a bottle. oct23 FOR biliousness, and instead of pills, use Hepatine, 25 cents a bottle. oct23 Batter Bfler» everywhere are refusing to take white lardy- looking butter except at "grease" prices. Consumers want nothing but gilt-edged butter, and buyers therefore recommend their patrons to keep a uniform color throughout tbe year by u.»ing the Perfected Bntter Color made by Wei is, Richards' n Co., Burlington, Vt. It is the only color tbat-can be relied on to n*ver injure tbe butter, and to always give the perfect color. Sold by Druggists. SS.SO^PAIR. Mr. Alexander conside.s it his dnty toward the public to subjoin a few copies of testimonials or well known physic aim, the originals of tvnlcb. and many others, are in bis possession and free toinfpection. The undersigned, having known Mr. Alexander for some years past, and used hi* " Prepared Crystal Glasses," believe thai thev are the easiest to the eye known at tlie present time, have the qualities to relieve and remedy defective vision, etc: ' ' David T Trites, M.D., Manaynnk, Phlladet. Wm. U.Todd, Henry Kelm, ·' " H. S. Uhler, J. J. Griffith. 8. C. Breltenbacb, E. F. Cooper, L- M. Service, J, P. Wilson, * J. K. TJbler, T. L. Pratt, L. M. Corson, P. Y. EUenberg, J. O. Knipe, H. K. Reid, A. Fulton. Win. F. Guernsey Robert Burns. C- H. Lambert, W. W. Townsend, N. May, Boxboroagh, Belmont Avenue. Falls of SehuylKlll. tt Norristowu. C/mshobocken. Frankford. i. Bridenbarg. .T. C. Gilbert, W. H. Warder. Griffith E.Abbott, L.»- Tousley, J. Berens, H. X. Martin, 8. Tan coast. A. Kirkpatrlck, J . i - . C u r t i s , E Fns«ell. Wm. Dickeson, HolmesbUTK. Chestnut Hill. !»J5 Broad «t., Phi la. University of Penn. N. W. cor. Green-lt. Broad Green sts. 1411 Chestnut street. 917 Arch street- 1314 Green street. Wilmington, Dei. Media. I recommend Mr. 8. A. Alexander, Optic an, as one who is careful and painstaking to satisfy his patrons. A. NEGESDAXK, M. T). XOKRISTOTTN, September, 1#78. [have known M r. S. A. A lexander, Optician, of Roxborongh, Philad., for some years, and know that an persons have been well *atf*fied with his " Prepared Crystal Glasses." He M reliable and trustworthy. WM. COKSOS, M. I. j XTEW EKGLAXD SUPPER IJ.S or April, 1S76. With a desire to protect tbe eye and prolong the natural fright. I have faithfully triert the best Opticians in Philadelphia. I find perfect saticfaetion only in Mr. Alexander 1 * "Prepared Crystal Glawien." They render ttoe vte- ion nalnral. never tire the eye, and most pre- xerve the Optic nerve in its natural condition. It is with entire confidence I recommend the use of his (jla*«e* to all those who prize good eyes awl a clear vision. WM F-Gt-KK.vs.Kv.M-I., 4430 Frankford Avenue, Phila. TAIXKR BEAJTS.--Since publishing tbe local concerning the height of a castor oil i bean grown in tbe garden of Mr. Coyle, ess- j riage driver at Boacbs', w* bavebeard of two: which were taller. His- wot something over | Baked Beans, c. twelve feet, and Mr. G. typo i» tti» oflfee, and Griffith Mrs. Falter, on| ( LADIES' AW SOCIETY ' - of Ttrt" "'- ·" -' ' TZZSSS3K3SLXZ ^^SL 2 ^^^" * - --This morning tbe steamships ^ a phocofrapn." SPAPFR to Philadelphia. Broad street, each grew one over thirteen; Second Presbyterian Church, feet. j _.^_ i On Ttawfcj, HOT. 13,1879,, TRACT OFF tHB TRACK.--Satnrtar «*· lemoon, a paiMBjer aad freight traia oo |be Front su«et railroad jomped the tmek -ja* o'etaeav' abote Sfcrtwt'strtet, and it repaired soaw -num, Ume ~A get It In mnniBf order. " non-31 .'. v* WEST CIIBSTKR, March. 1877. I have been using for neverai months Mr. 8- A. Alexander's '· Prepared C ystal Spectacles," and t*kf spvM pMaanre in recommending (item a-- A very snptrior arrlcJc. My experience With them I?, (after using oUber«) ihVy re«t the eye, whirt will have Uie tendency w prwerre the sight, and thn* eir- ableapenon twin* them to need no others tor a long time. In selecting _«la**s». the _person detirinc Them «hooM wcore the'wrVfrwnf a flrst-ela** OpUctan.aad anc* I totteve Mr. *r A. · Alexander to be. J. B. WOOD. If J), owing Mr- AlgxaAdef rrfera tdjhe ToH«i -R. Harvey. 3 ·W. B. Clrttto, .', SamaelSlMT, CoatwFramm, ing pbysl- fSPAPERI

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