Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 20, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 20, 1894
Page 5
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DUNLAFS Celebrated Hats. Stiff, Soft and Silk. SPRING STYLES! DEWENT THE HATTER. OBSERVE! The announcement of (A Tucker & Young i THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. g Their New Spring g Goods are ready for in- 4? a - . 0 42 spection. Special attention is called to g their $20.00 suits made to order, g Yours Truly, "PUCK." £ PUKEST| HD BEST, AND NOT THE TESTIMONIALS OF PURCHASABLE CHEMISTS. DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY MORNING, MARCH 20. Sweet music each evening at the New Fashion store. You will regret U if you miss Harry 1'rank's challenge sale. ; Any thing you want in silks and trimmings.—Golden Rule. Get your carpets, curtains and draperies, at the Trade PftUco. See Number 0 World's Fair Art Portfolio now ready at thiB oHico. Furnished room, also entire ilat for rent Inquire at Hany Frank's, 315 Fourth street. One hundred and fifty (160) pattern hats to select from, at the opening of the New Fashion store. A display of pattern hats and bon- nett*, Tu39day and Wednesday, March 20th and 21st.—Adolla Brown. Our cape§, our jackets, were never 30 beautiful; «o reasonable. The department ia now complete.—The Bee Hive. The silks, dress goods, satins and trimmings, are going oft lively. See our carpet room for new goods) at tho Trade Falaco. My Chicago trimmer has arilved. Ladles, If I did not suit you last sea. son In trimming, I can now, as I have changed trimmers.—Mre. Bruggeman Dr. Tanner will lecture at the Ninth street Christian Church Tuesday even. \nft, March 20th, on his fast of forty day*. Admlitlen 10 cents. The pro. ', oeedtwill be given to the Sunday i- School. ' YttCB NAME IN PHOT. It*m* of a Personal Character Con. ••mine IiOg«n»por«er» sril Their Frlondo Mr. Henry Stotner, of Toledo, is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Max J. Fisher. Chas. Fowhiul'ie, Will McCarty and lit Shlvoly of Peru spent Sunday in the city. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. B. Fargy and Mrs. Huth Forrest are expected home 'rom their Cuban trip today. Kev. C. M. Fillmoro, pastor of the Christian church in Peru was in the :lty yesterday, the ijuost of Rev, T. S. Freeman. Mrs. J, G. Meek departed yesterday for Covington, Ky., called there by the serious illnott? of her mother, Mra, Margaret Green. H. F. Trick has eold his Melbourn avenue residence to C. A. Duckwall of Bunker Hill and will build another residence on Market street. The consideration was $-1,000. Hi White has returned from Paas Christian, Miss. His sister, Mra. L. W. Pilling who accompanied him south, will remain sometime with her sister, Miss Kate White, who is teaching art in a female college at that place. A liloodv Trail. The police are trying to eolvo tho mystery of a bloody trail which was disclosed by tho coming of daylight Sunday morning. This trail apparently started o» Market street, between Third and Fourth streets on tho south pavement thereof, and at tho starting point there was a pool of gore. From this ghastly pool tho trail started. It led the police around tho corner and on down Third street to tho south bridge, several pools of blood, like exclamation points in a detective story, marking the way. Tho bloody trail was lost on the bridge. Whither did tho bloody victim disappear? Tho police are asking themselves this question. The Modern Way Commends itself to the well-informed, to do pleasantly and effectually wbat was formerly done In the crudest man ner and disagreeably as well. To cleanse the si stem and break up colds, headaches and fevers without unpleasant after effects, use the delightful liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. I(>ndtiom« MpriD* OpenlUK The annual spring opening of the New Fashion store attracted crowds of ladles yesterday and last evening. Tho store was tastily decorated, and the beautiful display attracted much attention. The opening will bo continued today. I'AN IIANDLK CHANCES. With the retirement of W. B. Leeds as superintendent of the Richmond division which as previously announced will occur April 1, a consolidation of divisions will occur it is said. The jurisdiction of Supt. Darlington of the Indianapolis division will be extended to the Richmond division while that part of the Indianapolis division extending from here to Indianapolis will come under tho supervision of Harry Miller, superintendent of the Louisville divi- slon. Although the official announcement has not been made yet the rumor a considered reliable in railroad circles. It is also thought that the jurisdic- ion of Gen. Supt. J. F. Miller will be extended to cover the Vandalla at no distant date. FIKTEKSTH ANN1VKKSAKY. Mr. and Mra. B. V. Pittman celebrated tho fifteenth anniversary of their wedding last evening at their pleasant home on Kast High street. About eighty invited guests were present among whom were moat of tho members of tho local lodge of the Ladies Auoiliary to tho B. of L. K, which organixation had been invited to attend in n body. Mr. and Mrs. Pitman received many clogaat presents consisting of silver spoons, a wator set, jewel casket, etc. The most handsome present wan an elegant stand lamp, tho gift of tho Ladies Auxiliary lodge of which Mrs. Pitman is a prominent member. The affair was a very pleasant one. Tho Vandalla pay car arrived in tho city yesterday. Pan Handle engine :)08 was yesterday sent to tho shops for repairs, The Union station at Denver, Col., was totally destroyed by fire Saturday night. Pan Handle engineer C. H. Fillmore is moving Into his new home in Woodlawn addition. Engines 101 and 108 collided in the Vandalla yards at St. Joo Saturday evening mashing both engines bud- ly. Pan Handle conductor Tbos. Murphy came in on his run yesterday the first time for several months. Ho was off duty on account of sickness. Pan Handle engineer C. F. Beam is still suffering; from tho effects of his late operation and will not be able to return to duty for some time. Peter J. Grady a switchman em ployed in the Pan Handle yards at Chicago had an arm crushed so badly Sunday that It will have to to amputated. A brace In a stockcar in which Geo. Wlnsoll the Pan Handle carpenter was working fell yesterday morning, striking him on tho head and inflicting an ugly s^alp wound, He IB laid up on account of It. Hereafter it will be a more difficult thing to recover damages in case of fires caused by tho sparks of a locomotive, as the Supreme Court has do- cided that negligence on tho part of tlio railroad company must bo shown, oven where it appears that tho escaping spark causbd the loss. On April 1, Col. Joseph Hill will retire as general superintendent of tho Vandalia, after having been In rail road service since May, 18SO, and on tho 17th of November, 1894, ho will be seventy years ol ago. Tho excellent record he mnUo on the Pennsylvania lines, and since 1881 on the last few years as its assistant general manager, places him at the hoad ol tho list aa a railroad olliclal. Under his supervision the road has been brought to tho highest standard of Western lines. , Concerning the change of politics of E. V. Debs, the president and orgin- ixer of tho American Railway Union, the New York World sarcastically re. marks: It takes almost superhuman industry to keep track of all the great men of this country. Jeans Debs of Terre Haute, for instance. How many even of thoughtful men have known that Jeans Debs of Terre Haute has left »ho Democratic party, sworn to be a Populist and with the Populists stand, and even gone as far as Omaha to catch a little of the free breath and maddened whi-1 of Populism across the Mississippi? Yet Jeans Debs has gone. Doha has left. He will be the Populist candidate (or governor of Indiana in ISM, tho Populist devotees of D.ibu say. Ye*. UoDS nas K o and tho Hoosier Democracy is still groggy with '..tic b'.ow. " Arrangements brve been made for a convention of all railroad employes Q I tho United States, Canada and Mexico to be bold in -the Lexox Lyceum May 27th. 28th and 29th. It promises to bo the largest conven. tion of the kind ever held In this country. There are three main object* In calling » eonvintlon, alt of Very Latest Styles. SPRING HATS. Sl.OO We will save you if?. 00 on your purchase, as ctbortt irus a-k $>.(n- for identically the same styles and'qualities. Ksmembcr, all tho latest Spring Styles. Engineer's Plaid Waists 25 cents. Engineer's Bib Overalls 35 cents. Engineers Overalls, without bib, 25 cents. $1 5O Percale Shirts 50 cents. $1.50 Undershirts and Drawers 50 cents. rh ^rk^ Red fleece-lined and natural wool Yacht Caps, ; blue and checks, 40 cents. For men, boys and girls. $2.00 Fedora Hats and Derbys $1.00. $1.00 Neckwear, ALL DAY, for 25 cents. Come Today. _,._ ,,,,-..,^^-,..^^7^^ •• . . ... .. . .. . _ _ A. G. JENKINES, The Otto Kraus Stores. Assignee which grow out of tho present dissatisfaction of railroad employes. The first is to Insist on the enactment of proper laws to protect tMeir interests. Secondly, they will resolve to act in concert in the election of men to congress who will properly represent their interests. A third object to eliminate the strike and adopt tho more desirable method of arbitration. ADDITIONAL J.OUALS. Water proof bags—Trade Palace. Handsome spring wraps at tho New Fashion store. No Humbug—We have received new capos. —Trade Palace. All are invited to attend the grand opening at tho New Fashion store. , Our own make, those nobby chil- drens suits for spring.—Harry Frank, •> B Sure. Bridge City Lodge K. of P. meets tonight. Work in tho third rank. All Knights aro invited. Wo give our whole attention to dry goods. >Vo can plaasc you in a dress or wrap.—Tho J3eo Hive. This evening our entiio carpet department will bo used for millinery display at tho New Fashion store. The regular weekly shoot of tho Lo g&nsport Gun Club will this week be held on Wednesday Instead of Thurs day. Our millinery display will bo much larger today on account of additional pattern bats by express this morning at tho New Fashion store. Gents linen handkerchiefs 8 cents, worth 25 cents; silk suspenders 17 cents, worth 50 cents; linen collars 5 cents at Harry Frauk's challenge sale. One of tho popular young lady typewriters on Rogues Row spent the day yesterday in yawning. Her friends are anxious to find out who tho Sunday evening caller is. The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Thomas died at •! o'clock yesterday afternoon aged C months. The funeral will be held at 9:30 today from the residence at 1922 George street, burial at Metea. Tbo funeral of Sarah L., tho six year old child of Mr. and Mrs, C. A. Thomas of 1922 George street, will be hold at tho family residence today at 9-30 o'clock. Interment to bo made at Metea. Rev. T. S. Freeman officiating- The Journal has on hands yet a few copies of Shepp's Photographs of the World and the Parliament of Religion which it will dispose of to any subscribers, who failed to save their coupons at the time they were running without the coupon, at the advertised price for each. If you want either of these handsome publications call at once a»the tupply la very limited. A Treat for the »otior» On Saturday there arrived in the city one of the greatest human freaks from an anatomical standpoint there IB In the country. This person of unique qualities was A. M. Billiard, •\£» dislocated man whose chief occu- .nation is exhibiting himself before medical colleges and local societies of physicians. Ho easily arranged for a meeting of the Logansport physicians which meeting- was held in Dr. Holloway's ollice Sun. day morning. Mr. Hilliard has the power, by a peculiar muscular ability, to dislocate almost every joint in his body. All the joints of his Hmba ho dislocates with ease, leaving the joints thus dislocated long enough for tho doctors to study tho appear, ance of tho dislocation. He does not dislocate his neck, but he has the power to suspend temporarily the , action of his heart and has a straogo ! influence over and muscular control of i other vital organs. His exhibition i Sunday was noted with interest by j many of tho local physicians who DO ! doubt gained valuable pointers which will prove beneficial to them in the treatment ot dislocations. A Tall Man In Town. Sunday atd yesterday a very tall negro did a good deal of posing on the ' streets and whether standing or walking was the observed of all observers. This conspicuous figure was E. L. Hyman, who claims the distinction of boing tho tallest man in America. Ho stands G feet 11 inches in his stocking feet, and with his high heeled shoes and a tall hat looms up above other pedestrians, a giant indeed. Ho was en route to South Bond to enter a dime museum. A museum poser is his occupation. Fire HUE Frustrated. About midnight Saturday night John IrwiD, tho painter who lives on the South Side saw a blaze at tho rear of the barn belonging to Mrs. Mary- Gains, a widow living at 401 Bartlett street. He ran to the spot and at his. approach three men whom he could, not recognize, hastily darted down, tho alley. The flro was in a heap of straw and rubbish which bad been piled by the Incendiaries against the barn and which but for the timely discovery would have resulted in much. loss to the widow. The tire was scattered and soon extinguished. Down, on flro bugs! ^ • Sqnlre Mrhnelder lo Marry. It is announced that on next Tuesday evening at tho residence v' the groom's parents on West Market etreot, Mr. John W. Schneider, K. former well known resident of this city, will bo married to Miss Carrie LiU!o«. John has been for some years success- lully conducting a drug store at Burnettsville and is the magistrate oJ that bailiwick. ^ ItobberM Ai'ttr K«brrt. About two o'clock yesterday morning Robert Carroll, the genial commercial traveler, was awakened by mysterious sounds on the roof of the porch at the rear of bis residence. Ho got to the window in time to frighten a couple of would-be burglars* who had evident designs upon T.hsi property of tho pood natured drummer. Ch«»B« in the Carrier Force. Vesterdsy mail carrier Andrew Morgan was let out by Postmaster Ka»await. His place was filled by Alvir.. Donbo, a former carrier ucder Post master Louthain. NOW THIS IS A FACT Carl W. Keller & Co., the Merchant Tailors, lead them all in the Spring Trade. LOOK AT TBEIR PATTERNS. * Ask any man in the city the way their clothes are made to fit and then know the truth. CARL W. KELLER & CO. I 311 Market St. *

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