Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 13, 1952 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, October 13, 1952
Page 2
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SK-^Y-,^^?. f >J * " / ^fpw ppppr **£''<*?«";'? ' ' '">* * 1....... HOM STAR, H 0 1 1 • A K KAN S A 8 Monday, October 13, *>»S2^ Monday, October 13,19S2 .NOM.STAft. MOM, A fc K A M i A J f* opett the cnr at right teems to have bitten oft • - -J in Hcrrtttend.'N. Y., when the leflnn one won seriously Injured. Mtfr'e, hdt would not d(«ml*« TrytfV* 1 H«y BMW* 1 ' - 4ife<idy lifacmitHii Ht 44- VSmx 11 wife |'fh«<M' I'm e Oft te tttw roiveflled fMt fk 8r«hd jttry had of Amorlenn W, H, '»«!« h« had A»kr.l the' V, »um« «ffifipl6yeiS8 foftmUift to ltl&h» flbaut their sn<ttlvlitfe« ottt »1<J<? &>*> U, Nr Mo added thfr.U 8< clrculBf to the on hiii utftff tttdrty, wnrnlnii thm iwtst eo-operaip with tho Mon commlUce if ihi'y nr« o»ll- and efentwt pivatt u, N. Immunity on Sfny fluc'*il«n» pi'lvatp now or In* by th« fore . At trie «nuw tlm«!4 IIP lold them that thoy n'U»t nut unswoy t»by ons rofurrin« to lh« offletal ocUvlti«!» or ewfldwitlflt infornni- Uon of the U. N, itself, W«rrbn T». Aulttln, fontit»r He- B\iWlo«tt *««8tor from Vvrmotu, a EttteM (Jrqsn, hl» dcpxity M d»teu»to nnd nlso ti Ho- i'e other wembei'ti of tldn, til«n« with Mrs, > 0. tt«»Wev<»lt nnd Amt»a«« Philip C. Jessup, U,f 9 1 , il0U'gaU.8 Include nnd Olt? wonorotst uml Benjamin V. Colum, HiniDOveu aa Local Dealers See Pretfew of Hew Chrysler Cfytid Nunn and Ray McDowell JTunn-McDowcU, Co. of Hope re- tod today from Memphis where ,/ otterrted ofty of ii scries of rfitidrvwide rhottings being held " PIvliJoti Of Chrysler 'tfcfj nVov^W the 1953 ' '' ;i;: ; X".. fcnr«'"oro the Most tyJJSver Designed fe'yifcOturo callrclv body styliriR -Foiirtfeett'Tons of Free Fbdd ips crnphnslzinu ... -.,,_j;widlh 'of the cars." 'Mr! WcDOWell nald that many' new and outstanding features ari- Incorporated in the 1053 Chrysler In addition to the proven mechuni cat features such us the revolutionary 180-horscpower V-8 Chrysler Fire Power engine, full-time powc: atccrlnK, Fluid Torque Drive, power brakes and Orlflow. "These cars, I am sure, will set the new highway fashion for 1953, Nunn snld. They arc the most luxurious car Chrysler has ever pn^ dticcd and incorporate improvement* .which assure that they will bo "America's First Family of Klne Cars'." During the month of October, Chrysler'* 3,500 dealers coast to coast will have attended similar meetings and previewed the new 1953 Chrysler. <KBSWi. „„, -. _ "CHECKS GENERAL'S CHOW—Mr». uwigm Kisc-nnowar gives fowl for her huifiwnd n quick once-over In the {tnlley of the Republican candidate'* dining tot. Conferring with her obout Ikt'a U Chef Wllllanl Mnzo of New York City, Million Spent on Elections, Douglas Says 6y FRANCIS J. KEL.UY WASIJINQTON * — .Sqtu j U. Dpuglns (U«III> ostltnatud: toda Associates Feel Adlai Has pper Hand tttes that HIP two mnjor pnr.tlcs "not fnr ft-oin 75 milltoh dollars olsvottn thum on eampRtun costs t all kvfrlw In fv pr^swtftt^al year, said small conh'ibutorH only ft minor fpRctlon . of ho fimdn, nnrt Ihnt the big donom, UHI n^uln, oxpuct *nniothini! in t«rn for tholv in«h<»y> ' Douglas proptwed (lu^ romc* a In hiii n*\Y tefeok; "Elhlt-s In f}«vonw««nV' published MAy by Httrvnvd UnlviJWty Pr«a*. Uo said Small oneouragt^) to ^Ivo amUcr > MIXER m 111,. Wl —Associ of Gov. Adlai E, SleVcnson the .Pvmocrats'.'hayo Qer\ D. Elsenhower on th will win next month's clue' SOCIETY Pnont 744S1 Betw»»n • A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar i Monday, October 13 ,&• The Lula McSwain Society of ^'Christian Service of the Emmet L! Methodist Church will present Mrs. -John W. Rushing in a book review PS •v ?>"Thd Silver Chalice" by Thomas \Castain on Monday evening, Oct. ?' 13, at 1 o'clock in the educational -** building. will present "Forcing Bulbs.' Plans will be made to enter urran Bcmcnts in the Fall Flower Show to be held October 29 in the VF\\ Hut. State President of Council ol United Church Women installed the fol-i lowing officers at the meeting ol the Council at the First Methodist Church at 3 o'clock Friday: President, Mrs. J. C. Carlton. vice-president, Mrs. Carl Smith, secretary, Mrs. Ched Hall, treasurer. Mrs. Helen Barlow Preceding the meeting the executive board. Ministers' svlves, and Mrs. Tucker were guests at B luncheon at the home of Mrs. E, D. Galloway. Chapter AE ot PEO will moot Tuesday afternoon, October 14, at the home of Mrs. F. C. Crow, 315 West 5th. Five families in the United States will have no food Worries during 1953. That's because the Eroger Co. is offering "free food for a year" for a family of four as top weekly prizes in their big coffee election contest. Above, a typical family, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bischott and their two children, are amazed at the huge 14-ton tractor- trailer that would be necessary If all the food offered In the Ove weekly contests were delivered at once. ',f, Eebe-cca Sunday School Class of ' •* the First Baptist Church will meet '' Monday evening at 7 o'clock at ,'' v 'the church for a pot luck supper. Now officers will be installed. All ' new and old members are urged u ' to be present. Members of the executive com J. P. Nichols Honored on 77th Birthday J. P. Nichols was honored ou his 77th birthday In the home of a daughter, Mrs. J. C. Gibson, at Patmos. Those present were: Mr. and mittee Of Garland School will meet, Mrs. H. G. Nichols of Tcxarkana, ' -- "' " ! - t ~ 1 Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock at the school. Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Nichols and family of Stamps, Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon Yocom and family of Camden, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Yocom and Earth Tremor Shakes Chile SANTIAGO. Chile UPI — A prolonged earth tremor early today frightened residents here in Chile's capital. First reports indicated there were no casualties or any material dnmnge. doisors would "ask in return only faithful public service." Tho governor praised Beardsli-y Jtuml, Democratic finance chairman, who originated tho $5 donation program. Ruml also spoke frrm New York, giving details of liie fund-raising effort. Wyatt was enthusiastic about the rwults of President Trumrm's whistle-stopping attacks on tho Republicans as "isolationists" and) "reactionaries." Truman said Ei- scnhower was a captive of tho GOP Old Guard, a view Stevenson repeatedly has voiced. "I think the results of thn Truman trip have been extremely favorable for the Democratic ticket-for Gov. Stevenson arid for Sen. Sparkman and for the entire ticket," he said. LewEistoTell Continued from Page One government and that, without the pay raise, the employers simply were not living up to the terms of their new contracts. As for politics, Lewis made a (•cries of speeches at convention sessions last week lambasting Sen. Tnft (R-Ohio) and anyone whom Lewis said may "wear Taft's col- lor." Delegates considered this to be indirect disapproval of On. Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Repub lican presidential nominee for whom Taft is campaiKiiins-. However. Lewis has never indicated support for Gov. Adlai Stcv orison, the Democratic nominee. Traffic Accidents Fatal to Seven By The Associated Press At least seven persons dii-d in Arkansas traffic accidents during the past week to bring the state's violent death toll for the seven-day period ended last midnight to 17. The death of a 65-year-old Luxora woman was the latest reported highway fatality. Deputy Sheriff Cliff C.-.nnon said Mrs. Lucy Grif- Iranian Rail Workers Return TEHRAN, Iran (/P) — Several thousand operating, maintenance workers of Iran's state-owned railways returned to work yesterday after a 24-hour protest strike against nonpayment of salary increases promised seven months a«o. There was no indication that the wage boosts would be forthcoming immediately. The Tehran station director-said the government was unable to pay them at present because nf its financial difficulties. Meanwhile, Iran's new foreign minister, former Deputy Prime. Minister Ilossein Fatemi, told a news conference that top Iranian diplomats would be assigned to Asian and neighboring countries in the future instead of Western nations. 3 POWs Injured in Korean Camp 'V W *l * * PUSAN, Korea Mr) — The U. N. P"risbher of War Command said today three Communist POWs were injured slightly yesterday by U.N. guards enforcing an order to a prisoner work party to return to its compound. All circles of the WSCS and the Wesleyan Service Guild of the Firs Methodist Church will have a joint meeting, Monday, October 13, at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Claude Tilicry, program leader, will present a playlet "Proclaim the Good News" with Mrs. George Murphy, Mrs. David Waddle, Mrs. LaGronc Williams, and Mrs. Sam Strong serving as characters. Miss Beryl Henry will bring the devotional and a special solo will be rendered by Mrs. Harrell Hall accompanied by .Mrs. B. C. Hyatt. A social hour will follow the program and all members arc urged to attend. Tuesday, October 14 vn.-n, i»*i, m.v. ...... —„ Talbot Feild, Jr. will be guest S on of Hope, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. speaker at the Washington PTA McKamio of Rosston, Mr. nnd Mrs. Tuesday night, October 14, at thejjja smith and family of Patmos. Washington Gym at 7:30. "- r! ~" 1 ' Wednesday, October 15 The Lilac Garden Club of Hope Mr. and Mrs. George Gordon of Palmos, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Nichols of Hosston, Mr. and Mrs. David Stevenson and family of Spring will 'meet Wednesday, October 15,' Hill and Miss Helen Formby at 3 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Pat! Hope. Casey with Mrs. Herbert Stephens; of. Blevins and Miss Mable Ethrtd- ge as associate hostesses. Fidclis Class of the First Mcth- c U;ct of S Sgt. Recce Miller, was odist Church will entertain with a j complimented with a gift tea given dinner in the'classroom on Wed-'ijy Mrs. Clifford Franks, Mrs. Bob nesday, October 15, at 7 p.m. All shaddox, and Mrs. Dewcy' Camp active and associate members arc j j n lnc home of the former on Fri- cordially invited to attend. Any d ay afternoon, October 10, from 3 Miss Nllla Dean Compton Entertained With Tea Miss Nilla Dean Compton, bride- Lower Beef Prices Are Predicted DOROTHY DIX Forget First Love MUs fit*: Ten yem ago > at- WAS H 1 N GTON, (UP)— The housewife can look forward U "moderately" lower prices for bee mid venl next year, the agricul lure Department said today. But the department forseea lit- „.. . tie change In prices .for lamb, mut- cures for m tor, «nd pork. forgot him? Behind the anticipated dip In beef prices is n build-up In cattle herds which has bueu going on for, the past three years— the normal spun between the pasture nnd tho store counter for beef, Tho department predicted nearly n 1,000,000,000 pound gain In beet supplies next year and a 150,000, pound boost In vonl cuts. Lamb pnd mutton production Is expected to show little change from this year while pork output should drop about 00,000,000 pounds as a result of farmers cutting back their pig herds because of high corn or Ices Lamb prices may decline slight ly because of the increased com petition from beef, tho departmen said. But pork prices will probably remain as high as this year us thr reduced pork supplies offset completion from beef. Lj 8 »t Beiiu Tho department said the in t tcH In love wllh a too* Wo has been In service most of two time since. 1 (tee htm only occasionally, but can't «et htta oiil «Jf m.v thoughts. W'e are bbth maMad, nnd I wnnt to devote nw««lt t> my family ns 1 think 1 should, 1 don't know If my ex awcfclheftrt still cnres for me of hot. How chn I cap U, to him. rnueh t«nt thah tf w%W>4 knew ydu. Furthermore, he i* * boy, and yotUh standlrifl of Imp, this one disappointment fdr you will meet liner perception. EILEEN O. K. Answer; A first love la usually move ot n symptom than nn emotion, It's most apparent" producll vencss lies In the, daydreams i engenders, and thoao cah «o on ~ at least on tho feminine aide — indefinitely. Can you honestly think ot n more wasteful pastime than mooning over someone you knew ten years ago? Tho only.way to got rid ot the insidious growth Is to root it out, and supplnnt it with aome worthwhile activity, Very apparently, your hoUstihold chores oiler Insuiflelcnt metUfU stlmula Dear Miss Dixi ' loves eHme stories ,.. and will sit for two or listening to them, waste'»o much time ., ..... when .there arc fto Win broadcast*? We havf ohv, rooms, no door* nnd r oann| away from these talc^.uf think no Is Irioonalderiite- nve from hearing theV' Wa " Mr Answer: When two r ,_. vorgont tastes must ghfiffo' radio, there arc bottnd to' feelings when one or Vf monopolies the speaker. , husband concerted your Uon, and the thingtoryou to ao hw brondoaslg ,, UW....U..V , - — --- la get busy nnd dive headlong, probably do It petition from beef, tho department ^ 0 something that will ko6p yoU *.,... so member who is not planning to attend is requested to call 7-4503 or i-3«13. No cards. fatally yesterday struck by a car along a Luxora fin way injured when she was while walking .street. Four persons drowned last week and one person was burned fatally. Five deaths were attributed to miscellaneous causes. MSA Official Falls to Death TAIPEH, Formosa UP) — Dr. Janies A. Monroe of the U. S. Mutual Security Agency ,in Formosa, fell to his death from a bridge yesterday while climbing Ml. Alishan in Central Formosa. Several U. S. authorities left Tai- pi>h today to recover the body. The agency, for which Dr. Mon-. roe was senior "program analyst, declined to disclose, his hometown or details of his: death, $1.00 Tube Pile Ointment Noted Clinic Makes Most Unusual Offer to Any Afflicted Person- No Coupon— No Charge In order to Introduce to anyoncr* •who Is afflicted with Piles (Hemorrhoids) or any similar rectal condition, the Thornton Minor CHrilo Will send free on request, a full-size ?i.OO tube of ? Thornton Minor Pile Ointment — free and postage paid. Send only your 'full name, n ge and address — no mosiey is re'. This offer Is limited and may The Business Woman's Circle of the First Baptist Church will m(£t with Mrs. Thelma Moore at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 13. All members are urged to attend. Tuesday, October 14 Hope Country Club will have a masquerade costume dance Tuesday, Oct. 14, from 8:30 to 12. Every one must wear a mask. A prize will be given for the most original, costume. un tji 5:30 o'clock. Mrs John Bissell greeted the guests at the door and introduced to the receiving line which Tommy spent the week end in Little Rock visiting Miss Mary Lee Thompson. While there they, attended the Arkansas-Baylor football game. The Brookwood PTA study group included the honoree, her mother, will meet Wednesday, October 15 tv lrs . j 0 c B. Greene, her great- at 2 o'clock in the school auditor-j grandmother, Mrs. Delia Bryant of Nashville, and the hostesses. Miss Compton wore a green taf- frock with a pink carnation Mrs, Earl T. Houk of San Francisco, Calif., has been visiting her aunts, Misses Gallic and Sue Wes The Oglcsby PTA will have their c gcsy , oc w study course meeting Wednesday : corsage pinned at her shoulder atternoon, October 15, at 2 o'clock Throughout the reception ro followed by a meeting of the mem- j bership committee. Throughout the reception rooms flowers were placed at to New York. She will sail October 17 for Liverpool, England, Where she will visit her daughter, Mrs, William Dings and Lt. Digfjs After a six months visit she will return to Hope for n short visit be creased beef may brlntf so busy you il hnve no time to sigh over past loves. Dear Miss Dots I nm 14 find for about n year have bojih 1 .,going.with crcnsoa oeei nuppuus '<"«j •»••"» nooui a year nuvo UOJHI ,HU»>H «»>» total meat production next year to „ boy my ago. We wrote onch oth- n new peacetime high, exceeded ^ ->• -••• ...i.ii.ti-...ii *,.,»« only by the output during World War II. It estimated meat consumption svill average about 144 pounds a person uext year com pared to 142 pounds this year and 137.8 pounds In 1051. Thursday, October 16 •Z^xl radiance roses Radiance roses table The Iris Garden Club will meet Tuesday, October 14, in the home of Mrs. A. A. Albritton, Rosston Road, with Mrs. W. I. Stroud as co-hostess. Mrs. Waddle Cunningham, chairman ot the program. *SAENGER • LAST TIMES TODAY • A study course discussion group ;svcie placed on the cot'lee for the Hope Junior - Senior High j and bulfct. School Parent-Teacher Association Mrs. Buddy Sutton, Miss will be held Thursday morning, , Camp, and Mrs. Bob Shaddox in- 1 October 16, in the Home Economics i vited the guests into the dining Collage at 10 o'clock. ! i-uom. ; uverlaid with a white nylon cloth Friday October 17 : over pink, the serving table WHS The DeAnn Lilac Garden Club 'centered with a crystal cpcrgnc has postponed the Halloween Party •l;«.a»ng pmk candles and pink iiich was scheduled for Friday Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted:' Miss Dorothy Bullock, ope, Chester Allen, Hope. ] Discharged: Mary Ann Badcr, of, ..ope, Mrs. Leland Latshaw and son, James Leland Jr., Fulton. ght, October gnt, October ],, e withdrawn time, ao wo suggest youiwriiu :it once. Address Thornton Minor Clinic, flll-A Linwood Blvd., Kansas City 3, Mo. Thiju offer Is exactly as statejd above—* obligation — no bill ^COOPER no., charge—no or later. . re to meet Wednesday evening, ctober 15, to clean the club room. nn tion' with u great surge ot support suiipovt and nrtlen a UmitRtlon,-« perhaps 10 e»t» p«Y re«tl*ii?j-(jft yofer should bo set on the tl w\\\ c«ndideto« houltl o u » I il u ration t<> "fpotlorate 11 support 6t the cam- , Ullnolw genatar eilimntt'd a member hns to spend, a nintmum, of $10,000 on htu cam •«t(jn in tt olosely contexltK) cUs r6 tortwonly two or that ammmt. *'or a the Independent voters. Trtls viesv, sketched publicly by Campaign Manager Wilson Wyntt, ul u ntnvs conference yestordny, is privatwly by almost nil of linve publicly voiced their optimism. Sen. William Fulbright of Arkansas rHfs predicted Utut the Illinois itovernbr will car' ry the South and the border states. Secretary of Lubor Tobln suid yesterday, Eisenhower will pay the prjce of losing New York for env brnclng Sons. Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin and William K. Jen- IHT of Indiana, detractors of Kis- onhowcr's old, friend and military preceptor, Goi. Qoorge C. Marshall. Former Sen, Francis J. Myers reported lhat "thlnisUtflik pretty "" for'Stevenson TSrvltal Penn- Inltrnationaf light-duty pickup modeli available wllh 6Yi, 8 and 9-foot bodloi. GVW rallngi 4,200 to 8,400 poundi. Aik about AD-A-RAK altothmenl to lncr«aie pickup body utility. • Better roads mean a bfffar America cost «t from based on n siyie* 6 (ieUvcrvc) at Hfti> t a "code of to If V*»Wl4 *w expected l<» con »«bl«ct to dismissal from of for violation. cod»h as drawn by a Senate whieiv Pougtas head forbid; In nny ottteial iK>sltleni or shift* tnfoicmttlon of the «f valuable is lit pci-sun <u» or- uifkt;U }Vyatt mis widespread hnve been received from '.local organizations fq^'.ap- pearancus of President TruuMih in their areas. Ho iu»do it plain he thinks the vest "extremely aubstunilul" port ttoM the independent .vqje, Ho told reporters that Naftonal Committco members and volunteer workers indicate there -Is a \vavt> of desertions from Eisenhower's cause. He said thnt "I used to Like Ike" croups wore bviau formed because «f "disillusiuunu>nt" with UK* Kcnc.ral's campuign tactics. This dlsilUtsiCHimetu," he said, is the compromises, the of the '/2-ton pickups! A - • H .. • V Thomas MITCHELL-Lloyd BRIDGES? Katv 1URADO • Tuesday Only • i* : A ".> / * / 10, until Friday 17. All members The Dahlia Garden Club will icet for their first regular mcet- ig of the year Friday afternoon, October 1.7,,.at..2:30 at the home ot tfrs. Dewey Baber with Mrs. Ross Jright as co-hostess. All members are urged to be present to make plans for the Fall Flower Show. Council of United Church Women Elect Officers Mrs. H. H. Tucker of Little Rock, Mrs. Mack Stucart presided at the silver service. Mrs. Bernard E. uunn served the individual cakes. Miss Mary Lou Moore presided in the gift room and Mrs. John Mills was in charge ot the bride's book. Others who extended courtesies during the afternoon were Mrs. Branch Communism Subject of Pope's Talk or all summer while he was away Now that he has returned, ho seems to have changed, Ho Isn't as friendly as he was, and has boon going around with another girl. 1 still like him and would like to win him back, . ;'•' ''•'• .•, , -S,- P. Answer: Doth you rind, Ihe boy will find many friends,, perhaps many sweethearts, before you sot* Ue down for good, Bo friendly when you see him, don't gt'teot him With questions or reproaches, and look around fort another beau. VATICAN CITY, (UP)— Pope .„ ...... have no enjoy tho concession. ' ,->y Why not case trying 1 rop promise^ and settk foti.r dloV The problem ol! nb . sents ciultc an obstacle, -, an insuperable'one, Eith'e/i make a heavy curUia.if. doorway, or a corner oitnf with a lining' ttnd, lnt«rtihl will shut buv a -•L--'H U ot intorforoncfr —, _ ., bond will bo cbtt8ide,rat<M» turn his mabhumjow.vy'pu hiive no diUibutty-.th^iit* proHi'iuna youtlJkc, t»y'' '' (Itoleuticd by,Tho Boll eUrprlMng^ and, U^ B r«n«,, FALSE SMILE-Mrs Shitley Admitted Mrs. Earl Bain. Hope, Opoka, of Cleveland, Ohio, Rot Mrs Augusta Can-away, Rl. l.i quite a shock when she noticed Hope, Wanda Fay Bobo, IU 1. Hope .what appeared to be a .fl, ' Discharged: Mrs. Vornice Shep pard and baby girl, Waldo, Miss Bobby Rogers, Patmos, Mrs. Martha Sisson, Prescott. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bain announ ™ , , .. n itt m • ivir. and mrs. c.an u«in aimuuu Henry Taylor and Mrs. C. W. Tarp-: , j t r a bab Blrl Oct ley. Members oi the house party wore corsages of autumn shades of poirx mums. Children Uk« The Orange Flavor of Tablets arc U adult dose. No need to break them. Buy It today. 60 tablets 33C. Coming ana Uoing Airman Louis Sutton Jr., of the U. S. Navy arrived Saturday from Whidbey Island, Washington, for a 3D day leave with is parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sutton, Sr. He recently returned from a six month tour of duty at Atsugi, Japan. 12. \v I '*'« (ijJ|Jv;it* v;v* vv* MX. »- *vv grin on the face of Brow'niij in jr cocker spaniel. Itwestigajion showed that Brownie had come up with somebody's lost f»}s|es. The published story brou " phone calls from people w ,'ad lost their choppers. ' One^was from the owner, a neighbor. Mrs. H. H. Tucker of Little Rock, State President of' Council of j ploits United Church Women was a guest' in the home of Mrs. E. D. Galloway Friday. Book Identifies Flagpole Sitter NEW YORK (UP) — A scrap book filled with yellowed newspaper clippings showed today that the unclaimed oody in the city mogue was that of the greatest flag pole I sitter ot them all. The thick book contained day-by Two Convicts Hurt in New Prison Riot Dear Miss Dlxi I Urn m lov« with n mnn nnd wonder.!* ho IOVOB VATICAN wrx, <.<ji-i — «-HK--I mo. Wo hnd several > misiindei- Plus XII hns warned that the world I standings, after which he begun Is thrcntoned by a "violent iiivd to break dates. He has nuked Itio subtle' enemy which Is trying to julld n godless economy. The Pontiff, addressing 300,000 members of the Italian Catholic Action organization nnd other faithful yesterday In. St. Peters square left little doubt thnt he referred to communism although ho did not mention It by name. Hd tld his listeners that It was nerosiTiry tn "halt this enemy and keep him Irom showing ruin ond death." • "Today not only Italy nnd Rome, but the entire world is threatened the^ Pope said. /•"Do not ask us who this enemy Is nor how he. Is dressed. He is everywhere and among us all. He Is violent and subtle. He is working towards tho Intellectual, moral and social disintegration of all. Fistula May Result Froi •>' "V '-,-;!.-' FREI BOOK — „„ On Aiibc!or«d AW to marry him, but I wonder if he would make a good husband. LUCILE Answer: I'm afrnld marriage is not advised where you both are apparently so quick •tempered and stubborn. You have chased him enough, now you should sit buck and let him make the apologies, Perhaps he has learnci a lesson, nnd would be.a"good husband, but it's doubtful. ' •,";;. 'He wishes nature without grace, reason without faith, liberty without authority and often „, TRENTON. N. J;--(/P) authority without liberty. He Is on enemy who Is becoming always more concrete.' . .He is attempting to ' construct a world on foundo tions which we do not hesitate to . point out as responsible on thq — About threa j, wmc h is ovcring qver hum Dear Miss Dlxs I' am In love with a boy of 20 who is In, the army I have been writing to him tor Ix months, and when I told him wn« hnndlcappedi he stopped writing. JULIE T. O. Answer: Apparently ybu: and the boy had never met, but simply struck up a correspohdoec, friendship. Hence, he is ijsvaluatlng you ~ \ .-. ..:.:«„"- ' ....tliJk.* &I»4*.A U A A rlow. illustrated' on Fistula,' Rectal and other rdotfil an is now FREE t0 al lo<lay4B cr Minor HOB Linwood, K t. fniWipf' ' 5I11W* AtWIIV W| ,««V »W 7» * »•_••••» mm*Hjf a — r- only on surface qualities. Since ho has little knowledge of your ch»r- actor and personality', your hnndl ADLAI TO SPEAK NEW YOnk Go .dial Mr. and Mrs. Lcc' R. Still and The thick book contained day-by- j.i\js.«iu«. «. -.--v"- threat wn»qn is OVCI-UIB H VU ' ,",""' day descriptions of the daring ex-'20 knife-wielding convicts barricjj En(t y ( name ly economy without ploits of Alvin "Shipwreck" Kelly aded-themselves'In^-.a.wing « Qod. l j , ., 4 . „ ^ <«i,,,i™,c fi,r,,n nf Trenton State Prison, last nigin in ««Thls enemy is doing his Utmost "Shipwreck" Kelly was a fabulous figue ol the "Roaring '20." Police found Kelly'.s body Satur day night on a West Side sidewalk not very far from the "Hell's Kit- n j u,, a two-hour riot that was quelled by machine-gun blasts. Two so p«sitU«\ and the aban <>fi«\n>cht *t principH's that they f*?tt bofojrc Were emphatically held by him," Oov. Slt>veimm, in a r«dio speech ijH>njtiv«y by vvluutoers sei'king Vs contributions for his campaign, suict he is deeply cwK-crued over (he hlnh cost of campaigninK- "The financial requirements are entirely too lar*e," U» said over the American Broadcasting Com- u«ny network last nij|ht. It sometimes leads to "tttmptation to coo- cvntiulu on large (.lojxtnions", which %i diws not always serve the public interest," he saiil. lie v»U«M the campuisn fw $S dwiallous a ^'particularly healthy ' way of au'otma the custs because M ft • iii|f^|p «t -PP^^P^ ' CO- outside the liowrumwit with aixy rsan or i>t-|ianU«tit>n vviUi which there \vas pcndtivg onficiil business. 4, When you're in the market for « H -ton pickup, it pays t» look hard at the pick of the Iot~lp&natl6hai Here's real-truck muscle in every part to give you that extra drive for the tough jobs; extra years of thrifty operation. Here's the roomiest cab and the smoothest ride you can find in any truck. Come in and see all that International has to offer you in a light-duty truck: • International llfht-duty trucks -4*. N, and i-jton s&es, 115, 127, %od 134-in. wh^elbaaes. Body types include pickup, stake, panel, Metro, utility, and, others. f fttvvr Diamond all-truck valve- in-head engines give that extra power you need it. But just as im- pqir^Bit, they stive you plenty on gaso|ine and maintenance. • Unmatched handling ease! International's Super-steering system makes truck driving child's play, Wider front axles make possible a full 37* tmming angle for easier handling and better control! • Comfo-VUIon Cab—r&omiest, most comfortable cab on the road. Designed by drivers for drivers. Wide seat holds three with ease. One-piece Sweepsight windshield insures perfect visibility. New green-tinted, non-glare safety glass available. SOUND OFF TUESDAY SPECIALS __ 3.95 Mojud Percal rioters' heads by •correction officer 10 smqsX'd through a barricade stools, fables and wooden scat- T "This enemy is doing his utmost t,o that Christ be barred from universities, schools, families, and likewise barred from the adminU- Irntlon o? justice, from legislative ANNE JAMES SAMMY WHITE' JOHN AICHER «U*» with 7h-foot o* IM o«fO«H*t tafcw*. ia « * RIALTO • Today & Tomorrovr • FRANK SINATRA SHELUY WINTERS Teacher: (Afte*- long lecture on animals): "Tommy, tell me where elephants are Mn<J.'' Tommy (Who hadn't been listening): "Well, elephant* are ?h bla animals they hardly r a et.ost." 5. Becoming unduly involved " thmugh friH)uvQ* t>a»-ii«S. or whom tto* officials tffei IX'SS. Do Wi wbftrwcy TOL E TEX COMPANY Submit jokes for this ,~_-, and win passes to the Rialto. For I every joke used, the person sub- 1 lilting it will be m *^ »5 ia«es. Jokes must be limited to »0 words or less, and must be KUitable for pwbUcation. : Lf».y« at theatre boxotfice, or mail to; Manager. «ia»o *- GOWNS Run proof tricot rayon, Iqc? trim. Pink or'blue. Sizes 32, 34, 36. $2.59 ALL NYWN SLIPS White only- Sizes 38, 40, 42 $2.59 T" ALL RAYON GABARDINE Regular $1.95, 54 inch gabardine in fall colors. Yard $1.29 Thes*a.are 81x108 in white only; t Limit 2 . $2.88 ea. HOBNAIL BED SPREADS Full bedside spreads in white, green, red and blue. E. Stevenson will address a Pern ocratic women's fund-raising lUn cheon at tho Hotel Commodore ;pn Out 28. He will be Introduced by Mts. Franklin D. Roprivelt. RetivityTlfrom tho,meeting of na lions Whore peace or w»r uro'OO lormlned.' / ii Three guards had been held as io.«tages, but were rescued un- larmed in this fourth major out- i-eak In the prison this year. ^The rebel convicts, described as extremely desperate" long-term- rs, holed themselves up in Wing upon their return from their vening meal, and, after locking 00 fellow inmates in another sce- Um, tried sawing their way to reedom, one of the hostages said. ^Vt they gave up in their escape attempt when their makeshift hacksaws failed them. Shouting defiance to prison officials, the rebellious band proceeded to break up portions ot the wing. But a preliminary examination of tho cell block showed thatj there was no serious damage. The door to the wing was forced partially open by correction officers, and one of them managed to squirm through. He was covered by submachine-gun fire. Other guards followed and forced their way up each of the five teirs ot cells. Correction officers gained con* trol of the wing, and the overhead blasts of machine-gun fire ended the rebellion two hours after It started. The rioters were placed in segregation cells. Acting Warden Lloyd W. M& Corkle said the convicts were try> ing "to gain public sympathy for the men in segregation as a result of the previous riots." Report* also circulated that the convicts rioted in a demand for better living con ditions, including television. • One of the wounded convicts was reported in serious condition In the prison hospital. He was »ho} in the chest. The other received on); a superficial wound in the MIM prison officials said.,^ tear a hole in j. V * I , ,v, "» ,*•'. '» HOPE, ARK. COMING! "Yultey sf chen" neighborhood where "Ship wreck" had played an a boy. Th was clutcb«d under b Kelly had been wen »everal times recently m tb* old new Nylace positively wiE »o$ wr •••••-.-.- * i ,' Ift top new; erwt«4 uwVe fwnow long-we eve* lowger nowl Wi pit , < to U«p your leg. looking lwU-sr««ed a*4 • ' T« " 60 suge auge tfilf *• m '•a ,** »«14 »¥»w to |500 » » oo

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