Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 13, 1952 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, October 13, 1952
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ITAM. MOM, AUKANSAS ! '*4fi •?$ SSIFIED ForSdU fBnijrH>fW"^T* A* W m^ m MO»T »«»» quickly, Pl»»o. r * frl « alar, *n»n'« Bulova watch* f gain tot cwh. llfl W. Ave, B, £ot» $o X W, fit thrtft W«*i* th» bast hom« 1«i toys, forms f 10 per month, C«fl T'J T, N, B«l«w *•« Notre Rome Lashes NCAA TV Proposal 1.00 , 16,00 Jf* SOUTH DBND, Ind. tff» —Alhlu lift director Kdwnrd (Moose) Kra-j UUP of Notre D«m« has lashed o Nation*) Coll*Bl»t* Athletic A»»o-| elation pfoponnl which "toofc* llkP| It ml«ht go through" (o spill foot- boil wtevHJon r*c«HH« among »»i memb«r». ' niId ye»ti»rd»y the NCAA . „, **i»» ,„««« M*.-.»fp hai l>e«" aJorted that! „„,, , v ,.., portable •ddjnrrriiicB "^ m ; J^rl «f.» video "sharo-lhe-, lft«,4o64 condition |W,Wllry«»U ™ftlh" prolrwn W0 uld be «ub-i Supply, IM South, V*"iV ftl ; m [ti»a »t the next annual conven- 0 turn.- Krntiso irslrt the plnn whleh he denerlbed »» "Imrnornl, Illegal, un- Amcrlcnn and doclnllnllc" probably would be whipped Into dhupe »t A meeting of In* NCAA council and executive commlttm- in C1)l o»go Monday through Thursday. At New York, A»n» Bu§ hnfll, director of televlilon for lh« NCAA, »flld thc proponttl hud been contemplated by the group us n lon» range approach to meet the prob- tern of allocating huge receipt-! which might develop In n few yoorn if footbnlt video In placed on « "It doesn't moke i»ny difference whether such ft pl»n develops In a y«nr or two, It looks Ilko It will 1051 model Chevrolet pick-up truck half, ion, only 9700 miles, ground- K>Jp tired, rudlo, honter, oak cattle fr«m«, Priced IIWO. C, F. flnkcr »il F0*Wr-8IH« Hflolty Co, Phone 7«4W. 9-3t LIVING room and bedroom heftier. Ill 8- Spruce Street, Phono 7- M07, after ft p,m, 7-9513 lifter 4:30 p.m,"^ E, flth. 10-31 R«ol (PI r^iff' JLQ8E to High School on 10th 8t, A v|ry nlcit prsotletiUy nrvi thrae bedroom homo with «Ulc Inn, floor furnace, built-in cabinet, hardwood floors, plenty of Cloneln with ftlllfl morngo, onr< port. U»r«« b«miUhiUy iHtiditCHp «d corner lot. »2»00 Oath. Will handle, through and II U our utand th«t U Krnuie. communUtlo," Notr«r Dume and Pennsylvania huv« U»d m«Jor opposition to the NCAA's present policy of controlled football televlilon. The rcntrlct- N15AR Brookwood on 79 x 160 foot eA program of tho p»»t two «on- lot, Nice five room modern homo torn * a * * flnonolal-blow to Notre wjlh largo bnt-kporoh. bulIMn*. D«nt« Which prevloudy hod tele- I ftWOl—Col Jacob It. Hcrshcy, post engineer at Fort Devens, suvt "so lona" (nnd how!) to his assistant, 1st Lt. Keenth .. •uyB ao ions ^ Tho six-foot-oleven-lnch officer, 1 .^:'^ In the Army, was discharged after com^«J«^^£ J« r of ^ uly with tho Reserve. closot. herdwooU floor*, and K«r- Ulied nil hown football «»'"o«'. n«e. $760 conh. balnnoa $38.00 "I'm not only »po»Wng 'or the * • par month tiu'luclo* taxes, in •urnnee, prlnclpul »nd intereil. Will Irado fat timber Innd, NKAH Oarlnnd School Rt 718 Went flth Street, Mod»mi 8 room n»- bosto* »Wn»le Hiding, Imrdwood foot-H, vonetlon blind*, nltlc f«n. on 75 x IW foot lot for only fOfllt i!unh with bulnnco nt 947,71 IIIM- month. Might throw In TiMidlx w«»hln« maelilue If you huriy. See Vincent W. Fouler, FOBTffitt KLL18 RKAUTY CO, pronWent Ot Notre Dame nnd my; Kolf, but also for other school*. nwerted Kr«u«P. "This Is n little too for, "On the 'UBinc b<Ul», why nhoulfl not pndowmenU and «t»t« >»8 |(ll »;. ttvt- funds for coUB««» bo ftfilltl Araujo Puts Brown to Sleep in Seventh By MURRAY ROSE NEW YORK l(T) — Unck on tin- 1 Bobcats Grind Out 28-7 Win Over Trojans Hot Springs scored early irt the first period .last nljjht but then were held practically helpless as thc Hope Bobcats smashed out a 28-7 victory over the Big Seven ccllarltes. .' . . '. . Methodically the. Bobcats ate Up thc yards on the ground ftrfd iri the nlr and should have scored n couple of moreitnlllcs but rule Infractions set them back. Hot .Springs tallltd first after holding thc Cats de«p in the Spaland.' Gary Evcrhsrt'held onto a long looping pass front Quarterback Billy Housley — the play covering 67 yards. Lloyd kicked extra point and that was all lor thc resort town squad. Hope took the klckoff on its own 30 and march straight down thc field to tally with Churchwcll tossing to Ken Stone for the final 18 yards. Stone kicked the point to Thc Trojans took the kickoff and Jesse Duke, who played fine defensive ball throughout, Intercepted a Hot Springs pass and raced 35 yards for the second TD. Stone again kicked and Hope led at the end of the first period 14-7. Churchwell set up the next tally sprinting from the Hot Springs 40 to the 19 where on a fourth down he tossed to Griffin who did some fine running to cover the ten remaining yards and score. Stone split the.up- rights. • ,',.,' Hope added seven more points in the third period. Again Churchwcll set up thc tally with a 31-yard, end run efore he was removed from Hrf-rec liny Miller waved his ^"f^*^*$l'-t?£ hi.ncls. slgnnlllnB the knockout. |Coffee { CUimaxea inc^ y ^^ Brown said his head was clear! n g a | n kicked the point ending the r.ncl "1 wimti'd to take u count of! scoril1g a t 28-7. Hope threatened mrif. 1 thought I was up in lima, ' tnroug hout the final quarter but uti'i tho referee said different." | faded to K° across. Miller said: "Brown hud onoi Backfteld standouts for Hope n tho floor when I said were Churchwell. Stone Hays and Griffin. In the line it was Willis, Hunt, Duke. Jones, Yocom and Football fey Th« Associated Pr««« Pin* Bluff 52, El Dorado 34 Hope 28. Hot Springs 7 Little Rock 61. Ft. Smith 0 North Little Rock, 32. Russell- vine o Texarkana 27. Magnolia 6 Marrlnon 1. Alma 7 (tie) Benton 38, Bauxite 7 Berryvllle 27, Lincoln 7 B*te»ville 13, Bald Knob 6 Jacksonville.*!.. Beebe 0 S lyth>Vllle B 21, Kelscr 7 IsWarbk 38, Fuller 0 Br.fcfclcy 7, Helena'7 (tie) gattmv'40. Haickory Hidge Little .Rock,,21, Con wat'ltf" 7 ' ' •'• ' IVi ' ' • •• •• • ••• • liebcf Spring* 9, Clinton 9, (tie) _i . Jl 'i'tf- • Ai k ( . M» XT*, _h._. ft- . - ... CLASd AAA Pine Bluff Little Rock North Little Rock Texarkana £1 Dorado Hot Springs Ft. Smith W Doily Scrapbag S4; fLWioke 0 City, 7, Cfbssett 6 . «. - 1 '''• 32,' ftrkandclphia 0 Dardanclle 25 DanVllle 13 Liorks 27, Strong 0 England 28. Watson Chapel 7 Hamburg 25, Eudora 19 Tulsa Okla., Central 32, Fayette- vllle 0 CLASS AA District 1 'Rogers Subiaco FayettevlUe Springdalc Van Biiren District II Joncsboro Blythevillc Forrest City Newport U-n :iiicl out'." Araujo, who weighed \'A~ '/_• '" ' » Z .Tar 1 NK V YO IK W - Hack .m tl.r Araujo, who wei H h,cl 132 V a -to Hunt, UUKe. Forrest City 20, Marianno 19 Smackovcr .38, Fordyce 7 Sheridan 12, Fall-view 7 Dumas 45, Gould 0 Rogers 10, Huntsville 13 Atkins 12, Hartford 0 Clarendon 49, Hazcn 19 Hughes 38, Parkin 0 Jonesboro 41, Memphis Catholic Camden 27, Malvern 0 Boonevllle 20, Mansfield 0 Morrllton 14, diarksvUlc 0 Paris 13, Meija 6 . ., Mabelvale 1?, Cabot. 12 (tic) . Deaf School.,,^ Magnet Cove 7 Newport 41, .Augusta 6 Norphlet 14, .Stamps 7 Paragould 12,i\yalnut Ridge 7 NashVille 27, -Prescott 13 Scarcy 26, McCrory 2 Springdalo 14. - Tahlequah, Okla Van Bureh 20, Bentonvillc 0 Subiaco. 33, Waldron 6 Stuttgart 27, Wynne 0 Lakeside- 19, Bryan t!4 Gurdon 38, Murfreesboro 7 Cotton Plant 7, Marvell 0 DeWitt 33, Warren 0 Lake Village 19, Dermott 12 Bcarden B 37, Camden B 14 District III Malvern Arkadclphia Rtissellvlllo Conway Benton District IV Magnolia Smackovcr Hope Camden Fordyce 2 2 1 Ol.fi 1 0 0 3 W 1 i 01 1 1 1 t 0 I i o o o o o 0 i W L 1 01.Q i o i.d 1 1 11 0 0 .000 W L Pet. 1 0 1.000 1 1 '.50Q 0 0 0 lO 0 1 •y HAI- BOYLE NEW YORK (ff> — The Allied World has a new battlefield hero today— Private Kim, a first class I- fighting man. Kim is known to his u. w. r comrades as an "ROK," and he is Pthe Ot Joe of the Republic of Ko' tea, where the name Kim Is even more common than Smith in America. For more than two years Pvt Kim has been too lightly regarded often distrusted as a rabbit in urn form who would throw down his gun and run if the going got rough That never Was a fair picture o the average South Korean soldier but there were few to point out the facts about him. But Pvt. Kim is now telling his own story in the best way he can »— with bayonet and hand gre nade. Whatever he was two years ago, the terrible fighting on White Horse Mountain has shown that Kim has graduated into one of the Hope 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 311 world's best Infantrymen That peak is a key teraln fea- " road to 2 Atom Spies Doomed by Supreme Court WASHINGTON (UP) — The Su preme Court today doomed Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, convicted atomic spies awaiting execution in the Sing Sing prison electric chair. The Tribunal rejected their appeals and that of their accomplice Morton Sobell, who was sentenced to 30 years In prison. Star WtAfHIK AttKANSAs — Generally thi? afternoon, tonight kna day. High 87 Low 48 , ARKANSAS, MONDAY. OCTOItR 13, I»5I I* The Negrtt Community ' By Meien Turn.r ..--.•, Pnona 7-4474 ••„ Or oring item* to Mlsa Tarnar. •t Hicks Puntral Horn. ^ iffl iltdfl Phone 7-4001. 11-31 deck following a hot exchange Springs: the For Rtnt ^jS'i^ ^^^ In lh , flllirlh rimiwl . Araujo "If their pl«n id rls»»t Co.^l 1 "!! l'«e shot. TV receipts), lot them »f football «Rte recnlptl, too." Krnuio daritod a rumor ho had been roprimanded by school offl clals for recent oommontl on ' * NCAA program. Springs. Hope gained 269 but tho roforou ruled it wasn't d ROOM tmftirnlnhed house Hi 102 W. Ave. "E". Call 7-6802. 10-31 Tw3M^«1iy"lurnUhTd opart- nt, QHln pnld, 204 Bonnor. JO-tt •^5gi5f*~^^^f^'p Br l[, n ont. Avttllwbio Novunibci' l*t, 300 KdWwood Street. Ph0no 7-2433. Cold Is the absence of hont at 400 degrees below *ero Far ho it It i» Impossible to get coidor. last night. I A short, Jarrlnu l<^ft hook (o tho [chin draped tho 20-yonr-old l.oiiisi- nyhstowly tried to «et up. i "'^ ",'.' '*i|---H° J ust <« Bnn « cli lo sl; " ul w r 1 !.,'---—- 7 to 5 underdog at fight time. The youiifj contender, ranked ns Ihiril JhallonKer in his division, then snid: "I'd like to set a chance at the winner of tho Carter-Salas title hit yards rushing to 124 TTor Hot Springs: the Bocats threw 15 VI passes, completed six for 105 yards. ' Hot Springs tossed four, had one intercepted, completed one for 65 yards and a touchdown. Hope drew four penalties for 45 yards; Hot Springs three for 25; Hope fumbled five times, recovered five; Hot Springs six and recovered three. Top Radio Programs (MODERN a bedroom homo. Q«v- fl«o. 408 N, Ferguton. Swo Olndys i-oud at Whltu £t«phant. 10-01 K.CODY ' ' ' IYER *' . . Dllltlbultd by King f«olwt» 5yndl(ol«. COLLEGE Southern Ni»vy 6 Boston College 20 Drake 14 Bucknell 19 Temple 12 Boston Univ 9 Miami (Fla) 7 Missouri Valley 33 Centra, iMo) 0 Missouri Mines 20 Central Missouri State 14. Emporia State 26 Southwestern (Kas) 13 ' Northeastern Okla 18 Graceland iLa) 7 • Daria 26 York (Neb) 0 Kirksville (Mo) 18 Cape Girar- The Gantley Sisters of Oklona will stage a program at Mt.Zion C M. E. church Sunday night, October 12. The public is invited. .... Mrs. Lizzie Moore entertained Barbara Ann 8748, Prlvttte bath. Phono 7- Wont«d to Buy ' t * .«H u •TMOtMP Mark f w* WANTED TO BUY One Inch rough green oak !urr\b«r — regular lengths ond tlo siding. For prices and specifications writs — Gyrdon Lumber Company Belrrto, Arkansas do«en Steps, and swung back, penny Rawls from what Impended. However, I'll have work tor you [H In the morning," he addvU. "A But she- had failed, and it left her troubled as well aa disappointed NEW YORK W— Saturday NBC — 7:30 Dude Ranch Jamboree 8 Pee Woe King 8:30 Grand Olc Opry. CBS _ o Broadway's My Beat 6:30 Vaughn Monroe 7 Gene Autry ABC — 6:30 Dinner Music 7 Dancing Party 9 Saturday at Salimrock. MBS — 6:30 Down You Go 1 7 Twenty Questions 7:30 Theater pf Air. ~ ther granddaughter, Barbara Ann •$•$ California 20 San Diego Moor * wUft a binh ciay party on ,|| tne lawn. The table was decorated, with flowers. Traditional birthday caice, ice cream ana punch v|j)re served to the following guest: Ev.c- lyn Louise, Gloria and Charles Murray. Carolyn Delois, Harold and. Thomas E. Lloyd, Lorraine and James Williams, Janis R. Bumpus, Kenneth Wayne and Larry Muldrew, Joan Ethel and Robbie J. Davis and Rulus D. Hightower.. Mr, and Mrs. Dan Hamilton and daughter, Masalyn left Thursday night for New York City .on an ^- dcau 0 , Peru (Neb) 27 Nebraska Wcsl- y P'arsbns 32 Central (la) 0 Friehds 7 Sterling . (Kas) 6 Clarke 12 Tuskegec 2' summer ot It, tn fact And it you > a good job) you'll got a fat must" • • • Kathleen Qarrlson awoke to Uie ragrance of coffee, and tor a mo- 1 ment U was sufficient to dlapel Uie . thoughts which had been with her tg? when sleep overtook her. She > S-1 trolled and shook her head reprov- '* "*! tngly at Narcissus, who, block face abeam, was bringing a tastefully arranged trajt,to her bedside on her own account "1 couldn't hire him to lc,.OH.r«l | R M |E.MttforS«l« '•'" " ! ^' "•' - ~' whool at ; : Your Opportunity irnow MoQUMth , the «onVtrWtfcm mostly with fuwln opport- oaslonaj w«r4 whl»« ".".... !»»swr. %*^, , "Whafa tM*meaning of this Narolwust" he tor Vout faulty In r 8 .R . ot oom*, t'llEVH -"•rt to \ UIA tlvftr* i »^*M**I«^*^» » • —»— — -* --- —«-- rn«d tUetf "Breakfast tn hedl Are you trying • ---•" — l to apoll met" •"'" _ "No'm, nothln' tike Indeed. I Itothleen. 1 Narcissus di to him. I tus* a doing three tm ln« holt to herself. "And who am 1 going to get that will be any good—" "That reminds me," Narcissus said calmly. "Now yo 1 had yo' breakfast, better get dressed. They's a man vvalttn' to see you now. Name of Earnshaw. Claims he's n rlvnh-boat cap'n." Kathleen sprang out ot bed. "And you've kept him waiting? Why ilidn't you tell me?" "Why shouldn't ho wait?' Na» cl8sx\s tossed her head. "Ha sort of a Iffy man. If yo' ask me. Mebby he know the river—m e b b y. A spider knov*$s business, too. but " Sunday: ' — 7:30 Sammy Kay. — 1:30 Invitation.to Music, ABC — 9:30 a. m. Hampton Institute choir. MBS — 11:45 Merry Mailman. Monday: NBC — 9 a,.;m. Welcome Travelers. . . CBS — 9 a s m. Godfrey Time. ., . ABC — 10:30 n. m. Break thd Bank. . . MBa — B:30 the McQuire Show. Unions to Foot Half of Demo Bill . -LITTLE ROCK W—Labor unions last night pledged themselves to raise half of the $100,000 state goal to. finance the Stevenson- Spa,rkman campaign in Arkansas. A group of 16 labor representatives approved a goal ot $50,000 to be raisoci from '.union' members in ArHurisas. THP finance, committee of tne Democratic presidential ticket in tlie state. Joe Cash, chairman of the Order ;ot-. Railway Conductors, Division tended visit with relatives friends. Nathan McDonald, aged. 90, died at his home in Mandeville, Friday, October 10. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. ' -,".', 131, said 'this is the .first) titae we've been given'a.port in a ppUt- ical campaign and I 'think, it's;, a good idea." Cash wa$ hamed chairman of the Lqbor Committee in i|>C statewide Democratic organlzajt n Attending the spsslpn were representatives from the following AFL groups: • !i" Printing crafts, Central- .Traqc,S Council, Arkansas State Federation of Labor, Federated Shop Crafts, Railroad Brotherhoods, .Brothcif- hoods of Railway Clerks and : th,p Express Division ot the Brotherhood of Railway Clerks. • -:\. «« ^»._.-_v — — - •'w.ivxi ~« RawU IHUe o' the depreoiation.I feel, roe havto' been tnt.Jtf>.wy b»wn days to thai thty their Oral In taett other gAha la Just getUn' tree now, to Ab« Uncoln. An' lastly, but hot •hoUldltaMt, yo' deaervln* ot pOmethln •pedal while yo' can get tt- Times In the bW* ot Ml Ifttad, he Jihemd aln' gtrtn' be easjK I done »uU*d ovtTwhW *» >»** coa * w* 4 "** tea leave8 -" tojr kUrk WftlrtM. It WM a tti« to Rent tht upper JfM " at W river. tonifht M w ot th* m«*I, Choplin'i tof in ei«w Uwu- jidw rttorned hi* lito*t "What do you mean?" . called u reading tea leaves, but it WM more than that, as ahe had demonstrated on former occasions- Then were those who called U black magic, a Jungle power passed on to her from her freeborn grandmother, Utter enslaved but posaess- tnjr an untamed heart to the end. ^•rtoey'a trouble ahead." Narcis- •ua aeld sliortly. and refused to elaborate, "An 1 yo' oein' yo'seif, »»• »tubbon> aa yo' daddy was. am' no need to wgy« wtU> yo* or agin' »..»» o_ j>inl> un> nnWnA nn' entov a fly better'watch him. .Thoy.golri make a fool ,ot Cap'n Rawls, get him in trouhjb." sh« ado>d almost w u> afterthought. "How do you know T" "I got waya o* seeln'. An* .Com- tort got a tongue, repeattn* what ithera wag. There goln' be piece* Jo sweep • UD» does a person be around with » broom an' dustpan come the right time," Some of Denny Rawltf gloom lifted the next morning at sight ol the AarrW. Thla packet, which McQueation " t^^^^JSSffW ^SrKS5i^e ; ^^fc^KS»s5» th« W»u t£»tplot, tea, drink yo' coffee enjoy s munching at her he evt-nts ol Uie HcQu«aUonT M the demanded •harply. country. accost- what 40 you waat uowt* promptly wax our tongu«« together, aw' . OiteaUon two y»ar*, a«» Sk. bar w» ttttfc Wt 8h« AM Cwga wtoen be cotin* kits* «o> ab« lain' him. Say he treat b« * honor ot his daughter, wheeler of Ibaht draft, especial!; built for Uie shallow waters of ~"~ Missouri. She was light and gr ful, with all the ornate gtngerbread woodwork which was tn vogue, A garrlah river scene was painted on the paddle box. The white lattice railing above the decks lent a deceptively fragile air. Stack* ot conlwood were piled on the boiler deck, and Negroes were running about with hand trucks, though somewhat aimlessly. The Missouri came in here to make Junction with Its flnal destiny, sweeping savage and majestic, living up to Its name of Big Muddv. A chocolate flood poured against the Mississippi, staining it. Plenty of other boats were here, looking like a pilo ot snow against the blackness of the water. SMe-wheclers, tugs, ferryboats. Furnace doors opened to crimson flares. The levee and the riprappea riverbanks stretched away from the Riviere d*s Peres to the north' era limits ot the ever-expanding dty. A four-Rule slope ot Mawayl serving the loading WM locating the Introduced W certainty in the to lift at hU na«»< "Captain rXa.wl», ping official shook TV* bearcj of y<*v You »fy you'f* tw^; fStJto] blocks roa» gradually trom the water. At Its summit, the leve« out bales ol cotton. Wagon* and 4r*y* by U» hvn<ir«d» were atirriag to tt D»W 4ay*» acUvity. O» ttoe IMT ottlM Fort Benton. new Montana "And from ail you'r* th« anyont can. Wtll. better, If y«W'T«: gueas everytWaTt His commenu wet* Rawu put tlM met bit cww «nd the loading «H eargo. doer WM 'WM CiWKNl. .*>«** whom bt «W* MW WF* that WM not wrprtwii, Wtf uon seemed compewav H> a* took of « drtvai, * *#***« did nol HKwry BawU What did *om of opporwaity slngU word " -' T " ' ~* •• - -•••— '«- — appearance. 03 he could, while trom the river an A the I /aT'r7poTurLom«|caine booing out ;<* to. - w o u t a do anything Rawls g»v« the order to get thatahe asked of him. Wha|: man „.-..«,.. Iq't, tor,the matter ot that! He stared bleakly at the WM nrtd-afternoon when As- as they pushed against _ Uw trid arrived with her father, and re nt, leaving the city behind, valiv insisted that he come wltn was a pilot In the pilothouse, alat & «lu»em. Rawla needed no urging, to handle the packet tor the ^'Turning the loading over to Can- few days, so for the present.Bi he enterert their carriage. But Uaa none ot that responsibUit l« inoreaaink disappointment. Farther upstream he would »««.i werenot going to the Me- to be pUot aa we!" QueaUon house, on a Dominating What rankled wa» Botot a" the edge of town, but to growing •usptclon that sonwtWi^ another reataurwt There was was radically wrong. r« business to discuss with Her unable to put his finger on Her, and no ««• alone wltn it mlg ht be, he trt«4 to ahu irid. mind to the possibility of dlsa«Uh . How niany piMJuehgers^do we These matters were trivial .If carryT" Rawta asked, rather ab- themselves, capable of ready :«*• »en«y. "Aa many M can pile plana uon. It was better to belie* aboard, 1 auppotjeT" that the reasons would be (ora* MeQueation shook his head, "No comi ng in due course. Which, M> " '- "No philosophy, failed sitnally to «o4« vlnce. . t .A' His mind returned to hi* Mfl meeting with Astrid, a tew. week I before and a hundred miles up-,tnp river. She had bowled him ovel, swept him efl hit feet, Con ing her beauty i th* tweet 1 she nad shown turn, hit own ing wa« not at all lurprising. that «h« should (eel |h« ««we about turn was as OawUd* it was. wonderful, Yet love had. tor she had admitted M when h* had voiced Ws own ings. For days he'd had hU the clouds, m* fee* scarcely deck. He'Q o«*n willing * to Si- U>uis agaiJt would bf there. -Soberly ne reviewed R 1 by »t*p. Tbe 6r»l false n»t« beeo ftru^k »i T»*» tier. we« H*ay« MJ«r t» KJCUM p atundant naks- SM «»« wa# »c« itoeas, vx) B»wl» from hi* jftind to the few d*y*? I w Mere m he* , town it WM M y>9ug* fee til* with BAWI* *i#S3ere<j UM »UPiH»rt. tw Wf 4Mk- M, tUMKMMMt *^';^^ I Hill LHJOIV »u — •• . , lure dominating the supply road Seoul, only 500 miles away. Ana Seoul is to Kim what London Is to and Englishman or Paris ..to tlm French. A In five days and nights of con* tinuoua battle fought; ta mud «d cold rain the vital peak hands 20 times. Every outnumbering Dinner to Start Annual Salvation Army Drive Here The Annual Salvation Army Drive for Hempstead County will begin with a kickoff dinner Tuesday night at the Hotel Barlow at 7 p.m. Workers from all over .Hemp stead County and various civic and service clubs in Hope will meet t receive instructions. The 1952 fioa for the Hempstead County Drivo will be $2000. One third of the total umount received in the drive wi'.; remain in the treasury of the Hempstead Co- Salvation Army Service Unit Com- Reds pushed Kim off the top ridge : he stubbornly clawed a bloody path back - ,.-, »u« Kim did it on his own while the JoSs ot the Western World who have oftcrt asked "Why don't the South Koreans do more to defend JM their own country" -.-tehed in growing wonder. These people of the West probably still fail to realize the real significance of the battle for White ,,."-- iv/r^,,r,inin. Whether it is fi Barring thc unlikely possibility of Inst-ditch reconsideration by thc courts of presidential intervention, the action leaves New York State free to carry out the death sentence against tho Rosenbergs. They were convicted in New York Federal District Court March 29, 1951 on charges of violating the 1917 wartime espionage law by relaying atomic bfemb secrets to a Russian spy ring which included convicted British Sclent- si Klaus Fuchs. oifcji»"•**•"••— ,_„ .» _ Horse Mountain. Wlicther nally won or Alamo to the Korea army. o o for Thief Takes Bottle of TB Germs 1 fSi'*;"<JAu&i*-«"«'» .. , centuries has felt inferior to Chang of China. He has always " been "the little brother" cntal sphere bossed by brother". Pvt. Chang. in an ori- "the big NEW YORK (UP) — A young Cleveland scientist told police today a thief unwittingly had stolen cultures of tuberculosis and anthrax germs from^his automobile. miltcc for local problems that may arise. The remainder ., of the fund is used by the Salvation Army clsp where in the humanitarian work. Conviction of Murder Is Reversed LITTLE ROCK, (W — Tho Arkansas Supreme Court today re versed thc conviction of one of two white men convicted of killing an elderly Negro woman at Texarkana The conviction o£ his companion was affirmed. Both Morris Grigson and Nolan Gibson were found guilty of second degree murder for the slaying of Emma Williams last December. Each was sentended to 18 Mrs. Elwood Dwlnell, of MEDICINE SHE NEEDED Koreans Drive Chin Off Hill; Russia Adm Firing on U.S. Plane Unarmed, Russian Charge Is Denied reunited with her son declared that she was a y away funds that paid for ...» . -—_i... n u n »i from Germany. — NEA Telepnoto thc affect of an illness. «r son. Neighbors raised her son to her, years imprisonment The Supreme Court reversed Grigson's conviction and sent his rax germs irom^ms automooue. ~'.--T"; k - t MiUer circuit Court Dr. Milton H. Weiner, 30. empha- ease back to, Millei L c But Pvt. Kim now has proved to himself and a doubtful world on White Hbrsc peak that man lor man equal to or better than Pvt. Chang - that David can take on Goliath. And Pvt. Kim wont forget it. The truth is, of course, that Pvt. Kim, whenever he has becn^prop- ,. eV trained,- well officered and e given enough weapons, has been a W food soldier...all, a4oB^: ; >¥ e for 51 *? " stubborn as two Irishmen and a ' mule, he can walk a Chinese bowlegged, and pad along for•hours toting a burden that would flatten a Jap. The trouble with the ROKs was that their 100,000-man force at the sized, however, there was no cause lor panic as the germs were encased in rugged little glass am-| pules. foi a new trial. It affirmed Gib conviction. » Supreme cited that the Williams woman Al4^County Conference of School Administrators to Be Held at Yerger Oct. 14 On Tuesday, Octobei- 14, a regional field conference of school administrators will be held at Ycr- RCI- High School begiunmR at 10 u - m. This is one ot tho three c-onler- « Mti M ± * rarar^T" pules and infect himself or let dren by tossing them into ian," Weiner said. ash UIU • w M ta f. v ~~'-~- . thc morning of Dec. 12. She had admitted leaving the woman's room "in were outbreak of the war was pawed facts, Wcl U ieiwciviv* rr*fc*. »..^, -^ c* v l , if, All 4ho«o fHPT« germs they caiTied. On each of the before he eft. All ^se lacu ...» ^.» n i n .'« ,„== mnrlrnH the others in the recoia, cicany container was marked held^ the Negroes Open $4,900 Drive on Park Debt I Hope Civic Improvement association opened a campaign .today for subscriptions to r-tire the $4,900 debt still outstanding "~ cover ways and means of improving quality ot instruction in Negro schools. The conference will bo made up ot County Supervisors. School Superintendents and Negro Principals from fourteen counties a rtncipa , ^^ d that thc Superforrosa The meeting is under the duel,- ' ' ha , 8 tuj J fc aUdocl aPl . O 8S the botm ... „»•*>,« tjtnin Dcoarlmenl of fc.il- inc lopm IXCKI" .h ""i ' ','"*'',.....".'._«. i-.._n~,,, «rtWi* hr MOSCOW (UP) — Russia admit ted today its tighter planes fired on -an American Superfortress which disappeared in the Far ;Kast, but insisted they did so only after tho B-29 violated Soviet territory and tired first. The Soviets said tho B-29 "departed in the direction of the sen' last Tuesday utter oxchanKlnir tire with two Russian fighters oyer tho Kurllo Islands, ott the northeast tip of Japan. American sources believed it crashed.- v ' A noto on tho .Incident handed U. S. Charge D'Affnlres Ellm O'Shaunghhossy by Deputy Foreign Minister'*. Goorgi M. Pushlkln yesterday modo ft "determined protest" against the incident and asked the Americans to "adopt measures to prevent violation of the Soviet stato frontier by American aircraft." . The text of the note was published In the official newspaper Pinvda today without comment. (In Tokyo. A U. S. Air Force spokesman denied that the B-20 hcd violated the Soviet frontier. It said radar showed tho plane was over Japanese waters 15 miles from the Soviet frontier when on unidentified piano approached "from the direction of the Kurlle Islands." However, the Air Force thc Superfortress NEW POLIO WEAPON — Dr. . Cox, above, has ah- relatively nroduolno « vaccine which Sould be "tho tjreateat slnale advance In whipping polio." Cox, chief of viru.^re- irch for lederle Uaborator- " rch for " the others question as to thief"broke into Winer's au-1 guilty. Gibson's conviction is at- will parked firmed." wlln ^."mad. thr«neunc.ment .t the opening ceremonies of the Hef^l> f ftWft Sac'- olnef'which Is still underac-lnn Uborstory te»u, 0 »"' drfl ° 1 ?. l i ne 2; pensively mass • proouo«a. — NEA Telephoto. Now Alt i to Recapture Other» By OEOROK SEOUL, Kot9 Chinese sujcldft'-,-,-,.-,-,,.;--.. Htion charge* tried t6 .fetow't in tho Allied Horse Mountain toons gunfire short of their tarj cmtwy cmtwyp $ii5wyp --™-. ubout halt n dozen lanatioaj about ahlf a . , „ with satchel charges aloro torpedoes charg north slopo In comptotr'Oli of, their own Uven, They foil-with th*!* exploded. ''"' '""ii' T At tho same Umo two/, platoons Jumped oft In «* uttnck. Tho South Kqroa; them back, then launchocM satilt ot their own. At/" 1 they woro pushing upp-.-^ ol one ot threq knobs the,^ captured oar Hat'In the day, As tho savage battle; wr- Horse enterocl its olg.nt South. Koreans woto In trol of the commandlngM; Tho "stay!"' * L " J Republic o?.*w>r.0!» «»'* prepared bunkers- ana." 1 Man Kills His tomobile which had been overnight in front of a dormitory ,. The court „ nave a go Creation building. The W« Grieson ° 1 ,. day night, and everything was all Williams' rooms vi/ht v PS t 0 rdav." Weiner said. Testimony apparently OUfcUi *•«***• wx *••*• ••— - j and mangled by the spearhead o a North Korean army that at tacked with 100,000 men and 10 Russian tanks. South Korea reacted with a mag- 1 nificcnce that has received small recognition. Farm boys were taken out of their rice paddies and thrown into the front lines eight days later Some clutched strange rifles they had fired only once in their brief training because of the scarcity of bullets. Others marched into battle ebpty-handed and were told to pick up a weapon from the first man to fall. Often they had to forage off the conflicted. There often was no morphine for the badly wounded Comrades held them as a surgeon operated. —/-.w It is a combat miracle thc ROK.: • were able to hold on their front as well as they did for many , months of emergency. Yet all the i time they had more men in ac- 4 tion than any other member of thc ^ U. N., including the U. S. i At the same time, guided by American officers, they forged and trained a new army of several hun- ered thousand men equipped with right yesterday," Weiner with members of the State IJeparH ^eauo" u u^, b . . . ^- - »M. ^v; t br ^ d()Wn or j r . ment of Education. Durmg the 1« - ve ment was mad ^ theLed down by Soviet tighter, in tho dory'into Soviet territory after the 'attack.) ' The Superfortress, catrying a alcrew of'eight on B routine train- was .the fourth Amen- either shot down or for< ching hour trom 12:30 AM & N College, llltil- 11 *- 1 **''! i_u ^ 4U to 1!45 Dr.land other equipment, c^lg^ ..^^ ^ ^ A U., S. Navy E . ,D. D^l^^poke^nan forfed it^crew gW Bluff, Ar- Friends BLOOMFIELD, Conn., — (UP) — A "Mentally deranged" factory worker—who killed his wife and n former co-worker, shot two friends , and then took his own lite in hH •ed un- n arn | ns car—may have suffered an during .. U nusual form of insanity" which iu e sTbefo y re midnight I = hi.hed the Court s,,id that G i g O n that someone had pried open a | reached his home at least a nan kansas, will deliver the principle ation ventilator window and taken my suitcase and ovcrcoaU" Weiner said he had placed the ampules in a small case and locked it in the suitcase which was stamped -with his initials. "The germs had been used for research in laboratories for a long time and., for this reason, they may have become weakened," Weiner said. , our before Emma Williams was icard screaming in her room. The Supreme Court affirmed a White Circulrt Court conviction ol F. M. Smith on charge of illegal possession of a whiskey still. Smith was sentenced to a year's i m - msonment. UUUIl r uuuvAtAuwtM 4*v»« ••-*-• •-..-..,, „ 4ii.4U«^.fink /ill- UllO**fiW**-*»»»»v» •*••»-- --- * - - JlUlllll **' «*•«* •*»* 1 »»i *•"" "» • a and Director of Student Person do so again but not until tho can :P jM j t » er nnd its crew of 10 vanished t oul on a senseless, one- man ic'l Grumbling College will also bu va ss of private donors has » uc « fflE* the-Baltic April 8, 1950, after UBH |n8t society Saturday night 1 '-''"' L1BB * fired upon by Soviet fight- but authorities say they uro without any reasonable explanation for LITTLE ROCK, — The Ar American army. They key man in that reborn army is Pvt. Kim, now able to fight with the best. The morale is high. He can dogtrot or shuffle 35 rpiles a day on his thin rubber shoes, and he sings as he marches The songs are about two ot th oldest dreams in his "Land of th Morning Calm" —victory, and boy called Kim at peace in a beau liluj field ot waving rice, golds in harvest. W. A. Jeans, 69, Succumbs at Home f arly Today W. A. Jeans, aged 69, a resident of Hope for many years, died early [onday at his home. He is survived by his widow and ne nephew. Funeral services will be held at p.m. Tuesday at Herndon-C&r- nelius Furneral Home Chapel by he Rev. S. A. Whitlow. Burial will >e in Rose Hill Cemetery. Active pallbearers: Joe Amour, Cecil O'Stecn, J. T. Bowden, Harry rlawthorno, Fcrrell Williams and guest speaker. completed. kansas Supreme Court today agreed to consider a last ditch ef fort to keep Act 242 o 1051 o the Nov. 4 general election ballot Fred Pickens. Newport lawyer was granted permission to file a petition to enjoin Secretary of State C. G. Hall from certifying the controversial purchasing Jaw lor a V °The attorney general's office will file a response and the Court will hear oral arguments at 2 p.m. tomorrow. State Representatives from thoi The donors' list will bo published following departments are to servo as released from time -'ip time by as consultants: Audio Vlaal. Quid- the Hope Civic Improvement as- ancc. Teacher Education and Cer-j sociation. tification, Transportation and Finance, School Lunch, Special Edu- ration, Elementary Education, Secondary Education and Vocational Education. Superintendent James j H Jones of the Hope School District will preside during the lunching period. Any local citizen interested in education will be wel- Ame rlcan C-47 Was forced tho methodical •hooting .. down ln Hungary by Soviet fight- The doranged klllor left "a wcl- corned to attend this conference If an injunction is not or if no decision is made Dy Wednesday, the act will go on the ballot. That is deadline tor certl fication of general election mea cures to election officlals. one of the attorneys Elbcrt Jones. Least 10 Hurt in Three Auto Wriscks At least ten persons were injur Lewis His Selection r President , NORMAN WALKER. _JNCINNATI (If) — John L. Lews was expected to make known ils stand on the presidential politi cal race today as sessions of the Pir-upns is one ol tne auoM«?»° ea, none DCHV^U auuuusuj. •*• •• who has represented the adminls- sories o£ three auto accidents, two tratlon of Gov McMath In Ks cf- in IJempstead and one in Ncvad^ tt O \IVII. U*- V*v* » * . * f)A*) _ , >,._.._ f-»_* 1»~ ,, n riii»» l^nu/r» t|clb»v»ll M* >-.*»•* —^ fort to prevent a vote on Ae An original action, filed te Supreme 'Court attacked of ^number of the refer w*hfch""o'pponents sought to the measure to a vote. Two weeks ago Commissioner Wayne Upton reported to tne Court that Pickens' witnesses had ti- given ctert to invalidate the said, however, that the was AWOt Soldier Gives Up Here Duke Arnold, Arkadelphia soldier, walked into tbe Hope Police Station yesterday and told them he hajd. been AWQL from the Ft. Hi* leyj Kansas army base since September n. He was turned over t« officials at Texarkana. a testimony apparently sufti Girls Picked Up by Officers Here Are Fugitives Two young girls picked up by City Officers here the night of Oc* tobcr 9. arc escapees from- a girls training school in Atlanta, Ga., local officers reported today. „„ . They were listed as Virginia Cole upwn, wm, «; ^j ta lhe case man, 19, and Marie Cox, 18. both « llv lo ned listed California as their homes. At 11UWV »«-••» -« —of such nature that it refuted by defendants Since then no addition have been set before was appointed espec lanta officers enroute to to take the girls back. Meet in Week ' revival rnaettog »t th£ First Church fe now l» S4 t Resident of Slevins, Dies Fqmily at Church, Home looted South on Highway 29 The home of Mr. and Mr, Clyde County, State Patrolman Guy Down ing reported today. Mrs. Brooks Foster of Patmos suffered a broken right foot and her daughter, Connie Joyce Foster, sus .oined body and leg lacerations Sun day night when an auto driven by Albert C. Caudle, Hope, went out of control and overturned on Highway 20, two miles south of Hope. Caudle also suffered cuts on U»P face. Yesterday at Washington an auto 1 driven by David Whitmorc of Texarkana was bit from behind by another driven by Wesley Wright. Nashville Negro. Mrs. Whitmore suffered a back injury and severai unidentified negroes riding with Wright were injured but not serous Officer Downing and Deputy finer 41st United. Mine Workers Convention were resumed. ; A slowly growing strike ot coal miners and politics were the chief subjects ticketed for comment by lh* union's president before convention adjournment next Wednesday. Thc strike started Friday when several hundred miners at a Peabody Coal Co. mine near Harris- erg last NOV. 10 after, thc Amerl. w ,ut<m" note which hold Mttio cans8ad.lt lost Its way over tnl i_ t .xcepl that his "work" would Yugoslavia. A Hungarian court tpke about throe hours. Tho note, fined the tour American crewmen m a 8 t ttr npcd envelope contained $120,OWS,tor border vlolstlons. The BUm o£ mon(jy> was •W'9«H»J» United States paid the fine and U j r jend in Massaohusotts, but was the men were'relcBBcd. L , found In a friend's car here otter The Soviet note on the latest In- UMi B i a yin«. w s cldent said the B-29 v olatcd the poUco Ba ui the kllUngs were Soviet frontier near Yuri Island, In - p i anne( j more than two days b«lore the Kurfles across a narrow chan- ghcrman went on tho shooting ram nel froiA-the northeast Up of Jo- page againg t "the ones ho lovfcd. i. ffei- . , Sherman shot his 50- year- old Two afcet fighters went up and v >[£ c , Juonlta to death with a pistol 4VVU k»«Bp»v» ••**•••»•" " " ^ - .* i l V/IJ.W, v **»•.••••*» "— ' - ^ Vi*»»«i caUed on the American bomber to | L6W ,. enco B. Luther, 31, of Hart' follow them and land at the ncav - • '-•••.-• .«•«, « «hot B un pen bun?, 111., walked out. Other Pea body mines in Illinois and Indiana were due to join the walkout today, boosting to about 5,000 the nurnjjer of idle. The men refused to work given paychecks lacking the $1 a day pay raise Lewis recently i goHated f.or the miners. Employ throughout thc soft coal induSil have token the -position that, fl est.jiirdromo," the note said. %stead o$ complying with this legitimate demand by the Soviet fighters, the aircraft which had cornmittcd the UXM**' lnfr j,^ ment fired on •'them. When Soviet fighters returned the fire, the American bomber departed In the direction of tho^eo, .1 •The Soviet government launch a determined protest against his new case ot violation of the oviet State frontier by American military aircraft and dernandrtbat he government ot the United tales adopt measure* to prevent lolstion of the Soviet State i by American aircraft." TOKYO, (UP)—' Att '-Air force epokesman said today a lord was felled With a . „ blast and Oscar Q, Morgan 33, of West Hartford, wa» f r 11 i c » Uy wounded in tho same shooting. „..,.. -A 56-year- old BloomfleW m»n, out to" o«i|t Koarl B. Dcubel, was iQfS serious-' -•-— *-°«* ly hurt with n shotgun blast r li» front ot his home- just pccondu be- H.vo Sherman died in his car. ly. though they are ready and willing to pay tho higher wages, they may not do so until the government approves the pay raise. The Wage Stabilization Board Washington is considering the in crease, which brings, the basl miner's wage to $liU<5 e day, .bu probably won't decide for severs days yet whether the increase inflationary or not. The increase was effective, Qe After (Mating ' nl8 e]f}9 * ii i, Sherman climbed Into uw eubul, who was not wotuwea car, Deubpl, miously, uald he saw the , burnt tato ftarnes and explode when rled ovoj»r s votes than any 1 date ha*. "I as to iw gutd on gram, The reJttct»!\t American B-29 bombo/ which IlussianB accused of Hrlfltf at yivt fighters ofl northern ;brricd no guns. The plane was on A . .... flight and w« unarmed, toe man »ald. ' Soviet paiclalf cljarge* that the superfort "departed In m a ttm of the sea" Ipt Tuiiaay er exchangtaig firs WW iw« n«»j fighteri over the Kuril* W»* rn oney. However, _„,_., week with Evangelist del Krass speaking nightly at f; The public M> mvited to widely know Evang^tot. Sue Stephens, aged $4. a res ^ ,1 Blevins. died about 4 p.m Sunday, at the home ot a sister. Mr*. Julia Duckett ot Blevins She is also survived by three other sisters. Mrs. Warren Nesbitt, \>t T* W«»»^^ _ f.t »^ 'w» 11 j ' S A •*!*• $300 worth of various article* he couple attended Sunday while the couple Church, State H. J- . Upme payrolls won't be due tor 8t ol 1 ^asl 10 days from now, rnaktojj said . or Sgt. Porterfield said the horn* of ? Cox. near Midway School u> rfayette County was also tooted. The thieves drove a ear or .» * . . • ... ft __ Ji~~ a vov/4 nnlfil 1 * V/A^A^>^» +*^ •• •» — "S» " __. j'X. ' * »*V *#*V» V*»*** "• mf f '• T TT r w if£ Allen Shipp charged Wright, t 8nd it seem ed clear more an with drunk driving following tho |nore miners will join the strik accident whkh blocked the highway when tneir pa yqhecks appear - uu - tor some time. Both vehicles were jout the badly damaged. Also Sunday. 3 miles west Prescott on Highway 24, a truck driven by John C- Prescott and another tru by Herman Ogburn. Prescott ro, collided. Carl Wicker of Bt and NeU riding » th* back # the truck rwe»v«d painlui brw»«s «»«,. 10 days from a complete strike unJJkely far a while it was taken for granted .by delegates that a full indus- MJ -_.Je strike cpuW b« e*P«Ct*d 5 tee WSB turns thumbs down ° ofi northeastern Japan. %he Air Force d^)ie4 the plane wan over Busilaa territanr- When lir»t aikftd wl»ftter missing & spokesman „, . gunners were aboard, «»«*« TV «5 *m r m alftfnt^mnn t~ftf\Vf "11<M Q'Shaughnessy, bwhiiffr wite » pay raise, or ajpr«yes only firtd the guns M F and laid the &?9 csrri* • could have manned arm*. rppresentpd u want- ^pdlifQl MtJI Elffl**W?

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