Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 11, 1952 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 11, 1952
Page 2
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|r./fjr^rp?j NO'M ITAR, MOPI, ARKANIAI * "-P" ^-* 1 ' *' Saturday, October !1,195$ 7 BfiftY IttWtffff A,M**ftMt». Mi of 7:80 p.m. Mr*. Claude Tfllsry. Jtfo- (ram tender, will present • plnylei the flood N«w»" with fe 'Mr», Okrorgo Murphy, Mr*. D«vl<1 ,, Oct. th* Bducndonnl lay Spot CU« of Woddlt?, MM, IrtrtJfoiHr WfWnm»< and Mrs, «am JUwWfc wWVlng tin t*! 1 *. MtM JWryl Henry will Irig Utn dev0tl*n*l »nd A xp«cl*t lfl bo rflrtairWi by Mr*, nor* All flnll nccompunlcrt by Mm, B, 2, WyiM, A nor'flt hour will follow the program and all tt»er»l»r* arc tifgud to «f« urged th« »vo o Joint M, il. ;ER fcwr Ootob«r IB A (iltifly coumc (llflcumion group !«• the Hope Junfttc • Stmior Jllgh Jeheol t l»arent-t«>ofher Aisoelntlon Will b* bold Thursday morn Inn, Oetobtr 10, In tli.» Home «t in Tint UtfAnn '[.line Onrdi-n Club h««'jJo»tpon«M the llnilowvun Party svhlch w«« MchfiduU'd for Fridny night, Octotwr 10, until Friday night, Oeiuber J7. All memlwrn flr« to m«et Wodnorftiy vvcntnn, OoWber'lfl, t« cl#on the clwb room, the ftif*)nPM Woman's Cl«?cl« of J**ir«t Hitptiit ciiuiTh will man With .VTri, Thclma Moore flt tf |*,m, Monday, Oct. 13^ All mern- b*r« urged to rittftnd, Oow«i«r 14 Uope Country Club wilt hnv» A mfl»<|u«r«de eoslumw dance T»»»* , M, from 8*80 to IS, Kvtry on** muni wear o m«*k. A prlzo be given for tho rnoxt Hie fflu Osrden CU»b wilt ment Tvttidoy, Ootrtber J4r In tho home of Mm, A' A, Albfltum, RotnUm With Mr*, W. l, Stroud «« Mm, WdddlP CUftrtlnt* hflrn, olmlrinan of Uic proRrom. Will |»iwnl "tforcinjj Biilbn," Pluits will bo mndo to enter arrnn- foments in tho Fall Flower Show io be held October 20 in tho Kut. Chopttfr AK of PKO will m#»t >3f»ifliijd»y judomoon, Oetobor W, tit the homo of Mr*. F. C, Crow, 319 com- inlttwe of Oarlond School will tn<M»t TttPHday morning ot Q o'clock at tb*i'*ehool, ' , tfith s Mr«. Curroll Yooom H»nor«d With »how«r \ .Voeoni wai honored ... '«nrt blue nhowpr on njffht, October 0, at 7(90 """' Hut, Homesaus wwc Merrin«, Mm. Billy Mr*. J. B, Marttn, hlJlipn, And Mr*. Cecil ; AHUtio nfrang»meiH« of full .lower* Cttfryuiil out tho pink nnct jluo color »ch,emo were pluwtl «i point* of Interest Vhrourfhout , The honoree'a table was centered; wllh a larito ittork holding tho Joffioi* of n diaper In IU mouth, In the UtHpei- wa» n doll. -i'MiNi. Ytjeam WA» t>r««ent«d a i?or*oge of pink ona blue baby r«Ulof» tied with pinH and b)u« Mr*. Jim UOrftMd Hottui to 0«ffodll.aiiNin pl«b kr«, vTim IiftOHM* w«» hantew to tho niffotltl Qoro^n Club which >noV horn* w Oct. ». ;, BUI 'foilttSftw led, tho pro- "0»*io PrlnclpiB* of Pith «.'* The fall 'flo» w«ro Judged with , ,:-Bia Tuli^on winning tho irf Mrt. W, T, fV«nk» with Mm, L. ft- Bxrmim ond Mr*. G. R, , The meeting wan called in order bjr the president, Mm, R«hfri nw- ef, P)0n» wcr« dl«cu«MNl for the Fall Flower Show whfth will be hpld On October 79, An Intc-ronting pr«ff*m w«» flv*»n by Mr*. Arch Moorn on "Th* Selecting ond Grow In* of Hull)*." ttufrinhmtrit* w«rrc nervml to dnvr-ntflcn mnml)«»r» nntl two Wr». Ar«h Mo<ire, oml llttl Peggy N#JI Prnnhu, •John Cain CHuptsr of DAR Hut PlrU M««tlng Tim John Cain Chtptur of Wr» of the American Hevolutton h«lci lift first irifl«illn« «f the X»'<" nt Ulr Unrlow Hotel nn Wetdrmotlny, October », with the ic««nt. Mrs, f)Mk Wn thins, preildlnK ond with! Minn for Mr», Moenowell Turner. Mr», Howurd, and Mm. Wilbur of Chan, arrtrnU of BUlnrnn flower* out n blue »ml «oUI color formed the tobln dcrorn- tton», I'dllowlng the pledge of miugl- «H«», the *lnglng of the Nntlunnl Anihem, nnd the chapter rltunl. t»»0 IO»2A1 yearbooks wer» dl»trl- bu|«d and a general dixeuMlon of anii for iho ycor's work wn-, hold. Chnpler «etlvltlc» for Ncivembrr will Include o silvei Tou to h« gty*n «t Ote hoini* of MM. Dick W»tkln» Nov. 5, for tin< purpnuc df raiting fund* for tho continued N#tOj»«ti«tt of tho Old StflU' House in W||f» Rock, nnd o speclnl lunch«M;n mooting on Nov. )a honorlni: thf/'ArlMniia* 8tot« RoKent, Mrs. H»^, Knorr. of Pino Bluff, llti^-sn «i'Wf'.4ri«, luncheon w m (, 0 Mr», ««b»HstftOrai-, fl , Mr*. Uoyci S|»?ii- «*r,i M«». Dick Watkin* and Mrs, , nnrno* of Mr«, Turner *nd Mm, Jnm«,i u Mnrtin- dale wcr« placed In nomination u» »«ercl«ry and lloraiinn r«<p«etly«ly to fill (id by the dt-nthd of Mrs, L<>, Holt and M|«tt Mapy Cults, Bmii \\.-i o fleeted by a unfltilmouji vote of thrt ch« ^ Mr«, Watklns named her MnmiU#c» for finance, the „..., T*u. unit for nollcltlng adverth 1 for th«' National DAR m uft«r which Hint declared IfiU fldjournuil, u r iiaii auiij __ Coming and Going , Mm. OIK or Adnms attended the »tn«« board of the Arkansas Con- «r«»» of tho PfA held in UUI«» Hook on Tiiwdny nnd Wednesday. Oct. 7 and a ' Hospital Notes MUM—Husucln Makkl, itrong man of Iran's oil nationalization program, seems to have his lips scaled AS he meets reporters' qiiGf)tlon.<i in Paris, en route to tho U. S, While In Germany, ho •old, he made contacts for hiring 370 oil technicians. Fair Enough By Woitbrook Pogltr Copyright, 1952 By King Feature* Syndicate. There ft no doubt that thl* I* the name Henion. The letter from Henson which the DlRCftt mailed to render* who fn<|ufrcd after my rucc-nt oxposr, did not contain any dlsclo.-uir.' of hi* political nnsoclatlon with Brown In the Revolutionary Policy Corn rnftteo. H did not Identify either of them with any violent revolutionary movement. Henson naid he could not understand why PegRlcr «ot "so excited (.bout ex-SoclalMt* like Irving ', but did not come out with a flat statement thnt either ho or Brown hnd ever abandoned socialism or Lovestono communism Brown, himself, flatly refused to OtscuM any subject with me when I wrote him n requeM for an Interview In Pnrls Inst. winter. Brown knew I had the goods on him, Lovodtone and Dubinsky and took evasive action. In the lasue of tho Revolutionary Socialist .Rovlew which I have mentioned, Brown had nn article entitled: "A Program of Militant CpntrlKrn." Tho intentions of this political 3grnt of the Dubinsky Socialist empire movement In Europe at" staled In these excerpts: "It must be the task of revolutionary Socialists to smash the] boiir«ool8 get-up (not merely get| control of state machinery nnd so it for establishing socialism)," Brown said it must bo the task of his group to "substitute tho workers' stato through its Soviet which develop in the struggle for power. He calle.fi attention, with approval, to the "appeal" of the Revolutionary policy committee, wherein it said: "Workers' councils, organized In direct response to ,1 Krowlnif revolutionary situation, Rhnll constitute the basic units by „ , , , which the working class can carry 1-or r<,a»on S _whlch_I will not try throtiKh an armed insurrection has|ThcMc councils constitute tho basic to Klve the Render's DlKfst . • , »in.-m- >-'JUMI_IIB consiuuie me. oasic arjnndonc(.Mt» objective, Innocent j revolutionary idea of the state ""' ' "' " ' ' " os opposed to bourgeois, democrat' ic parliament." n jibe ut the Norman Thorn- propnitnndi< publication without'fair wurnlnu t» Its readers. As I noted '• — •-•' *--• - .I"*-.... 41.1 .. j.uf UL me iNorman rnom- i-ocenll.v. (he September Issue of I as Socialists, who were- known as the Dluost contained an article | the "militants." a misnamur be- r> r in n I u) i it 11 ,,f f.. ... t ,* ..* 1 ^ ^. ... ,1 _ .. ' »«••*.! uv. ,. of fiintiiMtic and erron eons prnlsti of tint; Irving Brown, n vt'toran advocate of violent revolutionary Mnrxlim SodnliKm, who lliis been IryltiK to promote a po- Jiticiil I'liiplrc In Kui'dpc fiir David the perpetual president- tlu'ttitor df (lie Garment Workers' I union. i Tliln article was done by one I Donald Hobinson. an obscure mag- fi/lne Journeyman who was n prop- on ndn colonel on General Risen- lir.wer's staff durinj; the war. Rob- Irison set forth that Brown, for about 20 years n paid political In- Mructor on the staff of Dublnsky's union, had frustrated Stalin's ef Mr*.. , «,, ! WJ»« P«trt>o», Mr», Larry , Mr, oiwl MM. Lorry Boswoll of Irvtatf. T«xas, imnouneu ,t|t« nr- of o boy on October JulU Ohcttor to movo tho Iron In Kuropo. Curtain for AVhen 1 took the dlRcst to task the this misrepresentation, . ,,,.'Ht sont out to n number of subscribers reproduction* of a letter from Frnnein A. 'Heii.son, •,-"(!!rector of educational and -political action" of the United Auto Work- era ot tho A, F. of L. This is a dummy ,unlon of nominal membership which was beaten almost to death In bloody street fishdts in Admitted; Clarence N, Bolls, of IS' 1 ; 1118 "!! ln n showl °wn with o«ton, Cleo*«e John*on» H«n« Waltur Ueuther's CIO union in the MTU. Non-man Q, ~ Mary Ann Boder, siime fit-Id. Henson and Brown bo(h Mrs, $', D. Mr. ftttd Mr», . ^ K », Hope, «nn,oun$« ttw eriptvol ol twin , Nownft x Qen*'ana Thelma Bl»v!n» Th« ot ember eo» Jitter «oitaiio The y the montji The the by all, Mrs. D. t>\wJno«» mltlee \va* appointed got w«U eaydii Mr», Jt, T. ' > S»well, The ijrouii exehanaed namei fop secret •"^"T^ m^r» ^wit* v.% |^«14ff> Punch and cwkieu were vorvcd .j »J m*mto«r«. 8 vtaltors nnd one » «•«»**• M«* HWh Crweh, be at the , . , , AU mtmbtr* ar« urgwi to be pv#. the Club M»«t» , T, rr«r* j- i«, ^*\ .Club wwt i»v tho nttXt We»tins C. Vletory On W was catted to Mrs. «uu1 lh« group two vUltor*. Mr« . Jean Wmg- «, Black- the past year," of th* dub mem- m iAWJt «« » :*mm te 50 eeats tor the with «ie .. §*v«n by Mr*. ciuisc- they wore a watery lot, Brown wrote: "Wo should like to call attention to the following from the Communist manifesto: 'Of all Hie classes that stand face-tu-faeo with the buurneoslc, the proletariat, alone, Is a really revolutionary class.' This has nlwayn been the ADC of Marxian Socialism. The constant attempt to avoid that awful phrase — the proletarian dictatorship — results to avoid that awful phrase — tbe proletarian dictatorship — results not merely In a rcphraslntt but in a basic cliarijjo of idea. Tho Revolutionary Policy Commlttco stated x x x 'workers' democracy has no clear meonlnK unless it is definitely related to some form of working class dictatorship. Wo must affirm the essentially democratic na turn of the proletarian dictatorship.' "There can be no course precluding the possibility of the work- NICE CATCH - Whether you believe in mermaids or not, i comely Chips Do Winter would | be a pleasant catch for any fisherman. The "merihald" helped, the Miami, Fla., Fashion Council :iaunch_lts annual resort :stylc I " " "\wcek.'" '" DOROTHY DIX Considerate Girl inft class soizlnR power and es- tablishinu the dictatorship. Onco Hie dictatorship is established and the Soviet state begins to function, it is preposterous to speak of the continuance ot a multi-party system. To maintain that every single sphere of Soviet life is crushed by the so-called bureaucratic regime is to blind one self to the tremendous creative and controlling forcos throughout Soviet Russia." The blurp introducing Brown snid he was an instructor in "Workers' education classes of the ILGWU," tht Dubinsky union. "This past summer," the Revolutionary Socialist Review said, "Henson had extensive contacts with the Socialist movement in Europe." The Renders' Digest has given no intimation of the true political purpose of the Dubinsky machine in many foreign lands where it operates with the active connivance of the Truman State Department. Dear Miss Dix: Next month the boy I love is coming home for a short visit, then he is going overseas. He asked me to meet the plane with his parents. I know and lofrij them and, since I feel that this meeting should be prlmefrlly< theirs, I want to know how I;c»n hold myself back and let his folks have first "grab." Also, I dtffitt want to appear too . ptfuesilVe. while he IB home. Naturally, whit I really want Is to .throw myself at him the moment he-steps from the plane, but I feel fhat isn't the thing to Do. H.. D. Answer; Such • thbwgrjtfulness of others should make you a well- beloved daughter-in-law in 'any family. Too bad more girls can't have a touch of the sarte consider- ntion. The ability to appreciate .the other fellow's feelings is a priceless one. While its inherent possession is a great asset to anyones personality or character, the quality can also be cultivated. Lack of thouKhtfulriess is behind the loneliness of most people, and is the chief reason for unpopularity. Hold Back A Little When you meet the boy, hold back just enough to let his parents know that you expect them to have the first loving greeting; they'll be very quick to relinquish him to you. During his stay at home, don',t monopolize his company every day or every evening, even if he suggests it. Sometimes boys can be very thoughtless and a small ; reminder from a wiser girl^viH keep family relationships much -better balanced. You will be repaid a thousandfold for your realization of his family rights, and your oyvri clear conscience will be sufficient reward — though I hope not tyq only one — for your surrender oj possession. Heat is the movement of molecules in matter the faster the molecules move, the .greater the heat. PRESCOTT NEWS were Sunday, October 12 The Youth Choir of the First Baptist Church met Sunday at 5 p.m. for practice. The BTU will meet at 0:30 p.m. There will bo a young People's Service at the Church of Nazareno Sunday at 7 p.m. The Youth Fellowship of the Methodist Church will meet Sunday at 8:30 p.m. members of the national .executive committee of the Revolutionary Policy -Committee of tho Socialist unity in 1934. In that year, at the Socialist party convention, in D.e- tvoit. Dr. J. B. Matthews. the highest American authority on the Communist conspiracy nnd the most effective Individual fl«htur it it, charged in n speech tho floor that Brown and Henson were stooges of Jay Lovestone's Communist party, planted In the Socialist ptu-ty by Lovcstone to wreck U. fcovtmtone was the first chief of the Communist party in the United States, After the purges began--.In Rus»in in 1928, he organised his own . _.. rival group to carry on his own Sunday ut 4:30 p.m. The Youth Version of communism hem Fellowship will meet at 6 p.m. Sup During-tjltbi Detroit cotw« " " "' '" ' ...... the American Socialist " WHS hiding s.put The Young People of the Assembly of God Church will meet Sunday at (1:30 p.m. ran- : » .phoned Matthews a request to Join him, Brown and Ik'nsnn ! -in -his Worn to talk things over, Matthews rushed over and confronted Lovestone u»d Brown. In disgust, Matthews then tuiit the Socialist movement altogether. Later he wiote '*rhe Odyssey of a Fellow er", a small, explosive book . blew the camouflage oft a thousand dugout* of the grand treason and brought down upon htm «n incessant campaign of foul wbuse from that element which EO Uotly deplores the "smear tech- ol Joe McCarthy. Bruwn and Hen«on both wrote attteles for the revolutionary Socialist review in Nov. 1KH, Hensou was UlwUified a$ acting secretary ol ths revolvitiwiary policy conui^U- tee uv that issue and it footnote on the fly-leaf said the review could frwn him at P. O, Box Cenlr8\ Annex, N. Y. Ue church with 15 members present. Mrs. W. T. Yarborry. pr«sWent, called the meeting to order. The devotioual wa* ^tven by Mrs. J. K. Ward. Each member answered the <%|U '~-r~ff- — --<»,»*•» l*"^ • *«*t*. ?,«ltv&t fnVMtWVI «Xl»Wl-lVU. «W OW MKt iwtw business v**s f »oll with "the type of recreation I i k««»* »•»».. .,..»_ .^ btfs( .. Mrs w T Y»rb*rry «ave a report on the community park, A pie supper was planned for October 8 at ifee church. On Qcta- • *»«• » *»«*» iia»mb*r is »»feed to ! bring Ui»ir lunch and spend tb* d«y \^rk«ig on the park. Mr S> Bl»ct wood tival to be held October U, on Uie Harvest Fes- The Pioneer Fellowship of the Presbyterian church will meet on .. per Will be served by Mrs. Jack and Mrs. Allen Gee. „, , _,„_. tit the Central Baptist Church will mMt Sunday at 7 p.m. Circle 2 of Presbyterian Chuixh Meau Circle 2 of the Presbyterian attend. Prescott Division of Practical' Nurses Meets The Proscott Division of Practical Nurses met Tuesday evening at the Buchanan Clinic for the October business meeting. The president, Mrs. Gene Lee, presided. Tho minutes of the September meeting were read by Mrs. Lee Rhodes. Thrro was a round table discussion of the nurses school that has been in session here. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Watson Wilson, and Mrs Densil Calhoun. Cub Scout Meeting to Be Held Monday Evening Cub Scoutmaster Tilman Worth- ton has announced that there will be a reorganization meeting of the Cub Scouts Pack on Monday evening at 7 p.m. at the Park Elementary School. Ralph Johnson, field representative Caddo Council, will assist in the meeting. Boys from 8 to 11 who are interested in becoming members of a Cub Scout den, are asked to be present, and Mr, Worthington also urges that parents of Cubs also Hear Miss Dix: Can you recommend a night school that older people can attend? I am 45. Do you think I would be able to learn at my age? Answer: No ever quoted than that "It is never too late to learn!" You will find u school offering night courses in MOLLIE truer adage wa « .. r -DOOMED—New York's Fifth >, Avenue will soon say good-by toji< 'thrittt l-elic of its 19th-Cen- tufy" gratKleur remaining between 12th and fflst Streets. It's 1 the old G6uld mansion, built "neaifly '100 years ago, pictured- above as it looked in 1908. W ; W68 'the famous Helen Gould*,, I was born there. The site will bek occupied by one 6t twin 15-story^ 'office buildings to be erected by .'-'<.• Ivor B. Clark.' Church met Monday evening in the horne of Miss Julia Logan for the monthly meeting with Seven members, present. Mrs. Max Bryant, chairman, pre. aided and opened the meeting with prayer. Mrs. S. O, Logan gave a report of Circle l during the business session. Mrs. Logan also led, the Bible study on "Do You Understand Your New Freedom?" Mrs. Logan spoke on the Great Protestant Leader. John R. Molt, whom she knew personally. The meeting closed with sentence Delicious refreshments were served during the social hour. Mrs. o. Q. Hlrtt Hottest to '37 Club Spider lilies and roses in graceful arrangements decorated the home of Mrs. O. G. Hirst Tuesday afternoon when she was hostess to the 37 Contact Club. The high score award was won by Mrs. Allen Gee. Quests tor the afternoon were Hi«S Aon McSwain. Mrs. Clarke White. Mrs. Jim Nelson. Mrs. Cuss fclcGMkUI. Mrs. BUMut Scott, Mrs. C, 0, McSwafc, Mrs. Blake Scott, Jr., #»4 Mrsi 0«e. Members prv- ' ' Abided Mrs. George CJmsto- MJTS, Mark Justm Mrs- Gordon. Mr?, £i«J)lt H*Uow Mrs. A. y. feMpttMr, Mrs. Jew * ** » t. «••*:.. ti ... _» MIM» AU Qv«i&b«r4 •«• Miked to th« Ai I**, Mrs, Fadjo Cravens Jr. of Ft Smith is the guest of her.parents. Mr. and Mrs, Tom Bemis, Miss Tanna Murry has had as her guest her fiance. Jim Ho well of I4ttle Rock. ^ GOP Truth Team Ready in New York By JOHN L. STEELE EN ROUTE WITH GOP "TRUTH TEAM", (UP) — The Republican "truth team" tops off an 8,000- mile barnstorming trip today with a one-day air strike into northern New York State to answer Pros!* dent Truman's charges' against Dwight D. Eisenhower. The three-man Senate "team" scheduled stops at Buffalo and Rochester for news conferences, nnd then a visit to Syracuse lor a state-wide television/broadcast a nda Republican reception. The senators, who have barn-stormed in eight states.trailing Mr. Truman's cross-country footsteps, i-aid they believed they had slowed down the President and "checked his wild statements." And Sen. Homer .Fergus on (Mich), said that the "truth team"; perhaps with new membership, would continue to trail- the President's campaign train until election day. The other members of the cur- re:?t "truth" panel are Sens. Bourke B. Hickenlpoper (la), and Francis Case (S.D.). . . ••• Mr. Truman, campaigning * in New York yesterday, maintained that Eisenhower has undercut the nation's "morale and faith" by charging tho Democratic administration with blundering in K^rea* The President also struck out at the Republican nominee for.making "loose charges about coirimufUs'ftf,"' in an effort to "smoke screen 1 ''the real campaign issue. ( ;i, It is thes,e allegations whjch : ttio Republicans sought to counter {today. They charged that, Mi-, T^U man, on his own whistle-stbpptyife trip, has been "most sile^t"'^ oft tliee important issues "cleaitinB up the corruption, cleaning put'the Communists, and on winding up thd Korea War." '.''•' Mr. and Mrs. Moso Smith of Huston, La,, have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Orln Ellsworth and Mrs. S. T. White Sr. Mrs. linon Oee, Mrs. Lee Kidney and Mrs. Tom Cameron motored to Texarkana Tuesday for the day, Rickey and Pamela Parhanv oi Camden have Uien the receot guests of theu- grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Gordon. * Mrs. Russell Moberg. Barbara Mobere, Mrs. Bill Dai] and Wyan- cla Dail have been recent visitors in Memphis and in Stuttgart where they visited Mrs. Lucy SlUer and Mrs. Neli Durham who is seriously ill. Mrs. J. W. Teeter is Uie guest of her daughter, Mrs. Jim Sloan and feunily in Jonesboro. Pr*scott friends wjil regret to team of tat death of Mrs. Charles Mart of San Antonio. Texts eg October 9th. Mrs. Mart w«» tfa» fortntr MKS M%rtou Louise dtughter of Mrs, Douglas *o4 fite l«te Mr. Brooks of MMt flPfftntr rftBidfiHii of £rescolt. *•(' -yf 1 ^wm«sTf'wwi' M.-W 'fl*^B^5™?^* *^^ ™w T^B'JSWIW 'MICHAEL R. D. Your wife's actions HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. 'Main & Country Club rd. ;LAST DAY 'DOUBLE FEATURE "JAPANESE WAR BRIDE — ALSO "NO IIOOM FOR tHt GROOM " -- MONDAY ANNIE . . Starring JUDYCANOVA Saturday, October It, 19S2 «; *> VI c * '< \ M MOM STAR, 1, ARKANSAS •UONftM oiAMcmi ...I COINS OVER AGAIN ' AND TPV TO COLLECT THE FIVE DOLLARS HERB WOODLEY . PROMISED TO PAY ' •a SW ^v. BACK TODAY j~ ^*-i 1 -«» >^*^^_-«^ -^ / THIS IS THE FIFTH TIME ; I'VE BEEN OVER HERE j-j\ ONIGHT*—---_-•--r -'II L-kNl^^l ^ HERB MUST HAVE DEFECTivC Wfi IN HIS HOUSE - • ••' '••*-'• ij.y-. EVERY TIME I RING —, HIS DCOf?BELU,THE LIGHTS • GO OUT j...*£s..^& ^^f^^l^^M^^^ _,'_,'_*. _ L .__,.. A ^v J .^^ll±aLL.JiLjJlJi^ a -^I**l^^ f* itgjW^T^WMgl WAftlN'-] '»»•» di WHAT A SORftY' UOOKIN' BUNCH 0. MEATHEADS&.UNLESS YOU OFFENSIVE LINEMEN SHOW SOME UF6,VOU'RE G-iNNA BE TRAMPLED ' WHEN QXARK IKE CARRIES TH'AAAII Missburi Waltz Answer to Previous Puztle OUT OUR WAY By j. R. Williams VIC FLINT Br M)ch«l 0'Moll.y ond Mp^ 55'Amrmative «* '"J^^w!™™"!*** practically any .subject you want. Adult evening classes are conduct- dd in many high schools with subjects carrying .from art and sewing through languages, English; his "r tory .and' other academic cofijrstf;. "Ml :For more information on the™, fj write your local Department of Education. The Y, W. C. A. offers fine courses in varied subjects at low cost. Your local branch will help you find; exactly those most suited to :you.. There arc also specialized .schools' .with evening courses on every-topic known. These may be located through the classified.page of .your .telephone book. Many of these, however, ure quite expens%.' so make thorough inquiries before ,y.ou sign up. For your purpose, however, I strongly recommend the Y. W. C. A. after two or three sessions, you'll become so Interested' in the work, and you will meet so many nice people that you won't have.time to worry about "having : the courage to go on." Dear Miss Dix: My wife left me three weeks ago and says she f* going to file for divorce. We havt never quarreled, and she has no complaint against mo, as far as I know. She !dfI on a vacation ixi July, came'he..., .» few weeks latr.r mooning over some man she ha'd met while awjny. Although she hasn't seen him since, she says She doesn't want to live with me any more. I am 50 and she is 40. 1 am prepared to stick with her through thick and thin, as 1 do love. her. Answer: „.._, soutid typically mid-forties. Many women who has no fault to find with .her husband goes off on a Similar tangent. If your wife gets the divorce she'll regret it bitterly so' oppose':it if at all possible. It may take a year or two before she settles down to. normal again, but if ,you have the patience to Walt, you'll be rewarded. She pixf) .babjy needs the care of a good doctor, too. .Try and see that she gets it. -•Released by The Bell Syndicate, ' Inc. USED CARS NOW AVAILABLE AT Sid Rogers Buick Co. !• in usfd cars is now avail6kM|f'4t • Dealer, These extr$ nice, clean cars are traded prNIWBU 1CK5. * lflr$oms for Ail t SID ROGERS fitHCK CO. capital S Missouri Is a " state " Me • Stole" is Missouri's nickname 57 Son of Seth (Bib.) .JSelectL 59 Greek portico VERTICAL 1 Price U AHH.tHAT 61-UE ROAM V'/ AA-M-M-- HO6S CridTT HUW<3 UP IM ~S/ GHJARRfeLIM 1 1SHE! TH' FENCE AM' WOULDN'T A WITH TH' /-*LOU, — DO ATHIM6TO HELPMEH ) ANIMALS 1 COMPLEX.' WE GIT HIM OUT OF IT.' ..Q WHILB We \ Bt.TTER WOT JES' KEPT LEAMIN 1 OM fi ( AIN'T HERC.' LEAVE HIM PER ME - SO I COME BACK }'';'A &ITTIM' / A HULL EVEWIM' TO BED AM' TOLD HINA / ' '.I'm AT 'EM.' 1 >-- -\ A(2>AIW.' STAVIMITAN' _-- / ' :l 'l!.V / BE CAKJ6EP.' 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