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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, October 11, 1952
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«w- *=' t tma, t a #?• MOfl IfAft, MOFI, AKKANIAt ^i feMi S«* r #f, \f •mind C k 1 0«t- War, b*»lnnfn* In * more than VI tftiki btrtwwm " h* begin 19 wonthi B»o. For down over one qu**Uw teis havip IwMm no r««l dl «t Panmunjom mince mid July, Tti« Utsfn* m«i more or !«*» ro«oi»rly every w««k Just lortj?] enough to *«y (hf-y had nothfnx Ov. n. to (t«y and to rtnclarn another On Wednesday even Ihp ngjt lhpm»i>Iv«t» went into In- dtflnlt* fftew. 1 ,Tnl* wa* ftt the demand of t,'., 0<m, William it, tturrtson Jr.. chtef U. M, negotiator, He bluntly laid the Communist* the next rnov« w.**, up to tlifm, H« lold them to ne- ! c«pl the U. N. prnfwufll for settllnrf IHe prlnonor problem or m»ko M oropotilt of their . . Thu U, M. **y* It will not force ony 6f ti* prlMtim to *fturn to China or North Kofe* tf they don't wpnt io «o. ff Communht* tiike th« opp* poftftlom that nit prisoner! ld IM returned on both side*. Neither side h«* b«en willing to Why the Communist* havp opened wp thl* rrtttch now I* not! el*ar. It may be the result of do-j clftlon* mad* bftwfcn the Russian* find Chinese wtu-u the latter visited Moicow for Important talk* Inst When Sscrp.jry of 8tat«> Achrnon 1 , , While the talk* limped on. the ftahUrtR In Korea continued, Thl* • A -o«k 1R.OOO Red* nttneked th* U. N, position* In the biggest Corn- rnunl»l offimstvt since M«y, IMfl. Thin hs» not boen regarded «o far &« ihe opmtlnji of « major Commu. Hint offensive U) drive the U, N. out of Korea. bi» n full-st-ftUt dohatp in thf U. N. Assembly, after It o|>""« r-rxt wcph. It WH» a chariRp from Om AiTU'rlenn gov«»rnm* t nt'* previous position. Until th'-n At-lu'son had opposed V. N. debute on Ko- rcii on thi- grounds th«t It might Interfere with the I'nnrmmjom peace talk*, That cca»cd to be n nrnson th«- tJ N, debnle when for menihs It WM clear the Panmun- jom t»lk« had become a farce. The U. S. and ftusulft will slug It out In the t'. N., an usual. Russia Is ncnd- ing ovrr B high-powered delegation headed by Its foreign minister, Andrei Vlfthfniky. This week AcheHon Mill seemed bop'>(nl that a truce In Korea could I,., worked out. He told a news con- fen-nee: "We continue to believe that a luimanltnrlan solution to the prisonrr of war question can be fuiiti'l, and that thin can be done ; ,t Panmunjom." Id., made the statement the same day Ocn. Harrison at Panmunjom r; lli'd (<>r on indefinite recess in lh« truce talks. Ntwt el th« CHURCHES stock valutcd al about 110 million each year. Sidelights: Federal officials reportedly »r* responsive to the tdei Of letting an appropriation for experiment** tior, into recharging undefgroufctL < This Church Page Is Published Weekly With the Hope that More People Will Go to Church. T HR MAN who hat no Faith in God, nor any human being U dead as a cinder...he has ipirltual leukemia. F«i//i ii tl>o root ot nil blowing. Faith can light up your tout In the darkest night, H OPO U our hiftliest expectation of good. Surely, Hope maintains moil mankind. Hope inuit be Uto tie that keups the heart from breaking. Hope It * urpet afonj the toad nun mu»t w«/ft to tto O/ory Land. ovg, the greatest o( the three. Love suffera'long and U gentle; love never fails, Jgure/y /ove musf be crownm* tract. You will find theie spiritual viu- mini at your church • • • dont roUl • Mfvkik Sponsored By Local Business Firms Who Believe We Should Attend Religious Services Regularly. Hope Baiket Co, fj Soengtr & W«lto Theotrei i William M, Duckett Qruner-lvory Handle Co* 1 * * »• * > * Hi«ns Notion?! Bank * Shanhouse Sent, Inc. Thf Qrtoning Insurance Agency cmdReoltyCo. Young Chevrolet Co. ^ * Ottl T-W54 Normon Moore J. C. Penney Co. Gunter Lumber Co. Owen's Dept. Stores ••Wt Ol«th« the Family for Lew" Groydon Anthony Lumber Co. The First Notionol Bonk Crescent Drug Store E. J, Whitman Out! Refining Co. Prodmt* J. C. Atchley & Co. Hope Sign & Neon Service CHURCH OF CHRIST Walnut Street A. T. Oliver, Minister 9:45 Bible S'.Udy 10:37 Preaching 11:30 Communion 8:30 p.m. Young Peoples Bible Study, 7:30 p.m. Evening worship. Tuesday 10 a.m. Ladles Bible Study. Wednesday 7:30 Bible Study A welcome awaits you at all services. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH 0:30 Sutiday School for all ages, Thomas Fenwlck, Supt. io:.>U Morning vvorsnip. Dr. L. H. West, Minister. 6 p.m. C. Y. F. There will be no evening service i'hursday. 7:30 p.m. Choir Practice. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH West 2nd at Pine V. D. Keelev. Pastor 9:4") a.m. Church School Teddy M. Jones will teach the Century Bible Class. 10:55 a.m. Morning Worship. Sermon "Arc You Afraid To Die?" 5,-yO p.m. Senior MYF 5:30 p.m. Intermediate MYF 7 p.m. Evening Worship Sermon "Preparedness" Monday 7:30 Wcslcyan Service Guild will have u joint meeting with all circles al the church. Wednesday 7:30 Choir rehearsal. MOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE North Main Street O. M. Montgomery, Pastor 8:45 Sunday School Guy K. Basye, Supt. 10 Radio Bible Class. Broadcast over KXAR, O. M. Montgomery, teacher. Morning Worship 11 a.m. Sermon by Pastor 6:15 p.m.. Junior and Senior Christ Ambassador Service, Bill Morton, President. 7:30 Evangelistic Service, Sermon by pastor. Tuesday 7:15 Christian Service Brigade, S. Z. Barwick, leader. Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Mid-week worship. Thursday 2 p.m. Ladies Prayer Meeting. A welcome awaits you at all services. water strata . . . extension __ ^ say two-year old cottonseed should be used whenever possible to cut down on disease. . . record-breaking acreages are reported being put into winter pastures this year to Searcy, Boone and Baxter eoun* ties. . . the J. F. McGee family o*^ Mabelvalc has piled up an impfes*| sive record of 15 grand champk""* in Poland China breeding Stock vision. And adding authority.to the recjJ ord, members of the family havsi exhibited nine reserve grand cham* pions, 73 first, 44 seconds and 23 third places in competition* 264 MORE CASUALTIES WASHINGTON 1*1'— The Defcnsa Department today identified 264 Korean War battle casualties In A new list that included 38 killed, 305 wounded, seven missing and 14 Injured. No new element has been found in meteorites. IV ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL The Rev. Charles Chambers Jr., Priest -In -Charge 0:45 a.m. Sunday School 7:30 p.m. Evening prayer and sermon. Saturday 7:30 u.rn. Holy Communion (St. Luke) The sermon for this service is the second in a series of sermons on the ways and teachings of the Protestant Episcopal Church. Anyone interested in knowing about the Episcopal Church is urgeJ to come to this service. CATHOLIC Third and Walker Sts. Father A. G. Ounleavy, Pastor 8 a.m. Holy Sacrifice of'the Mass Confessions Heard before Mass and at 7 p.m. Saturday. 0:lo a.m. Catccnism Classes for all the grammar grade and High School students. UNITY BAPTIST CHURCH South Elm Street Unity's Gospel Hour 8:25-8:55. over KXAR. 10 a.m. Sunday School. A. Gilbert Supt. 11 Morning Worship 6:30 p.m. B. T. S. 7:30 K veiling Worship Monday a p.m. Regular Ladies Aux. Mrs. John B. Jordan, presiding 0:30 Willing Workers Auxiliary Mrs. L. C. Kennedy Pros. Wednesday 0:30 Teachers Meeting 7:30 Prayer Service. Eternal Quest for Feed Shifts to Rice The Negro Community •y H«l«n Turner Pnort* 7-4474 Or onng lt«m» tp MIM T»rnar at Hlcka t-runeral Horn* Daily Scropbog fty HAL tOYLE NEW YORK (/Pi — The world will no longer beat a path to the door <j{ the man who makes a better mousetrap. lUe world is too busy. The man Who wants to peddle a better mousetrap now has to give it alluring shape, an attractive cd •B catchy name. He has to mak 80 irresistible that a housewife, seeing it, says to herself: "1 have to have that very mousetrap or die. My life won't be complete without it" For in this supermarket era in which clerks act merely as change- makers a product hus to be its oWri silent salesman — It has to sell itself to the customer by the Way it feels or the eye appeal ot its' package. This has given rise to' a little Hope Star WBATMtR ARKANSAS — Fslf this ftf noon, tonight Sunday, Slightly or northwest Sunday. Temperature ,. High T7 Low 3t 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 310 c. n »iuaHd j.n. ». m» inn I li'-- --*-—' r ' --—i-- - : HOPE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1952 M*mb«ri tat AtMtMIMl >r»ti ft AMdlt BunMiJ •! •A». N«t MM O*»l. » MM. PRICE 5c Stevenson Vows By JACK BELL MIAMI, Fla. (AV-Gov. Adlai (CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST Eld. L. C. Wathinaton lu.jLo ounuay 'bchopl, it iviornuig worship .'.- b p.m. VT. P, W. W.- a p.m. livening worship. CHURCH OF GOD Rev. L. C. Crbasley, Paitor 9:45 a.m. Sunday School 11:00 a.m. Morning Worship 6.00 p.m. Y. P. W- W. 8 p.m. Evening "Worship. GARRETT MEM0RIAL North Ferguson Streat Elbert O'Steen, Paitor "Hock of Ages Broadcast" from church auditorium 9 to 9:30 Sunday School 10 a.m. Grady Halrston, Supt. 11 Morning Worship 0:30 p.m. BTS classes (or all ages Travis Purtlc, President. 7:30 Evening Worship Message by Pastor. Monday 2 p.m. Sr. Auxiliary meeting at Uie church, Mrs'. Ted Purtle, President. 4 p.m. Girls' Auxiliary in charge ol Mrs. Ted P\irtlo Tuesday 7:30 Little Brotherhood meeting, Clifton Carroll Booth, President Wednesday 7 p.m. Teacher's meeting in charge of Mrs. Ted Purtle. 7:30 Prayer meeting conducted by Eld. Carl Willis. Thursday 7:30 Jr. Auxiliary meeting, Miss Verla Allen, President. We welcome you to worship with us. By HAROLD HART . LITTLE ROCK (IP)— The eternal quest for new cattle feed goes on. The latest is the use of rice hulls — now a waste by product of nulling. flicc processors and feed mahu- Xacturcrs have set up and 18,000 grant for extensive research at the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station in. Fayettcvillc. Fifty head of Hereford steers will be fed finely ground rice hulls as a portion of their ration. Dr. Paul R. Noland of the University of Arkansas' Animal Industry Department says the ration will be completely balanced with small amounts of corn, soybean meal, minerals and vitamin A. If found to be beneficial in feeding steers, the rice hulls represent a tremendous supply of feed potential. Each ton of rough rice produces about 400 pounds oi hulls. And 159 million pounds of hulls were the leftovers from the Arkansas rice crop in 1950 alone. CHURCH OF GOD In CHRIST Eld. O. N. Dennis, pastor 9:45 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Morning Worsmp. 6 p.m. Y. P. W. W. 8 p.m. Evening Worship BEE8EE MEMORIAL C. M. Rev. T. J. Rhone, P.attor 9:45 a.m. Sunday sciiooL 11 a.m. morning worship. 8:00 p. m Epworth Lea gut 8 p.m. Evening Worship MT. ZION CME CHURCH Rev. I. M. Manning, Pastor 9:45 a.m. Sunday School U a.m. Morning Worship ' 6 p.m. Epworth League. 8 p.m. Evening Worship RISING STAR BAPTIST Rev. W. M. Erby, Pastor 8:45 a.m. Sunday school. 11 a.m. morning worship. 6:00 p. m. B. T. U. 8 p.m. Evening Worship FIRST PRESBYTERIAN East Second Street Rev. L. T. Lawrence, Pastor The Men's Bible Class will meet in the Parish House at 9:30 for coffee and doughnuts. Teacher of lesson which will begin at 10 o'clock will be taught by J. Roberts. 10 Sunday School. James H. Muter, Supt. 10:55 Morning Worship, Sermon "The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever" « 5 p.rn. Vesper f ! Service Serm«t ' "Our Protestant' Heritage" 6 p.m, Meet Parish House. Supper will be served. Monday: Thu Circles will meet 10 a.m. Circle No, 1 will meet at the homo at Mrs. Ben McRae and Circle 2 will meet at the home oi Mrs. W. E. Waller. 2:30 p.m. Circle 3 will meet at the home of Mrs. E. S. Greening. 7:30 The Evening Circle will meet at the borne of Mrs. R. E. Jackson. Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Mid Week Service. "How We Study the Bible" with a talk by Deacon Jack Lowe. Thursday 7 p.m. Men of the Church with a special movie after the dinner. While on the subject of rice, the Experiment Station has released information of three phases of rice research — fertilization, breeding, disease control, and mill yields. The rice fertilization study .covered the years 1946-51. Among other things, it was concluded that direct applications of nitrogen fertilizers profitably increase rice yields when they were applied at rate of 40 to 100 pounds of nitrogen per acre. This was found to be true on fie.'ds that normally yielded less than 80 bushels to the acre. And yield increases were greatest when the nitrogen was applied on drained fields just before tho second irrigation. The rice breeding study for 194030 disclosed a number of seed varieties especially adaptable for Arkansas conditions. They include Cody and Caloro among short-grain varieties Zenith, Magnolia, Ark- rose, and Kamrose among medium grains and Bluebonnet and Rex- ark for long-grain varieties. The rice disease investigators for that 10-year period have shown that early seeding usually results in less white tip in susceptible varieties, and that hot water treatment of rice seed results in effective control of white tip. The tests also showed that most pjf the rice varieties now grown are susceptible to narrow brown leaf spot disease, and that no varieties now grown are susceptible to narrow brown leaf spot disease, and that no variety now obtainable is resistant (9 brown spot dis- LONOKE BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. F. K. Powell,,Paitor 9:45 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Morning Worship. 6 p.m. BTU, ; .-.'.' •: ; 8 p.m. Evening Worship GARRETT CHAPEL BAPTIS1 Rev. F. ft. Wllllami, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday Iphool U a. m. MdrntnM worship 6 p.m. tfTU 8 p.m. Evening Worship BETHEL A. M. *. CHURCH Rev. G. Paschal, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday school. 11 a.m, Morning Worship 6 p.m. A. C. E. L. 8 p.m. Evening Worship 1 The Gantlcy Sisters of Okolona will stage a program at Mt. Zion CME Church Sunday night, Oct. 12 at 7:30 p.m. The public is invited. Bethel AME Church will observe I its 4th Annual Women's Day Oct. 19, at 8 p.m. Featuring "The MuV\ lion Dollar Wedding" with a cast'' of thirty six ladies, eleven, men and twenty two tray girls. Music will be furnished by an all ladies chours, directed by Mrs. Ora Lacour. Miss Hazel Dunning will give the principle address. ease. And in studying mill yields from 1947-49 it was found tea* combined rice and threshed, rice differed slightly in their mill yields of total clean rice and of fancy rice. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH S, A. Whitlow, Pa«to» 9; SO Sunday School Perry Moses, Supt. 10:50 a.m. Moratni" Worship message by the Pastor 6:30 Baptist Training Union J. T. Bovvden. Director, 7:30 Evening Worship with message by pastor. Monday 4 p.m. Sunbeams 4 Junior GA's will meet to elect officers. * Intermediate GA's W*4n**a*y 1 p.m. Sunday School Officers and Teachers meeting 7:30 p.m. Fellowship Hour. The lf&**efc WarsWo tor the Whole to Pid you ever give mucH „ to the tremendous progress in livestock marketing in Arkansas auring the last 20 years? The University of Arkan«»« Agricultural Experiment Station details tr-et climb in its fall publication- Arkansas Farm Research. In 1930, there were only three auction barns in Arkansas- Since then the number of local markets increased to 83 in 1951. Of those, — were the auction typ$. Th«y have sales one or more times week-, ly. The other five were patterned after stockyards or commission yards, where sales are made each dey by individual agreement, not by auction. The Station says Ft. Smith established tne first Arkansas market ol the stockyard type in 1835. * $& well-knit system ol local • that Arkansas ' The Hopewell PTA met Oct. 7. with the President, Mrs. G. L. Watson, presiding. The meeting was opened with song and prayer. The minutes of the last were read and adopted. The housa was open for business. Committee reports called for. Reports wc.re given' and adopted. The program committee brqught in the annual program for the year.l The theme "Every Child a Chance." The objectives were as follows: 1. To foster a better relationship between parents and Teachers and children. . 2. To help develop better citize ut 6f boys en4 . e4fl » by _ a more 00 **** 1 * 0 J» « 3. To help acquaint our .PTA wifli a better understanding of the or* Sanitation with every commlttfs working in their respectful placeju 4. To ask that every parent ajgf teacher work together for 9 better understanding of each otter's cbjjtt development problems. "" T< " New b^singas fefc-ught before hnimt - ••>™'* kn6Wn but highly important figure Stevenson promised today to dea In modern sales engineering — the! .' ru thicssly" witn coruption i industrial designer. One of the government If he is elected pros mOst successful is a young Army ident. veteran who supervised the modifi- ^c Illinois governor brougl cation of the B-29 airplane that nis campaign Into politlcall now are impulse sales," Stahl said, doubtful Florida today after Nc "The product-that catches their Ol . lcans recorded mixed rcactlo eye is the one they buy. The pack- last nignt to his firm stand fo age that is the greatest attention- civil r i g hts legislation and again getter Is the one she puts in her g, v ing tne slates title to tne oil market basket." r i c h submerged coastal lands. Aed, orange, and yellow have Barging into the tough issues been found to be the best eye- Republicans have raised against •"".•grabbing colors. Greens and blues nlrrii t he Democratic presidential .are fine for feminine cosmetic pro-l nornmce likened Miami's cleanup ducts. They convey a feeling of] i(?t i on in gambling scandals to coolness. But purple, black and sleps he had taken in Illinois. He muddy reds, repel, because they prom iscd to "follow the same pat- arc associated with death. tcrn o j action in Washington," if "You'd never put a hand soap ne wins on NOV. 4. in a black or purple package if you ..y ou n avc been touched by wanted mass appeal," said Stahl. scan d a is bred by an unsavory al '\And the Industrial designer aims jj ance between a national crimi at Main Street not Fifth Avenue." n&1 syn dicato and the scmi-lcgiti Stahl started dream of his own matc opera tors who cluster arounc r firm in wary days as engineering tnc fringes o f the entertainment ' officer in charge of the project to business," Stevenson said in a talk refit the B-29 so it could handle p re p are d for a party rally at Bay the first huge A-bombs. f ront p ar k. "I didn't want to work for any- .. But i was pleased to sec that one else," he said. "I wanted to you have i oa rncd the practical sink or swim on my own." lesson taught me in my time as His firm, one of only about two governor o i Hlinois-that corruption dozen in the country, has always will not wait f or leisurely atten- had more business than he could tjon handle. He has designed dozens of ,. u must b e attacked by those- new products, ranging from safety ^ aut hority and it must be rut- razors and ice cream dispensers loss i y roo ted out before it as a * to automatic washing machines cnancc to fester and spread and portable refrigerators. through the whole of our political His wartime knowledge helped m s ,, stern . i congratulate you for so turning out a new line of futuris- moving j n Miami as I have in tic toys of tomorrow — including u jinois an d pledge you that I jet cars, interplanetary rockets, 1^ f 0 ji ow the same pattern of •Mnir mint? nnrf cnnnn sHinS. 1 . _ *; i_ Ytrnr>VtinrTtr\n f * Communists Told U.S.MaySlart War With Russia , ray guns and space ships. "It was a lot of fun," he said. "Our job was to forecast in terms of tovs /hat the w, Id of the year 2,000' Afould be like. "It was purely blue sky stuff — but oi our own heads, as ordinarily we are strictly loet-on-ground- dcsigners. But it looks like the world is already taking up with our toys." action in Washington." ENCOURAGEMENT - Dwight D. EliMhower, ne.ur. aboard the Elsenhower campaign special By EC5DY THOMAS P. WHITEY MOSCOW (.1>> — Soviet Deputy Bulfiarian told the l!Hh Soviet Com •nunist Party Congress there Is t •c;>l dangpr that the United Stwtes vill launch a war against Russia Because of this, the soviet econ omy is kept in constant readines .o HO on a war footing nt a mom enVs notice, he said In a speec to 'the congress last Wednesday. Tho text, of his address was mad public here today as party dele p.nt'es prepared to wind up th historic congress session-thc So viet Union's first in 13 years, Only tho last, item on the agon da remained. This is tho elcctlo of parly officers, including molt bers of tho central committee's ru ing secretariat. Prime Minister St lin mostly likely will be re-clcctc sen*',ry-ffencral. Unocr the party reorRnnizatio plan' already approved by tho co gross, a new presidium is to b( chosen to carry on the work the central committee when it not In session. The presidium will take, over t. functions of the politburo and the orjjahiznlion bureau, both of which •o to bo abolished. In his Wednesday speech, Bui- Cain left no doubt ihnt the Soviet nion intends to keep itself In a Probers Fear Corruption Efforts Ruined WASHINGTON, (UP) — Two Hduse investigators expressed fear today that a U. S. Court of Ap pealf, in Boston had thrown a legal monkey wrench into congrcs slorial efforts to root out corruption in government. Their fears were prompted by the court's decision that Denis W. ..Delancy, former Internal Revenue collector in Boston, should be granted a new trial on grounds hlji- conviction had been influenced by. pre-trial publicity of congressional hearings. . The court ruled yesterday that ' Dolancy, first tax collector convicted in the recent rash o .tax scandals, failed to get a fair * trial because he was "blackened and discredited" in advance by y a House Ways and means subcommittee investigating nationwide tax CASUALTIES MOUNT — As the fighting in Korea steps, up, •caauattl.ee. in tt«rbloody,:enga,0e- ments ' mount. His wounded arm in a sling and his face registering shock and pam, Marine Cpl. Thomas Bateman, Tyler, Texas waits at a forword aid station to be yacuated to a rear area hospital.—NEA Telephoto. Eisenhower to Take a 2-Ray Rest By MERRIMAN SMITH DENVER, Colo., (UP)—Dwight D. Eisenhower today brought his presidential campaign caravan to a two-day "rest stop," but he'll pobably spend more time working on strategy than in relaxing. Eisenhower flew here from Salt Lake City, Utah, where last night he attacked Democratic labor poli tices and said a Republican "mid die way" government would bring PANMU NJOM, Korea, (UI America a "nobler, more perfect Comrnunist armistice ncgotiat union." said that .he and is par- nargcd tot }; iy Allied delega ty want to get .the nation "i^rkl cndlb Reds Say U.S. Broke Off Peace Talks Probers End Kansas City Fraud Case By RUSSELL BRIES WASHIGTO Wt — A House judiciary subcommittee closed its books on the 194ii Kansas City vote fraud case today with a final blast against Supreme Court Justic»; Tom Clark for using what il called "extremely poor judgment." Clark, then attorney general, ap ovecl an "inappropriate, Improp and unheard of" inclhocl of lim ng a preliminary FBI investiga on in the case, top committee en said. Chairman Chelf (D-Ky) and Rep eating (R-Y) said in a join atement yesterday that this "f >1 judgment" of Clark's procedur as supported by secret lostimon jken from former Ally. Gen i-ancis Biddle. The testimony also ernmenl keeps was released. ways in mind. Keating also told newsmen todi he committee had obtained new ind "very significant evidence" in another phase of its investigation £ the Justice Department. He would not discuss the evidence, but indications were it concerned the activities of a prominent Chicago politician in a rcccnl case handled by the department against the Pabst Brewing Com pany. The fresh evidence came during a closed-door session ycsterda with Raoul Berger, a former Jus ticc Department attorney wh represented Pabst in troubles with Reds Mountain in Savage Hand-to-Hand Fight! tale of constant preparedness ing as the international situation ontinues strained. He called ha "constant battle readiness our armed forces and of the arm • M !»,!« cd forces ot tho entire democrn- STRIKING RESEMBLANCE — Fire and smoke, resembling tic camp." ' the 8naDe O f an atomic explosion, raise from oxplodlnfl drums of While stressing the peaceful pur- f^ e ct|clde In a $160,000 blaze that razed the Waco F°""dry * n <L U ' 8l 3oses of the Soviet economic pro- entomology)station building In Waco, Texas. - NEA Telephoto gram, Bulganlnn emphasized • » •- i — throughout his speech as have • others before him on the congress! dnis thai there is n "renl idanger of a war adventure from' the v di- oft he United Slatcsjn p|r- liculjii'" und.. that , the c ,. , err.menl keeps this "danger"^0l the government last year The company was charged wil cnargca loauy fimwi* ^•..^o- — 'inu company was unuriii--u wn. broke off the truce meetings in violating pure food laws by mai ._ 11 i i_ ,,,,,,,. ^ 11 i.fi 4Vir* f ni'l nrfini" , • • ._ ..— ,. ,, .. !4 n »*> *-t i»i r\ n v>\t on the middle was.' ' f • attempt to pressure the forthcom- . The over-all tone of hfc Utah ad- Unilcd Nalkms general as- dress followed' closely his cam-J se ^ bl into -approving the plot U regularities. Rep. Robert W. Kean of New Jersey, senior Republican on the •ways and means subcommittee, .investigating the Justice Department, told reporters that the decision "certainly plays into the hands of those accused of crime 1 ' because "the longer 9, trial Is de l&yed the less chance there'is o conviction." Kean's statement was in an swer to the court's contention tha the trial should have (been delayee until the "prejudicial effect" o the publicity against Delaney ha "worn off." Kean also criticized mean tha tt we think a public official is guilty of a crime, we • should forget all about it and hope the Jus-, tice Department will decide to prosecute?" Delaney had been convicted of paign "preview" opening speech six weeks ago in Boise, Idaho. The former five-star , general resumes his travels Monday artd during the week will campaign in •Wyoming, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, West Virginia, ew York, Delaware and New Jo*v His Salt Lake City address—the major appearance in a busy day during which he also campaigned n Arizona and New Mexico—was made before more than 10,000 persons in the historic, dome-roofed Latter Day Saints Tabernacle. Eisenhower's Democratic opponent, Gov. Adlal Stevenson, will sey sembly into .-,-> of your side" to extend the Korean war. U. N. WJ. . Chief Red Delegate Gen. Nam II sent a "strong protest" to the senior Allied delegate, Lt. Gen. William K. Hsrrrison, against the N. 'Your side must bear full responsibility for all the consequenc- er arising frorg your action, tne North Korean general said. The indefinite recess "is mdei-a a premediatated action taken by your side in an attempt thereby to bring pressure to bear on the forthcoming plenary session of tne general assembly of the United ent, Gov. Adlal Stevenson, wiu «-»---- „-- ^ {.peak from the same rostrum Notions, «am &tuu. Tuesday night. The .Republican nominee, in a 2ti minute address punctuated 43 revive faith like that exhibited by Mormon pioneers in defying and conquering the wildernees. Campaign Staff Gives Out Data ROCK W» - The Pulaski *" Grand Jury, probing f ' d inefficiency ' " County, CnSrfi5»!8 W.*; »T UTT-T-.pf^a:r» •**- — —-- ' against the state Highway Depart- Identified at North Little Rock NORTH LTTLE ROCK, ARk. ^ — "Miss X" a 16-year-old hitch-hiker who had refused to reveal her identity to police here for five days is Jo Ann Appleton I ol St. Louis, Mo. . The teen-ager, with cropped hair in blue jeans and a sweater, ip by police last Sun,. «.ie has consistently retell officers her name or taining an unsanitary granary Peoria, 111. A civil suit was dl missed, but the company w fined i $600 on conviction of crim n«l charges which it neither contested nor admitted. The Kansas City case stemmed! from the 1046 Democratic primary race in Missouri between Enos Axtell and Rep. Roger C. Slaughter. Axtell, supported by President Truman, won the primary but lost in the general ele'ctfon. Fraud was charged and disputed ballots were stolen in a midnight dynamiting, ' The usual preliminary FBI investigation was. ordered. But Chelf and Keating charged that "serious 1 irregularity" occurred at the out set because the FBI was instructed in a memorandum to limit its probe "to interviewing only six individuals who were named." T. Lamer Caudle, assistant Businessmen Approve Tax Revision Plan LITTLE ROCK, IA1—Representa? lives of three powerful business groups yesterday put their approval on a draft for a sweeping revision of the Arkansas tax statute. A report by the Arkansas Eco> nornic Council-State Chamber ol Commerce's Taxation Committee calling for an almost complete reorganization of tax collections in every field of Revenue was adopted unanimously. saying: t c me M - M x ,, taking $7,500 in bribes and certifying the payment of $180.500, taJ,t had been free on bail pending Outcome of the appeal. The court's decision mean; that Attorney General James P. Me- Siranery must decide whether to Order a new trial of Delaney. Mc- <Branjey said no decision would be SftBde until he has had a -chance to study the court's opinion. , <*,* ,-^T- T-, W T,...-„_ 4_«| JUSl can nit: «*«=;> «•• ».?«.» interviewed campaign stall ghe wag identified last night members of six candidates for gov- gn gunt Mrs Maymc Freeman -;-«, jfesterday. ol Nortn uuie Rock, who said Jury subpoenaed the candi- 1 " - • -•-• - pc^ipnent fa the There were many aujgesUoj^ en. After which it was voted carried that the PTA would chase a, swing sjod *ee*«aw. | business was tabled until the meeting. . There were ^ members Hot coffee Benefit «tLonebur$ School Jury subpoenaed the candi- gaw a picture O f the girl in , campaign records earlier ^ le Rcck newspaper , week, explaining that they MfS Freernan said her niece „„* convinced "the high cost ot gmi i e d when confronted, "but her running for governor" resulted m answerg were ev asive" concerning the "waste, extravagance and in- and how ol ber u -ip from efficiency" tne Highway Audit gt LouU Commission said it found »n the Mrg Donie Appleton, the girl's Highway Department. rnother said in a telephone conver- Campaign records of three of the " ation i ast n jg n t that her daugh- canoUdates were submitted to the _ ,„„ hnmo »*rV\er in the month Annual Drive of Salvation Army to Start The Annual Himpstead County Salvation Army Fund Drive will begin Tuesday night, 'Oct. 14, with a meeting of all workers at the Hotel Barlow at 7 p.m. according to L. B. Tooley chairman of the 1052 drive,. One third of the funds raised in the annual campaign is retained by the local Hempstqad County Salvation Army Service T Lamer Caudle, assistant at- Unit Committee to fee used to meet loriiey general who later was fired problems that arise from time to by Present Truman for what | time which eating welfwe^gfO; Truman called "outside activities," rote the memo and Clark ap- poved it. Biddle told the committee at Boston Oct. 2 he never had heard any suggestion of limiting an FBI investigation. He said during his term as attorney general between 1941 and 1943, whenever the FBI was given a case "the method of investigation" ( was left up to that agency. Caudle told the committee earlier he had not ordered a full investigation, although be thought Six Enemy Planes in No By STAN' CARTER . , — SEOUL (if) — Chinese HuMfaL back up tho north slope bf|Y Torso Mountain through,'"i 1 - Alllcd tank and, warplanefJ day and pushed weary, Koro tho crest in Savage hamM*'* rnbat. > v Fur to tho ndrth, 11 . jut pilots shot down »« Ce M1G jots. . "< Tho battle .fxrf, ,ikMogl Ho'rso, damlnttttnu ,tho , roud net Into' l 8outh Korea,,.,.,.. Its 70th hbwr ot almost comhul flghUntt. Tho hill has'-*" hands more than 2 tlmoa', Ninth Division South' '. whoso motto is "stay, fighM making u new stand only. ' from the oVfist. Reports from the'. „,., sketchy. 'It Was not krtQV wlicthcr the attack wad ni. 10,000 Chinese troops whl Her hud boon reported maa»| n f rush nssnult.' , t ' /.^ Tho Chinese Inunc, cd luck at 4:19 p.m. and trol of tho orost nt 8:30 Tho South KarcSus, mtmeuver had ; won>tha tow hours ''carnor > uti,,.!?; They olcoiofl ^Wh^o Jtp the Grout, •chaciSlO'd, Jroi oi lifeh' 1 i)i|'i<"fif}os on which tlio.C)iinaso havVi Bprlngbprtd tot, Horso. 1 t'^'-'t j • ,r But tho mjHjpuvoi 1 did .not tho Bods ioMon's. J * - 1 Before launching '0R*| Fist that 'wort back^ji so.tho woaty but determl f ought off Bovcn fanatical wave' attaoka < against tU tlons on threo slppos • of/ They routed t)io bUgle screaming Chinese la' fjf re| quarter ' ' ' a^JBBSE^SE^ oett|»l, 'and , It , later he should have done so. He said the FBI eventually obtained over 100 affidavits in the case. Jury yesterday. William P. Bowen. Democratic State Committee secretary, and at W. starting at 7:» p.m- To* is invited. toe minerals to fy^A «*• • -"T^T •T5.7"'-.*' ;* Says Ike Stalling on Income Report cies arc unable to meet. Claude Tillery is chairman of the local committee. Other members of the committee include Guy E. Basyv, Albert Graves, Roy Anderson, Foy Hammons, James H. Jones. Elmer Brown, Geo. Peck, Rev. Virgil Keeley, Bob Daniels, C. V; Nunn, Jr. Vincent Foster, Miss Norm* Lewis, Miss Lucille Ruggles, Ray Lawrence and L. B, Tooley, The remaining two thirds of the fund is used to assist in maintaining their many institutions such as Homes for rehabilitation of wayward men and boys, homes and hospitals for the care of unwed mothers, community center* for character building work among the youth, work in prisons and jails War Service work, disaster, relief, and other of their religious humanitarian activities that for many years has gained for them Ask Why No Action Taken Against Davis By JOHN CHADWICK WASHINGTON Ift-Tho Senate internal security ' subcommittee said today it was ^gravely con cerned" because (1) the Jufltjce Department has not taken perjury action against John P, Davles Jr. and (2) he continue* to hold an important government i post. In a letter to M|y. Qen. Me- Granery, the Bubcoromlttee requested that he «dylue Chairman McCarran (D-Nev) of the Justice Department 1 * "position »»di lions in this matter," College Youths Must Take Special Test U E. Aslin, chairmon of Selec- Uve Service Local Bourd No. 20 ( has tailed attention to the College Qualification Test to be given Dec 1858 and April 23, 1083,. Sue wUl bo W**, 8t 8B 1000 examination cen« plans to bogt of a now chprt binding on ly next day. man of tho bulldlr _ , told tho Star tha>vtb,« p« dulo upon which the.cp) working colls (or the "cpr all plans and* Bpoomcl other "paper work" dw«l and winter roqnilw *| construction to stftrt ab~~ QJher mamfae-" -*- J committee, are R, L. ^ " C, C ... finance ters aon er left home earlier in the month on an errand to make a bank deposit. She said that was the last lime her family had seen her. Pulaski County Juvenile Hall authorities said Miss Appleton d«* not want to return home because oi "trouble with her parents," WASHINGTON — <W — Sen. Wtyne Morse today wjijened his beach with the Republican lead ership by accusing Dwight P Local Sgld'w Returning Aiter TQUF in fwrope Oermany tivc Servico Cplfeae. Test 9piy "'^nci*. * !*• 4 |e«t must be later than midnight, Noy* 1, AppllcatiOfW Jor April 23 noftmarifd no liter recognition. The Salvation Army is world wide, operating to 89 countries and here in the United States more than 2600 centers are opera m ted. by $000 consecrated and train- A. Kim St. Hope,,J« United States far release from ac tive Army seryjf e alter a tow of 9, 1853 perg. Oe W »ny ffo tfe* Wtb Anar i*.

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