Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 10, 1952 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1952
Page 15
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5 ' HQ.I>f tTAIt. HOM,ARK »,n Jttjtj-iif-niliiiii i-f », FiMtO, T»M W* Av», 44f iOHl W X M«. In three term* f J(> p*f month, «•&«•' Wk ffH . D| hftll I6f|| -.--i- j *,**!* tftw, i-fldlw, $r»un« hcetar, oa 11400. C..K ior-Klll» n« B liy Co 25,00010 See Porks Play Baylor CARL «0CK now »rt working on n tirtKK In War Memorial ttw football »«n« which ° Bobcats Hope to Get Past Hot Springs Wisconsin, Ohio State in Big 10 Test By ED CORttlOAN NKW YORK (ITi ~ WUeonnln conic* upon another big obstacle ' ,,n the rocky road to the Big 10 Coach Joe En*mfngcr lake* m* ( .,, ntrn ,| 0 n*hlp and the Ro«o Bowl, OUT OP DOORS with CAN CROWS READ? By Wurren Page Shooting Editor / The pestiferous crow doesn't act much sympathy from nny- - ' He doesn't deserve it. consistent marauder of SlnObim, th« football arena which Bobcats to Hoi Springs tonight lot • tDmorrow when the No. I team in j M* ^ ^^IT^f take"V half- W.,««Hith»f**r«^^^ "'" r " ry «•"«.«»«"• *'»*: Spin's e«« 8 over a h 8 nd- »hawc*ft» but Which to hoM, Tr«l«.« of th- , Thl« U the ton battle of a *ul| Pills W V Mlt*r W*'*' WM*"*"! r»» i' r» •*» ••*- »»-..-•. } ^ T .., — .. . ,,..- - , A hfi* over Ihrrn for rii'Hrly four! ptiynleally lh«? Bobcat* ar<" In i-x-, ^.i,,.,!,,!.- of Important league nnd stinK ''I' 41 «'^*»»- -"• • . ldov.cn robin's e8S» over a hand- I of grnsshoppers any day. He's also onr of tho greatest yunrn. •HI JOf fll'Hriy lOliri J J ll>»ICIIiiy in« »«l»:«m »'• •" • •" ; ni-U-MUl-- III l."|»»l mill ,t;n K ut.- in- i, i,..i" I cellont condition and «r<? picked j lnt< .rs«H-tlonnl affairs. ' mi-nances wn live to large duck will b* tnoklnir for'by mn«t sports wrllria to top the W |., c ,,nsln vnulted to the lop apotj ( t , ng gh0 rt of drought con fMilv« tflttmoh -~ ! Trojan. But Conrh KnamInter » „ „,, lam | | n Tho A.soclnted P-—' mm • --- PPMIVII inumpn ',.,!,„, n i« rm ,,,l that this could ,, i ..( ,.,,,,,tr n* tfen v>n.l« r t»nrk«r» :!?«..Milv ««l fSthwMl flW Sotimw/m mw« wl.cn 8t»lB in'UWO. Bl«i Jll 8, Sprviflio Vtf4*t. Phone 1 2907, afWr 5 p.m. tfltf V ~4\W> p.m. 504 K. Mh, car. New bnl* n«»Uy D furnlihcrt npnrt 804 dormer. lp.lt 4 room both. Phone 7- Wilt of t rUjHI I" •*»*> ^r-r—* — Mirncwhtit nlarmpd that^thls could b<- n Trojans group ((uarti-rs. tho! In previous . ma ln l ' * i> i v •*"" •* •"•""'"•n — - - ii jij(" in i in ••» *. IMS «Y»oi*ia i •« *«, u "*"**"' H ti i/ins in tnP 1)rood in 15 orcfls 01 ilftrmt-d that this could . ( ljHl w<!e |t on tf, D basis of Itsj yu (jl , r t n 8 nd Saskatchewan, since night for Hope If the L tunn |,,« triumph over Illinois, the; hc gan^s up In thunder-cloud OIIP Hbout f'»ur "hot" ,,.,.,„,.,,,„,, Ipn.ii,, i.hnmolon. Thl*l „..,,,rm« nvi-r tl thi 1 Mot very good ubllity to leum they I, Uw (l«l<?'» mriPtH wiin -i • ••« -•• " B J K | ^iivc the of an.OOO, lo ln<* ., luuillv fvcr' / 11 mi\1 f>n ^i |SCOi" iimni* 1 !'^'* 1 '. •»• nj""" " l , B ' Ji'lhavo Dlrivcd. with tho the ftaxorbnt'k* won only:. ' : >)Bli hfl<( ,„ cornc ( rom And Un»«e weren't; {.",:,, (f ' wln in<» - tho two bflltiK out /; "trong Te'xarkana Icnm had to «a hard tho flniil half ..to win and « " . ... ne uaiiK» "i- ••• ...-..--.--- iddwuimK leuMtio champion. rhis, swarm » over tin; nesting ducks. ! Ohio Stiito team doesn't nppronch, j\ ny minor benefit from crow n.mf "f the former power houses' activities as 1111 insect cater or f,. ( ,,n Columbus, but It should Kivcj scuv enger is over-balanced by his Ivv Williamson'* lads H run for; banditry on other birds, "hats > h . money. the chief reason why the black ftnri- lire- the days when an Ivy sctuawkers nre fair prey to sHot- • the attention B un or rifle nil year round. — out brenther*, Abilene- Hope Juniors Again Beaten byDeQueen in «r«nKi«jr», nwiiniiv Kf| j, Br() th(! nm ,| nun u> win ami i -• i.i-obnblv could put U|) a In NMft ami North Texa* , 0 W( , ( , ki „„„ Nuihvllle cnme; '",„.,,, ,. aB i ngt anyone In ad- M0. «fUt the third «n|^hllnK hack In the final quarter ** "^Incffi ho" n 24,««",» with a vory lub-par 1048 ,„ icore , hroo i ml rhduwni for vie- ^^ Vtrenk going, the lonKeal ?."». ' ... ..... tory. _ . . . ,, ....,....,_. i., ,.i,iii.t!i- footbnll. During that «pa« pf time, Ihft '',» loit hqre twice lo Wll- MAW.and «"« eo«ch to hoitin A- v Mt, TCU am) S»n\n „ Arkannni man- Ihttro of bltf g»m«« . nnd out of ihe «t«H'. brokon — an fnr «» were concerned — whmi Arkannns upsvt lUw teorn 44«7 in the »»n- i Rnxorbaek* mndo It [ht by opening the 108J with n 32-20 con<|»unt . Th« Bobcats hove three victories tind one lo»s on their side of the record and have plnyed Hood, hard, con»l*tnnt ball In every game. However, the coachos are a little afraid tho boy« mny let down some know- in A, fc M. nl«hl Will mark apponrnneo In Jhe iie»)ioh-open«r. the Btrenk xolng, the In rolh-KL- football. This is « tosaup with Penn being given a one-point cdKt;. probably on tin; basis of Its 7-7 ... ucelm-l Notre Dame. while ooys from Tlgertown have warming up at " " irssur lights. Michigan State, the heir appar- and offenilvo center Jack Sisco. '.-"t l« 'ho No. 1 rating vacated by Tho rtazorbackn. upset two weeks Tennessee last year. n«|S no sint- »«c by HoiiHton ami ora-touchdow.i 1 cure In Texas A & M, but the 'last wB»k. hope a revised offense' Bitf«le Munn Will lift thorn back Into the win Column. Conch Oils Doualna has b o e n working on n new formation, which two, some «-... -~- -- —- - •three, nnd it often seems that he can read caliber markings on the hunter's gun. If the sentinel crow that Is al- on watch as the vest of the feeds In a field happens to one hunter sneak into a of shrubbery and begin ng his call from there, "~ watch ! clump "" boomed for AlI-Amerlcan honors, miflht be called either a deep split ,,,v,.v.. ,T or a winged T, and Is toying have to bo with the Idea of i-etting three ip<«, to whip | qunrtfrhnckn l»t" the game nt tho ... , gj(mt , t j mc At first, Douglas wns uslnK l»i- n>ur McHan. heretofore a quarter. [pp|Jp ** -*& iJl^Vrt i?Sr „ i «d r-l«hbof> sssSS'-idl iitMivNivotki, M ptor' awn*1 vti »u*>*««**w (ii, 1 ,MiW«..rt rfM».»f.M«* %MW M< " " '^V\-a ,,i of thp QoWon Bi mny be attributed ot Mpoedy nopDomore i,, 0. Dupre fllitl "Allon ^~~~^ ,. t-rtiWilcil tho brilllnnl mW ,,,. ...ju'i-tl Don Carpontcr Brti' i'y Coi'dy right out of th« the expense ofj °g"^;% re hc . U sound a raucous warning and the whole bunch will tnke out for the next county. If hc sees two hunters go in. and on* come out and wander off inocent-llke, the chunces are still good that he won't be fool- see his e( j nnc j cvcn the most dulcet call- UilJKie wiunn wqum im« «> »BC '»» e( j n nd even me niosi UUIVUL vai»- charges do their scoring early for| jn g vvon -t entice either him or the ..U i 4Umit<V\ r PV\«t/* »*n Jrt iVlO _. _i -» *U« flr\n\f AV/nt* Wlin ITillZ- a change, though. They're tn the habit of teasing the opposition along until the final minutes. Business Preparing • nf Atom By SAM DAWSON NKW YOHK, UP— The atom rost of the flock over gun muz mur MCrian, nereHii»iu " M 11 " 11 ' 1 - , ' ,,,, ., nt fullback, former fullback I.owis slill W.MII-S a military uniform. ni juiiuwiK, 13i|V in{ | u8l ,.| a ii 8 t., a ,. L , jidtinK ron- dy for the day tlu'y muy be able , CiJl-penti-r al out 1 one! iincl Hob Si IMcrrq at (iiuirlcr. Now he Is try Ml U ill llliill HI • *^»'»T «i« ••' ' • •• • . , . •'St. Pierre at th- other end and t«- put It In civvies. Trollloll :il ciuarti-r. AUo. Jim Ilotl), :. «(»»! moved «p to rrplm- 1 '.' T<nn 9 1 "'" ' lington at offi'iisivt- Icti tacklo.' Aliolhci' fwrtnr Porkers is which iiuiy help return to An aggressive company ought lo bo tilliiKl to ment" said atomic develop- J. Thomas, pros- of the _. Larry Inbull At nek, Baylor nltio hiui n raft of nonton, most notably defoi\ uni'tl Bill Athoy, who Ik .* of Mtrcnvlh on defonse. Sperrln«. Who plays nt eithm- tacklo or the UJ nityti'oyor-acntttr post whon the op-| ' ijltlbn has the bail, missed tlu;j K»CU name because of ton»lliU8. 5 !' A crowd of 25,000 is oxpectcd,;,fcr rHho scrap. The klckoff Is set .for »' ,v...- b« a put-up Job, in which (Cath|««n Garrison had some part. A» o.ulokly ho dismissed that qp- Won, aectng tho mounting distress In her oyea. But the pair wer* a4- ady »tartlng their nvanouverJ Their mtutnKo lay In being ilow and clumsy. Ra\yls resented Iritor- lortnce, particularly at this un\e. (U\d h* Vfaa dotibly angry that Kathleen should be an inno'cant victim, Ha swung about qul^JXly- Onlooker*, attracted by tho altercation, scarcely had time to ;sce, »o-smoothly wa« It dona, Uls long arms reached) uta ftngcrs cloaca on ttdkt .Ooll&rs. With the powerful, pKclse UioUons of a nutcracker, c - •• —- men togeMwr, WANTED BUY .One Inch rough green lr^MHJbir — roauiar |«Rfltbi, ; or\d.tl« siding, For , , Ggrdpn Lurhper Company Eifrate for Sole tight rooW caught tho Rltuwee Wn^ tho two men - k lUi - h»t hit (ace Uv<» " In mem Only Two Rounds crick ot skulls was au^hle throuihsut the, room. i , , W»lt«r« i?a|ne HurrylnB*.iii.traot ad bV tit* disturbance, damage to your all. it's quite all , „,. hardly touched me Captain Rawia." laughter lo the girl's driving out th* trouWe touch ot color in cheeka had no n«e4 for it. She had inotdent and hU winner ot dealing with the men as much a* h* hWl, w»d Rawta had to , adnilt ti»t Uie episode b&d relieved enow, hl» reedy h» was doubly wwuou* to Itlrnl of Goodyear Tire & Ilubber Co. His company will run for the now In its first County. Ohio. in Ing that if they do and Hot Springs ia "ritfht" it will be rough going. Many fans will accompany the Hobcats to Hot Springs. The game will be broadcast over KXAU. CopyrloM, 1957, by Al Cody, ilad lay King Fcoturtt Syndkolf. the taller oh« aroxindV, the tho table in Urn propesa. who, for all his broadcloth, gave the furry Impression of a bear that Had blundered upon n picnic. "Ruckus, was it, Denny?" Mo- Question chuckled, in a voice which seemed to rumble up from the toes ot his shoes, "Sure and you Handled it like you was brushin' a fly oft your coat. It that pair was lookiiV tor trouble, they sure got moro'n they bargained for. Denny, you'll have Heard of Mark Whirtcr '-both of you being river-boat captains. Mark, this is Denny Rawls. Shake hands with each other." They obeyed, Rawls with a grave but calculating politeness. Of course ne had heard ot Marlt WhlrUr. Everyone had. Strangely enough, though both of them had frequented the waterways for years, their paths had never be- zlos. , . . Most crows will be bamboozlet if three hunters disappear into concealment and two reappea boldly. The average crow ha difficulty telling the diffcrenc between a count of two and ont of three. Of course, in some areas whcr crows have been called up an sprayed with Number 0 shot ret, ularly, they don't need to conn —they just steer clear of an shrubbery clump that men hav been spotted near, whether on or five KCMils have moved nroun with black sticks over the shoulders. A crow with only a grammi school education can tell the di feronce between a hoc and a gu You can perambulate around the fields with a stick or a rake without attracting rrtore than cursory interest from tht black bandits— but show up with your pet shotgun or rifle, and they've of for the high hills right now. Crows in tho section of the country I live in are thoroughly accustomed to automobiles, to the sight of moving men. Stop your car on a country road to check the -radiator or find out what's rattling underneath and the bunch of black blobs over in the Held, perhaps a couple of hundred yards out, pay you no heed. Get out of the car with a rifle in your hand—and they're oft the' ground Defore you can close the door. And it does seem that they can SYNOPSIS Cantmons OKUUIUI*,, W~«-~----CF , Mope Bobkittens a second time by The baby Leopards scored in thft| final quarter on a one ySrd Pl un 8*h by Whitten who also made tne,bo»«| after touchdown. t Standouts f6r Hope were: Jc son, Marlar, Mullins,- Flnct Crawford and Bush. Charles to Make try f 6r Comeback CINCINNATI OT — E z z a r Charles of Cincinnati, still hopeful! -. -.. , — ot being the first man ever to re* ; i-ead caliber markings, even when] gain a once-lost heavyweight bo,'' you carry your varmint rifle h n g championship, tries -again t tucked under your arm! Time night to get started back on t after time, when the gun .I've had trail to a title bout, was a .22 Hornet, or a Bee, the Charles will meet Bernie Rel crows at 150 yards, nice range for no id s of Fail-field, Conn., in a ll~, these cartridges, would. flush, ( .but roum j nationally televised bout at hose at 250 would stay -put for t he Cincinnati Garden, t least : one shot, apparently ^e 25-year-old Reynolds has H ontemptupus . of ?uch a, peewee knockoulj - among hls 52 victories SliuCl** • • " ' 1 t_.ii ; • t. _ i. _ _ l^^nv* n M i»i_ onfl.r»i it Pr 1 Appear with a •tideat like the ..,,, .. lat-shooting numbers that cill a crow more Often than ,not t 250, now and again at 300, ---y ------- . vards, and they will get up in the Cincinnati the decision, afr when they're so far way necessary will be given by two hey look like dwarf blackbirds, judges and the referee. It is «« (Distributed by NBA Service '---'-' —- -' ^" »«'•"• Top Radio Programs NEW YORK VP)— Listening tolight: he has been an in-and-outer a solid .favorite at 2 to The bout will start at 9 p. (CST) and under boxing rules in one is on a point basis and the points arc given for aggressiveness, hard punches and defensive ability. Both Charles and Reynolds were expected to come into the ring at around 186 pounds. Charles will bo seeking to end NBC — 7 Hit Para'ders 7:30 Mu-j a two-right losing streak. He h|J sic by Mantovani 8. Best iPlays.- been beaten by Joe Walcott ana CBS — 7 Mr. Keen 7:30 Gun- Rex Loyne in his last two bouts. smoke B Horatio Hornblower, Charles lost his heavyweight noivc o liUiuiivj *i-ui*iw«*»v>*»•* i -^^i*n»iN-t. ,^,^~ — v ... AB C — 6:30 Lone Ranger Top :crown to Walcott and then, after Guy 7-30 This is FBI. winning a few warm-up bouts, was jVlBS _ 7 Adventures of Mksie benten by tho veteran New .Tersey- 7:30 Gracie Fields Variety Great Day. Saturday; • , NBC _ o a. m. Archie Andrews. ' CBS tures. . . 9: 15. a. m. .Space,' •Ad.yen- res. ', . ' . ABC — 8 n. m. No School Today. MBS — 10:30 a. m. Farm Conference. • ' •'',.-. 8:05 He in a return match. His loss to Lavne came in the right in which Referee Jack Dompsey was •> the sold judge. bcmp'sey's decision brought ' Fights Last By The Associated Press Akron. 0. — Rocky Jone^s, '178,. Chestfcr, Pa. outpointed Roland .La- Starza, 190, New York, 10. ' Edmontprj - Earl Walls, 190. Edmonton, knocked, out Hank Thurman, 202, Los Angeles, 1.; ' Milan, Italy-— Ray Famechon, Paris, France, knocked out Nello Barbadoro, Italy, 4. tForJEurppean featherweight title). • • ' - storm of protest from Charles' han. dlers and supporters. *-* ..Never in his career has Charles lost three fights in a row. Reynolds has had 64 fights. He has beaten some of what passes for the good boys in a fair to middling heavyweight crop but he has also been knocked out by Cesar B'rion and by Marciano. Carbon Black, a widely 1 used industrial material, is soot'. Football By The Associated Press 'Youngstown 26 Mt. Union 7 Wlliam Jewell 49 Olathe Naval Air 14 Springfield one ot the stevedores on hia; own ^ Si NUi ais I oiiy v*. l - 14U ov«^^v4w»*«. v ". ." TT.J- :*, Captain Mark Whirtcr conspires witli boats. But looks could be qecelV two rumans to einbai-ass River Boat m g ( j o| , Lomax McQueBtlpn-w«M Ti*e yuir is*?86«." in* fh« Planters' gay LoulSi or. anjr\vhere alpiife th^river. due " 36 ho?ieU K to h Rawi£ a MkS"'-' l " lr? "' Astrid had w 1 " 6 " that, her fa» r ca\)faln''Ticr""carBO 'boat, "Tlie ... to Ft- tJcnton, tut Uawls^alrcarty tier . . t»er had raised no r objections to their engagement. That- r was. . o* him, for while Denny; ; McQucation. owni-r of • urcat Ui 8o river (ltd. and Captain Whirtcr .arrive. woll-knd\Vn. Oh Whtrter was aa tall aa Rawls, wider in the shoulder. The sure- nesi that wm tn Rawls' |ray eyes »,m h»9 blu« oneaas •rpgane?, and noth: betrayed, that h« s " pitting in- ro8» the ;e Rawls, over to no m ,uoi.^« ...» Insulted hy the ruffians hired to cmbarass him. knocks them to the floor. He -. jver ccrt alnly he had litjtle to Of-. ?ir .' girl m thi, way of Jmaleriol CHAPTER FOUR , "You seemed to be ny," Astrid commented, bre CHAPTER ruUK l»y> **»**»*» vw»iu««w»w«»i. ---T-T-™-.» Vrr HAD been only a week since a •^•.^.^jP'-^Srtt* aKS^l^tM hSS ,Kggelln«l.K.V E hundred miles up the Missouri, sal. "That's from* n Wn»£W» «» a »d theirs had been a whirlwind no' f~^«.^f J^*-,!*?^^ courtship W the precedinfi days. It I^PW"^^'^*,,; nad lasted Just three weeks—three weather like this, the most soul-snaklng weeks S«4 thing. " ««f why IQ the DPI gold braid th»t "Captain VVnl,,,. tonight, partly us %n the tamiiy, parttr McQueatkon explau,.,^ .,,— were seated. Whlrter W|a Astrid with an ofBcious fa:...«_ ity which Rawls, across from her, resented. But she gave him a smile which made th« room warm again. "Who is your trlend at the oth«r table. Penny T" she aaked tensing|y. "She's very beautiful—«nd l«ft«» ly looking. I think she w«* dtsap* pointed that you didn't stay." KawU gUnced aerou t«e room, conscious of his own ftwih. of a Ir.ck in his manners. Kathl««n Garrison had coma here alone, braving convention, to s» him, to off«r him a job, and he'd been barely courteous. Since Whlrtw waa making t» third at thl» table, th« pollta thing to do would be to invite Wover. And perhaps "~ . Cef» _ for, It 19 or wl|H,j| meetingv .,. tbleHo hold her Ulnly /w hadn't be In so public _ «.„,,, ., „. friend ot the family (long. H b»d enoufcn to A»Y« Lomax Question for chaporon. But Astrid had nyjda the «»> rangementa, and there bad bew nothing for him to do but accept wtth aa good gras« w. possible. There bad been a scrawled postscript to.ner note, from Lomltf that's jpoijr onlntpn, li wa^s about demandtd, «xd there WM * l f K •LONDII THE PUP6~rU. FIX DINNER r, Colorful Crosswords Maryville (Mo.1 31 (Mo.) -37 '* Cameron 35 Kilgore (Tex.) JC College 14. • • .i B*r over. Ana pernaps MC^IMUDR tu»t] would huve same helpful eujges- [inatk «,!_» Wf •ff* *"* • *»*1 «^"W»f TT — T-- T— — "^*i McQuestion. wylng tl»t to wwited to Uilt over some urgent buslnew, u be understood that Hi* pro»p*c- Uv* aon-tn-law ww now free for » new enterprise. Tho nole h*d hinted Uiat It entailed the command of tin best river packet In the Mo* O&sissitomts? SSttlSSS&M- SsflSSTLMS rachod tbtfar fee txtd r«««i»«d • wta wow „, ___ , _ «*« nut oajrefuUy pr«ciae had her awl »M»piM above her h»n<J in both ot hla fwr a. moment con U wa«. how tion. Out the other tabl* w»a empty. Sht hadn't lingered, which w*s scarcely to 0» wondtred »U lrrlt»» tlon edged his voice. -Not my friend," Rawls d«nl*d. 'Thow noxxJluws merely bumped Into her table. 1 ' •But she teemed to know you," A»trtd persj»te4, her volw Uke tinkling honey, if such a thing was And I UiUjJt she . disappointed Fm »lr*id you're t * ' .'S *% ' / -^""^ ^v">^' -*•' K',£-^ *jt«: ""•V.^ir .*•!"' v-=; '1' a pleasurable Question Beet That had been thrill, tor it conveyed a tacit a* oeptance ot bis new siatus, and thtlfc!Qw*i«o» b«tt» were j|» arid* ol the rivera, Thta was the ftrst time that Rawla had met Me- QueaUon slace Astrtd bad agr«d to marry him. Tfc* w«»d ttoe thai they had ever w*, (or that matter. . . But now be ka»w * wom«nt ol wonder tint such a wan M Uke Ajt _-. an4 frogtt* M a wd- a man who knows the upper river, a 'man I can. depend on to,, handle , her." : .' * Rawls knew what he meant. The Big Muddy was always a treacherous '^stream for a river boat. Pilled*!!with hidden sawyers, constantly shifting sand bars, changing banks, and tricky currents, it was one of the most difficult of all navigable streams, even In norme! times. And these times, were far from ordinary. Al) the way along the Missouri now were men who felt, In one re- ( •peCt at least, as he believed-i-that the South was losing the war, and lal it was only a question of time, nd not too much of that, until the nd Of the struggle. But many of hem* unlike himself, sympathized With the cause of the Confederacy. L Jot of them hoped passionately or some miracle that would give i« South a new lease on life, and liy were ready to do anything (dy'could to hinder the Xankees. JfHiy of their acts were contingent |\ >n the principle that enough pln- jrlcHs could mount up to an ag- jVfvatloh that might prove ft seri- 3U« diversion. 1 Tthftt attitude often meant trouble tor boats carrying supplies on tfee river. In addition, there waa the more ominous threat of Indian trouble. Red Cloud and his warriors were on the warpath, and a \ ^fV**> W V* V •*••» •»••» _.___,- — , _,,_ ^_ •Mouldering brand might burst at »ny time Into a conflagration to sweep across a thousand miles of 4 mountain and prairie. Caught In Ita wash would be the river and kny who traveled It. . 'Can you be ready to take over .tomorrow, get loaded and start tb* ttext morning?" McQuestion prbbed. "I'll make it worth your while, boy. And every day counts now, a« no man will understand tettfr «uw yourself." Mountain snows were melting, fetflBg |be smaller streams whlcJ- ln Wrn emptied into the Madison " Gallatin. the Jefferson, "the Milk, the ?e g™,^,^d'"for the upper tb* time to travel w« at bf the«« high waters. , , He oad hoped lor days, perhaps weeh* to bf «pe&| With Astrid. That would b* ot tno question i| be toofc thin snatched bour w ^., ., (^ *, , t ,«wwr7^?™ ^spy tfi4*ka*i i 'jgss&-:V/' ^.< « J ;;a hia ^WWr HORIZONTAL VERTICAL 1 Primary color 1 Reddish brown 4 "T^ue ——" 2 Brother of 8 Black Jacob (Bib.) i9T?mniftv 3 Devotes 13 Forsaken 4 Inflamed sore 14 Theater seat 5 Crazy (slang) 15 Sorry 6 Astronomy 16 Educational m . u f e . ' institutions iff ni«n» 25 Kind of 40 Sea eagles 18 School fee 8 Masculine pottery 41 Underworld 20 Remove* ft aPPfA l " lon 2 Q German river 42 Egyptian riv«t 2lPerWSC. irt curved 27 More majestic 43 Indigo . 22 ?u a W, in moldhTg 28 French 44 Coll 1 T*)? r $ in 11 Cape military cap 40 Grant leStir; ijggj- | 9lc -[£ sed r 8 g;£se col n 27 ±ri sin W 23 WooS plants 33 Scrub' 50 Arabian 30 Inborn - 2* Crack 38 Annoy garment^ 32 Church festival 34 Tropical palms 35 Oft away 36 Footlike part 37 Corded fabric (Pi.) 39 Ejevator • Inventor 40 Green is its national color 41 Color 42 Mother-of- pearl 45 Shade of red 49 Flooded .. 51 War god 52 Italian coins 53 "The ..' i Venerable i •.. » • 54 Compass point 5ff Greek god jiQ.M A ft.>», MO * • i '*MA1*'V*I OIARKmi ty Chick Y0tiA| M SORpy DHAP, BUT IT TURNED OUT AM-M-H-ANO NOW 56we DICED CEUERY AND MAVOMNAtse F<J>R SEASONING vE VE GOT SOME WONOERPUU EFTOVERS FROM OUf? LUNCV4-; Sf BEEF--COTTAGE CHE6SE SALAD ( SO GCXX3 1 ATE v r MYSELF VHATIW WISHED COACH Of > WILDCAT AFTf* - R ' w>>liom * OUT OUR WAY SWOOPEiP DOWM AT HIM WASH TUBBS FEW i XOM ""1??| I J6PUCBSJ • -.. RUN WITH HftWf 8BEN Miff ONCE. ITfe 3Ut . OF TIME TILL THEV'!?E IN #T « THBRE'5- NO B IN J.'Jt.av.gOgM THIRTY With Major HoapTe OUR BOARDING HOUSE COULD M", V( 6SYTER ;','•* L.UUUUN , ifOtVICK. V-VIH ?M YOU SET ) \DWAVJ F«C HI ISA TO "•-, ] TMS WORK Fi^? > O'AKB VNI.UU BOv/lS AND HER BUDD^S ADLAI ?/ \PROMlSeS jpin IK-III TrA-ruANi A : GOti^Sft.VOO , BACK-IM& V fSAlLO 1 57 Relative (ab.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner BUGS BUNNY HE OUGHT TO P ' By Hershbcrger ALLEY OOP SUMMONING UQ,THEN - llif ^.... YMMKING OU_R VICTIM 7 W0WN "that's one she taught me to show you after I ™T her the one ?ou taught me to show her'." SltiiQUNCES ByGfllbraith ; v.iv:r"j f M^iEi^ 5- .* » <• *?» 'PfJUPI • < /•» ' t:V --» i i,.. •> , M-,a*<r, CHRIS WEUCIN, Plfl«et«er "Any questions?" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIEHPS IDIOTiC VpU WANT TQ <5P0,N. UIV/NSI 6UESSliLFORJiF>

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