Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 10, 1952 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, October 10, 1952
Page 9
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. Mf«- A, K.. and conducted the WJHidMW «,«. Hi* VdutH Fellowahlp of the liUthodttt ChurcW will m«ct «i-»- f»et»rd w *tu»w bly ofc Oofl Church'win meet Sun day Pri Jay, October will ffi«-Pi on w *»/»»<> by Mi». Jut'k Mr«, Allen Oee. pollUenny tma mltltarl- tntted Natlortrt thAt p« r T . ,-j-. -. .„ ^ .- -, - .. i _ TA.& ' ^— tfAllAiii fttpw»f.ntnojp tnin«p» 'or withdrawal of w>th 11, $/ nnd .HU^I , •««•• .•" <.»«•• -" ? " i. ThTu l»»<»*d the n««t Thff »t« ot thc C'entrnl Bnptl.t Chttrth will me«t fiumlny »t 7 t< ~ devotional t»fl« on "tiny «nd Perfect Glfr w«i by Mr» J. t>. Stewart. Wf». t ,r«»»nted at* lr»Ureatln« pro. grum on "Home Mli*»on* - Win ng Human Right*." A dainty douiierl course w«» §er- veil in eleven member*. Th* next will be In the home w Mr«. Arthur Turner. W8CS Circle 2 Entert*ln«d By Mri. Joe A. B«ll«y Rleveri mprtiberii <»f elrclfl 2 <»f th«r WSCS of th« MnthodUt Church miit on Monday afternoon In the home of Mrs. Joe Bulley for th« monthly mct-llnK. Th« business was conducted by the (.•huinnim Mm. B. A. DeLamar The d«votloi»»l l»lk on "Every Gift" No Doubt Job in Europe Is Progressing (Editor's Note: During his to\ir of Europe, C. E, Palmer, pyblinhcr of the Hot Springs pcv/npapcr*, hns been endeav-- nrlnK U> obtain the views of ordinary, people on world prnblrffi* ! nnd what Is being Hnnc or*tcan b«, done to solve' lh«m.), world. They know that If they nlWWd pull out, not only Indo China, but also Malaya, Burma, probably Indonesia and possibly India would fall to the Communists. Such a development would not only || J J^VI J*»»i^*.>' 'F» *< " *-• ™ have a tragic effect on all of North Little Rock police officers Af>io, but would also be very did- tf.day. cmiraging to the entire free world. I thrown at the girl, she stubbornly refuses to give her name <or ad' I dress. ' Her ever-ready reply is: .1 NOnTH LITTLE ROCK UP - A' "^ ««« me >Mlss X> "' perplexing fiuestion Still beset Boyish Girl Still Putties Police The «mly nn»wcr would seem to bo mere help from the Urltqd Nn Who Is "Miss X"? '1 A 18-year-old boyish looking girl. clad In a sweater and jeans, was mere neip num *>,«.- v*,<»n,v* .... . QIJJQ m o sweoin anu jc-«na, ™«« tlons <whlch means mostly from j ))1( . hc( j llp by officers last Sunday the United Stnlesi and let us hope nipnl on a highway near lurfe. By C.' E. PAHl^ ( 0et.;i ,.._ _ Stnlesi and let us hope tt is not "too little and too late." There is probably no longer any Kreal dnnger of France going Communist. Communist influence has ! w;,rif:d mntrrliilly and the last two poneral strikes called by the Reds were complete failures. Only a (<Via Airmail) comparatively few of those who Qqftty <— Wftrmnek Gen. the , , «. M,, a rmn e <Kb*>ri»'<t"M<iori about | vote Communist are really tommu " Ma hnl lhprf> " a hanl core o ' Job -oVi»y» -Mtf, doing, and the fuel thdi during his last two or three months a great deal of his time wr.f tnk»»r» up by those who wanted him to. run for President. Ho mode a grtod start and Gen. Mnt- (hew Rldgway is conMniiiriR along sound Hues- , but there Is a hard core of 100.000 or so who would commit much sabotage nnd create a great deal of confusion for a time should a war start nitfhl on a highway near Mississippi authorities thought they had the answer to the mystery Wednesday night when they irformod officers that she was Janice Jnsper of Shreveport, t,a. Janice had been reported as n runaway. But yesterday, Miss Jasper returned to her home after a prolonged visit in Dallas, Tex., her family said. Chief of Police Jack Pyle says the girl is about 5 feet, 6 inches tall, weighs about 116 and has Negro Student Elected ot U. A. FAYETTEVILLE Iffl'— A 47-yeaf- old Negro law student from Pine Bluff, Ark., last night was elected president of Lloyd Hall at the Ufti verslty ot Arkansas. i . George Howard defeated tWM| ether candidates for the po«. Mr of the tenants of the halt are- wn Americans. Some foreign atuaent] are housed there. , > No figures were released on t election, but a spokesman. "* Howard received a plurality, will be no. runoff election. SOCIETY r»non< 74411 Betwetn • A. M. Md 4 P. M. Human RlghU «»« voiceu tne $ Wei** W w" t). H, resolution „ 'jfftetWt 9«vth Kocflu wo» «n in-h g . rortten. that Ru**«fl n«d[ Bn a it* town. »nd the U. th# (told, rwdinaw «uch withdrawal. Donald announced by n«r Mr», John Ktt- Crystal Court, Mt»M Coney nnd ... dived 0. M, do- idrtx ColUijit 1 , Con* „ d««re<tn from th<« Southern California. with thr , Florida. , <rf Mr*. Ualll* Atkinp \nt ot Prcdcott. much .. wished. A line hns been e-stab- wi-ir Hiuri, i«»iii «•-•»"•« ---^- .._ A realistic, hard-working and b,-own hair and brown eyes. Her .' . "... Vi-- J»- tc nrftnnnn 5Onft. nerved by th« Clrclo 3 WSCS Meets In Home of Mr«. Uahtfoot Click- .1 of the WSCS of the-Meth- Church met Monday after- certain that in case of war wo hold Antwerp, Hamburg nnd happy race, the French face their present difficulties nnd uncertain future with courage and confidence. Cost of living is high, although there is little unemployment. However, wages have not kept pace with either rising prices or taxes. Frugal as well as industrious, the French havo been accustomed to mrkinf! some savings for emergencies and their old age. but this is no longer possible under present conditions. Thr government had '''Calendar i "' Monday, October 13 ** The Lula Mciwain Society of (Christian Service of the Emmet , Methodist Church will present Mrs. hn .W. Hushing in a book review 'he Silver Chalice" by Thomas baslaln on Monday evening, Oct. at 7 O'clock in the educationa Llildlng. I'SJi mi*' f'OillO nulu rtiitwri \t, i*uiin'«i ft mi'* - - •• other Ports elcfter to. Eastern Ger- some provisions for relief and pen r. Only n few thousand Amer-jsions. but these are entirely inad- noon In the homo of Mrs. J. Ught- fuot with ten momb«nt present. Tho chairman, Mrs. Glenn Hairston, preildod, The meeting was opened with the Lord's Prayer rupcnlod In unison. luuu troops are stationed In France mostly nt nil-fields and supply in- I stallatlons. •The French are determined to meet their commitments on re- and to continue their war a KO i,.=v the Communists in Indo- Chlna.'Although this means there equ and is no pcscnt ,, t is cropped short. But despite all the questions that he was appointed through error and that President Auriol had Intended to appoint Plnaeu. Some said the story was without foundation, but if such an error was a lucky one for France. ' There is a great deal of government In business. The government owns the railroads, the opera, airplane factories and even Renault, the nation's -largest automobile factory. There is the lisual overstaffing and featherbeddlng, possibility of increasing them. 'both ot which of course, are not ^ When a man secures a job, it is unknown in the United States. _ . ' . ... T-\.._:.**» +V*n f^*% t* w» n« rtr»nnrtf , dr«wal of not hftv» the force* u Red attack Hotteii to Church Presbyterian afternoon In •]lo Dews for fourteen fa . China.'Altoug s means The dovotionol thought wo» given iu rbe no bn | a ncinK cjf the by Mrs. HairHlon, Mr». O. O, Hirst ( | on . 9 budget in the near future. un Informative program on j n 'their rearmament program Th« ,,,-,,,,. proniditd ami op«n«l wilH' ^wejwf . Mw S. 0 tU« Bible »tttdy £iivu MI. *i,»w,,,,..-. - *- (..«».«... — j^ ineir reaimunii,'in. JJIUKIUIH, "Homo Mission* '— Winning Hu- l))c FrtriCri are not in accord with mitn Right*." tnt . American idea that their of- A delightful dcMsert course was torl|| R |, ou ui be devoted largely to served during th» social hour. infantry and light planes, depend. on lhc u n jt e d states for tnnks, Mi-s. J. B. Healerly Ho«teii inruc planes and other heavy To Circle 4 WSCS ' " . -. _ practically for life tenure. As the lit-ml of one American concern phrased it, "when you hire a man here you ore practically married to him." Certainly this docs not lead to efficiency. Severance pay is particularly high for one that has been on the job several years. This same Informant tokl me that the During the German occupation most of the newspapers were run by collaborationists and were seized by the government upon liberation. Some have been returned to former owners and the rest including the largest, are .leased to private companies. Apparently, however, the government makes no with a Sour Stoma There's just no'use tt', ing. ro have fun when gas, heartburn, acid indigestion trouble ypu. Do as millions do./Al- W8 ys carry Turns/Just eat lor 2 delicious luins after meals or whenever • distress occurs. And '£ presto! Turns tieutraliz«| "* excess acid. Contain nW baking soda to pver-ol- kalize or cause acid re• — -- bound. Alwayi keep Turns handy-iust Cat like candy .for_ top-speed relief of acid imhgestion. Se* how much more fun vou oave when you can eat favorite foods without having to "pay up." Get a roll today. same nformant tout me mat tn.e """'•"•" "•"". V »uoi» n »HAta<i expense of "fringe benefits" such attempt to contro their P^ie?. a/ social security and provisions Many are primarily organs for for illness amounted to 20 Acr cent political parties and some even CO. Christ'" that ftjllowod with teao«« prayis? by, th* JS?o«j>. ,:,The minute* wore r«iKt tay tn« iecrelnry, Mm, Jim N«l«on. Miiry Montgomtry, tron»ur«r, j{ iho flntinclifl report. Hoports ^ncral officers «n<l chairmen v fwtifd, for illness amounted to 20 per cent of his firm's payroll. Rents wore frozen In the thlr- tics when the franc hnd several | times Its present purchasing pow- or their news to favor their party equipment. The French reason that 10 uircie t VTOV.O I equipment, me r rencn r«»»uu i""' j Mru. J. B. HesttM'ly was hostess Lhould our aid be discontinued orj, ollt'le 4 of thc WSCS of thc ma terlally reduced they would noli, Diltlsh are concerned. The logic ot Winning Human Rights" was t j, c jr rc nch attitude cannot be m's- cr group TOMS rO« THl TUMMY lvon by Mrs. Hobort Humbrlght followed with silent prayer for . During the social hour the Ms- t louring tne socini nour me nw»- rnor? tmruung CHIZUIUI d , . toss served dainty refreshments r , up reme importance to Mrs C, H, Moore announced thai I to the twelve members present. October 20 « November 2 a ' praynr for Home MlMlon* Oct. yt U»« homo mSuslon ' "Frontier* of Hope" will viewed with an alt day ut Uu« church, KepurU of Group Confewncejft In Uurdoiv \v««>BJven Xrf,w|», 'Mrs, t.,.B. g, 0. I.o«on nnd Mm. Allpii GDC, chtilrw ..,_ v,«..»- of the clrelf bU«Uvo»»^— . •MOflre hud churgo of convcriitlon noon, t»«rlod on 'To talk " " A ' The moot Ins closed luh B«n«d(evion, Durintt the- noclol toer» were Invll room where th» ; _ Mr. nnd Mrs. Clarence Crwie . «s their Sunday guests Mr. und R. S. Rowo, Mr. and . Mrs, „... CgokNey, Mr. und Mrs. Dan Jnrvla, o( Pine Bluff. Miss Juekle ?ll Outtsn and Donald Sft|i\ner of utjo, Mr. and Mrs. Wi|l Crane, T ..r, and Mrs. Floyd Tailor and family. Mr». Sarah Chambers of Arkadolphlo, Mrs, Bill Dawspn and Krn Buchanan visited In the after Rock. Mr. and Mrs. t,ynn Harrell and n, BUI of Hampton, Mr. iuut Mrs. Aril* Bradford nnd children of Ine Bluff und Miss Dorothy Brad- ifd wore the week end guests of ' • ltow and Mrs. Idge Bradford Blovln*. in ^* PfV; ™]^^^^ ' Mrs. Robert Taylor and children of Locksburg have been the guejrts of her ir\oU>*r, Mrs, C. D, Ward. Mi-, ami Mrs, Elwood Robinson, ennie and Betty Lynn of EJl Dofcft- do wen- the week ed guesta of MotUe Robinson. pat Combs of ESI Dorado, w«* th? week end guest of Mr. and Mrs, S, D. McSwulu and was accomparv led borne by Mrs. Coin03 un4 <""* who have b«eu visiting In the • Swatn home. v Mr. and Mrs. Alton and BUI wore the and » iho mtetuig w«* «nW«nt, Mm Mr. wvTMrs. SJmey Mr. and Mrs. \V«Uon over tho week end. Mr. and Mrs. Normwi Ftowm will White and Mr. wnd Mr*. w*r* Mr. IMW» Mr*. »ud Mrs. V«rl ChtmbtrUin. T. StnHte, J«ff iu«ht. Mr*. SnUU) Mr*. Johnson took jwrt oe tt»* pro- »r*m. Many Frenchmen believe Indo- Chinn should be abandoned, but Unthinking citizens realize its free Billy Gist and Mr. Gist in Little Misa Elolse Hudson and Mrs. Al feed Smith 111 of Baton Rouge spent Monday in Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Crane of Hobbs, N. M. are the guests of his parents. Mr. und Mrs. H. M Crane. Rev. W. G, llonsbcri! and Cuss MeCasklll attended a Presbyterian Stewardship meeting in Camdcn Monday nittht. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Hamilton who visited Mrs. G. R. Haynle. houses. Many new apartment buildings are being erected but fpr from enough to meet housing needs. In most of these buildings the individual apartments arc sold, but only for cash. As thc rural population is about 50 per cent, the farmers arc a great power in the government and practically every legislator enters to them, but they have found Pre-1 initr Pinay a tough man to han-| die. The government sets the price of wheat each year and when Pinay fixed the price last year the same as it was thc year before, the farmers and their organisations protested loudly nnd vigorously, but Pinny made it stick. From what I could learn, Pinay is doint! an outstanding job along sound lines and, if given proper support, will do much to improve financial nnd other conditions. I heard an interesting story about Pinay. It was to the effect i You'll enjoy eating with us each day, and you'll enjoy our SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNER Delicious food prepared the way ' you like it. W^'ll be looking for ^ you Sunday. ! j DRAKE S CAFE | East 3rd Street ' Get th . , tho week «na «u»JiU of Mr*. Knte Roy Adww* tow to her hw\« in Conw*y ilt»t * visit with Mr. «aa Mr*. Imon Qw. Ft'-i WHAT YOU GAIN More Powerful V«lv«4ii4kad WVIMI i %*v 2S22 ^ ,.u » is^ Awtomaiic Tff»»8is- j«c«fa cost)* Body by Power WITH THI51 CHEVIOUT FtATUttS around, with E-Z-Eye at etfra cost) • ia its fold • Mi WHAT YOUSAVi WITHTHI two VvS- „_ Oft DQiP| ^fc_ "f". -i, ',tvJ.WWl|'i Lnwertlriced Una I OUNG CHEVROLET C ^^^^ ^^^ " . .,»A. . w >•—•— *-! ' ^UfTJ Plans will be made to enter arran- ements in the Fall Flower Show o be held October 29 in the VFVv Hut. Chapter AE of PEO Tuesday afternoon, October 14, at the home of Mrs. F. C. Crow, 315 West 5lh. ftebecca Sunday School Class o the First Baptist Church will mee londay ; 'fcyening( at 7 o'clock a Jie c.htirtH for, a^potjluek supper »CW officers will be installed. Al Jicw and Old members are urged to be present. Monday, October 13 'I'All circles of the WSCS and th JWesleyan Service Guild of the Firs •Methodist Church will have a joint | 4 meeting, Monday, October 13, at! fcj7:30 p.m. Mrs. Claude Tillery, pro.*'gram leader, will present a playlet Ifei "Proclaim the Good News" with 'Mrs. George Murphy, Mrs. David Waddle, Mrs, LaGrone Williams, and Mrs. Sam Strong serving as characters. Miss Beryl Henry will bring tne devotional and a special /solo will bc rendered by Mrs. Har roll Hall accompanied by Mrs. B. Hyatt. A social hour will follow j program and all members are urged to attend. - Tuesday, October 14 •Hope Country Club will have a rnasiiiierade costume dance Tues" day, Oct. 14, from 8:30 to 12. Every 'one must wear a mask. A prize will be given for the most original, costume. Members of the executive committee, of Garland School will meet ' IIHUtJV.V* >_,...**...— Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock at the school. Thursday, October 16 A study course discussion group for the Hope Junior - Senior High School Parent-Teacher Association will be held Thursday morning, October 16, in the Home Economics Cottage at 10 o'clock. velopmcnt and Personality f *t|d There were 78 members present with Mrs. Thomason's room winning the dollar by having the hl|h- est percentage present. The meet-, ing adjourned with the PTA Prayer being repeated In unison. Oglesby PTA Meets Wednesday The regular October meeting o the Oglesby Parent-Teacher Asso elation was held in the school audl .torlum at 3 p.m. Wednesday, Ott 8, with the President, Mrs. David meet! vvaddle, presiding. The Lord's Prayer was repcate In unison. , C. V. Nunn, Jr. gave a very in teresting and enlightening talk o "Our Duties, as Citizens, to Vote. Mrs. Wade Warren read th President's message. Mrs. \V. E Nutt read "Five Reasons for Joii ing a PTA." Mrs. Grady William second grade won the dollar fo having thc highest percentage mothers attending the meeting. Upon a motion, the PTA voted send out letters to each Oglcsb PTA member, urging them to vote in tho General Election to be held November 4. Friday, October 17 The DcAnn Lilac Garden Club has postponed the Halloween Party which was scheduled for Friday night, October 10, until Friday night, October 17. All members are to meet Wednesday evening October 15, to clean the club room Sun. -Mon. ot th6 'High Noon 1 Holds Fans Spellbound success will detect ft . ssfrtoUc* to his I the star* wnfoW*. . Shelly WinWf*, in thc role of, a nightclub paHefrnor, boftlonds completely different from any other , ft B ',mona Buff, nightclub ever produced, provides on hour »«•««• 0r ^ n ^5S B fi,t,'to |lv» l»* and one-hnlf dtunrcUevftd towlw W^ »ndt«wow«^ • ^ nnd suspense. Thc."lrn, ""»««* BurT?u? 8 hlZcW In f»r I tlttfr Gary Cooper in one of the grcfttcst t Uft ftt ^ntfft'i earn roles of his career, ploys Sunday Jr™ The™,«e 0 Sinatra to «utek to hit the ' ihnt's what ceuhtB~ls th«l'he Is not M* «*«» IK* Sii ' GARY COOPLR cncounterTLLOYD BKUXJHS at » saloon, entrance, in this scene from -HIGH NOON," a United Artists release. Storts Sunday at the Rio I to . - * ————— .••••»» •fMHBMMMMMME^^H Paisley PTA Meets at School October 8 The Paisley PTA held its monthly meeting Wednesday', October 8, with "Bc An Informed Citizen" as the theme of the program. A speech on "Requirements to Vote" was made by Mrs. C. G. Cromer. A song "Whistle for Your i School" was directed by Mrs. "Objects of the Garland PTA Hears Talk . By Mrs. A. B. Tollett I Thomas Purvis. The Garland PTA met Wcdnes-1 pTA .. w ' as discussed by Mrs. day afternoon at 3 o'clock in the | Gepl . gc p^k. A group dt members school auditorium with Mrs. Dewey pl . csena , d ., "Membership Drama." Baber, president, presiding. j Tne p res jdent's message was del- The meeting opened with a song | jvcl . cd by Mrs Burnlce Honea. "A Hymn of Brotherhood," Jed by | hc lhji . d ' d g won t hc room Mrs James McLarty, followed by the reading of the minutes from the secretary's report on the Sept. meeting. Reports from the treasurer and the various chairmen were heard. It was announced that all o[ tno The third count. Mi- The Iris Garden Club will mecti gra de schools will have a carnival Tuesday, October 14, in the home of Mrs. A. A. Albritton, Hosston' Road, with Mrs. W. I. Stroud as co-hostess. Mrs. Waddle Cunningham, chairman of the program, will present "Forcing Bulbs." Mrs. presi- together again this year 'James Pilkinton read the dent's message. The program chair man, Mrs. James McLarty, introduced Mrs. A. B. Tollett who gavo an interesting talk on "Child HP- SAENGER * a DOUBLE FEATURE Mrs. E. A. McDowell Hostess to Wisteria Garden Club The Wisteria Garden Club met in the homo of Mrs. E. A. McDowell Thursday with Mrs. Dorscy Collins as co-hostess. Arrangements of fall flowers were placed at points of interest throughout the house. A ing Coffee. Plans were made for thc Fall Flower Show. Mrs. Sue Per "administers first aid to 1-RANK. SINATRA in this icenc'froto "MEET DANNY WILSON," a Universal-International picture. DOROTHY DIX T ° morrow program on "Flower Arrang- was brought by Mrs. Clyde kins was voted a new member. into thc club as Uncertainty Dear Miss Dix: How can I decide if the boy I am about to describe is in lovo with me, as he contends'.' from his cardboard ularly is the tot oily ttrid »i iv* *i*»«M»rf ,-....,—.. From beginning to end of "High Noon" ho Is in danger of being killed, nnd, from beginning to end ho shows It. He Is not a supormrin. to whom a single-handed right against four outlaws, is a mero pause in tho day's occupation. He is not a coward, cither. On tho con- tri»ry, he Is a brave man, and like nil brave men, lie feafs dchth.•./ It Is this attribute that makes thc spectacular -gunfight , in . "H «h Noon" one of the rrtOft absorbing ever filmed. Cooper;?^ not * dead shot, he Is riot eagtif >f<^ the tray. And he knows that the ;oda8 are too great for him to overcome. In •fact he la so sure of ylV; jtftnt ho makes his last will nnd>$4jMn<>nt. 'If the hero is afratdp^SO; Is .the udlcnce. And by this-ajtinplo dc•vice the suspense boctMVfes tor- ibly real and compelling; ;Tlie au> liencc reallzos-HinUko tho .case in i conventional western—that the loro can lose the flghtl In the 'fino supporting .cast o •'Hiah Noon' M &re,Thbmn8 Mitchell comer, Qi-ftce/Kfelly, and the tier Lloyd Bridges, H'Otto Kruger, Lo - ixltlltul blonde new actress. Katy Jurado HOPtD Dou "NO ROOM THEGR If your compUnton ii dull. . . tough, 1 your «kln iwth«ry . . »> •' t DuBirry Sp««UI QeimitnH Prepura ' Andy is now 1 am 28. We met about six years ago and have more or loss been Roing steady The Amazing Story of a Doctor Who Changed His Patient's Face Like His Wife's! Lizabeth Scott Paul Henreid "The Stolen Face" S. A. Whitlow Talks to Brookwood PTA Thc regular monthly meeting of thc Brookwood PTA was opened by thc president, Mrs. George H. Wright, Wednesday afternoon, Oct. • SHORTS • COLOR CARTOON Chap. 1 of New Serial "BLACK HAWK" *SUR-MON.* THE HOUR WAS SIT! A SHOWDOWN HAD TOJK MET! Thomas MITCHELL IRIDGES JURADO 8. in the school auditorium. Mrs. Sam Andrews read "George Washington's Prayer." Mrs. Brown, principal, and chair man of the carnival committee, discussed plans for the annual car nival presented by Hope Grade Schools. Mrs. Ben Owen, Mrs. .Ro ger Clinton, and Mrs. Hugh Reese compose the Brookwood Carniva committee. It was announced that a study course will be given Wednesday afternoon, October 15, at 2 o'clock in the* school auditorium by Mrs. B. R. Hamm. The new stage is completed and will be in the school today for anyone who is interested in seeing it Mrs. Fuller's room won the dol lar for having the highest percent age of mothers present. Reverend S. A. Whitlow dclivci ed an interesting speech on "Wh We Should Vote in November." Mrs. Ben Owen issued the year books as the meeting adjourned. Junior - Senior High PTA Meets Wednesday The October meeting of thc Hope Junior - Senior High School Patent-Teacher Association was held in the Junior High School auditor ium Thursday afternoon at 3:3( with the president, Mrs. Alber Graves, presiding. The president's message wa read by Miss Nelda Thompson, student. A routine business scssio was conducted and various com- I mittee chairmen gave reports. In the room count the seventh grade had the highest percentage present. The topic for October was "Good Citizens Are Both Informed and Concerned about Local, State, and National Affairs." In carrying out this topic, Mrs. Henry llayncs, program chairman, prescmeu !• ranees WeisenLvrgcr, Jan Moses. Billy Gentry, Tommy Doyle, Charles bd- ward Key and Weldon Ttllery in an interesting discussion on nclivi- tics at Boys' and Girls' Stale. Dismissal was by lhc PTA prayer repeated in unison. Comma and Going , Mrs. E. G. Coop has returned 'rom Toxarfcana where she has been in thc hospital for eye surgery. Mrs. Coop is the mother of Mrs. Tom Vvnrdlaw. sineo. Hi- has never forgo ton my birlliilny. holidays or ai riiversar'.es of thing important to us. 1 however, haw been somewhat reini.ss in these things. He is lielplul asmmil the house when I have things to do. would be a good provider, and, as far ns I know, has never even fibbed to me. Yet the feeling persists that 1 cannot wholly believe in him. He readily tells others how much he loves rne und what a fine person I am. 1 OC- •easionnily dale others, and while I'- know he doesn't like it, he- does not object. 1 feel that I love him, but am afraid to show il us I cnn hot believe he loves 'he claims. He, has . nut I fear to accept him. He has offered to prove his love, in any woy r ask. How-can' I have him prove it? K. S. D. i ,", , Sinatra Hits Jackpot in Musicals Movie tans who have been d mandlng a, "new type" music , film will get their every WARD & SON PRUQQ.ST p(i l n -.- t 102 W. 2nd Street Mr. and Mrs. Claude Tillcry have had as guests this week Mr. Till- cry's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Tillcry of Collingdale, Pa. They left yesterday for Dallas, Texas, where they will visit other relatives. Births Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Dougherty -of • Alexandria, Virginia, announce the arrival of a daughter, Uiane Slmms, on Saturday, Sept. Answer: You are more uncertain of yourself than you arc of Andy. Irt many small ways, your character is .inferior to his, and il is the gap that bothers you. It is also dou.btlul if you love him at all. You aVe'"not above ;i small fib, apparently are too appreciative of attention from other men and lack Andy's thouBhttullness in remembering special occasions. Surely if you really loved the man, you cwld overcome these weaknesses iii your --character. Too Long Friendship Another factor in your uneertaii relationship is that you have bee w answered In ''Meet" Danny Wilson." playing at the Rihlto Sunday, Monday and .Tuesday. Nine popular songs are offered In "Meet Danny Wilson." Eight of » ii as I can them arc sullg by Si " ntrn ' T "7 v il us I cnn of thc tnmou(1 bal- mc as. much «n««^ hl h h j, d 8kyrO ckct. him to -» proposed) 8UCCOS8 almost n decade ago. Shelley Winters Joins the crooner In a duet, "A Good Mnn is Hard to Flrid." Sinatra's songs are "All of Mo.' 'How Deep is the Ocenn, she s USED CARS NOW AVAILABLE AT Sid kogdrs Pyick Co. Your best buy in used ^cj^js 00| available -dt. , Funny That Way" and "That Old Black Magic," to name a few, "Meet Danny Wilson" is cleverly FIRST CHOICI1 OP MILLIONS 1 ^S,'. \ i-s ^ / _^»i"fw 27. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Simms of Hope are the maternal grandparents. going together for too long a pel i«d. A six year friendship at you respective ages, certainly indicate 'marriage; and the fact that it hhi Mother- To Klve your child snplrlnl Oranifo flavored, tablets 11 adult done. Buy If now! fNPHNBMBHLi IST.JOSWi •.««MI- i FM'CMWWJ These extra nice, cieSfei,. traders on NEW BUICKS,'? Bargains For Sit) ROGERS BUICK (Formerly Rofor Clinton Ji 209 Eqst Third »V w ' *M J UillB. L1IM tfrtJTi' HMT T Hospital Notes Branch been postponed IB Indicative ; o . W emotional instability on the part 'T'of at le'ast one of you, Andy sounds "Mikcs.a fine fellow and is much too good/ta be hurt by y'ou. If you cannot Convince yourself that he dc- Jfiu'rer treatment, you had Brancn IB^*VV ( * <TH *»..*."»»*-.,*» ^^-. -•—Admitted- R. M.J Errant,' Hope, I better' en*) the fWendship now be Ethel Lee Gambl^.fiope, .Bobbie ' !i —i— Frances Rogers, Patnxos. Discharged: Mrs,,Olen Smith and baby girl, Hope, ALSO "The Eisenhower Story" ' ^••••w**"™^^••w^^^^^^ * RIALTO TOPAY ANP SATURDAY IN II DIAMOiCITY» fore moro .cornpUcptions develop, If you squarely face the fact of what your life will be without Andy around, you might be helped to a decision. Frpm your letter I can see absolutely no grounds for your lack of faith in him. In all things, he is almost n model sweet heart, and would make just as line a husband. Stop analyzing Andy, and get busy on yourself. Dear Miss Dix: I arn 15 years old, a junior in high school, and very much in love with u boy I would like to marry this fall. Both my sisters married at 16 and nelth» er one is happy. Do you think I could be? Answer: Experience they say, is a hard school but fools will learn in no other. You certainly have been shown enough example? o! the heartaches that follow most too early marriages. Why not profit from, your sisters' experience and wait? CAKTOON » ««». u -FIRATK HAMO»* SUNDAY - MQriPAY-TUESOAY* ROMANCf Meei Oa« upon »tin* the ihoes you wore woe troin N«w York, your car from Detroit, your wove from Few, if any, of ibe i«m5 you w*d «m* frp Today it is different. Your »bo« come from your car from Doravilfc, Georgia yoiw ?*Rg« Alabama. Total Sear, p«cb»*« i» ** &)»* to W51 t» »lmo« half» South we only for tfld Dear Itfiss Dix: My friend, Tomny, is going into service for three years. I am 1? and he is 20. 1 hink a lot of him and am eagerly awaiting his leave. My problem ts that my girl friend Dora want» o meet him and in the past she ias succeeded in taking several aoy friends away from me. Hpw can I be sure of not losing him? Answer: Dora sounds like undiluted poison. She certainly i» unworthy of your friendfbip, and should be summarily crossed oft your list of pal*- Vou'U just have to take your chances pn "" * " b» reaily tbte to t saif side, try apart- Sleep Warm in GOWNS by Munsingwear L"Tailor-Maid" . . , Tailored to perfection with a flattering, (full bodice. Knit wristlets 90 t the long sleeves hyg in V^arrhtb [— keep out cold, the trjifi 1 ? revere collar, the three butt|Sh« ^down';the front, th'0 hQlHwjK 1. to tie in bo<;k .,. extp tawclii$ I that odd sp much to th,(i *lan& [style, of Bajbriggan, % ? [the-cloud colors of Blue [en, Milky Woy, Pink Down - lYellowMoon, Sixes: ,14'tf 22, 3.95 and want

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