Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 10, 1952 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1952
Page 4
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$ft'W£.^ >-*1v l*.AH}U$i»;£ „ after tonight a few days in and alter- ND Cafeteria Hope Picked to Best Spa; Hogs to Take Bay I or UTTttB «n Whothor lf« that the It or )u«t tttttti », thl» ft«(«'» foottwll or« mmln ihU wtck are picking] tlin Unlvnrilty of ArkanxR* to win f* 1 * HAS D0N6 IT AGAIN . .. jtffi WCIS . .'. HOW DO ,$OMIINANDFINDOUT h.ii*-> v — * Seven at M II »p»ru »,i>.-, n{ Rind HporUc«Ur«; who made- »c-| l»«Mon» in lnt« ,1|8tk'« AMoelnUtri' Pm* poll i»r«JteH&'tt»»t the «n*or- bnck* w«Jld topple Onylor nt Mttln Rack SsturdA/ tyjjht. While wwyWI ml***"'' «n Arknn- ift Iwo llfflol In » row. the fore•' -J»«t«r(i hud W*if RH'ntfiit over-ill' rueea** ot Qlt *«H«nn last week, i Thfjr «elrr*Cti^ called the out- comfl of 30 jfnitici and mimed onlyj eight for i .784 butting »vtrnu<> fcttttiftcl their murk for th« ......1 tt> 87 rl«hl. M wroriK- 033 < And tho prngnoilfcfttori were realty hot on lout week's hl«h ichool f*QI«», picking 31 <-f 24 n Rrc.'it deal more they foifciint thii Mrs, Tucker SHOHTININQ . 65c COFFEE Folacrs Maxwell House Admiration 1 Lb. QC- Can ODC Hot Prtco W III DEAL oncountcr — lh« !o utrugftlc between Pine Bluff — ii „...„ will pl«y to n tie. if prediction* ore: itnto ovor Texns A . « . 59c _. 8MU nW ,„ over T/nnlty, Toy ( ihumii, Southern Sur.e 10 Clark* over Hen- AfcM over Arkanxa* iwoitorn of Ito, CORN DEL MONTE YELLOW, CREAM STYLE 2 No, 303 QC- Cans O3C TlVero 1$ nothing wrong with this Corn, 4 N co 3 n°, 3 89c IflS , Pet and Carnation MILK * 7 Large or 1 4 Small Con^ Oklahoma, lu-Ajabnma 8i«w,"u; Little nook HM School \ W&tiftllfc Littio nook ovw,w; 8iHi»tii$r over Hot Sprlngi, North Little Hoc . over nufftteUvUle, Texurkuna , over! " 1, TuUn, QkJ*., ovef IXfiH Konerg ov«r HuntivHM In ovor Taloquah OkiAlt] ... over Watdron, Van Bv ' .... nehtunvlllc, Forroit City < Mm Itmnn, Jonesboro over Mem Cnthollc, ArKadolphla over ^.^ t)u«vn, Bonton ov«r 8«uxHa, Cw» wtiy Mvcr Little Rook Catholl C«nuU'u over Mtvlvorn, SmackQV< ovi-i' Konlyce, Soarcy ov«r Crory, Parajiouid over Wftl RnlRo, Oscuoltt over Bartlett, To llclcnn ovfii- Brlnkloy fituttl ovur Wymm. Botjkitteris ? Play DeQufl Tonight H at £«*H?w. -«', MP : "I *IC K& Sisn s * Boxos t-;- , HW «>} '' ' W , * • h»-", Quart 15c PINT , , ,' Sic Quart . . . $9c Coach I'uHico'd Junior, Cl«t\ try tu uvonuo an, enrU«r., ut ihc huna* of thq O^ Leopards. n " At o e qv ut tho »eu»on wni-« Uown, to Hot Guorni«y H Spring HJU Kill bajKeibnU tea squads, will ||o IUICE 2c^' 29c fl&*-, MEAT DEPT, ROAST 55c Price is Right ,, to And as conU, tu«\ «»«*- * " Ai vwy OW«^'50-, UaM InMifrtA' ^^ m HlflH*' • ••! itt f vwnw f wm f w it yow-Mtl' " • SPICIAU NOTICI * »>8 m% tU«» mtn, tHauliW. -«no», ftwuii, M«4 fteuta »na •tflfWi'^i an tw-^Min TOM WAROLAW Milt. to««t T«llor Shop FRYERS 53c PMA tow ""fiiT'iw*! .*» Af»i^w^6W piRI A90BI'T|ID> CHttTIR M^CAIKILL Beef SAND w CLAY <»***tW!l| ftw.i.. 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Oh, yes you did. f you go st>ect your books right now, chances are that you'll find a boo that says "stolen from tho libra r O t —." And the name Writte therein won't be your own. "But I didn't really steal it h only borrowed it!" you say h add virtuously: "And I intend to return it." A Maybe. But you probably have Shad it for years. You are holding "this valuable property against the real owner's will — of course he wanted it back long ago — and il that isn't thievery, what is it? He could go to court about it. in th Hope . V'V MM' . *'.?i ,, "\< Star WtAtHiR ArkansHfi: Fatf tnlfc »tt«f nijtht Saturday, noon. Tenrfoeratur* _ High 78 Low 48 \ v • ^ *•,*?. 't-ji •%1 AK 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 309 HOM, ARKANSAS, *MDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1952 fie Chief Justice Speaker at B&PW Dinner Members of the Hope Business and Professional Women's Club last night entertained their bosses at an annual banquet at Hotel Bar low. About 80 persons were pros ""principal speaker was Griffii wiiu •<.-»<>«» ~ ~ - "•» ^ Smith, Chict Justice of the Arkan Audit Commission about the finan- sas Supreme Court, who discussc Henry Woods TellinfrJury About Finances LITTLE ROCK (A 5 ) Henry Wood who refused to tell the Highway —I and cing of Gov. Sid McMath's political campaigns, apparently was toll"*; a ,_ " Ing tho Pulaski County Grand Jury certainly] but among book lovers there is a tolerant recognition o£ human frailty and a general live-and-lot-llve A policy. And of course each knows the other fellow may break down sometime and buy a book worth ^ __ borrowing himself. ances t The true professional book tniei Is a scoundrel who steals precious volumes only to barter these price- kss products of the human spirit for filthy cash. He is beneath tho contempt of murderers, and stands alone in the very sewer of crime. There is also the occasional klep- ... tomaniac who has such a compul- 1 W sion to take what doesn't belong to Kim that he will rent a $10 hotel ;. room just for a chance to lift a Gideon Bible. But most of America's millions ot book thieves are happy amateurs, who prefer to be known as "long-term borrowers." And this softer term is often used by forgiving librarians who know how herd it is for some patrons to bring back a book they are having rOb a long love-affair with. > "Wo never say they are stolen," s&id a lady spokesman for the New York Public Library. "We say the people just forgot to return' them." "Sometimes they come back 25 today. Woods, McMath's executive secretary and manager of each of, McMath's three campaigns for the governorship, was the first witness called as the Grand Jury resumed an investigation of alleged waste, dishonesty and extravagance" in state Highway Department operations. of gubernatorial candidates at Democratic primaries in both 1950 and 1952 which the Grand Jury summoned Wednesday for appearances today. All were told to bring campaign' financial records with them. I The Jury said the records were needed td substantiate findings of the Highway Audit Commission, The jury said it was convinced many of the irregularities reported by HAG in Highway Department operations were the direct result of the high cost of running for governor." ' Woods, who was carrying a bulging red brief case as he entered the Grand Jury room, declined repeatedly earlier this year to furnish the Audit Commission with a record of financing o£ McMath's otia ijnj^*^»»>*- v~----. . the heritage of Americans and th responsibilities of today's voters i maintaining that hcritnfic. He cite two great Americans, John Adam and Charles Evan Hushes, as ex amples of the men who «av America the heritage it enjoys to day — the best in the history o mankind. ,,_/-, Mr. Smith was introduced by u A Graves, local attorney, on a pro- arnm arraiiRcd by Doris Shields. Piano selections -were presented by Mrs B C. Hyatt and the orfiam/.a- Paul Klipsch Ike Will Reveal Finances; Adlai Defends Policy By Merrlman Smith EN ROUTE WTH fcsNHOW- ER (UP) — DwlRht D. Elscnhowc Convicted Tax Collector Gets a New Trial BOSTON, —(UP) — Dcnla Delancy, ousted i»s internal rove. Flower Show Arrangement Are Listed Hope Federation of Garden Clubs will hold nn annual flower show, "Harvest Time" in tho VFW Hut. cast on Highway 87. on October 29 from 2 to 8 p.m. H will be tho eighth show by the group. There are eight hrianRement classes. Class 1. Indian Summer — Mass| m , 0 collector for Massachusetts mrnnscmcnt ot flowers, berries, connection with national tnx scan- 8» C "J''u^'j'," 8on " 0 . ,, . _..n n l,1« /«,. onnrn j-i- ^->«t«>) n no.,, Intnl. nn I OH InO UOttHI 101 some Andrews, Davis to Serve on Draft Board Selective Service Local Board No. 29, hns two now members with tho resignation of J. M. Duffle, chairman nnd R. E, Cnln, secretary, who served four years on the board. The now members are Andy Andrews, named secretary nnd Hln- Chnlrmnn of tho s served said today that of course" he folinne, grasses suitable for space dais, was (fronted n new trial on would make public his recent In- of 30 im , hcs i ong . bribe-taking charges today by tho come tax returns or a statement class 2. Bounty nnd Beauty — nr- u.s. court of appeals, containing substantially the same f^g^ent using fruits, vegetables j n setting aside Delnnoy's con- information before election day. fi owprs nnc i foliage allowed, space vlctlon by n federal jury, the court Elsenhower, just before leaving 3( , lnchcs i onKi o f appeals sharply criticized the Phoenix, was asked by reporters, class 3. Portrayal of Autumn — U.S. government for pro-trial pub- may we please have on answer I rranRcmcn t to bo stage In niche Uclly whldh apparently precluded « from you whether you intend to , 8 lncllos widc nnd 2 -l Inchcs high, tuir trial. ' < make public before election time accossol . ies allowed. | I nm ovorjoyo$> presided. . your income tax returns, or a it- C(jlss 4 Hnrvc8l Moon — crescent new trial," said nanclal statement civlns substan- fll .,. an g olnt , nt , O f ros cs with any foil- h.ncy when he tlally the same information." ' ' ..... New Pills to Be Used in Birth Control By FRANK CAREY AP Science Reporter A doctors report of successful use of birth control pills in humans has elicited varying reactions from prominent clergymen of the Ro He sent this reply to the newsmen through his press secretray, Jnmcs Hagerty: Of course, if anyone is interested, they can have the report as soon as It Is completed. It Is age at his suburbun r '"welcome n 1 "OfyyoBi'-old Do- iiHved the news] i&ehfrm homo. . Class 5. Autumn lory — trlangu- Ho had been conwstod of t»kln« British Get SetforSecond Big Test LONDON IM —Britons speculated today Hint tholr second atomic ROKs,Ch Bat tie lor of White H By ROBERT UOIOK SEOUL, Kotoa, IUP ud South Kordt»n»>nd-»* regrouped their torcofc t~ and rain-drenched »\r Horso Mountain ton! strntoRlc height had, c tour times In hnnd-to-ha The snvaga battle, In South Koreans clawed to the crest tor thfc, f6 . using knlvoa, fjstii nnd * against fanajtft ChtaOBC," en oft temporarily * pianos set too pitch-black 1 field nblnzo wlljh Hards* . The South KoroAhs drop] mny be set off In Aim- l(lln ' 150 yards from thel* V>lit^rt ^i, jkubviiiiii »v.« j -• «:»-- i *ii, «•»>* w«-.. - — -- - -"r" T 7^r - ., i |llURli;il 1UHJ "V- av. v *'i» »»i *»»••» i rf|in«LQn iq lur arranijement of chrysantho- $7,500 In bribes and fajjiely certify- lrnl | n w uhln the next two months. A u Dl ,t n mums, may be bought. Inu payment of $18Q$W m taxes. Th(J wny(J o{ con j cc t uro followed Rc(ls ^ 0 ' Ul I IO| IlltlJ *JM uwMfc|t»»« I 14 If* i* n^ •«•»»•••• *••" T -,--. *-*j- T, * . I .1UU W4tVU Ufc l*UtlJV*»H*«*»* »\.H,*UIT»-« Class 0. Neighboring Garden Club Lnst Jan. 29 he wtt$**$nUmcod to11 nnnnunccm cnt thnt Britain'* and non-members — Salute to Au- two years' imprlsonrnwp and fined thrcu , 0 ,, atom mon would tly to AuslriiliH In early November. Tho Ihroo arc Penney, as soon as It is compiotca. « '»j tumn _ arrangements ot garden -1Q.500. ........... virtually a matter of public record (j owcrs . uncl toiiage In suitable con- The court's sunslnK 'comment anyway." taincr. was based on o congressional sub Class 7. Junior Division — Octo- commltteo's investigation of Dcla-j nlomlc O xplosloa Oct. 2 in tho des* By MERRIMAN 8MTH | bor Morning, small arrangement ncy prior to the trial that recetycd O i nto Montft Bolto Islands oft Woat director of Brltnlu's tlral man churches. Catholic and Methodist successful 1950 campaign. The commission asked for the late." Sometimes also' they are record after it had said it had found apparent connections between sales to the state and campaign contributions. That was before the 1952 campaign which resulted in McMath's defeat for a third term nomination by Chancellor Francis Cherry of back by the widows of the men „ ... Jonesboro. mailed, Qthers who waited as Wood his secret testimony to the Dr. Benjamin Sieve reported in the technical journal "Science" yesterday that 298 married couples lad experienced complete lack of '(M-tility during periods ranging 'rom throe to 10 months while tak- nt breakfast, lunch - aiul that some arc ENROUTE WTH ESENHOW- ER (UP> — A spokesman for Dwight D. Eisenhower said today the GOP presidential nominee | would be willing to make a statement of his financial status avail-] able to anyone with any real Interest." , This announcement was made by] secretary published inchcs high, Educa- Feature. Class 8. Conservation. widespread radio and te' apaper, magazine, lion 'publicity. James HagRcrty, press to Eisenhower, after a report said that Elsenhower cur rently saw no reason to make his finances public. ins the pills and dinner still taking them. But the Boston researcher cm- oacK py "»e wiuuno «•• .«"— •••-- gave his secret icsiimony iu m-- who checked them out years be- Grand Jury W ere Armil Taylor o fore "for four weeks," then held| cl&l . ksviUe> w ho managed former Q O V. Ben- Laney's unsuccessful fore "for four weeks," them until death. phasizcd that the drug —previously used to control bleeding —does not produce permanent sterility. He said 220 of the women have had a baby or have become pregnant after they and their husbands quit taking'the pills. The Rev. Francis J. Cornell, a against McMath.in 1950 ol Searcy), manager T^ackett's campaign v. Ormand of The volumes.that now are most •likely to vanish•^iiysterioasly'fro'm'r^ ^ "open library shelves are the .''how- £' ^' " lo-do-something" books, s"' ch ' as hhj s year, and "How to Become a Detective '.One Morrllton who' held a. similar po with that title doesn't have a sitjon Ior jack Holt. chance. ji m Bland of Walnut Ridge, the But the ordinary book prowler manager £or Atty. Gen. Ike Mur- like you and me, who merely iced was not on i ianc j a s the ses- on each other's collections, ac- gi{ J n startc( j. tually served a useful purpose. As Ne j t her was Cherry's manager the bees pollinate a clover field, LeKcl Gentry of Little Bock, but we enrich our own store of books IWQ Gentry campaign associates ft by "borrowing" back and forth, showe( i up to explain that Gentry 1 giving it a variety it would other- wag Qut of the state . The two, wise lack. -William P. Bowen and Barron I doubt if I have read any of Lange O f Little Rock, brought Redernpttfrist" priest and dean of s'acred theology at the Catholic University of America, was asked to comment on the report. He de OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., <UP> — Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson said today that the collective security program has worked so well that Soviet Russia Is probably getting ready for another round of soft talk with the United States. But ho warned that a Republican victory In November might wreck American participation in collective security and put the nation on a sure road to disaster. Stevenson said that the notion should keep its guard up because at the least sign of weakness the Kremlin can change its signals again." Reds Told of 'U. S. Defeat in Korea' By HENRY SHAPIRO MOSCOW, (UP) — Soviet War -We thlnifMm court said "that the United' SiftWHs put to « choice iKjattettiftthe United States T«?Ai-i 4^1^«1 M 1I«*A r3«mn*tt^nnt deportment 1 n t c rest) ft public heartnB fe'in such damag- publicity p??oj«dlclal to a per- ton awaltinB trial . . Then tho United States must accept the con- Sequence. The Judicial department . . . May find It necessary to postpone the trial until by lapse of time the dnn«or of tho picjudlco may reasonably be thought to hnvc been substantially removed." court ao|d that the congres- Minister Marshal A. M. has told the 19th Communist pnn> Congress the United States sut' fcrcd a defeat unprecedented In tat history in Korea because frontline troops lacked faith in the*r cause, In a speech delivered "" '"" ut riot published until " vski said: "More than two years of war In ,_. Korea have shown that the Amcrl- trial in tho nationwide tax sen* ern Australia Sir John Cockroft, boss ot Britain's Harwell atomic energy plnnt and Gen. Sir Frederick Morgan, Jho nation's atomic energy controller. Ponncy left Austrnlln by nlr to- dny to report to Prlmo Minister Winston ChurchlU and the British Cabinet on tho effects of; the Oct. 2 explosion. He was flying i» " special Royal Air Force plane. The announcement snld that Pcnnoy would return to Australia Nov. r>, Ho Is scheduled to b« followed by Cockroft on Nov. Ill nnd Gun. Morgan the next day. Reds corpse-strewn But tho voted for battle, JLAO WWWHW^^p^Wl".— — y "^ Jt cicst In nn^ttwlt th« 8:30 p.m. (8(80 k.ti fourth ^Imo today charged up the bloody t« Iho central troni nei| u * Three times the tan* forced tho dauntless tho crest in human but each tlmo 1 they * orders from their; commpl clared any use of such pills with tho direct intent of preventing conception would be a violation of the Divine Law as it affects birth, according to Catholic interpretation of God's Law." is the second investigation the scores of books bought my- , the cherry campaign, self in the last ten ydar,s. They l dsb never stay in my house long 1 enough. But I never fail to read a book I "borrow" and I am honest enough to say I never borrowed 'one with the real intention of returning it. But my private library is an cpen shelf — of other people's books. I'll match it against any man's, and the odds are it contains at least one book that belongs to him. rec- Russia Wants U.S. Crewmen Punished Grand Jury; Last 'March, a jury failed to agree pn a decision, and Circuit Judge Gus Fulk discharged it.. •:; -.:•• Tax Receipts Ahead of 1951 Soviet Congress f« Revise Laws BERLIN t* MOSCOW, UPI — The big Soviet have demanded Communist party Congress was scheduled to. begin discussion today of proposed changes in party statutes. The Congress yesterday approved the nation's current five- year plan designed to boost total Soviet industrial production by the end of 1955 to 70 per cent over the 1950 output. The proposed statute changes — including setting up a presidium as the party's central agency in place of the present Politburo — were announced Aug. 20. Details of the five-year plan were announced at Soviet officia that severe pu th A , sional 'committee hearing brought out' 'damaging evidence" which would not be admissible at Dela- the' first of three Indicted former collectors to stand spokesman for Iho Mlnstry-of Supply, which supervises Iho nation's atomic program, said "na com- incmt" when asked If Fennoy'B ro- turn to Australia moftnt another atdmic tost In tho offing, capture and hold 1 the Tho Chinese- know that who evor controls controls tho Chorwbn ' MoJ. Gen. Kim Chong rnantlor of tho Republic oM Oth Division. an Imperialists have sufferc^ Sul military political«' moral defeat, unprecedented %}h ,heir history. In an effort to fortify their home and the American imperialists lazify their country and their sat- onlites indoctrinate the population and the army, and are turning thd country into a police state,", ho said. . mt*hl' be- expected," today's decision read, "Delanpy's puspcn- 6lbn, removal, Indictment, and ar- occasioned widespread Lewis publicity In tho public press, particularly In tho Boston area, n newspapers assign- writers to report the , Motion pictures and ltecordinfls wore permitted to Coal Strike UT yot ,, to vote 1051. leal* vamp 8t; Tho now a Pulaski year plan designed to iphment" be meted out to crew of an unarmed U. S. Force plane menaced by machine- gun fire from Russian jet fighters while it was flying a hospital misr ion. American authorities already have protested the shooting. The ing a Berlin-bound plane, carry crew of five and a woman LITTLE ROCK — Poll tax Action to Be Filed Against U. S. Attorney WASHINGTON (UP) — Informed sources said today the Justice De psrtment will take early action 1 on the case of Howard L. Doyle U. S. attorney at Springfield, 111. who has made a small fortun practicing law on the side. Attorney General James P. Me dranery was expected to announc soon — possibly today — what he *« Q > intends to do about Doyle's admis- c"£ astian ston that he overlooked" 15,000 of | Scl?asuan his outside income in making out bis 1945 tax return. A House Judiciary subcommittee, which questioned Doyle at a public hearing, yesterday, sent copies of his income tax returns, his bank statements and canceled checks to McGranery for study. nurse to evacuate Army ailing Disputed Race inlzardto BeRunOve . MELBOURNE, (ffi — The' 8-man race to represent Izard County In the Arkansas House of Representatives apparently is going to be run ll over again, •> The Rev. John R. Hamilton, who was eliminated from the contest Inj during. continued .tho hearings through Oct. .„,. more damaging, perhaps, .thei fact that the testimony lubUoly hoard by tho com" far beyond mutters Indict- CINCINNATI (/P) — John. L, Lewis was reliably .reported today to bo considering a nfttlon-Wldo coal 'strike unless tho government WUHO Stabilization Board approves the union's recently negotiated pay to prevent boost by next Wednesday. Bpor Lowls sent his chief legal llou-l tno tenant Welly Hopkins, flying from Tho confiniUi^or" the United Mlno Workers Union " • convention hero to confer today the wage board In Washing- ment* . ittee, delved into an alleged by Delaney'and Into a ton. The problem It was understood, V 1 * ^iJjawrto^sL'srifflrjssar, Soviet uS,d to »»»>•'"•'i" 1 !::,, 1 !""™":?'^ the same time. eceipts for 1052-53 are runine M.- 00 ahead of those issued for 19:>12 in 55 Arkansas counties, the state auditor's office reports. A total of 398,267 1952-53 receipts have been issued as compared to 364,751 1951-52 receipts issued last year in the same 55 counties. The new receipts will allow voting in the Nov. 4 general gjection and other elections held S before In approving the economic program, the Congress «et up a committee to consider changes recommended by delegates during the Lemij mar yson,. American corqjj p crliri. Mnt a auickT 0 V, bov, Soviet ,depi debate. Officers Question Girl* Hitchhikers Two young hitchhiking girls were; Rui picked up next Oct. 1. Newly-reported counties comparative figures include; Columbia Gieene Hot Spting a qui.c I. Trus us hosti and uriclv. flew Waste Admitted Some Defended JQUESBORO, I* — • Sen, J«hn McCleUan, an outspoken advo- »_-^is economy JR the federal nt concedes that to get rid of waste and is so big U our ima«i»«tto»- * 6«cb a sura ie enters" UcCUOi»n last night by Hope aFe /( Nffieved to be ( are busy today tbeir story in which they hitchhiking rom 1952-53 1951-52 one said her The mother of one 7.824 7,843 7,527 80 150 rootner lived. wants to cojne to Hope from Cali fornia to get the girls but officers suspect at least pne is a runaway from a girjs training school, Assistant Chief of Police Willis said. ni And, Wednesday, the two ,ts in tho contested runoff mfti they would like to dispute out of cou/l by r^dcpdcnts pn.fljpy., 4, BJed90e»''who B- l* r Cherry Invited to Sparkman Roily ' (/P) - Chancellor [oscow al»9 Dispatched a c same day to American lagguarters la Germany, disclosed today. The Claimed the DCS transport 55 minutes outside the 20..B. air corridor from' the ^, occupation zone to Berlin. On Us flight, he added, the U. S. plane exceeded the corridor boun- by distances up to 10.6 miles. The American plane did not heed tho demand of Soviet planes to make a landing, and attempted to hide itself In clouds," Trussov is ho win a Francis Cherry,- Democratic nom inee for governor of Arkansas, has been Invited to attend a rally hero Oct. 24 at which Vlco-Presldcntla demanded tho severe pun- if the guilty" American filers and measures to avoid violating flying orders over the territory o< the German Democratic Republic by American planes." Mathewson's protest — as yet not answered directly —ac which 'challenge* the victory of, Arthur Harris in the runoft has not ruled, on tho request. U he approves this arrangement, the certification of Harris as the party's nominee will have to be canceled. Meanwhile, an "elite" Grand Jury empaneled by Judge Bledsoe to investigate alleged voting irregularities in Izard County In the runoff resumed its probe. When it recess recently, the Jury ordered that the chairman and 17 members of the County Democratic Committee resign before it reconvened. However, none of those ordered to quit have done so. Basis for Blair's suit and another filed to contest the 18th District Senate race is the fact that Izard County cast some 3,900 votes in the, primary despite the fact that only about 2,500 residents hold poll taxes. In the Senate contest, also to be Candidate speak, John Sparkman will may complicate the current/political ^situation, . Lewis, who seemed to po .., verge of endorsing Democratic presidential nominee Adloi Stovpn. B on after apparently tavorlng.Re- publican nominees In tho past three national elections, was holding up any flat endorsement until he sees how the Democratic admlnlstro' tion handles his wage ccae. fc |UII !••! I '••* IH^^*"***^***** ^ V Cars Damaged in Wreck, One Arrested Two automobiles were damaged considerably late, yesterday in a • — • DivWpn and off the ballqt. port, the ovp such ttotfy opposing some or lures are'1 rt public, r fu pear* a final fW«|fl»f i J A "Urt Four states are expected to DO represented at the political meet Mrs, Paul Johnson of Texarkana, commltteewoman of A r k a n s a s. Eighth Judicial\ Ol«trlct, invited Cherry to attend last night, Mrs. Johnson said Cherry told her he would be in Texarkan* with Sparkman provided be has no previous commitments. ,_ at West South Washington W . r . lice reported. T*»e vehfejes driven by 3. S. McDowell an| B Fenwlck. The front of the w v)ck auto was smawie^ «n< McDowell c»r had d»ma|^(»l right side and fender* •'"""" posted pond on a wnilo intoxicated, fleers, ported. „.. . Bjl ,. to the adv^nji vant to vo|»,l Wednesday y/ $e4retary£or ctrtU/fr' placti on Benp,e.?'" SW$" ^' rt. knowledged that adversely and unexpectedly bjgh winds" mignt have carried the plane outside the corridor at one point, but addec that any such possible error in navigation could only have been made unwittingly and without in tent." A responsible American source said today: Pur point Is that y«» don't shoot at a peaceful aircraft, even if it has made a navigational rror," heard by Judge Bledsoe, Sen. Y. M. Mack i« challenging the victory of Sen. Orville Cheney. They were thrown into the »ame district J by a redistricting of the state this I year. . 1 Mack carried Independence and] Sharp Counties in the runoff, but Cheney polled enough votes in| winning Izard county to take i election. Accident Cloim* Another Life SEARCY, (Sir— An automobile ac-l cident near here Wednesday olgbt Better Rttoil ^wfilfttf ^ J^^L^llZ 0 rtu w< *ww«

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