Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania on December 30, 1876 · Page 1
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Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Chester, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1876
Page 1
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Vol. 1. No. 96. CHESTER, PA., SATURDAY, DEQEBH^R 30,1876. Closing Out at Cost! IMMENSE STOCK CHAMPION PAIN KILLER, * iff H«I» \0* I A HOUSEHOLD MEMCUIE OF «RE VALUE. It SabdM Paia or BOOTS and SHOES Bargains! Bargains!! Bargains! ! ! RUBBER GOODS. ache. roat. Orantp*. chotie. Dl«r- rh«e». Cholera Mortmt.Ac. It i* P»werlal, Safe a«4 Alwar* ReliaMe. PRICE, Me. AMB Sl.OO. Manafaetared by B. FOSTER. Chester. Pa. BaldbrDrncgntettd Deafen in M«dfeiae, aad by -. J *· G.TS. FOSTBlt, DECOOWT, Ho, 18 West Third Strt-et, Chatter, Pa. T*mrd ««Tnnlbot le» oTFosnatP M.T.nit . and rai witb confidence recommend it at being y vulnitble me icine for wh t the mannrac orer cl. inw for it PAYItt GILL, Sheriff WEST OHitsT", PA., 18*5. *·'* Dr. Swfcyne, The lMs««w*r aajM«yP**»*«r «f the far- Dr. Swayne's Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, Aad ether Valuable PreparatUms. E VTFBKD upon hi* pro'ewHonal carlyr with the importai.t.dtantageof areeniarm d -»J*f « c :- ti n m one of the odem nj bt*t sclmds in Pb'·*«' !erven*af iihTift"roi«f ar,eiWin t-«- Plifiaw fhta and for muiy yearn attend*·at» i" th- Aman waflkilledinagloreflghtat Boston on tho 35th. Governor Hendricks denies that ho favors th.j w«r« botag Intern**** eome ploaasiitry.of Brandy art ^" . it does not require msWfilTnen'ofTb* Mfc'* agination to arHTO at thls'«**lu*»o«i; irtfc wl of justice fa vinaid.d«n of ottr - "' school training. MaeiuarT, an or mui e H-Sl-al In th a» l,iitftnMnihe e. WjJth* most ple opportnni ie«of obia'Hitur «n ina«ht int -din es in nil th* r vailon- f -rm-, as «·«*' »H:-n» n- Men's Rubber Boots, Men's Rubber Boots, Men's Rubber Bootr, LADIES' RUBBERS. Ladies' Sandals, Misses' Sandals, Croquet Sandals, $2 50 3 00 325 48c. 38c. fiOe. DECIDED ! DECIDED ! famil » n , ti« fwls ti at h» i pr-.fferinK a bo n toetfry UM»lMMl.r»*tnv,M be do». court% M r l WI H C H KBB V ·' the be»l effl aeiomreoH'dy r Down, : an it i* I and all i ·1 prrti s. world i THAT THK Selling so Cheap. Selling so Cheap. Selling so Cheap. MENS' GAITERS S//Of STOfff YORK SHOE STORE itfjojusn Men's Gaiters, Men's Gaiters, Men's Gaiters, BOYS' GAITERS. Boys' Gaiters, Boys' Gaiters, Boys' Gaiters, $1 00 1 50 200 | 80 1 25 1 75 Boots Shoes it i* ai'mitied b our ill who hav- WHII t**d,.--_»- ..-- ,-s The WIbi OHKlcltT. in a l a*** -- Vid and IB all conntnw wb«r» it i kn»wB.h s been jtw-lv celebrated tor i»s »mderml awidlcinal - iwertoi-mreaomeofthewors' Governor Hayes dome* that he Intends to resign the Governorship of Ohio. The Centennial Anniversary of tho Battle of Princeton, will take place on T«e*day next. Commissioner Duell has tendered his resignation as commissioner of Patents. Accept- «d. The British Steamship King Arthur left New Haven harbor, yesterday, laden with monitions of war. The New York Times, that seems to understand the situation says that the demand of business men for an honest count can do no good. . .-- »· The Portland Prew» a IHUe e'gMi of M*« Blaine's which Btraggles pretty hard to do allthatis'erperted 6t it, remarks: "The colored minister in Louisiana who refused to baptize negroes who rated the Democratic ticket meecte* no apology." A look of lonclnc Aw ciituda auu kiumuer aUea. 8h« pawed M earl; womanhood, K. . AMI «.·«**** «*» '»! M»(asUoW tat ife; wart her akepe . '»! M»( ToflndheraHfawife; uiM wart O6, R«BUB «itaaui AluocUtepaUi^ . Ana a§»Ue clasped bee «BtaJiwMt« hand TTpoti hlaaimsw itrouf, ' Uow o(t«0i lun*a ttiiajo^-Di Or a »weet plea.ilug bougr. Mi, wttu'i aaiTi ir**iiBvfi al*aja oa her MA tfei|^itle»t|wma£ T wom Smsetaii the t«(aiie«;tiositkr«M v\ ht-u u.v aoft a«uiiy^a «f u r AM Itng^i int W the memory Aaa in bis iM»»t tuej iMMle waan, W hen tither mwnes smltl : He n»ys uot till she weatr g Auu tier f ouil ejea aca ttta In tears whxsli AT PRICES TEAT ABB _ |ir B*atne, bad demonst at«d it" _ ,,.- artaptati. n in con binstlo- with Fin £.T r «". T «'""d tb'r · quail* talnible vi get»bl» ingredient* which, iil combined, ·endure it- action tut, fld m re , a aud 6« eBrfaV ih ^^? r ' B SjS?i i Sf3«f WILD · in P BltY COM«·« »t* ffstrikVs at the roet of dI is aae b* purify ine the bin d, rtrorlnethe II er and kid ncy* t» h*aU'i» action, inr goratlnir tlienwioui aim shattered constitution. Hdt«-i*o without prostia ing or waaiiing t»-e body in xny way. It torw ·· tonl to* lunrs and h»*r but e- * y *Tf-J a waited »r imp ft-risxtd s'ateoti -A Remarkable DR. SWM ^K--PKAR M K : l»ert It to be duet" »on and to srff»rini huniant'y to «ire the oil wing taatimnny re pec in» (tie wonderfil ·'·ra'iw p wers Of»'ir"Compound f-yrnpot Wild hctr ' a d-'i;ar ·.paril a and Tar Pill* " f wa.afflic'ed with a Ttol-nt Cf ugh paint in the and bre»nt. night s' «·«», "·'» thr,... n ^^^gWm^pttan'waj nhapo of medfcinp Tan r jected ; pi difler- ^ u . ..u.^.Llo of Wood I remained f r months in nH awful ondiiiun and gave np al hop* 'f *«»rr*co Inf. At'his time ionrercntntejiited.tlif it Tl*e Congress conunittoe now in Lonisiaaa hav« brought to light one good result Qf, "bnll-doung," it is that the farmers ' have since been able to raise hogs. AnO. oh, how B» Jivarts are kept rlnfMiCt ' Is ·wtltlj' Twitie Bat fthat. na* HMM if romamb* Oearillps, - Tho«« sweet woras,'' SELLING AT COST. SELLING AT COST. SELLING AT COST. VERT VERT CHEAP- VEST CHAP. BELOW BELOW C6MPETITION. REDUCED PRICES! REDUCED PRICES! rercnimtuiQeu · «r ·* *VYrtd "oyrnp" ami ·"·"i»ii." which iintned'ately oesaii to so. he, comfo t a d allay the violence of thwcoiiirb. *tr« «th«-n d and healed my lungs; inahnrt. It i-»s made a perfe-t cure 'f mr, and 1 am nnw able to pur ·ne my d»ily l*l»r. AnTpereon 4 nbtin. the rruib if the above statement will pin uw call, »i address me »t the factor} . or at my real lence »DWABD H.HMIBOH. ·ne'ne ratGeorga Swc-ney'« PoHery, BW«e Boad Vlow Wa IHC» Phtlad-lpMa. , over twe- iy year* have elapsed, and Mr. Hamsnn ie t*Hrcm»insaiearty man to thh time, r/epteub-r. 1878. PBICK f 0 eBOTTI«S FOB 9«00. Ifnets-Idbyyonrardirristor-iitorelt *per, we will forward half a oismoany ad'irij's. freight paid on Ladies' Buttoned, Ladles' Buttoned, Ladies' Buttoned, $1 50 1 75 350 Immense Bargains. Immense Bargains. Immense Bargains. MISSES' LACE SHOES. Misses' Lace, Misses' Lace, Misses' Lace, 9 90 1 15 1 50 MISSES' BUTTONED GAITBBS. Misses' Buttoned, Misses'JButtenod, Miss**' Battened, DESIBING TO REDUCE STOCK WE WILL OFFER Special Inducements CALL AND SEE. WBCAN AITOW1LL S A V E YOU MOIUEY. HE W YORK SHOE STORE. 80S Edgmont Avenue. IC-M-lT As a pair of horses attached to a carriage were passing up Edgmont Avenue, last evening, one of them fell upon tho slippery ice near the corner of 8th, and was dragged some dfotanee before he recovered. He did. not appear hurt by the accident. William I'itt Kellogg has ordered that the prosecution be discontinued in the case of Dave Young, a colored statesman of Louisiana, who was under indictment for stealing $21,000. Young happens to be a State Senator, and his vote will be needed in tho Legislature, which is to elect a United States Senator. Frort Snnbiiry PktherT6itt«soeiM»��h« pulpit tMn wWI' a Blow and beai^y stop,. to speak oi»tno pa»- sio^ of, Christ. so^ o , r s . mility must feel that he is more t in repres"""^ 1n »*«"«" (n » ''4 Chrtat in hte ' pictured 'sembla»««tbt»fbrw* sea of huuiauity ( the bJwdy attd oro«l enacted on that "darkened" djiy on, Calvary, nineteen cent Bttrke feels- all 1 this 1 , 'and' V eqnal to the oeewion, H« ls*ks calm, Jntelkrtual y«H«nd, pallid. f§oe,Df«m th* people. At a glance ie ftals and *»ey- ly appreciates the wave labpr before Tiling the seething, «W»yIng msises aeon beeottt , settled and transfa«d^«lllhwurt»hoat»«'OSir ' r gation were dead, ull nis ncn an* m voice bre*ks th« painftil spelV, *nd j do*f eceiptoflhraric* DR. SWATHE A SON SMBOBTH8 XTHBT., PHILADKLPBIA, PA. BOLD BT ALL PaoM»BH* Daveaur*. LIVER COMPLAINT. That dreadfa 1 diaew, front whhfli so many Mfler, la fn quetnly tte c*u« of Headaelte, Indigestion and Women Mrs. VanCott is taking Moody's place, and if anything, improving on his eccentricities, and the papers are beginning to spoak of her with less of that acrimony they generalfy apply to women Who attempt to "talk in .puolic on the stage." Mrs. Van Cott has 1 the power of convicting and reaching the sympathies of those who hear her, and they go away reverently. Tfc* sm Vote, , Dec. 30. , relax for four hoars, his beantrfnliy modstn latod voice beginning almost inaudib|«^ mentarily gaining in cadence, volume i force, neVer by any inartlCulatfon tofe the »uhfitanc(4«r soofid of one letter or word,) till he «nds anoh « masterpiece acriptural historical oratory as., )f«s beard in any church, or on any st any congrossional or legislative hall in cottntrt. relieved, and are, often permanently cared 8«vavne*s Tar * Sarsaparitf* Piffs. Tewn *r»ot*n pr»..«tedbyih«*«e«f *»*8"- iapanlla Pill*, an th*y carry off, thronrt. the blood. thVi' pontiff f» m wbich they arh* For *?««"« !.»· tberf- 1« nothing ·» «fltataal at Bwayae'. Tar and . and act aprefally o» tte any bad n $1 25 1 50 1 75 . 8WATHI * BON, phia. Koch«rgrforadvloe. Brnt fcT"" ofpric*. Pri«e»orBMabox;D«e drnfgMfor --- Greater Bargains were Never Offered Greater Bargains were Never Offered Greater Bargains were Never Offered Than are Now Offered by Than are Now Offered by Than are Now Offered by WlcCollum, 524 Market Street, 524 Market Street, 524 Market Street, pSTABl-ISMED 1»O4. Isaac S. Williams 90., Hanafaetaren. Importer* and Dealera ID HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS, H*. T«8 Market Street, PBILADtlHBIA. i s.wituasn. M. ». wntiasw. I T C H I N G P I L E S , ra'ly i receded b» a moi«-nr«. Ilk" P» r« ^ra- oib* 1 chin*, aa tbonpb PID woraj wei« O L U , . . ^ The Congressional Committee have at last concluded their label's Tier*. They have ascertained that the Hayes electors have an average majority of about 600 votes over the Tilden electors in thi» State* This result was reaehwd by tho accountants of the committee, and is based upon the returns of ttoe precinct managers, and iipon the actual votes cast, an near as tho committee could get at them. It was with some difficulty that the subcommittee remaining hero could be persuaded to give this announcement to the prefls, and it was then qualified by the remark that there were certain illegal boxes, irregularities and discrepancies that would have to be considered bytheentir* committee when it again assembled at Washington. The two sub-committees now at Charleston will meet the one now here at Ploronoo, in a few days when the entire committee will proceed to Washington to complete its labors. Hampton's majority is computed at over tion, xi'trwoib* 1 chin*, aa tbonpb PID woraj wei« crawliig in aid about ih« J*cmni, . ·" l .. 1m j" l *_f l nivht. when nod*«iic,or In bed at er r*tting warm , "f*e tira »«hnrplt. wl · »PH»»'« part-, an. « n r p t , bmalnaiwHHetrafflictrd. extent iac into proviKK »»r "tar. ra»» of Ion* * tm Yrn uioti --i»sn« · · · · · » ·'· «» ,.^ w , "n ntly cur.d by ·mplyapplym. Swayne.'s Ointment HOME TESTIMONY. I wa« Mte'y affllc-ed with one of b«moSt)l-rr«**lng of ali · I«^S»B, PruntiK or »'rm'i«," « ' , BI °** « TM moo ktiowr as* Itchia- Pil^a. 'Tbalifhliieatiim-s w»«ahn »t intolerable ra»r«»-«!b) serHtchlnK an no ini frrqa otlr b eomr qu te · re I b' nebt a box ..f Swanr'i»Oin-nient: 'Ititi ejart- qmck r^Iirfand IB a short 'fineperfect c«e lean o'»w il fy awns * · ' * woatd .d»l* all W»o ore mil riof with 1100. Professor Edward Everett Hale says "he went into a pnl^lic school one day and asked a question about the battle of Brandy wine, to find that the class had never heard of it, and was only amused at the drollnesb of the name. \TMS7t t.^VinV^mpI-Vrt "VTcVrV^-Bwayn^'.-Oint ·ent^atMieo. I h%' tfi»d prwcrlatl-ns alnmrt in rm ti n r»li f. f \f-jr f .. W l^tll' 1 0 " . (rirm.,f»«H I ftf'hrirt.) B ot A She* Iliioo^ 3«l N S«'on St , Phila le*". « f · » * »· I*~M ir* ^K-*" · *ltbf.«t flndine anr n.i BELOW nritoTeirr i«o» COTTAOM.CIM1T1BT gSJ^W^^K^«^?e» ff .?W^ ESSpS**«i«M».S Wit! SKIN DISEASES. AII-Hrali Mtw · ch t B ^wn a'fn a Cataoe'n'V'rapiiotf PeT«tly mfe and banclem eren "ti th'» ·»-eDdar a ant Pnc* tOceU. Be t by mafl t'* an ad'r**s on r^^ftH or price «*tt S?!phn»de?phta; Pa., Sole Pmp'rg BOLIt BT ALI, 0Bf OOI8TS The learned Professor is a gentleman of known veracity, but we had rather suppose that the school class misunderstood the question, than that they had never heard of one of tlu- most important battles of the American Revelation, fotiglit at Chadds Fen!, on Bratidywin* creek, on the llth of S«'Tt»mrir. 1777. at which General Washington lo-t twelve hundred men in killed, Theere are many, reasons' Number three is hold sacred in this country as well as mothers. A man lives to the of three score (and ten). Three meals a are all the luipperas or while f«|ks aft. Three is all yon can get into a bed «tith fort,, unless you repose spoon fashion,. Tbro* persons just make a t^io. Three dojlan (01; more) will buy a bottle of wine'. B«d,, postage stamps cost three cents, unless, they blue or green. £nives are made wjjh, .thros blades. On the cars yon can pnr,cbase_thro« apples for a dime. Three girlf. ·!·, iff" company than two or four; for then to, odd one you can bo making * "" are three branches of goren . . . . , , Senate, and Faro Bank! Three wbeelsknockr- ed out «f a boggy, if you have a. girl riding with yon, cause the pesky thing upset. Three teeth knocked oat of a mas^ upper jaw spoils his looks as a,genfraj th|n^. Let a strict temperance man indulge in three gin cocktails in the morning, - tbre» brandy smashes before dinner, three punchr es before tea. and three sherry «obbln» prior to going to bed, and he will soon into the habit of taking a drop t«o much. Then it takes three eggs to make a custard and nine tailors to make a man. ThreotimM one tnak^ tbr«e and Jbtee times three nin«. Funny^ ai»'»it» .Then men oftos have three wives. Houses hate three Stof- ies, and stories havethrce chapton. Agaia, some kinds of ships have three matta. Ladies often wear three hoops, have tkfM skirt*, and the same number of lovew. Duelist* always count three beforoahootJ^* wounded ami pri«on«*. ed w a? GPJI. Lafayette 1 ; Among the wound and in two weeks tk» *!·»*, ·I HB)' ··" mimv "L*TL """** »^..i_-1. ^JJLTi^ ·LiuOHaen rsrofdt T«»a«s»ir*2f «*^«nicir pur* «ij ·rniaV.Mrrhate dlrrc' at the PriceM»»w*f 1B C*"!'-'?^-^ 1 ?M north Si«th»lmtr l I M - f thereafter General Howe entered Philadelphia. encampinK the main body of hi* army at Ovrrmmtown. All of our school histories of the United States contain an account of the battle of Brandywine. And we, therefore, had rather pnppose the class seconda- ries, or they had a misapprehension of th«* Professor's interrogatory, than imagine tliat their embarrassment proceeded from wanton ignorance. Again, in these days of moral reform may not the class have understood John Wentworth has been elected times. Three pioees of silver and a half) will make a dollar, *»* «lws» Inbies make a triplet. Three «stol the vitals will «riou»ly hurt a»* man, and three- kicks in the fear froal indicant boot will brood the lover Much «» *» -* adulterations »« not favored. NEWSPAPER!

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